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Jackie MacMullan with Dale and Holley: Wrapping up the NBA Finals and NBA Season

Jun 16, 2014|

We have Jackie in the day after the Spurs win their fifth title... of course we're talking NBA!

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Well kind of sad to see the Stanley Cup Playoffs over 'cause it was such fun to watch. I'm actually sort relieved to see the NBA finals over because it was such -- shot lacking. San Antonio Spurs are year NBA champions. I think I read this today that the average margin of victory in their four wins with 22 point something. Per game it was about as one sided as it can get welcome to -- -- Sports Radio WEEI. Dale meaning Dale Arnold holly meeting Michael Holley. Add our pal Jack human qualities here is good to see. Who it was a boring one sided wasn't. Yeah Jackie did you did you see that coming in terms of not in terms of San Antonio winning. Because at about Miami -- a six by the way a full disclosure I'm Miami will win the series in six games thought it would come down to use. The best player on a very good team. Getting by a very good team without eighties superstar -- wrong. All across the board at its the San Antonio Spurs have a superstar that most of the nation didn't know was a superstar. He's got a 22 years old he keeps it up to -- while -- And and Miami -- good team -- to make him look like a bad team amazingly. I didn't see the margin of victory. In this series and it -- San Antonio handling them so easily Jackie. It in really. A lot the last three games were were not competitive anywhere. And it's interesting to me how how it went down. Because going into this final series believe -- not because ESPN's stats and information keeps track all the stuff. The Miami Heat was moving the ball at a more efficient rate and more often. In the San Antonio Spurs going into the finals the heat was making the extra pass and other ports going into these -- so heading into last night's game. The spurs had passed the ball 367. Times more. In the Miami. Now that's what I call a well oiled machine. That's energy penetrate and a trip -- -- a rate -- He was he worked -- right where credit yeah grammar grammar if -- -- was except bay. Our I know he -- The silly but those regular sports names and it and you know LeBron what he did in the first quarter of that game last night is a complete game for most people. Look at the numbers and you can I suppose go home and did everything I could but he is why he continues irritate people. It's not because he's not a great as it is is it the best player in the game with all due respect -- still believe. Well after the game he says things like. I wasn't disappointed in my teammates. No one questionable that you can make us that's the kind of stuff. Else in this little cart web but the -- thing I've ever gotten that I remember and are used to say. My supporting cast -- to say that all the time we -- -- and in the great one point during. No question grab all the time no question about it they use at least that it when he won because he -- and that -- at so this is the problem and the other thing is -- -- bothered me because it shouldn't -- game was over but remember at the end of the game there. Whatever was 56 minutes ago he has to happen when it -- get -- out but it takes three any misses and I was watching him. -- And he walked back walked back down. The court in an NBA finals game that he's about to lose and they very shortly after that's both took up and kept him out for good. He set the last seven minutes via its audit me do you find it that didn't it seem and I'll ask both you guys this that you -- watching. Didn't it feel as though he was way from the white flag a little early I thought it was over you guys thought it was all right. But -- I don't want the guys on the field and on the court to say it's over deal I don't want my best player the best player in the lead. Missing a shot that he thought I think it was gonna cut it to fourteen maybe at that point I can't really remember because I was watching it last night as a spectator not a journalist. That. I don't want an -- walking back. The court ever in and now the problem was Spoelstra played too many minutes he had come out of that game up to that point for more than a -- the Arab -- there some sure there was petite. But I I gotta tell you who's watching. Watching the spurs and I and I'm sure most of the country felt this way. And going into the series maybe Florida was the only state that. That looked at Miami as. Superior may be superior to San Antonio didn't and didn't understand all the hatred. Directed at the heat are. Base is still their team but even bureau Miami Heat then you have to respect. The way they played it boys and Antonio spurs played basketball. -- domain. It it brought in it brought. So many memories. Of mine so many emotions watching them play I think we got lured into certain style of basketball. May those two love the sport and still love the NBA despite all of its warts and all of its problems I love the NBA but. Get to the point we say okay this is the way to game has to be played in the got to have a superstar kite is a little garden and the guys so don't you don't. You don't have to do that San Antonio Spurs reminded every one. Nobody. Nobody is bigger in the game and I think about that and then I think about. Carmelo Anthony saying well that sources saying Carmelo Anthony is that opt out in Miami might be interested okay fine. If Miami is interest and Carmelo Anthony. You know what that tells me Miami did not learn the lesson that was just put on them. But at San Antonio Spurs. The model we keep turning up at all. It's so unfair it's unfair to LeBron can conspire with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade and possibly Carmelo it's unfair is it. Is it because twice. That formula. Has failed in the finals. It just failed. Well and and did the dismantling of the Miami Heat last night and and the way day. I mean just got obliterated in the four losses did it make it even more likely that that that model is good putt to be broken up. That that everybody's gonna go their separate ways here at least the ones that matter because we just thought it complete we're -- I I find that part of -- we're gonna airline because. I find it hard to believe because number one. If the bronze or nothing else from the decision it's that people in this country value loyalty and honesty and a little bit humility. I just don't see how he can walk away from Pat Riley and the Miami Heat and Mickey ears and the owner after everything that's transpired in the support they gave him. When he was just you know talk about public enemy number one I can't. Imagine a scenario where LeBron James walks now if you -- anyway. And you have a player option. And you've got twenty million dollars on the books why on earth would you ever opt out of that contract who on earth. It's gonna pay you anywhere near that -- that the way he -- right. And I understand the narrative and -- it's OK he'll opt out of -- for -- willing to bring Carmel and are you gonna resigning him for fourteen million well what is his forthright. You know so I think there's just I don't see. I don't I don't think I don't think he needs to be broken up because of what happened in fact if you want to look at the model and you're talking about the model. And after what happened to the spurs last year in game seven or member when they lost to the Memphis Grizzlies -- they didn't break up their model did it but they haven't. But -- -- -- -- -- that's what puts Oprah if we're talking but the model of consistency over fifteen years now. Why would you break up the heat. Just need to -- well yeah but anybody tweet that you need you need some veterans neglected David West right. On your team okay you need some -- a real point guard which they've never had as long as LeBron James has been. A true point guard but at the. Difference about the differences striking and it wasn't just in the series I think it's just. Well it's it's did it what is it DNA it's its organizational DNA and I have respect. I just want to keep emphasized -- this have a lot of respect for. Miami. At as a franchise -- a lot of respect for Pat Riley. Erik Spoelstra still getting tweets about it because I wouldn't bash him as a coach who wouldn't say was a terrible coach he's not on terror is not as good as Gregg Popovich obviously but. I don't think he's -- he's not just along for the ride. What was my point have a lot of respect for them but. You think about how they became champions -- -- spurs became champ and all disperse tank to get him to believe our. But look how they draft. And look how they DEA -- the configured the -- -- the free agents they get -- they're better at it. Do you realize that Boris do you. Was -- overweight under achiever on the worst team in basketball history. Charlotte Bobcats one of the worst players on the worst team in the history and the spurs grabbed him. And turn them into this missed by this much MVP. Bruce -- It was here in Boston he was a bit player -- the Celtics. Don't like them -- didn't understand his value if you put him in a role. Popovich understood it to the point we're all it was a major contributes to those victories they retired his number. To me it was just the best thing I ever saw in -- every retired a defense of players -- Cumberland and by the way. It wasn't just Boston San Antonio at a stop and don't know all the arts course. There isn't quite likely -- very Phoenix you know it's. They take players and they've given them specific roles and they have the system and it's it's it's really. As I was watching in the first quarter and the heater art you know like have been shot out of a gun and guys are going great I thought the beginning of the and I hate to say this was Ray Allen. Who all of a Simon all of a sudden missed about four straight shots tough game and ended -- it yanked out he said after the game he's gonna take few days and see where his heart lies. What do you think he's gonna play again. I'm not sure he has he certainly -- it. Because he takes to carry checked bright scare himself and he's on the books he is it was small -- change and keep your people this morning have been listening. People talking about what we got to get a claim him off the -- that's more money it's 3.2 million dollars Carolina that's significant. So if ray wanted to come back I can't seem going anywhere back but there and a and he had a bad game. There were points during this policy bad season and we stuck well let's start that regular season if you look at the numbers shooting percentage down three point shooting percentage down. Everything down. What he can still be a specialist in a postseason situation to help you when basketball there's no doubt in my mind that still true so. -- to me is the least of it you know Mario Chalmers. I don't think he comes back. -- what it means is -- it's really interesting what's gonna happen there I just don't believe that the three of them are gonna opt out I don't believe that Chris Bosh. Came up sell small. Yeah they'll -- what I'd like -- and I don't put that bullseye and sell it or didn't he did and what I like I would love to see but I don't have it is. Chris Bosh is numbers with Tiago Splitter on the floor. Vs Chris Bosh is number with Tim Duncan on the floor because every time Tim Duncan was -- at the -- it looked terrified he wouldn't go in the post at picking hit one. One jump shot volley on set but over the contests -- -- -- so far off the -- because he's scared to death of Tim Duncan and you know stand in line is playing by the people that Tim Duncan does that too. So. It's going to be a very interesting offseason for them but. I think that Pat Riley had a pretty good system going you know we wanna talk about institutional success. The problem with the way pat does it. Is it has a shelf. It only says it to with the Nixon did with the lakers because would he ask you do mean. You have to come in at 8% body fat if you were a guard or 6% by effect for the arts 8% for the small forward. You know it's sold. Unrelenting. And almost impersonal in ways and I think after a while it gets to. While the other problem with that and I don't know this is just if this is Pat Riley is probably where the rest of the NBA's problem in San Antonio's blessing. If you wanna go that route and insist that. You look at all the guys San Antonio has. And your first thought is this a cell fortunately. It was a salary cap league they have been fortunate. To have Tim Duncan. Not go for every last dollar. Manager notably Tony Parker picked up all the good players they have on that team -- up coli letter Tiago Splitter. Their depth is hard to it's hard to have that kind of depth. When you have three guys even though they did take a pay cut right. You have three guys like LeBron. Bosh and Dwyane Wade we have three guys make it on -- much less money. Is limited in and what you can do in San Antonio. Does not go that route and and they they're depth. Really got a that got -- mr. honest. As a patient remember they drafted Tiago Splitter I think it was four years before he actually played with him. -- drafted him they let him develop overseas and then they brought him over when they thought he was ready unlike. You know fill in the blank European players who you draft to bring over right away and and they are ready they're overwhelmed -- asking too much spurs just they've always been very patient and what they've done. You mentioned another guy and we can't mention him enough today. Tim Duncan who's -- Duncan. And I don't know why I mean. We got to figure this out that we have to solve the problems of the world. Got the world at large in the basketball world in particular today. When you talk about the best player in the game where you talk about the top five players of all time. His name. Doesn't it with the top five. It doesn't always come up. Why not why not you know why I think it is. I think we just had a fascination with the phenom. With the with the sexy. Sexy guy sexy players -- trend. In the fifteen years. That Tim Duncan has won his five championships. We raved about Kobe Bryant who's won championships we raved about. Shaquille O'Neal and force in. Army can't stop that guy inside we bragged about LeBron James who prayed about Kevin Garnett one championship and Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. And they have been a lot of people. Who have flash by in these fifteen years who have gotten a lot of attention. We forgot about. Vince Carter wasn't like it was a big deal for 2002001. Analyst -- -- all man amazing but Tim Duncan. Steadily goes along doesn't do anything flashy. And then you look at a fifteen year period he's got five champions five championships. And loses once in the finals in the one finals loss. Is the one that really got under his skin last year and motivated him to give this performance that he gave -- -- here. You know what you the other part of that and I think Michael's right. Like we like flash. Well like slashing wing guys broken who can stop and and popped the three -- Weiner and we like guys who take their talents to South Beach. Because we like Agilent Islip -- we either love you -- we hate to but don't leave -- -- between. Name one commercial. That Tim Duncan is named one. I can't I can't think of one. I mean he's got to be in one eggs can't become he's got to have a commercial doesn't it does I'm sure he does but have someone call and tell us the point is that we can't even think about it. We can't remember and that's not believe me relax you know only people reproach Popovich and Tim Duncan over the last five or six years. From a commercial standpoint and they just say no everything did you notice at the post game. But all the players up there they made the trophy they entered -- background is in the back and he'd told the at a time I'm not talking. That's just the way he does. Numbers never like a great graphic last night I re tweeted at this morning so good and it shows. Michael Jordan. Tim Duncan Kobe Bryant and and LeBron James and it shows how many NBA championship titles they have. How many finals MVP trophies they haven't how many NBA. MVP trophies they -- and obviously Michael Jordan out there are some you know he's he's way out there. But the fact of the matter is Tim Duncan's resume is more impressive than both Kobe Bryant and LeBron James right now. But nobody ever puts him in that category do that. Ever well you know I remember being mad at the I'll start and I don't care much for All Star Games. And I like Adam -- a lot as much respect him I think he's doing great talent he says. He said last night they should hang their heads I'm like yeah are there are however that there are there alternatives acquire right but it -- but the one thing I was upset with him about was he had a an injury placement and made. At the all star game. He had a chance put Tim Duncan and team and I really believed at that point that this was Tim Duncan's final year. I don't believe that anymore but I did at that time because I was told his knees is a piece of bone on bone for three years. An an out of sober didn't give Tim Duncan not an understated two point I think. It was silver it's it's his first start he advocate -- it was one of the young hot players in summit in. My brain's function as well as it's it's it's -- market out there. It was -- the young up and comers instead of the old style -- you know the guys at that meeting was associate with stern in the old regime if you well. But he wasn't all NBA first team second team thirteen he didn't play in the all star game. Because he's not built to do any of those things anymore anyway he's built for the policies. Pop has limited Duncan's minutes numbers everything during the regular season with the understanding. That the post season is what matters and all you have to do was look at how fresh the San Antonio Spurs whose aggregate years is a 104 years. How fresh they work and how exhausted the younger it's -- Miami Heat team. All right Jack having this part of it I don't I think of -- huge part of of their success and and Popovich who limited the minutes. But we also have to go back to. The man himself Duncan there's still talent that the talent involved and you can limit the minutes. It still is not a guarantee that the guy is gonna play. Like he did five or six years ago act of compare him to Kevin Garnett because he's always compared to -- or Garnett always compared him. And -- state Tim Duncan I Tim Duncan to a better career. -- -- better public. And then Kevin Garnett or offensive player -- not even close aren't so either way it was Anthony Davis thank you into need to are so you put it so you look at. Kevin Garnett had his minutes managed this year some games and playing. He had his minutes and managed. In Boston remember doc what they had five minutes on an easy about a game but it's still. I think if you preserve Kevin Garnett and didn't and you played a fifteen minutes a game for the entire regular season and you dropped him into the playoffs instead go. He's not capable of doing and his age same age are capable of doing at his aides that they attempt that what Tim Duncan is capable. Well I'm gonna digress here for men I thought Jason Kidd botched Kevin Garnett minutes a 100%. Entirely completely botched it because they should've played him. They could have limited his minutes but you still have to given six to eight minutes on the floor at the same time and they didn't do that they bought it that's on Jason -- boxed. But -- do you agree that KG. Even with the it'll Popovic. The KG is not capable. At this stage of his career doing what Duncan did. I don't know I would have liked to see pop which it Popovich happened over the last five years -- properly. -- -- is just one season I think it's in the last three -- foresees Phillies and I have some numbers about -- after the break up to. Out of a radio person wild look at -- 966177797937. Is telephone number the AT&T text line 37937. I hop on board that if you like will talk some NBA up playoffs with the as well and who better. And with Jackie McMullen at stale and holly and Jackie's Sports Radio WE yeah. The people who have. Had such amazing careers and have the particulates one. Phnom. And for the stretch in the the span between them. To still be. Up in a situation or. World where we can win or or -- -- tournament championship is just an amazing blessing and it's not stated bluntly. Tim Duncan is now a five time NBA champion. 83 time finals MVP and two time NBA MVP. I'm -- and still facts. Are I don't -- I don't know how it can be. -- that kind of resonated to comply under the radar but he test I'm -- how does that mean I know Tim. And as well as you can now I'm just won't give him we'll give you and and that's just the way his polite about -- nice person of the year round but he's not interested in being interviewed these non interest in being featured. And so after awhile people stop. It's just not worth now worth your time have I always duke does not speak so interesting I'm pretty but now even with me like normal little. That expansive really it just isn't. -- quite basically he's why wouldn't say he has quiet. Overall story -- talks with teammates but yeah but they earned that yet and there's a quiet. There's a quietness to his game yes. And his he's he's not. Overly expressive. When it comes to you celebrating himself now he -- some officials he's very expressive yet because you'll play you know you he always gets up and say. I bit of a Weiner. Well our little Joey Crawford Korea yet but. In terms of just bringing attention to himself and saying. I die I die on the best and this is great and screaming after dunks in and blocked shots and -- of this is not. Who we is end. That's that's a lot of stuff we say we don't like it but we do. -- those guys who are. Those guys who stand out. Who have more flash. Of their games and they are giving to the same result that they Tim Duncan is getting to those guys give more attention -- and hatred based. The deciding game of the NBA finals was last night it was the fifth game of the series and it was as one sided as the other three San Antonio wins. The deciding game of the Stanley Cup final was Friday night. And he was as exciting off as inaugurating. As as. I it it it was shattering toe -- that that bright overtime. And yet we all expected the kings -- win you know -- at -- we did that play out so that. Even though it was a lopsided games in that. It's as much fun in the Stanley Cup Playoffs not just the final but the whole. Thing I can remember I would agree and I don't think for -- both sports. The playoffs in the NB AM and in the NH of this year were fantastic and the finals both ended in five games. And didn't really walk away disappointed for hockey purposes you can walk away disappointed those five games because for from classic it's -- -- if you count minutes yet it's right up -- basketball purposes. You're not disappointed because most of you out there most of you want to argue when your car right now you. -- it does see LeBron James and the Miami Heat. Humbled you wanted to see them brought to their needs you what it's hoping to crumble you're still mad about the decision and everything else. -- got what you want it means that we we predicted this. On Friday -- that the nation. The nation overall in Boston in particular would rise up. What the ratings between game four in game five so game four rating in Boston was around 5859. -- -- gained five rating -- with 77. I believe it -- Boston went from the 53 market in the country out of 56 in game four. All the way up to the fiftieth market in the country but out of fifty cigarettes they didn't put the number went up that's the point -- wasn't. -- Boston's gonna become a top ten market to see LeBron James -- was most of the country Boston included. Was got to tune in to see this whole thing more federal with the whole thing. Overall or is this just this season fall apart -- May be overall. Ono but they I don't think people in the country really care about what the future isn't a victory -- didn't wanna see. Miami celebrate again in San Antonio. Did everything the right way well and I I. There's always going to be this lingering feeling among heat fans I mean anti -- people. That they cheated and they didn't they didn't they were on target within the system. They took pay cuts to make the three of them all be there. But there was feet there's a feeling among especially old school NBA people within a -- that that. That's not how you supposed to do and I don't know if you saw Barkley comments when he heard about the possibility of Mel opting out he said. It is would be a travesty while what's wrong with just beating another guide it's better why do you have to stack. And I think a lot of people feel. They didn't help but see that's that's a great thing San Antonio did it and I I had to say. This has been a pet peeve of mine for a long time. The borderline hopelessness that you hear from. Certain general managers -- record after record about how they don't have. One of these stars you don't have a LeBron. You don't have a Kevin Durant you don't have one of those top players and I just. Hey I don't know what we're gonna do well and Antonio spurs that we're gonna do. And -- we're gonna have a guy like Tim Duncan go out and recruit two Max players. We got a general manager who knows how to fine players and draft players we know we have a coach -- -- -- -- coach and players. We can have a great basketball team and we'll take our chances against anybody. I think this was a this was a wake up call. For the entire NBA in terms of the way the game was played and the players that you confine. And the players who were discarded and resurrected in San Antonio. They're good players out here they're always good players you confine if you have a a team that is well constructed. You have to like your chances of competing even against the LeBron James even against -- Kevin Durant so -- But remember Tim -- a first ballot hall of Famer Tony Parker probably as. First ballot hall and preferably spread out in public money cannot monitor -- but my point is it's not like they were doing this with a bunch of nobody's. Watt equivalent -- I don't know I meant not nobody's. It can't conduct and got Tim Duncan number one overall in 1997. The seventeen years ago and I it's a -- so they got. They got Tony Parker when the Celtics. Were certainly are looking at Tony Parker and in and instead decided to draft Joseph Forte. Our Tony Parker was right here for the Celtics -- manager noble Ginobili fifty sector I think overall -- some ground. But you know -- that's because that's the other of these and that thing that people have to remember about dispersed they've been a step ahead -- -- on -- step ahead in terms of international scouting. Step ahead in terms of analytics in this whole analytics movement. I hit. Pat Riley and Ingrid poverty and those guys they've been doing it for ten years -- even Phil Jackson claims I didn't know this but he told me back with the balls they are using advanced. Analytics all the way back it. -- like that there -- step ahead they were severed head of the European markets and they got into Australia before revised they're always a step ahead and that's RC Buford on network and credit. And it's her commit its its artists it's not just waiting for things to drop into your lap Michael well. We got to get a top three pick we don't get a top three pick we're screwed. Well you're not in the united and they optimal position I'll give you that. But while planet but you know we are screwed yet island -- -- Sixteenth overall pick -- discount that can be done. Did you find it surprising that Gregg Popovich. -- felt compelled to teller body that he wants to keep coaching. Eyes and this was before the deciding game five and right. Well I think there's this this narrative out there that pop and Duncan walk off again. And I think I told -- -- I've really felt like this with Tim Duncan last year for a for a -- you don't feel that way anymore. I don't and I might be wrong. But I thought when pop in the post game they were talking about politely and asked him about -- says it will clearly. He -- and I never run anything formal year on next year. And you know he start talking next so it's clear to me that pop intense combat. I wouldn't. What doses he gets his 62 but now he is a joke like -- a game -- game loves the game. And so I totally -- does on a vineyard did you. He owns or you know is a great wine label. I think he was a jerk to Doris early on in the series he loves stores yet but -- it was obvious to meet somebody at the NBA -- -- -- She's required to do you're required to do these things colors from that point on. He sounded totally different I think they have a good relationship I think he's dispense with -- you know why you -- because in my dealings with him and I know -- really well. When I first started out. He would have his way to make sure inching meet any differently than anybody else because he knew I'd be insulted and I think -- feels the same like doors can hold -- That's a great job during his -- did a great I am not a big fan and he's not around you there's no way he was gonna patronize her or make it easier for because. Then he would beat you wouldn't be respecting -- the Leahy said and I know he does have a great respect. Idea I just thought that there was an -- to my right in my. Like I did and the like the end and that's happened to hit umbrella name I don't listen to again today was no way in as a I mean it seems sort of self evident obviously that these things and it's the same with the bench interviews in the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. These coaches wanted to do it now of course the NHL and their TV partners says this is what you -- do and some handler with a little more grace than others. And pop you know I'm I -- when they were here in February I I was I went by the garden and chatted with in the bit that this thing is like taken on a life of its own. With -- realizes that. In all the pregame and post -- interviews we've ever done the print people not on -- not a live television the exact same what. He's consistent he's been like this from day one. He's he loves to give and take is very clever guy has an unbelievable report with the media across supportive when he's making fun people respect. Let's go to the call 6177797937. -- and summer real Europe first on dale and -- Hey guys later -- I. At that yeah I agree it was it was an -- well. I kept it just too quick comment to only be on the the last one number one -- say that when it comes to watching sports. Overtime. Hockey -- a couple of line is the most exciting. It's an honest -- overtime hockey in an export. And on the basketball. I -- I this and so telling to me at the end of the game. On the show the embracing you know that the the Miami Heat is increasing net. The spurs and all that and then that camera shows LeBron leading a -- I stayed around to -- this. But he walked down. Into the tunnel. And then to arrive -- a went down to the locker room and the camera was on -- likened goodfellas walk into the kitchen eat -- it's not -- point second. -- -- -- And then it goes out to Tim Duncan and he has his two kids. -- -- it's beautiful and emotional. And it was a NATO force second in the had to go to commercial. And that is to me says a lot about it that's -- -- NBA but what about our our media that is what you guys to comment on why -- -- -- -- -- little about Tim Duncan over the years so much public projects. -- -- -- And listen to rely on flash and sizzle and LeBron James and I think we're forgetting that when Tim Duncan was. Won the championship in 1999. Talk to considerable amount about him. His longevity. It has become -- the -- is recoverable that's really the best way I can describe him. LeBron is not only a physical specimen unlike we've ever seen he's also made so many mistakes along the way. He's he's a dramatic figure he is a tragic figure in many ways the decision. Thank Tim Duncan in a million years right the decision wouldn't think so foreign to him so I think it's got more to do with the player's personality. Then their game. It goes against everything right that we know what he would he would begin to what he would never do anything like that but also what we know more about LeBron James. What Jackie said. I got high school the most covered guy in high school. The most anticipated debut in the NBA and look at this adultery and lived -- to the hype. The one of one of the one of the guys who's like a conglomerate just like Jordan was like man conglomerate. Content and you can't you can't watch. For crying out and I can't watch TV about LeBron James commercial LeBron James this Samsung this -- and on and on and on. It's just. If it's different it's different for LeBron and Tim Duncan in terms of how they choose to manage -- off the court players now. Tim Duncan is probably a good businessman. From a business perspective. LeBron and him have a lot in common. Because. The money is pretty significant off the court for LeBron James and -- -- the story that -- Marjorie -- Yeah the sale -- LeBron picked up a cool thirty million dollars. And -- and Tim Duncan. -- -- -- -- gaming he wears Hungary's an open old trees to get behind by pop could he would -- open the diaries and pop told not to you know he just. He is very much a different guy they'll disappear now you won't seem for a little while I don't think it -- comes out and and announces his retirement. And much was asked of him. But not so much now. And everything's asked of LeBron everything in you know so I promise you some statistics that night. I ordered another tease -- -- epic but if I promise Jack we will bring you those stats when we come right back. It's amazing some passes -- to think about. Having done this five times. The kind of company of men the the people who have. Had such amazing careers and have them to the goats one. And his son is trying to put the hat on his. -- and I had a tough year you know or -- last two years he added that -- you know very. Painful divorce that he went through -- -- those kids. And you know Kline Leonard everybody knows story about him I think there are new and I mean. I'm through loud and Duncan reference and one of his comments about -- mimic kids we've been through a lot together. As a mini. Aren't those who don't know -- letter just just briefly as. I used his mother was driving him program. With his brother while Leonard -- brother and that's when he got the news that he has his father was murdered closed -- -- the most time. And. -- watch that's our product and then Carla Carla at that was that -- -- murdered and are you were talking about some stats are stats temperature so we're talking about. So LeBron. And the idea that. I think for several times you know to talk about LeBron -- into it all himself this time. About the helping unit so I just went back to the post season when they won the championship a year ago. At which point three games. And during those 23 post season games and with all the policies obviously LeBron at a 152 assists. It. This year in the post season. I guess three listings. As you know the series went 95 mrs. 61 turnovers. Against the spurs. LeBron had when he assists. In nineteen turnovers while a year ago in the finals against the spurs 49 assists. Eighteen turnovers. That's a guy that they was guarded a lot better because Kohl eyeliner eyeliner and -- -- Danny Green let's get Danny music and it did a better job and but it's also a guy that looked around. And didn't trust his teammates quite as much. -- -- -- -- -- So. You paid off the -- you know -- a radio business. You paid off the -- good job but what you also Mario Chalmers you don't want to pass to announce Dwyane Wade last year you thought. Well he's hurt but he still has the heart of -- he won one of these before I even got here rights of these European he'll still rise up in the at the -- Ray Allen is automatic. Right. In these big situations now this year in these finals. Chalmers was a disaster. Wade a shadow of himself and is it is dale said -- faltered at the worst possible time. I mean when they -- -- like you're gonna run the spurs off the court. There was about 45 trips in a rower team like -- was brick and one right and boom down -- go the other way while at one point in nineteen the spurs are shooting. 16%. They -- you know just they missed like fourteen of their first sixteen shots trees like that. 6177797937. -- east Providence Saint Paul I don't. Hey guys I do what I am so happy that showed back we bring back on the fact that well that thank you are Jacqui arm at the you -- -- all right all America itself. I have a couple opinion I can really call out and Duncan but I don't see that. It that's all it. Or are or. Why would you why would -- When he -- -- and how it was -- and yet I would look at -- that they weren't in 08 more. Years. You know my thing apart is. -- -- It will -- At -- -- got it up in the game. -- -- I'll still in the older Lamar Odom and argue on the grass. -- a few hundred bird. Timbaland. -- and Russell in LA and I when they heard -- you -- Humphrey criminal currently. Green equanimity yet I mean equal but until. Oscar but I don't want -- you know what my crystal I've. I'll let LeBron I don't think it out I. Woke up. And Kelly nobody at night. Jim Kelly except he's got championships I mean. Jim Kelly had -- -- and -- a -- -- he was the only reason had a chance in this series he was the only reason. That the units like -- does quest against the LA king and -- only up to something that he does does some things that are weird likely even in the game you know. -- just said walking around the court and he does some weird things and I get -- he sold itself. Involved sometimes he doesn't realize how he comes off and the decision as the best possible example that but he is one of the most -- usual. Explosive counts ever seen in my life and I don't that we consider a it's he's a whole thing. Parity and we're we're not even we can't possibly dismiss him from any equation yet. This is probably got 45 more years of playing at a at a peak level then you can see where he stands in terms of numbers and terms of -- Hearings in terms of championships and I'd have to say briefly Tim Duncan. Which we can all be so boring -- an -- in the very funny the equivalent of whatever profession here in the equivalent of five championships in your profession where is very competitive. And you're at the top. Five times your team. Most in their 'cause I'm -- 015 from you know -- there's a difference between boring and private. He's projects he's not boring is what was -- to solid he's just he does everything well and those guys. Those people. -- beyond basket bubbles people are always taken for granted. Those people are always dismissed. When they just hold it down they're doing things that you don't even realize. They're doing and don't they don't look for attention -- don't look I wore a pat on the back is just what they do -- people used to say ray Bork was. Annualized rate but. Who'd -- I'd love to be born like Ray -- with an appeal hall of Famer and I thought could I I'll also say this you said how Dwyane Wade and I agree with you guys. -- Dwyane Wade had a lot of tough miles on that body. LeBron James I I wonder how long he's going to be able to perform at that upper Echelon level -- a -- whatever you want a bottom. He goes a heart -- he's ever going and it reminds me Kobe that way and Garnett. Garnett are so cute -- more numbers were because I have exactly how many man is LeBron James has played since 2010 rare look at her go that that show prep coming up at four X four we've got some classic meltdowns that happened public which so the Miami Heat last night it's dale and -- and Jackie McMullen Sports Radio WE yeah. Our number two dale and -- Sports Radio WEEI Dale Arnold Michael Holley and so happy that we get Jackie McMullen in the studio witnesses are. Third person in today and you'd think when we did when we -- this a week or so ago that we -- That the San Antonio Spurs are going to be the NBA champions the night before and as we are excited yet. I'll say this talk about that on second thought that well at 540 try and I'll say this. We would kind of half joked about it going into the series. As we said you know most people think the Miami -- probably gonna win this series and yet Las Vegas had the San Antonio Spurs -- favorite you know. I didn't think that I honestly didn't and I'll tell you why because. Look the regular season in Miami Heat had. And we always talk about the Turbo button Pablo Torre and I really would joke about around the -- but they just -- the Turbo button and everything's going to be fine. Well. They pushed a Turbo button a few times during the regular season and it malfunctioned. And so if you look at the spurs from start to finish. They were better team from start to finish there were the best team from start to finish better conference the only thing I worried about. Was Ginobili. And you know you could -- voted for him for NDP to I thought he was just tremendous especially in the game last night. You know things are going bad and it's to no way to stop the bleeding. And as he's done so many times and you go back to a year ago what was wrong it's you know I thought he was done. I thought his career was over so maybe same thing can happen between weight. Maybe again were over. You know -- we do we overreact to everything yes every day you're overreacting. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It'll be interesting to see what happens live. Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra. I think the off seasons for for both of those guys. Are going to be critical Spoelstra because. I don't why how to -- reconfigure. This team in terms of mentality. Predecessor Chris Bosh is the state of his career this is who Dwyane Wade is. I don't like change the -- maybe I need to work different on the offense has to change a bit no I have to make that happen -- for Pat Riley is clear. All right if Ray Allen moves on I've got to move on from Mario Chalmers. We got to move on from Udonis has them some of these guys. How to -- draft how to like what free agents do I go after it's going to be a very limited that we know what the -- is is not very is not very large because of those contracts and -- with you Jackie I don't think any of those guys opt out of those contracts. Let's paralegal cinnamon says you know what I can do this I need you guys opt out and then EG re signed for less now because I'm gonna get Carmelo Anthony but because I'm gonna get. Eric Bledsoe. Or I'm gonna get. Luol Deng who's a great defender and is out there is -- for you know Bledsoe would be great for the he would be but I don't see that happening but I'm just -- if I'm if I'm Pat Riley. I'm I'm I'm looking at my team and I -- saint. One of the things that one -- or two championship was our ability to smothered the ball defensively. To score off turnovers like nobody has ever done so why didn't that work in the series. Because the spurs are -- you can never could trap that you never quits by them because the the ball was -- one -- -- a what you had so. As much as we talked about the offense I do think. That the defense needs tweaking as well. Yeah how are you smothered the ball when. When the ball for many minds and -- it was an optical illusion right always there -- -- there -- all over the place they were they were greater brilliant problem. 6177797937. Martins in Worcester you're next on Sports Radio stale and holly. I don't -- mark -- mark what's up. And good -- did you ever wanna take Iran no harm a little bit. Look at this that's -- -- earlier when LeBron and just turnover problem I don't really believe that it's next LeBron just a guy with a mission I think that's. That's the big picture right there everybody around him would mention the lane eight in the landmark grandfather. And you know it's it's. Like about the turnovers though so you think that. Steve what might might fell follow on on the -- was and believe me he was the best player the only reason Miami one. But I thought what happened was you start to press a little bit because he felt like he had to and that's when turnovers when. Yeah and that's because you know more you have the ball in his hand like 90% of the so burned over is gonna is gonna is gonna have the average -- turnover game. That's normal Wear him having a ball like 90% of the time on the court you know have such a good point guard. It's more assists totals being down there was what 2019. Point nine when he assists in nineteen turnovers that's less than half the minuses that he had. Sure -- it -- -- I Alexander was announced on the other hand are -- LeBron James for the heat -- winning. Quite the contrary they don't even have a shot went out and. There were other places other things that happened they're constantly and -- if you tell me right now you can start your team with one person in the NBA. -- take a LeBron James I still land right now right well. He's thirty so I guess that the during the rant I take LeBron over Durant -- just. -- and a big part of his assist numbers being down. Up portly Miami shot the ball of course absolutely an attempt to get assists if ray's point animal Dwyane -- -- in them no question but what did you see in the last game in particular. He just he couldn't he wasn't looking depressing more because he couldn't. He had yet and that I -- hold the ball a little too much I kept -- every time I got the bomb like. It farm you want to -- a hole stop LeBron James front about all line extension drive into the basket with the with a combination of strength and speed. -- -- -- maimed or your next on dale and -- date night. But it's not -- utility. I developed point I would you really want to Mike always -- -- What you meant mobile on assist. And our turnovers here last year for the parent in the burial. Quote on the color guard guy pretty good -- -- all I'm not economic belt. Technically but distribute figuratively. And I'm ready to get trapped in the NBA. And I'm all excited because now home I'm sit there and I got a draft are going to be being -- delegate trapped vibrancy the next. And I I end up with this all star cast I'm excited that the draft. And the Portland drafted I'm confident but now I'm I'm totally -- playing with these. Are guys that victory. And comparable level would try to drink of a listening to the media outlets -- the coaches it's my mind order. It'll be I wanna get the ball old ball -- and no I can get -- and I'm expected -- -- rational. We're talking about that particular he's talking theoretical and I know but but who who who who suffered -- suffer from that specifically anybody come to mind. Well. In the -- league would you look at that slash Jane you're looking at the guys I think that they're complements what we would drain problem. What do you what do you think -- -- -- percentage in the -- In I don't know I don't know that said -- -- we have to keep of it and as Jackie made the point earlier. We can't be overreacting to what we just saw in Miami had won the series and it was pretty clear after. -- game four. -- a game four hours a wonderful so when that game. They lose they lose game three in Miami and it got about Specter embarrassed -- a comeback in game four. And it won't let that happening and get blown out game 42 it was pretty clear. That they -- gonna lose this series but if they won this series. We talk about three straight championships in four finals appearances. This is not a team that. Was just -- it. Just wound up in the finals and all they lost -- that BP and they lost because these kids. Outside the Big Three lack confidence think before. But I disagree with you Michael it's not overreacting in this regard I know you disagree with me on this I think -- one horrible call. That went against Manu Ginobili that Dwyane Wade sold. From being swept out of this here and in the in in the four games that they got beat they got rough out front until I don't think -- -- I didn't go to Deborah his point is big -- -- -- these these kids it's hypothetical kid. Can't have confidence that you're playing with the Big Three. We stand and now they lost the series about last year that victory was there last year won a championship you reported they lost in six games for the mavericks. It's an overreaction that playing with these guys will hurt you. Overall play with better players Q while and it -- three counts certainly in the two championship he only won one. But the way they could spread the floor the way they could penetrate and kick out to Ray -- for an open three it was the perfect compliment. To this group -- You know he's. What is -- 39 years old 38 yeah it that the shooting guards most shooting guards go off a cliff at the age of 33 go look it up Mitch Richmond all the great ones. Reggie Miller was the exception in reality except. Both of them go right off the cliff. After they get a certain age of 3334. It's a testament to -- on the -- he takes takes care himself the way he's conditioned. That he's being able to allotted but I say this Norris Cole. I like -- school like them a lot out of their ideas a lot of spark. But he does get lost in the shuffle of all these other guys he's just he's an afterthought and he has been since he got there because there's all these other players Chalmers. It was horrible we all agree on that. With the they want and it's a very timely place so. That's what I mean about I guess overreacting. Rashard Lewis was going to be. The most incredible story of the NBA playoffs. He was that he went from never plane. You don't aren't about to Galilee two starting for the Miami Heat in some big shots here and then but -- then where was it. So riches in Springfield your next on dale and -- Aggregate speaking against the wild iris. So anyway. I think Michael -- right when he talks about the sexiness the NBA but I think real basketball fan especially Celtics fans like we all are mostly. It is we -- that -- game. And I think what you see is that unfortunately what will sell tickets will be a Carmelo Anthony -- do you know you to Boston or where we goes. -- -- -- But just like way back when when the Russell's Celtics used to be the Chamberlain. Where we're playing whichever team. I thought it was going to be that way in people who love basketball it's played a right way like San Antonio -- It's the beauty of the most beautiful game to watch it -- -- play that way and it's just not but I guess they just want to hear what since. Well Celtics fans are mostly like -- we have to say about. What do you think Boston's gonna do. With with the draft. Whether laughter whoever does a -- deal we have to say thanks. I don't think you're like which he has. Well I just don't know I mean there's so many moving parts for the Celtics right now you've got to. Draft -- I met -- while arguably knees -- like which have to say that you don't think it's gonna happen well I think it's possible I do think it's possible but I just don't think that owner wants to get fleeced again by the Boston Celtics. I think flip has some reservations. You know I wrote a story recently. That you know -- Danny aren't. It's an economic Kaelin Dan let's put it that way and others some reservations on the part of the timberwolves of revisiting history like with Kevin Garnett. Boston to -- still has the most attractive package because of all the picks. Of all the picks now if -- flip and you're you don't want picks you don't wanna rebuild. In Boston isn't the most attractive because you know you're not you don't wanna be if you don't wanna build for the future. Then you start looking at Golden State some of the players they can offer or Chicago to a lesser degree and some of the players they offer and remember the Kevin Love has -- say -- it. Because -- trade him. If you treat him sooner rather than later. He can walk when it's all got so those -- -- -- moving parts I. It's such as -- he said this before it such a shame. The Celtics are -- where they are drafting because if they had had one of those top three picks it would have been such an exciting time that there because they're ready get one of those top three players. Or because they were gonna trade dolls that pick for camera either way the scenarios were just so -- Yeah I mean if they have if they have a top three pick or they have the number one overall pick I still feel like. The guy they really need out of those top three guys it is indeed meet somebody like that a senator. Rim protector shot blocker he's the guy seems to be falling to. MB I believe the stuff I did an X one day and I got to go to Italy -- fault -- and also six. Is there's no way somebody is looking at that is that is read -- in -- orchestrating every ice that's not happening. Yeah I still think he -- -- number one yes absolutely I likely is gonna try to trade that. Now the guys who may slip a little bit it depends on how you view the foot Manhattan heal properly as you please read okay. But it's a talk about government. Is there had surgery on your feet I did -- screw in my foot it's been in there. When he did the math over twenty years 25 years I think. That's who's been in my -- And the only time I feel as it fights sharp you know I'm a terrible skier so I might get a sharp management scheme and that that fueled. But my screws moving a little bit now -- the last time I -- like ice it might wanna think about taking now. Major surgery have just taken -- for. This is a little overblown frankly. In the surgery that's I'd get the red flags thing but. Screws in their foot all the time that they take out it's my answer doesn't it sound like the service oriented -- would wanna. Or somebody or somebody I see a lot and if you want him to slip and he's in -- in my -- -- insert people talk. Don't try to sell that here 6177797937. Dennis is an lol hey Dennis. Hello good estimate of stimulating conversation. On I'd like to let -- some credit to the San Antonio. Offense reminded me of my forty year old -- -- was. We've -- -- -- minding your Princeton and Pete -- Now -- -- there's gathered under the policy of you for. Reminding me a little bit of an enemy they say this but. 86 Celtics -- we moved the ball early 86 Celtics lose touch passes from bird Walton. Parish parish was underrated as a as a big man passer. Just you know DJ. That that team could make the ball moves so so fast you could see where is gone and sometimes dispersion Miami announcement came relate our conversation after Morgan who just met here. I'm working with the and buildings again it provides -- of the -- he would blow earlier than he was like. 8838484848. Days sixteen for me you'll always be the standard by all of that of that group of Celtics OK you've got the the Russell Celtics those of the bird Celtics the 86 team to just everything's great things. And also the rotating zone defense that they play it was actually really shut. Down really did -- and you know what. I don't know all of this is true. But it seemed to me at times Miami it took them a second longer than -- to identify what -- and Tony we had no idea. I mean that was that was shocking to me. Texture says so Jacqui you're saying you know this -- lose. Yes several quick -- but only one in my foot all they -- there here all week I like it though Robertson Manchester you're next on sports radio's dale and -- -- -- -- -- -- Pleasure to hear jet he's just absolutely love. You writing in and just tickled to death and you'd sign it eerie -- I was gonna ask about the -- which he covered that murder which I do appreciate. The only -- I was the coaching -- I wonder given it in my opinion. I think Miami was really out coached. Certain outplayed but. Beat that wasn't ready a lot of shots moments I don't know whether that's -- -- possible at that point he's just one season. Game five finally it started -- -- that was a panic but I like them but man I thought sports it was doing the best he could with what he had a light moving Rashard Lewis into the start like that made sense. But once you moved rains starting lineup -- You get off to a great start which they did but then you got to go to the bench. And you don't have anything. And and it's I thought that I'd like that moves much I would have played. I just mention Norris Cole and played him more I really would have an and I couldn't help and this is it's so unfair and it's -- -- in saint. Well when Beasley came into the game at the end of the game now I know the game was almost over -- but you saw just a little glimpse of what. Talented -- it is now he prodded and earn his minutes I don't know what planet he's had a very checkered history on that. He's so gifted. Is -- account to Pat Riley once told me. I still can't believe said. He was the most gifted offensive player he's ever had that doesn't mean the best. Because he'd never performed well enough to do that is the natural ability so some of those things I wanted to little a little bit about but. Erik Spoelstra a he knows exactly what he's doing he's easing analytics guy too by the way from from way way back he's putting his time those players trust in him. Even him. I'm not gonna rattle and pop is just otherworldly in many ways particularly with his relationship with those players that he's had for some years so yes getting out coached by Popovich. You know stand online and I think last year by the way. A last year. You could say that -- bolster out coach Popovich particularly in game six Popovich over thought it. Short -- the last minute whether I'm last and last thirty seconds. Of game six -- to -- to opportunities. To file before three point shot went up he chose not to do it in the press conference afterwards. I was very dismissive he said we don't do that okay that cost you -- championship. I'm not doing well taken by Duncan -- -- today yeah that is over thinking it but you know you can go back -- did at the same thing in the Caribbean series remember that what they're so -- across hit in the three LeBron drove right to the basket and they had -- Roy -- sitting on the bench when they won a game -- guy right in that series which which you know what they're in both cases both in -- case an impoverished. The reasoning was sound and the numbers probably bored out if you leave Chris Bosh open in the left corner. Of the three point line he probably shoots you know whatever sixty something percent. You understand from a basketball standpoint. Which she just. You want. Tim Duncan -- that you get to the Oklahoma game get to those moments and you want to think about finals -- series one would you have believed he had haven't game and it I was hoping that spread is at that situation presented itself again in the east finals. It never did because of the games whoever close -- -- here's the other thing first ball struck a coaching adjustments what could we have done. I -- in north -- get a starter Cole an input Chalmers and the bench but. Maybe the players perceive that as panicky and even if you start channels to spring Colin colder here in north Colin a little sooner defensively. I felt like. Even in the first two games where San Antonio round pick -- -- thing about we noticed on -- a ridiculous. First two games at home to a San Antonio played well. Think they can play better than that the first two. And they just go to a completely different level of the last three games but -- games what you said my name is doing terrible job defending the three point line. What are they afraid of -- side it's like they're trying to protect something and and I'm not sure what it is are they afraid of the cutters and their freedoms letter they prayed I dumped him. Just like exposing -- it's not prepared to order a bad job -- that three point line perhaps zone. Perhaps going war -- exactly countered that. And you know it's funny a while ago and foul trouble in game two memory it was just terrible -- -- and and had to put DO. On the -- to -- huge mismatch so why wouldn't suggest. Every time co island was on the Brian James tell LeBron to go to the basket and draw without while Leonard was that with the -- clearly in India stating the obvious. It was more this much on the defense -- and is it was an offensive. 6177797937. As the telephone number you can Texas at 37937. Four of four coming up top of the hour we'll talk about some epic flops speaking of the Miami. It's dale and -- and Jackie McMullen Sports Radio WE yeah.

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