WEEI>On Demand>>The San Antonio Spurs trounce the Miami Heat to win the NBA Finals Championship, 6-16-14

The San Antonio Spurs trounce the Miami Heat to win the NBA Finals Championship, 6-16-14

Jun 16, 2014|

Lou, Christian and Tim discuss the sustained success of the Spurs over the course of Tim Duncan's career and rate them against other teams with similar, long successful runs such as the Patriots, Yankees, Lakers and Celtics.

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Moved in my new apartment. And I'm watching the spurs game against the city. And circuit blows. Cable goes out. Couldn't get the cable re booted. I don't think I missed another heat basket anyway in the fourth quarter so was it like that game was pretty well decided I don't think I missed much of last night it's like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For San Antonio. Last night and I guess I just missed not nothing just another war but like typical San Antonio spur domination. The -- even go to the whole series except for one game. Yeah you know the game started it. Where OK LeBron James is basically saying amen to take his game over remember that it is to quote as he's talking to the team authority to court -- follow my lead. Okay when he went after the first quarter. But after that you realized it was oil it was only going to be LeBron James and nobody else it was going to have to be just him there was going to be a leading. No thought there was going to be no following. It'll be LeBron. And LeBron does best which is getting to the basket but even that it was wasn't enough. And then again spurs just flat out took over that game especially the fourth quarter. With ten minutes left the heat basically just gave up -- that forget it meter started pulled the players abroad comes out boss comes out way comes out. -- -- thrown back ups. Disbursement plan. That once they've pulled their starters with like five minutes left again. You just sit there okay one is has over. -- -- -- them abroad looked like a minute -- Walking across the court. To congratulate. Speaker gradually thirty seconds to -- Come a death in the game right now dollar and go to hot buttered like a bit about all the stars were off the court sit on the bench just enjoying it. Odd -- series -- very -- week's Sunday all all around the Sunday. Sports events were pretty what's. Does not inspiring note to no drama whatsoever in the US open -- BA finals World Cup I'm sure we're gonna get to -- that it was. Great -- to hang out outside get some sun. You know what the last the last three games -- just such a blow up on me it was such a blow what it was. It was like a -- I grew up with. -- basketball all right with those great Celtics teams you know bird when everybody realized in -- but he used credit imagine just remember those days could. Odds aren't November limited Israeli permits always Johnson was the better -- -- -- but I've got a big pain in my house a bit and get its feet yet but I do have put in my basically -- I almost felt like it was a game the rock off the bottom of the poor -- -- and -- -- A lot of times in sports today we sit there and say how would this team do against the 1990s this right how this now this athlete you get that athlete. I actually felt like today's NBA. Played like the 86 Celtics. The last three games like that the Miami Heat vs the Celtics deal or even those lakers teams yup there's the NBA has morphed into like eight Tuesday superstar. Clearer amount out let me go all arm taken over one on one style is that one of those so -- those lakers -- to move the ball so well. How they perform against these great players felt like we got that it took -- yes played. Moving the ball team defense clog in the labor to the ball moment it wasn't 101. It was just a team effort we we saw like a mid eighties basketball game that I loved. Dominated Miami Heat team and it was beautiful. It was weird in the sense that. The spurs actually came in the favorites most experts as it burst yeah I I don't he and -- got a weird Alice lowest and most experts for picking the spurs to win. But they were but I think Vegas that number some within. I would take the spurs even though they're the underdogs beat the Moneyline you know casing that he can't have it up that I would put on to say and it's in a pretty nice bet. The appointees that I felt like. The first three games of the series. The suggestion was it's what the heat aren't doing right. But by game four I really felt like the narrative changed to look at what the spurs are doing. This is -- basketball supposed to be played in the NBA. I think over the last fifteen years or even gone back 20/20 five years if more teams played like that. You would see more people still interested in the league beyond their own teams -- out because I think the NBA is one of these. Leagues now or your team is out you start to shut down your level of interest. And that's unfortunate but it Mort seems played like the spurs played in this series you wouldn't. Feel that way I does that still agree that's a great brand of basketball to watch and I was. Just. In rapture by. How they played -- I agree with you elected -- -- back yeah I I agree that's what I should -- the storyline more out of ballots and -- watching about that it. And sort of turn at that Jordan was so dominant through that those later years it turned in to get out of his way. Right we've morphed into that -- slayer that your -- could basically be called get out of their way and let them do their thing. -- mailed to get away from it in the game itself wasn't that enjoyable to watch. And the last three games. You watch the spurs and it was just it was beautiful it was mid range jumpers and there drained threes as well. But the action of a mid range jump shot again deputy MBA that was nice to see. Everything. It was it was poetry in motion. I like the Popovich lined the ball never sticks because that's a great way to describe the ball is always moving when their right that's what's happening so let me ask you guys this question them. Since 1999. The spurs' first championship a fifteen year window. Are they the best franchise and all pro sports. So you're thrown in the lakers. Other -- signaled the arrival in the NBA will be the lakers and you can make a mathematical case that the lakers should be considered better because they've got five titles and seven finals as opposed the -- with five titles and six finals. And you're a lakers fan Christians some damning that your gravitating towards the lakers on distancing note the question of the spurs of the best franchise and all pro sports. Well -- it's. Forty take into account how the lakers have bottomed out here the last couple trying to use it as a whole and no one would when discussing this you kind of have to put. The lakers and there. -- you you -- actually even Verlander. Hatred that you wanted to say he'll just flat flat you want to -- your former camp Arabic conversation but just this year notes in the fact that. They've lost the last two symbols. That date should've won that they if they win those then they're definitely at the top of the conversation just because. You know the ball a little hearted you can only have one chance and -- seven chances to get it right. But watching the spurs it's hard not to love them when you go back to the lakers. And you go back to the players that they have always had. Unit couple stars yet like you start off with Shaq to start with Colby and they had great support players. Even -- so we went three in a row and have a break get to rebuild and he went again without Shaq. But as far as sports go it's it's hard for me not to put them on the top and tried to give to lakers. In May because this the game in the last series has been so impressive that it's hard to get that out of my head. But it's hard to believe over in the long -- here at times since 1990 and now they've won five -- championships. They've never lost more than fifty. They've been in the play out every year even in the strike shortened a year they they won the one that they want it. I'm Phil Jackson went lakers. And he was almost mocking. The spurs' championship during the strike year because -- played four years -- almost that -- include. It was almost like and the spurs had to re proven again will they did a couple more times. So right now if I had my choice is ours spurts. For the lakers. Right is I don't record in the mock I'd say well here's the teams that I go to. That are at the teams that I consider lakers spurs patriots which you just outlined. Yankees Red Sox it's tough to find anybody in hockey because no one hockey is won more than two titles since it -- 9999. So fifteen year stretch of time. That encompasses. All five -- I -- a district this thing too is terrible model franchises it's hard for me not to ignore where you are right now you know soul. I look at the lakers and I look at the Yankees and today I I can't put them there what you -- rewind it for 56 years ago. May be different story but I can't help but look at with Iraq. The patriots at once until four. I know they've got a ton ton of success. But you you look at the spurs and electronic -- they wanna know six or seven in the finals last year but now they've won it again and in impressive fashion. I don't know how you can put anybody other than spurts and they -- -- finally. But this team has been we don't say the NBA knows that the biggest nightmare spurs in the finals -- special -- Right it just boring they're good they put the other superstar Tim Duncan doesn't say a word that it's just a team like that. But finally beating the stuffing beat heat that this great Miami Heat team almost always LeBron yeah LeBron. Wade they did it. -- probably actually today finally get their due it's been deserve now for sold so long. Will you because you know it's funny if you talk about the best teams in the history of the MBA. You would never start with the spurts. You would start off by saying San Antonio Popovich Duncan party just what you would look automatically -- you are not just the NBA's probably all of pro sports yeah apple I mean even just beat. History wise ambiguous so the Celtics you start with the lakers. -- over the bulls. Let's start with the heat. But people what he did their because they have the best player in the world so now all of a sudden it took their fifth trophy. In fifteen years for them to be included in the conversation. I think I think the fact that to lose point you have. Tim no emotion Duncan measure. The -- franchise. -- you have been stuck in San Antonio. Or it's not necessarily a sexy place to hang out -- the river walk fine it's it's fun during the summer but more poorly they've never really had a a transcendent star. Like a Magic Johnson like -- Larry Bird like a Michael Jordan or LeBron James so they are always forgotten so it's mixing don't wake of the morning and he relates. All the stuff they don't you look at him don't has done. An attempt -- in. Compared to Jordan through Jordan at six titles. Hit six finals MVP see it and he had five league MVP. Right behind them is Tim Duncan with five. NBA finals. Three finals MVPs. And two. League MVPs. He he's he's beating Kobe is Kobe has 52 in two. So you have that star but is just not a lot of personality there so it tends to you tend to forget about them but they're right there was in the best of all time. So all sports so the question to ask then an essence is the bottoming out of the lakers. In the last couple years does that outweigh the extra trip to the finals that they got as opposed the spurs where they lost the Celtics. If you're gonna talk about it unless somebody out there wants to make a case for the Red Sox yankees or patriots. In another sport because you think the dynamic of the sport is that much different. That's I think the only route you can go to undercut the argument of the spurs being. The best team in pro sports over the last fifteen years 6177797. 937. I lean towards the lakers because of getting -- the extra time. -- towards the lakers because they managed to lose a hall of Famer and still go on to win a couple more with Colby did back there again. Against Boston before they lost in that series. It's a coin flip to meet between those two I'm wondering though if there are patriots bands out there who think that dynamic. Of football. It's such. It's a little bit different as opposed the best of seven situation. That these teams go through so of their patriots fans out there -- wanna make the argument that the patriots are the best pro sports franchise in the stretch of time. All of this into a 'cause I do think that's a worthwhile debate. I do think the nature of the league's makes -- -- more worthwhile debate but it would have to lean towards the lakers. Or the spurs more and probably the lakers again 617779. 7937. -- can text 3793. I do think that the NBA around -- surprised that it out of all the sports we just talk about the runs of teams in this league. You know because again this would -- for the early -- on Friday were talking about it. If you have if you develop like a superstar or tool whatever it is then you c'mon sunny freeagent if you have three guys. Beckham played together for six or seven years you can Dominic. You know unlike other sports where you maybe you need a more be full roster 90 at the spurs are showing you need a full roster and it's not just about. The superstars but -- nice Diop complement the and we think about the runs. Right -- to the lakers the Celtics the bulls the pistons right the sixers even before the Celtics and lakers and it was the heat I mean. You have runs in basketball I think more than any other sport it is tougher. Now whether the salary cap do you think baseball nominal salary cap you can keep everybody. It is to you don't see those sort of runs. Can you make an argument for the Yankees going -- five World Series now stretched time winning three and being in the playoffs as much as they have. That was their time right now Andy. Six what all three you've really lost in a World Series that was it. They were that was outstanding Yankee teams -- never seen so we get that that run was was a beautiful thing. Because of making the playoffs and baseball's especially before they expand the wild card which was the case initially. The early stages of this. Period of time there's just the one wildcard so does that make it harder for baseball teams to qualify this arguments we waited a little bit more in their favor them. Are now able. Baseball it's the hardest sport to make the postseason right I mean is only it was only eighteenth. You know at the time you know prepare respect -- percentages of teams that make the post season. I didn't have that many guys make make it's a big run yankees roller aptly outstanding. You know that kind of went from you know it started in 96 there was a -- rookie year it kind of went into and you -- started in 99. I am dummies in 99 -- the first year of the spurs' title gives you yelled nice round number fifteen years decade -- I think it's the spurs -- the lakers I got to go one of the two NBA teams I'm waiting a little bit more towards the lakers you guys leaned towards the spurs but. I would hear arguments because you get into a very different set of circumstances about how the playoffs are structured. You know there's more luck of the draw there's more day well bad days -- come up and bite you or your ran into -- hot pitcher or you ran into a hot goaltender. That makes it a little bit more a wildcard feeling if you're not playing basketball the basketball element to -- might diminish. How frequently these teams got there I would listen to that case of somebody wants to make it. But I still think it's overwhelmingly in favor of those -- that he had a surprise NBA champion. Or come back NBA champion look that always come back from 31 we've seen real comebacks in the other sports the best of seven. Do you tell -- beginning year anybody think the -- LA kings who played in New York Rangers and the America. -- and now you know me or so at that this UCL a time you see in different sports is well. And you MBA now you know at this that's why cities for runs the best teams now OC would he do next year if they all stay. The NBA finals will be between the heat the spurs in the Oklahoma City Thunder already. -- -- this problem Celtics than there already had talked a lot and that's what it's like you get those runs Christine just tick over five years six Iran's. I was go to Ben Ben go ahead make a case for the patriots or the Red Sox in this analysis. And yet they sent me an arm and -- The other thing experts are agent for the current Italy is that thing is -- balk at this they remark titles. Where in MOB and then tell you that one Sheen. I have the most at -- minarets. So that don't ever seen it certainly isn't one. And they're in the championship -- -- is the beginning when actually they're both up there you can pick one of them and they are the award dotted. We whites. If this is like get proof in geometry class a big what do we would have had a failure on that says that say that again. A case though and saying in the NBA. The difference between Burton lakers. Is one -- that that the lakers in the championship -- the same amount of -- right. Winners in that and I'll be in the right side are the number one -- in 2000. And the ticket. -- normal 99 -- ago and a nine minute. Conveniently forgot that no one Yankee championship by notice but it's been since 1999. Were going well I think he hit -- -- -- -- just eliminate the patriots. From the discussion altogether. I don't know about that -- I only -- deserve to be in there. Because football is different. -- in the end they had their opportunity. To -- forget about how you have more games and basketball baseball and hockey doesn't matter. Their sport they had the opportunity. It did five rings they had the they had their three they had 07 had eleven both games are winnable ball against the same team. Obviously some crazy places some drop passes but if they win bills if they win those and you. Easily. Easily have a case for -- since -- lost you can't have them in the discussion. You know it's it's so hard to panic would love to put -- there on -- -- cost compare right I mean. The patriots and teams in the NFL player and a different rules the teams in Major League Baseball teams NBA teams in the NHL so you look at the NF balance a model franchise. You know bill this offseason that that's doable Lotta people said Seattle Seahawks. And -- seeing you know when you're paying your quarterback 800000 dollars in -- spent twenty million freeagent defenders -- of the greatest defense the world let's see when he gets a little pricey. So we look at the NFL it's almost it's so hard to do it you look at the spurs and Sega they are across the sports but everyone -- a different roles. The NFL I would look at the patriots right now the Red Sox I would I mean baseball. -- Look at the cardinals probably -- -- all the Red Sox which everyone to do so every single sports gotta be different now known as black hawks and hockey. Things I think has been three teams with Stanley Cup victories twice in the stretch of time on the hockey -- general does somebody could elevate above because has been three with two with only a one phone line open on this. Get a right now 617779. 7937. -- -- Christian Fauria and meet him -- middays with MF be here in 937 WEEI we will continue this topic conversation we just tuning in. The fifth championship the spurs does that make them the best pro sports franchise. In the last fifteen years or distressed times since they won their first back in 1999. Will continue on this one discussion plus since we did bring up the patriots. Interesting side story about the Andre Johnson. Situation we'll get to that -- before we had eleven this is 937 W --

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