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SoccerCast - World Cup Opening Weekend Recap

Jun 16, 2014|

Ben and Russ recap the opening weekend of the World Cup and preview the US v Ghana game. Ste Hoare of World Cup Pundits joins the show.

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Welcome into another edition of W you guys soccer gas -- your post as always then kitchen young men don't always tell one side he has always. My host -- Goldman Russell are you a great time for. I'm doing pretty good. It was a fun exciting weekend although my dark horse teams really crap all over their shoes and we'll gets a little bit later and. You're going it was awful. So no I'm not always right. No you're not but you know what you call the -- and so why things are not that I coached myself now all you got about one right now I'm looking forward to talk about that match. Yet so Europe weighed. Terrible. Yes started off well. The game started off well for them but then it went down who really badly Beano CONCACAF is. Represented right now. Wanna say I was very impressed by Costa Rica and a portal ago Favre -- is -- his Joseph Campbell up front for Acosta read Google Campbell. Is spectacular. And from the outset of the game he was the only one and while I was what you can use the only when I was thinking in this -- really good. And I know his arsenal when he never plays ever so it throughout the -- rate then it's like arsenic your hope to watch the skies dine. There he was very impressive he was the difference in that game and it's funny because -- was -- others have -- player on their Brian -- who had a decent game. But it was more about jokingly -- He was very good in it was a very exciting high scoring weekend it it's -- the first round here is start note. Fairly poorly and we're we're gonna go. Through the games. -- the timeline. But Warren gonna start with -- Croatia and it's started out badly. Especially for offs that are trying to convince other Americans again into the game and one of the complaints and always have is flopping yes. Now the game first half of the game was a very well played game. And then Fred. I think we shouldn't be renamed and then how about that. Then why are you naming the event I don't follow up just a disk and I'm anti flopping on soccer fan and anti flopping. And that was a bad play by him I understand why he did and I hate that had that mindset. But the -- that was horrible. Terrible. Totally and not everything that American fans complain about the game use on display. By Fred and -- unfortunately. That that makes things difficult like you said them for you and I -- too -- to the -- I thought I was I was very upset because I knew. What the response is going to be plus. It was a terrible terrible call and off. It really gave Brazil match let's call what it was Croatia thought Ben. Played very well to begin -- and that the not to happen was. Was very you know is very disappointing I I I really felt bad for the croatians are really dead. I did too and you know who argues specifically felt bad for Luka moderates because for a while now he's been a very good player. He might have just launched himself into that elite status US as on the top crowd of fifteen players in the world. He played his ass off and a person didn't recognize because -- -- -- off so for awhile there I was watching the game and NM. I have to watch while the -- going on so I'm not a -- TV and remarks on small TVs with her from -- sometimes. To. Differentiate the players and its -- -- really did not recognize them for the first fifteen tournaments of the -- of -- where Phil is motors. I found a -- and he. He's an amazing amazing player. When he controls the play I mean he really makes that machine go for -- but for any club including Real Madrid but -- and soon to be apparently Chelsea. All volume -- against. Rumors rumors going there as well and when our idea. That would really hurt if if you end up going there and the -- for spurs fans because they've pistol talk about. Losing moderate and then of course I was let's all about OK you have been bailing out there's a difference between. -- to the Bailey and dollar with a mortgage market is just on a different level. And he really showed it in them options I did I thought oh government premise while because the play as well as he did and have a situation like that happened. It just shows everything on a world scale what you know what. Americans complain about and and I understand it but I was more mad because it was a bad call it was a terrible call. And again I understand -- Fred's doing and and I I ladies and I hate that notion of well I'm just trying to get them to get a penalty I hate that crap. And -- will get into a little bit more but. And you see this there's an article New York Times yesterday. Talking about Americans and they don't their bad divers that's why they're not as good as a team as they should be which I find absolutely ludicrous because. What I find most of time when these players flop and dive around. Is that they screw themselves up because. And we talked about this before where. You flop. Yet you should have gone continued with the play because you would have positioning feet. And you would have had a scoring opportunity hustle and they too often times are concerned with trying to get it to be an eleven on ten game instead of putting the ball in the net. Well that's you know again the game is scoring and it's funny you talk talk about Americans not being good flop result tell you that. Auckland dancing happens to be very good that he's he's the exception of the room Jozy outdoors not Panetta it's in -- -- -- -- while and we you know remember -- On Michael Bradley exactly. Because Michael brought that's not Michael -- is -- Michael Bradley you and I've talked out there I think is the most important player for the US men's national team. And that's just not what he's about to -- does it in this World Cup I will be shocked I don't think we'll see it. But I wouldn't be shocked if we see if from someone like I said density and outdoor who have done in the past stop something that I like. It's not something that I really you know say please do this blood. But again -- you know again -- firm for Americans to say that we're not good divers is just it's not natural candidate to say that we have a couple do it. Fairly well. I just don't like when they -- And don't forget we have a coach who made his career off of flopping and diving around you go back -- -- to the 1990 World Cup a source of that final. You'll see your can flopping and diving all over that field is not a guy who is. Lives up to that articles reputation of of Americans are bad swappers' -- bad divers that's why they can't win he he was the master of so this is the guy who if anything can really show them how to do it I hate that style of football but. -- -- guy who can children do it let's not get lost in that result Croatia game in the Fred flop in the bad breath decision. We should be talking about name. True name -- Really lived up to the hype of him and I didn't think members -- team is really that good I didn't think there of this great team going into the tournament I didn't understand my people were picking them to win made just as they're on their. Home field and they do have some -- incredibly talented players but as a team. They're not -- -- weird mishmash team their frank -- nineteen how to put together. But name are is spectacular. There's so much pressure on him. I'm talking about an incredible amount of pressure on name and on the biggest stage then he stepped up. Not what you want from your best players and he showed me something because I've watched them. -- Barcelona and again expectations so high with the Barcelona. And whenever I've seen him play for Brazil he just seems like he's playing on a different level. When he's playing first country and he showed it in the snatch and act kind of gets lost in the shuffle. No a player that you know again that we know. That -- an opportunity to be one of the best in the world showed. -- the potential is is going to be reality because he really showed us. In this match for Brazil on that in -- unfortunately Beckett back a lost a little bit because we're all. Focused on Fred and really shouldn't be about Freddie should really be about name. The rich. You know. Early indication he could be one of the contenders for the golden crust and we always have two other contenders that we will get to because. There was a beat down in Brazil that nobody saw coming. Absolutely nobody -- coming even even I didn't see that coming but before we get their what's let's start with. Our first CONCACAF team -- determined in Mexico. Mexico over Cameroon. One nothing from Mexico great start for them. There's a tough tough game played in the -- yes and it nullified. Cameron speed advantage. Which I think really helped Mexico because Mexico is a little more technically gifted -- Cameron Cameron's little more physically dominant. Than Mexico but the rain really was the equalizer from Mexico and they capitalized. They did end up then if you watch the match I know he did I think the match should have been three and -- you know excuse me three now because of law. Two calls that went against. And on you've wanted -- -- to us. Two offside calls that when you look back at it I think with the incorrect calls -- -- The first one was very questionable. Questionable -- I can. I can live with that first one now when it was happening I was on -- -- watching on TV from very far away again because I was trying to prep for the actual radio show. And I concede that. That corner kick I didn't -- it headed by the appropriate guy and I just saw a clear oxides at first I was like well that's not a bad call what are guys talking about the then as I -- close on replies like. Posted terrible call right. The first one I can live where it was. Close enough. That it's a borderline call it was a bad call though. But it is close enough that I wouldn't really get too upset about that second one when I watch again terrible call terrible call. And you're right he could've easily have been three now they'll. Mexico looked pretty good. Didn't look very good last Friday against Portugal but it looked pretty good against them. They did and and you just brought up a good point maybe the rain was the equalizer there may be that really helped -- Mexico. You know and to their credit they took advantage of of the situation and like I said I really thought they dominated. The game and and should have been three -- but you know again the ticket anyway that they can one Nolan and listen good for them. And we're talking about these these CONCACAF nations played fairly well and that's you know that's encouraging that's encouraging. For the game coming up tonight that. Is Geovany DOS Santos a player that. Isn't getting enough attention. He hasn't been consistent for his career so long so I can see why he's not getting more play you know I mean. People always point to someone like two to Reno but she to -- ago. Again not a consistent player don't either -- What does he play four -- united exactly and it. And room when you do -- and -- it's -- room for all we definitely talked about who who we have talked about it. That was some. Very interesting game for him in a moment of absolute brilliance in the and the dumbest moment I ever saw it he beat me. I'm so up next in the timeline was to beat down the beat down Amber's hill which I think appointment for is okay. I hope I don't know it's going to already but perhaps. Spain vs the Netherlands. And nobody saw this coming even if you. Spoke highly of Netherlands at the very last minute ignited you did not see this coming. Reports Spain is an older team yes we know that they have won three straight championships two years in -- World Cup. They beat Netherlands in the finals of the previous World Cup. In the Euro 2012. -- Netherlands were terrible. They were just an awful awful team. And then they started to turn it on during qualifying. And that was a beat down of -- proportions. To take a 51. Win. Over Spain -- the -- and that's the funny thing about this -- That I've never seen an elite world class team. Get pushed around -- field like that. That's second half was so dominating. Really taking advantage of all of us being on the brake on on the -- really just countering them basically to death. You know when you have the three of Robin. There Percy and Snyder just run in the shell at the -- I mean rob was I -- -- believable. But I don't think you can talk about -- without talking about the attitude because the three of them were just tremendous. But it goes back to something we talked about. On on the -- shall I I told you that on I had heard that they might be point three at the back that's exactly what they did. And it worked it worked to you know it worked tremendously because they were sitting back and they're just waiting for the -- And they took advantage of them big time and analysts and you know on our I've heard so much talked about to see us coming back in and and not being sharp and you can make excuses for him OK fine you -- make excuses. And so -- this is more about Netherlands then not back gold -- and you know there is not going to Europe on those he could have. Obviously there is one of his horrible. But for me this is more about the play of on Netherlands than then though than the poor play of -- Of -- and I just thought they were dominant but. You know and Donald Blakey met. What you just talked about and that they what the little. We'll set in their ways and didn't look like they had not account or to what what on what the Netherlands would do and he looked. That they just didn't have the answers and Netherlands had all the. Netherlands right now. As we sit. Looked to be the most dominant team obviously justified when beat down which could have been worse could have been 61. They got to look as of right now again we haven't seen some of the elite teams play Portugal and Germany is coming up a little while for us right now. But. They've got to be the scariest team right now in everyone else's mind. It's missing a crap I don't really wanna faces Netherlands team -- they look like they're on five. I couldn't agree more you know end and going into the saw just remember going back to a lot shall we just said you use them all. Everyone's sleep and all on the Netherlands why don't think that they're sleeping on the minimal. No and the only ones that might be as happy is pollen rate now Manchester United. They've got to be so thrilled. Right now seeing that the approach that they had and thinking man now we've gaga. Now he's our coach yes we -- more is anymore thank god. Kinda brings us to. Chile 31 over these soccer ruse of Australia. Not a match I saw a lot of so I can't give you much more than. Other than watching -- Alexis Sanchez. It -- show you a little bit actually about the soccer rose because a wanna give -- critic as obviously they won 321. But the soccer -- not embarrass themselves at all they never do they where they were tough they were tough and Tim Cahill. Can still play and die he almost scored a couple goals he actually was. Was on what was the difference of keeping them in the match you know -- they had some opportunities there and and then not to -- at the variances. To make a three to one. But the soccer -- did not it did not look out of place that's -- gonna say I have to give them credit they were difficult to break down. And now with Tim -- -- they give themselves a chance so. -- another quality south American squad -- knows how to play on the continent. When I say that I mean in the weathered the humidity which is very different from obviously from Europe. Alexis Sanchez is a good player and a very good player and you show what kind of damage he really can do again against it's against Australia. Which is not a top flight team a good quality team that not a top flight team not at all but. He showed that he's a player to be feared and it. I don't know if they'll move forward. But. That's a team that can scare other teams. Mostly but it sure. I'm not disagree with that. And I Columbia Greece for a three nothing Columbia. Greece we don't know how -- likes to play eleven man behind the ball. It doesn't work most of the time. It worked in 2004. Was -- -- -- four to those 2004 in 2004. European chip and they beat Portugal playing. A lot can be on the ball. Doesn't work here Columbia route some through enough and not much room to say about the game Greece doesn't have much of a chance in the -- never really did no one thought they did. Colombia again I still don't think -- much of a chance but. They took -- three points some important three points. Yeah it's funny because I actually thought. Going into the match that that Greece would give more of the game it didn't turn out that way and I. I think I even projected that Greece would would move on but it's size it's going to be hard for them if they can't score and not. There at all little hard time finding fun in some law. Some offense on their blood. I don't -- honest I was disappointed I was disappointed because again and I hate to mention this -- but there are to form pars plan for Greece and they don't you know. Hate the thing that they both came off the bench -- the Turkoglu end up. And Giorgio scary Kunis who's 37 god bless you. Your welcome and saw. Giorgio son in his day it was a it was a really good player nine can still offer something for for Greece but they don't they don't have enough I don't think they have enough to get through its -- bad. I don't I'm just kind of disappointing you have. Arguably two groups of death and any of the groups see though looks like Colombia agrees Ivory Coast in Japan -- putted decent teams but spread it out I mean. I still think the real group of death his group. And I think ESPN's of the world -- gonna make it out to unit of the Americans are grouped he has kind of a defense and a pre. Pre knock -- kinda excuse. The that you and I've talked about on this is the group of death that we talked about -- the is to group -- not. The one that the Americans and I'm sorry. It's just isn't this is the group Wear you out for teams that you know -- -- -- in top ten rated -- we talked about Costa Rica. If they play the way that they've played in that first -- can be difficult to beat. Yeah. So let's go right into that match right now you're going grocery Canaveral knows I picked your way as my dark horse and that night I did say. That is provided -- ours is helping employees. Now he didn't play he didn't even come home field. He warmed up I thought he was gonna get some time but he didn't Europe -- it looked pretty good the first half. They got some help but they looked pretty good in the first half and then. The second half rolled around. Even the last ten minutes of the first half didn't want wasn't starting offer to offer them. And then they got their asses. Kicked in the second half. Total total domination by. History. I was I was shocked by this and dot I kept waiting for Florence to comment band. And obviously he's not ready to play it clearly not. And dog because it. Obviously he would play. Because they've they've really they really could've used him in this match but I was -- about would he have made the difference in the second half of the came off the bench. Or Costa Rica just was this their match I don't know I mean maybe maybe even Louis Suarez couldn't have made a difference coming off the bench I don't know. I think as far as -- because from the psychological angle of OK now I really have to pay attention whom we can't necessarily counted the way you want a counter. With him on the field there because he. Regardless of being injured he's still the best player on the field. I I think just his presence on the field alone would have changed that dynamic of that game we've been able to do enough to really put them over the top not necessarily. So that's my point I don't know if you would have. He would have changed it to the point that down on that they would of won the match I I don't know. If the game was in it it was if the game was tied and brought him on the you can let eight could've stayed -- remained to tie. But if you're counting on him and I think this is where they're coach really was singing about as well as. If I'm gonna bring him in and we're already losing I can't really -- emptiness that I get tackle Chris fitness and well enough yet in his health as well enough yet. If I bring him in and we're losing the price of going to lose because you can't do much for me and I'm just wasting him potentially getting him or. So that's good point I mean it's a good point. At that point if you are considering. Putting him in I don't know if you would have made the difference between. Between a win or loss or maybe even a draw I you know again. Unless we're trying to just get him working on which which you wouldn't do and in the World Cup -- just don't think he's ready yet so. And Costa Rica what like you just I thought were that dominant. They're good and they've really impressed -- they shock me that's why. That's why now for me this is totally the group of death because of Costa Rica played like this. The kind of you know -- be hard even for for England and and you know me I'm -- England to win. And done they can get tough -- now. Yeah -- Rica and -- we talked about earlier draw Campbell. Very good player he could -- from the beginning of the game little things from him. Just little things should you that he was dame he is there to play and he really. He was very impressive and this is the stage to be impressive because this is missed this tournament is really truly where you make your money. Absolutely. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because you're gonna have offers. For this player now. You're either -- gonna have to play them or -- you're gonna have the -- because. Because he he should get paid after this he shouldn't even after that even up this one performance and it was that dominant. I'm next England Italy. Highly anticipated match up I who's really. I was really looking forward to pass. It disappointed. I. Francona thought -- disappointed really because. England. In that its last thirty minutes or so. -- The ran out of gas there ran out of gas and what you saw them doing all these are these errors kicking the ball. It was a sign of tired mind entire body. Those those all those wayward kicks at the very end I mean more embarrassing. There are very I couldn't believe what I'm walking corner kick. That was that was he's seen of course there was -- I don't think I have -- and I was shocked by them. Which is funny because earlier in the game when England got to its goal. That was the perfect. Absolutely perfect cross from Rooney on his left foot -- perfect cross. Goal. How the hell really you're supposed -- -- world class player and by the way I don't think he has. People -- -- complaining on Twitter about. Who was not the time to be playing -- EE one of two things is not the time went on the went right playing Bruney on the wings up. And the other half was saying there's -- world class player you should be able to move to another position now. If I was a coach. I would never and I -- and I hate playing Rooney on the wing. In this game simply because you don't do it before and now you're trying to do different things against a world class team and Italy may be -- him trying to do that against. Costa Rica before they've played your way. I would have said okay you do you think you should really win this let's see if this formation really gives us something different to look at. Why are you doing that in the game like this why aren't you putting. Bruni in that comfortable position of that attacking. Midfielder. It's great question and Roy Johnson is getting asked that ball -- probably a great deal right now and he deserves to be. Does that deserves to be -- about an -- -- But it's a question to be asked why was he in this. Role as a winner but also the blame all the -- deserves to go to ball. The ball rolling and also go too long to Rooney. Oh absolutely. Because because -- because I I've seen this on Twitter lately camp in -- and ultimately the game you know. You complaint Bernie you can definitely blame. Where it was does not cover to help -- Lleyton -- yeah there was that there was a huge opening there that Italy took advantage of pretty much the entire match and Rudy was not help but only convince enough and you could see it. And on but I'm gonna tell you that's the one the one name the one name that sticks up for me in this entire match. Girl. Okay I'm sorry it comes back to parallel. Every time would that team and in the you heard the announcers. Basically. Wanting to punch somebody saying. Helens England doing one or two pressing Pirillo it was you give him all he is a maestro with -- -- he makes that offense tick up. Why aren't you pressing needs 35 years old he is not very fast anymore he's a smaller guy. You can push him around but if you get more on the space in the world he's gonna put that ball wherever he wants to put it and it's gonna be right on the money. It was it was unbelievable watching him work and you and I've talked about Pirillo. With what we both love his guests and he showed why we don't yet I mean but go on back to anyway. Why were they can talk. Able to -- you know to counteract some wild why weren't they able to pressure him he had free rent. Free right. Do you think if you move -- into a more appropriate midfield position he could've helped nullify Pirillo because he was playing deep -- -- and again. I read before determined that they were gonna try that would Gerrard and a I didn't really think much of it at the time thinking OK maybe that makes sense with his skill set. But when you watch the game -- he's out of position. He needs to be moving up because he needs to be doing what -- is doing which is either orchestrator of that often it's bright and at the same time he's a lot bigger than here. He can cover more ground in your. Aims to potentially no time going up one on one. I I didn't get it. I'm not a soccer coach put -- get it it was a bad decision. I well again that was some of the criticism I've heard about about the role that Steven Gerrard and also that Henderson had the two of them together that why wasn't. Why wasn't. I Gerrard play in the same -- -- -- display. He didn't make cents a -- -- until he had the -- displayed why while I was you know playing that role. Henderson had a blast. -- -- that was a blast from a deep outside the box. -- tele. That's a very good player when his head is screwed on straight. He is a premiere striker. Ball was perfect right where it needed to be and he -- headed right and he just finish the job now now I want to ask you do you blame Cahill on the org or is this all -- -- -- It and I don't think I blame Cano on that hill gets the benefit of the doubt now and I think that. Usable plays ball. And though those opposed to big into -- especially if you're gonna play would -- game and just. We're gonna go after headers -- votes so he can jump higher than you and he's I was immune stronger. I think it was all boats in the. -- -- the market wasn't as good as it should have been but but -- but. Would he scored anyway is probably even if he was right on top of the problem -- one of those players that I usually give the benefit of the -- too because he. Is a very good defender yes so. Our -- I didn't. I'm being very critical of England because I I really won in the women's game -- you know about and I'm a little bit disappointed but it did show signs for me. That they could still get out of the group I do actually believe that. All because offensively they would dangerous in the first half but in the second half like you mentioned completely ran out of gas. Were dead dead in the water now as a player that really. We talked about a many times that really did impress me throughout the entire review game I thought. Was for teams start yes he was very very good times surge. Was excellent but then -- Ran out of well back at times excellent that he ran it sterling will boy at that age. Upside and that kid is huge. He's going to be you know -- the lead player but did next time the world couples. And and -- -- now I'm glad that he started I don't to use those sorry to interrupt but those are great city. But again it goes back to the whole situation with we're trying to figure out how to get all these players on the pitch the same time you know because you still wanna get Rooney and and it'll be interesting to see what what -- and does for starting eleven but -- sterling needs to be starting. He needs to be playing with storage because the two of them are dangerous together and you know it's funny because -- you say you know. We talked about what Wayne Rooney did wrong but then you -- talk about what he did rightly he said without without Pasadena counselors -- Was it was tremendous to want to set up stirred -- for critical. But it was absolutely perfect but well. What happened to the Bulldog that really was moment I don't tense little -- he doesn't have that look on his face anymore where he wants the fight you. I think without hair transplant he lost his caucus. She should really step your game -- Ivory Coast Japan. Ivory Coast is. On their last legs of their quote golden generation which I. Generally do not like that phrase and makes every other generation of merits any team seem like garbage compared. -- Japan a a very good team a team that united talked them passes -- that's a sneaky good enough. Ivory Coast we know what they're about. There are very strong very physical very fast team your being you know bony and Didier Drogba who didn't start it came off the bench and once he did. The lamp was -- a couple times. Ivory Coast running away would this. A group -- you know it's because Japan Colombian Greece. If they excel you with excel and and I didn't think so at the beginning of the -- turned and I I thought they were not going to be able to law to have anything left for this World Cup on what you said Robert. That are ran its course but maybe it hasn't maybe maybe they have enough to get out of the group and when the group actually sell. Have to give them credit. Ivory Coast is a good team I think we both -- commands they will advance and that's and that's scary team you're gonna have to watch out for that team. So we come to Sunday the last match ups of the of the weekend. It started off with a uninteresting game in Switzerland and Ecuador -- that was very interest it it was not exactly the greatest game played. But it finished perfectly. From a viewer's standpoint. You know yet one more neutral from new tools are neutral -- sampler which I believe we are I'm not Ecuador and or success. But neither team looked great neither team looked bad. 11 draw. There's three minutes of extra time. The 92 minute with forty seconds so ninety minutes and forty seconds so literally twenty seconds left in the game Switzerland gets the go ahead goal and ends up winning. Helen finish yes to an average game. Totally average but I think I senator and a lot showed that into account for would be Switzerland I thought they were they were decent and I thought they showed you why they're. They're decent not great. They're good and they you know and they could they pulled off records caskets and mild upset. In this match put him in the very end like he said if you watched you know I I would definitely. What to believe that could very and because it's pretty incredible. I'll -- how about player kept kept his run going to end and just kept movement in the rough let him but the play keep going and scored the goal an incredible obviously. Obviously hindsight Tony -- But were you thinking geez -- really pushing through almost a whole team up to really get to school at this game and get three points. And in Switzerland just countered quickly on them -- did you did you think it was a really bad idea or just critics accuse him by Switzerland. I think it's great their excuse about what slow and determination to -- -- not. You know what I thought during the match they wanted it they've really wanted to that's that's why when when they got the victory that's that you don't want. They deserve it because you could just see in -- Their style play in the way that they they showed her for the entire match he want it just a little bit. More. -- Honduras France's team -- united talked about especially with the river injury that we were really. Certainly kind of feel a little bit worried about that. They had a perfect matchup for them to kind of get their legs under them. Honduras. Not a great team one and one of the absolute bottom teams in this whole World Cup but. France made it look easy at times spends -- is a premiere striker. And we've finally saw a goal line technology -- -- -- real rear its ugly head which is actually good thing doesn't play rights as a good -- and that's it. What what -- your lasting impressions on France through that game. Well again I'm thinking about the spend because I think the boss is gonna show itself at some point it doesn't show itself against an opponent like Honduras I mean that's. That's the issue that I have as it's gonna be the team that we're going to see. In the next two matches I mean it's impressive but they were also playing. Against the team that in the entire second half were with ten men so -- impressive as it. When you really look at yes yes they had their way when it -- Honduras but it's on Doris. It's a tough it's tough to gauge exactly how good France are I guess that's the way -- look at it. Well France -- -- set I again this is a -- I was just -- relatively weaker but it's really -- it's it's halfway decent group that can challenge you times group B France Honduras Switzerland Ecuador. Not not great again Iran France should win this easily hazel bishop bishop. So finally we ended up it and and it's Sunday afternoon at this point Sunday evening for you. And for those of you who are generally the biggest soccer fans in the world you've heard the name -- you know -- a thousand times and you really got your first look at them. Now I talked to Michael -- this morning who's not a big -- him but he actually what's the game and what he said to me was. All I heard about the sky it was Lynn -- -- -- and -- he's great he's great history's great. And he goes by -- -- do much I was watching for forty minutes and I didn't maybe I don't understand the game enough. But what really was messy during a -- first of all he's creating chances and that goal was a spectacular goal by right. Where he just kept making his move left and left and left and they're giving him his left foot. He's a lefty Phil given his left foot make him come back right and shoot off bounce off his awful it. To make sense to me Bosnia Herzegovina. That's pretty good team I think so they held their own. They had plenty of chances and at times. You were really kicking Argentina's path apps and not get the result they wanted. But that the use that you were right on the money. That's a scary team that can really take some points away from some teams. I still think that there -- That scared to move forward because. Because again you know again that they have to decent I should say to decent strikers they have two very good strikers and you know -- You know I'm a fan of the goalkeeper. As her bag match very good very good and Dave they controlled the player out a little bit and and that was a good sign for them in this and they're not gonna go away. Easily and not what you said at times I thought they would very good if you go back you check out the stats you're gonna notice. That they had a weekly good amount of chances to score. And that's you know that's a good sign for them moving forward. They can create and they have a really good goalkeeper so they're going to be in these matches. Because because of of that goalkeeper and the ability to create scoring chances so on -- to look out for. But in the end quality wins in and we know messy I think as the best player in the world that said that says to you want on this mountain the shell I believe he is the best player. And I I I to understand what Michael hall it's coming from you can tell -- I said this. When you see a player not doing much or you don't think that he's doing much. You can definitely have that opinion of them but one when you need to go when you desperately need a goal. And you get this guy any room and they gave them just a little -- too much room. He's going to kill you and that run that he made to score a goal was was was a typical -- run. But it wasn't but but and -- you said it wasn't just the ball that run it was about his play. The entire match and and you might not notice them all the time but when you're still. Europe I mean he is gonna make an impact and -- it and and if you might think it's coming out of nowhere but it really isn't the death of an -- Michael watched him. Ten more times you know he would Roy's OK I get it now but it did just -- a message for the first time. You might not see everything that he gets. Now that Argentina team one of the things I took away from -- is. They're very front and he. All of her talent is up front on the fields I mean even when he area very dangerous team very very dangerous and we're very dangerous. When you've been thoroughly gleam coming off the bench who's a very good striker. That means your top. They don't Bosnia. Kind of expose them on the back half of their field. He's the there was stretches where Argentina couldn't get out on the countered they just couldn't take possession back. And Bosnia looked really really good because of it. Night I have I don't know if it was because Bosnia is a team that's better than I thought they were or Argentina's defense is worse than it was. Could be a combination of both because I'm telling you. And we talked about that I told you this is a -- into account for and they and they showed it to I watched us several their front -- -- This is what I saw from them what you saw is what I've seen so that's what I'm not shocked by that. This out the defense for Argentina you know you know you your -- high on them. You should be a little concerned about that defense. Just a little concerned I am because because our boss is a decent team but when they play an elite team because they're not. They're not gonna win that term at Teaneck and win the turn. -- they could be exposed them. That would be my concern for Argentina because again they're a team that data I think it's going to score decent amount of goals but. When you need you know alarm when your plan and -- in the quarterfinals. Possibly semifinals. The defense could be the area that could be the difference between moving on. Loads and a thrilling first weekend of the World Cup brings us to I guess the start of week two will say yeah. And today we obviously have a great match up. Portugal Germany -- him play through it is an interesting matchup that the Americans. You you need to be keeping your eyes on because obviously there in our group so you need to know what they do hopefully they draw. Hopefully they -- with the each other. And if USA can win they're looking pretty T. If Germany Portugal drop which here's a possibility of that that's impossible. Provided USA wins they're looking good even if they lose it's still okay. It is still OK because that means Germany Portugal of one point each and your second zero but. It's okay you still have an opportunities of chancellor. If you lose. And one of those teams wins. You're gonna be and it's absolutely I mean it's what you're talking about that match basically start and started off the whole group because it really does if they do draw -- band that does set things up nicely for the US men's national team. I still think they need to win I think they need to -- I think so I I think a loss. I think would be very very bad and I -- I'm sorry I don't think that they give other group that if they rose if they get a drop. And and the NAFTA for them is -- draws while -- hang in there but it's still going to be very difficult if they win. And there's a draw between Portugal and Germany I can the US are in great shape. On ESP NFC. So room literally gonna skip the Iran Nigeria again cut because you don't care. On ESP NFC Bruce Arena predicted the starting eleven for the United States and it looks like this. Tim Howard demarcus Beasley Fabian Johnson Geoff Cameron map -- there -- back German grand Susie. Jermaine Jones Clint Dempsey Michael Bradley Jozy -- story. But it -- your thoughts on matters at the right squad to be starting off the World Cup -- if that's the squat I want to and that's the exact squad I want I is that Italian immigrants arena. Has not predicted it is the team I hope that we see in a few hours when the when the job. When they announce the starting eleven because if they come out with that I think they set themselves up nicely -- it that it really does speak become about the starting eleven. Being able to get it done I think again it will be interesting to see it this is -- line of Klansman goes with I think he well. Blood who notes. If this is starting eleven I think we ever wrote a chance to get three points. We talked about Michael Bradley being the most employer most important player. Does that make -- back -- the second most important player in your mind I think he's very important because he is go you know again I'm hoping that he starts because I think they need him. To give you have to give help to that back for an end. When he's behind Bradley yes he alleviates a lot of pressure off Bradley we've seen a couple times now. Bradley doesn't feel as much responsibility to get as far back as he has sometimes in the past he can play up a little bit more forward. And create more MP -- And that's -- need front and they need him to be in my should they need him to to meet the passes to really create opportunities. And die. With him having that role if he's in that role that that ability to -- -- -- -- -- him and Clint Dempsey. I'm telling you on the -- the US men's national team could be very dangerous in this game that's what to -- that's that this game is going to be about. Can the US men's national team take advantage of their opportunities on the counterattack. It's going to be an interesting game I'm looking forward to it. Just a second here we're gonna be a welcoming to the show from World Cup hundred stock com and that World -- comments on Twitter Steve -- I have no idea for a pronounce it right but a minute try my best. He he's gonna tell us what are right tells her wrong Intel's -- look forward to with the Americans this evening so just a minute he'll be joining the -- Time now for us to welcome our friends the -- T -- From World Cup pundits -- could follow him on Twitter at World Cup continents and go to the site World Cup pundits are -- see how are you doing today. -- -- very good very good so it's just jump right in being a huge Liverpool supporter. We wanna get your thoughts on the England Italy game. And and that is interesting and then he fought in the incredible pain that and I think. Second -- in particular just what you read as an important argument a couple of mistakes. A couple of openings we're postponing. Playing in Central Park movies and plazas are the impartial toppling -- -- -- about the book. It didn't really creature moved her via in the it just and it's -- England and so called traditional Latin brilliant. Still on askew ball Wayne Rooney's specifically there's been a lot of criticism about him playing on the wing. Com what are your thoughts about how he played because again and especially in the second half -- is him like he was giving enough cover to Leighton Baines. -- it into -- -- it's kind of comfortable -- -- -- -- my -- need to eat almost. You know square peg round hole. We've read an article although I'm not gonna do like -- I think it is the monitor want to play him he's that you played well from orchard -- striker. The issue with artists and -- sort of -- been phenomenal. On the cover is and probably just I'm so. It's almost the commodities but afraid to drop them I think you need to make a decision either he's got the playbook from. In the in the final thought -- -- Obama used it. It happens to send a -- paying too -- exposed. -- Into the white trivia from the I know he is a typical. Great all these complicated embarrassed and passed them. Really need to -- to play -- -- bank. And actually the economy she won't that this team. I inaugural I'm sure but I think there must have been more honest and I'm probably call drop them -- specialist and. You mentioned how well regime sterling played. Is this is this the player that they're gonna need to really rely on to get out of this group now. He's a big part two animosity when -- grow from a from a guy it was you know on the appropriate team and Ottawa senator what. Given him a little justice. Just just the tying it in the air space and in all people. Since -- around Christmas Easter and -- police speaking of the curriculum pull them. But -- playing for the cup soccer all the money and I think a lot of this to be built around him and I salute ethnic group opposed to seem like it's been the biggest -- England at the moment. Steve gold going back to this game let's talk about. The role of Steven -- we were talking about him. You know again with him playing with Henderson they were not able to control. -- -- on what went wrong there. It's it's also hard to control -- -- equal to on the -- much really should be out. To talk to cloaked in a sexy place so -- and Egypt I don't think anyone read it on the spot from me you can possibly China Myanmar -- the computers when you don't play is getting ready to -- In Britain but senate cotton fields it is a job in Punjab and the -- -- the -- to patching. -- does steel and ask you a little bit more about. The Americans game today is is that something you guys are invested in an all in Liverpool. And I think that. A lot of people so we just like in the well being -- you know decent content and the Atlantic and like -- PM 8 PM let me credential. Patent result in much in two games -- was -- up. Go to -- optical in order to land them on purpose out of the economist. But the rest you know with the company's internal looking I asked -- really injury and he did -- different because Scopes in the committee meeting and cannot corporate -- or European corporate. You know we're talking and now we become too -- so. It's -- -- -- people a lot more successful -- -- recognized in the played which well I'll let you watch in the game. Do you think the US has any chance of getting out of their group they obviously -- Germany imports soon today that are. Playing against Ghana. I do I'm -- groups say Marshall -- our sweet deal miracle on our country's dramatic Compass Group Oxley I think. It would bring all the little independents say he also played extremely well and I'm my -- Eugene -- Portugal and took so how -- about it according to a final book. I think that badly. Rules I can give you people look like so the US can be cop not content in pole position the college and -- and and he's not -- -- -- you might you know get them through and he's got a big uncontrollable. You mentioned Portugal. Besides Cristiano Ronaldo. Who who scares you on that team that you know again it if -- for what -- from the US men's national team perspective -- -- focuses on Ronaldo who else. Should fans be concerned about. -- -- comes shortly before Iraqis played played a Madrid and they apocryphal actually played wing all people should be asking -- -- to keep my friend. Definitely feel it and the -- and you'd probably see you know probably are well I'm also. So. And the dignity to even be talking on consequences not only describe -- -- but he technically sound and very difficult at the ball so -- -- It's been a couple of times supplies electricity. And Dan. In the ball because I don't get to these idiot then you'd -- if -- can do with charitable auctions and with a qualified when the PP Sweden to have an excellent and although basically just to sweeten pot I didn't so. There's been predicament that it contains an estimate of from Portugal. Steve let me ask you about the Netherlands Spain game now that was an epic beat down. -- -- did you. Think Netherlands had any chance to pull off some kind of a victory like that and now they saw that victory do they jump into that favorites category for the entire World Cup. I wasn't that famous political I think Brazil Argentina. Again. And probably hasn't hasn't -- people complicate an already Scott and I technically not that it would -- that critical. I think if -- -- other people can't qualification to be critical to what. -- well. Since then but here from the game don't want -- list. Strategic stroke all I'm on the between system than the someplace and it didn't look pretty -- -- vote on it being an apology in my opinion just people can do that. He's combined book basically just took a sustainable and to be it didn't meet nine. Send it in the farthest conflict and to me and him. -- wanna I wanna talk about another match that was a huge surprise Europe why. And Costa Rica again I was not expecting this result and was very impressed with -- how Costa Rica played. When asked because we've been talking about this if Luis Suarez was able to play. What with the result be any different. Possibly keep your identity and you -- -- -- that the integrity. To. They've got a medical play it must wise economy comment Gobi -- about all the problems. Pretty -- -- so without swear that you should not be troubled. The accuses the but he did run. Pop in the well it must publication company and it was potentially a plastic BP didn't think that this group wasn't with flying colors and I think he got particularly great partnership for them and auction bond commodity and (%expletive) up to the C well. That the that the midfield on the sentence and the goal because that we -- to beat them because I don't hand them. But getting that probably you know. Possibly. Cost agent told aren't you are quite constant on the panel this symbol -- of -- Eiffel. -- want the most comprehensive. And thoughtful or coasting to a fantastic and. I know you've got potentially a lot more and I didn't sense of qualification and the US national team it will. Because we talked about it -- -- more competent and and -- you're going to be in Canada and England. Also find it important -- because. I hope we get that we were banking on people and from meal we all all but it'll be Costa Rica -- will be the rich social well. But also in how we regularly weakened political -- which we didn't expect the puck up and so. It is a marketing really. Can't create a difficulty getting piece of content in a couple of surprise us. You know what they're going not a surprise to us that we've we've been talking a good amount about. About La Costa Rica and there are going to be a tough out Steve we know we actually think that the group of death is the group that England is that. Not that the group that the US men's national team is here we've ever many here have said that we -- in the group of death and I disagree I think the group doctors. With England Italy. Europe -- and Costa Rica so long. Actually. Let's go back let's talk about Suarez because in our I'm curious your thoughts again he was not able to play in this match are you concerned about his health again -- Liverpool fan. Are you -- about him in this turn of. Then the best saudis -- in the past on the notion that nobody spot on the east and you know definitely not I guarantee he'll play. And a political button probably didn't -- -- -- competed -- secret help people. I can keep eating the seventies and -- and think he definitely because. I think -- 75%. Believe president of the flow into the -- -- to each item -- playbook. You know it definitely sent a political -- and let the ball before opening Alfonso. And and jeopardizes. -- is consent to maybe below it. No look at a player basis and he if he couldn't be beaten or probably any other pitch. I agree with you on that and and it was and I understand. Where your goal with this because you know -- vocal support you you you are more concerned about him being healthy for the upcoming season. And honestly I never wanna -- Diego -- play again that's just me because an awful offense so I'd rather see who he's Lars what honestly. The new policy that a competition when many people in the -- catching -- in a semifinal. I think it was a lot of -- and also I'm optical on the lacrosse. Political football against us let this be -- and some of them themselves because there. Well since I'm a good friend do you guys screwed Diego for a non-GAAP. Him stay I -- ask -- -- as we transition deliverables here. And it Liverpool's fascinating to us because obviously our Boston Red Sox have the same owners Liverpool. How well do you think they've been doing as since they have bought the team in owning Liverpool. It's -- -- level overall I think there was still you know if you question mark we were ready to be skeptical -- you can human clinical because. The previous regime were also America and I -- from the public grounds so. And they were open they -- welcomed -- since the printing to open arms -- keep -- interesting to content and articles Armstrong's -- -- -- -- at the beginning you know look we saw the complaint remedy in efficiency. Which units on sale market and don't insult our president -- -- -- accomplished article we -- that didn't. It was deliberate strategy which people should if you look at it got people. And I understand that the biggest thing I don't feel that he was pretty close to it and -- today because he was terrible. I had the -- that we -- -- -- -- constructive and partly the pre can at least a little money but -- people. You know. He's not he's obviously you know on technology and sixty Gloria. I knew how important you know. Brendan -- -- again. -- -- people skeptical and like you know but he got ready to -- income from a distance all political achievement. I'm sure almost you know -- that statement to button because. And the largest groups from think all that you that -- took him potentially in. He blew it on local we just want you would be very comfortable we will -- wondering. Put this guy who's never done anything in the game didn't mind as a -- Competing throughout assessed the -- Success most media room and no more I've probably been. But since Ben -- and go on hospital well. But the question I think -- -- strong that policy on that and yet I think. I think I'm appeal at least administered and -- you know in the cost more money and I think -- Became pretty prudent on. A little win the champions equally volatile and the biggest optional in which he Chelsea sonic. -- got. And excessive maybe -- improbable twenty probably on the -- way -- the moment. You know so quick quick shot -- although dot com. Hello and welcome on the political fall on field play outlays pupil well. You know -- -- to -- -- bought and -- Who would not alert would have been extreme and I'm just we're just waiting to see maybe it could be an Israeli. We compete with Chelsea-Manchester city plays because compute and that you know that he will. We can't that you couldn't be competing for the potential place in the market comparable to go to investigate well. Overall I'm -- increases with with the new voters Steve the wet on stadium like say the -- contrast with mine isn't. So fossil -- -- states again talking about the owners wanna ask you a bald both the redevelopment. Of their field that I've read. Some some stories about this -- how is that coming on. Long. Is that going to be that -- it is -- to achieve all the -- as it's -- mutiny in the trusted there was talk about it under the new -- and and -- candidate. These are the BC open site upon us put them in the gym and -- create a political -- got the money. And then that he couldn't be there on Tuesday that the gonna like you know she beat and he and state is -- What does it cost effective and the solitude you know. Q and you better be -- call it an outfielder and it's got the right decision that it cost effectiveness and popular wonderful place so it's not at least in my. Am -- who went to -- there was a lot of positive statement. By -- you know maybe they actually are people pretty much of the ocean and a the price of the couple's houses in -- Don't you can agree to regenerate the whole area as well which which he talked. About the mobile pretty much -- today that that it -- -- look -- if you use. We -- in the process now that you saw -- and view the -- to compound the main stock and which it is going to expired and gone and so it's been the problem is left. Again although book is something that we passed them. I think I hope for people -- people who. The -- you know and it's not possible tropical example. You know camera told significantly more so. That we could because Seles it's because he's -- -- -- I don't that it is also. If you've -- everybody welcome home in Kansas. Beat them all point that local was just couldn't find -- more accessible to obtain. Steve thank you very much for joining us to really do appreciate again you can see. -- follows -- on Twitter or you can follow app World Cup pundits or go to World Cup on insight com and a lot of great information I've been utilizing that sides of the steep. Thank you very much really do appreciate it. -- a lot about a certain. Absolutely thank you very much for joining us and they got. In those steel -- Whore from World Cup hundred stock comic can't get his name right I feel awful about that. But Steve was gracious gracious enough to join us from Liverpool today via Skype. Which can't be easy that's why it sounded kind of war -- for time to time but. Wealth of information that was a fantastic get thank you very much for having your friend join us for us. You're welcome. While you're a man of many words today -- Jesus. All right well this is concludes another edition of WEEI soccer cast -- World Cup edition again I'm your host Ben kitchen alongside me as always as. -- Goldman you can find him on Twitter at Ross underscored Goldman. Or if you're so inclined to data will be deeper at cottage stock. Absolutely please check out -- -- you can even check out your patriots and patriots fourth and two. Yes yes you can and you can follow me on Twitter at young men WEEI I think you guys from listening yet again.

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