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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Casey Kasem passed away 6-16-14

Jun 16, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Casey Kasem passed away.

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I was sick caused a two minute minute first headlines brought you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans. Building a better network and we learned yesterday the Casey case -- past. At age 82 after a pretty long and a long battle with Parkinson's disease usually the third. Who's it took no. Oh Casey case and -- -- -- who you ask me where can I -- up. Said Bob Barker. Rule. Pretty healthy sick which the death pool like -- to three hours a it's calls. President and ultimately could be Dwyane Wade he's -- true. Or not that's fine also be another old coach will be. Bill -- evident Marv -- -- that. Someone like that figure includes when I hate to say -- is -- much and be funny based on the feature story on ESP candidate Jim Kelly does not it's -- did not look as I wanted to recognize it's it's a great piece though it is -- voted -- -- very strong yeah. She stuck with the most heart wrenching thing she doesn't she holds it together don't. I was impressed now -- Aaron Kelly -- as good job by Berman he has. With with the daughter suitcase is from god age 82 out of Seattle long run I grew up listened to do that weekly top forty. And all the time is Casey decent sight at this final one -- final top forty. -- first number one bag in 1970 was mama told me not to go home by Three Dog Night and we've got one more song. To go. Number one song in the USA for a third week is second chance -- shine down. -- one song in the USA and Americans -- twenty for a third week second chance by shine down. I'd like to share what he is something I've learned over the years. Success. Doesn't have -- in a vacuum. You're only as good as the people you work with and the people you work for. I've been lucky I worked for and -- The very best time Casey case and now one more time the words -- -- -- since 1970. Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Dear Casey this may seem to be a strange dedication request but I'm quite sincere and who you have a few players. Lisa -- there was a definite family he was a little dog named -- tackles but he was most certainly. I just -- start again. -- coming out of their record for the record okay. Please. See when you come out of those up sampled. Numbers man is impossible to make those transitions. And then you got to go to somebody dying. You know they do this to -- Your time I don't know what -- do what. We can't come out of -- where -- I don't understand it is down in the zone. OK I want a concerted effort to come at a record that is enough. Temporal record every time I do this dedication. You make and they also want and what happened in the pictures I was supposed to see this week. Instead got and time I want somebody uses and she cannot come out of -- and good. That is yeah how can I got a dog and dining. That's like that big a deal -- not to put down that bonus sleaze the atomic Europe these parts of that with all they do those things but it dump producer keeps grownup yes right foot out. Probably but do you think anybody -- said. At a dead dog dedication after dumped a record that seemed incongruous. Hole temple goddamn records Paula that's a Callahan we are joined by our -- agreed to a fifth -- Marc Denis and tell him we drive our -- green Jimmer Greg Dickerson in anticipation of the NBA draft lottery six to -- stick around -- don't I don't. Different -- that a good. And not when you pass that play pat you know you -- have to read a dedication to -- snuggle up sparkles is probably like fourteen years old public life partner time right yeah. -- A 66 year old woman described by police is an -- Porter was found dead under a pile of debris after the first four for Connecticut home collapsed. Into the basement under the weight of all the clutter authorities thought like that episode of breaking bad. -- -- Police in -- at a federal -- Beverly Mitchell body was found in her home Saturday two days after postal carrier. Call police request to welfare check because your mail piling up for at least a week. We have been in Mitchell's house many many times over the years respond to requests for welfare checks. They said it was a function officials at the -- -- the -- house to begin removing debris at the back -- think about that it was so cluttered at the a hole in the side of the house. Starts scoop and stuff out with a back -- more border very privately very solitary he'd never be never went in said one neighbor went him one time. It was like you see on quarters where it's built up in the step over onto the stuff in the can navigate through. Amazed how these people sealing paste -- apparently she'll really disgusting things like that -- -- had -- some things he knew what peaceful if you actually -- I used to watch that's it's a -- -- -- -- -- -- me watching that couldn't exist I think I I know your hitters standup he's going to that you had mice did not work. Companies wrapped his words right ram rack and stack them in the bathroom like -- you never know when human need that. That's true I think I understand you save in magazines or something that paper I would just say it hurts me. A lot today. And a dog and click to call long haired dog Russia would save the dogs a year. In back like a possessive. You don't want someone else to get all these are exactly -- your dogs. -- -- the story but jetBlue flight that flight attendant thwarted national security risk it is a three year old tiny Blatter are refusing to let her use the bathroom. While the plane was waiting on the tarmac from Boston to New York. The three year old was forced to urinate in her seat mother looking on this believe Jennifer Deborah -- with their daughter on that jetBlue flight. Early last week actually on the tarmac for about thirty minutes or three year old daughter told her if she needs use the bathroom and start again that go the bathroom flight attendant told them. Sit down. Unable to hold -- longer Everest daughter was -- -- -- seat ever about the clean your -- mess. These objection the same flight attendant reporter to apologizing not a plane passenger proceeded to turn the plane around to the gate. -- had several hundred dollar over security to an off duty pilot seated near them convince the staff to let them stay. Now on the tarmac moving or are on the tarmac. Part was not moving it was not whose -- it's our problem. -- -- The -- Robert enhancement GP Geithner actually Peter Hanson -- -- in the pants issue number one their pregnancies yeah that's not good moment to clean it up to its. Nice things to do. We have set up -- I mean -- weeks -- up the swisher who. Weeks -- right now we're gonna leak and then the flight attendant said no we can't clean up and play in Iraq. That means it was moving this is like the congress stop you can rate -- -- stop it was humbling at the time I was like it was taken -- was stopped. Using move like our flight we find them before you can move it back to the to begin. Odyssey a believable that sounds like Howard -- go play it to get a month. Wasn't about bad customer service at that point it was just about bad human decency she was sitting in a pool of -- and I couldn't do anything about it and as mom. It just broke my heart I -- we're basically treated like animals and just be forced to sit down she snapped in me Knowles sit down loan to. I said please give me a break -- my daughter had an accident in her seat because you wouldn't let -- use the bathroom I'm just gonna clean her up and then I'll sit down immediately. She turnaround and reported this to the pilot I don't want them to do this any other families. An apology. Would be really great. Or five grand chaired something like wealth to charity -- met her probably accurate and free flights. At dollars. -- shows up. Let's hear from her 22 jobs for dealership this -- on sixty million dollars at the box office how to train your dragon to. Fifty million budget tomorrow fell -- -- number four in the fault of our stars. Are also full sixty million. So this a bomb for Tom Cruise news the edge of tomorrow is a -- schism. Stinker and other Winfrey sits with -- last couple years in the Richie got good reviews it people -- -- you got good reviews good summer movie and no one went to see that the next transformers is Mark Wahlberg yeah that's my daughter to this problem. I know it's below -- some time he steps up and it's no problem cash. It is really needed. Olympics Olympics and I saw this week an injury usually interview with her. She says unbroken is completely totally done axle -- is not done in McCain. The trailer. They are a little wonder in the Olympics the -- right. But no there's no trailer the trailer coming out of the summer what they ran some stuff of like behind the scenes are directing things like resident part of the story right and trailer behind the disappearance. Going to be good even I don't know it's gonna suck you do -- it's too big it's just too big. -- I want to be good that no way it's as good -- at this as the book re probably not happy. As much stuff yeah. Yeah that's -- -- days there was little water. Two Maria what 87 a heck of 47. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No kids Americans now this does radio in California. And brain is still sharp converted. What is in his brain sharp -- happened what -- -- happens to be just producers on -- 9787. And a and seven. Born 1917 usually the people he's -- he's like 9823. Consider all the stuff that happened the lice and wait around and open all its amazing how and he's still alive because as he drank. Is that line yes -- -- -- in the book member beats -- -- came back and stop the portrait that's previous literature -- is located. If your creditors -- platinum because that would drinking okay. That's headlines brought you by -- phone calls actually Dennis and Callahan 6177797937. Got a -- Miguel and bill when we come back and Brad -- Jonas after 8 o'clock.

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