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Brad Faxon on Martin Kaymer's dominance 6-16-14

Jun 16, 2014|

Brad joined the show to discuss the US Open.

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Or three Indians say I will say the two major events of the weekend were equally disappointing and their lack of drama that would be the spurs. Just extinguishing the heat and -- timer just making a mockery out of a sham out of a travesty. Trevor -- a mockery of the US open joining us on the AT&T -- like corporate Brett back today facts. -- at what point in this tournament brand given the field. Given the setup the golf course didn't occur to you. That this could be a totally anti climactic Saturday or Sunday it was an -- after the back to back. 65 or later than that. I didn't have to protect the back 65 some. Commerce have felt in all time scoring record in a major shoot ten under par. At Pinehurst number two on you know of course that he predicted early in the week would would being a winning score eight over par and and you know he played alongside Keegan Bradley. Let it up at a low round of the day yesterday and missed three under par 67 but. Bradley said he does look disguise everything he's doing his -- recently he's been a long he's been in the fairway and he's putting like a genius so we're all playing for second. I'm sure US GA is happy that only three guys were under par are they happy with -- eight shot margin of victory is not good for the US GA. You know whether. I don't -- capacity unit here -- don't think it's that they're horrible you know for -- You know domino anybody you know Tiger Woods did something like this and 2000 that at Pebble Beach when he you know he won by fifteen shots which is still the all time record for most you know he's -- twelve under par on the next -- was three over. -- you know tore -- pebble -- You know timer did what nobody yelled to do is figure out a way to get the ball on the fairway and and you know on the greens and when he didn't he got up and down and in. If you look at the leaderboard you know up if you just take a look at the top ten finishers. And and you look at the names of Rickie Fowler Keegan Bradley Jason Day Dustin Johnson and expense world number two Adam Scott world number one Jimmy Walker. He's in ninth place he's leading the FedEx Cup Brandt Snedeker compared. Justin Rose depending -- I would hope it's a pretty impressive leaderboard. But calmer you know -- a runaway and you know the players John Kerry get noticed the players are impressed. By timer and is golf I mean maybe that there are lots and catching expecting you wanna see something unfold and it didn't happen. But at Hopkins. I I enemy just ruin my week and I am forever. -- -- this fax. The women that did that checks are planned there this weekend if they left the course the same tees. And slept all the same with the winning score will be for the women. Even didn't. Oh boy I wouldn't be get the thirty over 3040 over. It would be. I'd hate to say like twenty over yet you know the men played. This golf course it's 7400 yards that was gonna play -- summer around 6500. Yards that's a thousand yards difference. The US GA. Most delicate situation and they say they watered the heck out of -- golf course last night let me tell it is the greens you know at the -- has been great artist is. Much as the men so when they're going into the shot put lower angle. Dissent and less spin you're you're not gonna see any ball all the greens the way they are -- -- demand the best -- it was like seventy something of one guy and it also down the sixties which is way below tour average. The women are gonna see -- difficult. Would it be great though like I that we would discuss this earlier. Thaksin do you know and that current they loved to watch these guys suffer. And that when they were kids -- -- was a -- you pulled the wings -- butterflies. -- has been known to Ronald uncle out of his way to run over a small animals they'd love to see people suffer animal suffer. If they left at the same. Wouldn't that TV ratings be great just what -- -- front and I -- yeah recruit over that's a good nine right -- could be cruel but it be good TV sure. I don't know I guest -- -- it's impossible. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes it is. Here's what word I'm worried me facts -- golf Chandler BC or fox or CBS going forward. Basically Mickelson and tiger didn't play this week in effect if you're watching on television. Phil was in the factored tiger was still couldn't beat Kenny Perry tries. 67 years now look at these guys. Speech a nice player but he's boring. Congress boring dollars a nice kid. Is golf worried about -- is -- find guys -- bureau is gonna watch the big picture. Is reasonably ward of the 4678. Years down 110 Phil and tiger were both can be gone by then. Well you know I'd like today. In the gotta -- Rickie Fowler you you got right back for those two guys they moved the needle. -- -- Only want well yeah he's won you won another overseas two years ago without power has a chance to be great. I think Jordan Steve could really do something does just because. I think there's going to be call that it could all American boy we you know we need that in our sport we have that would Palmer we had that would -- communicate like speed start winning early. And right historian. -- -- -- -- -- Did you seek coverages blown off I said hey Cameron now -- bloom off and then Kirk asked a good question is it -- -- -- just a jerk. You know what when do we do you know co opted to elect him. Content could be my partner on Monday and Tuesday the CVS charity classic. Yep. I don't for a long time called the hospital 2008 chapters are -- -- can. This guy you know he he's got some. Not many human beings are we gonna get through and it's on look incredible story and he he's he's a conflicted guy and he's he's a good golfer that still like. A lot of people in this field don't realize. How much potential they have maybe this'll. You know put him over the top now but. I -- timer lock up and kind of -- -- take -- walk right by at that point camera but told -- US GA executive Mike Davis you need to get an insider -- you know make sure you check to close so maybe you just kind of get into that. -- jerk. I love pump it up as my new favorite on the reform every week. Can he win will he went staying power. Eric -- and I think you well I think you know I think he's one of these guys it's a late. Mature developing guy he he's. He's got unbelievable school he degree he can really hit the ball straight you know I think guys are heard some comments. Maybe you majors and concentrated in the right just into the right. You know stuff -- native area number eleven Miller called the nerves test not nerves either you push driver a couple of yards a governor. That this -- he's pretty good he needs to work on is putting a little bit more controls emotions a little bit more but second US open to great step for -- Yet by far the most dramatic of moments in the entire term. Were content on the eighteen getting up and down from from the bunker and I 96 from six that are so I was that was the that was the only drama all weekend faxes -- to finish under par. Well absolutely and you know I think cumulative time so much that meant for them and that's -- shot until I don't know how many guys. Can hit nine -- out of a bunker and sixty yards activists called that right into the clubhouse some. Maybe you you could finish last place after that but he he made that putt. And you know Fowler. Fallon had parred eighteen to two times so. You know that was drama that. Was big for confidence out of both of them walked off thinking you know what they've made big steps and second in the US open you know that's a pretty big deal with. You know covered it's something that was incredible on on Saturday came out a little -- out of the gate you know -- this big lead. He -- put into the woods on number four on this massive par 5525. Yard par five and -- to take a drop is listening to the rules official. Tell his options he can't understand -- and listen -- guys speaking -- Martin's German obviously. He punches it -- he holds a thirty footer so it's forty footer for a but bogeyed it could have been a double bogeys and turned around Eagles the next hole he righted the ship a bunch of times when he could've collapsed. I hate to say if you're going to be watched a lot of market -- in the future. Probably not could change his swing again I would guess. Well you know that's one of the things the dangers of of winning earlier in your career maybe when you're not prepared you know here's -- -- that -- the PGA in a playoff over Bubba Watson. The Whistling Straits in 2000 and that's when Dustin Johnson. Maybe crucial mistake -- grounded his club in the waste area there and you know of any city ought to be a more rounded player I've got to learn to draw the ball -- -- the masters I got a truck we use natural skater of the bought the big. Big ordeal he takes a year year and a half. I don't know if you remember this but he was the guys. That was picked to be on the Ryder Cup team didn't play to match on Saturday in 2000 -- because he's playing so badly Bernhard Langer has kind of German mentor comes up to them in the Saturday afternoon and says look you didn't play today which got to stay positive your point you could mean the same as every other point on Sunday in the singles match -- really need that. Comes down to market timer over Jim security holes took an eight footer with a world lots and maybe as much pressures any golfer ever gonna happen live in the he told that that kind of catapulted him to go to this year. You don't have a hot wife. Timer haven't seen it grow different -- just I don't know. You know -- you guys I knew that was gonna be the first or second. They have. But I heard that his ex girlfriend is now -- Mike McDonald sorties you know that's pretty good taste. What is a guy like him get totally americanized as he lived in Florida. In Phoenix. Germany. -- -- -- -- cardinals cheerleader someone's. Pretty soon yeah I would expect so I think you're good looking it is easy answer for sure a lot of hugs him on the screen now a lot of hugs -- -- -- -- -- standard out editor and they're not -- actions hug her -- -- managed to -- out at all like this weekend. AG's golf is warming up by the way to digress. All -- -- -- from very little. Tiny little. They showed the broadcast actually warm up seven a great time. I tell you what do you still look like a belt while I export. That's right -- you stand now on the effects. -- I came home last night. Did you ever see Paulina was she roaming the grounds. -- without there yet. I worked and I don't even look at mr. It -- which does -- like she'll often in which is walking around she know all lines aren't. -- it. -- that you dinner gallery -- It back to back to the changing the swing analogous situation to me. I like tactical -- boobs and we'll get back to conquer when a guy wins a major or playing very well liked -- did like tiger did and they decide to make a swing change after having all the success. -- -- Like clean -- Las Vegas or winning the lottery. Here in Massachusetts and say I got an idea to take my million dollars in go to Vegas why you think you're gonna get lucky or what you think you're gonna get better what impressed that. Well you know it's an age old question and it's not unprecedented if you look at guys like. Ian Baker finch -- London the British Open in 1991 in the city -- to get better accredited higher get a real turn it over again it's been more. You know and I think players are always trying to fiddle around here they're always trying to figure out what what can I do it -- to get. My game a little better for particular course of particular wind you know. Phil Mickelson somehow better and won the British Open last year and a major -- nobody thought Mickelson went. But I I think it's temptation you know I think it's always trying to improve and -- that fine line you know view. You'd go out there and say you know I. RTM -- -- -- just won a major I'm just gonna continue to do what happens stay with -- what I haven't yet that brings me a long long way and you could say that would guys like. You know a -- Lipsky who never worked on this golf swing Jack Nicklaus state with one guy Jack crap just worked on what he called fundamentals. I learned to play. A particular way and you know one of the things that market timer -- is on golf course discipline me that the eleventh pole of the hardest all the golf course all we club 485. Yard par four. If you watch the gulf and you know reeled off without because he hit an iron off the tee and that. -- Saturday and Sunday would believe -- here's all the Brandt Snedeker played 66 and fired the first three days at the apart Google who didn't I believe the primary it's a two iron off the tee and a five iron onto the green. Which is unbelievable -- -- so long but. I think the one thing that makes Jack Nicklaus and tiger would stand out above everybody else's state figured out a way how to play golf course. Tiger Woods and quite likely when the British Open never hitting a driver except -- -- one -- Semitool statistic of the way I'm gonna do it. And the confidence in my ability AMOCO than anything detract from that but to let anybody tell me I don't have a good game plan. Any -- that was impressive. The 01 might one take away from key in this week's play great that's great and 67 yesterday finished fourth good for him. I -- with -- on this if keep you were from anywhere else. You would drive us nuts will mean it's it's tough for me to watch and I can't. I can't watch this stuff anymore team manager at the same reaction in nervous yeah back and forth back and forth -- enough for eagle hit the ball. Well it's funny you know you you. We witnessed that with Sergio Garcia remembered that there. Two and and they were counting. The amount time city milked his script you know as things -- moving autonomy kept wetland. And fans count -- I mean and and I think it made a big difference that he was an American guy. And Kevin not who's you know he's he's crazy on the golf course with a different. Gyrations he goes through sometimes before. Children -- shot and Bradley get the same way and I think under pressure you know of the slope players slowdown in the -- players speed up and I think Bradley notices now that he's got to change and you watch on the practice stranger when you see imminent. Practice round he could get up and it's been. I think a lot of times players when they. Well they wanna improve that it takes a lot of time to do that they have to do a course in competition and he's gonna get to get worse before it gets better with some of the. Does he get have Barbara telephone number. Yeah they worked together a lot I just say I think Rotella and can you give her. You know some of the best. There's their big combination together and you know repellent response to that is is different -- do what we just talked about it. A total book I want to do anything. Before your shots it's gonna -- to get a good shot I don't care can look at ten times I don't care to keep blocked. I don't want to get you ready Obama you know all the listeners out there how many shots did you guys get. When you stood over it you know like -- -- and had a -- chatter about. And you just swing anyway. And it goes -- you know if you imagine the best shots we've all hit and we all. We evolved on this every level offered at some point in your career your game. You know you get a good shot before you pick -- club. And the trick is can you get in that situation that space mentally. More than you normally do and there's no question mark camera was too and that. More often than anybody else and when you get a match IQ you keep debt and don't do the same thing that's important. Are circling back to the double American royalty that is certainly playing the back nine figuratively in their career. How many majors will tiger and Phil Nguyen combined no I know the answer be at least for Brad majors and tiger's gonna win for. Sold 567. Majors between them. From here -- out yes. Let the great question you know I questioned whether. Phil Mickelson can win another major. You know putting the way he's putting you know he's he's spent a couple of years now making Dave Stockton payments and -- -- the two biggest stars. Phil Mickelson Rory McIlroy yeah and you wouldn't want any of their -- stat he certainly. He started with guys have immense talent to begin with that one major championship. But it's a way that he's making these guys but it is not working for that. And I contend that are going to be instruct anybody. That you've got to believe in there talents more than you believe your beliefs and how it's supposed to. Be done and I don't think it's worked for those guys they got to start looking elsewhere -- the major question I think bill. Has the ability goes deeper in his career just because. In the couple verses of swing the length of the swing he's he's he's not really tied up and mechanically goes out there and play curveball it still has plenty far enough. For him it's it's a short game questioned the tiger right now there's two big big issues like helpless right. And you know what he's done was -- -- this -- is really. Limited him in the way he's playing golf courses now we're used to attack the golf course and could draw the ball in -- -- IMO. He didn't touch and that's all sitting and is swing just doesn't look right it does look good looking athletic. He I think he looks too big you know I mean you look at how strong he looks and and I would put them. You know a caution. To Rory McIlroy and Lee Westwood how big these guys again and I don't know that's gonna help your golf -- news. Well let's at the over under on combined major for Phil and tiger at two and I would not be uncomfortable going under they -- let you go. Bob -- CBS about. Yeah well actually our CVS charity classic. Starting Sundays are big prize money in Tuesday's. The competition we got Erik Compton commonly get Jimmy Walker who's number one we get keep him we've got lucky that it was yeah. A Mac -- and Zach Johnson are coming to play they. They won two years ago Steve Stricker is coming back he won last year -- -- and felt. We get Alexi Thompson missed the phenom who won earlier this year the major on the LPGA tour. Palm strings she's planned Morgan pretzel Juli Inkster is Dan Patterson -- like her. We've got a great -- of the guys. Telling -- coming and I'll be there all three days. Are bragged that docket -- enjoy it all look pretty BS Brad Faxon and I'll see you missed the global warming up stuff they couldn't they -- Offer -- 78 minute he's not you guys ever watch your LPGA events watch in this week -- and if they will shorten up and went down. It's you wanna see suffering at the QC loss -- -- offer a winning score will be. Plus some yeah bust though it's five after economic swing change and improve the thing that struck straight is narrow well that's the one thing. That it is a -- good week has nothing to do would distances facts explain to -- yes short game approaches they don't get up and down -- the pins out there but the better not to Republicans right when you don't watch women for -- go -- -- I was -- -- -- they -- around the -- Which -- the opposite. You think it would be but it's not stats -- close -- stinks out of the bunkers -- rough short game is putting not nearly in those chips aren't easy we -- guys. He's in three woods and hybrids to get you know up totals. The -- paternal burn a saucer. That the women have that set up. It's gonna get -- Shall we more than we all like I even if she you you just picture with other correct women all -- I forgot about your that is drawn levity. Funky putting stance though of anyone and I like it like that I like to watch you do that your. And over ninety degree angles. Pixels supplements and easy -- that the chemical or putting instructor -- -- green and I also work on that -- at 6177797937. We see you callers we will talk with you next.

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