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World Cup fever hits Boston 6-16-14

Jun 16, 2014|

The guys open the show discussing LeBron's loss and the US in the World Cup.

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Al dot com today the Boston Red Sox play here sports week. -- point seven. Do you watch -- response to. From Kelly glass not WEEI. Trending. Before giant. And -- o'clock this is what's trending now on WEEI WEEI dot com Red Sox lost their second straight day. Falling three to the BW the family Nick Swisher had the go ahead home run for the Cleveland Indians in the eleventh. Does not -- for the loss for the Sox Boston is now eight and fifteen. In one run games this season the Red Sox recap what's brought you by your Boston area of mobile field. The San Antonio Spurs won their fifth NBA title in fourteen years last night beating down the -- 10487. Hawaii Leonard took on the finals MVP 42 points the first game by clinching win. And market timer ran away with the US open to finish that nine under par for the tournament. Winning the championship by eight strokes over Rickie Fowler and Erik Compton currently sixth victory in Boston after -- expected to be 73. Were threatening -- WE guy and WP guys Dennis and Callahan and the neck and neck. Find a great deal on a brand new car at auto trader dot com compare prices and special offers on new cars from local dealers auto trader dot com the ultimate new car market place. Dennis and Callahan playing Heidi drive right field sucked into the corner and it's been a saline nodding here it's gone which sounded like a home run Nick Swisher has just made it three to Cleveland -- -- brimming with John Dennis and. No I'm -- I'm you know starting your own race. And fire -- -- -- -- -- about our. He has like the look and everything I do so and pay attention somebody else. Gerry Callahan. -- -- -- No we want to force Groupon before yours and laws won't want to whom we lost they could percent. On campuses and -- there. Three now being not god. Sports Radio W. I've heard of LeBron not bring up one up by about six not seven no golden plates here on this Monday morning. The next time an observer of the sports team whether that be a talk show host a columnist or your buddy over a beer. Spots the pregame or pre series or pre tournament cliche. I asked Odyssey competitive contest. You may no longer roll your eyes at him or her for that cliche. All -- wanted to see something anything competitive this weekend from two major event and I got nothing. Up market timer spoiled the US open for me and everybody else with four days of near as good justice sufficient. Never wavered didn't beat the -- picks the anguish that. Winning the final three games by a total of 57. Points all I can say is thank god the Red Sox played another close competitive one run game while we. So why don't hate mountain climber and I I'd like the spurs -- I respect spurt for a lot of -- right I hate him because you're rooting against the spurs I I income if you're -- I don't care at the beginning of -- series about the -- I learned a lot alerted dislike -- Did I was happy. They lost but it is amazing. When a band finals series -- my prediction in about three days or two days of one day. On your TV radio critics you know you're Rudy -- Keyes who's tolerant. Don't know this must -- -- -- Jack correctly the baker. Awful awful TV ratings for the finals and the open and it's got nothing to do with the sport of course it just has to do with the level of competitiveness. If you weren't. You know. Like bedridden how to just stay with the US open and so although. The worst -- I find. I did find little muscles and Eric -- -- and -- -- from the finish second what's the big deal. And he did it for a surrogate that got him why. What is it just seems organized. To see his name out of nowhere yeah got a guy -- up -- down on the -- the only drama the entire term as it. It was kind of yeah. -- really well with a grain of -- as I got multi might have some other drama about the eleventh -- candidacy relative level -- -- one that's about. Three feet into the grumpy whenever -- native. Called areas -- Ellis says that's nerves right there never edited out at a guy -- -- -- take hold. He he. Wedges out in the fairway you know puts in the middle of the green two pilots get to bogey which which happens to the best -- -- yeah and -- says he started -- -- this you know I would that the only -- them -- yeah I'm sorry I'd like John I so agree -- really this is smear the ink well we don't know Greg -- in the doorway of Robin and other follow those good. I mean he's just dinky he wants guys to fail he loves the US open because there's so much misery and this -- -- I don't likable chip. I don't love the ultimate threat to fall -- -- what -- he's thinking about making this a shot out of the bunker. Think about make in this and they'll say Roger that's an easy putt. Rosen and yes John real eighteenth he within thirty feet -- -- -- -- that's down Albert yes Jacob yeah it was a you know some match that just give you. But tonight. It I don't love the US open I mean how many times can you watch a ball roll off the green it we're -- Moon. Like he -- Like the US open that's Pinehurst now it's the US -- -- not I don't believe what domed greens that minors that's the US open a hard hard core astute when it wants. Okay how many times can you watch a hole that looks really hardly I. Five I hear you're -- 120 yard par fours can you watched watched champions for par three adults ago I like once he liked what you got to -- -- -- into a store and here. A disease of the term it's. The masters you heard that yet those greens are those trees are releasing. British Open heard of that involves never golf agreement players championship you heard that there. In 100 there was actually 100 to wonder are there are designed for misery is designed from the and I know you won't. Your -- you pulled the wings off butterflies in this matter yes and when you're driving down the road sees growing -- where you don't I'm not the curriculum is one of the -- might go to teachers and they've spent in the rearview mirror next -- -- -- -- -- panel of the US went to went eighteen under no. What's the number what's your US open would want to play part is -- that's par. Powers have a part of the goal we don't we do this every source you are and what part of what brought this up the gulf tour pros it is on the it was there you guys enjoy -- week in -- golf what nothing to do it all -- Tyler didn't exist with a great yet that's not true well. What's popular and follow. Here's the point that made -- play you can't come back that the US open can't make this great comeback when a guy is a 456 shot lead it's almost. Comeback protectorate -- US open. -- -- that was gonna happen yesterday the day before the Big Apple up. Covers in great art center happens it happens it could and I -- it would likely would have happened yesterday is that you saw you saw the back nine you watched and I'm sure you watched more than anyone. He's -- a lot of opportunity for come back yet to see a lot of us you know you see a lot of birdie -- -- not on climber but if not four timer. The Compton followers drew would be in great Keegan Bradley shoots 67 he would have been one or two shots off did you see a lot of opportunity for one of those guys I drama there was so far down happens -- -- -- if this were another court should -- -- that'll debris at all. On this course you go. Everywhere you know it was over I knew it was over two days ago this -- -- -- -- and he. You know march however -- did you see a lot of opportunity human loss did you see a lot of opportunities for broadly super competent and well you know that's how it -- US open -- -- Will did you see a lot of -- last time pollen count and a birdie holes he sees what you're gonna make Canadians played safe. Right and we've you know and he sent his lead. Last forty leisurely day yesterday and for what they did yesterday if you I guess -- watch was removed the much -- divorced what happened currently moved much these par -- when -- ups of the what chance -- -- I mean eagle. Just throws made a couple of Eagles it was possible 65 out the -- of there was what happened. A couple of -- health charge that's -- this joke mean a couple of guys shot 67 but. Inhabit the. Lack of interest and the lack of drama in this weekend's US open had nothing to do had very little to do with the golf course itself it has everything to do with this guy going out and playing near perfect golf. 6565. It was over after 36 of -- he's. It was unbelievable you wanted to happen hybrid so party its camera -- and there was but he sink like a nice boy and love and not -- personality now. Now followers done with the -- over there there's just you're Jerry's right and there's no drama it was a drama free from. In the first round was over and so well and so was the NBA finals yet. All three. So we'll let him NHL finals which is important now that we can all focus on the World Cup has it's my goal CI. Spent the week -- Ithaca the weekend I watched three at such games which were twenty hours ago. I watched it a game and a half of NHL hockey I watched the entire final NBA game of the year. But I realize I found -- from my friend Bo Ryan I'm not a real sports no you know I I wanna be real sports events I guess. Have to sit out tonight and watch and you don't amended tomorrow. Under pretended I like it even a fight don't -- on the pretend I like it just like I watched Brazil against whoever that was last week. Brazil against somebody and they flop all over the place it was. It was comical -- the most hilarious I think I'm pretty sure it was yep -- all the down hunting expert Yemen have a good I know -- -- -- has any right. London or Jerry you can redeem yourself tonight all right it's O o'clock at 6 o'clock I don't want Bo Brian thank I'm not a sports fan. I feel like I feel like my head is -- just explode from all the sports I watched. But my goal is to be considered you know one of those guys who loves all sports. Well they let me on the afternoon shall we do that yes we will yes good good 'cause I'm gonna pretend it I don't public most don't. Sports writer sports broadcasters around here. I know it's boring I know it's tedious a notes illegal to flop wouldn't dive when they do. But I am sick of being people point fingers and again muscles to report exit -- it. You are mr. -- you idiot I was just gonna say you're not just trying to please Bob -- early afternoon show all the soccer poses even Dan Wetzel. Headline you're missing an entertaining World Cup you American soccer hater -- that makes less sense than the other Paul what is -- enough. -- a cut and if he says this isn't soccer player. This isn't your older Brothers World -- now if you're sitting it out assuming soccer is dull. Then you aren't just missing a good soccer tournament. Also missing some legitimately. -- breathless action. He's not talking about flop when we saw the other days talking about on Doris verses Somalia and Bosnia vs Herzegovina. I'm talking about things meaningless it's matches and some countrywide and I -- -- -- -- back to this one it is not like soft spot but why why am I can why does that our Brian Kendrick that you wouldn't be a -- -- colonel -- reaction spokesman I think in sports. I I would say that you know a and I like Bob that I work the Milan team of ours Bob Bryan tell me what sports -- -- -- on my question and the score like Brazil bloggers how many high school football game did you go to last year. I want the whole bunch. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's become a joke. Parenthetically and hear this all the cheating. It's a great answers no economic theories but I bought it -- a real early trading through -- -- have to watch. Yes yes you did not test positive. You see the big billion to match and is paying for this weekend. Army division that humans are asking new questions now Barbara not comment on -- you wouldn't watch it you know -- -- to think it was -- that. You are not a real sports on another digit to women's softball games -- commission go to. I want -- I guess and not nominee guess now it's grown so the reason you have to watch this. Or you'll do just what -- -- of the garden right is because it has been declared. By the intelligentsia. As something. Special like if you don't watch it. You know out of him you know world's most popular. And you know the beautiful game Jerry got to do and and by the way I think it's like the an Australian dwarf tossing the third most popular sport. And I watched over the weekend always it was an NBC sports and surprised executed watching that you aren't a fan. You call yourself a fan and you watch what -- I don't call myself fan. I I watch sports -- -- around observer and I just my fan Bryan Ryan hit a nerve because they feel like I won't -- wasted. When we can -- that kind of did. That -- helped -- -- socked up -- and I watched -- the NBA is sucked -- the and they sucked the NHL's great but it was 1 in the morning to go on Canada and now. I'm glad the kings won and I feel like that and I watched three Red Sox game 232 games which and a and they lost them and I'm thinking in this team's. Now behind the Astros again a second worst team -- the American League and and the games -- -- and so I feel like the last two days has been about eight hours. What's the Red Sox at Friday and be about eleven right. It's been eleven out -- in an awful baseball team and -- -- among sportsmen because I missed. Bosnia over her took Covina boy Ryan right there and write articles you write their -- said it was like. Border really it was nonstop action and I missed it did you guess it did not I've seen highlights the ultimatum and as I know -- no no no we -- name this. He keeps and the -- yes the soccer poses. There are with the -- freshness that there. That elect -- got on well yeah. How. A week with zero legit reeled votes otherwise like like open kitchen produced in the afternoon he was. Crestfallen. After that display from Brazil and whoever Yemen the other day all the flopping and dive in and they stole game by diving in the Japanese -- -- area that game he was just he said you're right it was awful it was an embarrassment. He's a legit soccer attendees like keep proposes and prepare and go. While they're all over the place like Wetzel and like. Right Brian lives. And just nuts enough to actually be different if you might watch these games like I've watched. You premiere I -- doesn't pose a vote anything. No I don't fight night. Number of hours. Eyeball out that's what I say dedicated to soccer that's where did not watch this week or two reasons that I knew I am compel a half to it is by. Mandate of the president of the United States as we watch tonight at 6 o'clock. So wanted to save my finite number of soccer eyeball hours knowing ahead what's in Red Sox game with some golf. See what those averages in. The Taliban did the guys who voted. No not voted for a against the if you voted the cut your fingers off. There was a picture of all these guys with. Missed the famed hot. And the helmet cut that figure -- if you don't click over you can watch TV if you watched a pretty ornery I. If you click over the game for at least an hour figure they can be house has to figure out you clicker finger. It seems reasonable to me well why not I agree not a sport it's a way of life is the most important game in history of this the most important game yes and without a doubt we'll -- a team. From a country. Of 23 million if we lose a country of -- -- -- Every players like under nourished and I mean the the Sully got a soccer in the gonna pick RS -- Brothers and coach Massachusetts -- -- -- that it has. Which -- you guys don't get it now the dollar would instead that he is a legitimate yes I -- election not a -- and this is a guy who's going to try to explain. The three neanderthals. In this room the importance of its game. And more importantly the ramp up to it for family members and players and what that day getting ready for 6 o'clock tonight is all about. You're nervous obviously as a player I think of a player like Matt diesel who could be playing in his first world companies and I grew up watching this amount possibly going to going to be participating it. But I also think of the fans that have traveled down an American outlaws that are here to see their team back home getting ready tomorrow cleaning up their day how it's gonna all -- to watch the game. The moms and dads of these players all the different people that are involved in these players' lives are looking to tomorrow because the World Cup can change your life. And the opportunity in the states for that to happen is something for not only part of. I get this it's changing my life tonight at 6 o'clock abuse a look at my watch it. You miniature change in my life they're gonna do it oh yeah there's Donald Leo should gunboats. Yellow I was told us a brawl breaks I was told by one local soccer expert on a television that that the US doesn't flop. That that's a Brazilian thing America and things of American thing Americans don't flop I mean I hear that in the winter that the Bruins don't flop. I watch NIC. Martian flop over the place and you know half a dozen of the Bruins flopping it's part of the game. I don't blame them I mean. At long last let NBA every once embellishing. But that that. Game the Brazil game took it to new extremes I am told the Americans don't do that -- appears to see if to block or not to flop you see a lot of flopped them because Politico it's literally. In that Brazil game every guy that the turf. Flopped every guy who hit the turf screamed and yelled and act and pretended -- hope to get a call that was every single guy who got knocked down. He should take a lesson. I have no idea what game was -- annoyed with in laws but it was the game winning goal I think -- -- -- that game of Europe wide world -- right. Costa Rica and Costa Rica Costa Rica one right. And -- -- guys that midfield and he gets tripped and he -- -- -- first instinct was to fall down flat on the space and but he space for the ball. There's nothing but opened her apparently intimate and actually. Got up and stop making made a couple of passes and -- also so it's a positive reinforcement that maybe when you get knocked down. As opposed to you know grabbing your private parts -- rolled around in pain or -- like Robby -- it's broken up and continued because they did they want. -- ago as a brutal it's like you hate sports. Right what sports do we hate what you hate soccer. Okay and wealth to Spezza the sports the -- sport world I just told to accommodate the biggest sporting human world and you know sports. But I'm in a married -- sport and in -- -- about America. I am this is an -- America -- watch football baseball basketball. Our golf there are dates in this nation's history the circle and this is one but it seems the people this open runoff on the their fate does open. Did the declaration of independence. And the civil war we -- And shot. Today these two days that changed history. If week WE. It knocked out got -- tonight if it we -- shake -- what happened I don't -- I'm not rated below is like double elimination if Germany you have not Portugal they've never lost the first game and got into the knock. It does is they must have to this might be the only team they can beat him there is a marketing and yet. Where today. Counselor us. We we we need you let me get it right you know the excuses are already set up. Come -- why we're not as good as gone. A country of 23 million. And if 330 million why is cut off their fingers that they lose it plays soccer well what do you think all the players on the US team played all their lives. -- -- -- Again if they expend more camps clinics of soccer tournament soccer the only sport in America it it would why. James to play soccer with all the guys who opt out but 33. When 330 million people there's a lot of guys who place -- Opposed dispersed and so many other air that's not true all all -- angle that is not true and I'll get right credit for this. Ryan asked and them. Yet another Asarco was of -- But -- write a column about it yesterday and we should be better values illegal aliens should be better. I'll be -- you guys are on the team. -- is on the US bunkers -- point 323. Every single one of those has played soccer yeah route -- to a five right they're not as good as the other guys wanna. -- an honest count the vote on post he played -- But shipments in the point I understand I asked Robin -- -- played saw right that's fine but that we have 330 million people they have 23 million. What's the number of people who just plays soccer and live for it plates -- their kid never stop playing mr. good question and I think it's more than 23 million. Everybody and all well well yesterday penalties I don't think everybody -- the US open yesterday has done nothing to play golf and they were eight years of age. There's no other distraction in England in. Italy just like who can you name and soccer player in the US team careers in New York. Dempsey Jozy Altidore as well but that track on an island ocean actually Jack Jack Dempsey has played soccer. He's played as much soccer as. Any -- only got a team right anyone on the got a team and yet kind of still better why. And -- and makes a good point we should be better. We can no -- yes we should why are we better. Oh you're mr. -- -- valuable -- because our best athletes are doing other things that only those with a bit odd to have pleased -- got to finish just for once -- Because our best -- -- dissipated over a number of various sports their best athletes go to one place and one place only how many people in in her to give -- emea. Are playing golf. Are playing lacrosse are playing football are playing baseball are playing basketball very few -- their greatest athletes are funneled to soccer. -- -- -- I'm gonna try and say it's slow as you just aren't listening if this is maddening. I'd Tina how many people in this country like sports I don't care. But how many people highlights -- whether -- senate slowly so even you can understand we have 300 million people say. -- 150 million man -- bank. How many younger -- probably fifty million and a billion Jerry and it's not their priority in this culture but it is. God thought the last listen and they ask you this -- so we -- -- -- social order though he doesn't yeah usually ends which doesn't he doesn't understand. Every single player on the US team has been a full time soccer player for nearly their tire life unbelievable. Gonna be weakened puddle pupil. And we -- Randy Moss played football you jerk or what what did Clint Dempsey play. Was -- soccer it's right -- because he put it. Abroad or but it doesn't matter -- we have so many people because. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think and okay Ghana has ten million males total okay. But that's what kind of -- that's sort of got. Our poll here honest talent pool is probably three million people. What causes 101215. -- but the best ally and we've been the -- but the best athlete of those ten million play soccer the best scenario that there's some rails athletes who play soccer especially. Nowadays when you have these. Parents like you that won't let him play with the best player on the US -- -- story. -- out the door the one named out the door Jozy Altidore out of there one out of the talent. Public athletes in America and sportage eight before Al I don't know I don't even you know -- a little while eligible. These guys are good athletes you can get better at -- Roger musical project to be focused on soccer would be on the U amid news that it'll eat. -- -- It's got to play professionally I don't Exxon I don't that Randy Moss Rob Gronkowski would make the US national team know immediately know export all the time might try out whoever. Maybe -- Jacoby Ellsbury may -- does it. You still. He just polite letter to you about why ultimately didn't even if you lose all the basketball football players still left with ten million people. We're gonna say I was left with three million quietly better. -- -- -- Help me are -- better. -- just said the priorities support I'm given all the football players over the all the basketball was -- eagle there golfers over there. I have ten million guys left. They have Freeman and why they better because Gerri what can you understand this is very simple kind of system argument. Because the ten million left aren't the best. Athletes not almighty disassembled goes down he's a great they are not the best athletes in an address soccer player that they -- the best soccer players the best. Athletes whether it's 310. Million or ten or one. So -- do other things to do you know these -- second -- of the people you can't play football can't play baseball -- -- contract can't -- any other thing. But they can I saw a Big Easy inner city factor do you think's Barack a lot of we'd lose a lot of soccer players to track obviously in all -- his inner city factor. Is are a lot of it going. This -- diversity that what city I don't know I -- the problem as I don't know. And I'll put Ryan. On by -- -- I guess is soccer's pretty still a fairly privileged sport. Privilege yes where you know that the parents bring equipment you play in suburban sport to -- up I don't know I don't think it certainly played they played their neighborhood and -- -- -- And though well hawking himself develop this is a bad either. It's true that -- -- -- -- that's change what I think that's a big factor that's a good point like. It seems simple enough if you're in the city parent or coach have. You can split soccer with a lot of parents why don't as a lot of parents out of the question as they did -- Where once you get past high school and into college and when you might be part of -- pool -- plays soccer in this country where would you say if if if both athletes are rated 95 out of a hundred. The money he has the rewards are in this country in sport the answer is not soccer 61777979. Denied knowing. Seven full time soccer parents and they can get scholarships that you get to college in on the and they don't get. You know hurt as much football players there's a lot of people -- who. Focus on soccer parents want them to focus on soccer is better than. You know it's safer than football. -- you have a better chance of perhaps plan a college that you would you put basketball we've agreed that the that a lot of really good athletes. We forget all of forget the size of the two countries. A lot of good athletes I've seen it or 101112 years old. They -- by the soccer when you know the sports absolutely that happens that I was not a good it matters not who don't stripe and that's why we should be bad -- that ever happening Ghana. Probably not probably going to be basketball from the hockey players in Ghana that triggered again ever give up yet good fore checkers there are 61777. Point 7937 fault lines are filling up we'll talk with you. It's just -- -- tonight. The soccer game all I think so I'm not sure it's going to be I'm not that's going to after last night I do know this. At ESPN it Bristol flags are happy enough. There's black bunting over all the campus buildings and I am not sure they can go one and produce a soccer match tonight. Because they are in mourning for the loss it is -- it is sad and now. You know Pete Sessions going to be once -- will soccer tournaments over here rate their full narratives there's some articles. But -- personal LeBron future coming up bass. Abroad it's the rest of the heat with Miami Heat exposed five for Riley to rebuild. Despite disappointing final loss he may be abroad best option. We are LeBron James and up after the Barbara I guess of hours after its -- and there are seven national stories on. And I. Shipley did him in last night Massa -- It's -- for the Dayton missed we go for the game. Between we was painting his toenails black you know he's really been yeah LeBron I mean would you blame on the up -- out says screw these losers I think -- -- -- as refugees permanent if you works just these the post if you -- now -- would you wanna go familiar with the way and there's bad now right now. And Charles and just two years ago but right now. These guys are as bad as the supporting cast in Cleveland that's completely true that's true absolutely I -- way it's hooked. So what do you do if you LeBron you opt out -- at the wrote in the -- now become the Boston. You angry disappointed over the last couple days with which your friend my wise course. So there's a new day and have another opportunity to help this team. Keep. Two or she's going. But also known I don't know -- just how many good place in my life basketball. -- understand God's goodness that media you know the sport is too great sport the world loaded. It's done so many great things homers this is basketball. Some -- -- mostly.

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