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Butch Stearns and Steve Buckley Live From Fenway Park on a Fathers Day Sports Sunday 6-15-14

Jun 15, 2014|

Butch and Buck kick off Sports Sunday live from Fenway discussing the current state of the Red Sox and their loss yesterday. The boys talk about their thoughts on a possible turn-around or if Sox fans are just going to have to deal with what they are seeing for the whole season. They also chat about Buck's column today on Fenway Park, and although he would like to see a new park in Boston, he lists all things he still loves.

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And good morning to you all welcome into a sports Sunday on WEEI. On Father's Day Sunday Butch Stearns and Steve Buckley alongside Dudley and hanging out with -- us here on Sunday morning. How we don't -- I would. Leo I was tweeting that were on the show all the it shows a lot of assume in my case that you let me know I don't usually Baghdad openers -- week. Hanging with at which turn now to one on 93 point seven WEE -- Had -- tech amber cutting edge had hash tag -- tonight held on. Always talk about is great at Mike Napoli when he by -- -- laughs. Dot dot dot. -- last whenever you have a lapse in between I think it works at all -- them. Well here we are. In the middle of June -- beginning of June. And at 31 and 37 the Red Sox six games under 508 teams behind the Toronto Blue Jays five I think out of that coveted wildcard. If we're looking for signs at this time a year. On which way the season's about to go from here I would -- that your column today. The subject of the things I like about Fenway I like about Finland while that's a sign. That you're given up on the base. Don't know all not necessarily poke the I haven't seen the -- like it's I assume it's there but at that wrote it before I went off on vacation trees in Maine. And people will know people who follow my schtick. People who have been part of my act which for several years are aware that I would like to see secrets that -- and finally pork. Which is contrary into what you know we hold -- guys police the blah blah blah. But at but I have long having traveled to a lot of big league ballparks that you have. I've seen how beautiful. These parks and convenient and comfortable Leo and the abilities that they offer. And I have long wanted this to reflect build eight Camden yards like this. And good morning. We got a window of the studio audience and positive agent woke up in -- body which unit. Logan is his Father's Day. -- which your dad's name Margaret. Frankly guys from. Okay and he drove up from Fenway for Father's Day in the first ones here at the ballpark. -- The citizens dad his -- experienced -- purest of one thing you like about Fenway the most. Atmosphere and atmosphere and I adopted not happy Father's Day gentlemen all right. It -- -- Logan and frank likely Connecticut. Like Art Linkletter -- that kind of thing and so. I want -- -- -- a built in effect and -- Erica that a lot of people have things I -- about Fenway the I don't seats in right field that looked into. The visitors bullpen and the the biggest scam in sports which is the overpriced obstructed view bleacher seats called the monster seats and so but that's not the point. Somebody took me awhile back -- is -- electable than my. And that stayed with me and wrote a column in today's Carol. Things I'd like -- openly -- it it's it's it's not sarcastic it's let you know what electricity you know pulled plunger on it not. No there there there are genuine things electable than just a couple of real quick. It would bolt from Boston to both sort of your your you fifteen. And it's that guy wanted to add my idea oldest daughter's high school graduate -- yesterday with -- upwards of 8800 people Leo among more than fifty would you agree that Fenway Park. Has never. In your lights of the cleaner than it's been lately oh absolutely when you were kids you when you say lately would you you are you. As a demarcation line since the new owners took over -- New York yes yeah I'd I don't think they swept right in and swept right out. So to -- But I think over appeared years the the I keep calling in the new -- calling them the new waters and they've been twelve years now. Guys. You guys do it. -- -- radios and I think Fenwick park is never ever been so it's like one thing -- park. Another thing I've given all callable you can read it what pumped up their. Finally sessions as the title. When your sub heading army and puts his bashing on hold to salute parks positives. That. It's a ring to it he. -- -- actor -- up and Ed while I stayed in the com I in -- -- Fenway Park gore mind. I am not qualified to tell you every. Delectable new. Beastie treat being offered at Fenway -- deliberately -- one offering. On the third base side is there is a tasty burger concession inside Fenway Park. -- tasty burger if you if you want a really mean hamburger is a really good. And ballpark food goes in -- they say in the column. If you want. Carrots and lettuce and onions and celery sticks then. -- EU but healthy options do that at home ballpark food. Is ballpark food and when you -- -- different position to have to limit your scope. To help the I think they just put those in the enemy the soccer moms happy. In the PC crowd but the fact that there is a tasty burger option at Fenway Park and he is one of them. Really cool things and ways that because you go back and we were kids what was it basically it was hot dogs pretzels beer. Popcorn. Just to privacy peanuts peanuts eggs yet exactly. You were getting sushi you weren't getting -- you weren't getting a lot of the stuff that ball parks I know that I don't they still haven't but. -- What is in -- stadium known -- -- different angels stadium at -- time Edison field. But it used to be they would -- cinnamon concession just. Below the press box and name me cinnamon buns. Right there. And it was it was so intoxicating everybody the press but at some point during the game. Would -- now and get some of those tournaments it was so so so aromatic. So so that it just some of the things I like about Fenway. Again it will give the -- comedic but I think it's it's great that that Finley. It's clean. -- -- clean -- let's just wrote you commit only ballpark to see eighteen can't play very well. Well -- -- -- negated but before they -- let's throw this subject out there on the new ballpark today -- wrote this column I am of the ilk that I'm fine without. And I -- right pocket and I think a lot of Boston fans not just us in the media does have gone to a lot of other ball. The first day he stepped into Camden yards you first reactions why can't we. Have one of these in Fenway and then it dawns on you that that was built in 1994. That was the first of the new ballparks. But -- was it okay whatever that it's it's been around for a long time. You go to Cleveland you're Progressive Field which used to be the -- safe call to get a chance -- -- -- -- scored any of these new ballparks and you pine. For new Fenway Park however. I just I don't ever wanna see -- I don't ever want to play to make one change the one change I would make is -- up I know they've done studies on this with a seating. Fixed the right field seats -- lower bowl. Fixed the whole thing and put the money and to do that so you're not looking into center field when you're in right field in the single -- sections and things like I. I I just I have he told they can't do that. I think that's a bit of I think they won't do it because it would cut and seating capacity. That the reconfigure the seats them and they they would lose several hundred seats I'm guessing. And I I think it's more case they don't want to -- -- and I understand. But the fact remains. By whatever means they decide not to fix the -- seating -- you still end up but those sections and 34 and five. That you have to can port your entire body to the left to see home plate that go to Wrigley Field. Which is built around the same time. And up into Wrigley I don't know if you -- -- has to -- once every summer for ten -- -- -- if you if you look at the seats in right field they are perfectly angle right where the Pentagon. So what what did they get right. In 1912. In Chicago that they couldn't get right in either I don't know if the seats in right field were partly regional state in 19121000. Well the rebuild in 19321933. But the fact is the -- terrible seat nothing's been done about them but. To your larger point. When when we were kids. People didn't go to the ballpark you may have had occasional person. Oh we've got relatives in Baltimore with memorial stadium. I used to work as the at the society of saint onion and episcopal monastery moral driving Cambridge. Father Pedersen with -- I was like the sort of that the candidate there at the school. And and the father superior used to go on these soldiers to a later Cleveland ball he always come back with photos. Of the ball parks in the cities -- I was attracted to that thing. And -- to look at him if -- seen fault state so. We advocate people being big trek Ecstasy ballparks will. Times and tastes have changed very common now people -- will. Thanks to jetBlue would. Before that peoples express -- common rail lines and we'll take advantage of it exciting airline options and go to these new ballparks. Which is why. The Red Sox travel so you go to Tropicana Field memorial -- Camden yards. Some ballparks becomes a home game for the reflect because the opinions travel to all these venues you can't go to any ball park. Any -- travel to reflect. I was in Cleveland ten days ago early last week. With the with the -- at the three game series in Cleveland and and you look down in his threats is everywhere. Because they they they and it's just did this happen to live in the Cleveland area. It's people hey we've got travel 34 days -- you know cheap light up Cleveland hotels. Tickets are easy to get let's go there and people do that. It -- to how many times have talked to friends of mine set all my buddies and I went to Pittsburgh PNC park -- and I went to Dallas. To -- the Texas Rangers but that's what people -- and the more people are exposed to these new ballparks. The more they wonder why we you know like that in any money is going to be appointment. With the point of the calmly as these things like. 6177797937. Steve Buckley the Boston Harold I'm which Stearns it is sports Sunday and WEI that's the number to call us. 6177797937. -- Loper. Will be screening it -- -- painful process. On this Father's Day programs special guest -- haven't told about the children. Chris -- saw -- is gonna joint session like this for Father's Day. And treated 1030 we have a brief conversation Chris he's the program director. From Massachusetts fallen heroes. And they constantly do things fundraisers frequently this site we can they did this to -- and a way -- If you wanna be the one it's not to take on to go against -- -- -- -- -- great they do a ton of events all summer they get a big and a concert coming up in July down indicate they didn't event here at Fenway. But for your Father's Day you know good chance to talk with them and talk about some fathers that could use some help and they do great great works Chris gonna join us at 1030. As -- segue into baseball -- this team let's start by looking at. The guys on the mend and sort of look ahead to what might be happening but colts do Barack Victor Reno middle Brooks Stephen Drew. Okay among others so those five. On the roster right now I would argue in their place our remedial -- up. And Brandon Workman and Buchholz and who brought by the way buckled yesterday. Hit hard in the minors and -- upstart gave up two home runs one ever. Arm field to brought further away I -- Brandon Workman starting today waiting appealing his suspension still. Brandon Workman doesn't click he's gonna go anywhere as the. No no not based -- always looking and one of the things -- like about this team is. Never bought into this like in -- player doesn't lose his job. You remember that'll test nightly into player would have thought through it on it came to fruition the biggest one was Bledsoe in -- and Brady actually in -- didn't act loses job right and for obvious reasons Brady -- mean let's let's arms are Brady came in and to use the cliche seize the moment and awaiting Randall is Super Bowl and maybe wasn't fear if you bought into the myth that it into played as a whose job but. The fact is that that opportunity -- and Workman. It's it's very well. And I can't see any reason whatsoever to take months. So you know buckled and do -- it's like. As Buchholz struggles now on the miners at least once start and is working his way back. Does he get his work and as to the results matter in the pockets forget -- about. I I would have had to have seen the outing and it's it's not exactly the same as spring training where a guy gets lit up and you find out. He was throwing all curve balls disease trying to get its -- ball -- lowering and you changeup or. Or something in and particularly with veteran guys they quote unquote just wanna get to work and they just wanna -- the number pitches and they don't care that it's just about -- up the arm. So. It into rehab starts a little a little bit different because you are trying to get back quicker. And maybe -- you'll save exactly the opposite no we just -- his work and then. -- certainly seeing guys in rehab outings to school let up and then five days later in the I think Schilling -- seem to recall. Got lit up in a rehab outing one thing came up and struck out while yankees a week later itself. So I would take with a grain of salt but. Put aside the recap about I would be concerned buckled in -- general -- Barry given that where where nigh on two weeks away from July. And we we have yet to see the Buchholz that we help the city. Given that manor which they accused it would be medium that was the term being -- -- but they were careful with him in spring training got none of the five. -- -- much time and possibly get ready that was the the message. In spring training in in hasn't come for which -- -- -- -- -- to go back to what you said I couldn't be more Workman -- at some opportunities. He's excelled. -- -- they had that great outing when he first called a couple weeks ago on I don't think he's made it to five in the next two. And eat it it seems like they're sitting on his changeup. Somebody mentioned -- today forget who bit. Eat eat eat he's got to understand that -- you hit twenty games in the big leagues. All of a sudden there there at thirty scouts behind the plate negatives and reports back to the mother ship. And opposing teams. Using the information based on Delores his first outing gonna say oh don't do this do that meant he was seeing so I don't think he's gotten bad after his first outing. At the -- just meet needs to make adjustment to reach a brand new work. And -- at four starts. At Tampa Bay home against Tampa Bay at Cleveland at Baltimore the David Price start. First he's pitched into the sixth inning or beyond are in all of them. Pitched five innings -- 15 full innings. He's. He's just he's he's striking guys out he doesn't walk a lot of guys. He keeps him. With so many heralded prospects. Isn't a classic story that Workman is a guy that kind of gets overlooked and doesn't get talked about the really is at. The most success at the Major League level when you look at the Webster's the -- roses when you think about the post season. Last year he had and think about him coming in and being -- Workman like start -- really does he's Bob's. -- like he seems to have robber army throw strikes he knows he's doing. And while he doesn't have the pedigree of Henry Owens as far as in Major League prospect yet or even anti -- when those guys. Pitched the University of Texas sees. You know he's -- good pitcher he's very committed -- I agree with your premise because I think that might have been through a year ago but. In the here and now I think he he's at the very high end. To the degree that their honeymoon before with the prospect anymore he's a big league pitcher and in I think he's gotten money news. Maybe -- notoriety and attention will focus by fans. Certainly in the last couple weeks after he hits him Longoria. But with doesn't. I'm sorry I misspoke and now -- after he was supposed to hear him it and threw the ball behind him. And socialite the keys to -- -- on the radar screen now certainly another big league teams. In more so with each passing day with threats and let you know it just tested. Two to go back to yesterday's game and we saw parts of I was in Maine and coming -- yesterday as -- joked about it the beginning of the show. If there it's -- Breslow. Shuts down on the opposition. It's doesn't drop the throw to write for an error. If indeed the -- that's when the game. We are talking about Napoli takeout slide at second base as a turning point in the season. This is where it all began this is when a rotten when attic with. Jason Varitek and they went on won twenty games in a -- And I exaggerate but I always remember. Bob Ryan is we're -- columns of the globe good friend of dollars. Bob and I go to Red Sox games once in awhile we have a -- before the game go to Sox games. And during the disastrous 2012. Seasons while listening human remember this. -- he's on the experience more. That we -- -- White Sox game a couple of years ago at a -- this point deceit maybe a bit later. And every review we Cody Ross wins that game in the bottom of the ninth it now -- righted that two run homer prevent whatever the number four. But Cody -- wins the game with a walk off home run. And and the Sox have been playing flat listless baseball for several weeks really for most of the season and all of a sudden home. Cody Ross -- this moment they all come running out like they did in the old jumping up and down -- and helmet a whole bit. And of thinking to myself if indeed it and say at the Bob but like this we'll look back at this is the turning point. We'll look back at a tournament Iconia. That was an -- -- while didn't happen they just continued to lose and 2000 while we're on the drained by -- that fired and we on the of the rest of that and I was thinking yesterday. Had they held on the winning game we'd been talking about Napoli that that that little things you don't see in the box score. -- up the double play get the go ahead run -- that is how you win baseball so block where would you just at this point. But it didn't happen now and happily take a -- at second base becomes oh really forgotten moment it's only being mentioned this point it's like it's. Endeavor to bring it up now we're talking about Bristol couldn't hold the lead and in presents key drop the row that they score enough runs and it's it and we're in the same -- -- well to the same old mocked me. We're we get to a point. Where they are with the ER we're 68 games into the season there's 31 and 37 and other injuries to key guys Napoli and victory among them. That have been a big factor in them not scoring once they don't produce runs like they did last year not even close to the polar opposite of what they did last year. But against six games under 560. Games left in the 94 games left in the season. We're talking about take out slides in runs scored and not run scored as potential earning. Points in the season and I'm not criticizing you -- I hear from a lot of people. We're talking about that because there in so many one run games what does it say that -- in 231 run games they lose most of them. Eight and fifteen and with its point in the season and waiting for turn around and earning points. In the season it says to meet two things number one that can happen the turning points to happen may be getting a mob comes up today and it's a walk off Grand Slam and it's a turning point. That we look off but because it can happen any time in the -- we know that's why can't write eighteen mark. But it -- to -- that they are they are thirteen that doesn't produce runs which everything falls under that right now. The Red Sox have always produced on a losing record at home because they don't produce rounds like the Red Sox to. They have a losing record on the road pretty Morton's last start Baltimore goes six and two thirds zero room for error than -- a one nothing. I mean so this team is what it is they they don't produce runs any harder on their pitchers. Which is making their pitchers have to pitch deeper the bullpen and pitching you've been pretty good this year I think the last time you when I looked it up it's been similar to. So I mean this team is what it is to team and its all of a sudden plain -- monies. Titan baseball and that's disrespect to the Oakland is cause you'll is -- games but in money ball and not produce an MP jet -- So I don't I don't know the answer I just no win we get to quick break when we come back. We're talking Stephen Drew available today might be activated and back on the team Brock Colton isn't going anywhere -- Brandon -- shouldn't be. And all the factors about victory and. And wield little real room -- every guy calls a show like 34 weeks ago and he starts touting oracle. And on the low global slowdown their fell. -- colts jets just 25 guy don't pin your hopes on oracle. Listen to me on the expert -- around the block a few times. I know the team to settle down don't try to do this at home kids and -- called his men. Yeah he's the number. Eight guys in the lineup because east John Farrell starts his lineup by canceling him in somewhere out and makes the domino effect from there ain't -- great story -- Steve -- where Butch Stearns who we are here at Fenway are in that 617. And a 7797937. Join us in a sports on. It -- manager John Farrell going against his good buddy Terry Francona lots of talk with Francona this week on this station and elsewhere. Where there's you return to Fenway -- talking about the Red Sox lack of run production yesterday it's been a lack of run production most of the year it's. May districts Eckstein play different. It's characteristically different than modern day Red Sox teams play. And maybe they can win like that but they're not doing and now -- 31 and 37 Steve Buckley and Butch Stearns and sports Sunday and WB I would live at Fenway Park 135 game today. At 1030 reminder we're -- Crist will start from the mass. Fallen heroes organization great organization that does a lot of good. For a fallen heroes. It. Military men who made the ultimate sacrifice. And talk about Chris what's going on with his organization filed Tuesday here. Butch. I'm good at the great -- got a text from my daughters and happy father's. Poll that nice that it's too good for the hockey rink on the accurate. I don't know reunion might pull the plug on it now the apple was open for swimming -- They wanted to give since we -- shots in regulation David Tynes and Cambridge when a program. -- Special Olympics sport people disabilities of all ages and -- -- basketball team that's representing Massachusetts this week. In New Jersey at the national special Olympic Games. The other top ranked team that one of the top ranked teams in the country in the made up of men from Cambridge. They will be here next week hopefully the national championship. They have a six foot ten center and guard the can dunk. And the hardest working guys despite their abilities that disabilities and don't -- -- special shout out to fifteenth and Cambridge. Massachusetts Special Olympics -- managers and I hope they went like games and whether they win or lose they are going to do some great things to put them. So again 6177797937. Hey. Started programming on the air here but -- quick heads up for this segment. Having trouble with the screen down here so we have callers please stock and -- and bring them up for the segment that we get the tax break. 777979837. So -- when we look at this team and we think about the fact that they're not scoring runs. Let's just start with -- -- -- these guys come back he can't go anywhere right now. Now now he's he is. This is we talked before about the rain and work in seizing opportunity. There was a -- he stepped in he fielded it and famously Tom Brady did that back in 2001. Probably the greatest. Seize the moment guys football history when you think about it and sports history may be. While -- apple you know the Garrick. And what we have you brought Cole with with that 25 guy. -- with the utility guy came over and treatment Pittsburgh he's here he's not here no one really knew who was -- kind of a cool name. I remember -- spring training 2013. That the only real attention he got was people stay -- -- cool namely to get -- does it from the media name. Over the middle linebacker the it's it's it's kind of a Friday Night Lights kind of a game -- name and that. In I remember the only time people we talked about him with the occasional. Gordon these -- Scott while we're going up and mean obviously he's a baseball guys who. Who are there to get information on the team but it what's it like you you would over here somebody talking -- name which is kind of on that note little sidebar. And now here he is an indispensable guy in the team that we've seen this over the years we've seen guys committed. That would not expected to I mean. -- you are. We we we use Capel putting up great numbers that look in his career record he's he's a great members people misunderstand where came for a but the -- that to go from Wiki was expected to be. To emerge as the game's top closer right that was a big surprise at all to a whole different level that they don't want a different level coming from no. With no expectations other than that you. With the way he was used last year in earlier this year with the way we would've anticipated the rates are accusing him. Coma for weeks on the turret all right good job the back of the socket quite if we need. And all of a sudden the the mere fact these are replete couple positions he never played before professionally right field yesterday and in Fenway is the topic. Right field in history. Going out and you've never played right field before yet but we'll let you play the topics right -- in all of sports. There isn't a ballpark -- any level of baseball except for Simon's part in Burlington and you know they have it will -- -- peel is feel like it's right up it's like climbing Mount Everest. If -- probably front what comes out funny -- leaning for you the vote coming fall on the hill rhetorical. So I would say that the old Simon's part in Burlington with the -- right field to play but it we're talking Major League Baseball. Where it goes some 30 to whatever is out -- 380. And you can run into the outside wall leasing guide him Willy Mo Pena famous seagate -- but if so we know how tough it is. Get -- hole. Like learning on the job I'm sure -- -- hit him supply broad appeal with somebody that supplies -- -- the -- before but to get the idea to. A place to play well let's go to the phones get tons of calls lined up right now but -- one quick point before we do. And that's this block of all the things to love about rock or would you just mentioned I think is the most endearing quality -- this. A guy like Stephen Drew oh we're not gonna when reported third base never played a game and in his life and -- -- -- a guy like Brock COLT sure we'll throw in right field -- it. -- and how does that Mark Kirk -- it's somebody like that you know the guys they want -- part. I am not you know shielded its pedigree media veteran Major League players are gonna screw round Dwight Evans came up -- believe it's the right -- but in the fall of 71. They stuck him in center field because they needed help with an appeal -- if you look out Obama Ron I think he played a lot of center field. His -- that first try out the big leagues so when you when you come up on a flier like that. And you've got no experience the gonna put you pretty much anywhere they need but then you settled into position. And then I think it's rightfully say he can't score around guys. Let's go to phone Steve Buckley Butch Stearns Larry in Newport, Rhode Island hello Larry. I -- and replace it and -- peacock and forgot her. Jogs replaced lands for because -- -- will Connie and it's a -- Trade trade I -- it brought that brokered. And you hear audio right now pump blog called okay. Anyone -- even went over and -- -- now in the death of a -- that that is that -- target. That is that is a great point yet because they it it's it's obvious looking back on the -- that they didn't think a lot of Boggs he spent a couple of extra years in the minors. Instead of having 3000 somewhat hit he might have had 333400. It's if they had warmup earlier -- to the point. Thanks Larry. One minute OK as I can remain up in the colony where they'd have to wind compared thought there'd -- many games -- and it in nineteen. Because because that's what I heard -- it -- and pretend you allow it and it's it's very very unhappy equity. Now though it's very heard of it happens all the time and and I think it's going to happen but people always do that they thought of that track is no way they can get in it because they would have to do XYZ that at the -- sixty baseball. The reality is that every two or three years -- a team you go back to 2002 the angels. But the with the angels did the second half of the season the Red Sox at 220 game winners that year Pedro and Derek Lowe. And they didn't they won ninety somewhat games did not make the class. Why because angels -- on -- care what you think Louis cardinals a couple of years going on a -- in that winning the World Series it happens a lot more than you thing. And let's not forget holder for world whole different circumstances but in 2004 when he traded Nomar and played nearly 700 baseball the rest of the way again. Whole different world Schilling Pedro. Wakefield -- the only had six guys start games that year but they did play almost 700 baseball. By the way when I talk about them winning division at the -- and capital we say that probably not gonna win the division late games is an impossible. I'm saying confidently say that probably -- but what I'm saying is to say that -- wanna historic run. To get the second wild card spot when we're 4505. What the deal they can beat that could be back in in two weeks. Scott -- in Abington next Kenny -- on sports Sunday. But more chill out and good. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In -- we probably the only at all well. Especially. One called -- make sure we are disappointed that we -- world. The first page one quarter Maurice being. Stupid ones flights. -- it won't bat I think -- the sport. And that's sort of. On Father's Day sentiment against Manny. Sounds like you bashing Fenway Bachmann coming out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes does that overshadow all the good in the year -- really won two World Series championships and he put up great numbers but listen I'm a column. And frequency. And I was right there when he equipment in the world. When port Terry Francona didn't even know we pull themselves. And it meaning lockdown in a bad. Well. And it's uncle indicate -- the ball for five minutes to lease on in what they'll pull the cart it helps you. He's -- to one option picked them if it weren't gonna do it so he quit on the team. And if you had a ticket to a -- that -- that night you're you're you were raw. Beat guys date when not trying to win. One of these 25 players quit. And there -- other incidents not an isolated mountain and new ones that never went public. Many committee said skip you pick which news hurt and if you look at his numbers he was -- -- that's when he -- eagle eyed mr. you know. Well I've found god which just look at my numbers that he quit quit. -- -- -- -- -- Quit he quit in the team in -- that if this is a two week old story appointment because the column. But tough. And it. He helped win two series championship. On the big picture. And let -- and it it was disgrace what happened a couple weeks that. Georgian -- gotten PB you -- next when we come back quick break we're live at Fenway park at a sports under Butch Stearns Steve Buckley stick around.

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