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Lou Merloni and Mickey Callaway rehash their 1999 brawl. 6-13-14

Jun 13, 2014|

Mickey Callaway, the only man Lou Merloni ever charged, joins to program to revisit the infamous brawl.

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One of the great arguments that went down in Minor League Baseball history was between our own little Bologna and our guest this time. Cleveland Indians pitching coach Mickey Callaway. The one and only person. That the always mild mannered even fields even keel they are back and if you don't Maloney. Charged during a baseball I might be a crack that's that's not that's not that day. Mickey thanks so much for coming on the -- with us here on WEEI in answering the lions stand with Lou how aria. Underworld. Are. All right -- take me back I remember it. Nagging the guy just gets it down. I've ever Michael Coleman hit a home run off few who I thought was a good kid but I hated the weekly -- And I think keep him a living hell out of it. And I get hit next and we had words we've pissed that currently eight. Yes I think so like I can't remember exactly remember talking you can -- Fernandez after the game and maybe the night before. And you just got sent down and I -- years later this week. And then I just remembered in the Tuesday. Yeah maybe maybe -- his home run I think there was a few guys in that game thicker so better. Yet think you ended up -- behind him which was a bad bad sort of mayor parks. See it and I am I'm getting hit and obviously we were having some words I was and a lot of the time and and I I've. What got a goal late at the end that was said. Yet he told me if -- don't get a box next time then if you aren't you aren't and that's what I get hit I think in the second pitch and and so it took off and this first time I've ever charged amount in my entire life post on the year. Somewhat of a big Fella so is running now they're not really known what to do but dumb do you do you do you remember that it have been charged before. No that was the first and only time so as of 59 Italian guy that you like perfect turned it Seattle but it. Article that all down -- this particular launch. And Mickey is there is -- anything you tell the pitchers as far as their routine you go through training that if it what are your pitchers. Is going to be rushed by a batter is there deserve some sort report called you tell them to do stay there wait -- last mill moment. And move or what do you tell them. Yeah I mean you're one of justice state their cattle older morale and and hopefully if you're gonna -- close to your left hand you'll hurt it. But the local and it doesn't happen but you know you have you understand. That a teammate. You know talk competitive and and on and then just part of the game. Mickey Callaway -- for this is the Indians pitching coach is the one guy who rumor -- charged from the batter's box during a minor league game Mickey did you think it was a punk move when -- by his own admission through the helmet at you. Should that -- and it surprised me I remember in cabinet meeting. Intake and his helmet off the loan that. Hours trying to deflect that and then by the talent like that we are on the ground. Remember -- -- -- there but -- people are aware my team we're people French and name -- -- -- says he was -- -- he was face to face have you -- all of -- the stockpile. Right and he said that you were saying hey I didn't mean to do it I didn't -- to do what the Lutheran. Any -- you -- your face to face and. The accurate remember are there will be an on the bottom about ten people -- like and then to roe wade pulled me out of there and -- little ripped. But it goes on and the good story. Based -- Gillibrand to want to. Lots of work Zimmerman hit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This -- via bat it and you hit me you know it's like him some just snapped a tick off a thickened. This -- the bigger than me. I'm I'm sure you tell you pitched just 59 judge you don't worry about it you can and there are another -- -- -- -- it distract him some arbiter of ground elect. I didn't mean to do it on purpose I mean do what it's like well lately got a hundred people on top of me group. Yeah it was. The special moment in my in my career -- is a member facing new. And at the time that year. That's like I'm an old announced that and I discussed kind of deal when you beat -- -- guy that was intentional. Yeah I remember that they couldn't hit any sort of ended up not getting a win because of that bank. Emir for listened. We're real quick to -- on that game last night to wanna ask you something because. You went out and talk to Josh -- before David during David Ortiz before his at bat -- surprised he came back and Kenneth. Very aggressive on him is that sometimes to get the mind of a hitter. Make him think we'll get a pitch around him that sort of attack him and just give him an actual hole what was the mindset there. Well I mean there. We just wanted to make sure that we knew who wanna -- at that point. Make sure we made some good pitches you know the gold makes -- to its oaxley Campillo really aggressive. Runner scoring position but it didn't sell well. And justice the next he. And then purple and cut a metal and he may just say so -- -- bad it's getting yanked it. You know the intent was so hopefully use it David aggressiveness. Doesn't. And get elect a week grumbled second but it didn't play up that where. Mickey Callaway with -- as the one guy -- Maloney charge during news professional baseball career I've seen the video that by the way Mickey is -- video of thought haven't I never crowned and I would love to -- I would edit. I've never found that we look at -- in the day in and share may be you might have mentioned once or twice the Tito a known -- republic will be kicked his Paris. A little Paul -- -- desirous. Did you think about this moment ever. Before we called you when asked you to come on it was this Tuesday. You know distant water -- memory to you as opposed to the birth that it has been under lose saddle for his entire career. Oh no -- love that story at all you know it's. Something that couldn't happen to allow people -- you know put it to fund storage agreed baseball stories you. What do you think of Bruins who recall you. On memories what that would -- -- -- that we college you. -- don't know I'm not going to be -- you know good competitor look sleazy little. Dirk Benedict quarter earnings. Like -- get a record so you want to watch really enjoyed -- play again. You know was a tiller last year I think the first time Sox -- was -- what Terry Francona and his team into wood out a pitching change and a pitching coach just like she's calorie. Might make economic and that's the dude no surprise visit me you've gotten up -- pretty quick but out the first time I hadn't thought about it then. Kurt. Where over the and so on. What was loose and you win you hit him the first time. -- -- -- -- party April ball over the plate or something or are you don't give them in my Eric get hit my early yeah it. When those action just as much mr. Coleman because he would he'd done that many many times. And in nobody. Immediately to David Ortiz with a pimp you know out of yet I don't know that we'll discuss big prospect every thought -- better -- he wasn't. It bought I don't know where was he just -- the living hell out of that. And then I just it's -- that I get drilled in our society on palace it's one of those things that you met your own teammate. But -- I get all -- bother me at three nice three indication to be honest with you -- -- earlier that night so. -- so make you lastly we've had this ongoing discussion today about the toughness of football players whose Christian used to play in the NFL and the toughness of baseball players of this mental. -- was a professional baseball player major -- cell. All askew when these moments occur. Is this the one. Rare opportunity. For baseball players to have their mental toughness equate their physical toughness. And when you see the benches -- is there part of you since you've been an old fashioned Donny -- like this -- Lou that more often times it's at the benches empty people not doing anything about it. That push is returning to blows. Yeah I think you're going to -- goes up you're just trying to keep peace. But you know sometimes you gotta give a little. You know get a check yourself and -- players and you know it's. I'm sure we go down lower just. They're bigger picture so we'll be somebody's gonna get put their pleasure on a you know we just. Try to keep keep the peace in and do the right thing play the game. I'm glad we're able to put things to rest here I'm glad that we bury the hatchet. I mean if there're still some. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know if it added. It even have a lot slower which I don't think I've been -- -- don't -- or get a helmet which is sort of balance out there slowly like -- -- -- -- chairman rotated thrown it. But it Mickey thanks a lot for coming on that should be good sport best elect you -- news dress the way okay. Paper that we are here that is Mickey Callaway is the pitching coach the Cleveland Indians he wanted only god that -- Maloney. -- bases clearing brawl with charged the mound they'll get a surprise nice. Diving that a surprisingly good bet to get to -- you tell your helmet back guys that they got nice nice dude I didn't know. Producer Jerry -- -- -- boys inducement I don't remember that. I just didn't know much -- some gotta to have you feel bad that you -- your helmet that. Note that has a great memories that Iran plus that's a look back at you know don't -- music and never did this and never did that. We're talking all hockey before this is as close as a baseball player you get to hockey in a fight you know you -- each other in the face a couple times to wrestle the -- get a few patting each other any -- -- get over the penalty box -- this is as close as you can get that moment right. Absolutely. Is that the lake Buena pilot like when he I thought oh. Lets you -- -- to say -- and Viagra ad why I'm in good oil in the game of baseball I thought what if there are no bottom and you like someone's got to get off for me right now before a pass out. At some point you're gonna use that was huge letdown because those die for -- give us something we got it is definitely like being at the bottom of the pile. Man this is clearly that at 67779. Dry -- 7937. When we come back on the WBI's Sports Radio network you heard what Larry look you know like to say about Jon Lester and his future what about John Lackey. We'll hear from him next from Dennis and Callahan when we return a 937 -- So yeah. Don't mind.

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