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John Dennis, Andy Bessette preview Travelers Championship

Jun 12, 2014|

Andy Bessette, the Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer of The Travelers Companies, Inc., joined WEEI's John Dennis to preview this year's Travelers Championship, which takes place June 16-22 at TPC River Highlands in Cromwell, Connecticut.

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We're talking with Andy to set the executive vice president and chief administrative officer of travel good morning anyhow -- I did -- -- very very well another great tournament on tap for the travelers this year. Few of shaping up to beat back just as well for -- we got. Stay out of the top ten in. Involve a lot of coming back which will be terrific and this year we've also got Jason Day you got to Keegan Bradley and Dustin Johnson -- -- they have a list keeps going. I get when travelers does such a good job over the years with this tournament it make sense that you're going to extend and be around for quite sometime you that you sign an extension to continue doing -- Yeah we just get done in -- -- the beginning of the year the -- ten year extension and we're excited about it in. -- a week we did this for a lot reasons because it's really great prep business is great community great charity. But we also want to send a message to the players that we took so long run in Iraq going anywhere and they can't honestly can't be part of other fun things -- doing here. Let's talk money economic impact and charities in particular. -- the just believe actually that while we've been title sponsor over the last seven years over seven million dollars. And then -- which was actually founded in 1952. Is over thirty billion dollars. And so what goes to charities is terrific and we've got some economic impact tests that he's done here. It certainly wouldn't sound that it brings over 25 million dollars a year of economic impact of the economy so that meaningful event. From a lot of different perspectives. But it does great things to charity which is most important. It would seem the travelers has left no stone unturned military appreciation of something that you Rob -- went into the fabric of this golf tournament. It is yeah. They really have military are very co chairs and we're doing that again this year representing. Each branch of the service all active and retired military guys carry give him free to our outpost in. Is just a great week's celebration we get so many things around military to thank them for their service and recognize what they do to ensure our freedom. I -- what the -- nice things and singular things about this particular event is the fan friendly enough for the entire family tell us about the fans on -- the things that you gone out of your way to make sure are in place for your customers. Sure you -- whose views is. And it -- day it would get -- -- the special events around let's meet Saturday at miniature golf course we actually had -- we have a miniature golf let me program in a bridge of marketing and his leading the group by that -- -- celebrity threesome going up. Dirt for 2 hours in the morning and so we go to the kids are there I think to -- -- to do the whole -- you can't you represented -- Yeah secularist -- not a not a -- sodas are the best releasing it on the PGA tour. And I went under undermine that by saying did choose to use CNN. Family date -- to say that slowly and it just great. Without the air for the kids for the families on the practice range and to be able to see golfers up close and personal. -- before I let you go somebody said make sure you ask Andy about the umbrella at the fifteenth hole. You -- at least 44. Floating umbrella between fifteen and sixteen out of -- -- it's terrifically. We shoot that we have approached that it predicted 101000 dollar -- there's charity closest to the tent they had that can't shoot every -- Have a -- that's. And so has become very psychotic. For I guess it's -- determined. And fire branding in dead it's just great brand recognition for has been a lot of fun for everybody and in the end it bring more money to charity. Who's in charge of the weather is my final question. That hit your relief of that but overall same guy. Our hope to present as to whether guys should have a great week next week. Andy pleasure talking with you end -- the Dennis and Callahan program look forward to coming down senior Jarrett. Thank you Randy and Davis set the executive vice president and chief administrative officer of travelers.

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