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The Bradfo Show: David Ortiz talks Hall of Fame

Jun 12, 2014|

Rob Bradford is joined by Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz to discuss his future candidacy for the Baseball Hall of Fame. Ortiz talks expectations regarding a possible trip to Cooperstown, along with how he feels the DH position should be viewed when voting comes around. Ortiz also tells a previously untold story regarding his family history with the Hall.

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It's nice easy and. -- things that interest. So I wish my -- it's. Just sit there and still. Episode of this and to be who would win and show. Cheers rob Bradford. Welcome to another Vista Nebraska coach cosponsor it always like -- distinctive clothing to people make me look so. Darned good believe will truly accepted up a -- or Seattle. I'm telling -- get a better things that growth and store that. While I -- I want to talk to you real quick about David is indeed the whole thing. And I was just sitting here watching batting practice so you know launched balls and people cheering for you and everything house. It's a mysterious and you want to say you know I'm gonna go and all things but when you think to the hall of fame and you think about the possibility of going off him what goes through your mind. I'm going to be -- Richard. Right now absolutely not. Like I'm -- At home I don't think about Adam. Out of knowledge and Ivan and two down and that was my number to have I -- wanted to make. I guess I do keep on trying to find new knowing. Spread to keep on women. Another thing it did this this careers now for over over you know on. And just aren't due to. People how to fund you know and then. People make people smile and then. And for it to put a good so and because that -- the -- the time to worry about it. They have a frame it's it's gonna come you know you can on an apple and -- time to think about it. And say whatever I want to say old think whatever one thinks about my. -- this issue out of my room. I only think about elephant we -- that took him about it. Well mastered in the playoffs also people colony Cooperstown so I don't think there -- -- because they like little towns in New York. Well you know that's that's that's. My teammates started open and then. They respect me that's much. I respect them and and they play the game in our began Aniston and they know hardest to put up numbers -- and one -- look at -- -- -- -- Big -- believe that they. You will deserving you know. Lower -- the real quick the you know -- the designated hitter petition there's been some great designated hitters we go through Edgar Martinez city's herald Spain's. What would do what's your view of how that position about may be some of these guys not getting the votes that maybe they should be getting. Quote. That they want they -- day with the death metadata is stuff people think it's easy. We had this medicated and those guys got famous is because they keep on combing through with a big hit us who hope that the ball below the wing game. You don't you don't begin to be famous that the that the mandated when you put -- not even seeing -- out -- playing different. Just because you have at this and those guys. Are loud about those guys name it was because there were the best hitter in the game which is the toughest part of the game. Be that good a theater you know examined and I think and his group approach me I always -- have a good is one of them. It's not that it's it's it's this apartment if you refute room if you don't -- if you don't produce. I think hitter. You named the thing that we mentioned enough that. -- when you. Would you be -- DH and you look at a designated hitters and you go through with life as a designated hitter was there anyone you looked up to saying -- guys figure out or maybe even talked to about doing it. Be honest with you when my weekend. Find out that are up and hopefully. More of this navigator app on the cool book this -- to be an issue I. All I know is that I was gonna be in the lineup. And how to produce the Green Line. That's all I know line and then through the time through the years -- -- people see you put him on numbers. Then they get through ball away within they force me to look at some things you expect a cut up. Because that we go to we should not and and and adding to that and and like -- -- I just focus of what it what I got to do. In the daily bases and and I go from there that that I know that and he threw the game have been a lot of great years like. Have remained. Bigger Martina and. And I can tell your homework to do for friends don't lose. Even Don Baylor radiation. Don -- there. Jim tell me Jean told me man I can I can mention. Thousands of good hitter that played up station and and telling businesses start to do it. When you win went humor the first time anyone mentioned the hall of fame because you obviously do a little bit of a late start you get to the Red Sox. And then you just torn off. But it was there wasn't -- you were 21 when you were doing it. What do you remember when that conversation first started. And and did it surprise you -- is did you think -- well maybe I do have a chance. He wasn't a conversation it was like we -- opening up players are here. And we went to the age I mean did and then cover right it was late I look at the line on one day and I was the issue them. And that's aren't gonna start but it wasn't any conversation and -- you have the racial diversity of career earning them a debt. Well but I mean I wouldn't turn the conversation about the hall of fame when did you remember the first time and -- said hey David you might be a hall of Famer. A bit a couple of years. These people -- saying that you -- And there one thing that people most courageous people put enough numbers focus. In arming which you have done at this navigator we have. And so -- Great it's in their hitters that you are beyond the numbers already so. And you can steal playing you know you're talking about had to stop their career you Preston and -- steel plants and you can listen. So and wonderful thing out of the seasons and the and I might change people's minds so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't mean. Think about from. I totally agree within idea. Those guys that -- some great numbers in their career. Not having the chance to go to the -- just because. They were. One dimension. Kind of type of player how they called. Play every tell you. I guarantee that those guys. All of then did it. We a lot of responsibility what I'm doing right now I'm not just where balls hit I wanna -- borrow. The young guys do what they're supposed to do to get us winning game. Were borrowed. The cannot deliver -- tell us. And to -- or by once and a while law that employs some good defense whenever I have to -- whatever he take to Wimbledon name. I worry about this stuff you know just I love women so. That on this UN now and and that -- and -- lineup every day. If not only because you have devoted to hit so a lot of things that comes with people always ask you about you being a -- Admitted dosages book that hit you know that's a lot of things that cause and and I guess the thought the thing that people need to start watching them. And attention to laws funny it's a great point because you look to close it right closers in to involve fame as people think oh well. There relief pitcher it's not a starter but there's so many things -- you have to do to be a great closers are -- things you have to do to be a really good. Designate an awareness that -- from month at -- -- -- he might break right -- that law house. About Hoffman. That's what I'm talking about. Out in -- does a lot of guys doing a lot of good things to pull their their ballclub in the situation a winning game. It's not only the moment that you or is it because we play nine innings. Way. I like up for a bat or final -- In do you think that's the only -- my game that they displays on the game no. That's a lot of all the things. That guys who play the game knows that the best best bottle being successful. You know I'm being a winner you know and then men and women. Championship. If you just doesn't take a big hit who goes with it take so. No my dad my dad what the atom my that was -- Lugar -- we will go to the play. And without them toward. He when many -- -- we did. With the bambino. And you say right now we are breaking Vickers. The -- took that went into words you use it we warning. He drove he drove all the way to Cooperstown -- weighed down there. We another guy that it's like my dad if they were used making fun of like these is Vickers breaking right here. I have I. We started -- I. For growth and stuff that when they came back from Cooperstown they would show it to me and they were like it's almost. The -- where when was that the series doesn't afford like. Thick timber. To -- from Emporia. Some idea that they we over the you know although we're gonna go to the -- for the playoff. By the time Thursday in the September so the issue is he was legit and there's there's not a lot of trips to Cooperstown and better stories of Mac theories I mean that I I I. -- That got that stored in no way. It's like they they took photo of the bambino. We they're bad at the moment and hold in LA curse breaking right here. We were laughing now home when they came back and now collectively guys did no Uga having -- -- is viewed these is that way it. Like OK -- think it -- it. In my best story from -- -- just having to throw. To test -- miles per hour on the radar gun reading yesterday after the little kids -- -- -- I threw off my arm doing it south your story is much better. That's cool. Well there is thanks so much and if you ever enact and stop by -- distinctive clothing -- I'm Lester will make you look as good as I'd do my knees are you looking Rio Group rather --

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