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John Farrell Joins Dale and Holley 6-11-14

Jun 11, 2014|

Red Sox Manager John Farrell talks about Brandon Workman's spot in the rotation and Stephen Drew's injury update.

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Red Sox beat the Baltimore Orioles won -- that last night in Baltimore. Our weekly visit with the Red Sox manager coming up right now John -- brought -- you by our belly insurance town fair tire and Mohegan Sun big John how are. They'll do what are your order we're doing great thank you and boy am I glad to hear how nice this phone right it is -- after last week this is a real treat. I'm guessing Brandon Workman has earned himself another start. Well he has NL east expert on consistently at the time he's been very in the rotation force flashlight certainly. Highlight of you know that starts he's made so far. -- you know despite the lengthy rain -- In fact it was in the second inning news you know why you went back out there but I got three maintain focus and concentration and ability. He was outstanding as where you want to secure the mark. I was gonna ask you about that and and how do you make the decision. You know despite the one hour and fifteen minute delay or whatever it was that it's okay to send him back out what's the -- point where you say no you can't go back out. You know -- followed the that the term contract alas it was argument going in the second inning -- your record the first out the second or patrolled roughly. -- I think the time about sixteen pitchers. So you're you're a little more -- and I guess from -- -- -- about time that the -- there but it it here before and he got hurt or anything. Particularly guys you know in his stage in his career young guard you know your your actually more cautious. I and to me he gets about one hour mark and then you've really got to make a decision and start to factor in the other things that are. I'm secret storm already where we are where are we in the game. Alleged illegal hand in hand but I felt like coming out of the rain delay that is if you give -- -- innings that would probably be enough given. That our half that we that we waited but he was also -- sure the coaches are so you. The fact that he gets into the seventh inning with just minimal. Based on are allowed. He's an adequate job force. Her job and ask the -- some question now since the question deals with -- Brandon Workman. If for those that don't know we have a chance of your question is is chosen to submit a question for John -- -- get that question picked -- Linda Hansen here from north -- to Connecticut. You get picked to get a chance to have dinner. With John Ferrell who doesn't -- have dinner with John -- best of all the people say Dolan Hansen says. Has Brandon Workman found a permanent spot in the starting rotation. Well you know that we it would got a couple -- -- back -- Buchholz or make his first rehab start to for the time being yes and yet he's got a pending decision coming up earlier this week. When we get back in Boston -- might keep him out of the rotation control that depending on what the final outcome and that the dealers. -- put so you're the one -- to Brandon has -- a big league level whether or as a starter or reliever he has been extremely effective force. He's been dependable. In the fact that it in my mind he gets a lot out of -- start all which when you start to look at the profile for starting pitcher. When they get out there trust all you know they're immediately go to the the order people or three times and that's some of the minimum that you use that for all the starter -- -- and that -- right now. It's about some of the guys coming back in some of the guys who have had I would say minor setbacks and now more focus on Stephen Drew. Now we all have the benefit of hindsight now. But looking back. Was he rushed I mean now that he has oh pulled hamstring injury whatever it is was was his time in the minors too short. No and New York right oblique terrier in his final at bat -- last week that it took over in Detroit he felt. Some tightness model right after the -- but we -- -- -- -- together we we want to you know signing period nursing and obviously when he was optioned out after the signing your state for a minimum tenders. I purely economic and brought back earlier -- was -- -- was an injury but we felt like in -- based on he'd get only five at bats or so. It felt like that was -- not -- foundation to bring him to a certain. We you know in the time he's been here on Stephen could be a rhythm art -- you know the more perhaps the better he -- We we were in agreement that once he came back to us. We get them settled in against right handed starters -- date down out of the starters so we got thrown. And unfortunately unity as he gets a -- and that's technical Detroit the next night but he. He sustains the year arguably. I can't say that because of too few at bats. But you know we wanted to bring another very good player -- the big leagues which we get. And certainly -- the students here. I did and just a follow up on that and I didn't have a spring training like his teammates did. What was the what was the conversation about settling on 25 at bats as opposed to 35 or 45. Well I think that's where. You know all all sides have to avoid -- I air and certainly not being directed by a anything other than what we -- -- -- timeframe for us was and I was to get. -- we -- in 09 to ten games under his belt when he when he custom travel and all they built into that. We felt like that was an adequate number and while. -- you know if you look at her. Just the bottom line batting average on the I'm -- -- at least doesn't suggest what he was capable of -- -- timing was coming along even though there wasn't much social work from batting average. -- and that was a reason to bring. John is it possible we'll see Brock -- play center field for the Red Sox. I can't say we won't but he's in left field again tonight Jackie Bradley back in central tonight I Jonny Gomes is around it right so. You know the one finger we've been. Fortunate to see what Brock is that. As we move him around constantly he maintained a high level of our basic -- the ability to hit it the most encouraging thing so. We've had Brock exposed. Pick your ball off the bat during BP in center field. During a group of BP just to get your fist fights at bat but. You know so far so -- but to say that he. He would play center field I wouldn't rule it out but so there's no time for him right now to say you know this is gonna we're gonna get George voters feel. Is it fair to say that Brock has been a pleasant surprise for you offensively given. You know how little Major League experience he has. Yeah I would say that there is the all the the vacuum. -- -- -- to us for about seven days and went back down even look the first time around here with all the at least that's what were very consistent. You know what you work you counties hit lead -- I think -- at Baltimore. -- -- -- know that you know the marathon day. But is to say that you know he has now settled him our leadoff guy -- someone though we didn't really talk about the offseason that the candidates for that. I just coming off of last year there was some uncertainties. The one where would you play every -- and -- Are you -- competition for utility spot on the club and he's certainly surpassed all our. In -- John we're talking earlier before he came on when you think of those the Red Sox traditionally as a fan am talking about you as a fan thing about the Red Sox. And you think -- for the most part that team is gonna score some runs -- that that won't be an issue may be an issue for. A snapshot here or there but not over an entire season have you seen any signs any thing that encourages you that makes you think that. The team is gonna turn the corner in terms of hitting with runners -- score prediction. Position and actually score more runs. Well first and foremost as we continue to create opportunities and put people base. That that the human and that's something that you know post game comments or questions are always. That's been the response of the opportunities are there now to say that murders and score position that. That is not one thing that we would tell every hitter to do it's it's constraints and because there -- different. Circumstances that come in the water and that is. Opposing pitchers have navigated their way Troy lineup cards not pitched through certain guys are so long attack. Another another hitter in our lineup either because -- there there's more -- attack plan there might be some inexperienced that they can exploit. There there might be some tendencies that the opposition that we're all aware that they can look to use that to their marriage. We're still putting garbage that's the most important thing so. You know. To me that the disconnect has always been there were furcal for the American League and on base in the or twelfth and thirteenth two months or so back all the sudden start that your mark. Okay are certain guys trying to be too much. What America at the plate we know that you know you look to ten game losing streak to look at the seven game losing streak. You know ten game. You know what comedian David at a at a -- -- project or position when we won seven girl. You look at what they've done they were main contributors in and around all. That's not to put you almost solely on that whether it's this is a combined effort we -- -- -- some top slot in the terms that but a lot of -- and messed. In those situations where maybe some Utah and exploit it. And we continually work at it and you know guys are learning all the players particularly the younger players. Given the offensive woes that you've had overall in the outfield Brock COLT excluded right now because he hasn't been an outfielder very long would you like to see some help. In that outfield for you on your team. Well certain election chain victory and actors in. You know he's he's assumed rate is getting closer to about getting out of rehab assignment. You know getting healthy -- back in the and the fortunate career that would give us such a jolt that blows there is no doubt about it. I think Jonny Gomes has done everything that we expect it particularly get left and pitching. And what the most encouraging thing about those last three or four games there's there's the swing that we saw last year. Is being shown more regularly right now so. I think that -- true -- and Johnny and how productive they were last year starts to become much more clear so to say that there's. You know someone on the outside the stronger -- or some of those on the virtual. Coming up from the pocket. That that's not the case right now we just have to continue to produce. With a group sit here and look for ways to improve. Over the weekend Manny Machado had some issues with the Oakland Athletics he was suspended for five games has appealed the suspension which is why he was playing last night. One of the issues he had is that on two occasions. His swing hit the catcher of the Oakland a's and back knocked him out of the game the second time. When I saw it happened last night with York catcher AJ Pierzynski I was wondering if you guys were thinking about that in the dugout at the same time. Naught -- you -- the days a long -- player. I hit it and you know we we got guys have long backswing bloody David Ortiz you know it's not uncommon -- actually turn to catch. Or glance off catcher. But I you know -- -- many -- AJ return rather chip to secure okay. And I think that's kind of a natural -- what was transpiring inside the hope -- are what -- up. Notes certainly that the track player I think that's been publicized and shoulder not that. If you follow the game you see that there are certain occurrences inside that series so. Little why there was something not. Acknowledged after you know we have article -- I don't know but he did acknowledge and check that major last night when when the backswing get prepared. How does what I would I would ask you about suspensions in and whether you're comfortable as a manager whether you're. Your players are comfortable with what the standards are asset because. You see much -- he gets suspended for five games four for throwing the bat. Ryan Dempster last year five game suspension for intentionally hitting a rod. And then this year Brandon Workman didn't hit. The race but he got a six game suspension which he has appealed. From from where you sit are you are are you pretty sure how things will be. Viewed by MLB or is it according to us. You know I think as you you're cite some examples here it seems that their case by case. I I don't know the system that's in place that's standard -- You know certain parts of action on the field that require X number of games Serbs. If it's a suspension that order so it's case by case. You know I know based on the look for that is provided by it and uses the umpire crew or that it is deciding umpire -- -- into. The decision making -- in these situations -- so you know that's the way it's been country years. And I don't know that there's going to be any almost as for lack of a better way to describe it any standardizing. Of how things are reviewed and ultimately penalties are handed out. Major League Baseball announced that you have added Ron garden hiring Terry Francona is the coaches. All on your staff for the yeah for the all star game that's coming up in a few week one guy's pretty good her head Tito will be in town tomorrow with the Cleveland Indians what was his reaction when you get McCall. -- opium and guard short sighted and to -- their natural fit for. You know some personal history as successful as you know -- guardian -- and certainly the natural fit with the game being played in Minnesota. And you know -- you want to acknowledge those who. Have been very successful in the world right. You know is -- -- personal connection certainly there is you know. But I also think that so would Carty it was a respectful thing in the right thing to do. Are -- break right there in Minnesota coming out. We always appreciate time best of luck tonight will let's see you next week. -- director -- our -- that is our Red Sox manager John -- brought you by our belly insurance on their tire and Mohegan Sun. Know what you're surprises and that and that's where would root for are you surprised that the suspension was our game. It became -- trot out there. Yep gotta be more I thought it beat him and I was listening to what to Dave and Joseph talking about this on the broadcast. And and Dave O'Brien said he talked a lot of people in baseball. And he says and I I'm one of them who thought it would be twice. He said I thought it was going to be -- I wonder why they didn't I don't know I am guessing that doesn't have a history but neither is Brandon were. I didn't have a history now I would think. There and we talked about this academic come up with a a good explanation. For. Why it's not acceptable. To throw a bad. In Major League Baseball and why it is acceptable for some folks to throw a baseball at ninety miles an hour at somebody and sometimes. That's what Major League Baseball a -- if that's the suspension we're gonna get a pitcher for throwing the ball at somebody. How we give more of a suspension for a guy thrown a bat may be in Major League baseball's agreeing with. -- have but about the heritage at okay so give him six games has just gave a six game suspension. To Brandon Workman. McDonald didn't connect not that it -- team that's my issue. You know guy a guy hits a batter and its five game right. A guy misses a battering get sick I was trying to -- we don't know it's early but he didn't and think about MLB. An -- this just because it's so unusual. You don't think of I'll oak comments on -- gonna happen tonight week we talked about that Tampa Red Sox series before it happened Friday. We're leaving here on Friday at 6 o'clock. There will wish -- something's gonna happen. In but something happening. That usually means a pitcher hitting somebody and then -- opens cleared dugout career. And it just kind of you know stand around and yelling insults at each other pushing. Out much nominee punches being thrown go back. But you don't think how's -- gonna happen tonight but I've got to throw his bat out -- amount. -- aren't going to be I wanna do everything a candid discourage batters from throwing. Their backs like promise you don't think that's worse so but yet -- -- -- worse while we get five games. I agree with -- and it was it was weird. And as Dave O'Brien said most of the baseball people he talked to people within the game. Bought the Machado was and it. He got lucky he got off light. 6177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T -- line is 37937. By the way workmen's. Appeal. Is scheduled to be heard on Friday. Just the guess here on my part my guess is it's gonna be down five. They'll knock one off they'll take it from six down to five he'll miss a turn in the rotation and -- from there but that's just the way I am I'm guessing. I deal -- -- also for her questions selected. In the Hansen from north Connecticut is enter to win dinner with the manager at Mohegan -- Conduit to check out -- UE dot com. The manager might well it would it would dale Arnold and -- winning. Accident and it. And it -- -- that and we can. The list. -- on people's lives. That it was very very nasty situation very merry -- Right to the calls and got some we're gonna add in and we and we really truly do need your opinion on some and dale and Holley Sports Radio WE yeah.

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