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Gabe Kapler, FS1: Jon Lester is in an incredible position of power, 6-11-14

Jun 11, 2014|

Former Red Sox player and current FS1 Analyst, Gabe Kapler, joins MFB to discuss Jon Lester, Stephen Drew, and Brandon Workman. He points out that even though his ERA and Win total this year aren't great, there are still numbers that suggest he could be the most valuable Free Agent on the market at the end of the year. Kapler also gives his opinion on the Manny Machado bat-throwing incident, and whether or not the fact that he is so young, is enough of an excuse to give him a pass.

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Did cap or joining us from at this one he also has his own web sites. Which we talked about earlier in the show dad's been picked up the story -- lifestyle yet cap lifestyle so go ahead of that I don't know game like you know gives maybe you can -- -- -- -- a man. True -- -- -- remove our reporter all of for the number I just talked about having an and and out of action a for a a myriad. Puppet that I saw on TV yesterday so you're you're there do the best right now gave yeah Catholics don't. And I'll let you know that it is it is beautiful for what they are I didn't exactly put the way -- put it. I didn't look at the really good lubricant I didn't specify how you would support you to lubricate it I -- -- makes things a little bit slick. You know one play a wicked weather cooperative threat out there. Under the headline was coconut oil beyond cooking and he talked about rushing T help wash. Obviously lotion things like that but it was the last paragraph that that's been. Picked up on when they're saying on sun has set the mood is out perhaps different nearby after you buy your lonesome well this is awkward. But coconut oil the -- world's greatest lubricants I can't help we are my goals of this once the ball at the back up I can't steer at apple where we go and. Well American them though I'd feel about help will be nutrition fitness etc. I like to give you got what you told -- put something in your back give you something to work with. And that's why I you -- tonight. You can stuff myself argued for a myriad of different reasons and I use it for -- I just thought the poll was appropriate I had already posted about how do you do you know cooking with high heat. The private sector cannot buy the Dominican household usage and everybody can go where they supported it and hope to pick it up -- -- not enjoying it it -- -- Well -- -- Christian attend and about the website now it's great you know good recipes food eating right good work outs and then I said just. You know just decisions in life distract a good life decisions and is apparently is one of them so we appreciate the stress reliever. Lou a man -- the fact that you read the block that make you go out in the world Brandon is always nice to have a friend. Support in -- I appreciate. Coconut water I heard about coconut oil I didn't know about I'm just wondered you know -- to many -- shot off too much coconut oil on his hands is out what the bat flew out of his hand and nearly took out the third baseman for Oakland. When I heard one man McConnell first had that reaction to the job Donald intact which is absolutely innocuous right it would below normal khaki popped back up. Get them that they took to the myself. This kid is is sort out of line going to give out these problems emotional based on the scene in the U caveat lived up his own personal expectations. When he let -- back go in the direction of Josh Donaldson on the stared out at the pitcher equipment that it doesn't have the ability to make the decision at all. And I recognized at that point that you 21 and I tried to give my path because -- think back. The decision that I made were -- 21 years old you've got -- I'm sure can vouch for that you don't make very good decision there are more -- I've -- Bogart. The mature young man metallic just haven't reached maturity level night that you have got to -- recruit who has recently bought the state Republicans have been able. To sort of repair his image. And I'm sure that much -- -- on a guy like Nelson -- Well as a relates to the Red Sox specifically not just that one issue when it comes the Baltimore Orioles. -- that they're playing right now let's talk about Stephen Drew and where he fits in long term whether or not that was a good move to bring him back. -- well I mean look at it too early to reboot the returns aren't there yet you have. Have to pick a guy like hundred morality and guys like -- -- the wake up or felt that is equal to the red talking to look. You're out of five club that have significant interest in -- group. And -- -- what the possible outcome could be eight he goes off and help your team reach a playoff. Believe he's playing well the -- I don't think he's got that shipment of weapons years before you can go to freedom Q and you're down side -- is relatively limited public. But give it a little bit of time to marinate. The one thing I'd like to point out though is John electorate is in the most incredible position of power at this point I think people are looked at it you are way. And hit wins portal and they think he's having -- good not great you can buy if you look. -- behind the numbers he -- the highest strikeout rate of his career the lowest walk late of his career. And you've been especially unlucky the ball in play out wouldn't leave 42. If I'm John mustard agent right now I know how much power album born to -- -- and look. This has got -- on his uptick whereas Max curator James Shields are not having their bet -- -- could be the most valuable free agent out there at the end of this year. Are -- to Gabe Kaplan fox sports one and coconut oil advocated so Dave when you're looking at just a Red Sox as a whole as a AT. Duke they have. The players. To win the division one or they can't win the division to do -- even have enough. To get a wildcard spot and they -- more welcome a more apt to what other teams are doing around them. I think people around ought to right now are saying no to both all of those questions just based on the fact that they have not be consistent I don't use him. I believe the threat -- our -- I'm gonna tell you what. From the relief pitching perspective. And that is behind the number I don't look the other way I look at you'll be independent pitching which remove defense from the equation the relief pitching pitching alcohol. Is that the top. A Major League Baseball not right at the top the very close -- to the top. And they're pitching overall. Is near the top of Major League Baseball so when you opted you out occupied the top of the rotation can match up with anybody. And how a lot of that has underperformed. Did -- not been the guy that they would laughter they will get closer. To the players they were -- yet you missed Jacoby Ellsbury popped in my Jackie Bradley had not been the same god but. A couple of W -- that the deadline and yet I believe -- will be right here on September. -- -- Jacoby Ellsbury big loss and I was saying earlier -- the second biggest loss was dating a not even always on this team he's really he's not the same guy and if they had him. Where they were last year. You did Jackie Bradley maybe Automask that average but it is not get their production around Jackie. You're you're right about now because a number of guys that haven't been the version of themselves that they were last year whether it be due to injury. Whether it be due to performance and now we are not the same guy based on injury. Victor Reno or not the same guy. Based on injury even go to the -- would like my favorite player on the planet is not reducing. Power numbers right now -- in the replica at least. To a degree depend on the power numbers so it is it really didn't really matter perhaps. Small sample but we could either pick up to little more than a third of -- he's you know we're not near the halfway point yet -- look a lot of -- can change in the second out. And again -- -- on this blog saying I believe in the team long term. -- -- -- You look at a guy like Clay Buchholz aren't think that they know the potential they know what's there. Obviously take some time away you know -- to -- last year showed us that potential but when you get guys that Britain -- -- Della -- stepping in and we'll see you -- looks like. Again tonight after tough -- it's a great line up. That's a tough decision right because you where you are standings right now it's about winning at the two young kids playing well what do you do when guys are ready. Well I figured sort of long if you -- then you write an important I think. Again we're looking I would rubio -- looking at the restart so far that he did that for -- yeah still. Yeah it it hit it did not enough debate and so. And I appreciate the way the city of Boston riding the wave to you allude to look at a good start. And everybody's going to be like this is the savior but then -- brought out about dark it's it's when you have that Little Rock record you have big been slow. And I did not buying into yet this stuff is -- the leader and more committed warrior I'm on the huge fan. -- could make up in the determination John Ferrell has been on record several times talking about how much you trust this guy and you know you talk about a guy like -- Whose mechanics have just been off he's falling off to the first base side obviously leaving everything -- side and when you're not dependent on a lot if you want about big power stuff. But it's walked all over the boy argument you know without the result for me. -- -- -- stepped up yet he's he's got it on the rock in the rotation long -- They've cap where -- this year on 937 WTI. Gave what you just said there -- few moments ago it sound like you gave a ringing endorsement to everything that bench Harrington said yesterday when speaking with members of the Boston media. L one of the things he said as well as it's not too late it's still early. When does it ceased being too early to draw a line in the sand about whether or not this team is still in -- or not. When you get to about July 25. And you're not near 500. And until band were what were all good and it is crazy but Joseph Maddon believes that the club in the -- and by the way I'm not counting operate under that provision is up for grabs. They have an offensive juggernaut in Toronto and you cannot discount their ability to score runs. At the at bat at the top of the rotation no there's been susceptibility. There's a lack of track record you -- -- earlier -- an extraordinary people won't be long now about. But the division is it is nobody's running away with it I don't think by July 31 is going to be allowed team. Still capable of making a run so I just think it's a little too early to start making predictions. You're buying the rain god the Sean and whoever it is that. I'm -- -- got Joseph Maddon got to -- unique ability to take the spotlight opportunity there is under a formula with an. I'm gonna go on them and hire a medicine man and all that can do is gonna get people talking the media talking about it and they're gonna forget at least momentarily. How poorly you're playing and then it could take the pressure off the shoulders of the men on the field the big -- reform. -- -- just curious habit that a friend had just sent via a text messages curious to know if -- didn't want -- to get some coconut oil will be a it yet that on the East Coast -- he's on the East Coast it is a. Plus I've often have a great trader drove in Brookline. Kick blocked. Extra virgin all award you extra virgin coconut oil and refined unpopular. Gold edit and play with the you'll enjoy it. Emphasis on play got it to. Thanks -- -- gave makes a bigger like better now due later.

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