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MIAA Spokesman Paul Wetzel on the suspensions at Beverly High 6-10-14

Jun 10, 2014|

Paul joined the show to discuss the controversial decisions by the MIAA.

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Yesterday we spent several minutes so wondering seeking answers trying to figure out exactly what went wrong. With some in her scholastic athletic events the conflict with SATs we also discussed the cigar smoking lacrosse players. And really didn't have any answers as a result we've reached out to end. Are happy to have Paul Wetzel MI AA spokesman Joseph is on the eighteenth ya like that mr. Wetzel how are you. Our pride got sick some answers here some information -- just with a very basic question how far in advance is the FIAAA. Made aware of significant and potential scheduling conflicts with important. Occurrences such as the SATs how much advanced notice you know. You have now. Some probably know years almost a year in advance graduation. -- -- -- -- -- They're all established. Well in advance and then in with respect to the idea. SAT. We advise the parent -- the players. At the start of the season. About potential that they seek -- All right though. In question here is the scheduling of the -- and Chelmsford baseball game. I believe whose district semi finals game was played Saturday morning despite the fact that eleven players had to miss the start of the game because the schedule SAT exams. Was there much conversation. About. Somehow accommodating this changing the schedule and and because it is obviously a rather important event in a student's life. Well Ted whether it when -- original date the game got rained out on Thursday. -- that we take a look at you know that's how soon can we played in the game that -- played a makeup game. We are constricted by the fact that the we started -- To run a tournament where a period of two -- 22 and a half weeks and we were committed to. Ending the baseball tournament on June 14 next Saturday. And so even with doing that they've -- -- have to play. Three. Game and a week in May be for. So that looked like Friday or Saturday when they were the only date that we can do. Did did you consider. Letting them play on Tuesday Paul when they when they -- they knew was gonna arraigned on Thursday wanna play on Tuesday why did to let him do that. Because of the tournament format. Publicized in advance all the players says. Here's the schedule for each practice each level. And and the game its schedule for that until such time as. We may have to. Postponed but we were gonna postpone -- at a time. Based on a weather report. One. Who's gonna get rained out the new one not. Well because if I I get as you well know. Sometimes they predicts gonna get rain sometimes we predict draining get -- That -- was scheduled for Thursday. And that's when it was going to be put it. But everyone knew was gonna rain and rain hard so listen let's play Tuesday no conflicts let's do. Was there a -- it was or any problem with the the gate receipts that that -- -- compelled you don't wanna do with Saturday instead of Tuesday. Now of the gate receipts don't really put it that much a role to. The two things that affect our gate receipt that in any of our tournaments. Are the match up. And the weather whether it's football on soccer on through the spring sports. So back -- that just didn't the consideration of what what can come to consideration. Four game is finding sites that are. Available. And are suitable closer to primary consider action. You walk me through this Beverly thing I don't get Republican smoke cigars or eighteen years old tradition graduation and MIA tells a school you have to do something they suspend these kids. They can't play in this tournament game and across it makes. Absolutely no sense to anybody who's reasonable I look at this and say this is a staggering overreaction -- walked me through this makes no sense to me. Well. The rule it pretty straightforward no smoking. And it in these. Students -- well albeit it with you know with a celebratory cigar but they were smoking. The principle of each of our member schools. Under our government rules of members make rules. Each principal is in charge of responsible forcing you to what the rules are followed. In his or her school. And the principal at Beverly high school sought to that. The rule was broken and -- the panel. I'm as big as a reasonable price all our guys to miss the tournament and that reason I'm asking you -- what's about the principles Paul Wetzel if you're the guy makes a decision you say this kid. Should miss this championship game because -- smoke basic artist graduation all the games -- smoke cigar high school graduation what do you think person. Well I'm not gonna get into what I think personally because I'm here as a spokesman for the MIA. Well I guess and their test. So but but -- you know zero tolerance is kind of crazy sometimes right -- mean obviously if if the kid is slick. Carried a beer six pack out of a store first father. He could be suspended for the supply -- mean that would be crazy -- right. Well there are a lot of schools and communities that have. Zero tolerance rules where various. A breaking various flaws that you and and so you're welcome to your opinion and I in my opinion. Zero tolerance sometimes I suppose it can end up with that. With this. Not very. Acceptable decision -- it. Isn't this all about priorities in what seems to be important vs what is important and how has responded to be important I mean. You know playing -- in a lacrosse gamer baseball game when you're talking about either smoking a cigar or not taking the SATs it seems like. Sometimes out of whack here Paul. Well there was. They were spent a great many events across the state. That had to be canceled on that Thursday and scheduled -- reschedule. Even in the cases these two schools one of them at a graduation on Friday afternoon and the other on Saturday. We have conflict with graduation we have conflict which prompted conflict with the board night. And it we have conflict the court and other sports. But yet yet say these are important. I would make the case that it. The rest of the players who weren't taking yet -- TDs. If we had moved to -- so that they get -- graduation. The family that those people would be upset. About it is that. Almost became -- -- the situation if you will beginning well you're gonna affect somebody. Well if you moved it to Sunday morning mid day. It wouldn't affect the graduation or SATs. Who would've required a double -- being played on Sunday if we don't do that the winner would have had to play that. Another game. And they were both real -- do that are available on board with that. Well epithet directive which we don't do double header and. -- there are other times Regis say listen we're a bad spot year. It doesn't whatever this happens every once a while this has to -- clearly we have to do the right thing and this is the right thing Arthur exceptions. Well. They're can be exceptions I suppose I don't think in that -- scheduling. It's just the very difficult thing to get available crimes and so forth -- -- on short notice and without impacting. The other teams in the tournament. The other schools in this department. At the same day on Saturday for instance. There with the girls track meet that head over 200. Participants from twenty different schools. And they undoubtedly had some kids that couldn't do. Went to the SATs or whatever but we have heard from -- is pretty acceptable deal. All the one final question for me the one individual handle all these schedules and deal with the schedule conflicts in the slight locations and acquisitions or is of the committee how does that process work. Well I'm very well there's -- subcommittee sort of management committee made of representative members. And each sport has the committee and they get together and make make up the schedule. And then there's. We divvy up that stated that a number of districts. And we have somebody running the tournament in particular sport in each of those sister. Most of those people are. Former education. Administrators usually -- these corporate. That at all Wetzel spokesman for the MRI AA thank you for the time this morning to what we can't let. Explain that. Paul Wetzel on AT&T. So a committee. -- look it's a bunch of guys who get together and say we can't accommodate screwed because it's that's the group yeah yeah I mean in just one -- one guy and has no choice we just came. Two choices plan Tuesday plans Sunday. And that was not a reasonable explanation letter -- -- of them know what has no double headers but it's all gone out to why it may just sit and answer what can just that we totally screwed this up. Okay five regardless the dates -- big mistakes which split next. For I mean you're an AD or coach and says hey it's gonna pour on Thursday we get a field. Both teams are on board we can play on Tuesday we all agree to some bureaucrats as well obviously announces it's not -- -- a couple of shots okay public someday it will play at noon. And then championships with six not a baseball not football a few dollars double -- should do about your whole life of your account planning club the you know but expect some thirty -- and he's blowing a second USA seven -- to do they were on board ball teams both coaches all the players. Adult when it was doubleheader right. You know what it's about the gay pastor what what other explanation is. I don't know now. Mean we just asked the mobile -- in ebony -- a cigar I cannot believe any adult any adult. Would think the punishment fit the crime the cigar and back in May I would say this at least they'll -- this I don't agree with that but at least there's an actual rule in place that no smoking policy fine it's it's on the basis of these -- Okay they enacted it fine whatever this at the other one makes you does not possibly know -- no answer for -- and it. The clean things up for not not at all. Make -- more money not an actress or -- -- they're also lectures and waited callers are calling I don't get to our number 3-D NC phone calls are -- -- this in Beverly lacrosse game. Tonight on a DNA. This afternoon and we'll get the time the place and the east who guides. Ticket to go watch because they put eight. He cigar in the Amal and graduation -- apparently yes by the way right that's insane and I don't care if there's a rule I -- I reasonable belief adult. Thinks that's fair thinks that that punishment fits the crime will be right back.

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