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The Red Sox lose again 6-10-14

Jun 10, 2014|

The Sox lose their 6th game in 7 days.

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It's a classic for years to come really cute -- Carolina. And Bradford plays in small role when vital role small vital role after Atlanta the laughed and we always remind him laugh at some that was the slightest bit funny it's true that's. You play it. We laughed at a little plays little bay big -- by man body about Dustin. Surprised that didn't go viral yesterday actually. Did Spinner off. Site pick him up via its should just say. Before we move on and I'm going to be very disappointed I -- -- and opened the it's been cross hairs. My racist column today yes. Is that the kind of does not -- that's been exists. Is elected the PC police. And if they don't they don't come after me I have absolutely a lot of clout lost my -- yeah you have. And have been Lebanon well he's probably called boss right now tellem to make and stop. Stop that column the headliners take on a surprise. That's as an -- -- OY eighty. Surprised. It seemed to me the that the National Hockey League season is going to -- a bit sooner than we anticipated. On the other hand. The Donald Sterling elimination party might take a lot longer than we most recently -- it would. And for a growing. Legion of people beast even -- permit has already gone on far too long advocated -- Farrell on the list these cyclical and threw eggs and came up some. A phony baloney and you know how -- -- today. Will sort of sore -- grow bleak tonight I'm not sure works I'm not -- wouldn't and now you know it's only today I. Bad day at -- and -- -- got its. Were you personally or gotten in the spring training and we know how hard they were considering that strewn with errors and -- unbelievable. Guys throwing up like Djokovic on the court. All -- read about. Was you know a hard hard he worked and Allison. Taken those grounder it's real it's still one more dejected than Jokester on the writers that. Campaigned. Lobbied for for Stephen manipulate manipulated manipulated fitness -- And now this and that's that that was the guy thought was gonna make all the difference and out not pals yet one recent hate. Loath despise Scott Boras based were reading today -- -- -- beyond paving the despised and loading Scott Boris. Shame on you Red Sox front office if you allowed this to happen you explain this this -- you wanna puke when I heard this well it sounds like they drew Boerse gave them an ultimatum -- -- -- -- -- the momentum of these ten days ten days as the app -- and he asked to be up. After ten days. Or I'm gonna do some real bad tee higher next negotiation at the same reaction you -- which is -- -- -- being an agent that's fine the Red Sox would say oh yeah I don't even a golf fan. Would be get paid anyway -- benefit. Wouldn't be paid what is that means he's a true isn't it where uses a lot of it is money. Why would -- be fine let him stay at Volvo. Felt awful I lost the stay with -- was only six whispers in the opposite views I get them. But still so what it takes twenty days next. -- licensing agent care whether it's opera cares whether it's money yes. If he's not ready to come up and did did he -- last night that became a purposefully injury may commit enough maybe hit acquiesced talk about Boris pebbles to -- contracts that in the minor leagues. The majors -- and ten million that is as great fake injuries. -- blink axles so yeah they certainly. Are usually love and a lot of hand look at your lament that. Or sore it's sore emphasis or lovers it's populace or play that is pathetic and -- -- -- play tomorrow that is. -- -- injury it's selected -- situation right. Drew is what they mean the -- are what they -- shame on the Red Sox for animal this money expecting. You know them to be something else you know it's like. It's like coming home in Asia Basset Hound -- sleep in on the on the floor and say. Why didn't you arts cleaned out the -- clean up the garage. That was a look at that they expected to route to suck it up and via their suddenly turn into. Known Brock hold a player with with pride in. Drive and determination heartened drive determining an all that. Oh. It's pathetic this is an embarrassing hope she policies on the stump than. When he eludes in his column to pressure from the front -- last -- specifically it was pal Larry Lucchino. I think I thought. Answered them smartly and that's -- really did this is just the and I and worst can be freshman Larry would be impressed by the media room which is Peter I don't know what -- I don't think it's a -- Larry -- only gets an -- -- factor it doesn't really matter -- the authors but it but it was that would you agree that the pressure from the media was -- a role now I mean this guy -- nothing is facing now that the -- columns written. I didn't think I did not think it was his crazy concentrated. In say in the world can and if they nonsense even terrific -- picked up -- more than others but it was three or four calls. We shot he just says flat out rights of Stephen Drew is the guy who was forced on Boston's baseball ops by believe Larry -- Now that's the case. Ensuring that did not want him. And we believe that Larry have a little something to do to Bobby Valentine against bench during that wishes. And now Stephen Drew against bench during the wishes at what point John Henry's Adolor Lucchino. What point does -- say angle of the -- gap they needed GM it's a thank. I'll be the president Mr. Bush got him trouble in the first place I mean isn't this wasn't -- yeah of the keys in the car be left alone. -- -- is -- right he was right Valentine disaster. Was foisted upon them. I'd like to think this is true because. And then smarter than spend new. What hailed his club and it's certainly wasn't. -- defense shortstop defense and it was offense it was -- his production. And the only thing drew is done I think is take some of the pressure off Jackie Bradley great probably true I mean we're not. To them -- here is six -- nine and we haven't even mentioned how much Grady Sizemore Sox didn't strike out and and he's another ventured to project may -- was foisted upon him by John Farrell Tom Moore one John Farrell who had Grady Sizemore in Cleveland in the minors. And loved them and remembered him in his glory days because obviously he's gotten enough. Don't think anybody has any problem or had any problem with the Grady Sizemore experiment. Although to begin with rank all the what was plan B as they need right now leading offensive outfielder. That's spot was taken by grace says they set early on anything we get out of the sky is going to be over and above we expecting nothing like let's say that it. Let's wait and it's double I spent most of it was it was for interactive weight conscious of what -- who's boss and tech. Nelson Cruz's. Probably. Just throw it right and I know what you mean right took somebody's spot pals Beltran. Hit two weeks that you want. It's the weakest test that. -- -- -- -- -- -- And I I could if you listen carefully in the crowd not to and you can hear the pitchers leave the sigh of relief. When the bottom in the order comes in the pitchers. Mediocre pitchers like Bud Norris or wherever Chris Tillman. They look at this line items meant this disease inside a Cy Young Norris I get through Ortiz in Napoli. I just minutes ahead -- -- nothing to worry about I can leave balls. Over the plate and what's the worst that can happen here's the last four guys and now the -- of the fourth partner mr. Last five games. Sizemore to eighteen a rare 241 Ross once at basics the the combined for one had last night -- Ross a double yeah. They left one over the plate and have it. Yeah and remember all you Obama and after the first base remember that they stopped the game in the ball was -- through -- -- is an indictment and it's an -- This -- out of time by our top four hitters in line at one. Whole first at bat of the game. Right at but that's it and and and putt and putt and hearts in -- Camden -- in Camden. We X and I don't blame PB at all he gave a -- homers. That's what you do would -- -- or run as we have Friday. He has struck out seven -- one walk on walk this fine that's a good. That's a winnable start seven innings with this lineup it's not -- -- last -- -- -- last year Williams who would get a W last year. Keeping right now thirteen starts one win. -- force that six that is. One of the engines. Except it was 51 win in thirteen starts he's another guy you'll see -- next sixteen million a year they'll be gone by the deadline. You'd think to write Y who would want them as a as a third or fourth start for a team close at the grits -- pizza money why not. Isn't that bad as you know I mean he's he's not awful but you right -- -- that would have pizza money and they wouldn't into the back. Not -- -- and means nothing visit to trade Gomes and peavy and isn't present ski. When the mattresses is to start in elect you last right the only thing the only moves that will shake the foundation. -- and we will be -- one number one starter and the number -- straight victory that moved over expect shorts that -- significant. Well not thorough process -- -- he's never gone back -- -- teams are lining up -- could I don't my plan was to trade him before he -- it would have been better before -- -- so bleak. -- -- -- a little late I mean initially we thought the brits are left thrown a couple million right now department to thrown about nine million misses and ended Lou Gehrig's career was that strained -- Chris is apparently it was that speech and usually what happened -- Dave -- vacuum amount that is extranet public. Or are you believing Lackey when he says he's considering retiring next your knowledge of the money c'mon you know that's about. Was out of that's the that's about the go to LA this owner says that too by the way out of the -- was and Rosenthal yeah Rosenthal wrote -- my plea for 265 grand picture which is after Texas. Which if I'm lackeys right retired to meet you know over a hundred million but but what about the you know the next -- year. You can retire next year come back the year after Kenya. Why not you contrast. The Red Sox might have beaten almost did that's right it's not that -- first -- of his lawyer if he could retire next year come back the following year. The freeagent. And you know what I I Anderson just about every image of the player would be upset maker two and 65 camp and that's okay and pitching well. What what's he make when he sent a hole yeah that's true -- 15715. Million sent out an entire year divisional frankly wolf you know talks to. Oh today. It gave Ortiz sixty million maybe not uproot and don't -- given the money but you'll get about how how would they give -- -- the spread out to pay him nexus you can do that. I mean you try dog -- it for perceptions that you could I push to overpay him. Well how many the second two years of the deal may be so -- three more years to be done and we washed up by then. -- those bought one of those last two years the much will be minimum. Ten and twelve. -- -- -- drives -- well because you -- -- -- -- twelve and twelve ever really -- and then we asked this all the time -- do you think. Well then well then be stupid I'd be a bad move for the bottom and it gave Ryan Dempster it is not the same age what place how much for -- -- he was funny. It's true. He was he was a personnel but here it would be. -- key -- lackeys. Right now is 35. Right next year I'm pretty sure will be 36 from 3383730. Year old John Lackey always -- twelve million. That's true they just paid a priest personnel and series. He was to make -- twelve and -- -- two years 25. And it turned out they going to be break when he retired. But the is that why you -- drew yet. At head at the age of 36 and make 500 grand I don't know I'm on the Red Sox and what they're gonna do you -- the ghosts off the gates sought weak in the knees. Not only that it would look at ten or twelve or thirteen million bucks is not that big a deal right a year it was different expect well at least we're not given Lester 24 million for five or six -- right right right yeah ethics -- -- -- would put your last week in -- As well. We need it more than that the market yes you got no love for this place right so even knows what the tax rate is and a and trade. And it and he knows in Texas they don't have a state tax. He would love to go back there and probably. Temperate he's meant a 108 minutes in one polish. Up ten games back. With 99 games to play quick look at your standings how many teams in Major League Baseball. Are worse off the Boston wrecked the Red Sox record why no one kind name one what in the worst team in the major leaks Tampa Bay. Which is amazing I mean the Red Sox were world champs the Tampa Bay Rays. Where are very popular pick to win this division to win the American League go to the world and it's. I think added to it and yet they -- the worst US -- -- in the major leagues. That's one. How many others to others. Three others. -- -- Cubs cubs I don't it's not the -- -- -- Astros are steaming ahead they -- head of the Boston -- that's where that's -- -- -- what you say Houston now I don't know another president. Tampa Bay Philadelphia Arizona and the cubs -- only four teams in Major League Baseball with. Worst records how many games behind the worst record in the Major -- to its -- Why Nazis in 5 X 5 who's been through in the division of rights -- that's right here right and then head out and nine -- -- -- their farther away. From the sec while current spot six games and there are from the worst record pace for five game that's -- that's not a good so there's no go. In their off the front office -- notes over there's no doubt and they have to obviously do a perception public perception they don't want a wave the white flag and give up. But they know it's over and they have to start thinking about next great and the year after -- they can't be thinking about now on an oh. Nick or fun or as a column of the people are gonna say got to do something the pitchers again discouraged. You can't give up. Real prospects. -- to win -- To what made you win 82 games right now Iraq when that repression -- Two different conversation maybe maybe you'll do that if just say helpless if Latino really did this a shot she's right now and election assuming it's up. Doesn't actually he's got to know him he tells him right -- able to assume it's true. That's scary if some of armchair attempt from the guys in baseball ops I'm thinking I was thinking two years ago three years ago what's the point. Maybe though they say only stumble you know to give up players to get through back you just have to give them money and maybe Larry said -- Undo the purse strings and you don't take the money and it doesn't cost us anything but money we get the money bring him -- he hasn't stopped thank. Though it force us to move. Doesn't help the offense that it's your future moves to you get hot -- arguably even told them there will be no limit future I doubt that maybe you know yeah maybe. That aside I think the culture to that might be Tony this is logical or illogical. Even if they didn't have a all hankering. You for Stephen Drew and they did acquire Stephen Drew. With any at all these other problems. We -- at this point they still be a -- Absolutely still be an excellent of course. It helped the -- would be at Third Reich and and -- he'd get more action and that's true. You have that right maybe Gomes went hitless. We have got this. A couple of times a year every year we'd been together because sports life. -- it's at the end of -- as he's called the top here it is the biggest -- Big one but you say retire final. Contract. -- the oft repeated no bones about the money that your biggest -- -- always about the money to go. You have to buy it individually register -- envision what -- rocket Palmer pointed to Bullock that's classic and I think Anthony top and Albie you know Clemens bonds. Iran -- -- Euro Armstrong yeah in a whole separate category first ruin lies I have used steroids here. The only Gonzales -- Canseco. It's true that you only honest man I did not have sex with that in turn. That will want that one wants this. This might rank up there at the show policies -- -- he talks to Red Sox assistant general manager Brian -- -- And he runs the scenario by helium that bench Harrington had Stephen Drew upon. By Larry -- that's completely ridiculous and unfounded so we collectively. Which is baseball ops and ownership built the right thing to do. -- that was the right thing to do this team under the circumstances after will got hurt. We are glad to signed Steven and were glad we did the last line is we are happy to have Stephen Drew on this team. At the top ten. He's its money's not. That disruptive force everybody likes on the manager likes of me dozens peca house term school. And yet he is a disruptive force -- he forced -- -- to move forced. Hold the first woman to Leo field. And amounts and -- be in any better shape today about. They spent ten million -- enough and I'm not from. -- earned it right and so on fire like it was ever risk worth taking says it will fail billion dollars -- because the -- was so -- there was -- -- We pulled before right he can't hit right -- and they need they need to hitter or two. Hit on the beaches mean he's he fits right in because they got 34. Automatic -- Campbell and I won a bad it's you watching you think it's the best -- it is an MIC is common now. -- -- -- by a mile and the only in Ellsbury -- on but he peace talks in New York although I haven't checked and -- -- the October of last year was obviously -- -- garrido was good not great good and who was great defensively good probably possibly great great and -- ball off the face of Ortiz was much better last year and this year it is true yes probably a hundred points higher last year. But really the only. He pulled off the team was Ellsbury -- 57 more runs than any other can be useful mr. that's amazing it underneath the best -- -- where he runs apiece for. -- 853 last year. And now there at the tigers were sick Iceland 96 they're on pace for a 2700 runs everything that it -- hundred picked a good score under that's the goal it's they've gone from the best of the worst. Actually that would from the worst of the best of the worst yes. Many struggle I have some that's truly never seen anything like it -- anyone see in the front office to bench -- commented. Oh -- Lauren Hayes and -- these guys see it come I'm sure they thought you lose out this Ellsbury of last year. Some guys -- dimpled sure they thought you know it will be 10% -- she may be Bradley will struggle to play during -- certainly was injured wrist right that. So may would be you know top seven -- office but again without the Pedroia lost -- power it's gone Napoli got hurt. Middle Brooks. -- and got hurt the outfield was was great lectures and it was the third best open yes and baseball I'll feel my -- last. It was an slugger on the outfield a -- novelist -- little through a really good though -- really good years ago BP yeah six. 777 I 7937. -- lines are open Dennis and Callahan our number one when we come back I tell you. What what Donald Sterling did yesterday might be in the long run good or his reputation not bad.

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