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Executive V.P. of Baseball Ops for the Baltimore Orioles, Dan Duquette joins MFB, 6-9-14

Jun 9, 2014|

Former GM of the Red Sox, Dan Duquette, joins the show to discuss the impending suspension of Manny Machado, for throwing his bat. The free-agent signing of Nelson Cruz looks very good. And Duquette also talks about how the addition of a second wild-card makes it a lot harder to acquire talent during the season, because fewer teams are selling.

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Joining us right now on WEEI your home for Red Sox baseball as the former Red Sox general manager now. The executive vice president of baseball operations for the Baltimore Orioles Dan Duquette Dan thanks a lot for coming back Alice in Boston how -- -- event. -- -- -- where excellent thanks for -- to join us advance this series where you think -- Orioles stand right now in the big picture of things in the American League not just in the east but also competing for a wild card game and we think about where your team stands moving forward as repressed on through June. Well you know -- -- -- -- opposition. Rubin home. Reasonably haircuts and that is that's -- all normal and the matter and throughout the continue to computer get those carrots and let. You know to all of the -- triggered your card starting. He'll be prudent to have -- -- year. We're we're waiting for our man in the current senators particularly in years. Unfortunately we don't have leaders now. He has been available to a certain. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On the right time -- attention behind the orders to our -- where it's in sort of all of all we're still hanging in there. And not think we're legit concern as well. Oh did we talk to you beginning of the season you know saying how. You know the Osce has got a quiet via an -- on the last second he just jumped in it goes in and as an Eagles Nelson Cruz. This Nelson Cruz sunny right now I mean we give people put it up in the genius category here with this one here this is the past creates so we've seen a long long time. Well in these bigger here and I mean it was not great partner with forty home runs so. I think we got a little lucky that he who felt who are some. Frankly I'm not sure who would better positioned beside them and must resign Padilla pitcher hurt them of that and we're still doing great. You know at the numbers he's shown great leadership -- -- So in the league and home. And so. Not a single platform. They -- their effort that a fire up all -- is the person you're. Platform it is in -- -- -- while it was all about -- and. You do about Hugo Boss and look at Nelson Cruz at -- -- -- -- the -- -- the Red -- be more aggressive one -- eight million and -- I've said -- you'd just touched on it that. If you hadn't moved fourth Ubaldo him and as if you hadn't signed him to give up that first round pick for him. Would Nelson Cruz beyond your team right now. Well I'm not sure about her return. You know that most of this sort turbulent. I don't know what would want to give -- sort. Lou retton one is you know -- opinion there a lot of sense on the -- and certainly -- -- in there and you know you can make yards he would devote its. I think the fact that we side -- is you know give us an opportunity to side Nelson. You know the great thing about who's who's who's into the here -- needed to -- them. That in hitters that can hit in the playoff situation and its power and there are a lot of those on when. And you can witness on WEEI Dan what did you think when the Red Sox decide to bring back Stephen Drew and sign him. Well are not problems and talked about the Red Sox team and even look and let you have a good year last year and got -- -- -- and you know these are good solid -- in order so. You know wanted to contribute to their local sure. They damn Manny Machado had on par and -- got a little upset at Josh Donaldson for tag an amount which led to. I guess not really -- scuffle which maybe a discussion. Did you were you -- to find out why Machado was upset that Donaldson. Well I don't I don't know exactly what I was -- I'm I'm I'm pretty sure that he would -- that. Because you know turn them hard and you know man was soft sell naming -- think he has to. Side of the -- -- it is put. Let that go over -- yesterday and within that -- -- married consecutively and then you know me -- -- And you know the the we -- -- of the -- -- on Friday night after he has -- ballpark to -- what went -- -- side. Not the ball players -- hit it above all partner let's -- Muster up on the plate. And then little control of the rest of the series. And then -- mature side to him look like doll and down their bench. And protect them and then that would -- -- -- on Sunday in the numbers. They've got to want to marry. And that then some than currently and then the second time in England applies so. You know I don't like it was saw a relatively short that there are -- -- are not in Europe or and I thought we deserved it was. You know our other than like the way they let many do you suppose. Not won -- -- businesses that are very. The server that we wanted to in the certainly it. And declare whether senator seven WTI has he been suspended yet do you expect to suspension if not in itself. As the Trot Nixon. Incident back in 2002 a fair place to start at four games. Yeah. I haven't heard in the notices -- -- them on until the legal. They're both sides of the -- -- that along with dual -- cumulative net both sides of the we're not sure there's a distinct possibility of the suspension of the -- That you know -- and fired loans. And to the president isn't using. You know did you look at the American League and with the two wild cards now we look at this Red Sox -- say well they gonna need a bat in in -- theater. Got to solidify that oilfield while difficult is it. This time a year I don't know if you've made any calls not a -- -- your team but how opposite right now to go out there make a trader -- help and help the team. William. And -- into -- you -- stick around. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And really it's so that circle while her. So are there are many sellers. More like and so -- usually after the draft. It is completed you know when people start call. But I don't know there's just toppled so orders. Right now and you know who knows contenders it's in the order so it's going to be challenged that in about. I hope we won't listen to a mightily lately at odds with -- the other thing this deter the game. Against the Oakland Saturday night and it's a lot more. It's a lot more predictable he -- some admirers it must now. Yes I was gonna ask you Augusta Q Alec says -- having one run pixel moment that was it and that's the kind of guy you'd like to bolster your team with what about down the other kid Dylan Bundy we're winners yet. He and served so well he keeps real world today good all of that her -- change. And he didn't read -- at -- rehab assignment here in the next weaker so these. That it's not minors and then at the end of the martz. Should the roads were full time duty you have the surgery. These are not surgery a year ago at the end of you know so he's not scheduled he's so well and then. We. Knuckleballer. Who -- -- where bullets themselves pretty well is flat against him particularly knuckleball. Well open their dark men -- and symbol. I'm hopeful that -- give us -- -- room -- Susan we knew we didn't have Johansson had a little work where the other unfortunate injury on Friday. Words or so and -- read him online -- Let's get ready to -- pitch. At the end of the month. And then there was that remodeled -- -- -- have -- on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you can hear on 937 WEEI damage forcing -- been won like twelve years now since you've been with the Boston Red Sox and now running the Baltimore Orioles in the same division and a tight race. What's it like three -- still compete against the Red Sox so often here in the AL east. Well you know the other -- a great organization that that your last year and now. Idea are really into northern America when you sit up those numbers you're gonna it's gonna you know it knows is close to the home. -- Baltimore give me an opportunity. Oh but there were concerned that came here. And there are lots you know all the media. People. That would -- some you know like gone up there. And now we need a lot of that I've sent -- down here. It's humorous some. And that we'll see what cute and I but it comment and -- rivalry and I'm glad that they false fact in Baltimore when you're competitive he would he would answer well well well. Dan thanks a lot for coming on all the best continued success and thanks for joining us again here in Boston. Well you know I thought that it can't understand you can't formally the general manager of the Boston Red Sox and now the executive vice president of the Baltimore Orioles.

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