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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Tracy Morgan update 6-9-14

Jun 9, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

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Headlines a three time Peabody Peabody award winner and recent nominee for radio. Sponsor hall -- you know that your. Yeah yeah excellent yes second place yet. Probably finally -- -- this is the you're gonna make it is brought you by eighteen -- cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network. And we start with Tracy Morgan is expected to remain hospitalized for several weeks. Or surgery broken leg suffered in the crash -- -- turnpike that left two others critically injured and another man comedian Jimmy Mac McNair. Did 45 to war you have 45 year old Morgan group in critical condition early today Morgan spokesman Lewis case said. I -- Morgan is more responsive. Following the -- You heard this was your assurances he was. Drunken drunk behind the wheel of may baucus secede because he has been before he has a whole collection of very pricey cars -- -- and a Bentley I thought you struck you killed three people he killed himself right let's just assume that and then finally just an innocent guys in the bustle back from -- -- Delaware when the responsible -- right at somebody -- drive. Now he's limos in the back of these limo is my guess is that they're now -- at Seton thrown out and no way no shot. Now campy action Tracy Morgan afterwards he put this guy who said he was recently caught by a cop. Given to the ground behind the wheel of his car Google in the car with us spanking. Little daughter caught him right. I'm thank and there's no way this guy was not responsible populist rhetoric and a yet texting and com. But what you get a list of injuries -- broken everything -- area -- area that's the big all right my -- neck injury -- -- -- the whole thing but he's -- he's going to live he's almost as hurt as badly as Tony Parker was last he's got -- that he has -- oh yeah whatever that. A Wal-Mart trucks are from Georgia's been charged with death by -- four counts of assault by auto 35 year old Kevin roper apparently failed to slow for traffic. Early Saturday in New Jersey swerved to avoid the crash is rigs smashed into the back of mortgage proceedings label boss. But there is some reports Strauss at the time -- faults so this is gonna cost Wal-Mart. Well Wal-Mart had a statement right after this it would do whatever team did note that opera will do whatever it takes higher her red one liberal. Pundits and don't blame the driver and Wal-Mart are a lot of pushing and pushing it to -- -- how to deal be struck harvest to push pretty art. Actually Obama saying about saying that the image should be -- soccer stadium builders and cutter -- -- was tennis -- and why did she. -- soccer stadium builders did you watch miss USA 2014 last I did not. Jerry I missed that -- was -- of history watching Neil Patrick Harris in the angry inch on Broadway. Woman won the Tony for the record sixth time last Audrey McDonald I've never heard of my life though she is six Tony Awards. Historic night -- miss USA last you know like. And let me guess transgender. Hopkins dropped -- was -- it's going to be a one died club footed. Dwarf. Syphilis of Collison political Newton's second. Obviously -- the first ever miss Nevada. Crowned miss USS. About a -- wants his -- aren't there other states who have won. Probably to -- this historical Guam Guam a while -- -- -- runner up was miss North Dakota it was a it was a wacky night as US -- The Nevada I think that you -- It's always to be crazy. Right Las Vegas is near yet and it's beat Sanchez she's -- fourth degree black belt that's well she threaten the judges so she's Hispanic right -- that's important and if you suspect. That was -- your choice. I think it's -- just went through shoes I'd get the face by miss USA standards with a six. But I thought. I'm judging your. I don't have disqualified report. But the body is I mean slipped out second turn. Usually it's usually usually those mistakes machine does look like great -- some -- face. Excellent faith -- nine point five. Silly bastard the judge to ask this question was rumor Willis who was aborted run naked last weekend. New York City -- about safety here's. Response. -- -- Nevada Nevada and Nevada Nevada Nevada. I know everyone you know Bruins got their way of saying it right. Okay the miss USA contestants are under tight security. As a fourth fifth degree black -- Do you really need it. I appreciate them thinking that we have that I -- to take care of myself. And I felt very confident when they get everything. Cheer about. And the fact I putted Trump's hair looked at in those Ivins had to I was watching the baseball basketball I think -- much last night after confessing. Sure citizen do a lot from its women naked now time. The stroke. Senator Mitchell watches her bikini recently go on -- outsold by having more women watch at the -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- no other standards different for Miss America vs miss USA. Yes it's more beauty yes for USA yup. This time -- the other ones -- here it doesn't matter if you can play the full turn in register notice -- saying there's no this is skill set demonstration yet there's no like show you break any boards and their hands or anything now but she's a fourth degree black -- congratulations sir can I. Personally believe that. Yes Americans are unable to do sound beach head that some. People out there and -- nation and it don't have that in that I believe that I education like such as the South Africa and says that Iraq everywhere like such as is. I really bad day it says that our education over here and they yes it helped the US senators should help South Africa. Is it how to act heroes in front -- -- will be able to build up art teacher. Back. Thank you very much so. I thought he said Osama and the so well before saw she said thought -- United States US Americans US Mark Sanchez you know it's a bad -- So and it hurts that hurts more listen to the march numbers elbow hurt Tony Parker that's true that's still comfortable -- fill factor to graduate is -- -- -- congratulations. Alexander image who did pass away over this weekend he survived the Nazi invasion of Poland fleeing to Russia -- peacefully. His upper west side apartment on Sunday 811. At the time was the oldest living man in the world that 811. That's the older than anyone in -- oldest man in the world is now a Japanese man who was born just one day after. -- -- oldest man in the world for four days. How many women in the world are older than the oldest man. 57666. What does that tell you total walk out with 66 oldest. Living people in the world all women -- host -- That a worker's -- Thought that that's what you wanna hear right now I'm just wondering what went on strike is much -- smokers must judge not drink and you're not smoke you know children. You know he spent he retired in 1915. The key words are nice -- -- down how many notches on the list is Larry king's -- close he's third oldest man in the world learned that yes you have 606. Semi but he's the oldest one of those kids are still playing Little League right yet -- This just in story. Is Jerry Remy enters its second week of life in prison with no chance of parole the brutal murder of of of Jennifer -- tell his lawyer prosecutors will meet today on whether to unseal. The transcripts of a closed door meeting last month that proceeded his surprise change -- -- The may 22 discussion between defense attorney -- Ryan. But govern judge. Which lasts about an hour was instantly impounded by -- all parties were barred from talking about. So it was the negotiation session yet there was a chance that's going to be unsealed. This week why why when deputy what you why would be interesting just to find out see what man Jeremy tell you why he may learn something we didn't know -- -- read that transcript yes I would I guess. -- he didn't righted that he. Yes I thought Athens Ohio lottery that's disinterested about it yeah yes -- possibly keep quiet when that happened sometime this week sometimes they don't be today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They wouldn't -- public record right of its true yeah and there's no wanna protect here it's already done. You think in the fixes and again I don't know I'm just I'd be curious to see what happens today will find out doesn't seem like Jeremy has run out of papers. At this point you know does not one of the table too late. Yeah and I would imagine at this point that's that is probably the case this at the excel like he's gonna get special treatment in jail. Now is back is gonna grow parent now and it's just going to be Harry back. The shape itself that is of course of the shave your back are hard to do as you know hard to do crazies get a couple of high school kids come over. It was Saturday I watched TV -- back when Miguel industry guys go to an ever. Finally I -- Brian when are these really good that he's a really good action -- yeah. Finally man and woman ambushed two police officers eating lunch and Las Vegas restaurant this is awful. Shoot them dead at point blank range before fleeing to a nearby Wal-Mart. Ridiculed the third person than themselves in the apparent suicide pact authorities said. Yesterday. Tough weekend for wall I didn't get the white -- get news like couldn't have done a lot more damage if they were just determined he'll. Right -- they killed two cops in the killed some poor woman -- at Wal-Mart the female susteren Q1 of those people Wal-Mart yes. Well oh I hope hum that's it I wouldn't kill each other -- one she killed him the -- and -- -- her if it's possible that suicide pact. -- -- -- -- Maybe heated -- the arts initiative forum. But why didn't if they really wanted to go on blazing glory -- to mean people are embodied it. I sure am too I'm just saying when you first hear it -- gunman above rice and must kill -- and dozens well. After shooting officers the pair fled to the Wal-Mart across the street where they kill the person inside the front door. Exchanged gunfire with the cops before killing themselves the female suspects shot the male suspect. Before killing yourself -- victim's identity has been confirmed. The suspects' names have been released one of them said this is a revolution. When they killed cops and by the pizza parlor. Right that was right my hand out green point and that tells cops and a pizza parlor right now straight -- I was thinking that too when you hear the start of a revolution yet. And that's all you do all you got we should officer Alan -- forty was 41 with the department since 2001 leaves behind a wife and three children who. Igor sold those the other ones -- the forces 2006 and survived by wife new baby probably. Of these shootings would you say we've had so far this year does this what does one every week and a half percent in every Seattle just the right days ago that every couple days every couple days does it does and that's. Nominal sure it'll find you'll find out more about these two suspects -- what's gone it's strange story wrapped up the same thing this revolution and revolution to the cops -- yeah at a restaurant until themselves -- revolution. But it didn't take off on the now -- followers and that's headlines brought you by AT&T. 777979374. Lines are open we will talk with you -- -- back when we come back I'm going to explain why I am no Jack Bauer. In fact I'm not even close.

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