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Butch Stearns and Jerry Thornton on the passing of Don Zimmer

Jun 8, 2014|

Butch and Jerry remember Don Zimmer and why they believe he's such a lovable character and will always be remembered.

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Reading from an article in -- still sports published earlier this week by my coast this morning Gerri bulletin titled our IP Don Zimmer. And I love how you start this off Jerry. -- I suppose if you're part of the ever younger skewing bar stool demo. Who thinks like began when nanometers -- beat the rams a note to -- probably just remember Don Zimmer is the old -- yankees' bench coach. Pedro Martinez grabbed by the Giles who -- Robert Giles. And so likes to defend infield Bakken -- three and if that's you. I honestly feel bad for you little millennial hoax. And you want to chronicle his career as miracle -- -- snap respect cowardice. Utter failure paying Steven. I currently cowards way out I encourage -- read Jerry's article REP dons a browser -- read Bob Ryan's article in the globe the other day. About Don Zimmer where he tells. He reminds us of the things we remember Zimmer for those -- -- this generation. Of 75 when he was the third base coach and any duo get thrown out at the plate and -- yelled no no no and any deal said he heard go go go. We would go read Brian's piece I -- -- -- the same store because it bothered me heal my entire life like. You could have yelled something that doesn't -- I got. Re -- and place like. Think another event but it was most arsenal people only remember team's six this every night series. As -- Robin Williams had to go to see about a girl in goodwill on yet which it was that night yet com. The other stories are bill Lee manager herbal thing I actually talked to Billy about it and it's in his book space. And is a great line in his book where he says. He was asked a question by New York writer Billy -- the rat what you called Don Zimmer. He says I just thought to myself furry little cheeks -- -- The buzzing here he goes I called in the journal and its stock was never never game fort but his line in his book is. Did summit that's I said of do you feel bad about after all these years he goes yeah it was really a bad thing to do with the poor defenseless animals. You know. And he Dallas the classic battle between an old school. You know too conservative rock group baseball lifer and Lee who was really one of the first like China iconoclast. You know that that that. He was and maybe yeah I guess it was a BB Ballmer -- is that the the two cultures just like. Mean he didn't each other's heads in at at that time in in history was like it was nothing like that as well -- city before essence. Has Bob Ryan writes I want to read this paragraph and get some Zimmer up pretty well. But the year most Red Sox fans of a certain age were called most vividly was 78 yes when the Red Sox could not hold a fourteen game lead over New York in late July. Zimmer is transgressions. In that collapse included. Playing butch Hobson every day when it was apparent his right elbow shot Alia bomb overplaying called -- in most notably. Having an almost complete inability to get along with -- pitching staff bill -- At this point angry with a -- with whom according to Bob Ryan he should have bonded over their mutual love for the game of baseball. Nicknamed him the journal and I don't think Jimmy ever forgave. Or forget pitcher Ferguson Jenkins was another enemy. My own theory according to Ryan was that Zimmer having twice been beaned at a sub conscious hatred of pitchers as a species. There's no doubt that the relationship was counterproductive. And then the other point at which I love Bob Ryan tells obituary here. And I can tell you. All I can tell he was Don Zimmer was kind of thoughtful man went in the company of non pitchers. On the last road trip in 1977. He threw little get together its hotel suite for the writers. With whom he was always very approachable and -- a year later. He get wind that fact that I was going to Butte Montana he is son Tom an independent league manager in order -- feature story. He called meal right behind home plate pressing a fifty dollar bill in my hand and said you'd take common Marianne out to dinner. And Ryan goes on to say that was 1978 so yes in view. Montana you can get three state dinners for fifty dollars a but memories of Don Zimmer and -- and then of course the Pedro thing. As you point out Pedro was on the radio recently seen any regrets he had any regrets he regrets that he had -- But -- yeah Don Zimmer in his seventies charging like a bull at Pedro there I've never seen video what Pedro saw yeah match. Right up and -- it probably comic Howard how. That day of feisty old bastards arm. The thing coupled Zimmer is it's hard to overstate. How big. A story he was how many years in this town into this very studio how much. He meant to talk radio is he was always in this in this storm is always the center of of controversy. In he was his by his nature kind of in skinned guy like you could tell it it cold Lee went up the spine when people. Meet for a moment and called them out so that just made people column out even more. Ended in that appeal like like a snake eating its tail you know like a cycle just created it in perpetuated itself. -- me and my friends I'm in it was a kid that put. We argued nonstop about Zimmer but everything that he half the guys and you want them fired I tended to stick up form even while. You know that that 78 collapse made the that it chicken and beer collapse look like a speed ball I mean that was that was gigantic like. You know that was a team that had to win I think that lasts seven teams that role as the the the playoff. Com. When -- it -- my to me unfortunately. On a couple vivid memories of Zimmer personally one in the seventies and into the track almost every week -- friends on -- -- with his -- a lot of track. It and I wasn't in the media back then it was high school kid going to college and I introduced myself a couple times and he was gracious but he was and he went to the track every day -- the dog track worst and agency could either at the ball park track. And that was the seven he's Red Sox to me is a fan. Unfortunately. -- Those might have been. The greatest -- sex teams ever yes they left would not gonna -- for a while they left with. A game seven loss of probably the greatest World Series -- sure he wasn't the manager and he was at third base coach. Darryl Johnson was. But he was at the home of the teams -- is like the Bruins not winning in 71 and only winning two cups. The big bad -- it one more cops are instructional -- World Series on with the lineups that they have. 178 which they won 99 games and went home thinking -- and get there was no post season for them that was in the wild card debt he just it was kind of this. Tragic Karen yeah a tragic figures -- too harsh a word that you as a guy that just. Bad things sort of happen to a man who we -- -- he was like. The Forrest Gump of baseball like he was all isn't. But also lake in all these big moments that you played with Jackie Robinson says he was at third base and it 75 World Series -- Disks home run basically went over his head home. Weirdly and I forgot to write this in the attic like -- myself later you remember this fact the bottom. He was in the crowd in San Juan Puerto Rico of the date Carl will land at the tightrope walker felt was death. Our -- like I will look it up but I am going by memory but I swear him. Read that Mike the globally he was on a wicked pictures it was routed around trying to -- crazy and well enough that I wrote it to this day I can't look at a baby without evaluate how much the baby looks like semi. And they all -- and so Blake is a big big cheeks in the balls hit in the big years in Mosul stubby arms. What you would yield on your baby again and hoping and. OK but -- -- to -- you can Wikipedia this and it's there but what would. But you forget about Zimmer we -- know is Red Sox fans remember get -- yes and relegating it being replaced at 66 years in the game days. He told anybody within -- shot all the time. It never -- paycheck outside of baseball -- the track has happened -- -- any is proud that he would always like to see never gonna check out of the game of baseball. But we get it ahead. That basically led to baseball bringing helmets and looking up I didn't know this one -- -- resumed it was the first player to Wear a helmet. In baseball after that mainly because of Don Zimmer getting beaten. Nokia again and I'm gonna and we had a metal plate in and instead I think beautiful set -- China -- help here's the facts from. When he gets stuck in 1953. July 7 the was struck by a pitch thrown by Jim Kirk. Causing -- lose consciousness he suffered a brain injury that required surgery he woke up two weeks later. Thinking that it was the day after the game with the incident took place. This led Major League Baseball to adopting batting helmets is safety measure used by players when a bat. He'll resume it was the first player to use the batting helmets and if I'm not mistaken the last player and not Wear a batting helmet. Played on autism with the republic of Montgomery and and he was -- he was the backup Quechua eczema always -- anybody that -- money his ad -- -- -- -- -- -- The love him. Let's go to Michael in Plymouth hi Michael. Good afternoon gentlemen are you good afternoon I'm by itself. A lot of problem spots are -- One I think that. What how he can't 1978. Was instructive. And one at issue is how the team won eight overall and fourteen to collapse fifty. So I I think it's how you reacted immediately to collapse the teen turned it well just to force the one game play off. I don't remember him complaining by the way but it was -- -- are things that. The Yankees fired managers during the seat in the 1978. So -- didn't have to manage the Yankees whole speech. -- your -- complaint like. So it hold on Michael if you are lasting. Point about 1970 is that Zimmer deserves credit for them winning their last eight games to force the playoff you are correct but it's incomplete. To say that the reasoning into an eight gorilla in the first place there's a bunch of factors under that. That that people will point to how you. How you justify them is up to us as fans but he played Fisk it catcher 1540062. Games started Bobby's Raoul. Any game against the Yankees instead of bill -- one day because of his personal feelings against him when we had won like ten. Of or twelve of twenty decision against the Yankees over the three year period before that. On any play cops and wait to walk and yeah so much. Hudson was literally moving bone chips out of his elbow between pitches and him and he it and he was it was the worst role. Across that in infield that have never seen before why you are accurate to say that they want -- in a row and Zimmer got them -- -- one nanny nine games it's not the complete story is my point. The problematic it is -- to complete a best I think. I think best typified by what Joseph -- concern on the ESPN Sunday night game. Think it was in 2001. Celebrating its fiftieth year in Major League Baseball. Enjoy -- made a point that Don -- is celebrating its 58 era baseball. And -- Negroponte -- -- job. Rock because he's got more friends with anybody in baseball and I submit that. But the the debate troubles are better -- and have a friend asked that and I think it would. No question he's probably like the ball been built space immediately got a reality well. Personally I think Barack baseball remember about the interest Billy Bob I didn't have the evidence the other night rexrodt put on the -- It's holding back the tears. Apart or observers doubt I think the guy was extremely well. Oh I don't I don't think Mike wouldn't deny what you're saying it all he was very well liked him Ferrell are respected he spent 66 years. In the game of baseball and compared to bill Lee in the game of baseball on the body work your right however I wouldn't go to the point. And -- -- in my opinion from my dealings Billie Billie loves the game baseball now was your -- did he handle it different ways. He was a true baseball guy when you talk to bill -- you wanna talk baseball he's one of my favorite people to talk baseball with he know gaming and. But can actually both orbit yeah I agree with what my personality that early I deployed the true but I'm just being honest about that. In the last sixty. Or so years. The -- -- the most storied teams in baseball the 55 Dodgers the 78 Red Sox in the night in Yankee. He was a part of local and you know we're both 1978. Right. -- the final result of sort seems to a lot of pretty bad. I guess so. -- put -- this bottom line boats emirates. It's funny to listen to over the last you know ten or twelve years around nearly people get all worked up about. Frank Conan dues in his kitchen staff for Jon Farrell's sent a lion apple whatever. And it's not a fraction of the kind of controversy that -- -- was was apartment here I mean he fueled. About five years of nonstop. Debate and argument and -- it was fine and I would launch Sports Radio in this -- wise all that is no question in the fact that it bothered him when he got ripped. Just made him get really want him after court -- several times yeah I you know city tell a story once about down. Only his daughter is in the cart crying and because -- -- like I don't -- IT guy and and not the sport subtle which like I grew up listening to Tom. They used to play this clip and I they played at so many times if someone wasn't making sense they were placed limits and that at that story adjustment to -- made and he doesn't know complete news to me I know I don't know nothing about it. And they wouldn't let you use his name on the year -- it bothered him so much data code name they had the column Chiang Kai -- What -- heard it as it was hilarious in the board -- on the funny or not. Larry and Jim you guys next which Stearns Terry Thornton sports Sunday more after this.

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