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Butch Stearns and Jerry Thornton on Sports Sunday Discuss the Belmont Stakes, the Triple Crown and Steve Coburn's Rant

Jun 8, 2014|

It's Butch Stearns and Jerry Thornton in for Buck on this fine Sunday morning and the guys kick things off discussing the Belmont Stakes yesterday. Due to the Triple Crown implications, there was a ton of coverage on California Chrome leading up to the race, but the horse couldn't pull through. That led to a hilarious, now infamous rant from the horse's owner Steve Coburn. The guys have some fun with Mr. Coburn and his honesty/anger.

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Started right off the topic he would use the avenues of what you -- community. First thing you do is all about 6177797. You're out here in the vast WEEI Sports Radio station in network. And maybe you don't have that number -- your brain but he showed it 61777979. Please if you prefer texting you -- those guys like breaks are elected to the island runaway. You could use the anti tax 137. 93 cents Twitter you can find us at WEEI. -- finest at am Loper -- -- -- opera producer you can find myself at sports stars in you confine our -- calls this morning. At Gerri. One JE RR YTH -- -- one is if there would be. And the first Mexicans indicate it off Jerry -- which. Yes -- yeah well as I read that. Read it yet that's a kick in the -- -- Iraq from a safe distance and that though let's noble from a highway overpass in the -- into the woods so -- Buckley is. On his way back from New York he can read and Harold the writes an article about what I think is the top story -- -- -- today you wake up maybe. Actually it is I turned on on the today -- a Sunday morning today show. They talked about Tracy Morgan's unfortunate acts in critical condition if they -- a couple of things and they led. With California -- owner Steve Colbert so I think we have to start there don't yell yeah. That absolutely I mean I had a bunch of people over yesterday and the first question I have -- was. -- can we watched. The the the Belmont from from now absolutely and you know kind of not watch him it's only three races at -- I don't know a soul that follows. -- Orbit -- except those three days out of the year and you can miss them. I'm what you what your take on this week I'll be a yard side yet -- well just satellites like likes it. A lot takes on -- but let's hear from Steve Colbert if you missed this. Let's set up folks just waking up in -- we're gonna -- big deal out of this because everybody else's. Few if you're Twitter follower for example just searched the hash tag sore loser. And enjoy. A case to Steve Coburn one or co owners but the the main face got it look like colonel Sanders Sheila from from Kentucky fried chicken. Was out the -- was. Videotaped him on it and more face time then than anybody yesterday in the nation. California -- loses a very interesting race had to go to the turn and go out wide and that's stepped on early his trainer called it imagine getting your thumbnail ripped off her fingernails ripped off. And that's what happened to -- is not making excuses just reality. Anyway California chrome trying to become the first Triple Crown winner as Jerry said -- don't horse racing Kentucky Derby preakness. And and I I mentioned is not to be remedial but there's a reason for this we -- to Steve Colbert comments then the Belmont Stakes which is the third race in five weeks only three year old -- Only certain horses can do this wants why would have -- Triple prominent endorsement but he lost he lost to horrors. That did not run in the first two legs in Matt. Currently had Steve Colbert the owner Olympic operatives were Colbert had to say when he Mike stuck in his face right after the reaction. Christine Coburn and -- Martin and all those with California home. Throughout it all Steve -- an amazing ride while -- your thoughts as they turned for home. Well I thought is gaining ground but. He didn't have an inning apparently and nobody -- -- -- three this is his -- very big race. Horses they always settlement its preset amount trying to upset the cart I'll never shot 61 years old I'm never see. In my lifetime I'll never see another Triple Crown winner because the way they do this is not fair to these sources. That have been in the game since day 100. This way if you can't make enough points in the Kentucky Derby you can run in the other two races. Paula if you had your way you would say you've got to run the Triple Crown. Or you cannot come up in the Belmont will be a fresh -- that's right it's all -- nothing it's all or nothing. Because this is not fair to these sources that -- big run in the guts out for these people and for the people who believe in them. Perhaps somebody didn't come up like this is the coward's way out in my opinion this is the coward's way out. So you think they came right after your horse that was the plan just like they have other potential trouble exactly. Horse not a target on his back everybody else lays out again or they won't run in the Kentucky Derby over the previous they'll wait till the -- You know what if you've got a horse -- three if you've got -- horse that can -- journal if you got a horse. That earns points to run in the Kentucky Derby -- joining portion of the start of the decade for the only forty available. Eligible to run and all three races this is the coward's way out stayed acknowledged that tough love we hope to see him down the road. And that I don't care at the end that your heard caught on camera was actually his wife. Telling him to come down at him turning around and saying America. I don't care so the facts on this whole list was the winner paid 2040. From the eleven post commissioner finished second medal count finished third. California chrome finished fourth -- strong the worst it was named after that. Marathon bombing victims finished fourth which a lot of experts picked up sent him to California -- doesn't do it. I glad you've played a whole thing map because all everybody seeing is the coward's way out and to your point Gerri here's my first take this is the coward's way out. You're absolutely right. Most most the majority 90% or more you not pay attention a horse racing shape for these. Three things so everybody that's weighing in on Twitter and our not our bread racing fans however SP -- erect an -- that it which of these pretty good. He says what we wanted -- to feel good story before our eyes turned into one of those youth hockey tournaments. When otherwise -- parents scream and shout. And decried the injustice of it all the target on his back he was upset Steve Colbert supposedly that they -- California wrong Seattle. He was right about this that they did have a target on his back I mean at one of the jockeys for the race was interviewed said. You know how you gonna feel a few beating them and I'm gonna -- app is guy in the world and then I'll feel -- a little bit later run that we didn't write history what's your take. First and foremost what he's talking about how it's unfair. And you know target on his back and -- it. The sources are at their animals their brain is about besides your fist OK all thinking is run. And you hate them and and make BB horses in the it's pretty legit. But I love are always reason people always this I had all the by the way over it sounded like Richard -- drivers from -- exact and I says it all sharks do is eat. And speed and make little baby sharks it like that think that would objected to pictured at a National Geographic. I cannot I Atlanta's lineup hot lunch I could do -- back -- but. You know I inside these feelings and emotions to these these forget beast you know it used these sources is neglect -- -- -- while someplace but anyway. I kinda like this I kinda like you've been a slow loser. But I'm kind of a joint effort the last got one he's got sort of a valid point I mean. If you if the Triple Crown is gonna be a thing. And obviously it is because all of America's been talking about it's as always wins the Kentucky Derby world saint Triple Crown Triple Crown of one run on the list of you know the voices of Donna I want it's been whatever. It it's going to be a thing then it's going to be three level playing field right I mean you can't also do solid team into OK okay -- Let's let's make an analogy this is like. The Denver Broncos beating the patriots in the AFC championship game last year and all of a sudden. I don't Andre Johnson was cut by the Houston Texans in the in the post season and they pick him company throne and to bring him -- other's roles in the team sports that don't allow you to do that but this is not that my issue with -- it is -- -- here's why don't think he has a point. Okay a because this is big going on for years -- three year old -- that they don't get to run when their four year old or five year old or sexual one. Time being in this horse in these owners of that what you have another horse they asked all or nothing. That's number one number two always. He even though took a little while to work up to and again that's what I'm glad Matt played the whole thing but I don't hold anybody responsible. A 1000%. For getting Mike in their face and the reaction right after game your are right after an event and this is a guy who's not. LeBron James he hasn't been in the spotlight all of a sudden boom he's the story of the country in Minnesota coward's way out. So we worked himself up into a frenzy to get to that point. Cowards. So would I like about this -- about this is now he probably was not you know there's a lot of the owners and trainers there. Thoroughbred racing league you know they've been here before right so you always get is working class group of people that is out. -- healed chant yes yell from -- -- horse breeders say yes there always gives -- little richest of the rich so I think what we're hearing from Colbern actually he has. The cold shoulder and he got along the way -- -- won the derby and his group the genteel would probably like. OK so area in on on the the guys from the sons of Italy and guys from the yeah. -- VFW are now going to be you know be in the winner's circle and goodness so he gets some of that but I don't. Think his point is valid because this horse is -- three year old source had a chance and by the way it was a great race. It was a great race if you if you are Farber guy and I used to go to awards are educated and talk a lot for people I don't -- as much anymore at all. But but when he assumed she came down the stretch and had to go outside so he can make. He can make because the Belmont is the longest stretch run of the three races it's it's legendary twice secretary pictures -- most famous pictures and sports with Ron Turk outlook and over shoulder. Six ranks right younger Triple Crown. What. But once he went outside and had a longer stretch running -- -- course is like wicked strong and analysts to ended up winning. He didn't have a chance and then you find out later that he did get her coming up in the sports story of what I like so. I don't think he has a point I don't agree with this point is my point. Well you know right or wrong I'm just kind of on his side Catholic -- at about -- That he's -- those advocating not did you asleep he's asleep like Baffert his kids I know his name. On the very wealthy guys and then there are horse racing wealthy you know that they hold the -- of richness. And here's a guy who's basically maybe middle class is a stretch. But basically is courses a middle class -- I mean -- it it I forget the exact dollar figures but it's mother and it's either will like. They bought like eight randomly when he 500 or something like that basically. You know that about fifty cents a pound I think you know it it vague because more than like ground chuck at that at the store and the story about how it all through ten grand together and bottom wars and on -- Chancellor Richard yeah around and -- -- elbow at these people been doing it in in this country since they only ended on the mayflower or whatever. And so I kinda like him sort of break in the China whatever it had a slight jump ended at the end do that that's -- you know you're you're in the middle of a road rage incident that you like that China now calmed down to come -- -- up. It has exactly the the opposite effect so yeah and obviously it's an emotional moment for the for the guy he's probably cost them like. I think I heard one million bucks if they won. The Triple Crown twenty million bucks like that's not some. That's not a -- you what I did you would be when I just didn't acknowledge that tough love we hope to see him down the road. I think -- there until it is like I don't that I sound like a jerk after a break. Guys isolate the audio if it played -- you -- a -- of -- have caught him called a woman and what I like our lines are lit up already on this so let's dive into we'll get to the Red Sox Jerry -- here so. He and I will talk patriots we can't sit with -- each other out talking page you know I was never not seasoned guy and I and you wrote and -- article about Tom Brady now not being one of the elite quarterbacks in the yeah. And a -- about I can anticipate. Some of the things the east there -- an article let's go to nick in Weymouth Jerry thought Stearns Matt -- taking calls and. Several reports on the do everything yeah which. -- it a -- a little bit more eloquently you know articulated that it did the idea well and unfair none of it would. It's it's it's a tough side and it's up outside to try to win the Europeans courses you know it's it's. Cents. It is important that our audience. That's the beauty of the Triple Crown race. You have to overcome our allies obviously. If he's -- -- -- against and all of those races. You maybe going against the -- and the race like in a couple of months even in the Kentucky Derby suddenly that. And yet so what I've taken it maybe with nation do. To create a more incentivizing idea big media -- -- awkward huge prize for the winner of the Triple Crown race. But you'll only way you can win that is -- have to be -- -- is so maybe out of some of the course some horse owners to try to run at all. So I think digital -- doesn't visa -- don't somehow I'm. All right thanks for the comment. I think there is an actual prize out of -- or whatever the sponsor is now -- I'm not -- Attention to -- close enough but that's what I think the twenty million here's what I find is the interest in part if if we -- -- -- of this -- tenured owner Jerry that he has -- That it could be changed OK good then let's discuss that let's go that route and discuss it is it unfair. -- -- the coward's way out if that. That the -- that you know horse that won the third leg of the triple that they came in game seven this is the coward's way out is it is at the coward's way out that the course became in game seven didn't play in the first six games of the series you know what if you've got a horse -- -- -- -- Yeah I mean really. Well again you can't just drop a team in the NBA finals that's been like you know -- since training camp I mean everyone has stuck. Has to play the same number of games and -- it to get there that's not this I I get that there -- His horse racing every day in every city in America. -- What the Triple Crown is -- think it at all or nothing if if you're gonna make this this price thing then wouldn't you require it. To be you know -- that everyone has to be and -- freely as otherwise you're it would do is point you would never gonna get another Triple Crown winner and we haven't in whatever at 38. Years or six -- shall follow me on this only because of your graduate from high school remember. And -- -- to about affirmed winning the Triple Crown it was an Alley dock and second all three races -- that was true Abdul. First and second in all three races -- armed tallied eleven forget the the globe headline the next day it was oppose a photo of nominated it's affirmed. And the it was about a millimeter between them yet in the distance it was like at the the best photo finish haven't -- -- -- title it's -- your analogy compared to other sports the other four major sports. Your point is that it's a good point do we ever see in other sports but somebody comes off the scrap -- whatever they command and they haven't played in the series of their injured maybe. And other things and folks please big in your memory banks and think of guys that have come in with a cape on and not played and done this but if you fall your analogy. Three year old during their sophomore season and horse race -- his two year old pretty much so this would be Zander Bogart's. For example coming in and playing in the World Series and he did it his first year last year and not paying dues. Throughout the Ceres -- throughout the season. Did you get him to be in a deciding factor in the World Series. I mean he can only happen that one year is my point -- sophomore year. Like this can't happen again next year and there's an -- and these are the best of the best to get so. While I wanna I wanna I wanna go on your side Jerry you know how I wanna follow it I wanna say there's some logic to it I'm sorry horse race has been around for. Hundreds of years and this is the way it's been it's sour grapes on his part mr. sour grapes a part of me can't get past the thank you graduated in 1978. He got its. Look at -- -- -- really -- you're Republican enemies dead Gerald and and I just for men don't -- -- let's go to rest let's go to restaurants -- is next -- Oregon State due to the good. What I. Open the paper risky but whose call this -- -- -- the guy on CB made the comment about the race. So grapes yes so this is going to be the poster child. So outrage from some concern. You've got a guy that has a horse like that that was like that you're happy he wins the preakness might yeah I wish I get that money to live on the rest of my life. Now in all it was a walk quantity of aid. But my point is is this it was shots out of all the other horses in the right what I want to mention anything. Before the race but that came out about it -- read and think about it at all everybody else it. But they have to say that. Just go away. If that fifteen minutes of saying thank hikes no way to. The product of the -- for the outrage to send all those things. I just opened at it from the guy that I've what's your opinion on that like music and performance. It's it it's it's a good point and by the way. She may be that you have enough coverage of it over the last three days so we didn't have and I think I think the. See Japanese need to pay everything you know they listen I'm not I've been watching races. Since the late sixties my father loved the -- well the courses. It was always on the look forward -- I am far from being an expert. I'd just love -- love you know occasionally gone you know to the races it is anymore light ones obviously bounces -- like we can -- But anyway it's a great sport and all those horses and outrageous. It went that they weren't the best they would have bet that now but look at the racism -- How many what you think we're won that race and won the triple -- pick up for a elect values in all these subtle or. What do you mean I'm not sure exactly what you mean. You know it is like. -- like block some orchestration. Lately it's kind of like it well it's called Don -- feel a little bit as far as quality. Overall. You agree with that. I don't know I'm not in tune with horse racing is much I -- I will say that just like baseball prospects or sports prospects it it's cyclical. A horse comes around a special horse comes around so it's part Austin now with the oil that virtual. And and it also knows. Let me let me get your point because -- -- -- chomping at the -- to comment -- -- -- To your point Russ about the same thing before and I wanna read these couple paragraphs in the story I got this morning. Steve. The owner of California -- Steve Colbert. Took offense to the misspelling of California on his saddle blanket of leaving it was an intentional slight. Against the supposedly less reputable California bred horse so he's playing the coast to coast thing. Okay this is before the race -- you know they said it afterwards. Along with the -- the trainer. Arch and the -- Iraq Sherman threatened. As you remembered hold California -- out from the Belmont Stakes difficult denied permission to race with a nasal strip by the way the jockey on. To which I thought was pretty cool you know that puts the jockey -- -- -- planning. All along -- -- -- and the decline of the sport. According to this article all long. Tying it partly to the choice by owners and trainers of the lead. Other early three year old to bypass the preakness and rest for the Belmont so whether we heard it and not in the second article I've read apparently was. Saying this before it doesn't excuse him for the reaction afterwards but does it -- are. You why why is the sport not what it used to be -- still just. It still discourses and in oval track I mean look at what is it an expansion -- -- every. It's -- -- steroids relative does support a well to you dissolve it in and other drugs have come at all those things of go to Walgreens run -- through their veins I get that many think it ought to make them. Faster and better right I mean I tell you why it's not the sport used to be there just. They're just horses and dirt. Which should not at all the necessities so you actually -- Triple Crown what is it by remote. Right secretariat Seattle slew of you know that's Japanese mean it obviously didn't like you know it is. It's it's just the fact that the quality has gone down somewhat as far as what situation. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My question is why aren't we have -- the many more. And I think cobra touched on at the reason we don't have many more as this because nobody can win three races in a row when there are. Courses that don't have to run in all of them. We have take a break Jerry -- here I'm -- Stearns. This is sports Sunday at WB I when we come back at Baxter makes a good point. He says hey guys. If California -- came in second quote may be. The guy Steve has a point. We didn't some of the horses -- come ahead of California chrome also run in the derby giving that answer and more we come back on sports on WB yeah this is a coward's way out. That is California. Chrome co owner Steve Coburn. In his comments immediately after the Belmont Stakes yesterday. That is subject number one we're talking about parents sports Sunday and by WBI Jerry Thornton a bar -- sports is alongside I'm what Stearns Matt Loper. Is taking your call 617779790. -- emulated. And and not to pick it's with Coburn but. If you really wanted to welfare and as the horses like. Put a midget on their back and -- black film with a right crop isn't really fair to -- -- that I did this last week use that term digit techsters are gonna jump all over wrestle real vertically challenged person about that. Laughter. Do at this little person -- -- -- is -- huge is still OK to you realizing five years Jerry didn't bother me yeah okay I'm just talent but well I mean you know at at small. -- have to. It out there you realize five years and now little person will be the offensive -- have to come up with some other that this is a -- to work you know -- -- -- I don't. I don't like to get -- in the language here linguistics but. There's nothing patently offensive about that word it's just the combination of vowels and consonants but okay it will still -- we'll say Hobbits how's that. I techsters are flying in on the eighteenth -- -- on a 3793%. The biggest difference between horses of today and prior year's journey in which is the breeding. And the training you think they didn't breed train back 36 -- I -- -- my seventh grade youngest daughter's. Play last night. -- Stearns -- -- -- shout out they did death camp rock Ross graduation rates are middle school bridge. But couple weeks I was -- in the paraded out seventh grade boys. Reading and train said it hit me that these kids are like 64. And they're in seventh grade I mean. Horses it's everybody -- the -- this stuff tonight LA I think I've I've been coaching baseball and football for like eleven years and I coach seven. Graders last year enemy. We had kids and a team that could roll the -- Further than every single coach we tried enemy kids who have like. It just it's like 25 right now and I'm not just a boy another -- says Tom there is no longer the visa Triple Crown challenge OK and I get to the question nineties before the break about how many of them or system. Look at that up exactly but I have a short answer right now. But somebody else -- mr. butch get a straight it was thirty. One links with secretary knock 26 and he's correct I looked up and why that figure 26 in my mind but what it's about secretary. Secretariat. For those of you folks who weren't old enough in 1973 -- -- member would ever wanted to look it up. You'll understand why secretary is considered one of the greatest sports stories ever done because. If you saw yesterday one of the hardest things to do with sports even though it is in the horse's mind -- I agree to your point although I do have different opinion between. Is the hardest thing to do sports is to win when you're expected to how to win when you're the only one expected to yesterday's -- secretary not only one. 131. Blanks but he had four other horses race. -- that that you're just broke my brain really -- -- 'cause I've seen the highlight a million times its front agree YouTube's well ever. I can't or call that the wasn't really like you and 1973. Belmont. Only four horses competed against secretary for the June 9 1990. 1973 running of the 105 Belmont Stakes including sham who would finish second in both the derby in the preakness soul like -- darn affirmed. To a friend -- dark came into the 1978 Belmont Stakes and fronted the Alley -- closely in both those races and it's a true match race and then the third. Race they command and and he beat him again. She am had finished second in both the derby and preakness. Along with three other ports is thought to have little chance by the batters twice a prints. Mike gallant and private smiles with so few courses in the race and which secretary expected to win. No show bets were taken secretary went up as -- -- the -- favorite to bet to abduction made twenty cents at. -- the death of one to ten favorite in the race. Com to forty to place. Before a crowd of 67000. Secretary Sheehan -- faster -- -- opening ten links on the rest of the field. So those are those reports are just -- -- -- paced courses right Phillip pace -- Indy 500. After six furlong mark Sheehan began to tire ultimately finishing last. Secretary continue to fast pace and open up a larger and larger margin on the field. CBS television announcer chick Anderson describes the -- pace -- -- commentary secretary is widening now he is moving like a tremendous. Machine. He opened up to built the largest record that most point five links anyone by 31 likes and be right. And did you see the movie by the way the Disney movie -- okay I love that you know what I I'm a sucker for I. If I say okay only because wasn't quite as good as sea biscuit. You know this was a great move yes it would just kind of made better late you know Toby McGuire Chris Cooper -- -- this marsh field guys that couldn't agree he was CBS it's a better movie. The secretary but it's a poor man's miracle. You are -- yes exactly it. Critical public beef from Kingston he's he's look he's a -- little guy like animals for it and then great -- Whereas secretary it was a great story that was just kinda told OK okay -- -- by the movie but it's an amazing it's like for instance I can remember. That it was this this woman had this up -- Tweety you know and I completely forgotten I. And almost lost her farm and all that yet and she bought -- -- like nothing right. Oh heck yeah it and it's similar to sea -- story sea biscuit was the little horse that couldn't you know and we end up against the war admiral. The machine wasn't supposed to beat -- got and it was like the horse racing version of Cinderella man with Russell Crowe canoe like the pressure in and everybody needed something they get you know always viewed to cheer them up and get excited to be out. Oh what secretary the movie had that sea biscuit didn't was. -- going. Oh I'm a big number of personal streets of fire. OK I our emblem to follow I remember her moral of the fall war jumpsuit with nothing else -- to -- FF. But he I don't -- Williams LL that much as I remember our plastic jumpsuit with no shirt underneath -- like the biker guy it was cool movie streets of fire. Even though it's wasn't named after the -- I don't remember her more from unfaithful. She's eighteen years old street. Colonial opened a breakthrough the I am BDG. Fanatic absolutely -- -- -- said before the trickle right back to the calls Allen -- next if California -- came in second maybe the guys appoint. But didn't some of the -- commander and run derby okay total is two won the Belmont yesterday did not run in either race. Our commissioner. Did not run in either race with a 12 finishers in the Belmont yesterday did not -- need to race. Medal count who finished third California conference board did run. In the derby and in the pre not in the preakness general A-Rod -- the derby and the preakness wicked strong -- in the derby in the -- Now generally ride and ride on -- in both races there were a lot of horses. Now given in a second in the next break a look at the exact numbers right but there were on imports is it rain in the preakness but not the derby. And they were a handful of course is that rain in this race. And not either race or one of the other so. That's where his balls short this is -- was was was not rebels don't -- my idea being brought in to run faster than every football. You know put it's more like okay. Take another sport where. People compete in different events to to win one thing take the decathlon in the critics say okay we -- to Bruce Jenner now -- can you just like. Run the yelled that the race at the end it on the decathlon when the decathlon -- because the decathlon is a thing where everyone's competing apple ahead. A single prize not passes except that they tell that you throw the javelin and you run the meters at two different things this is the same thing. Although people argue that the Belmont a longer race of the more strategy involved in different types of forces. Could win a longer race than a shorter race idea yet but I mean it we we just can't justify a. Having a Triple Crown. That not everybody has that the people how many horses -- and all three races with well get get a get that act I think three. I think three general Iraq right on kirwan. And and California okay I've -- only three of the don't think -- strong was in the preakness -- -- is Coburn said we'd never gonna have a Triple Crown winner but again. Beers and review reason why because there's only three horses that -- are even capable of. A wicked strong. Is not in the preakness. Who ran in the derby and the Belmont. Some rot was in the derby in the Belmont but not the preakness and I'm looking at the preakness results right here California chrome ride on -- General A-Rod the other horses in the preakness. Which you can see them yesterday and social inclusion ring weekend Pablo don't want a dynamic impact. Kid Cruz Bay -- and -- Antonio there were ten horses in the preakness so -- so the point is he faced this same thing in the preakness after the derby. He faced a bunch of horses did didn't run in the derby. Let's go to the phones let's go to Allen Denver's -- out. They got a -- on good. Odd I've been tortured you can't probably 45 years but it's not -- -- -- or being stuck in the stock options on a pro. On. The Triple Crown this it is is a special. The special thing for people that are very involved in the industry really love horse racing and I would hate to see which I think the only reason it will be changed. If you -- a lane and really don't understand this fortnight and how special it is. Or for people in the industry who see it that I industry what we were or promotional reasons to try to generate more interest in the sport. -- The -- and -- of the book and hadn't been hit. It because it is -- he takes an exceptional horse. Has to show these capable when -- recently been. Five weeks taking on -- bombers. I will look at then again probably. Not -- that there's no in Alameda anything export somebody finally hit more than 61 home run. Somebody able finally break. Somebody finally broke the four minute -- there will be another Triple Crown winner so for people lament that it won't happen I think that -- it -- it would be a sin. If they changed triple -- for people with a ball great secret many years back at those are my comments patently. Thank seating stand on aligning hang in apparel. You are right here on the -- and so Euro horsemen. I'm not a horse animal horse racing and I we generally get involved in the industry. That five or thirty years ago. I've followed sport I read about the sport I carry erases every now and then I I think the quality of local racing this is so horrible that I. I won't go to Suffolk County where an -- or strictly been able to stick it in my house and -- one particular race and that some of the better tracks online. I'm but he got all the sports. So. My question -- U. Excellent return of -- On a second look at it Diane Lane. The food that. I -- I am DB -- by noise in the streets -- I don't my my -- so -- when when you look at the Triple -- I agree with everything -- -- said here. I agreed everything it said I am here's my questions you know we got to go to break. My question is do you think this is actually gonna end up being good for horse racing all this attention after the fact even though he didn't win the triple. Not not no no -- the B model -- the industry. Really tries to interest younger people coming to the track. I think it's going to be a momentary. And -- on at the moment in the sun for the industry at all fade away the only people would be addressed that in. In the industry. Three weeks or a month from -- the people that are really like this board. I think the -- got problems. I think they have to do something to try to generate interest in younger people also they see the good news or an interest and good I don't gonna make it ended their arms. OK but that the Triple Crown generates interest obviously by the fact that -- -- who never pays attention to -- except that these three Saturdays out of the year so. I. Aren't they supposed to be the best of the best isn't about what makes the Triple Crown race -- as as his three year old stone not the best. As -- all they beat the horse that won. Paula -- not the best source. In the United States is the best he was the best three year old yesterday -- -- -- -- -- the -- three year old three year old young animal then and throughout their three year old season. They get better they grow up there -- young and by the time the Travers comes in August there may be another horse that's the -- three year old right by the -- to -- the Breeders' Cup comes in November. The could be a better three year old right I mean that's the beauty of the sport and especially with three year old. They continue to grow they continue to mature. And they continue to get stronger and better and it's all there or you're really don't know and are good they're gonna pick. Well here's the funny I gotta -- now I'd love to keep the arm because -- tons of course raced up if a three year old really successfully now calico went from you know what they're rewarded as they get paid millions of dollars to have sex for the rest of their lives right and that's what I have been -- Yeah I've ever since you believe in reincarnation come back -- via a -- -- like -- -- -- their bicycle or I would it take -- California chrome two places one to a stud farm instead you can be basically Derek Jeter on full -- The rest of life or. A dog food factory and -- hill you can -- -- -- -- of -- no pressure. No -- judge Royce you know you can win. And it's it's the you know and it's that fuel -- and -- Steve -- California crohn's co owner giving us -- nice diversion from what's going -- local baseball team in tackling more sports on. In my lifetime I'll never see another Triple Crown winner because the way they do this. It's not fair to these sources. Textures on the AT&T tech slime weighing in a lot of stuff. I think you made the comment that. Triple Crown will never be broken or maybe it was allergist at -- then Texas has cal Ripken's record won't be broken if we wanna go to. -- records that won't be broken -- a TVQ I agree with cal Ripken. Just because I want to having everything arsenals can -- Johnny -- -- two no hitters back to back I don't think -- -- most unbreakable record of all time. Cy Young 511. And no one will ever come close in age from -- you would have to pitched 25 years win twenty games every single year every single year for 25 years. And you would still fall eleven sure to besides the fact that Cy Young has over 500 wins and it hasn't. As -- award named after. His other distinction believes that he's lost more games. Yes -- pitcher mr. Davis -- so he's gotten more decisions. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Their baby and pitchers. Com you would have the pitched like a -- 100 in fifty years. On. On average to be able to even come close. 617779797. Which earned -- -- sports Omnia W the -- Loper taking your calls that is in Connecticut. I. They are or aren't allowed under the water. Or edit let Margaret. -- -- today. -- -- you know basically immediately. National wind. At the Triple Crown winner. Shouldn't get to pick and choose -- they -- debate. Never have -- but they do the best course there that you doubted they put any -- or not -- -- -- -- -- Well but he's not you know that's a bit of a stretch from his comments he's not saying he should pick and choose he's saying. That the horse is dead -- along the journey that didn't sort of earn. The battle be part of this battle didn't deserve to be in the game seven. That's what he's. -- But there -- agreed. That I agree with you I agree with you he's not saying that he. The guy who's got a chance or the owners of the decision makers with -- -- which is only one who had a chance to win the Triple Crown it's not like. Alicia at two dead heats in the in the Kentucky Derby and the preakness and you came into the bell on you can possibly have. Two Triple Crown -- that it's not even a possibility. Upload greed and I mean I -- the rate of port. Perfect position there was no you know I don't see any excuse and it was it was right where it could be. It's what yesterday and then I look at it and they just as bad day. Pick your blood pressure or I don't -- that. That's the -- center -- -- there that's what his jockey said he said he just wasn't California -- day yesterday and by the way if you're horse racing fan you watched it. He he got stepped on right out of the gate whatever that contribute to him not getting to the front and everything went down from the air because every expert I saw. My feet and -- and everybody else in the pre game said the key is for him to get to the front. And he was on his way to the front. But he never got to the front when he didn't get to the front he had three and four horse is battling them alternately got to the stretch and then by the any and you heard the announcers say. He -- this didn't happen need to the derby the preakness so we had to go wide once he went wide if your horse racing and he knew he wasn't gonna make you just know -- and. Great -- -- critical in my yeah picked up the white court for. From my perspective -- sure. Shore and it -- -- Right I totally. It's concede that he is pianist or lose it you know look the headline a box article -- it was a California winery WH -- widget which is good. But. In normally I say with the patriots say which is when you when you're losing nothing you know when you -- even last. And he doesn't come off looking good but I think I just kinda like it because he's a he's a guy in his you know genteel world. And he's lessen things up you know he he he broke -- -- is -- I mean it has. Screenplays because you you like this story yeah I've I have like this -- I I haven't I can barely write a up coherent blog. -- but I would this would be a great one because this guy is he's the total underdog. He looks like Wilfred Brantley you know what I mean he's not there with this trophy wife what of the two of them look like. You know they'd they'd they shop at Wal-Mart to whatever. And he's just was kind of make it a mess of things and that's. That cowards way out there it's like what nobody in my compared it to in hoosiers when Norman dale just said John but let's wait and -- Like I loved that remember the movie American president with Richard and the with it might look -- Michael Douglas and -- -- And who was dating a and at betting man okay but always his sidekick was I am familiar rest of his dad march migrants Kenya so -- -- Martin -- on the -- -- Similar to what you said he goes you know I liked this story. He goes what we have one of my wife didn't died four years ago would have liked that flight would have -- campaign. I would have liked this story so I agree with your premise I'd like this story like that guy the the the -- Unfettered guy economy into -- -- feeling and emotion world in August I put the way he handled it it's. I understand it affects all or nothing written but the story lines leading up to this don't. They don't add to that -- -- his reaction. To me like maybe it does for you what let's let's let's too bizarre world let's say it was Bob Baffert in the forty to forty people. Who reacted like -- that probably wouldn't happen what do they did. I think I would accuse him of being in the open why has it could definitely be wearing sunglasses that cost more than my house. Actually. Learn how openly delegates and now I see -- -- -- looks like Wilfred Brantley in the natural -- always wanted to be a flock of I -- mile -- want me be a farmer. -- like pigs. Awful spontaneity goats I am. And -- who -- yeah yeah it's a real human emotion and I I think it would it would have been good for the sport I admit it's it's ugly but I would look at the scene this -- win. School you know what if you've got a horse -- silly it's gonna Brockton and talk to frank I frank. They've put to try to get start our. You guys are talking about movie is great trivia our question what who will be added that the -- and Kryptonite in it was a joke Robinson bearable. Course named Kryptonite in the room was it raging bull. -- the other hand the check out -- -- well lit up Bronx tale I -- where. Are examining the dining much who like every -- he ever made was wrong so Bill Lewis is going down the stretch all the monsters of -- through on this wars. And much comes blackened out and he's geared for the same OS and they go you better bottom yet and they'll just tear up their tickets without even look at Ed. The horse loses at the at the end and I tell you got for us -- hit and run like -- -- it right -- school. Eight we get we get a and a broken record to get to text as one said a hundred points in an NBA game -- -- England an excellent. Wilt Chamberlain's scoring record on and off the court Alabama be broken -- And I got a guy who slept with 20000 women should have been called wilt. Jerry thorn -- Stearns one hour down a lot more to go on sports premiere Adobe yeah.

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