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Danny Picard breaks down this Summer's Celtics rumors, 6-7-14

Jun 7, 2014|

Danny Picard talks about if he wants Carmelo and Kevin Love in Celtics Green and if it's even possible.

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Welcome back I -- -- the Contras lying will be an -- for. So on -- till 4 o'clock the Danny -- -- -- call 617. 779798376177797937. You can rub it in home. Now how nice it is outside. At the beach right knowledge tied tied 6:37. O'clock tonight. And Boston. Give me advice. We'll talk about whether you really wanna talk about today Red Sox tonight in Detroit -- unless the Mac shares have put people this week. A fired up about the potential Celtics. Trade. That -- landing Kevin Love in a Celtics uniform now. The timeline here is. I think you got to go back even further than last weekend. When talking about Kevin Love and Boston got to go back further than then. Last week when he visited Boston is gonna go back to. You gotta go back to last February. -- when Kevin Love was actually asked about Austin and he was asked about Boston. Not too much longer after the initial report came out that Kevin Love. What are each Coleman to flips on his office. And demanded a trade out of Minnesota I'm sure that's not the way it went down. But I think I I think the report was portrayed. To be that way. You try to put itself in the room when that conversation take place with Kevin Love and Flip Saunders now puts on -- denied denied denied. But the report came out. Last January February that Kevin Love it. Said it flips on his. I am. Not going to pick up my option after next season. After this coming season and I'm gonna become freeagent. So you might want to trade. You know what Kevin Love doesn't even need to say to the -- you might want to trade me. It's just common sense at that point if you're the temples. To have two reactions one. And first and foremost city itself how can we keep Kevin Love in -- -- uniform the other thing is well if we can't convince him to stay. Paul well I don't analysts and it would only be common sense the trading. That and you can't just let Kevin -- walk. You'd be set your organization back. In decades. Okay you'd it would not it doesn't work that way LB awful business decision so. Then after that there was a call from Kevin Love that. He was asked about Boston you don't fan of status. To the story he was asked the question. About what he thought of the Celtics organization and Boston any sort of raved about he said you know it's the the Celtics organization when an organization. And seems like a good city and also they coach. People seem to like the plate for Brad Stevens Kevin Love -- not that bad to say above Boston you -- -- could've answered that question. By basically say and a -- Minnesota right now. You know what's well what does it matter what I think about Boston. All I care about is what Minnesota's like he couldn't answer -- question like that and there are really good story. But he didn't. So I got to mistaken. Idea while he think he can get Kevin Love and ending that report Israel they really want so that he really well opt out. And if he really is an opt out Minnesota has to trade him. Would Boston with the Celtics via auction well now fast forward yeah. The -- season being over the NBA finals going on. BA condition and not work in San Antonio to fast forward to this time in 2000. Fourteen this summer 2014. And we have a story that comes out that hey Kevin -- he's in Boston last weekend. They've shaken hands at rod -- -- no. And if you ask me. Sure I may -- the Celtics. Didn't contact Kevin Love and his agent because that would be. That would be like pampered I mean you can't do that that would be illegal by NBA rules the contact Blair -- under contract. And Kevin Love is still on a contract in Minnesota. With the Celtics communicated with love and his agent I do think his agent created this. Situation by -- love come to Boston but I also think that the Celtics might put Raj on Rondo ought to something. I don't know that rush our Rondo always is that Fenway and decided to go say hi to Kevin Love and shake hands knowing that somebody was probably gonna snap -- picture. I don't think. That that just randomly happens I'm sorry at all yeah you can. It tell me all you want about friendships and I talked before an eleven I added the Celtics absolutely had something to do with that handshake. What happened. And we got to stay again what's next. And then you have the report that came out. And may be it's crazy talk may be it may be it's not but the report was that Kevin Love deal. Was and this is our room awards in real GM. I think was the site that this is on. And basically the -- was Kevin Love. Was a done deal the Boston that the Celtics in the tumult that was a done deal. And the only thing really holding everything up or this piece of the puzzle that. Yeah well I never had really envisioned. The impossible was. That you know they hold everything up was the Celtics convention Connell Anthony. Opt out of his next deal and sign with this thing as a free agent. And that are always going to be in the guy that was orchestrate an assault and it's closer now. Melo obviously wants to play with Rondo he said. You know the report last year that had the next. Mellow -- Connell Anthony wanted the next goal after an acquire -- on Rondo because he wanted to play with someone -- So you don't want to play so it makes sense in that regard. And it also makes sense I think because this is just the NBA. And we can get into the discussion of salary caps and give these guys all fit under the same salary cap. All. -- -- -- Big Brother Connell Anthony -- And the Celtics. You know business. Don't you first got this idea in mind that Connell Anthony and the Celtics. Rich Lavin Comcast sports net New England columnist for CSN -- dot com. Robert call on last year before the trade deadline. Basically. The ID zero. A brilliant Connell Anthony O'Connell Anthony to the Celtics lot. My reaction was that idea I loved it I loved every single second of it. I did I love that. And what I hear this rumor. That if the Celtics trade for Kevin Love. Bacon may be convinced Connell Anthony opt out and XP and sign as a free agent with the Celtics. I love that even more. And I am not somebody that sits here and says quote Connell Anthony. These two selfish for me I wouldn't want on my team -- against Celtics fans are gonna have to explain something. Please call at 61777. On. 793 -- Explain something to. -- sit at the beach sipping on a corona. Listen and it's that did this show listen to me on the phone -- on your radio whatever you don't want high tides not up till 630 she got some time to ghost women. Calling me. Enlighten me something. Why would you want Carmelo Anthony on the Boston Celtics. Because debris that's -- this isn't good enough for me. And in fact I can come up with more reasons why you shouldn't want Connell Anthony on the Celtics and you can give me that you shouldn't. Want him on Celtics. Somebody needs to explain to me why wouldn't you want Connell Anthony on the Celtics. Because he scores too much. Is is that why because if that's your reason that is the dumbest reason I have ever heard in my entire life. Because he has the potential to win the scoring title every. That's -- let me tell is something if you took two. Teams to organizations. And you tell me players and team and you just eat it he -- mean didn't the stats. And the records. For those teams and you said this Celtics team you know this team acts. And team line. And he said -- team that season the Celtics had last year. The pin numbers -- and it and it -- tame as the H you know. One of the top scorers and again. What team would you take. I take the team I think to know Brent you take a team with one of the top scorers with one of the elite scorers in the league you take that team. And if you can take one of the only scores in the league and put him together and put him on the court with one of the best point guards in the league. And you do that even with note Kevin Love. What I should Carmelo Anthony and it's up uniformed. Kevin Love there to trade. At number six pick. Maybe it may -- -- of -- -- available maybe give them a call on draft night. I want to seek up to the point where I'm wanna see Connell Anthony. And -- Celtics uniform. And and -- people adult wanna see it I don't understand their reasoning. Let me let me and some people need to enlighten me why don't. Why weren't you wanna see Connell Anthony on the Celtics I don't get taught as a man what's up on. They have gone good how -- you. All joined the sunlight. Talk about Carmelo comfortable dolce slow outcome of the outbreak until -- you want -- -- right now Todd. No actually I just got out of work now at a all of them at the -- All right. All right so are my guys are going indoors on a nice day I know and are now coming up -- and a nice -- I'd like to do this show what a breach. No doubt I area idea -- Britney in love. Celtic and Leo it is so they -- and yeah I mean I don't do you believe that they'll Todd. I mean if the reports out there is something going to be I mean. I don't I do agree that we that sometimes where there's smoke there's fire I absolutely I absolutely believe that the celtics' big vacant land him because I think they can convince. Love that and look love has all the say doesn't -- I mean if he wants if he says that symbols and I just want to go to the Celtics and play with Rondo and potentially mellow. Then the generals have no choice debts the team that they're gonna get the biggest deal from. Whether it's a deal they want or not that's the team but so I agree with a smoke there's -- tell me about -- in your thoughts on Mel. My thought -- You put. Superstar we called superstar at all no question -- -- -- out without you match and -- it. -- three point guard in the league in at all. To. Power affordably. Thoughts. On one team great but the only downfall. Is I don't wanna get up. The house. Result -- it to keep those three together can you know. You gotta be right at that salary cap up in you ought to be very very much close to that luxury tax. But you get the mid level exception and some little better and sort speak but it's like the old. The old saying the field of dreams if you build it they will -- exactly and that's the biggest -- I'll I'll sacrifice. A little bit defense. For a hundred point three points on the board -- Squeaker -- every. Every night words you know it's been done -- -- he I don't mind it. But I love them high scoring game where a it's a shoot out we get their shooters -- built or. Absolutely Todd great call. Thanks to call on and and yeah I agree with him Allen dollar. You know the downside get it if this these are big money he's a big money cats right in the upper -- and how do you -- this under the salary cap if you want it look at -- it all that's NBA salary cap tutorials well. You know you're at what are after all be on -- -- and would have to get off the beach you know shake the -- on the towel would call that the computer. Put your glasses on -- to do this is not be as salary cap conversation isn't really a discussion. That we can -- -- that you can have -- at the beach sipping on a corona so I don't know that we wanna get into that talk right now is is what I will say. -- I will say about the NBA salary cap. As we know all from a other teams. Stack in the super stop plays together in packs of three and sometimes even four. We know you can created successful. NBA championship caliber team by bringing these guys together. Under the current salary cap. As -- just mention. You got that the mid level exception to get the veteran. Exception I mean US things you can do and what he said perfectly right there. Caught up man when he said perfectly was if you build -- they will come. And we talk about these exceptions -- these veterans all of these. Mid level guys got to look at the play for content is that a look and play championship caliber teams. You mean tell me that nobody would want to come to Boston to play with metal -- of you know. The people who don't want mold the team will probably tell you differently -- Lot of Melo is a lot. Of what kind of argument is that I don't get it. What do you want a guy that is a chance to win the -- title at. And it's like we want Rondo shoot no. You want broad notions about the basketball I don't there of people out there that are dead set on the notion that. -- John Rondo will only be a successful NBA play in his career if he learns how to hit the jump shot. Well I noticed yet he's an all -- well at the jump shot at a consistent rate and to be honest with you I don't want Rondo shoot ever. I don't you could say they gonna just given the shot and take away everything else. You know with people moan at Rondo can't shoot for his life he's still you know when he's healthy for a season. He's still shows that he can get that -- basket. Is still showed that he can. Penetrate -- going up the layout would dish it out to somebody was open. He's one of the best in the league at bat so on the I don't even wanna see -- she -- I don't think that's what he's had his best. I don't think that's when he's also -- plan. So I don't wanna change of -- one operating guy and who does shoot. Can shoot the lights out and on top of that -- you say these are not back a third of basketball's to go around the law of -- Yeah I think there are or at least you know what -- -- -- -- well and the find out. I played -- -- to find out people don't wanna see Rondo wanna Celtics uniform it's mind boggling to me. Like I keep hoping that -- goal. Connell Anthony on a personal level because they -- in the locker room after a tough loss and had a microphone in his face for ten. All you've -- so I'll show you know what type of person. So Udall and his personality were clash with certain people on this. Does not only have you. Not only do you hang out with Connell Anthony out that it's also -- -- -- -- Rondo if you have such a good idea what he's like off the -- so we about. A little bit about Rondo optical. -- too while you're at it. Have no idea. Miguel big Emanuel even as a medium and in this business. I think there is some people that like to come out and say. We know this guy in what is like what is personalities like why advocates stand and -- -- -- interview room after game. I don't know about that I can tell you this about Connell Anthony he's an elite score on the wing and if you think the Celtics. Don't need a guy like that the BA championship contender again -- knots. I would take Connell Anthony a second. 617779798376177797937. This is the Danica -- Sports Radio WEE. Welcome back the dating to god showed Sports Radio WEEI I'm here until 4 o'clock. Taking your calls 61777979837. Eric is -- Sharon what's up -- And the governor -- Did thank them to publish -- I'm gonna help anything that I remained at any credibility. Regarding said that Russia and Iran knows -- -- three point -- I didn't know it up and point guard leak. You got guys like Tony Parker's that Perry Chris Paul -- a little bit. Mike Conley Derrick Rose that's adopt the top and different style like gods I tell you that at that point I I point guards are better style winning run he came back -- -- -- Without much big different Russell Westbrook was injured he can't back -- you know where. Well I retired son if you're like god. When you come back from a serious injury who would you be rather pass the ball to Kevin Durant and Jeff Green. There yeah obviously and that's exactly what you don't Rondo didn't come back to pass the ball to Kevin Durant. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't get broke all -- sheltered skull. You a four time all pro Celtics -- -- the station and record a question the credibility on the college. It's opinion. At a point I respect your opinion you don't think -- at the top ten point Don but we disagree admin question not called credibility I pods back. 'cause I agree of them. Credit that's wrong way to go about it big dog. You at all -- all studs Celtics call gimme a break. Robb is a deadly it's abroad -- Oh what's up brought. Eight and Magnus who looks and they're driving my son came. Here -- do what it's all are they gonna get some political blogging today over and and on the pro league by I couldn't agree -- you more about Carmelo and the you know Kevin Love wearing and I'd look they've been bought it well than quote. The point -- -- call that voted pretty much of knowable quantity bought in and most the other the other places. -- Well to me why I would never be what brought it. -- -- one Howard came together and you know guarantee championship the -- -- press conference. True. You know will -- be better enjoy it well. Either but I get my air Jordan a lot like one you know what you guys that side and the album. Because. All the call and we beat -- call CEO of the senate and you know a complaint. I thought the ball. I imagine that as a call Robin that solicit and good luck to deflect football game I would dvds on but I think what the LeBron hatred. A lot of becomes that much -- -- a lot of it comes back to that stupid decision. Right how stupid was that and you know that if LeBron can take that one thing and his entire career it would be -- dollar Jim Gray sand. I'm ready to take my talents to South Beach I mean -- make the decision. I'm like decision they get to a reporter and let let let somebody break it. Don't sit there and make an event not a but he he turned it he turned and a pay per view event. I mean you gimme a break up on being sarcastic. Joke. Relax and Oprah -- It's sarcasm. But he did turn it into a pay per view event. And I think that's why we look at this guy and we say we -- are some time now with regards the cramps. I'll tell you that have put them. You carry optical because the cramps it it looked awful. I will save -- -- at the same time. I would like to think that if LeBron James. Could have played. He would have played the last four minutes. And if you've been living under a rock band. You don't know all that. LeBron James missed the last four minutes of game one of the NBA finals in San Antonio. Because of severe dehydration. He had severe cramps he got carried off the court. Hand. It basically all comes back to San Antonio's. Air conditioning system broken down the the problem is everybody played under the same conditions both teams played under the same conditions and also all. You know people have this idea of -- they will bring up other examples of professional athletes. -- Big games. Under what they believed to be more severe circumstances than cramps. Bank cramp and not being dehydrated. But I assist if LeBron could have play you'll think he would have played. I think that may be -- underrated. Did. The way cramps affects your bought I do I think -- a -- underrated. If he could have played he would -- that's the bottom line. That -- bad sure especially when he stretch and actually walking around on the sideline. That's that's bad and I'm sure there was some people that organization on a team that might have to a man questioned his toughness I'm sure they did but. At the end of the day I think they were wrong to do that because I think if he could've played he would play. My issue is not abroad not playing or cramps my issue is that this isn't the first time this has happened. And I talked about this -- yesterday on my podcast on dissent subscribe on iTunes -- it's very. I mentioned just that which is. My issue isn't what brought me we're crypts like issue is. Since this has happened before. Any sort of history with this stuff. As a professional organization. -- -- You have the tools. To be able to know prevent something like this. You got IV -- you got special election like tablets or pills already you have you have. You you -- me and you everybody gets out is on the beach on on the way to the golf course today. You know if we get a cramp. -- -- you tell someone altered somewhat different -- lot -- -- you know you gotta drink some more bottled -- I think professional. Teams. The argument -- dehydration should have -- to do with drinking more water. They have. All the good stuff to be able to prevent dehydration. More than me you and it just your average Joes can out in the street. Right they do they have they have all the good stuff to take care of that so my issuers LeBron leaving that game and not coming back which was a fact about a way. Because that's in San Antonio pulled away at it again Danny Green went on a terror in the fourth quarter like Ted -- his thirteen points before. -- I'm not concerned but I'm concerned about the did the heat organization. And you have to make sure you take Karadzic and talk about bottled water or Gatorade. I'm talking about the I didn't survive Vietnam you know I got some other stuff going on that helped to dehydration -- that for a fact they do. I don't -- fact. All that's my take on the -- I mean it's easy for us all sitting here. And called college and say he's not tough enough and we'll point out other things and of injuries or other -- Jordan played with the flu it well. When you play with the flow. You don't feel great move around you can move around you know when you have severe cramps like LeBron does. You can't move. You can't function like you literally nobody will not allow you to tell it's different. It is -- it -- that you can fight through. And played through pain and there are things that -- there's going to be pain but you physically can't fight through it because your body just you won't blow the -- and you can do something to prevent it. A concern upon a heat fan up Miami Heat fan or basketball fan that would like to -- the last four minutes of an NBA finals game. Have the best players on the court might issue would be more about the prevention process and apparently the Miami Heat did not take. Early data into good enough job when it. That would be my issue. 6177797937. As she calls. I'll take them. Activists panel.

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