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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Tough Enough Athlete Edition 6-6-14

Jun 6, 2014|

We tackle four topics all stemming from Lebron's cramps!

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When you wanna play one of the best in the country right here in Boston visit granite links and for more information visit granite links golf club dot com. We go to wants me. To do. Center five's I want you. You Emily Weaver written for a does what's happening this morning and green Boston's most watched morning news right now on Iowa probably the most reliable forecasts and. It's funny impact bolt hit me right now covering this story has been developing all morning and real time -- and barely feed here on the -- would go to. What's new this morning setter five you. We -- morning starting at 4:30 AM on wc TV channel five. Who reads very sheds a bigger selection higher quality and better looking shed see for yourself that reads very deck gun then make the golf at all. Leadership and give it says reads very you've got to go to one. The Boston Red Sox play here sports week. -- point seven. Do you watch -- -- to. From giant glass not WEEI. Trending. Which -- It's borrowed too trending now on WEEI WEEI dot com socks back in action tonight before right. Currently -- -- nine games out in the American League east before leaving the American League central. Pitching match up brought to you by the Boston area Volvo dealers -- -- rose up against groups smiling. A Miami Heat couldn't live up to their name last night in San Antonio no air conditioning in the building. LeBron James left the game in the fourth quarter with like cramps the spurs won the game 110 of 95 to one games to none seriously. Stanley Cup final resumes tomorrow night Los Angeles. LA kings have won games to none lead over the New York Rangers. Boston whether it is spectacular out there -- back temperatures up a couple of degrees to 75. Trending now brought to you by GMC certified service. Incredible thinking incredible service only available that your GMC dealer visit GMC certified service dot com for the latest service offers. I'm Dale Arnold that's -- now on WEEI in WEEI dot com. That dale and -- show. Michael Holley that we never actually seeing your feels. Stadium bottom here -- WEEI Sports Radio. -- Our number three dale and -- Sports Radio WB -- -- -- -- the lines in the house we've talked quite a bit about LeBron James where all of America's talking about the fact that. LeBron James couldn't play it was like well he was how most of. The last seven minutes came in for like one plane and went back out but basically missed the last 77 and a half minutes of the game and and they lost 110 to 95 and fell behind the spurs won games than not I'm telling us he's gonna score fifty on Sunday. He's just gonna come out and just roll like that. 42 points. Twelve rebounds. It is not like that I'd be pretty good to actually was. There -- critics were 25 and six. It finish between five and six and he that it didn't play most of fourth quarter play you know didn't play most of the fourth quarter in a couple of times before the big moment -- in when he just couldn't take it. Informant was asking out of the game up. So yeah I think I think a big games come. Well that means in honor of LeBron James -- today's fourth for. And -- I've got a backbone of our listeners to. It was one of our listeners who said. C'mon you got to play tough enough but -- Or -- boards that Paulus I like your wherever you are you know you are. I'll buy a drink when we're giving a little golf class seventeen Texas sailors and wax until it was one in Weber was. Good call by you -- -- brought to -- AT&T. AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans building you a better network you can tell with the thunderbirds and tough enough. The top athletes -- what we're gonna talk about today. You're absolutely correct and let's start with the most famous and most criticized example of an athlete playing through pain. Curt Schilling and the bloody sock I was more concerned with the fact that I couldn't really feel my issue. Leaving -- -- -- bottomless it was so wet and actually feel apple might -- so it kept trying to push my foot and adjustments but the mixture which she was on site. You Romo he went out to be you know it could very convenient there and got too much of the -- interests. Mr. Cuban with darker. There are actually a -- not just Yankee fans by the way like Yankee Andy. There are actually members of the media writing that it was thick. Finally was -- there was a and we'll -- our best. She thought it was more address right talked about it there will we've seen pictures of the boy had a stitches in. And it wasn't there are some that I hope Gary Thorne Gary Thorne. Took doesn't bare belly seriously. Mirror belly was trying guys all fake he told Garrett join that Gary Gordon went on the -- Baltimore it's like you know that whole thing with the fake -- -- -- don't get you know. Psycho opening -- -- Seattle we told one of the writers that Al never was throwing with both arms that was going to be. A starter. He was gonna become two starters in the I've -- relatives I. A lot of adaptability and a lot of it I don't think it was fake it may have been. Really overplayed that it was a thing. I got -- leads to my notebook here. Never have for your second starter -- the fourth starter and opened a second trip. -- a righty and lefty -- fact of the matter is he did have the operation as he was able to pitch the game at Yankee Stadium. And he did actually get the win. Yeah that would make you tough enough. -- -- As we are hockey players are tough we all know that. What Gregory Campbell did a year ago yesterday was super human. -- we have great equipment that freezes and nothing happened or. Okay. Okay. Up come -- really play 45 seconds with a broken foot broken leg. With it was weird watching there was no real did you know at that time you know because our doctor broken and -- -- exit. Campbell is hobbling along do you think anybody who now. It was just a he's a little banged up he said three times very city shaken -- -- Alonso. You must unorthodox -- on dead yet -- that he was in some pretty good name Campbell who. Probably hates talking about it really hates talking about it. Did admit one of the few times he did talk about it he had an idea it was broke. When he got here he kind of had an idea you know I mean you've got broken bones before in any articles like this. -- like I. He did I don't know was broken. But what was gonna do I mean that got the pocket in your defense event he can't just give up on it. It was truly one of the remarkable. Images of that whole -- probably -- -- doctor mark there with the best. Reminds me. I have become such Kenny Albert and in this post -- -- good job picnic right now why wasn't -- series game one docs father in law passed away at all and doc. Missed game one he will be back. Beginning tomorrow and then will be there for the rest of the -- -- like I'm glad you said that because I've worked with Kenny Albert. You know in baseball games. And and I knew that he did hockey but I never really got to hear of the lucky and of course -- the Bruins series here. You know I I texted him a couple times -- I him. Love and Al out of your optical outstanding he's really religion -- -- great at it and everything he does. I just had no idea that he had that kind of -- brought to you were just saying you know you were surprised that. Doc said you know he kind of new -- says -- Famous stock of course I need to know. Three. It Emmitt Smith may not have been the most skilled at running back of all time but nobody can deny his ability they played through pain. Smith dislocated his shoulder in the final game of the 1993 season and proceeded to have the game of his life. They give your creatives. They give us that it knee pads that you know we're putting your payments they've taken together it kind of cut a hole. In the -- and replace the former Soviet system was so Pulitzer -- veco. And they say -- you have some discomfort. And every time my guess here. Just cranks to have an ultimate kiss him so he comes into football -- and you roll them I'll just try to convince us that this -- very. -- -- How many times -- -- to tell yourself no pain before -- actually start to believe what they have the freedom a lot. -- -- -- say for Adam I mean he clearly have the ball at least 48 to 32 times off. I mean you -- think about how that felt every thing I know there are gonna comply with great but still he did get hit on -- -- -- do news. But the -- Enders at the so why did you do that set me back out there you're gonna have some discomfort out of the stomach discomfort. But it -- there's also example sorry about that and the football. A local example. Anybody think of quarterback. Wore number eleven. The picture grossed via the picture. Member of the picture Drew Bledsoe. And the pin was out through the end of his finger. I don't think it's worth a but -- do crypto while would approve of an old -- and if you quarterback adults do the Boston fans that still the and you know called -- -- if we are talking about are awful. Might come. That's very important to sound advice is what you're words you don't understand both boys when you hear about you know it's -- If it wasn't his first finger it was his second finger I remember right but it's the one that you know it's like. Coming off the ball at the last second I. If so that was that was 98. That 98. For -- I don't remember -- out of the playoffs and then maybe not because you like a computer I can't believe this stuff -- -- -- history and remember Rondo in game six there but he -- Belgrade remember what got him into the playoffs. Everybody okay thanks to the government to -- a -- what sort of like what you experienced these things like oh yeah yeah -- at all connects. Something else happened which reminds you what in -- that. Like. Three years earlier remember this -- be separated shoulder out of ourselves with such an -- -- -- -- -- -- wrong and that's what. Parcells would not for them down he's playing nose got separated shoulder and Parcells line was. Players play on Sunday for the kept saying why you play Drew Bledsoe when you know her. That's -- favorite players play. Time now for the AT&T tough guy of the day in 1987. Kevin McHale broke his foot and played 21. Playoff games on that broken foot. You know in 1987 Kim played through broken foot has actually broken -- try to play and he's still important goals. We don't fun -- guys anymore. I'm very few of them out there probably Kevin gave his heart -- Celtics and -- -- -- -- there's McCracken and -- as -- season's over in this room got -- camel -- you do if you get a chance that for the last call when that last couple games you need you've got to play if you can't. In my -- get experience. Well that's a guy who played through some pain himself Larry Bird talking about the pain Kevin McHale played through -- Seifert laying down their on the floor down but the bands that bat to via the back issues. Pretty prophetic. From everything considering the topic of the day Larry Bird talking about Kevin McHale not a lot of guys out there like that aren't there are guys out there. We just didn't see it last night and it and it's. It's unfortunate it's unfortunate for LeBron James it's not something that there's two things. That are that are tough to prove in sports so. From a fan perspective. -- That's fans are gonna understand that -- then if you say. Your back. Package guys guys you know it's kind of poking you know and got a bad we've all had bad about our mind how bad is this going to be something that you can see it's like I was a kid from. The move and it's a dramatic example the chip removal -- where old pop. I mean that is sold obvious or somebody -- up their -- It all -- turns an ankle you can see that. Crafts. Listen you guys it's forest for its not 84. So I guess we -- Patrice Bergeron played with -- you know broken ribs and punctured -- we -- Logan Mankins played the whole season with an ACL injury we know Jack Youngblood played with a broken -- -- all -- Ronnie -- cut his -- point we try to come up with one for each of the four sports and it's for a -- so that's what. Well you're wrong what you're wrong for not bringing up Kirk Gibson. -- are bringing up Douglas Iraq. As it happens that way but birds -- a bird with the back. Remember that's -- we're talking about it earlier today and -- member of that series against the cavaliers. Where his back was he he was just campaign -- the last series whose career. He he did. Everything he could do to help the team that we couldn't be Larry Bird that gained six they're facing elimination. And the guy was he is basically a point guard and point guard who was moving it was almost like -- -- just directly affect a traffic cop out there. And -- -- guy OK you know indeed direct a -- There's a path there can go to the quarters pastor. My memory. Says. 1213 assists I don't know if it was that high it just felt like he was in total control of the game. And he was in obvious pain he was laboring and yet -- after that one more game left in his career.

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