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Mut Returns to Preview the Belmont Stakes 6-6-14

Jun 6, 2014|

Mut makes his triumphant return to midday, to give his predictions for the Belmont Stakes, and give his take on the lotion debate.

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Gotta have a big set of balls giving that big ask approve reject. All different types of butterflies -- be paying for it I hate him he's so very much hold your horses I am so bored. I haven't been penetrated the year. All right but on the -- Three years of -- -- -- do the exact same party candidates. A couple of already come back pitches. I'm just kind of hoping that Joey. Finds a way to get her to the tape of the inter segment amounted to evidence from the lawsuit comes that would happen -- -- I won the Belmont. -- the previous through. I haven't won any money yet. Okay and I'm not happy about that. I'm getting advice from people of somebody in the know what they still haven't won -- -- give. Like three strikes and so you wanna give him one more chance to break down his Belmont right now. -- -- -- -- Go through. And an expert right so join a man joining us right now is Mike -- Ganske you know almost much. It's redneck if it's meant Nancy but Nancy what I -- Adam though now -- -- breaks I -- up the men. Not -- yeah it's good joke it's simply don't call me that -- -- time the last couple. Up or a bigger company that. Absolutely so much I don't who's going to Belmont document don't onto -- better than you Gary you're going to be Kevin Graham offered up for Kate when who'd been there are too weak to walk away at a joint security quit. App you creep her out onto a pretty good I -- cookies is good ourselves to look -- are currently no wonder back over a. We got him out with California chrome is this is is this is gonna get it done. Now that aren't right is this given. It is yeah. It is the biggest port street -- -- in my lifetime it tomorrow and secure horse racing standard should be most exciting -- arguably. In the last one here thirty users he has every credential. To win this thing tomorrow. The first two legs -- this thing he looked. An opportunity you can look at one by cute like but the -- pushed away at the top of the stretch. But from a gambling standpoint I go back to quote from what my favorite sports will be. -- In the fight promoter telling. Jimmy Braddock in a much art is my family my brain in my balls are for business and I think fan of racing. I want California from the -- Did betting a lot of money on that three of five to win it all not going to optic and I want pop he'd beat beat beat the -- compare that Kirby -- what they're the preakness unlock it. The win the Belmont what are we hope he does week as the sport sport could use the good a couple weeks we'll capsule. Night mud house looking at this and so he's account for a chrome is in the number two stall correct. It's a minute that's been a long time since anyone's horses one. From that number twos dog it is that we can be -- handicapping them more because of that stat or is it is based on just how -- -- everybody. Now it's just a better or some paper or should I sat down at the handicap the race last couple days I really want to bet. A huge amount of money at California called the -- it's not a lot of other great option. Secretariat you know one from that two -- that -- -- to support. The pace of this race is going to it doesn't hurt California called the beat down that far on the inside there's a lot -- and before we played. In this race horse like total on the outside what shall be a rat what -- -- speed but. Not like a race where he went to the affected adversely. By the hate anybody hate -- that or he can make its own pace and that to roll it should not be an issue for him in this field or mild. Never will -- mile and a half likely rest their -- like got in Ireland a bunch of you know I hate. It go once and models that it is the biggest Internet post position should not be huge issue -- -- chrome doesn't win but he got. -- -- I gotta go the Boston horse man I like them in the derby and I like him in Belmont Stakes which all a couple of reasons why likable person all like to be inflated -- -- If you're the value is going to be up on every horse in the field that people were shot at Belmont and they keep the dollar when it. On. Cal went cold -- they can say look I have a Triple Crown it all went itself is going to be freed five. He should be more like either money -- want to do everything else despite inflated food advocates for all he would be to -- the only horse in this race. That if Iran does best race he can beat California call not a -- prices underneath. But in terms of beating you look at great races back in the would. That is -- -- they can legitimately beat California home on Saturday. The trader Jim Durkin isn't final weeks off from the derby he has trouble in the derby he -- New York it's great couple back. And to me wicked strong horse and -- pick on top of the -- connection because record from handicapping standpoint he's going horse and if you want -- that's great. He can be California co worker. But how about. Hold discussion about the -- Richardson knows what was your take on that when it came down and what do you think about the final decision. It city it's day it's one of those stories that the national media picked up on what is not a huge issue what was the big hurt you in with the New York -- people. It's the only state in the country. That want to allow he's in trouble like in baseball as one state it's okay. Doubled as well on used to Wear that Jonny Gomes -- you Q we're closely played game and are in our stadium. That's how on this war and -- fact they've changed the rule already in New York now on not only help when you called it. Any horse and where they'll let anyone talk to the cleaners or around the sport. They say it does not but it worked for sports. What they say it's literally. -- act like wearing one night to sleep like Christians nor anywhere one. Really -- and help via its a waste of money and in this case I think it's more about trainer culprit that are its open course. But the results have been -- the -- but they're not all. -- a current or former INS but it wasn't there another horse is off the Triple Crown that adamant in this city could use and they just in put up -- fight. He had two years ago I'll have another. Would Wear the same exact thing and Doug O'Neill to -- Iraq and -- And -- you know Doug O'Neill also unity cheater around -- -- -- -- your little girl -- -- on the recent. Elsewhere almost two great Oregon courts would pay 101000 dollars that have read this course and by the -- the big local. You know not a billionaire type horse and the greater archer and people what this guy when he -- New York what a lot. There -- lot quicker in the rule itself because they like this guy on the they like Doug -- last summer. Just curious some because real competition here month and I want a work out a workout gloves. And pull up competition. Dot -- ups can you do because. Tim watney broke up the work out clubs he did eight pull ups none of us could beat that -- and you beat eight -- gloves at all. And I couldn't get to import dogs. That span -- And -- your temple and everybody in this room and I combined one not even getting. Who got credit -- -- and that would be -- I had a case at the rate before. Dominate genes on and so you know so that was done by the way -- how are able lotion at the beach having it there with -- -- did you. I got -- yeah you know it's only about the conversation and that the tour is -- burned or. Shack up and I want your body lotion on you -- that the body was below. Sound creepy at all it is I. Election in which it's some sort of odd scene -- being videotaped it really being aren't in it people on the back couple spots you agree. -- -- -- -- Q. Thank you very much I don't see it's just being practical. Just being Smart. That's all you're doing that we. -- -- that's certainly have yes yeah Duma but can you give me some perspective here take me back in time weren't the bias against the work out closed began what's the Genesis of that. I I went through this I don't. It's it's a little thing really mean -- you what he does look at the caller we get on this now get the call against -- the only stat that that argument. Only read text. Agree with some more and some sort of conversation itself when -- I worked out while excel. The water to text message. And heroic what are your moral scrutiny right it's that you can't where windows and unfortunately. He enjoyed backed deal would -- with that for a couple. Always wanted to do the blazes a blue route and go on pianist and you're in the callous about it -- cal is what doesn't work anymore. His wife and everything around the house and there's a garter snake that he beat it beat here ever work around the house is truly doesn't look palaces noble -- -- -- He's looking at Santa. Don't have an -- -- -- -- -- all gone -- of these lotion to. So we're gonna go where I but it's all all I'm not too long shot the cake is the -- where it makes. It's too big price sources he's on Saturday won it twenty to 1 on the morning line is commissioner. He's the only horse in this field. That -- threat to get a mile and a half of these ports North America restaurant while -- these don't learning more. He is one that actually is yet the best -- in the country one of the best trainers in the jockey Pletcher Caspian on the east -- -- -- 1 on the morning line you've got to use and in all your jackets and perspectives and super. And 30 -- 20 normal morning on it well or they medal count on the inside for dale Romans you don't get better Ter report on the -- a target while. Or it's wicked strong California home commissioner and the medal count 928. One that's the play you -- eagle -- to -- and in -- to channel the ire it's when you announcer. It is but there's so much is making money for people appreciated and Melissa it's it's not the Red Sox coverage you look at. Why do you feel free at some point during running out -- -- McCain started one with re not just before it -- might want well. Well I thought I didn't do that. Why not a while it I'd buy thanks a lot appreciate him and political Iowa.

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