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MFB: The Great Lotion Debate Rages On 6-6-14

Jun 6, 2014|

The guys continue talking about Lebron James's cramping issue, but repeatedly get side tracked by the great lotion debate. We get the female prospective from our intern, while Benz makes a creepy request

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The text response to. Christians question about whether or not it's OK -- one man to rub sunscreen on another man's back are phenomenal. -- tied together with the open that Joey had produced. In God's going to exited the -- -- so far Lugo led. It's -- get a Christian -- some -- on you as long as you bring in -- to finish it off. If you don't like Iowa. I'd like this would do it like it -- the first under a -- I grabbed a son barely left a couple of days this year and having it dude lube up your back lasts forever. Thank you have a sunburn. The deal with a sunburn than have your does a guy like yourself -- you feel the same. Some guys Texas and said well I have my kids rub sunscreen on me all the time but then again I'm muscle it's ginger and I'll burn. So much about kids and add to the beach that's a different story this is one grown man rubbing sunscreen on another. And -- them I'm just little more progress of the multiple texts to this effect and nose spray on aerosol guys get into the 21 century that's still the same issue Lou talked about it cannot -- and you can't the wind blows all the wind gusts -- brand. Use the wind to witness your friend not Cologne despite I would play him walking right yes spray walked into the wind as your friends use it. This went straight misses are politically correct text guys that is totally Danish not that there's anything wrong with that. I disagree. Dish. You know I guess -- at 1 point I am going to laugh. Both have pages chair you read back Angela -- -- gonna ask. It's a ticket some more now here's a very interest in when is the last -- gets you right this comes on the for a one area code. It's okay to rub lotion on your bro if you're standing but it's not okay if you're sitting or laying down replication. Agreed yeah I I. I definitely agree I lying on the on there I still let him do it but it does look a little different -- did -- the unwritten rule that it over and yeah it is is based. I just rattle you as a reliable and ready to go rubbing the offense green on. On -- ya got lost the images their perspective Joseph and I. Who's actually pushing away I don't know how. Others say -- somewhere -- Six point 77797937. It is -- time finally to get to our first female phone call of the afternoon. Christine is calling from Nora well maybe Christie can weigh in on the sun lotion conversation Portuguese to LeBron hi -- your -- -- seven WEI. Christina you're there. Are you running to -- on meet Christina. -- -- -- -- -- She slipped them some some screen it was -- -- is going to be a sudden today dramatic dramatic -- -- Sort of anchoring trap. That's a damn shame because they're really want to ask Christine about your earlier comments Christian which you've got by and speed on that and so now what I I I said it right. He can hear that it doesn't matter I said it right I'm not saying it's anywhere near signing up for the same cloth it's similar. Make meant that the paint is similar but it is childbirth is that and crappy is is is a one. That -- -- -- use that you compare apple yeah early eighties at the modified earlier said -- it works. It is no yachts are gripping his networks. Pay at do we have our call -- hit a Roger bail out Christian from Revere I don't. Yes it is -- it and. Eight. I -- address backers and and let me get a real technical -- -- -- -- I -- the -- more important clearly let go out and I add it almost looked like -- computer -- and it'll look like the gold. Or. Box. It. Went in a way it's a bit. The queen didn't. -- -- -- -- My problem with it we get a liberal Campbell. Inheritance Eagles article and why wouldn't let me finish you know. You know -- -- -- fractured ankle when I'm not gonna point pretty -- you're all saying it. Had cramps. -- -- -- -- -- You want. And couldn't beat. The rim needs to be sure. We'll edit all of Allen -- -- -- you have an easier time walking off of -- richter intestines are pulled it out as opposed to having cramps your -- is your legs and what you want who we walkway at. My lap corporate a Christian -- current -- and this guy's done audio. Yeah that -- when you play it or not anymore. But I got I don't. You're always under suspicion that I. I -- opt. It just further helping people make their decision on the UK I don't wanna burn my buddy. My bro my my my lifelong friend. One of my colleagues David you are decent -- on you lather about everybody -- Tokyo -- -- Sure. A mature later birdie put sunscreen on your back just don't get mad at the giant -- some burned for hours later. -- I you know I may have got all the things we've talked about how we look at that. All the we've talked about. This is that this is this -- surprises to people -- -- we have in the room with Kevin grant demeanor. While -- always within. One voice every guest tickets Kevin's got that that you know later these these students are definitely don't like it anywhere. Even on its -- on the pain of the. Earned. One person who could've waited on this that is no longer around appears to be your female intern -- whiskey and Jim on a car polish regular topic on LeBron that Lou was discussing earlier on the program hi -- here and -- 37 WEI. Hey fellow that I find it curious and first of all that's all create a big tough football player. That in mind that a guy rubbing lotion on his back end. -- -- eight baseball player and their radio guy like her are finding fault that I'm Gilchrist and that a lawyer. I've heard LeBron heat cramps -- perhaps if you get the help. I thought Spoelstra this because I heard a comment from him saying the block LeBron wanted to come back. And he said no way out. That doesn't like will not wanting to go back in the game and 69. This as a coach saying you're the best player in the world and you're not going back and even though Italian telling me you're ready I'll hang up I'd like to talk about. I'm with you I'm not let go I had a chance Hollywood shot. If LeBron James who came out you know and sat the bench for three minutes and went back out and wanna lay up and cramped up again that set back down to the minutes that you know what. Coach I want to go back again I'm put him back give us some. At the end of the -- initial walking into that locker room. So maybe you know basketball to a difficult time all Big Ten fifteen minutes and over two minute minutes of the clock in the regular game. And I can maybe throw him back and I got to at least given shouts at dancing don't you wanna go back and greatest player in world now. -- tell a story demo what happened to you when you cramped in appoint her calf. No that was that was when I was playing with with the with the patriots I'd pull my cast because it was -- -- net play -- Yeah because it that the -- giveaway was -- that was what that data so there was like a wet snow also wasn't completely frozen. So the more I pushed the worse it got -- up a crap being. And did everything now is -- gallon PDI all everything else and then sure enough I pushed awful wartime -- and I coal mines. My cap -- which I and rehab for the next two weeks before the Super Bowl. And again obviously the issue of the hat in Seattle but. The back to like it always comes back to want to people are gonna judge him for all these things. And compare him to other players I almost feel like -- supporters of jordin supporters of -- Mores of magic and look areas seem okay that's that's a that's a scratch gets -- it can't be in the discussion. More 617779798370. Good kaelin's vacuous in just a second or get her response we have female perspective. Not only on the sunburn issue but also on the -- issue and she has kids that -- is very yards and should -- kids Mitch calling from Connecticut I'm Mitch. They guys. First of all that they -- -- you know I'm not create a big fan but I think. He could've played he would have a music -- I want the ball into the game and I needed it did look ridiculous when news with an off and then. At the last and a couple of the older trainers carried him help in the chair acts that would have been very embarrassing for him that look like who was. But on the more important issue price. If I'm a middle aged guy everything he middle -- exceed twenty something like thirty something I'm going to be children picture. There's a woman Whitney. And I I don't pop up. You know what makes no way to -- is onto something. Mitch is on to something this is the second time or Christian has brought I'll stop a topic of discussion were curiously. There's only guys involved. Like vs the trip to Argentina team. I Viagra and the coyotes. And now you're just go to the beach -- Damon Huard and a bunch of other guys lately you're telling me back in the day let him. Your -- your -- the beach to look for girls you know Gordon -- not going to. You know go to Vegas are going to Miami. -- sand to the -- of your seat single or about that though he -- biologists that night you run in the packs Jason got their bulls and the likes it is a literal sands of the beach comparison okay dot. Negative -- OK so. -- -- our our intern -- curriculum we have female perspective on this you're at the beach -- rewarding -- school. Or perhaps the microphone spam your parents unless I -- I -- yet Alabama in the microphone -- ago. OK so if you are on spring -- go to spring break here in Alabama Daytona. Fan and that's. Like the Gulf Coast about -- of the -- So you're on the beach EC two dudes. -- each other out on screen don't think -- to your church -- -- and try to create a sudden it's -- -- they're putting sun screen on one another's backs. What are you thinking about those two guys. Rubbing our yeah it's great great honor or -- she's asking about the -- -- just -- -- it's lotion is it supreme lotion I think. What was it like bursting to go to it would be a weird now. They know. You don't have to say that as you're standing next Chris. I don't I mean. I mean we definitely girls it's evidenced -- -- -- -- I. Have. And I personally more -- I don't know I have I don't think it's like that we -- -- Know it is weird now like most people have the link. I don't happen right they -- now. You guys doing it more for you guys got to do about it. Right don't wanna get -- some guys get hurt then. Talk about know anything about -- statement that having cramps -- basketball games even worse than going out to listen to him he's in balancing act that you -- immersed. He's only he's a balancing of any adding to its it was worse thing you know no little irritated I did not say that will bring that out Joey tell you got it all out terrible I'd tell you -- I will come back there you're a semi -- yeah. Dot com. What I'd be violating some from agreement sexual harassment agreement by asked that the next time you Google on a road trip. That there's some sort of line or video that you couldn't get my -- into the creepy. I'll sort of Picard and that you barring you when you have yeah. By stating that I didn't say -- -- -- on the web -- a Protestant or going ice -- only local in the WEEI Twitter account I swear you know a key moment. They are doing -- and I can't throw -- commitment that you and your team up respectable. Six to a 7779. Violating. -- -- and -- at a let's go to you on the who's on that mask on from Walt and I'm -- belt that. You know let's hope you enjoy a -- shall I element. That are providing got a lot of fun thanks. Library you know ultimately brought a game one of the final report about guy Greg Burke who put a -- back yeah Mac Gregory Campbell who broke his leg also if Loria. Mike Jordan hit the men -- -- yes the war. A court. With a -- off Bergeron punctured lung. It seems to me that we have now I think now. I'm laughing again and has the spurs fans -- yet to be and what the with the means of LeBron -- with -- -- at all. Think it's asking for her body and then I feel a way closer ever for that isn't the only thing President Obama yeah I did that he's -- -- at a time. That's -- it seems like. We've found here's the -- -- team now as is the show was gone on has been more about him getting carried off the nature of the cramping it's it's it's a toughness questioned for the second time in his career it's a tough this question. And it you can say what you want about about the cramps and everything else. It's gonna happen. Like read between the lines in what are people really trying to judge him on whether he belongs in that discussion with the best player because they always bring up the same guys. They'll bring up. Michael Jordan I'll bring up -- never bring you always bring -- never met with more beat any all those guys put together as a again I'm laughing at something -- this -- lines three -- -- Jack is calling from Rhode Island but he's got a great suggestion about the LeBron situation -- go ahead Jack. Hey I don't want to elaborate stunt Christian got a great idea that on edition -- credit -- I Narnia and help mom with them again I don't. I would do that great idea yeah -- it out. -- out there ago -- I work out a -- Incident like what the problem with -- why are we so uptight about this like man -- can't help out other men. Hands around the world -- -- we don't know what there's probably a little there's an element of truth to that because Christian. In your playing career sure you had male trainers right not I've never had anything but they're at a female trainer. Now even even. Yeah now never. Never never had -- people I mean and believe me -- the male trainers are -- places where no man's hands ago. Okay if that's what do you know used her win there metered did all manner. I've posted male trainers. Let me I never actually Arizona that we had female transit facility where everybody would train. Innate female trainers out there -- always as far as the teams goes -- as a military who's there is one of the NFL teams like. Remember Steelers as a trainer choose the first -- yeah right you're like a celebrity in Japan when -- won the Super Bowl there's a line of Asian reporters that we're there it's just to cover her at the Super Bowl the trainer at the Super Bowl how's that received. In the locker it's fine ranked yet it and I think that since she is left. They had a couple more female trainers. And athletes that I know that have had female trainers. I would covered a hockey team called hockey Canada FEMA traders said that she was tougher on them -- and working out kinks and massages not gotten an email -- that. Maybe a bit more compact and maybe. -- -- David -- phone hi David -- 937. -- gentlemen how are you today good. A Enola it's and he'd been -- aptly -- -- you know what I mean so like as she can. He's probably prone to. You know roll it in -- initiating or or you just expecting people run to is paid and I'm sure that it that in his mind a little break in Holland. I I don't know what in in Christian not you know it it erupted on every hour went up three hours in your -- your you know. And throwing it it's adding to it. Not done -- -- embarrassing I just abroad you're balancing and adding to it aren't Jolie like you accuracy he. Really. This is very simple. It's a 110 degrees out okay. You're in Miami it's. That's a Aruba Aruba. Here at the girls on Iraq by the -- it's hot and decided that it's it's wrong if you go out there for fifteen minutes about it protection. You all are like a lobster tank even if he had some melatonin understand that you are roasting all right so right. Now you can't -- and no you can't do it I'll tell you right now you can't because you're gonna miss the areas are not going to get the entire back and think you're spring. You're gonna get -- well. Okay and pilot football ball run around between Obama -- -- -- -- you don't want. You know -- the bolts pull out all three of them three the report by the I still think with the big dealers like it is it that. Much of a testament of how comfortable he art with other men touching you like it like it be hot that you -- your buddies they got it up. So listen what your shirt off. I -- mr. and it was on -- argument that armed in the way right comic keep it away to make share. -- I am getting -- term. Giving you know what I did -- bad about you're not worried about a foot embankment there. You're talking about the violent video yeah it. I would like to think about every calls actually disguising it call it they want not what LeBron have some throwaway statement about eight all the Bryant Miller said the most -- -- -- -- digital ocean. Every Thursday to go to lotion -- it's in a -- the brunt debate it does go out I had a lot about the.

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