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MFB on Lebron and Cramp-gate 6-5-14

Jun 6, 2014|

The guys discuss Lebron cramping up in the final minutes of Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

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The big afternoon -- days of -- -- it. After yesterday's. Roller parades phenomenon. He looks like LeBron and I've been working since the show ended on saying that accurately what's available reliably. And I -- this just doesn't get old the old and that's it. Because no one ever wanted to hear me say that again or attempt to do so let's gullible little -- -- that you're you're trying so hard. Did you write and it was such a long read you could tell -- you you can cramped up -- win for us. So finally -- immediately we really need you to tag and his hated. Competitors. The big news is there -- up. In an effort to -- situation. Happening again your girlfriend was kind enough to bring Tennessee. Sack -- chicken sandwiches yes we have to deliver it already today -- fantastic. You know and -- -- so you know lunch will be at noon. -- you. Serving it -- -- -- -- -- -- you guys have to make a sandwich to cut it's him to actually lay out the -- thousand bet -- morals French maid's outfit forced no one else thought I was out -- -- the good thing is -- at the big bottle water yes I'm not worried about you not good -- and -- both of our vita Coco is over here yeah overall. We're gonna have national -- to stay hydrated throughout finish strong would get a finish strongly to finish this thing now we're not gonna bail. You know would not gonna get carried out of the studio now that's. Shall we brought on by the way we've left the TV lights on from -- in just to replicate -- just to bring me heated -- up Jolie turned up an extra lighting here to make it feel as hot as possible they gonna replicate the conditions at the AT&T -- percent or whatever -- -- on in San Antonio now -- just coincidence that everybody's drinking vita -- water like that natural way to hydrate yourself. Just belies the media light. You don't beat all -- and -- Gary asked to crush -- the big guys album. Before every game went went well -- -- -- now -- regardless didn't matter didn't matter just because you you can cramp up just as easily. And just not as easily you can crap up in cold games to select yes -- Guys a trip up bodies it differently and a -- circulation. I don't I've never cramped up during. Activity right during baseball games. What I've ever had that lean muscle -- -- I don't look at me what do you think that would ultimately cramped up in the middle of his third pull up that's Canada like a new balanced Jim long the -- game when I played a Democrat double -- that. In bed. But my -- -- that know what that. That -- that right you want and their -- -- -- That's it directly with guys that did or had issues with that in I guess you know what they did but we knew plated the game at Chicago has to be under and three. They they they drink immediately but nine innings yeah containers because they knew that they had an issue with this. I didn't have the drink is much Natick that it really did but they had an issue with it right Miami's ya -- -- -- everything else. And they they prepared. For it because they knew it was an issue for them. Ice ice to crap all the top thousand Seattle I -- four year streak was always that issue for me and I these optical news. The people you're lying down a lot of -- it supposedly whenever we'll coconut waters really good. For our apps -- the hydrates you a Coke or old -- I think that's what this is a classy and yeah it is like the salt sugar -- -- water act because it was sort of like a banana boat went out as a -- this great married -- after a night drinking too much you can add water and rehydration. Priceless this is money in the older coconut -- best hangover cure a lot of -- -- -- after. One I would get home but you had issues with that no way out he knew how would you prepare. For these issues won't once I -- I try to budget are things and they kept happening if I would get to a third quarter of a game and house and -- -- -- At the -- for coming and once they start coming. You going to get an -- But it's too late. It's it's run its course you just notes come -- ticking time bomb you just don't know what your body's gonna buy it read about it doesn't have to be your whole body can be Ukraine could -- just -- It be your -- I guess what I did is I mean all these bills -- ever got undertaker salt pills and water Google's -- -- take pills under water. But I started hydrating. On Tuesday. The call prime the pump. -- -- -- -- Really down and -- Miami on the -- got to play those guys -- be hot and -- Seattle we played a San Diego was hot down there today. Our member in the in the in the in the month of September. I was you can't prepare like on give a game on Thursday can't -- on Wednesday you gotta start you got psychiatry like three days before hand. You know and again once it happens you -- school roads -- not your covering. Yeah you may have a couple -- here in the air. -- energy you know later talk yourself into it but want to cap goes at Quantico. Mail it -- -- at the stage for people who don't have the back story here in other words for people who don't have ESP and because of your watching ESP and it's all you're gonna see -- all day until Tebow signs. Similar yes I would put that diamond dollars in -- to the -- at me -- that you were to denies the analysis. Of game one of the NBA. Championship round between whispers and he is squarely upon LeBron James and him cramping up and -- in the game and about four minutes ago cramped up numerous times throughout the game because. In San Antonio the air conditioning went out and was extremely hot last night I was that. Event for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. -- sort of unplug from sports for an evening and I got back in the game was still line. And there's about format I was watching as LeBron was being taken off the court. The court estimates of what we got something here and all this the folks ESP and repeated exactly the same thing because they're. I don't know what you guys noticed but I've noticed nothing but LeBron cramping analysis. Interest and I didn't think of you at that point coming into the show today is a figure that reference to me before we started doing the show. And proms do you have cramping insured up this morning a lot of the analysis. A lot of the narrative about LeBron James is why isn't he in better shape. To handle this cramping situation. It be such a highly conditioned athlete why isn't he in better shape so he doesn't cramp. Why's he doing more to avoid the cramping. And is he tough enough to play through the cramping. I'm here in this -- -- it myself a lot of people are saying this must have never had a cramping problem. As you said you do it. So explain why he can't get through it and do you think he is at fault for not being in better condition to avoid something like this yes. It is his old ball for not be prepared what you heard on ESPN. All night and all morning. Is that he's had this problem before so OK you know that. -- and a leader in the series you're the finals yet seven games wasting our game four against Oklahoma City the -- in steel so he's already been through so. You all you have yourself the -- for not I. -- -- You got to you got to want to take optimistic you have a problem to him this is not gonna stop me. And I hit those targets in stitches at a plate that I get a bruised -- a good junior shot a good to paint. Cramping it's helpless feeling. That you know it's coming and you can't do anything about it and you play threat yeah okay so he came out of the game right today in the fourth quarter went back did. Drove the lane got a bucket. Now but now he's done Democrat becomes -- cap goes Agassi can't walk. Question that he didn't need to be -- -- a -- -- data needed to be carried -- to make it a little more dramatic I think that's. The issue that I have is a couple things. Other athletes. And it I think it's 5050 some athletes today like Shannon Sharpe thought -- -- him on ESPN all along the ticker at the bottom. Saying hey you're the greatest of all time a pair -- -- degrees -- time you got ago. Easier said than done. You gotta go it's just beats you can't go it's impossible. Broken arm fine I can deal with us being there. Broken toe bruised ribs I mean people -- old games Isiah Thomas hamstring. Are you name out. Michael Jordan hit a flu. It's not the same. What I don't see it as you just said that you took a lot of extra effort to make sure that you're hydrated and to make sure that you wouldn't cramping games and you cramped anyway. Until I figured out exactly what I needed to do is maybe hasn't figured out well and -- -- a career here pitchers -- figured -- he's just so -- -- this this is the matter of once season. -- there's no one wants these were ice continually had this problem -- -- why can't I finish the game. I just could finish fourth cores like I'm a loser and I wanna be out there. And also a cramp up and like to speak help -- -- -- -- but I could either wealth or route block somebody. Or pass protect cells like I just I had come out of the hole from looking at me going what the hell is wrong with view. I felt like the biggest just jerk. Just -- I was like. Crappy and it's it's such a lame excuse I think it just doesn't there's -- toughness to it. Yet that's because I. I think cramping are experiencing Lou what you experienced and better Krista what you experienced during the game it's not I got a gain a little twins and I can't -- he is on stage in my side when I go for a jog along the Charles. It's your body and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's something way beyond that. Your body can bolstering sell its shutting down you know we open up the phone lines and get a lot of us Sunday afternoon warriors. Have called the shots I played through it 6177797937. If you never cramped like that you don't know is what you -- at. Luke Joseph that was like I can't even compare X ideas I wasn't in a -- but narco and I couldn't wolf ethnic. I've never gone through that your point Christian of preparing what the minute you know the AC is out. You know that now it's like okay this is what we have to do to keep you through this game. Just to get you through this next -- we don't get why. You don't you buy but it -- becomes a little bit more often beyond just pounded PD lottery pick up ice pack on the back of the neck. I don't regret it but what is second at the. The try to cool your body temperature down which I never thought worked because you better immerse your whole body in a bucket and in a tub of ice to get that done. But I -- a. They depend what the broad is this I don't. -- -- never been a big LeBron James fan I respect his ability to court no but it did say he's not the best player who broke -- do you think India's. He's -- drama queen. That's exactly what he has and it's not a surprise to anybody that it was LeBron James the only person on the court that had to be carried off in that situation. We'll take my talents to sell billions -- Liza why is this a drama queen situation why what you've you've known him to. Go out there and and exaggerate don't -- me any injuries beyond what we saw from Saint Francis Michael Jordan with the flu gamer Paul Pierce can take off -- we all. Yours is another huge drama queen there's no debate big Celtics fans there's -- Paul Pierce will tell you that as well. But the bronze giving you can't move you know what. It hit the floor of a trainer come out -- try to do -- -- they try to work that thing out we know that's not gonna work great but at that point where you can walk off. Ice a division of them carrying him off the court sitting on the bench it's is this is just LeBron James. So that's why it's it's easy to get on this thing but I -- look at it they act like. That the locks up. It's hired some call today Isaiah so Isaiah Thomas to an elbow in the united appeased it's yeah it's still walked off the court listened to yourself speak police. Fifty states are still resides still walked off the court what -- he -- deputy stitches in his head me okay. Yet -- did it they can still walk in my blood gushing out of my four seconds that walk off the court. If my entire body my left leg sees -- sees addicts can't. Move it you can't mold is -- kind of like where it's it's less about him crappy the first time I sought but listened to his own damn ball. You should prepared it is all right take the blame for I wasn't ready. But I think that the bigger question comes through like how tough -- -- And OK I don't think toughness is an issue -- well because I think some guys. Will not allow himself to be carried off unless they're late as detached. OK let I'd be -- -- value to about toughness from continuing to try to play no I would not doubt as to walk off the just it just I guess the internal pride that comes with -- you know it through that that warrior -- -- -- them let me I am walking off on my -- now. Is it a little too much sometimes he'll try to be you know big time stud like. Well it just like that's just part of that I think the mentality don't agree I think that heat is black -- OK so no date somebody mentioned. Kobe Bryant -- the killings he walks off the court. Yeah okay he should walk off the court you don't need to be carried. People who blow it down already did that when he blight is exactly that I was not -- it's it's different okay but it's still some guys are OK with having the trainers come on the court. It carried off the court just okay what did you see it full Boise all sports. -- -- now a global player away from -- I got it they want to walk off the court people who cross country run cross country marathon. Or forty whatever any and it indoor track facility outdoor track Olympics. They wanna finish paid somebody comes up to help you know I got to. Finish that's why we get on soccer because the stretcher comes out. Literally the stretcher comes out but there at you -- how do you let a stretcher come out there. Check point about the brought as if my acting for a pull he's not acting for a call but he can't drama that's. -- point so if your hate all abroad for last night. Dan what he really Haiti are you just LeBron hater because some people just don't like LeBron and look at -- used to hate on him more when I look at it looking at him going okay. Isn't he he's one of the best top five players that ever played a game. OK and we get -- that later. But as far as -- are you going to dock him points for being great because he chose to walk off the court. Or he shows guys to help them off the court. I mean that's what it looks like. Tim Duncan post game last night from the San Antonio Spurs check out this passive aggressive swipe at that would brawn. What kind of physical tell -- what. In here in this arena with. There was significant. It was definitely a factor and I don't know what have you -- but I think all of them in the world dehydrated. We played through it finally went. And many did it again even more sell well I -- I I don't know what happened to -- much Tom come out game a couple times. I summit the only about four minutes left to go to -- yet leaving -- -- -- -- really hot out there I mean it was tough for both teams both teams played through it. He kept coming back to both teams played through it he kept pointing out that LeBron laughed. And he did all the time with a smile -- -- weird way to be unsympathetic towards what bronze plate but you know he was getting. Yeah you know you know he was getting at did you see the clip too little. Now we mean we all had to deal. Each and every one of us I mean it does -- his own teammates but he had to leave the game -- real sloppy game when he made sure to put Barry -- I loved it. All right alt -- my body those. Pushing -- didn't bother me. -- was not Cameron indoor every single game was huge advantage -- -- just it's kept on -- Tony Parker we are ready senior wouldn't bother me at all. Maybe it was up and down to people say now that was hot there was -- was a mean game five was that the Celtics lakers game -- was 84. With -- on a fashion that is the coli acie went out that Carden for God's -- everybody on top -- you fight throw. LeBron is a player that deals with cramps and he's probably the one player that was gonna get away -- -- it last night -- that he she went out the end it's up and should have been done as you mentioned as far as preparing yourself or figure out how to get this -- at this game. Rod Doris pre existing after the game two if you listen to how he kept bringing back the conversation to the fact that the war. Was okay is Michael -- Obama -- asking about LeBron -- to leave the game. He kept saying over and over again you know this is situationally at your best two teams out there on the floor -- had -- clip. What you are looking for this to make sure that the conditions on the court. Are fine and in this case there was no one slipping. Once the game starts it's in the hands of the -- race -- the ref Rees held at any time. Oh or that I felt did any time sitting amid court I was sitting in the sector -- make court. That the conditions on the court were such that the game should not be continued. Then they would come over and says something to me. Was fine. Nothing else is tropical McCourt was fine you don't I was debating -- the -- spine now is the L. How many thousands of people in the stands at the makeshift gas cans banning is a guy and was not a great visual wanna watch it on TV seeing everybody and themselves. In the back at that Olympics that I've been a lady in front of -- that amaze us Spoelstra kept these guys keep -- -- -- -- -- you could see. -- ought underneath it that's like it's like all relate to this dejected often debenture. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 61777979837. We only have one phone line open on this so let me. Bank for one or two before a step aside as -- Ed on a car phone first I had. Hey guys love the show. Story. It might playing style but I do wanna talk about the -- -- Gregory Campbell Bridget and I went straight so. Probably on the ice pops plays in action at the -- gets cramps. And speak our I mean it's just it's ridiculous you're right when he was drawn according. -- -- -- -- I think the comparison is a ridiculous comparison yeah he wanted to try to go out there and play LeBron wanted to try to go out there play he couldn't. Move just like Campbell couldn't move because of a broken leg the bronze body was and boasting and couldn't move. If you wanna blame LeBron for not being in the right kind of condition. To go through this and blamed him for that. But physically he couldn't keep playing and recording -- you struck. He wanted to keep playing it's -- struck kept him out of the game. Or are like what you are. I'd like playing our corporate rate of -- and opera used admired you when you cramped up and couldn't continue -- of people -- Campbell -- shot where I -- does the media when the first call was the first to feel free ordained the first -- -- -- -- Campbell played behind -- is -- -- vs basketball not -- -- person broke and it doesn't matter he -- -- you can't handle -- you can compare that to. I think it don't compare the injuries. He can't compare the situations. -- could LeBron James walk off. The court with out being carried the answer is emphatically yes. You've been I don't care OK let's he was in full body. Could bolster when he was cramping -- I've seen multiple looks like the actress' death -- -- -- I see that traders are all these guys. Holding them down on the guys screaming. It's -- honest I mean not to disrespect any ladies out there who have given birth naturally but that is -- now go ahead do it looks like. I mean not nearly as bad. But there's really a failure of our bodies and I -- -- -- it's not -- kids OK you don't hear that I put on the on the on the stomach. Of of your girl for her life that ever nearer to note the little center they put on to measure the contractions the guy. We see that let that those -- just like scenario like OK here comes NEC's I got advocated legal way. It's not stop opposite contractions come by -- more often and -- get worse. And not saying this is any horse OK but it's like that similar. Not the same. Several you're ready because. Gregory Campbell's not go away I mean it will continue for the next thirty years in this town just lie down break in the leg getting up. And a you know -- was that he's really skating around tangle around -- stick all those guys bring it over and looks at that moment but it has nothing to do in my opinion with the analysis and did skate off. Skated off the notes gate pushing Nightline yeah but skated off annual here for the next 100 years. The next -- our grandchildren about rhetoric at ball prop jetlag by that time. It'll be came back and sport on a short handed -- and it'll turn on thought yes and it'll turn. At 617779. 7937. While we're on the topic of the NBA like -- said before -- respect people wanna talk about this LeBron situation. We I think we've reserved one line though for the next woman to cull into your pocket I'd hate for comparing anything to childbirth -- -- if you could say no -- online for a woman to -- and yell -- Christian for preparing a sport situation childbirth look now wanna make sure we get that on at some point. Go through all the Gregory Campbell phone as a end to a chase next. At some point here. I do wanna get to Rondo is appearance on Good Morning America yesterday -- guys see that yes -- I don't cure one disease out that that's more that's the more important things I don't care about the basketball implications of what he said all I care about are your guys thoughts on a -- bastard you do that we come back NFB -- 937 -- -- -- period.

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