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6-5-14 John Fiore Joins The Planet Mikey Show

Jun 5, 2014|

Actor and comedian John Fiore joins the Planet Mikey Show to discuss the Red Sox, NBA Finals, and Kevin Love. Also, Where Is Lenny?

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I'm writing. Every -- headphone shortage I mean it's it's a camera radio station. You know I -- that I worked every year how many years and -- -- to twenty years I don't know. People coming in a studio. You gotta have a headphones for God's sake. It is the other thing the radio station is that his pants wanna write some -- is no -- And I Johnson yours -- here let me look around all the way to -- headphones stereo headphones right. If your own. You get it can you turn on several back there. We are not yet stop eternal Michael's first. Turn out of -- -- know we hear this from here. You get -- -- At reading Baghdad at 815. Hybrid -- -- have to -- -- quick market. Got ahead. Right so why do you have headphones. Now -- has jumped in and taken ladies. Sarah's got -- we can stereo while back saying god area I was district -- to to a except for lighted. Ball now look at that -- we've ever had phones was. As a society and a lot. It's he's -- and realize Argyle sweater and it's like Kevin. It's a barber shop called public -- something it's exactly like. That Fiore John Fiore and house anyway -- -- -- in -- -- The Sopranos but I -- I have HBO now -- But at a when they -- they scheduled regularly I like to -- we were shown ideally want more and it watchable again we could go on demand and the hole and among the mandate they release a few of the time yeah putting judge about to. -- -- for the of the greatest television series and history television and in this this month as one year from port James Gandolfini always that was a year ago -- June wasn't it boy Campbell I you know what to this day -- watch now and think about him all the time like you know how we're not gonna getting more today it -- meant. It was such a great girl and -- prominently tremendous. That's a sad thing about your -- though why Arizona Bloomington. That's on that's that's that's -- -- you're sopranos -- and yet. Guys who want to tremendous. Trent Jones series one of the Asia had all kinds against walk -- took. Recchi tallied Frankie valley animal I just stuck him in the bar scene do much it may lead -- told us on the right not always -- he does the little guy rusty Milo yeah that's right moment. Frankie valley still kicking -- an eighty now -- get money up to Jersey boys Melissa I'm sure Clint Eastwood just directed movie the Jersey boys yet yet the -- and he's like eighty you know -- is old now there are one now you were Stevie Stevie Vincent Stevens sent. I saw him on the the hall of -- rock and roll hall for a bit -- and he's been with Bruce since they were worried -- they chewed up the whole rock and roll hall Fleming got 45 minutes with them I know two people on the man what was he like. On the set though was he if you want right now. On the set you -- -- saw him. What was the Silvio Dante -- -- or with the Bandana -- have never seen as head without some sort I don't think anyone has nobody maybe the white. But he wears the Bandana. Or he wore the wig as Sylvia would write a really nice guy. Yeah he would always downplay Issac Hayes and David Chase liked him he did it without a -- courtesy you know he is. His accent and his aspect of patients were all perfect exactly and he could be over the top and David Chase was simply an. Never even thought of as the one they -- one shot deal and became huge it was the first time HBO and even a drama. Yeah let alone that stick around see if it would go and so forth certain their first season wrap party was the pizza -- Right right and then from there went his legs feel the girls -- You like him you know and out of there one thing I want to mention -- about that they're wanting to (%expletive) me off on The Sopranos. Was went who's the fact I would going to be in the gay carried out -- veto yet now. Has he was an earlier scene in somebody else is picking up some impostors on the Bob pastries -- space right and you're just some guy had a show does that to you know. And they never dressed. That's kind of weird the I don't like -- that when that happens when a record because then -- go -- to watch again you -- -- today of course I -- -- -- dearly but I was like -- said that's -- Act -- so -- anymore that he's lost some weight loss. John Fiore and house were sliding. Value left. Can't leave the building I think you left the building and it Lenny has left the bill I don't know I don't know when he wouldn't just leave he went nuts and by Sarah do me a favor widget which of course if you can find -- how worried about now. -- giving a locked out. Stratified headphones which can be difficult around here. I mean again it's a it's a darn race. I -- spectacles to three we can still -- -- notified Nolan Ryan already said jumped up Gregg gives John does have gone. Street John -- hello John -- on the year. They get to the pleasure talking John just you're you're so right greatest show -- questions voted in doubt. And I want to mention one thing he does match and Frankie valley in the show is the fact that there -- season two episode I believe work. Tony said so -- -- -- -- can Frankie valley. Think that would be surprised they put them on as a character and it happened like 34 seasons later. Are these really little off his opinion that yeah he's like 53 his -- five inches yet so deduct the way he's 49. But when it was -- the reason I called so rest -- -- Don Zimmer. -- -- -- You you nailed it Mikey when you said if this space -- -- -- ignorant statement on your show I think he would have said that. -- first and foremost the baseball guy. What I what I wanted to talk -- nobody mentioned earlier was to collapse. In upon my -- and hope in this Mikey. I I think that the Red Sox had a beer and expansion. Toronto Blue Jays team sweep them just to make that play off game not how big deck collapse ones who was huge he was. They had to win every game and and they had to force that tie. I mean they went down the stretch I mean if you look back at the -- of those gave them retro chic. You're gonna find that I think only one guy lost in the last two weeks. And it was Torres. But recklessly you know re you know down the stretch. You know he go eight innings give up five hits. TI at the same thing. And who was the other run. Woman missing here what was what was -- so there for you know he was gone by then which are required. Yeah no these -- Torres. And Jim right they had a guy named Jim Wright who was twelve Alda yeah popular network yeah I heard it before -- -- -- -- he was their fifth starter now back and you had a four man rotation. And the fifth starter was the spot starter who got the the start every second or third time through. Backers these outstanding and -- getting it under three earned run average and won twenty games. And but it. Every single game they had to win and they did. -- airport -- he's unbelievable and to get that playoff given up Bucky Dent -- and by the way in that game. It's reach 44 -- three starting in that final game. 443 with a one point seven ERA that's right and yes takes a deep Red Sox have a lead it's like at this is work you have observed golden beautiful October 3 in Boston and when you -- -- a -- Islamic thought -- horror that was that was the end of it all you know that of course you had the the bad the base running play at third and had all kinds issues that caused that but it was that was the closest the Red Sox overcame. I thought yeah to being a championship people thought that your guess they did in the Red Sox and the Yankees number two they beat him yeah. That's a great -- guys and people are right John thank you. Ottawa richt in New Hampshire. Britain exhausted my search efforts we're -- I checked in telling you he's not you don't leave the building you -- gates that he was leaving this struggled. -- -- -- -- -- It's really easy and telling them to look for the older skinny gentleman wearing Argyle sweater is sweaters he's used to MS that's what I that's what and I always some men but -- I -- I just try and shocked that he should be. Everywhere he did he really looks nothing like him to go off like this when -- -- I think -- was disillusion. If we were Rihanna had -- happens all the time -- discussed it that's what makes afraid I'm sorry Rick and Richard right. Well that's quite all right I'm I'm sad day in Atlanta left. I don't worry. I don't get. Well and Mike I know -- -- -- didn't -- a -- it worry you ROP do whatever it okay. He's OK just left I've audience anything you do want. I thought it did you and now people ability at kindred spirit and that I roll off. In -- -- but Don Zimmer. And out like that Sherrod story with -- -- I -- I was a young kid in the mid seventies. Quite violent piling up in a box seat you sit in the bleachers. Their early there in third base side and walk around. In the first base side that he would like it maybe get an autograph for a peek of some like it is her girl and prevalent. And incurable was sitting on the steps of the dugout looking into the stands as they approach you know that gap. Apparently. He did yeah how old are you at the -- all out -- about well. He just yelled that's it. Love that story -- you're -- it. Mean would you have felt that it or hate him you do what you would you don't forgot about battle you know I guess story when my friend -- forget it. When a president of the Florida watched an exhibition game yet as the game and they waited from outside the park known as -- leader. Yes it got like three hits or whatever you know back that they played more than one inning. And in the Red Sox lost. And yes walks by indicate goes he has great game yes votes and goes it was lousy. It's just keeps walking the president went how big of Al really it's an exhibition game of analysts lousy. They want -- venture. And her -- -- I would do in Iraq and second. You try doing now to the second Rick and she accelerates. Arabic. On 12 Rick that's you got for me that makes my golf director at the Diana Ross would definitely like c'mon now I missed that whole time -- able Billy. Serbia has text messages rights that are yes pretty got forced. And Hitler and me. Concerns breaking bad is an amazing show and it is it's off the best in -- beverage of him doing Flip Saunders looks like me. How about flip you Lansky. That was it doesn't yes he looked like you might -- -- because they're little beer barrel look I guess I have never appeared browns got nowadays after Maurice and his ballot passes -- -- double game here for you anymore McNamee you -- not like more than people always say of the Greg Moore from good I don't nearly death that. Any pulling the pipes the lives these fat. A guy multi multi millionaire that man is he really -- -- Alamos nobody owns TriBeCa. Kamal -- downloadable I met him at an audition. I -- he owns TriBeCa -- the -- -- buildings everything now loaded as where a guy that's him I go. It's actually in king of comedy in all of its groceries he movies. I don't really do that some from the -- what was -- It only gets up there. -- -- does -- got to live. If you call re Leo does -- everything he doesn't get maybe you could do. That's your conversation -- -- the guy with the notable. God. -- I am very concerned old about lady because let me you know. I don't know where he went to why you gonna just called yet some than to take care real quick. Well maybe had a go to them and no one -- earlier RadioShack -- -- headphones. That's probably harper he's all right. Is like -- -- like he was -- -- these are great great friend we don't want ever ever would know what he wants anything bad ever -- -- Islam awesome wondering OnStar drive aimlessly thinking and yet the bad side of his shoes off. You know the middle of us all -- now. Brands in Bristol -- that's Connecticut right. A Rhode Island. -- violent that's good what's up Ryan they'd like I went to my very good thank you. Are -- -- the restaurant helped the situation. I think. When Ingrid -- it was back you can put him over our leadership and -- on field. Or is it an optimal production projected growth of notes and -- with about what -- effectively. Yet can't hit a current quarter more than help them. And put you brought -- went field. And then you probably news article -- Coke right now what Dmitri Young Palestinian. Well that's been the talk of the you know obviously for a long time people with craving. Giancarlo Stanton. And Miami is not doing its part though they're winning there waiting tension. And he's written really well well yet he's a big part of this and you know maybe he said the price going up on him but it was already up. And Red Sox have a real problem because in almost every Major League -- one or two guys. Who can supply at least moderate power and I'm talking with that fifteen to twenty home runs a year that's actually -- that video Jackie Bradley has won. And he may have who at the end of the year artistic got earnings are flash and anyway. You looked all over this but we're all human. -- street and they're getting arsenal but overall that's true and you don't want to know why you get a big hit from gold as a Victor Reno is always hurt. -- Grady Sizemore is gonna bust since our training ended. And it's getting to be a little bit frightening because one they need they need to run city -- be -- come back to these games he tied up for for the they let it get pissed away. But think that the -- -- -- -- -- bad that line of final piece to that don't have the the backing Clinton you like his colleagues on the final. While I wanted to be Napoli but yet keep him healthy get -- getting him back will help. The eighteenth victory got back healthy that would help he seems like Victor Reno seems like the kind and it's gonna have always nagging as tough for guys that -- he's been known for a lot of these aren't final here is the -- The power hitter of all I'm saying an unnamed Obama got it that we could appeal which stretched into it -- it -- -- it -- the picket -- -- you can put that six. Mean you have. Well in it hello to -- the team is designed we all follow middle Brooks I he's gonna supply some power sixth seventh and alliance somewhere along the way. It nobody thought. That Jackie Bradley junior wasn't gonna hit anything. And he really hasn't. So -- and then you got -- here's what I would do to keep this lineup. As powerful as possible. I would have it would restore my dream just yet you're trying to serve two masters here. I would put Ross behind home plate let him catch these guys because he's a better catcher when it comes to the matchup. Between with a pitcher to get an input peers since it DH that topic lay off first base or create characters as you play first. You're a little blue and a real. I know one of -- until Napoli gets back when applicants back it's a whole different ball game. But during this whole period of time averages -- brought colts over that -- poppy just play first. He's good -- and include the -- agreed that Clinton when Clinton and actually went -- You could very well. He didn't just throw a little. EO he's a latter has just telling you you know army that after I have surely heard it. Chandeliers sex with the Dallas cowboy cheerleaders are a little sort does your -- back I let let's dispensed a PED grammys can. Let's get everybody healthy and in tip top condition I seen -- -- Alibaba the go BC's days that's a -- on all gummy diet. In July grid with a lot of wounded -- -- bought steroids or you've got a commodity slowly gotten. They cut out -- sixteen -- and welcoming and. Still lying sack of crap cheap bastard of the people what they want home runs high again and again that he'd take did you notice you're giving them what they want to give the people what they want well -- Toronto -- -- have different laws up there they don't care I can do anything -- there. -- a free for all. Now they have men and women sleeping together it's crazy about that that that. A little Cabrera that just appalled at Richmond would need to get well although these -- won't get any Condit got. Again and we're gonna play this isn't these talk about I'd -- balls and the -- bulls -- me about the Jews ball anymore but does that weapon to close 87 when they had that Haitian ball and he was made Haiti it was -- -- wrapped too tight like a lot of my friends. That had it even Wade Boggs had twenty how do you analyze what yeah -- rapidly as he bids to snugly rabbit. I mean that a lot of streams those balls and over that's that's the science you can have a ball and are there you're out it's like a Super Bowl -- super ball inside there's something not a -- that we it was freaky. -- -- I had a huge increase in and -- through war -- -- Brian listen we got to take a break here. -- -- -- organized record and he has never played a game at first base it was about time we did -- across -- whites six point 77797937. The adorable little munchkin Sarah B we'll have text messages for you. As she's so prone to doing right after this break. -- -- in certain serious guy air boots and their latest news or no matter right now. I could have been as bad person will -- this problem. The in my utilities that are ready yet they are gonna pick this golfer now we got how Logan put all these days and had new got to -- Separate -- -- Manhattan is the pattern over here -- Chris. Is that had he Chris -- -- and a hat. And Sarah b.s gonna pick the winner out of the hat OK here's the hat shake up shake up. And this day is for golf to Marty -- three red tail on DeVon. And all you other guys are reduced in the future I'll be back for the next time. Our bodies playing tomorrow if you can make it after being until midnight. And his name is your gap. His name is. Now how well he's a first had a -- analysis so how is going to be all right so we got a call hell hole of that number -- I got it. Call him back and -- navigates to a city still listening count -- that theory doesn't really play golf I don't glad I lost about you don't really last time I went golf they had packed the -- the club on the fourth -- about one. -- drinking disagreement. They disapprove the -- intoxication by the third hole drinking and it is a credibility that's a pretty early to be -- I was wasted before we even sent out. That I wanted to quit and break up the foursome now and again data probably as the equipment lost interest -- leaving. I'm leaving and we've really got to golfer though -- -- all out of the summit is dominated the first -- all of a sudden about it. He -- something of the first rules probably. Woods you drink heavily -- -- no I don't I don't know what's wrong with you now I smoke -- at that night I actually you know drinking doesn't help your golf game now. Unless you're you're if you're tight if you're tight drinking a little bit -- you up and you get that easy slowing down the classy with a flask. They remain -- you guys slack you reach you know there's been no helmets that have -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you do it's moved -- Now Serbia as a golfer which she says she's not decorator. It's because I don't like to play golf seriously and too many holes exactly. It -- a team that's priest I I think so I I agree with that as a golfer like twelve to thirteen is by planning. And I was gonna say when you get better or do you play golf ever played twelve world. You know why we like to ignite a Billick played a little bit more mentality -- pretty much cut to somewhere in the middle if you have mostly -- -- it's tough for parents you have a better to let go I like this -- -- -- outside tools and the Sox -- -- -- it and it is. There are some frustration involved in golf it's a perfectionist David no nobody no matter how hard it tries have been perfect. I did perfect however Tiger Woods 2005 on PlayStation 2 yeah yeah I get like 48. Now our guard play eighteen holes and I get a John yield numbers 48 you know exists and -- made an -- 42 wonder are you going you know par fours and stuff. Good thing. 6177797937. I would affect your calls but for Sarah seems like she has a text. Can't convert getting a lot of text messages about where Lenny I'm worried a bottom hey Mikey I found lining but they're two Salvation Army people trying to wrestle that -- damn Argyle sweater off at -- what -- idea. -- -- He likes that swindler and keep it let me if I'm listening send a text. Flair some things -- that might he know you're OK a message does novel would be okay you know his restores are here for awhile. George's in Cambridge -- next on the planet hello George. -- their -- you know you do are you out my kid gets better and -- and also. Let me get acknowledged. -- -- able we don't that this is the mystery Georgia and Abdullah about mid show I was at a calendar but it -- -- -- -- dual -- I don't know -- we don't know -- was threatening to go off during the Heaven's Gate Cult it. Think it was even held -- -- you wanna cast -- says. Today he likes the sneakers though and it. So I don't know what happened so George. Did you get my guys that you and an email. On June 2. I tried to -- you had to make you pay Israelis feel -- to get my June 2 email. You know I I don't think so descended to well -- -- view and what you think there's. Entitled Mike Adams. As a baseball profit. And more like a non profit but go ahead and it's that they -- visit here Mikey came back and -- -- Monday June 2 -- very brief pregame show. Before the blame game I wanted to get ready -- a bit of traffic regarding the red -- and here's why a you know a profit is who is. -- -- no profit is welcomed his hometown that -- over 24. And better by the U -- -- ecology in the show. Back on May 26 to actually get standard that ten game losing streak behind you went all biblical enemy that it may be time to start. All live the law of Moses -- a credit to all I have no research to have a Bible night some night just for -- -- who knows what. You couldn't believe you can. I thought Genesis has the bad guys Phil Collins at the B did thirty years to be taken seriously as a prophet god he's maybe he was it a code of -- of -- he had a point there. Kevin you're the guy you're the guy Mikey who prophesied. The -- they -- -- -- you know that lost ten straight yeah -- -- they're gonna turn it SA did it I would never get any credit and yet. And that then they went ahead and they -- and after that ten game loose and then turn around seven games and well. They are streaky -- now brokers under prayers at the White House. And they really are there and it's not just the Red Sox all these teams you notice that. -- only three teams in the entire MLB that's playing 600 in all I worry. Because they're off the vitamins. All that might get a good so I had set on the Red Sox beaned by and by the way it's contaminated the entire legal. There was this thing's all over the American League -- have said it before -- and so it's impossible. In numerical mathematical -- the -- -- that everybody's going to be 500 at the end of the year threatening your favor and while the Butler blue jays -- one of those teams -- six -- -- baseball at that they'll come down from that nobody believes once they go through that second cycle of the steroids and it's it's -- as the impact -- for Encarnacion. Who cheats I know -- sheets. I know and his wife is probably think he cheats. But he this guy and I don't consume me for saying this but I don't care who I was in backcourt of walker that would demand -- urine specimen. Somebody. Then Hannity has pretty clear that you do and something. Yes and that. Course she -- around in his career. Does not indicate that -- -- in all of a sudden -- big jump at them as a signal of about somebody using media. Jared. Of course era and an out what are we gonna sit here and pretend we don't know the stuff that are going up for a every time you watch a guy whose numbers go through the -- that you say OK well let's look at his -- second and then you say it like in in Batiste -- case. Okay his career high eight through age 28 and a half. Was sixteen home runs off your power hitter you become one before 28 years old right. And all of a sudden out these search saw what happened did you learn to strike shortened. Oh please he started cheating. Like LeBron does. Brown endorsed the mall I mean this is just so blatantly clear of the -- there -- -- catch him because these -- all of us this huge contract money and so with the big money talks. Well that's ward and you know it's agreed think a lot of in the you can understand -- let's say you're Dominican kid you're seventeen. You you wanna make in the big leagues yet that it's legal down there of course you do and you can to get out of the Dominican into the big leagues make the millions of dollars. And I must say that -- you know about stereotyping dominicans here but we know of the culture of baseball their what they'll do to get out of that very poor. Third World country to call one contract once signing bonus at age sixteen -- signed for four million bucks and beat. I'd like under way but then again of course you know you got to continue the that program or you end up being like I mean you Juan Gonzales okay I supplement amenities from Puerto Rico doesn't matter. One Gonzales explode on the scene but the Rangers. And it is like the MVP candidate every single year. RBIs. You know the -- 65. Now happening him. What is happening him where -- and there's another guy is a fraud Sammy Sosa the list is endless. Now so you don't know what's real what isn't any more stress and it now you look at the guys who paid twenty million dollars a year. A 567 years that's where the big losers command you can only on one hand named the guys that are pretty good mate totally worth it for more than one year. Edit the rest of and they don't exist the -- but she got a couple of Barry Zito are negated a twenty million Speedo. He sucked. Stinks stinks he signed Alex thinks. When I was in Saint Mary's in Cambridge -- science project ones who did this map was so proud of myself I was in the best -- a map a map of like space at some point that brought it and the the nuns who did this right off the bat. I did she hit me with a right and alas that was down enough and there was obsessing you do good works era ball players have in the Macy's on. Suspected well you're you're the only guilty by association yeah. As we can't be too now given his mumbled slightly to I think Miguel Cabrera is a steroid guys -- at the -- out there he's a big giant really got a great swing. Denies -- best player based eventual a few guys makes tornadoes a year. Could ever have a hope of being worth again Teixeira. I he kidded him plays wrist hurts again but try -- one of those guys deal. It is Saturday contracts -- could be the real deal I don't know yet he's the best player baseball whether we on the up and -- not a -- you know we we -- we never know. We'll never know my -- my -- yeah. About salmon he still play insanity. Probably I hear my name your heart that might just got a younger brother's going to be even bigger than his -- is -- trouser. It is big. And -- can be proud that column George RR Jordan arguing all the good people in the people's republic of Cambridge to have a great night tonight. Okay all right. Over there and a people's Republican Cambridge over there they have a lot of those things -- their poison into Somerville they in my hometown sports well. Report out there it is Paris -- the call I don't I can't drop the call is something wrong in my phone banks -- trying to. Jesus what's going on time no headphones -- leaves well Larry this is a mystery. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's the Angelos in. Massachusetts. Says that. Yeah eight and zillow reported that my he had talked about the red truck. Wonderful triumph of good drive from the crypt episode. To leapt up and so when they are late in the restaurant. I had every episode in -- Might -- -- the other crap out and that would really -- right. But there voted to do just for you were gonna judge fury briefly recite the dialogue from all persons and sixties. Starting right now you're -- Can't come on now everywhere it was a you can kill the guy in the car season to season -- is shut that guy -- ahead played flank pain its twin brother -- and that the talking Drexel and old mother deserved. The bad -- in my life. When quality equipment. In the words. Elizabeth in that yeah. That's many deals they have -- the Russian mind Hollywood -- plug in that day was great violence -- You know especially when -- -- -- have -- fight over the -- Ali's daughter and a colleague is diminished. -- parliament quit them. Give me -- man you know tomorrow you -- back. At our instruments of guys I guys were very well that's. I loved that big unit. -- on Tony's service picked up a dialogue out so I never watched that not only got to watch a full blown swearing in every. He's like got Mike okay it would give back through -- -- -- -- eight lead floor you have the other way you mentioned that. Now we come to Beckham played without. And -- we normally get better go back right okay. Now. Everybody I can I give them on TV you know on the read like -- yet they give all what -- -- what -- -- big enough to a brought hope where he'd been. Yeah army guys lead the team is hitting. No the other day is and have -- he had been to have a Muppet bet. I don't know I know he doesn't he's a qualified for the after the championship Little League has got to have three point one at bats per game played. In order to accomplish that I had -- still got the highest beset the hundred at bats get the most outrageous eyes batting average and it's eight. Now yes he does. Okay -- but. I wouldn't be in the program today a blackened state you have been on TV. It debt deal uptrend bald guy who lead them -- -- -- data that would get to nine. Legal education of one -- two -- of the qualified. Hitters. Do you know quality okay yeah the you know you just never -- not -- -- -- it is not enough at -- to qualify -- any -- continues to play well. -- -- When -- get back to gonna put on the -- they'll get to keep -- -- and not -- he played debate I'm all for that Angel. Eyeballs that oh okay -- my brought to light bulb that. Broad guards I can't tell you what I like a bottom. I think he's going to be a big star Peter in the Hanley Ramirez mold. Well. Rather the have to know when not I don't have to live TV go -- that. When these feasible that he had little old Derek Jeter and A-Rod in the -- can't let me how -- -- a little. And I -- put -- that's what they're mad TV that's not blocked him. It was basically but none other popular apps with it could -- a lot of -- They had to read document of this stake in the incident took in the robbery shut up to put it to -- Well the other. Not the first mistake the remain shall cry. We -- a break thanks for calling her and Joseph blow. 6177797987. Several what are you got any text messages over there a better sparkly headphones -- -- you has -- they had on on just Morant Lenny sightings it's weird he's he's trying to find Dan Diana Ross and somebody. -- just stuff. Yes and as Diana -- see -- -- and that he's wandering down the street Diana Ross things to do you know where you're going to grandma. Out of team from a hard to me and everybody talked about it Politico some movies -- Diana Ross. I go right back them -- -- my -- This economy. It's what 77797937. A lovely and talented Sarah -- here. Be lovely talented Chris baloney the -- weeds out -- John fury and me. -- will be here were your phone calls to attend the bodies could take over and still says he has the guts and the nuts to show up at the golf course at 823 tomorrow. At red -- to get their owning a bucket before I -- -- all right now this guy he's an animal. We'll take a break we'll come right back to your phone calls. I know -- -- week. Happens sometimes I guess you don't care. I lose track time sometimes you know all blends in you know they tell you he's plastic breaks or sometimes -- just say you know what I'm a rebel. Let's not take a break for -- time waits for no one. How's it how's that on the -- heralds a thing you do on and what's that like -- take him. Breaks at specific times he had used it takes a made in so many in an hour now has the spots at the plate X number times. -- Now what about when your when you're doing when -- John Fiore is a professional esteemed actor award it would it. What did you what did he need a break -- five them. Well yeah I mean there's so much re setting time. Built within that may change lighting in scenes and so for hot. So that in of itself is huge break what's your -- worst moment you ever had with and not necessarily you but -- -- -- working with actors. Actresses. Having to do multiple takes like always the most takes whoever headed due I've done 201520. Tags on a series in people who thirty -- likes to do 5060 picks and really -- you to see Madonna era which didn't end up at a movie but -- -- -- I -- while that one there I mean that wasn't overly done that was about 1015 per. -- -- Okay I'm in depth and shoot the same scene may -- five different angles and then I'll get added in together and you do we set up maybe 1015 takes -- although -- Argus said I've heard he's done up to 7080 takes because he wants to yeah. Even they say about it's good we got it the one war. -- more. One more than one more pieces on the Kyra happy yeah until he's happy right or sometimes if they don't care area caskets as you nice guy as good. It wasn't a jerk I smell Deb good -- quiet. It's already -- you work group. Any of them always you were -- where there where you're shocked that they were so different from what you thought like did this guy's a jerk and I eight nights or whatever. I mean there are -- are all pretty much as you think they would be yeah yeah -- -- nobody was too far off what they have been at war yeah our guys are really themselves. And if you kind of like them and in shows. For the most part he'll find that there are like that right. Ushered Johnny -- cost them assemble but I and he he's -- method guy who will never -- how to characterize and we'll talk to you they won't look at. But he when James gamma women usually -- when James on the set of The Sopranos and he had some meals big emotional scene yeah yeah. You'd wanna go up to you could see the union give the guys base. As he was called upon to do scene after scene after all the time -- actors you do your 56 lines you kind of feel -- -- -- if you move on this guy's got 1015 pages to go to go over all heavy duty stuff sure that's right gets the big bucks I guess they. While -- he's now which of the actresses you worked with was -- They when you saw -- you said oh my god she's more beautiful -- I told you about Julia Julia Roberts -- went and she was a young up and comer. With them the keys there big chance he used to talk I heard you talking about that earlier tonight. She had a big hand back when big cans weren't quite understand pizza yes but I brag aren't yet another really -- a big can back that you know. It wasn't -- now yet at least get your share this big cat I fell public that candidate for a site. And as he had skating -- -- is we broke up at that etc. that. Has now in the eighties a way eighty's yeah I was Disco that bush. Wow. That was back -- the day her house John fury of the house and of course Chris Gilani who works harder than almost anybody. With fourteen different jobs in between he slides -- ago -- -- record settlement. Sarah -- you know she's got regular full time job she's like in charge of stuff. So she she works hard to on -- isn't really -- -- it that much you and I don't semi retired Minnesota. Sarah what's on the text slider is real give the phone number of 61777. On seven and he says. Not. Not much to at least you're honest about that I keep this in Bedford Keith -- how -- you tonight. I'm liking how are you what's going to. I -- -- in this. This discussion about. And -- know about the movie business and how you don't get close to people method actors that are about to go on set. Yes or porn stars and I -- that sorry you know you don't need any. A sudden my you go cookies because what -- your news is probably ten times more port. It reminds me of starting pitchers. That knowing. All the great starting pitchers and Williams too I mean. A lot of ballplayers. You don't go near them on if their moment. And I think that's kind of curious. Curious. Thing between movie business as well. You know it's probably about being -- good -- craft and having it only mentally you know you get focused it's called focus up maybe when you're there you don't want any distractions you wanna stay right there until you're done with that thing. You know and I mean it's. I don't ever see you know Oklahoma's of the musical and I was a cowboy curly. -- it -- my -- so I stayed in that part 24/7. I honestly got to get all of -- city. A monologue. I mean honestly -- -- -- swaggering around it on weren as a -- that I had asked -- it. I think that's what I still have a final where -- -- at -- -- -- and -- Is a member of the big song with -- Right now our job is dead and put all charges dead or jugs for used. -- Like it didn't seem that they drive and I'm wonder if you're on the on the level here. -- did you see and did you see that in the driving. Don't know I saw them I guess -- -- -- am I got some great drive and stories though. -- like I was actually reduce four to 8000 a -- this young girl I and on as a young guy it was like you know. We get all done wrote crazy back there and I said there were you know sense of guys that I am I said you know if I had known you were virgins. I really would have taken more time and you know she's enemy. Says I don't if I knew I had more time I would take up my pantyhose. -- story they are what do you think of that. -- let Sarah's right now -- show you -- yeah. Right. Most you listeners usually are. You know a -- mood -- -- the -- then what sent that big speaker used to hang and Ali I don't know. It was so they go load Joe's Smith reported that a concession stand up I hope that lost they get their leaders say on those. And I thought I keys well recalling about a forgot actually I don't think we got to it I I don't know who do want to make. Comparison to. Superstars. Larry get back -- -- thought there was a red. We -- take a break here's top of the hour and I've promised we gonna talk more about it and it. The Red Sox -- definite jump all over this LeBron James story we got an enormous. He's trying to win his 13. Third. Third out of he says seven championships who's got that click death. And I'm so against that and has sold during his break would've flipped the channel to that crap it would how many people are watching skateboarding. Loses. The X games. Yeah -- pretty impressive ground and are watching it live wanted to see people go off the rampant. We're gonna slap it right now don't wait for somebody to crash so again I'm -- for Red Sox talk between now at 9 o'clock 10 o'clock six point 77 a 79 and 0858. -- -- So. Always say. The and -- you me everybody. I had it made -- the away games and some pretty -- You know -- we -- that week. This -- this this this producer here you're an -- what's his name listen what's his name. So sick Samuel. What's his name to Google that. -- NBC and sixty Matt. That -- -- knowing that there are no license and you know I sit -- Connecticut the text mister Samuel Adams and thinking about beer. Met when we're walking down hall and Matt here's re seeing this on. He throws that in just a square with my head. So and I got a text from one of my friend it's Samuel Adams while Boston Beer company. And she wants I don't know who's the most influential person covering sports in Boston. She's had dinner with Bob Ryan and she wants to workable. So what we say most influential while it to Dale Arnold. The top five radio play the Brady discussion you know. You talk I don't know what is more I have no idea back in the day everybody read the papers depends on your perspective your age I don't think it seems the most influential person present enough accurate thing but tonight thanks so now. Right now would -- up telephone number here and I'd like to hear from all of you people out there about two things the Red Sox. And this situation as exists right now their outfield is. -- that. It is week. It is the prominent for offensive perspective it's ruled. What are recessed gonna do and argue in favor of the re the resumption of at the cost of having maybe. Brock -- not play. Right now. I didn't get a what what I want bill Brooks commit to kind of mess going on right now they really don't though is why is -- here it's they will find a place. And you say it's going to be the outfield it they'd probably. OK and he's he played -- before. At this point I'm willing to chance that he sticks and balls in the outfield but at this point it is not setting a high bar. -- all motorized that's what they used to say of some appointment right you don't when your Little League -- that's just don't it's about the area edited -- -- panel created since I depart from. Q what is -- You know you're -- three little kids the worst guy gets out right right field. You know. But this is the big leagues where you could you get lost in the -- in the Fenway Park -- -- left field. They left fielder right now they won the -- to 31 dating 13 I know that's saying it's like it's it's unbelievably. Sub standard. What they're at such embargo offensively. 6177797937. Serbia watch -- a few of these interest in texts from all these interest in. People. This person thinks it's rob Brad vote. Ocean most important -- baseball maybe Brad so function. This person says I have a bottle of twenty year old Scotch old Miles Davis records playing in the study in planet Mikey on the radio in -- Life is did cheers. So he's got to listen that's my kind of guy like that but he's listening the radio initial results are gonna record -- -- processes. But Italian -- amusement. Of a mishmash there but that we appreciate you this ship I don't at all at all times some of -- strategize a giant John. Italians might jeopardize a name I Jackie -- well Monica where -- -- say John and Japanese. -- say that signs yet that epithet at Iowa sail on him. So when it's different down now -- Mikey please say hi to John from Gary Foster. Asked him about his Mohammad Ali. My Mohammad Ali I have why I didn't think I had one on Gary. So that I was known for lightening jab and drop a few. Politics back in the day but I don't have any Mohammed Ali act now percent -- him you know he's a big of rhymes forever. I'd -- Harris has sold shoes if that was about it I'll leave the great thing about him was no matter who his opponent was he'd have a nickname for he was good with that being said Ernie shaver uses acorn. Floyd Patterson is the rabbit. You know it's sunny listed as a guerrilla whatever you -- -- and -- George Foreman yeah hit. What was the when he called are we Leon spaces of vampire. And he always nickname about a solar fully. You cities and a deck the halls woods or fully. He did a good -- there -- is could be -- -- -- losses. Is marbles just got in Peabody next on the planet Mikey show hello Scott Dario. Not bad guys that was going on one and twenty minutes so thank you. The hardest thing I think Bob Ryan and I think the other -- -- -- You know Bob Ryan really it has that. Emeritus solar system that status that is beyond reproach he's also been great over the years and I'm a huge fan about Ryan. I am shocked that credit companies and a little salt and hear it the mentally being -- more than more every year but I think it's. Says sometimes shots coupons and has been built it up to what he did so that's on -- like he came out and did what he did and still showed up then. To me actually I I put Barkley populate the biggest balls in the world so. Okay well that's fair enough Scott thank you. I don't I tell -- why don't you know. It comes Shaughnessy I think what's awhile he takes the position moderate column is gonna (%expletive) people off. And I'm not sure he believes what he's writing -- good at a good enough -- a so he makes good steak. But today to set a hatchet job on David Ortiz and accurate I can read today's. A column from. We tuchman. It chops in -- is enough. You know I don't get the globe in my house -- because of I don't know anybody that reads the paper to be announced that. Are they -- to you and I would wait online we read columns as a kid Ryan all the is going AJ it was different world read columns like that more carefully it is they -- they -- -- lying but who really is invested in these guys like we were when Ryan was really make sure rugged and it's a different world this Russian newspaper industry you know armies change a lot when it comes vanity instantaneous nests. Of the conveys information as we -- that you'd you'd. If you missed the game you have the way to the 11 o'clock news watch LaBelle find out what happened and then you know. The next day read about it in the paper don't know and a goal for The Herald came to your doorstep and ego filled and now it's like you to get -- it's -- games over what happening you go on a thing of device computer right now. And it's all done reading a column was like entertainment Baghdad now to pre iPad computer it was a big deal to read that Sunday paper the columns now mean. -- -- -- it's it's and and plus it's it's redundant because you already have leverage will not my favorite thing -- -- -- -- covered Boston sports wise -- back in the day you have -- Bob Bryan began his ball number. You like it when he radio -- -- the latter. I sent a letter of the globe. Yes I would like Bob to come on mailbag today it 830 and then wait for you to write a letter backer colander or something like that now a lot I just we. I know and we I don't know that route fifty that via waive it for fun Jake is in -- -- you went to south win. I'm from east -- -- recovered and Eric -- it will -- that would subject. Not a lot of talk Shaughnessy and all the credit you know. You get the patriots are lying you know they don't tell you anything are quiet LAQ eight complained upon. Like I talk show. -- where they shoot out you know that are recruited opinion -- criminal -- You know -- Comment I'm -- it is corny -- you know I've read that right. Why did your -- now what's the gist whose economy did well to Java -- I actually has remember Ortiz -- -- -- It but we're not hatchet job or not -- -- -- Well -- essentially what he -- I don't know realistic and more Ortiz and I guess the rules don't apply price because typically throw at somebody I Aristide gets suspend or green sure brought out her absolutely no question about that which honestly kindergarten -- -- -- There I don't know I. Any listed a budget things. Some of them were actual rules like arguing balls and strikes which frankly everybody does with some other way that things are some of the things like he doesn't run hard out of the box that aren't. Actionable rules that again a lot of different guys doing just kind of went. -- out of Raleigh get going it's no Baltic island -- a bunch of stuff against Ortiz -- but for what to what end what was written -- you know to me. He did they get shot -- it Ortiz is is not bigger the game ended by the way which -- the point really disagreed with saying today. Ortiz the rules didn't apply to him breaking essentially the FCC rules. By eight what he said following -- marathon attacks last year Fenway Park this is our -- city and that we all forget it because we love poppy I personal problem that at all. -- a ten year old and normally I would but I didn't help. A problem because we're out fielded -- you know it has in the heat of the moment didn't block started an honorary release. You know our -- awful situation. That you know what they're gonna have a statue for Ortiz outside Fenway Park someday. We all know I Europe we joke you know pick all based on the time will be without him not used to -- every a lot of the -- are Francona. Internet and -- Well it it's not just the -- been part of the three championships that reversed the -- for us also. You know -- had some tremendously. Momentous clutch moments in his in his play often Red Sox career. There's no question about that and so many people consider what we did just steroid -- it never failed a test. It is not a list and all. Three we don't know about that yet is Angela Vogel Douglas was. -- that's exactly what we show our electric car a couple of. Okay thanks for the car that was another thing that point it was mentioned -- -- the RBI I think -- Francona press conference and some of this -- -- of stuff that's the -- forward years -- more year but just got a got an emotional guy he's a flamboyant guy he's Jesus they -- in -- -- the dugout following. -- and many brings up a -- while impressionable children -- that which is the most you know what you don't got to guard nobody better than David -- with children when it comes to media -- pictures with -- don't. He's very very. Cooperative in that regard. And maybe part of his his -- gives a bizarre -- nice guy I like people -- nice to kids now Reggie Jackson. He says shove them aside and it asked for autographs is get out of my way -- You know -- to me you don't winner along now nobody likes them. -- nobody but if by -- hundred and that's our status you should be used to it and at least rival the fake. To the point where you don't even if your patience is editor at the very end. Gotta be nice to kids you have to -- it's just so dead wrong -- One of the things that even if your guy like Manny is idea that you can't forgive him for Horry can't excuse. Is -- skipping on the out of the -- yeah yeah not being there for or -- Q where the veterans and hostile or Walter Reed yeah exactly. Yeah I never understood apart and you know with him and -- my my main thing with. Admit he was that he you know especially -- -- it was a -- the outfield position like it was a joke almost like as the economic clown show out there you know. But you know he should beware big red shoe was entertaining at times and it was like. It's a professional as he -- playing softball yeah guises summer angle right left field was here you move around like your Monday as -- off the wall nobody does that -- -- and our. Lauren said that if they had he taken which initially did but he taken a Red Sox GM being Manny would have been a DH. But the rest this time in Boston which would be interesting then would they have ever acquired David Ortiz. If you have ever prejudices are there are -- -- at first base and that. Chris bloody -- John Fiore from god if I you know what -- remember -- -- -- -- all your parts. John theories and actor of course for those -- you don't know he's in the he was in The Sopranos. It was in he played a detective Tony's Arafat she fights don't. Now did you ever ever once saying you know. Why can't I get the red haired irishman well I did I've played all these roles right and that one begging -- Danny bill Sullivan. That was out of China now I was profile she yeah. You know and yes it was see all known Zia -- and elevating -- you're going to be bill Sullivan. Getting it right number I can't do -- As the river run dollars is -- zero the most Italian name in the world that is the most Italian name is there. That's about a big zero and it's like hello realistically it in the owns owns that doesn't get much better goods saying. We're gonna take a break Sarah -- here with a text messages in the planet Mikey -- direct direct your calls right after and it's. Eight. -- as Michael Jackson Tuesday when he was alive. And practice. -- I met Michael Jackson's. They are said to -- kind. So that the government Russert his hands like liquid is like a dish -- at the softest weakest witnessed handshake. An exact time. Even with the so called -- controversy surrounding him people have no problem playing his music February office. -- you know what I got a senators say yeah I was -- OK you know it's plastic surgeries yet auto loans tendencies there were usual. As an artist. Unbelievable enemies say they want to believe -- -- I love The Who was you didn't we heard that anyway and -- Pete Townsend. Everytime I hear whose son now does cross my mind why you hear is social solo album and he blasts. -- got a lot of weird cuts I mean it was to deal rough voice almost Bertuzzi -- will feel it's time. Parties every -- giving more slim shady. I like Michael Jackson. I mean not one of the best entertainers ever it extremely extraordinarily. And Elvis of that generation. They have the world by the balls that needs to get back into Betty went off -- rocker. It -- balls that -- limit. It just a little bit you know this happens no -- an Elvis. This was. The frigid keying you know what that -- listen to this he got the point where he was doing so many drugs. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Try to find an area of his Bob Cox where he could they could penetrate the -- you had so many shots in my shot and then another shot that he go to sleep. For like ten hours against speed to wake up they black out the room make you stark and any wake up at three in the afternoon and take any break up via five -- dream. A hop a lot of black coffee. You know behaviors like. Tick -- -- do -- that was a whole little repossessed and the problem was he got so constipated. Eddie sent the top for too well he's he's a style like G Williams is that they even say that the episode I like. Tell that now and it was a weird thing and so he died in the toilet like you and is now that awful you know you John Travolta. In in in. Pulp fiction. -- Isn't that -- John Travolta gets shot I getting out of that he leaves that he doesn't I really was done -- crap -- gets over the assurances -- well. Are not as I went home and watch the movie at any leads that you're talking about the constipation. Well I don't know yet but in the killer. Yeah the lawyer in Jurassic Park guys in the toilet -- -- a source eats -- okay. Well as he's going to present which -- like anything without -- this wrote John Travolta gets shot he falls back into the bathroom and dies on the toilet. Pants down you know. Do you know where you're going from -- like the things that mine if you show that it's there have been a while they have on the planet Mikey show a bit. YE -- pretty good I can't done it and -- -- to tell you. Customers. Yeah I I heard you're in the evening. Total soliciting. Stories sort of I would call it got a chance sure I would I would in Chicago old. In first week of August in 1989. Cubs manager and what that was cubs manager yeah yeah and -- I mean I know -- the coach Wright I think was the manager. In the end the being an excellence were tied for first place and went to a game at Wrigley where they use their record toward technical. And opt helped opera with the on the hunt for Montreal. And brother of Toledo Korea's. The brother in and as -- cycle. And if somebody from the -- hit a line drive right at the picture is not immune to. And feel the got a single and and it had to dive out of the way he and he was saying when he about that when he got the ball back he took and he fired it into the cup logo. In the umpire made myself feel that that stuff started coming out of the cubs' dugout in his direction. And then cupped like -- -- of the -- went over to it. And as -- they were the problem makers as troublemakers and Dodd the -- on the dugout. Looking like he had his tie on too tight. They believe red eyes boldly. And it was in -- just what was crazy night for all kinds of things. Bet that you won by the -- a couple of the division they never gave it up again to Montreal that would. Totally capital gain interest in the game because corporate and dog in this reaction and it gave you the character with a cartoon characters sort of where you look freaking out. Yeah well it's exactly pop by asking agent you know it. He's got the puffy -- to play they had the puffy cheeks and around it you know bald head in the stumping the bodies of lovable guy according to the people. Who really felt strongly about it right again I never met him. I had a little bit of a grudge against him based on what happened in 78 at -- blew that. But I never hated him for that -- mean -- that is a look at the -- I know that bill -- get along with them and a lot of other players on the team didn't neighbors -- cult of people who were. -- -- he's ever. But you know I'm I'm willing to respect the opinions of all people in new won't add I don't at all. Pedro Pedro blown foul we're having ever had an altercation with European. Tell you a little bit about it is feeling for him you know he really regret it now because. He -- anybody any push push this particular guy and apparently he has. -- -- And I went there it was so he was involved in this this column where he wrote about quote they offered minutes at a piece of meat. This was yet -- had a long time ago I remember it and the end of the armed wouldn't it was good Lebanon except that it competent. Global written articles saying you know as a professional journalists ever right. This is one of the piece of meat biting political and all that. Shortly thereafter I wouldn't McDonald console the trio of my kids that you can catch all the people -- the cute cute. And World Bank in you got it like you. And the guy whose behavior as a professional -- -- that I don't want -- -- -- didn't know what he talks. How well you know what -- -- he's long had a -- tell me that and it and it's that there's a big separation between what you do -- -- kids you know need to know or think about you know I mean. What you mean you mean maybe he writes opinion -- stuff on sports. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- never -- take a break your body. All right thanks across six point 77797937. Do you have a score for this game. -- score for the. Game or watching right now yet point six point and a who's ahead and it Tony. Has -- hit three theories. He like like run by elects the -- who's ahead. San -- And -- talk on the clock John Fiore sheer terror be picking out is Hillary going right back after this. One picture from the Bucs what went to a -- terror. Now it's let's do they -- me who's taking a second. Man. Mexico David. Six point 777979837. Texas coming in about Lenny Lenny disappear earlier we don't understand it nobody gets it. He just was gone. And what happened to we don't know -- text messages telling us they notorious he's in front of and you balance building asking people for fifty cents at a time. That's not -- You'd ask for more. No. Where to -- call in the article. But why he didn't -- nobody just disappears or is going through headphones. He said he was echoed by a headphone -- back he said we were shorts. Headphones human on the hall he's who's gonna go look for headphones and then gone. And I don't I hope he's all right that's all that's all I care about me is okay resign here it is always he's okay. They gonna show up when your show he could -- parents -- midnight a comeback -- comeback found some headphones that. Now I don't get it though very very straight. Our total baseball tonight and it's a tie game now -- Miami San Antonio. Expect I knew that was him. This this can't go to the bulls were the that he -- -- -- -- -- way it can't go the heat's way though I am so DM. Sick and freaking tired. -- entire -- the same team over and over again yeah I told that I've wanted to see Brooklyn make a run but that was unrealistic I like San Antonio a lot of what might -- them. God it's frustrating. -- -- -- -- great great guy Tony Parker's rounded attack Tony Parker's really began makes a team go I mean Duncan's against been their line has -- Parkers and ultimately players that position he really last year in the post season news that -- let's play the name game you start with -- Duncan current. -- -- -- Duncan Keith. Mariano Duncan Lincoln Duncan Paul Simon song Lincoln Duncan is my name and he is us now. -- -- -- -- if that job to job market within all the way from Somerville. I walked here and he's a freak and the bill is in North Andover. So that's wrong wanna learn -- do that again. An ominous. So I -- now I am two lines. Now. -- thank you. I had two lines press that wants how does that happen at a conference call with Nolan North Andover hello bill. Pay back any critic then you don't. But I hope they almost got to -- a lot. I got there and appoint the comment on the passing of don't know about all the Red Sox and it just be sure. One of the greatest teams in demand what a great seeing the Red Sox are going to apple wanted to thank you like these that eighteen. Well wait let's sucked into our side but they get about the initial. I know they were good from 75 to 79 -- data needed to get anything out of. They have not they show fretted that you know I would I would young loved it might wake what they are a couple of friends that. When Lincoln symbolism and -- yet she got a chance to pop W actual bull fighting each. Each spent about five minutes to salt. While continuing to plot right and build -- -- talk into -- -- to you by this loss say in baseball great seeing it. Great guy he lives. You know his public post -- I was -- different. Did what he really well the depression and shut I got a kid that beetle you know -- the -- that grew -- legal cook argued that great guy he. Why well you know a lot of people have said the same thing and -- you know they talk about ever they say well. He's the love to go to the racetrack he loves to gamble you know is always about gambling let's spare time who cares. It was committed to baseball played it at risk involved and earning a paycheck from baseball for 66. Appearance. This quality of peaceful polite it back open to -- kids. Camera to rout out reported. You know talk about what a great guy you let -- regrets but there is an -- of this spring training and edition -- -- acting at that they have locked in Nike champion can meet in the big block. What the first bring out the back yeah I don't wanna pass but -- it doesn't feel that I alluded that alluded to this area. EU EU -- I can you guys should be Prada hair a little bit away illegally get -- -- tour pay out actually what he was cold. You know all I can I just say this when it comes as ever and of people blame of seven year if there's so many people to blame between 1918. And nineteen and 2004. A for the failures the Red Sox and if you hated all the guys who at one time or another contributed to their demise. You'd hate the whole franchise. You can say oh yeah has popped up and you know. Rico struck out c'mon these guys all did what they could do the best hitters in a world only get a hit one out of three times. You know it's it's just a bad -- treatment. You can't throw anybody away with a bath water is because they were involved with the Red Sox bridal for consensus means and Ted Williams five for 46 in the world -- his -- but yet yet having no 41. I liked it's much better in those days -- myself I don't games ago. What's that about OK but I can't thank you bill thanks for call. 6177797937. I have content. Santonio is ahead by four yet Norris -- just couldn't inbound the ball yeah actually get a 52 call I can't think of the last time actually saw that in the NBA. Much -- the NBA finals 94 feet from the basket. -- not in -- on the ball. You know I guess for your friend named Larry. I played preps I played. Basketball prep school. I was the worst ever backup point guard and -- school. But this. I just Atlanta is I was so they here's a really sweetheart of Gary's done. So here's a guy who said we sell retirement gore ice fishing one day he goes. These fishing the fish would freeze I think I need to look at Coke that he the assistant stupid idea while the basketball court. The other team's scores. -- our team's course we score and he he he takes the ball out underneath. After we scored and Andy to the other guys -- your team accident and it's appalling but he's looking for somebody -- -- the other of the court but he never had any awareness. Of what was going on the court or anything for that matter but that's how good we were back then even I got to play. And that it was awful basketball couldn't dribble left handed you know I'd lose control the ball interval lefty could shoot lefty. So I would take the ball go to the right dribble right handed and I had no choice stop passing off going to grow a set shot I had there are you know I had no choice I had no skills. It looks like a 34 I mean I'm what do pray for here's Santonio jumps off to the early series lead. 'cause they're gonna have to have that they lose one game at home here to Miami -- it's done yet. -- split obviously you know what happens in Miami. Laverne it's all the calls every freak him last one of the down near Miami it's almost like -- different world. The rest get down there though we're in Miami remember remember who's got down here. You have all of his talents Jesus James. No other home teams get more calls in the NBA never the only place this is the play right there in Miami this what are all the sudden it becomes a whole different freak show. So far there let them play in a column on either way I -- -- sound is now we're just from what I've been able to glean -- my original Wii doesn't need doctor Robert Leonard. It looks just like one of my college roommates really scare he does Thomas Ian yeah. He could use doctor Robert Leonard that's about when it happens to you via a beam that -- Michael Jordan Bahrain got mile or made him more and Michael Jordan had that same kind of hear you just never noticed -- shaved his head he had the same problem. As marginally with his male pattern baldness. Except that he was Michael Jordan -- shaved his head no when no he's a ball. All right if he was from the IR's Andy was -- -- -- can I would convince them to go to doctor Robert let the best their wrists in a field of hair transplant that he could sing a song about it. By the way -- If you're ever curious about where the best places to buy a Ford. Watertown force that's what I heard -- you know. It's like mine it's where a -- my Ford's what you need to pizza. What you can go to big daddies that's good idea -- big daddy you know it was a big daddies who where I live by Gordon family pizza in Marlboro they're pretty good -- There Rivera get it meant that what I use their where do you get your pizza from. -- and Everett's others pizza every -- every Everett where at from every where their dogs and pizza -- -- -- from Somerville was going to be. A million we used to go to frame dollars and mum on the news and until we get banned. And we -- one thing and probably did you get the pizza in front of the bore the name and where kids to -- -- Bush's old an incredible pizza you have to pay for -- -- -- -- -- -- happened back in the day people try to go out -- -- broke that thing down but he grabbed the PG Iran -- this guy came after. So once we settled that -- we started paying pretty good deeds and primo good Pete's record that -- -- in Somerville Broadway which is from where you are from winds and yes -- UK went detail some -- But your neighborhood near Milford. Yeah what's best pizza spot you're never. Get a garden a lot garden pizza. And roses Villa like roses deal on all local but. Seemingly done something here tonight not only that we clarify the -- are soon be living near there you got good tribe roses they'll Milf -- all in Milford. Thought that far. Worth it now you're gonna beat the golf course at eight point three you say that's what I say you sure are you -- and now merger a heck of retaking it a little bit I know. You half ago and has got to get up early. Is that an -- from for it's not as -- now. On the bill read -- I was 59 minute now is about 45 to fifty minutes that. They get there earlier but. You should hit a bucket -- and I get there early kick the bucket -- yup. Sarah B what do you got going on. Went to act and generous in general in. Various area -- you want. Nothing simulate stuff I -- palace -- in here he and yes I do their bacon cheese Fries are phenomenal focus your from there from airing it. Fair haven from little she would be the fair one from fair payment. Johnny -- to deceive my sincere in my always good decisions. Mats have been produced -- this -- -- and Harry goes. How fast. Back. There's a -- he's coming up next. We've got some time we have of people showed I think that we -- so whatever it is. And -- wherever you are we we're worried about your buddy hope you're right now it --

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