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What Does the Huge Kaepernick Contract mean for Tom Brady? 6-5-14

Jun 5, 2014|

The 49ers just signed their QB Colin Kaepernick to a huge six-year $126 million contract. Does this change how the Patriots will treat Brady at the end of his contract?

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Shift our attention for a moment football and big news coming up from yesterday it was Colin -- predicts huge contract 61 million dollars guaranteed. Tom Brady as we all know as a contract that was much ballyhooed here in the New England region for being a good deal for New England to free up some cap space. -- the opinion still go back and forth about whether or not. Tom Brady really will see the light that contract through without it being. Renegotiated. In fact let's start right there Christian. What's your pain on that I've always thought as it was discussed today in The Herald Ron Borges wrote about it today in The Herald. Saying that the last few years that contract our place holders. I think that's the perfect word to use to describe what the intent of this contract was. Or Brady. And now as you look at those place holders. Are they all the more out of date because of what's going on with cap -- make it to you start moving those place holders out of the way. All the more quickly because this contract that was designed by -- We talk about 151617. Mostly -- -- -- those last three years on the contract right OK I mean so the way the concert works. So those last three years basically guaranteed. Unless he gets caught. So remember the what is it two years left on his contract. -- last year and a adding three years or it could be 15 year 57 million dollar contract though and about some three years tourism. So. But he's guaranteed money still going to be two to seven million dollars all the way he doesn't he that money is if he gets cut so it's fourteen. I don't think anyone believes the next four years including this upcoming season. That Brady is gonna get cuts we gonna see all of that money. So it Capra -- is 161. 61 -- guarantee it's described as 61 yeah million dollars guaranteed yes. He's ever catch what you got dust yeah. I don't want -- -- only give -- and I'll get miss it at the injury -- days. I know I know but it's like cap -- deal that would not all the details yet but it looks like. Don't listen to eat crap out of and a belt on network and he was talking about how. There is almost like accelerator clauses -- guarantees. Gathers bonuses yeah I got a twelve million dollar signing bonus which he has in his pocket. Each year there's going to be the marks that he asked the meat now there's a roster bonus which is basically really ease the -- to show up Andy to -- I had a couple. A bonuses now work that were somewhat guarantee but it basically meant that I just had to be around and I got that money it's easy -- them put in the contract. I think you're gonna see anything. What Brady changed nothing's gonna change his contract I mean it is it's -- when he resigned last year and did the extension that was it. -- -- you know I don't think he's gonna ask for a contract to be redone now all -- only two years why I just. I think it's been done I think he's 36 got to be 37. I mean at that age. 3839. Mean those are the numbers for that quarterback. I mean regardless. Of who you walk now the government what do we just talked about the last 48 -- a somber what do you just said within the last 48 hours about Tom Brady. Grant it I mean you are getting better as asset you cities getting better so if you think that he must think that's why would he be OK with is if he's getting better Ernie has no plans to retire this when he signed this deal. Okay every -- came out was it was taking hometown discount. Are gonna -- also look -- Zell discount but -- sorry I didn't breadwinner in your fan yeah -- that -- You call what you want that's what I'm called there was a deal like me it was it's. He's taking less money. On he could get. -- freeze the money at the wells walker. You know keep him around obviously didn't work yet it work out at all OK are you -- bring in more pieces -- do that. They broadly drafted a bunch of babies. Rookies trying you know. Recap recoup some of the production that was that was vacated by Brandon Lloyd and by. Wes walker. But if you're looking at the contract interest thing to me okay is breaking a bitch and moan about he's got high -- cornerback in the NFL. You'll never hear that you'll never hear that publicly ever he'll never amount say. Ever hear from anybody else. It happens it'll just happen and they'll just give them something here's a here's a bonus here's a here's an appearance bonus for fifteen million dollars they come come silicone Chez Hannity you -- -- out and authority covered with CBS scene shake some hands kiss the babies and that's where you're gonna. Josie don't believe he's gonna actually only make what 789. Million dollars in the Swiss -- is -- -- the salaries are. For the next three years Tom Brady will make more than that but you don't think yet the thing because. To renegotiate to restructure. -- you've you've got to add years. Correct -- -- you that the -- wanna keep you think it would. I don't think they what I think I don't think this is -- -- -- this is his concert for the duration of his time here. I mean it. It could happen sure of Corsica and yet could you go to symbol what is suitable -- cap -- not make the playoffs. That's a possibility is this because you believe that. There is some fired the smoke of business idea that he's gonna go and ownership after he's done. -- -- -- ownership but -- strikes as the guy. Ownership -- being. John and I John Elway iPods -- I don't know -- -- upper management not ownership and management yeah I think he's on our ball I don't think that he pay for that. Every great I only got only pitcher only because I saw a discounted. I want to see Tom Brady. Help -- ballot yet. What Reagan -- you they'll hate to have this conversation with you but we think it's time for the team to go. Yeah right -- haven't got no not bill I want it every. Ball when I gave money to be in that room. Are you about big bill's gonna be around that long about -- -- -- -- the Brady goes it goes the GM John Elway role and bill's gone. I think they both Lehman and say listen you go from being a player straight into the GM role -- -- Couple years others OK bill kind of doesn't -- tries when Rob Lowe may drop close the Mac guy. You know he goes way -- all the other great core of a great coaches who had great quarterbacks when they lost those great quarterbacks -- Were quite the same coach Christian. This is brought up today and the morning show on instinct now and it hurt -- and -- I think it was a secret the -- brought up. That or call that -- -- Dennis and Callahan and good Internet through. Not one guy -- -- well I'll. Try to -- Was it's not about that -- I -- and I fumbled the awkward sent away and trying to -- -- Kirk was the one and I are brought up a good points and other guys about how. When you look at the on players' reaction of the players association reaction to any deal that might be struck with that. Under the table you're a former player which UB purists on the point that. Like that he wasn't it that Brady wasn't it what is it will take care -- -- and let you be eight an investor in the team we're gonna give you a seat in the front office and they may get salary. 88 golden parachute kind of salary in management afterwards. Yeah I mean it's it's -- this leads me back to -- -- -- house plainly -- have an -- quarterbacks club and it was an elite it was like. It was like an offshoot of of the NFL union. And that budget quarterbacks got together and start their own little thing. But it is only cornerback and a couple league players. Emmitt Smith might might have been -- but it was only quarterbacks and they got more than all the other guys got they got it means is so I was completely unfair and am getting rid of it. You know I think of guys like Tedy Bruschi. For the longest time com. Basically took it never had an agent. And didn't have eight until we had a stroke. When he had a stroke he needed an agent because the target Dicey and didn't quite understand what that. What the ramifications of them having a stroke could do to limit what the patriots were willing to do based on him not being a replica of the stroke. So. The fact is that they should be equal but the reality is that it isn't and Brady has a great relationship with the head coach with the ownership. And it went to. Yelled that that you know now remember buddies or shop at -- grocery store that they have these conversations. I it would surprise me off and I think Brady being the guy that the competitor that he is. Is -- that he would that he would do well look I know he's in a unique situation and I was a joking a bit before about the Zell discount but there's a large element of truth to that if there's to make incomes coming in one household like that. You know another just broke even there -- under fifty million dollar house that they support yes. I mean a couple million -- diet of realtors and I think that imposing cost miss -- else you -- -- kill you. We'll count the trees debate debate the buyer -- and -- -- the capital gains in auto and also lost three I took a hit. So it's it's benefited the weather -- that off somehow. -- I'm going with it is is. In the sense that they're very few other athletes that can speak to having that kind of mutual income more yet you really could take a discount and not have to worry about it and the benefits of the team. Having better players in the salary -- you're not taking as much but actually doesn't come into play for about 1% of the 1% and that's Tom Brady. So maybe it does factor -- at all I don't have to renegotiate the steel but like you said he's competitive right. I just I can't imagine him being okay looking at a contract like this and saying. I'm good -- that Angela calling -- -- Wasn't won anything yet make him twice as much -- yeah. Ortiz is article it talks about as you rightly Brady's competitive guy. Ron Borges says that Tom Brady's playing 26 playoff games -- predict it started 29. Regular season. Don't yet -- games. -- one nearly as many playoff games eighteen is -- tickets career victories when he won. And -- you look at numbers last year career low from Tom Brady. -- better numbers and Colin -- six -- at least competitive guy like you said. Mean you look at and say who's next is ozone is next I mean -- adults suitable boy. Right forgettable all gonna get me Matt is beat these guys that use the around our dog on. Well they compare roles are would be per capita would be like a -- Cam Newton Russell raw salsa and those guys -- great debate Andy Dalton. He's a make -- coming up until he could very well yes he is straight and coming up he could very well make more money than Tom Brady per year 617779. And 937. Ted Europe first in Roxbury I don't intend. They got to -- -- good. A group called men united adequate and appropriate symbol -- and those that are few -- in the morning and it felt like. Oh well he'll end up about politics at McGill on merit it's pathetic it's. Its board. Odd that you had about the Jon Lester thing that's what that other people so he might miss more but it's a -- independent would start a short time if I get those final. It -- -- -- want it so -- -- an equivalent level of politics. Paula we're -- and keep it at all it's always it was what a sand out would you wanna say about operating. Not about to upgrade units lets -- -- put in a Christian aren't Christian -- that I thought the ball caught -- the all of the delegates wondering. -- you have given a bit apart -- have you ever heard. Of like some back room -- where maybe -- team couldn't get the -- the cap that maybe they prompt them from that it Korea Google look. Plus plus breaking up in our situation like that level compliment don't -- -- Belichick call me grandma. I was gonna grow filters Dominique -- doing a radio show here now no I have not but that's not to say that it doesn't happen. I just feel that you know. Everything leads me to believe that what the failed house to doctor Andre. In what they're building a house out here. -- -- -- Like that's what he's Dylan and I think you'd all your kids get the more more -- to. I mean that's just mean that's the way it is. You know when I think about him in the future. Okay it's it's all about what's the next challenge. And this could be an area where he will could challenge himself it's. It's not gonna help right away you know and it's not gonna be what bill is the coach is going to be completely new regime -- he's gonna be new. He's -- take it he's a guy that's. He's not planning for the future what the future arrives he's doing it now. Like he's he's gonna play another four years right let's say for years but they placed there is contrary place was getting better he's going to play as then. -- it but it nothing is a -- it's funny because they have the -- H quarterback right into its quarterly that we touch so I think on Monday. We are talking about just how Portis third down we've -- have this discussion about Tom Brady and if he was slipping. We discussed at a third down pressure of the back to college -- can run. He's more by able to Tom Brady ball. All these new quarterbacks. Cam Newton on Russell Wilson. -- cap predict any Dalton I mean not really but those top three guys. Are all guys that bring a whole new dimension to that position. Not just running it out of the pocket but running. From the line of scrimmage. The whole -- don't reprogram that that's that's still around but not as much of the was a couple years ago. Mike in Framingham wants talk about -- contract Iran might. Like you're on. He was on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And we talk about that it they NFC west -- what do you Dixon a fresh start with teams like Seattle. M and you know -- look at the data are announcing that streak I don't wanna be in the but it didn't draft. A look at their quarterback's ball both teams look at the why they still active in free agency. Well this is is is the first step of San Francisco now the real challenge begins. When Russell Wilson gets his eighteen million dollar cap hit is that their first challenge when you got a quarterback -- make an 800 grand. Cabinet is make it three last year three million but Russell -- make -- 800000. You're basically freeing up 1012 million dollars to be able to go out and sign. That big free agent or 202 huge created in the offseason and have a balanced team. Of these contracts for -- in the contract that's probably could become a Russell Wilson will that be the end of these two team that's so impressive. What teams with the patriots have done right they had a high price quarterback in the continue to win. How those teams adjust. What all the setting up -- quarterback in immigrant or couple million bucks. Kept its eighteenth. -- -- W you. Hey -- Dylan I'm on Dalton. I I was gonna say. He gonna get that kind of money but who knows what would -- -- milk. I doubt they let you deserve that and I gained Japanese class act of properties class and I think. Rezko recognize what the act cap when they can do. I I a lot of people -- they -- -- I -- a lot of deep within he had such a crappy about play like I beat the coaches as that is yet elbow right to that very last. Play -- eight. There's no way he should have thrown up all over the net and don't think it was his decision. And it was a horrible call by a horrible coaches that. He got a tremendous sound a tremendous speed they think they DNC knows -- to rent and I think they've put too much of coloradans can tell. The analysis of who deserves what the quarterback position to me is somewhat futile I think if you're good quarterback and a successful team in Europe next -- to get Tom. And it's just how do you Parse it out over the life of the contract all. Yeah I -- and the value that person is in the I have to be older who ever holds that they whoever holds them in high regard is on the team is go to -- determine what his value which is. I mean what we think Tom Brady's worth wide what cavern -- were and what the forty -- think -- were completely cure for two different things. So you know will Tom Brady might be irritated in -- -- discussed -- that back capita is getting this so this much money. After not winning -- -- boy and three straight a C champs of -- played a Super Bowl lost. And he's gonna be around for a long time. So. You know. As far as Congo's. Outings can change the crux of the argument it is do you expect this contract from calling -- -- change Tom Brady's mind about what he should do for the rest of the life of this contract Christian says it won't change. I think that it might 6177797937. Well the eighteenth -- -- line 37. 937.

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