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Should the Red Sox Trade Jon Lester? 6-5-14

Jun 5, 2014|

The guys discuss the possibility of trading Jon Lester if the Red Sox continue to lose.

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In the fall before it's free agent year the Phillies offered Hamels in eighty million dollar deal. Then the following spring Matt -- get like a 112 and half the 127. Overall pleased that there was no two -- that deal. And the Phillies at that point grudgingly upped their offer to around a hundred million dollars at some point this year you know as the Red Sox dragged their feet on this thing. Lester and is represented here and say you know what. We're only about twenty starts and free agency -- every day that goes by just exactly he said the meter goes up there had -- this is absolute. Can sound like. Cluster all it was fabulous yesterday on our show you should check out the on demand interview that we -- with -- of ESPN go to WEEI dot com go to the on demand page will be right there for you Tim bands we Maloney Christian -- it's 937 WE IW. EI Sports Radio network. On the top of -- Jon Lester Lou something that Gerry Callahan said this morning on DNC had you all fired up. The stimulus and he do we think -- that has balls do you think he has balls I do. I guess I'm gonna say he does or doesn't we're gonna find out in let's hold out because in July they have to be so they have to be sellers Jon Lester is one of the great cells grown -- got -- Jon Lester and John Lackey you have who started pitches that would bring back. A bowl -- and the -- he will you have the opportunity to deal them. It'll take some balls -- you gonna have to wave the white flag. If you or someone that thinks that the Red Sox are done. As we heard yesterday on this show from a caller to that this should be a rebuilding season and does that move makes sense of trading Jon Lester. In July 6177797937. -- now. It does make sense to beat Tampa Bay and you thinking of moving David Price does make sense if you Kansas City. You thinking of moving James Shields. What you're getting in return. What is a ball -- And if you if you trade you should be trying to sign Joseph Lester and you don't give up July 31 on signing -- Lester. If you trade Jon Lester. What are you gonna win the next four years. Anything. Maybe just given your chances of winning and what would you go to court and anchor the staff for the next 34 years aerial and my take him through three years to become the pitcher -- is that maybe you'd think he showed that we've seen with a lot of guys some guys come up Broadway lights out of the guys takes a couple of years. Who's who's number two. -- -- you're Liam buckles like I thought well that's okay relieved are also galaxy were we Diller also -- my fourth -- -- because you know what that's called a World Series championship that the team if BA it's. The problem is that peace Jirga so caught up in play indicated. That he forgets that that this people there at Fenway Park and trying to win. They don't want 2000 tall they don't want an empty stadium in August and September. -- they're trying to win a championship they've 170 million dollar payroll. They should pay Jon Lester. They they should keep John Lackey because they would like to win baseball games everybody just wants all the kids I don't. Understand it like that trying to win. The Iraqi thing how would understand more the Leicester -- I would do because if you don't have an ace you're always looking forties. If you're the Boston Red Sox and he traded away your ace in Lester. -- the off season. You're gonna be looking to replace Jon Lester with an -- -- alleged -- -- -- more or close to it because they all let -- -- -- -- David Price. Maybe back to the back to the doomsday scenario I noticed this do you throw Jon Lester and that and that pot you mix them up he's part of that because. Well what we were touched on what buster is that they should have made him a good hard aggressive offer in the spring. But they didn't he balked adding he would want he said they're gonna wait a Karen I'm gonna talk anymore that was what was coming has pregnancies starts he's playing great at one bad game. Bomb bag game against -- Toronto may 22. And gave up and run attack ten hits brother Matt. He's given you exactly what you knew we was going to give you. So the better he gets. The meter just goes up just to keep adding money to adding money to it to the point work you can always save yourself some money. And save yourself some headache and they give us some good loose -- elicited elicited some ago we lock this guy up for good long time. We're not gonna get Murdoch in Morocco lose -- eight. See if -- the Boston Red Sox if -- the New York Yankees of Europe Los Angeles Dodgers at the trade deadline. Okay you try to position yourself for the following year to win. You don't try to position yourself to fail the next years well. And that's what that would be dealing. You're trying to win in case you always you wanna make a trade that's gonna help you the president and help you in the future. Not destroy your future. I would think -- they were even just trade Lackey that in the offseason let's -- the season is our trade requisite. Hypothetically they don't have fifteen game losing just its tact it's over the growing up to July -- it's. Dawn they're not gonna get back in the wild card race little on the division race yes they wanna trade John Lackey. Go ahead and trade. John Lackey but if you trade John Lackey gets something in return. If you're the Boston Red Sox coming up the offseason you still should be -- on the top of your priority list is finding and number two. Right at that point does the price not escalate from where you're gonna get free agents. It's cost a lot more than 500 grand on -- every says John Lackey so valuable update everybody because next you to make 500000 dollars. Is -- about labor -- the Red Sox. I can make that hundreds nowadays what if the Red Sox fall a lot of this if they're what -- games out of -- by the deadline you know you do. You start building for next year. The deadline in the Red Sox. And that's when the kids start -- that's when you start seeing more secure. As you know that's when you sir -- saying OK let's and I don't. I don't need Jonny Gomes on my team I I've been mayberry Venetian Victorino on my team because I -- get will keep -- a look OK I get that. And maybe it could even at that point the twenty games out then maybe if you wanna sit there and say which I don't think it's gonna happen. Maybe it will wanna start Bogart's at shortstop because you start building next year insignificant but he wants to -- -- Detroit or maybe you do he -- good prospects back. We don't trade drove right now he just got him. But if you are where you say you're going to be which I don't think -- hypothetically. You the Red Sox failed to win next year. They don't destroy that opportunity by trading away Lester and Lackey this OK we get Lester Lackey right now. When a lot of young arms that's give them the experience and see if they can pitch. You know what you get rid of pieces that -- that championship teams need -- you don't obviously because you know gonna win either. Panic you know they are keeping their really -- over the decisions that they've made and the Al columns that come from those decisions I mean it in if you think about. When you really start to show that you panic though because ten million dollars for them is not panic. No but let me but it it but that was I think that was the first sign. -- yeah that was the first time because it if they've -- in the -- I mean they've waited out waited that long. You know as far as like when the young guys from I'll start seeing young guys play when they shouldn't be playing. Was when the management and the coaches in the managers. All kind of collectively said. Listen when you start -- -- -- our guys reps this year so we can -- -- -- should it trading Lackey or Lester -- part of the discussion right now for the Red Sox 61777979837. It was brought up this morning was all fired up about it I agree with Lou I think it's too quick hook. For the Jon Lester situation in particular. It was a little bit more about Lackey but let's hear what you have to say David. War -- David how hard and good morning. Good morning well good morning good morning. I'm more knowledge it is definitely wrong EE -- lock up there and you're right Lou I mean. -- EU's. Policy either approved -- Policy it and -- they aren't injured in the picture -- that. Now -- -- -- I ended up making a ridiculous mistake if they lose them but what what deer -- Get mentioned in it -- interestingly it Victorino. Because it injury prone. And if Andy is marketable to a team -- had -- that it impending. You know it can't -- -- -- -- -- that he can help you can't help the team if you're on the agenda that the world all EEU it is. Can't help him club from the top idol winner of the -- all of it cannot tonight after. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Where are you oiled up just -- oil today did you murders -- this because I brought you something do you want it now do you wanna -- its -- -- -- -- how are on air into the mess that we're not put some face lotion onto it and I know you look shiny you know you young -- -- the time to buy it natural -- my skin gets so much -- You don't have day air that I have in my body right now -- -- chest geared up to these huge future ought now. Quote negotiate through chest. If you guys and sooner -- Giles sort of I don't know I don't know it's I'm I have a few -- patches of grass on my chest and you know it just doesn't really make that better growth there. Same with my basement of the growth facial hair and so there's actually a victory and I was listening samba I'm really glad we got to the top guys are so I don't have to be -- noticed him. -- the point at the deadline that's what you do. You'd trade a way to peace is that you have like those role players that you have. That can help a team win if you trade away and AJ Pierzynski is only here for a year and you call up Vasquez and you let him catch. You trade away Victor Reno in May be put bets and senator Bradley in right. -- this is it your way out of this thing is what we're talking about. Where somebody commitments in 2000 -- they made that trade August the Dodgers and -- win a World Series next year that trade was for the future. But that was that was for the future. They had issues with each and every one of those players and know that if they held them there -- can win anything. You know they don't have a problem with Jon Lester he is an answer the end John Lackey like gonzo is the -- they wanna get rid of they want no part of Beckett -- wanna get out get out from underneath Crawford's deal and -- was a pain in the ass. In the locker room so big that that was for the future. And this is what they go to his deadline as well. The EI FaceBook responses to this are. Coming in fast and furious and we'll get to those before the top of the hour we also after recap. Be highly anticipated. Pull -- challenge or the new balanced Jim. A surprise winner from yesterday's -- I'll ask Jim a whole lot challenge visitors you would say that. We'll tell you what dark horse came from the back of the pack to win. Coming up puts up the hour here on 937 WEEI divvy ice portrayed an hour.

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