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Joe Castiglione, Dave O'Brien, Mike Mutnansky, and Rob Bradford remember Don Zimmer

Jun 5, 2014|

With the news of Don Zimmer passing away coming out, the guys from Red Sox Radio remember one of the games great ambassadors.

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Some sad news in the world the Major League Baseball that his breaking. In the last couple of minutes rob and I if I think first report about the New York Post -- Don Zimmer. Has passed -- tonight. Don Zimmer at the age of and or make sure I get this right I believe it's eighties three. Don Zimmer passed away at the age of 83. He had been in pro ball since 1949. In various capacities and obviously rob this a guy that you know -- in recent times his name came up because of what happened. -- with Pedro Martinez Pedro action as recently which try to track down that sound patio. The Pedro came on and said his biggest regret. Was what happened with Don Zimmer in that incident Yankee Stadium and the in the news breaking in the last couple minutes an amazing guy. An amazing career baseball Don Zimmer has passed away at the age of eighty. Well you talk about someone who's been fully devoted their lives to the game of baseball. Can and just acted so much that so many levels and player. And manager and coach in regards to what he did with a Red Sox you remember he was the coach for the Red Sox and he became the manager. Have a successful team in 1978. And then you remember he came back as a bench coach under butch Hobson. In the early nineties and and then he went on with the Yankees in the race and this guy this you see him down the field. And this was the guy who does all he did Estes Park baseball art baseball park baseball. This with his life that he did so also much for the game is really release. He stayed into it all the way to the end I mean you mentioned the Red Sox and yankees who goes on in 96 he was the Yankees pens coach Dan. Yeah he eventually went on the Tampa Bay Rays and M was a senior advisor for them and wore it like that the game so much he'd done everything. You could do in baseball -- every single thing but he he wanted to stay involved in the game. And he did so up until really his. At this point he's dying days was with that Tampa Bay Rays team as an advisor look at his coaching career. 1971. He got his coach -- with Montreal Expos. Expos Padres Red Sox yankees Cubs yankees again. Giants the Red Sox the bush chops and Rockies for a couple years yankees for that long stretch during their dynasty. Zimmer was right their for the entire thing up and through 2003. And it with the Tampa Bay Rays in 2004. I this is a guy that did. Everything in Major League Baseball did absolutely. Everything and met a lot ate out he says veteran guys around the game for that long. He meant a lot to the game rob as a manager and as a coach. I think there are guys even Pedro Martinez recently talked about what Don Zimmerman pretty incredible. Baseball life and some sad news to hear about his passing in the last couple laments. Well and also in Jokester we Jones who's who's right here in the Booth he knows. Dogs are -- on some very very well I mean can relate to a much better that I I wasn't around I was a kid and I appreciate what he did. Through all those years as manager and and by I think Jo-Jo you can speak to it much better than acted. -- he's such a wonderful baseball Manny is that Johnny Pesky. While several teams because a year -- original New York met. He played surest sign with the of the Dodgers. Play with Jackie Robinson and he would tell us about playing cards with Jackie -- on the racetrack -- Jackie Robinson. How much out there his wife pursue it and Rachel Robinson that got together and socialized. And how tough Jackie had a -- just. Our our wonderful. Man -- Prided himself on never earning your paycheck anywhere. But in based -- and I remember his good friend Jim -- rep with a -- them Cincinnati. Who was later his general manager with a Cobbs and managed the Kansas City when they won the pennant 1980 said. -- either at a racetrack -- -- ballpark every day of his life. On that'll keep the young it's. Joking you speak to -- what made him so attractive to players many guys got that met Babe Ruth. He play with Jackie Robinson. He was the coach to Derek Jeter and a mentor to Derek Jeter what was it about -- homers personality that true. So many people on baseball to just wanna be around Don Zimmer. Why I think today he has left the game was so contagious. And is a very good instructor. But I know Morris storytelling bases and just a wonderful storyteller mean even. Up through last season and he was on dialysis at that time but he did finish his treatment succumb to the ballpark. But several of them in the stands. And right behind home plate when he was not a uniform anymore and he would tell stories about Jackie Robinson Pee-Wee Reese. The boys of summer the original -- and of course other Red Sox teams. He managed he told me his favorite team was in 1989 Chicago Cobbs really who were picked to finish last. And somehow won the division that year. And of course lost. To the Giants in the and LCS but that was his favorite team because -- he thought he had a sixth place club and the general manager Jim Friday body and a sixth place club in the media. Had them as low as it could be an and they wound up -- winning the division that year that that was his favorite team. And of course they went to the Yankees -- he wasn't shy about getting into a one on one -- confident confrontation though with George Steinbrenner. And they used to be friends and then. They had a couple of incidents in. Tim didn't talk too much anymore they made openly. Years the Chicago are great storyteller he was Joseph and he really was and I introduce him at a banquet he and his wife so it. The place it was soot. Get married at home plate and Elmira, New York to -- New York while. And you retell stories he had he had them on three by five cards. Get all these wonderful anecdotes so he'd be up there and hit it read my -- won and he did go on on one in the crowd would. You know laugh and have a great time that. And then it start flipping through the but it finally -- eight like this one you like this and even better in agreed that one of the crowd got and they just loved in the ate him up because. His was the face of baseball you look at Don Zimmer and and that should have been. On on every logo. It in the major leagues his mug. Because he was just he was a. The marbles I don't know the stories about him being being twice and that's a reason why. He came so I rate. In that 2003. ALCS. And Pedro did all he could to avoid the confrontations -- later apologized he was in tears after that. And was really embarrassed at at what he did and remember last you were in the same park with a man. Hoping they would get together put it down at Tampa Bay didn't. -- have the timing wasn't quite. Right for either one -- to get together but that I think can heat it forgiven Pedro and I know Pedro who regretted the -- Things -- today there was a part of his life to Don Zimmer is life is really wonderful for him to be there was Joseph Torre you know he wasn't in the main chair. But he was an advisory capacity was over a terrific coach there. -- winning world championships there at a time in his life win you know many would say -- be should be playing golf somewhere or or fishing or rocking chair. You know he was right there winning world championships with the New York Yankee. And writing books -- -- marinate. Dug out the Yankee dugout with that army helmet on it if it Percy was always there with a foul ball we we know we had. -- it's very severe beatings at the key was unconscious for. Over two weeks is home and they brought. They would lose him. But he recovered from match went on to play in. He was the guy that that was taken out of a lineup. When sandy Ambrose made the catch in the World Series he was playing second. Jim Kelly was -- laughed and middle innings it took Zimmer output. Gilliam at second and Ambrose wouldn't let -- that great catch the Brooklyn Dodgers won their only World Series. He -- seven and he was part of so much history. He signed in the late forties at a Cincinnati. Earliest -- he had it 64. Stolen bases in and horn only York. Well it was a very good player but the Dodgers have worked thirty some farm clubs. In that your and they had to Pee-Wee Reese at short is pretty hard to get a head of -- weeks. But he talked about his relationship with we Jackie Robinson a lot yes and what it meant to him and and to be there at that historical. Point in baseball is very very important -- It really was and I think he he appreciated -- As we said he was a social. -- brand off the field that Jackie is where was it. A teammate. And day he was very very proud of that. It's a tremendous loss for baseball he was -- this one year in my time and I was in 92 we came back. And he was solvent brought him in to be the bench coach for -- chops and and forces there was a tough season the Red Sox finish last. Still he it was able to impart to a lot of his wisdom to a lot of the players. And it's a tremendous loss for baseball it just so much like Johnny Pesky. Enjoy you had a chance to be around him minutes -- -- great analogy of baseball lifer like Johnny Pesky the 92 year was a bad year for the Red Sox. I'm curious how much he talked about he stand. From 76 to eighty in the he had an interesting time here right in and that four years -- was manager of the Red Sox that first time around where. There are a lot of memorable moments moments there and I feel like. You know he he had some run ins with the media during that time but seemed to get that baseball was the lifeblood of this city and I remember him. I think -- talking about how is some of those times were trying on him but he wouldn't. He wouldn't trade those that come out his first stint as manager with the Red Sox and who's here in 1992. On not a great deal because he'd been so many places he -- much more -- Brooklyn dodger days but he allowed boss that he loved the fans. He admitted he did listen to the talk shows too much. Antics -- bad stuff personally but the but that exam. That's the way year he he was in he didn't miss anything in baseball he knew everything was going. And you know we had great teams that he was a first it's a great teams and unfortunately you know Bucky -- at the home behind me get to the ALCS. Or the World Series. With a Red Sox and he was a special favorite I know. Mrs. -- And when the Red Sox from the -- in 1980. It took a lot of fun talking to get. To that point where she would allow. Haywood Sullivan and I was in the front office to make the move lets take a second year. This was up Pedro Martinez is on the radio station. On the dale and Holley show last week here in our flagship WEEI in the celebrated the 2004 team. And Ager was in town he went on and -- the topic of that incident with the Don Zimmer was passed away tonight the age of 83. On that topic came up with Pedro last week. The team oriented and if the only thing I out on the Bears about but it not because of what happened really. It's who helped him -- I'm very respectful to people in the I'll never got any problem in the streets and in baseball is a multiple sat out or maybe that you don't Tito someone that charge me it would -- been okay. That but the only and that it shocked me in then it also attacked me too. To lose to he would award he called me before right before he kind of got me. -- about the can you say well it a he didn't have my mom and a very good place at the at all. I I was really shocked about him and all of all of -- Kapono a little bit you know more than anything. The fact that he tried to job with that with. It was really difficult to deal -- and I had to do what I had to do. And he admitted that was something that he regretted his biggest regret in the game itself that was Pedro basically as a week ago tonight. Over there at the ballpark and obviously one of those memories that act as a as a baseball fan you remember where you were. When that incident happened and and Don Zimmer ended up on the ground because of Pedro Martinez. While Pedro I think was trying to avoid. Pushing Emmons had been sort of put his hands and shoulders and -- went down and regretted he was in tears the next day. And apologized. It was an unfortunate in some but that's not wish we should remember about Don Zimmer we should remember I guy that. Love the game spent his life in the game and to me that's the greatest thing so proud of never having received -- paycheck anywhere outside the game of baseball. It's a loss. For the game of baseball and they sum up the the loss tonight. Don Zimmer at the age of 83 a baseball lifer -- To the end of the Tampa Bay Rays helping out that team where he could. And meant so much to so many people I feel like will be talking more about this during the broadcast tonight guys and the next couple days rightfully soul be the remembrance of what Don Zimmer meant to the game of baseball on you hear more more stories from the people that he touched in the game really for. Fifty years fifty years in the game. You know the franchise's Brooklyn Los Angeles. New York Mets yankees. Red Sox Cobbs. And he was at that all the big ones and of course his hometown the Cincinnati is well Howland. Played for Washington late in his career -- get an extra year or so by learning to be catcher Gil Hodges the manager and he he was a catcher for. Part of his season back up catcher of the Washington -- was very proud he was able to make the transition at bat that. And so many. Different cities and franchises can staking claim to Don Zimmer. Gonna be remembered those memories of Don will happen. The next couple days for sure guys thank you so much we'll talk do you. Always think in a couple of minutes as -- we think Red Sox and Indians first pitch somewhere in in around 930 tonight. OK thank you very much -- Jokester Leno and Dave O'Brien with some. Some memories of Don Zimmer who tonight at the age of 83. -- passed away. He has been. Remembered here and I expect this is going to be a story -- continues now for a couple days you're seeing people around Major League Baseball. I'm taking two social media guys that are not in the media but players that were in the game. I gave cap were tweeting out baseball's heart is broken collectively. All right -- in -- you will be missed one of many baseball players tonight taking. Two social media. To remember. The baseball life that was Don -- and is as Joseph so. So rare now that a guy can say he did not collect a check anywhere but Major League Baseball. And in reading some of his his bio here in the last half hour how -- that meant to one how much it meant that this is what. He did he was baseball and he he was very proud of them and analyze it he touches the guy that net. Babe Ruth Joseph and Dave talked about how much he spoke of Jackie Robinson his days -- the Red Sox -- days with the Yankees. And be a confidant and a mentor. To Derek Jeter from 96 on. And being right there for Joseph Torre during some of the great years. Of our lifetime -- might not be a Yankee fan but that team was was winning. That team was the -- me of what you wanted to be in Major League Baseball and Don Zimmer passing away today. Can say no other way it is a major major loss for the sport in major loss for baseball in general.

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