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Carmelo a Celtic? It's a 50/50 split on those who want to see him here, and those that don't 6-4-14

Jun 4, 2014|

We discuss more about the Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Love to the Celtics rumors that just won't go away.

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6177797937. Is the telephone number. We're running narrow little quickie AT&T text -- here at 37937. Yes or no. Big paragraphs that include the word yes or no don't actually help us or big paragraphs that include -- now left know left out don't help -- either. Yes or no question do you want Carmelo Anthony on the Celtics yes or no. And I know when we checked it a few minutes ago young -- it was pretty darn close to what might Twitter feed was telling me right. -- 51%. Yes 49% now and I think I think our elected this this won't be in the and that text because just too long. But I think you know just to give people an idea what would it take. -- -- it's like anything else. If you're asking me do I wanna -- and 500000 dollars. Yes sort of 51500000. Dollars. Do I wanna -- 500000 dollars by. Jumping out of buildings and being a daredevil no I don't that that risk -- outweighs the reward. So for Carmelo Anthony to what Carmelo Anthony just due to what I got my team and I have to do anything short. What Carmelo Anthony have to give up 617. First rounder. In in two years and another first rounder down the road no I don't wanna do that. How would think the answer would be overwhelmingly yes if all you have to do to get Carmelo Anthony. Is to clear some space for some contracts that you don't want the first place let's start with Gerald Wallace. Let's continue -- Humphries. Let's continue you know Bayless I mean I'm I'm just talk about some guys who. All right and what they stay -- ago doesn't really. Factor into your enjoyment of watching the Celtics. You can get those guys out bring an Carmela Anthony I think will be 90%. 90% for 10% against may be. What does it take. Padilla Carmelo Anthony or if there are you saying -- get Carmelo Anthony you can get Carmelo without Kevin Love I think most people would say. I'm excited about what Kevin Love is and what it could be at the age of 25. He does he eat set satisfy scoring rebounding and passing for the Celtics even though we got a great defensive player. I'll take that over Carmelo Anthony but it if you tell if you if you set of folks -- could have one or the other. I think people would pick. Kevin Love over Carmelo you can have both why not. Adam and that's what the premises that this whole thing let's get the calls and see which you guys think at 617. 7797937. Craig's on the cellphone -- first unveil on holly. -- -- Got a question for you yes I mean I would -- that they'll all feel as -- about all draft pick your ball. The -- Kevin Love yet Carmelo Anthony and you've got -- them and only after well in the heat of the player. At that at the end that he -- -- where. It looked directly or are there and we can get on prop up. -- Well I mean this is this is what what we've seen that fortunately. The Celtics have been in this situation before its symbols situations similar to this one. If this happens and you go back to 070 wait so we have. -- have Ray Allen we have Paul Pierce we have Kevin Garnett and our member. Bob Ryan right in the column at the time where he said he had those are three great players before through twelve they may be the worst team in the leak. Now. Even know at the time it Rondo was about to exploded in no Eddie House is gonna become for the Celtics who James Posey was gonna become for the Celtics. How big baby Davis on and on so it's a combination of veterans who were playing for the minimum and draft picks who who don't cost you a lot of money that's how you would fill out the rest of the roster. Yeah and -- and I think callers talking about the -- on Celtics like dot com and which state they tried to come up with a plan in which you could acquire both of these guys and it was. Long and convoluted and and gives me an ice cream headache to even free throw it but the -- the bottom line of this whole thing was that. At the end of all of their rigmarole they basically had five guys under contract. Well I would do it that would that would work coming you can. In -- there are some things that that you can do would have to fill out your roster. He never got -- you. A situation like every five or six guys but what you will have. And and this will tell you about how how serious is Celtics are about winning you will have a luxury tax situation you're probably go over the luxury tax. Yeah probably when -- got to go he'll probably go over that threshold. And it's it's prohibitive two and going you know cross that threshold now. You really have to be prepared to -- them. -- some real dollars. Mike's at least long metal might do next on Sports Radio -- and how are you -- -- -- might. Well I don't impetus to rely. Carmelo Anthony. In a row here. -- you're gonna. Get better. From. Hey Mike we're gonna love roller coaster. Like this is a story of endless love. Mike that is the power. Of love. Like all omni nagging -- -- all you need I love please there's. I do you know a day out of the inaugural award a guy -- -- the best on Basilan where were -- Kevin Love was here over the weekend. That was loves holiday. Outlook love how it up. Mayor of fire ahead -- Yeah how did get better. To get the sense they are wrong and -- That people are so. There are so accustomed to. The quick turn around it it's a football mentality anyway you can do that football no guarantee contracts. Guy you were terrible last year 511 you can quickly turn that around 115 cuts and guys move on bring up some new guys make the Smart draft choices and amazing. There's a turnaround in a year. The Celtics did it in basketball it was so rare it was a miracle. They were able to pull it off not look like they did it overnight. But a lot of the moves that they made leading up to the big trade for Kevin Garnett. Were established 234 years earlier. And so. I mean I guess the result of that press conference -- overnight here's here's Ray Allen and here's Kevin Garnett and looks like it's a quick turnaround. But that was really the right the culmination. Of a lot of hard work behind scenes. I don't care that you don't become a championship contender. By adding Kevin Love. What I care about is you just gotta top ten player and you haven't before. A top ten player in the league guarantee he was just voted second team all NBA at ten -- in -- OK so you can pick up -- second team all NBA guy in -- giving up. The number six pick. And seventeen. In another -- And you got in all -- -- hearted -- to get those guys aren't and to get those guys at the age of 25. Like I do think that Kevin Love makes them a better team I question whether. The addition of Carmelo Anthony does make them a better team of course he does it's well better it's questionable Alaska only come back it's simple question. Has anybody ever said Carmelo -- good team. 6177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T -- minus 37937. You can vote their very simple yes or no. Do you want Carmelo Anthony on the Celtics just vote that text that one word yes or no to 37937. It's dale and -- Sports Radio WEEI. Our number two dale and -- Sports Radio WEEI. -- a lot of basketball at the beginning talks in baseball as well Sox are scheduled to wrap up their series in Cleveland against the Indians. But John Farrell said the weather forecast is not good. And that will be a shame for the assembled multitude in Cleveland all eight or nine or 101000 will be there. They're not -- Johnny men's I'll throw out the first pitch Michael because he's supposed to tonight. I love it. I love the old Johnny football stuff all of the hype of it. I love the excitement that it's caused across NFL on the fact that -- we talk about the Cleveland Browns. In June. Like they don't understand it they don't like it but you get the -- the Cleveland Browns don't like the attention. No I think they do I don't think -- 08 -- your act like you're back up why. Why why are you telling your players act like a blunt tone when your guys technical backup that's as dumb. Boy -- you know he's he's third string right now. Okay that's the reason you traded back into the the first round -- give up a third round pick. Take to get back into the first round for. Johnny Manto and a first rounder next here why. -- that all they thought they may think they've solved their their quarterback issue I guess but yet we'll see if it works out and Bob Young band update us on the the text poll. We asked a simple text poll question of of our listeners do you want Carmelo Anthony on the Celtics a simple yes or no question. And -- where do we stand on that if and am put on the spot here today. -- given warning I didn't touch all right hey you loves this job it's being kept shouldn't. It's ten -- -- A syndicate to work with talented people competent talented myself. Org either -- referring to either of us but. I guess what we we will update the poll question where were pulling up the numbers and well at the number just 52%. Yes 48% no I just I I just had just I don't understand that 40% -- people. NBA finals start tomorrow. So you have the Celtics you're a long way from. San Antonio in -- long wave from my hand Miami figuratively. And literally. So. How do you expect to get there you expect to get there just. You didn't get the top pick this year or top three -- So you're saying there -- would number six. In the NAFTA trade six and other things to get Kevin Love seat of that now what do you expect to get there you got Kevin Love and Rondo. You're still a long way from Miami and San Antonio. Is it just that this massaging and this. Just we're just waiting for the next great players that is it free agency. -- now you've got love. Love is in the air and it failed you got you gotta love it so. You gonna draw people to do you do everything you can to acquire talent even if it's just. Oh and we'll work in California Michael. He had ever totally find more latest more to sort -- out there the public the greatest problems -- to take a song. That's all we. Every you can if you got a guy who has value. At the very least cover -- Carmelo Anthony has value to other team recently. So you get a guy like that. It helps you. It if you want if he's gonna play for you that's great or at the very least you have somebody on your team other teams another player -- your team that. That that other teams are looking for what is that a bad thing. If you haven't given up you have to do is spend money. I just. Mr. when it but if you bring in a guy who say nearly 26 point score in his NBA career right. And he ends up breaking your team apart -- things get to. Do there are folks who think that Carmelo Anthony doesn't care about anybody but Carmelo Anthony who cares about scoring yeah he's not necessarily winning just scoring. He's a scorer. How does he does I'm sure he wants to win and he wants to score. Art let's let's let's play it another way let's just go backwards because and you have that the arguments for Carmelo a couple of arguments against Carmelo Anthony I understand. If Carmelo Anthony scores less. If he consciously scores less are you a better basketball team yep Carmelo Anthony on your team. And he doesn't score that much. Does that help you -- that hurts. It hurts you out. There here's Ed and then the other the other one -- aren't so if you don't get Carmelo Anthony. I guess he can tell your team apart aren't that just throw him out. Tell me how you get to a championship level. I want the path I -- -- to me. Well we got a text earlier who said I don't -- acquire either love or Carmelo Anthony I wanna build this team through the draft well that'll take awhile. Nice and have been in the NBA that'll take you awhile. Yeah because because it Gary and I and I can I can hear this I can hear us now because that's what San Antonio did. Well not exactly. They didn't they didn't. They did with men and hopefully second round pick. They did with Tony Parker late first rounder. They did with you are you picking up Patty Mills and you're picking out Danny Green. Are you picking up Matt Bonner somebody's only speeds that we're if somebody out Molina. Now there's a big guy here take at least 38 years old from the Virgin Islands. Tim Duncan how to get him. Number one overall pick. It's easier it's a lot easier and you've got to have big dog. Where you can you can do all these things you can beat you can you can be considered -- shrewd in the genius and all the stuff and I'm not taking away from San Antonio they have done a remarkable job of scouting and in drafting. And they are ahead of the game in so many areas. It helps a lot. We have Tim Duncan you need a superstar. To make that whole system work. And they've had in he has been the constant throughout the -- so many people. Who have played alongside. Tim Duncan you guys have probably forgotten about thirty of them only -- for the spurs still. See crazy Stephen Jackson C Kevin Willis C Sean -- on and on so many guys but it's still Tim Duncan. So. -- needs you'll meet one of those guys and this can't sit back there and take six and seventeen and then next year. Taking out -- and the twelfth overall pick and that the nineteenth overall pick. And and build a championship team some somewhere somehow. You gonna have to come up with the Z a star player. Let's get back to the calls have you guys -- in Boston you're next on Sports Radio stale and -- Okay are you -- guys -- I haven't heard you guys in a long time together at the that a patient but -- interest in the car militant well no. Mike -- that you listened to. Carmelo to not leave -- New York bed and and you got one and make stories and as that zero point zero duplicated. Can't adapt. Why does every moment we distrust politicians doing not only didn't you we're just responded to a story might -- That is ahead in pill. In -- I think that is what I think for the Celtics in the duplicate eighteen. You know Rajon Rondo. If it is a good player he's not a great player. I think you know in terms of moving him would probably be your best situation attempted -- seen. You know the -- and -- and everything in this situation but I just don't -- part -- -- love I think he can connect it to -- in the area. And -- -- -- what -- ultimately. I think definitely you know and it could you know I don't know I don't know what he can Kevin welcome into the electric betray. He hasn't gotten lost -- for twelve years maybe. Are not twelve years we have been in Los Angeles in in a long time. Are yeah got a bit connected in certain areas that you know and sport. -- a lot of basic it's less fair to say the West Coast guy. Would you would you make a lot of money. It is important is that. I think he want to try to win it LA and that is that the court and then him any kind of you know hit -- in the background or his people would he talk about it. His back when I think you want to go to Italy and boy you want to go to equipment. He's gonna try to work. So I'll tell you how the clippers can pull off but the lakers at least have you know a high draft pick not as -- as the Celtics to offer up. -- doesn't really much matter in this case I though the one thing. That Kevin Love can hold over somebody said is I'm not gonna sign there in trade their if you want but America sign a contract extension which. Could have some control over the deal in that regard. But I mean I haven't seen anything I haven't I haven't heard word from Kevin Love about it must go back to LA the only thing I know it played college basketball there but. I haven't seen -- thing that indicates that they were Mike and Boston's choices program allowed roller coaster. That. Bank included a stop right now you know other than. And it early -- -- -- your your far and a point I can't smack that there's so there's so many album tell -- and you pretty much run through all of our I don't know I don't know I haven't virus there's more in reserve. But the guy is after all is due to set when love comes to town there it is there's so you can go to cancer -- yes god don't. -- I'm gonna drive though Joe's imports with -- next on Baylor college. I -- -- that's what do Michael its -- agree yeah I mean or what is the alternative here. If you have a chance to go get these two guys. You gotta go off and do it this is superstar league you need players to win. It's not NFL you can't build through the draft. I'm hoping to any. -- that's selling point here where the Kevin Garnett victory. Those guys when they -- there at one thing. Right same thing here Kevin Love Carmelo they have allowed any technique you don't quite look because it's very before years ago -- worked out. Which two NBA finals well -- Excuse like playing Obi takes advantage of happening in Europe. Our -- got -- I was I was thinking about this. Of of the previous victory. And this is this is how being too close to home. It can really work against him not to think about national think about a from -- don't think about a from a Boston perspective. To step back here for a little bit. But he's talking about the previous victory -- previous tolerance and aren't. The differences. And those guys that the Kevin Garnett victory. None of those guys were viewed like Carmelo KG wasn't Ray Allen was it -- oaks hopes. Paul Pierce. About the way Paul Pierce. Was viewed nationally. Before they -- championship. Now it it -- Longo appears that I'm a great player on a bad team and it sucks to direct quote as a great Jack McMullen article was also right. But you but is it. If he's right. But he's -- it didn't play that well here. When he said that George Karl didn't like Paul Pierce -- and the world basketball championships he thought he was. He didn't think it was a great teammate. You know pierce did some silly things and Indiana. At the end of a playoff game -- Bremer took up the Jersey and many after the in the post game we had this thing wrapped around his head -- -- He did some things where you look at it nationally you said guy either really talented player but. A wonderful ever win a championship -- water forever put it together. And look what we're looking -- we're looking at Carmelo. And I think in the that it it seems that. Are people saying he's not worthy of the Celtics that you wouldn't root for a guy like that. I think that there are times when you feel like you have to hold your nose and root for a guy. And I think that you know the patriots brought some guys -- like that Albert means work was absolutely got like a bag that he's not a bad guy. I come out there note I don't know he's a bad guy. The Carmelo went on I don't know might argument Albert -- well but hey you hasn't it Albert Angel where -- office -- and there -- times when. I I think that there folks I tell you right now other folks in Denver who couldn't get him out of town quicken. I don't think that's the case in New York I think they're afraid that he wants to leave. But there will and a -- coach and try to tailor the coach hiring to keep Carmelo Anthony happy and that gets people nervous. Yeah I just think she -- like. If you can if you tell you if you tell a player what your expectations are and the way it's going to be like you're coming here you're not going to be. You're not gonna be running this franchise. We won't do everything that you say you listen and you have a you have only a voice. But you're not that you're not that that de facto coach and general manager we got a coach we got a general manager what we expect you to do. Is is. Play at a high level. And don't we just gonna do. It's interesting when you have franchises that have. Given everything that they have for a player they have made it so obviously. I like the knicks totally gave it up and they gave up everything for Carmelo. And then once he gets there are surprised that there's some entitlement what you created that situation. You sacrificed your entire future. -- your president really. Four for Carmelo Anthony so what's he supposed to think that the Celtics got him. And didn't kiss his ass on the way to getting them. -- if it does that send a message that he can do whatever he wants to Boston. No but I think its entire NBA career he's felt the -- could they'd have to do it they'd have to handle him differently than these. In my opinion ever been handled before yet and I think you yet they would have to handle them differently and I think they would in the other. The other thing you have to at least hoped for can't count on it but you have to hope for. Carmelo Anthony at this stage of his career. The national league for twelve years. He he hasn't competed for a championship and when he came into the league. That the story was number one overall pick LeBron James and number three overall pick Carmelo Anthony. Those guys will be linked for the rest of their careers but they are linked because they were in the same draft class but LeBron James a starting tomorrow night. It is gonna have an opportunity. Two win his third consecutive championship and Carmelo Anthony has never been to the finals. Do you want that to be your story. And the Celtics can't change that story next year but with Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Love. They can they -- legitimately. Changed that story in a year to. Adams in Auburn your next on Sports Radio stale and holly. And the -- to get Carmelo Anthony should be about 90%. Yes -- and all day. -- by the the we have Rajon Rondo right EC to meet the best passing point guard in India. And you can add the best -- or second best wing scored in the lead your team and a free agent and the like a question whether or not we should do it. It is it's mind boggling you know can I count like the thirty. Yeah and I'm just I'm trying to think of the Adam your right to -- to think of the counter the counterargument. Is. That that he doesn't play defense. -- it doesn't and play great defense he's an average defender. What's most Santorum or what's the most scored short average defender at best most scores like that. Our most of them and the guys who warrant -- special and I got you know he got Michael winning. Player of the year out ME MV PN and defensive player of the year. Yet that that's pretty rare LeBron James. A great defender when he wants to be Kobe Bryant used to be great playing defense so rare rare players. Rare two way players who could score a view if you have the ability to scored 25 points a game consistently. You're generally a bad defensive player. 6177797937. Is telephone number the AT&T text line -- 37937. It's dale and -- Sports Radio WEEI. You know words Mike Williams one minute I don't know the words. I'll -- wondered if if -- as -- from the love movement. Hall loves it didn't -- -- about the love movement best. And has. I mean I know that's not the song. But this. This whole Kevin Love episode is the love movements that it. From the Boston Celtics has asked after Rollins as. Paul and John -- all you need is all you needed -- what evidence it integrates on its not true. -- -- All our dearly love well maybe all you need is love. Got down and out and which are dramatic let -- -- a lot of bad. Yeah. There is going well. -- Because the ladies love. Mean when James. Tell us -- this press conference which happens. The love puns don't happen. The endorsement opportunities. For Kevin Love when he gets to -- He is a -- basketball historian. He has said that the number 33 should be permanently retired. Because of because of Larry Bird yeah. Darren endeared him to the fans here in this -- -- us that dad -- I'm watching. Outlet passes out of west on selves. And Bill Walton. I mean think about it if you're. If -- the Celtic should say and you like best -- history. Well you'll be playing your home games when you look up and you see seventeen batters. Usually playing on that this historic. Park K Russell. Russell played here -- name on it right there. Read our back. John have a check pops up -- -- practice -- randomly Tommy high action you'll see him at the games don't Russell comes in the town. Go to City Hall as a statue. And this is this is this is right up his -- And you know he's a you know you always connection to the Beach Boys yes I've I've been desperately trying to find. The appropriate song -- -- -- uncle is -- is Michael. Are so founding members of the B toys so obviously cares about music. This this is them in fact. My club wrote this song. That's okay. There's more pretty horrible -- yeah yeah. At Mike Love singing. -- -- -- That's another -- -- on. Even if they don't say the word lobby and that card so that it got -- voice on the guy cares about music. What do we have here. The Berklee College of Music. The New England Conservatory. Pain. He wants to be in movies. -- -- from here -- half Affleck from here on your life game. And your lobbying seems to be working for Carmelo by the way it's up to 53%. Yes 47%. Now. On our little our our little quickie text poll here. And now -- at texture here says you'll fans and dale. Complained that Melo isn't a good team now all of a sudden you seem to forget what's been said about Rondo on his lack of being a good team that point -- I don't forget at all I just don't think. Are you gonna I shouldn't say that are you going to be able to win if you've got two of those guys on one team. I didn't forget the Rondo is considered a bad teammate -- I agree with the text here what -- -- -- Well. One of them -- about the positions one comes a point guard right point guard who who likes to past. He really likes really enjoys. And then he got one of those guys and Carmelo who likes to score and we gotta match. We got a match here. Back to the calls 02 quick baseball notes. Just a -- aware Daniel Nava is on the lineup tonight and Jonny Gomes is out then -- I was playing left field. And according to pick -- over the Boston Globe David Price was. -- For what happened here on Friday and find an undisclosed amount I'm sure it's gonna really make it hard for him to make the monthly mortgage payment this month. He says he's over him while they are price said he's over -- he was asked about this you know David Ortiz his comments yesterday. And let -- let other people describe it talk about it. I give their opinions but he's moving on. Back to call -- Ericsson boss and Eric you're next on Sports Radio stale and holly. It may not -- what's going on Eric. Hey holly. I'm in king and you feel. My. And I'm ready to call it -- adhere to orbit yet. Indeed you'll get all the bandwagon colts aren't -- just what would it be like eighty Cowell. In and -- -- the Whitman particularly -- will be back on the map. Yeah I understand how anybody. Carmelo averages 25 and six point negating the -- that probably -- -- -- shortly how do you not want. You can create old -- -- -- -- -- -- what you can't teach good scoring in the league anymore. -- -- -- Kevin reluctantly he know. How that problem. Well personally have a beautiful singing voice and if there's any kind of karaoke competition. I think I Dubai tennis saving your money you might be in the -- -- You might be in the top five it any given night karaoke. Now you trot out a Lion King number karaoke you're guinier but -- things that it -- and that you've got a zero chance if you trot out alive and you know this is it fair. Now I've I've I would consider a different tune selection of our view the world. But -- all that though he sang he meant it -- in north Conway -- next on Sports Radio stale and -- Hey guys thanks to pick Michael are you that -- say. Republican vote you know I'm I'm good violent if we get Kevin Love we end up with Carmelo and Rondo took the two of them they're gonna butt -- -- Carmelo gonna be -- but they're both going to be complaining about can you recognize that faces. When he Kevin must first -- of all. Why would we -- bigotry first it was like Omar actually instead of Carmel after -- got co promote it up so much more rebounding deputy -- But it can get a much better idea that the mark Flacco more cap room. -- what I think it's more a question of who's who's more likely to be available and Carmelo Anthony's case. He's gonna opt out of his deal. Yeah he would he would opt out of his deal and and in the case of you know you say as sick -- -- and TP Conte camp but it. In his case you're gonna have to you're gonna have to trade form. We gonna have to give up something form. Other than -- money. And you presumably can use -- monitored the year trade capital just to get Kevin Love your opinion right. You gonna have to -- some guys out here. Just to clear up -- up cap space to get. Carmelo Anthony assuming you're gonna will some guys out here to get Kevin Love and you're gonna have to we will other guys out here just to clear cap room. -- somehow fit you know Carmelo Anthony contract under the cap. I'll break my heart summits of the names that -- -- to say Dubai used for and -- -- Celtics diva. Hey listen I'm sitting down right now dale. I'm sitting down calmed down now so you can tell me they named -- are you saying to me that that that Jeff Green. That Jeff Green may not be on the team anymore Brandon. Asked might not be on the team anymore excellent progress I know but I'm saying plays its name could be on the list as well by the way according Adrian -- -- -- ski. And this is something he tweet it out a couple of minutes ago once the timberwolves hire a coach. They'll likely try to sell Kevin Love again on a vision and direction for now his stance hasn't changed he wants out. Yeah I think it's too late. I agree and I really nonsense governor Boston mean it it seems like he's leaning in this direction. But whether it's Boston Chicago golden state of the rockets. The lakers the corporate wherever it is thought from the clippers probably the lakers suffer like that -- -- carry Minnesota I think he's just. He got to the point. Where he he just things that they have they have done he's done everything that he can do it there and get the sense that there's. There's something else. That he's not willing to say. On one hand -- pretty bold to say. Took two to people behind the scenes can't let it be known that that I'm not in Korea but the liberals. On the other hand he could have gone a lot far. Is that I just don't believe in the I don't believe in the general manager. Forget about the coach -- call on the owner and our answers and I -- I don't believe in general manager I don't believe in the franchise and I think that's where they are. -- you think about and I gave the example last week of some stupid things they've done in the draft. But just think about where where the Minnesota Timberwolves have been. Before -- before Kevin Love. The last few years of KG KG was on a lottery team there his last team there was a hurricane. So it's been a long time and I think it's it's a much larger than old well they don't have the right -- just part of it the right coach. All they don't have the general the right general managers have flip -- now. As as the head of basketball operations. A commitment that that's part of it. Ownership has certainly but that's a part of it I just think if the entire organization. They're just not quite right he knows. Are you ready to sell that Keith Bogans Jersey that you got by the way. I wish I had on the list I mean he can be on the list too I'm just gonna try to prepare you for what. I do know this I know one day one day when -- famous you know movie director. I am not -- I'm not gonna ask Keith Bogans being in in my movies because even on day one. Went all you have to do is -- get -- -- on day one of the press conference. The -- look like he he held out some I was on a tour is it a hostage day it's your first press conference with the Celtics. -- -- can you tell us you know how to learn what you learn your becoming a Celtic. Mine. Somebody called me it was -- short balls going home. Thanks. Charlotte you really excited by. Anyway the Celtics had just traded you to the New England patriot -- -- awful. Just -- get a little bit might think Connecticut. Your next Sunday -- holly yeah what's up so they don't -- Hey listen I mean look I get -- you know the quote unquote XQ what's happening. Kevin Love -- Carmelo Anthony and -- and amateur accused I -- prominent community and he's now the score one of the best scores in the NBA. But the guys defensively -- He can't cart he can't party chair. Also you have water and though your lineup -- pretty much saying -- defense but strong and outscored everybody. With the salary that you're inevitable that Rondo Carmelo and -- you're going to be pretty much stick in the bottom that they'll still in the -- In my opinion I think. Analysts -- -- depending on what you got to get up and you'll love on the needed you know all the rumors are correct you're gonna probably -- -- -- -- -- you're -- -- expects. Here at soldier. About possibly that's. -- or green. You know couple sailors and maybe the clippers picked it that's what you have to give up if you don't have to get rid of -- Green. Now -- -- -- saying it would be six to at least 670 Salinger like a small forward and help hi Kevin Love deficiencies at three. And I have Rondo Bradley and then going -- -- -- well guess what I hear you have one go to score. You have -- and compliment Kevin Love offensively. And you can hide his off -- sense then you can sit on the bench that he wanted to -- guys. However. Mike Michael on second if you don't have to give up. Jeff Green and Brandon Bass in a trade for Kevin Love. Yeah that's our torpedoing if they're giving out sick you've given up six. 617. And sellinger. You're you're not also putting in Brandon bass and and. There -- no no I'm not six and seventeen this year at six. I -- -- definitely I think the prices and I think the price is 617. Salinger and something else. Something they'll and a lot salary cap problem green. That that makes this seat that makes it even easier decision because it didn't look there's no there's no doubt whatsoever Carmelo Anthony. Is light years better than Jeff Green. Project in connection played defense. Can and can actually get screen is a much better defense played an incremental it's been so he also helps. The transition -- them up here I think it would it would team you have ahead of us. In the east particularly Indiana and Miami together who are you going to have actually played in sense come playoff. Imagine what amateur in Cuba -- ridiculous I say I can't believe the doughnuts and I can't believe this is happening right. It's the same mistake everybody else is making. It's not going to be perfect. You'll -- -- yeah you're absolutely right you have some deficiencies if you have capital of and and Carmelo Anthony on the same team. Tell you have to front court players who don't really defend all that well you have some issues of course you do. Put basketball lived I don't think I hope. That the world doesn't end next year. And that you just have to do everything everything has to be right in your your first season after being in the lottery after being the -- the worst team in basketball. The very next season -- correct all your problems there will still be some issues but they still have assets. -- -- -- it's a good. Way to start building. You know taking care of if it's -- four phase process. Of taking care of two and a half phases and -- offseason -- pretty impressive. 6177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T -- line -- 37937. It's dale and -- Sports Radio WE yeah. Are we officially retired it now. Could you can't beat that might. I could be that you can't beat that short -- gone out now you can't be don't know -- days. I love OJ you know I love ya I know what I said but I can beat it. Because songs being played mini mini mini mini mini time for very good reason. It's a great song yes yes but. We can come up with something better known can't be done. That's the best love song -- not. No. The thought that includes the word -- in that nations that you thought well now on autism I've added to. 6177797937. With telephone over the AT&T tax minus 37937. As we've been talking about well it it. Frankly it it probably is the story that doesn't even exist but once it hits the Internet gamut of its real. It's real from that point on we've talked a little bit about what it would take and whether or not USA Celtics fan want Carmelo Anthony here. And in our latest text poll numbers 53% of you say yes but. A up perhaps surprisingly large 47% of you say no they don't. There had -- you've got a PR problem he's got a PR problem now we I do believe in the East Coast bias in La La. Well not known how long are all our that we are probably all of not a problem to the East Coast bias so he's he starts his career. In Denver. There are a lot of people who. Have opinions about Carmelo. But we haven't seen them. I haven't seen them enough to really yet to be able to support those opinions. In other words c'mon now. How many people really watching that the Denver Nuggets. When he was out there consistently consistently enough to know hey this is what he is I think a lot of times. He's he was able to to bail out and keep afloat some basketball teams that we're just all right and he made them look better than they -- He is not I don't think he has hurt a basketball Alec he's provided a team from going where it was supposed to via. He gotten away he screwed up I don't think I don't think that's been the story. Of his dozen years and only. You backed the call to you guys 6177797937. Mats on the cell phone came -- I don't. Big they don't. Match. That's basically it about a cultural last eight years and in my job recruiting brilliant much -- -- all the time I noted GM the same thing. When they're built their team. Partly due brief moments out and Carmelo Anthony clearly -- out slowly decrease in pre eminent. It's like a piece of any. All -- but let me but -- let me just ask a quick question and you can continuously coach. Who's who's charged with recruiting the most talent you can recruit or do you ever worry about how the talent will match. Yeah. You -- they're out there and cultural. You don't. Gotta wait you when he pocket. And got to keep your build a true we all that comment because the problem. You know and the fact -- the -- pulled up in the -- So you're not gonna have. Looked pretty Indian. Oklahoma City and disperse but. -- -- of you know the Big Three down in Miami so he can win without Carmel there's an argument there. Right you're in you you bring up the point of Miami. Miami can possibly blow up and you go back to San Antonio San Antonio will expire. And -- -- Our age you look at your -- a team these teams in the finals. I don't think Miami. Only these guys will opt out and go other places but the possibility is there so that's one team in the NBA -- the other team in the NBA finals. And their best players 38 years old. How much longer can can can you keep going how much longer can you keep relying on line. Tim Duncan. Taking into the NBA finals. I think I honestly think this is his last I think this is the last shot. We Avaya a text -- from Maine who says I'm still waiting for dale to explain how you cannot rebuild in the NBA via the draft. What's the last team that we thought rebuilt by way of the draft in the NBA Michael depends on what rebuilt -- rebuilt by the way two way championship that's what we're talking about. Not rebuilt so that they were competitive -- made the playoffs. Rebuilt to that a team that could win a championship. Our. Or -- championship are getting to a championship level that I can at least get there yet so Cleveland. But they had the project up. So. I don't know if you -- -- that if you wanna count that I give me that if -- -- -- if you got one of those late in the draft I'll give you that are now and then I'll go how fast forward. Four years. -- and look at in the post seven draft you have Kevin Durant. So you have Kevin Durant. Then you added. Russell Westbrook there you had it James Harden. Okay. -- -- I Kevin Durant the number James -- yet to trade for about. What are drafted him and and that threaten and traded him yet but but you look at Durant the second overall pick -- we're -- talking about top five picks. So that three top five picks. And they're very good. And -- truthfully now -- you've -- this draft more than me let's say you had the first overall pick in the draft and you have anybody in this draft you want -- whoever it is you want. Does anybody think anybody in this draft is is a LeBron James Kevin Durant type of player. -- now now I don't know I'm not quite not quite. So we -- building didn't -- to rebuild through the draft if you have the right if you have the right draft picks they have to be very very high picks. It probably a number one got a -- number one in there somewhere in the case of Oklahoma City he heard me say OK that was the number two. LeBron of the number one. Each other any other teams. In in the league who are court championship contenders and and how they got here. You know they've probably got there with a either having -- number one overall pick or they made some trades. Suit to complement. Their high draft picks. 6177797937. Is telephone number the AT&T -- minus 37937. When we come back on the other side for a four. We're gonna talk about some of the nit wits who played for the various teams in this town there are those I'm not saying. Carmelo Anthony and it went -- saying their people out there who don't like him very much but there have been guys who played for some of the teams you rooted for. Mature you liked a whole lot we'll tell you who they are when we come back dale and -- Sports Radio W yeah.

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