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Buster Olney, ESPN: Lester contract situation only getting worse for Red Sox, 6-4-14

Jun 4, 2014|

ESPN Baseball Insider, Buster Olney, likens the Red Sox pursuit of a long-term contract with John Lester, to the same pursuit the Phillies went through with Cole Hamels. The more time that passes with out a deal being signed, the more likely that Lester and his camp take a look at LA and NY.

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-- -- -- -- Korea and then this. Tim men's Christian Fauria -- -- You're musical background and needs time for our weekly challenge cluster only have ESPN and espn.com. He's brought to buy new turf care. Toyota Nashua and he gets on. Muster only joining us thoughts of Boston Red Sox baseball and -- notes from across the league. Start off the hot topic conversation here in Boston Boston and has to do with why David Price was not suspended. But Brandon Workman was when that news came out what did you think. I didn't surprise me because without the umpires handled they handled the game and a lot of times and I've talked MLB officials about this. In general when -- situations like this come up that they'll. Dole and read the report -- talk to the umpires involved and occasionally -- they'll -- outside the lines of what's in this report. But the umpires in the field didn't reject David Price and they didn't object and after the for -- in an incident which he would park. And so based on that information it doesn't surprise me that they didn't spend it now. I think they really want to be aggressive. And vigilant and try to curb some of the stuff. I agree with what John -- -- the -- the day after the game that pay the -- -- clearly ready to hand into what Christ did. 100 checked him -- beginning I think that would totally stopped to a lot of stoppage that. If there was some doubt in the pitcher's mind about whether or not he would essentially get to get out. A Mulligan and drilling hitter. You know a minute warning would come after that enough before. But -- two years ago Cole Hamels drills Bryce Harper. -- does not get ejected from the game after the game admits. That he was indeed trying to hit him isn't that -- David Price basically did the following day with Ken Rosenthal. Well you know and I I didn't talk to David adapter. I mean I saw what he he said he. He kind of went up to that line I don't know necessarily that it's hard scolded and I covered a game -- goal -- -- And he could have been more clear but he certainly he went to the edge and I but still I think the fact that the umpires handled the way that it did I think. Based almost that time and I and I actually think they worry too much about this. -- they're very cognizant of not showing up empires and engaged wary about doing the right thing. Our bustle let's talk about. This outfield situation that's going on with the Red Sox collectively these guys are batting. To fourteen which is below sin and that and MLB right now so guys like victory don't not a Bradley junior size or -- and you name on. It seems like the answer to the problems are are not gonna come from guys are currently playing. So what do they do. -- they gonna have to wait in all likelihood because. The market yeah it's gonna take a while to declare itself I was talking. Public in general manager yesterday and just do that in the question how much talk is going on right now how many names being kicked around. You know who's out there are and is willing to talk about making trade in the -- -- basically nobody. You know you could call the Chicago Cubs did that a guy like me they -- colts. Who's been available in the middle last year but I don't think that would inspire that Red Sox and then you would be no sure thing that he would actually come to produce. You know the Phillies might be the next closest painted to say you know what we're not good enough we're gonna trade guys. These Marlon -- gonna make a difference. In that's the thing is that even. You to read that at some point the -- answers are not in the house. And they wanna go out in the market it's gonna take a whopping it's come up and they're probably not going to be very don't want that -- but the look -- it. How many teams are struggling for offense right now. And to know that they're probably. Aren't going to be a lot of great solutions at various encumbered -- on the day he mentioned -- great. He kidding and -- -- can't play right field Fenway Park to begin -- In two he's really struggling he's part of the reason why the cardinals are struggling offensively. -- only with us from ESPN and espn.com days -- -- -- the Maloney to -- Christian -- and 937 WEEI that the media sports trio network. Buster what about brought whole moving to the outfield would that help when I was playing first base right now. Long term if they wanna try to keep his bat in there -- what you think is a better fit him in the Al outfielder him at first. I didn't you know and it would be hard for me yet. Without knowing exactly how they feel about him is an outfielder I've never seen him play the outfield. But there's no doubt that that's a natural question to ask at this point. Pomp and try to find a way to get amid that's where that gap and I I I don't know exactly what to -- such feel about him. In terms of whether or not he can hold that position but it is complicated by the fact that they've got that the -- right field baseball internally. -- Stephen Drew comes all we hear and know he sits last night that kind of raised a lot of questions and edit I looked at as just more ready made this thing because that fortune analyze it did this the scheduling wise he played nine innings Saturday and Sunday in and played nine on Monday and want to arrest him. But moving Zander Bogart's around right if drew is gonna sit against lefties. They keep -- at third base and let him get comfortable and try to find -- -- up against lefties though they've opened back and forth. Hulu if they feel like internally that he's the shortstop OK and that's basically what we heard from January February march on forward. To be honest with you I don't know why they didn't just leave in the air in the first place and I know that he hasn't necessarily -- and it is best defensively. And he's been a work in progress. But since you've pretty much know it's Stephen Drew is going to be attempt. Wanted to sleep in a ballpark at shortstop and make Stephen Drew make the adjustment. I I I haven't understood that from the beginning. And -- need that doesn't make a lot of sense to -- and Bogart did you shortstop. And he's going to be the guy Manning the most important position on the field and you believe he's going to be that guy. And leave it there. Otherwise you know what you might believe -- at third base -- that he can't think he's not the shortstop and eventually he's going to be your third baseman. I don't think that's how they feel that I guess in that case you would -- that they're base. So Jon Lester is having a great season so now leads the question to his contract. It seems like the better he does. The worst of a situation puts a Red Sox 'cause of the -- gonna keep going up America could pay him more money. Based on you know friends and so on so what do the Red Sox do with a guy like Lester I mean they gonna continue this throughout the entire season. Well. I think didn't he if you look at how they're handling -- you'd still closely mirrors what happened with the Phillies and Cole Hamels two years ago. The day it's almost like you're reading from the same playbook which I. Didn't understand why the -- handled the -- the way that they get in the fall before it's free agent year. The Phillies offered Hamels an eighty million dollar deal. Then the following spring Matt Cain nearly a 112 and half he had a 127. Overall pleased that I was 02 minute deal. And the Phillies hit that point grudgingly up there opportune round a hundred million dollars. Well. It's you know they had assumed at the bit at some point Hamels who's gonna work something out and capitulate -- Britain ended December went along. Campbell was -- what. Comfortable that is position and he basically said you know what I'm gonna test the market and let you pay me market value. And so in July of 2012 to nine months after the date. The value and an eighty million dollars they gave my 144. Million dollars. At some point this year you know as the Red Sox dragged their feet on this thing. Lester and his representatives -- say you know what we're only about twenty starts and free agency in being an open market will -- involved perhaps the Dodgers. Maybe the Yankees maybe this Seattle Mariners in this bidding and that's where we're gonna go and we can talk. But you're gonna have to pay its -- the market value. And at that point they probably would have to pony up 1384850. Million dollars when you wonder if from the outfit that it fired off an aggressive bullet in the hundred million dollar range if they could have taken it stopped. Every data goes by -- exactly he said the meter goes up there handling this is absolutely confounding. Buster onus on -- days them FE I gotta go back to what -- talking about when it comes the left side of the infield for a second buster and the Red Sox. And there's already been one column written by our colleague here at the radio station Gerry Callahan that is suggesting. That the best thing for the Red Sox to do would be to turn right around and trade Steven girl what do you think about that. There they would certainly be interest in him but I don't think it would get necessarily return for the dollars that the extent and they probably would get beat them that ten million dollar salary. That they committed to -- for the year because. People around baseball the teams didn't look at Steven is being -- they would pay that much. And here's the thing -- -- in the -- that position. And the Detroit Tigers colleagues say yeah we're looking for shortstop -- necessarily wanna hand Stephen Drew over somebody and you're in the same league. I don't think there would be a high volume it seems that that it probably better. If they just ride it out and have him be part of the solution and part of the gap because let's face to demean what this so much about the division. Debt has yet to be determined and having one more good player I think it's a good thing again. I don't quite understand what the thinking is it's gonna Bogart's short over the future and he really at this point -- mean David Ortiz and -- you can -- players. Why kick him out one bad habit and be the guy even Guerrero who gets the discomfort. A bus not only double trouble on a daily sensitive want to and I just I can't see winning and that there was trying to blue jays and now they just can't lose that hole what exactly is going on. North of the border it is it's sustainable. They're Killen of all day that's what it comes down to they're -- they remind me when you watch them play in the Red Sox last year where. They're having a ton of fun together. They got a bunch of guys in the circular lineup who were doing a lot of damage. Was it that he is right the middle of it for them as a way that that Dustin Pedroia and Mike Napoli Ortiz were last year. And they're getting much better starting pitching and we thought I'd say I'd -- I was right there -- yet won a radio in Toronto before the year started that. You know the fighting that the one thing we just don't see it. He didn't think they're starting pitching would come together. But mark -- has been tremendous some -- spring training he looks completely different looks like he's really benefiting from a different. Relationship with a -- than he had last year when he -- here it's media. I do know he doesn't shake up catcher and they basically defers to what is catcher wants Navarro has been tremendous -- And they're starting rotation ERA is the best the American League doubt -- anybody's done that. Come on yeah that would scare me general some larger is out there ounces on rumors that they want him Arabia a second base or third baseman. They are they would they be in on net how active do you expect and its front blue jays and they spent. They're not going to be -- team and -- the margin because they traded you know bowl prospects to make the deal for. RA Dickey to make a deal with the Marlins they have. They'll probably go for a second tier types solution you know what Justin Masterson has put out on the trade market. I think it probably would go for that you need to -- in the years there's not going to be expensive. If someone like -- a larger David Price would be this year Jason Hammel of the Chicago Cubs that would be more likely. They're gonna look for a bullpen piece -- also probably a look for a second baseman. They have any more problems the third base they've actually had decent play there's -- -- Austin thanks a lot for coming on good catch up with you as always we appreciate you -- mr. Boston guard -- is -- what I -- -- -- -- -- so we have this experiment going on this afternoon where we are doing a pull up. Experiment trustee how many -- we can do. And Ayatollah why it's -- to the cops because I was young kids from the units out yet number one draft -- -- draft pick coming into the NHL. And -- and Sam Bennett is his name. -- -- -- -- I dislike the NFL but one of exercises that they were tested on was the pull up. He could do one pull up buster I know with a name like bust out -- a bus -- no you know -- a OK I know you can at least -- wind. Okay and they say what I grew up on the far right would probably be two point -- okay nice. Bite. -- now be in this having these swipe of a sportswriter. I'm leaping off the ground to get the first one and it could grind to get number. It I want you are -- -- personal over under at one. And -- is that half are lower than what Lou said his own personal. There ought to be -- is close but he's he's keeping he stated Steve it is polo shirt. And he wants nothing to do this anymore. Yeah -- Max Foster grants and at. He's like I've had enough -- -- go -- days ago. He likes its -- Buster Olney -- ESN and espn.com.

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