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Chris Mannix, SI.com, talks about possible packages to acquire Kevin Love, 6-3-14

Jun 3, 2014|

Chris Mannix poses the question: Why was Kevin Love visiting Boston? Chris notes that Love's visit was not "under the radar," taking pictures at every opportunity. He also warns there will probably be 8 or 9 teams in the market for Love's services.

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Joining us right now to talk about the prospect of Kevin Love coming to Boston. And about the future overshot Rondo as well it's Chris medics from SI. Dot com Chris thanks a lot for joining us on -- -- it be how -- I'm good guys in the report stalkers don't want to applaud you for once again being back. Actor of anybody on Twitter. Reach suites in the last month and one is announcing the formation of the new show though he got. Good work and I appreciated so wait are you at a movie -- -- LA right now WW Robert -- right now Yao made -- of surprise even called and you know it's so big time with all the movies and no fight sitting ringside mean let's say thank you don't hit the player at the game does not respect I respect both on disarmament I'm proud. When it model called me to show up somewhere I'd go if that's what some models call you what actually are you doing your report does the big -- colors and you need help with that. Well no because you wouldn't beauty shoot that. We have to read about the hotel and -- he's the yeah I'll provide that at all our freestyle meet that need -- to prop. Bowling got and the SI swimsuit discussion a few days ago with Chris -- -- in the want to turn to for the discussed between -- sweet pool and Italy Aldridge yeah Atlantic season tight with all these girls off -- really altered and yes there we go Chris and -- I -- got a lack I would literally. Chris -- you -- with the idea of bringing -- here or are we in Boston more excited about that primarily I mean meanwhile I think all three of us right Austrian restaurant or would assume we'd be as excited about it as we are. Yeah I'm I think it's worth you know get excited about look I think pick Kevin knew exactly doing when you might have lost me. Ticker up there -- orbit around nobody. Vacation that bought the time a year you're. -- that belonged either of my adult not washed -- circle back Southern California to take. Take a break him and I think it was it was the reason for that trip and it look easy clear or his representatives to Minnesota that. He had no intention of of reciting their -- and exceed -- opt out of the contract and -- look elsewhere a better opportunity and look Saunders in Minnesota. And much -- and everything you possibly can to. And do a match that David Conn created out there. With Kevin Love you know this team doesn't have championship potential yet they've got some good pieces in love and Ricky Rubio and Nikola Pekovic. -- about Mohammed could turn out to -- a player but the -- the middle tactic in the draft this year they don't have a trying to cap space. They're going to be the situation where -- rapid rate of it and I don't think you have a look for the draft but sometimes it's not even. I wouldn't be surprised to get a lot of smoke. -- why -- year -- that the that the put pressure on Minnesota and always. It's just really to -- Boston for two days so. I think they're the subliminal message there I think he put it is but it right click on it looked like reacted to it. Somewhat negatively let's put it out there and you know seven under contract with that we fully expect to be your next you're out that it was. There were entirely pleased with the temperature the Boston and spare. That it received Demeco out of you want to and a good one -- the radar but he didn't you know. At the moment -- but -- -- -- people showing up at Celtics games are rats like game they had a picture with a lot Rondo real. Being in Iraq and Rondo and in the stadium when he ought. But that was actually coincidence. I think he was doing it to put a little more pressure -- Minnesota make a move. You just said the deputy before the draft in Colombia this summer. I don't -- action before the traction they want those pictures it. Well I yeah it shut down but whatever whoever bought a ticket to be traded. -- Minnesota the centerpiece of deal I just don't in an -- are fully explain it but it's salary cap ramifications that make a deal for the trapped. Would that many moving pieces that are probably going to be involved. A little more if I would Kevin Garnett deal went down Alec in late July early August he had. The salary cap that after the draft. That year but because of the salary cap implications. I think it's less likely and I doubled and possible and capital for the draft. Arsenal who were the Celtics competitors so everybody. In Boston who wants Kevin Love what other teams should they be worried about so icy Kevin Love in Chicago -- freaking out we did is he gonna take a trip to Oakland. Take out the goals they warriors. They they Kevin Love reality -- I mean -- housing eco wind up being and make it stops. At some of these other places but other allergic competitors that interpret what. What Minnesota might want I think the lakers and then in the warriors are out there at the lakers don't out. The young talent opera but they do about high draft -- -- Possibly that you constructed deal for Kevin Love in the warriors don't have draft picks either they've got -- of a lot -- Utah. Margaret the other -- under speaker and Richard Jefferson but they you have NBA ready talent in the forward David Lee. And art and barn that could appeal the other part of a -- to worry about it. They're talking about their likes Sacramento they'll take on Kevin Love without any kind of guarantee. A level responder in the long term and your team like Sacramento. -- let the top ten pick. Couple of good young talent you can make an appealing offer Sacramento well so I don't think that it's the small number -- There have been market for Kevin Love I think there could be as many as eight or nineteen. That could be realistic option that Minnesota treatment. Maloney for an advanced with Chris managed SI dot com talked about the prospect of Kevin Love perhaps coming to Boston. So for folks who are still leery of what the whole would be for Minnesota in exchange for Kevin Love. What would you say to them Chris is it war especially since they don't have a top three pick you're not given up indeed you're not given up Parker not get -- wigand's. If this centerpoint is the sixth pick. And maybe some other picks to go and exchange is that too much to give up for Kevin Love for those that have seen his game picked apart in recent weeks when it comes the analysis and -- to Boston. Well it depends on the number of -- that are that Minnesota's way now -- the package. That center around that they expect to be shared -- and 81 future pick -- some -- salaries. Make the deal work I'm OK with that Kevin it. 25 years old and even though yet not proven himself be franchise player yet has yet made yet taken team. To the playoffs he still is arguably the best power forward. In all of basketball and I'd like with Kevin Garnett. You -- with him is more than just 45 years your window at them. Might be ten years. So it's it's it's worth giving up maybe a little bit more in getting Kevin Love because of the electric time you have major -- -- therapy but Minnesota. I expect him to make a move quickly at all tactic they're gonna take the temperature may be every team in the -- try to keep what they can get her Kevin. And how much they can extract from team -- -- -- out and bought convert. I don't know the war first round picks in return for Kevin Love that might be too much -- but it -- out experts say this -- A future pick out Jared Sullinger and some pillars. That immediately is -- developers the right not to give up berg guy that you're going to be able build around for the next decade. CA if you wait till after the draft would you say they don't wanna move quickly could that really complicated nets say that the Celtics for some reason draft. -- markets mark I don't know because it needed to do several Rondo in the not waiting and also Minnesota as -- window like that player. But you know you draft the player that we don't want in this deal or -- draft another name that they don't want in this deal. The Celtics now to look at its okay what's the play the Minnesota really wants to regulate it worked out this deal. I don't think you can view that I just think that human -- in play out for cabin that that doing that. -- runs the risk if you're drafting -- I don't know Minnesota could you probably are our ports they're trapped in. Actually Randall or Eric Gordon because you think now if you think of the best player on the board. Public that you picked -- more Putin Minnesota. At the mistake he can't you know the bank on Minnesota. Making the deal you think they're gonna do think it treaty not Cuba you never know when they're gonna pull the trigger on it -- don't know what teams are emerged. And legitimate contenders for -- and I think they're going into the draft. If you have something concrete that Minnesota. You have a lot vote handshake deal that they will trap the guy for you to we could trade him or you a couple of weeks from now. I -- you got to go ahead with your own -- plant in traffic I think it's the best player or. I saw all the hullabaloo would love being in town and obviously forgotten that there is a pretty good finals NBA finals coming up on Thursday San Antonio Spurs against the Miami Heat broke quake. Who has the edge who wins the series and why. I don't think they're the -- what that would be huge edged out there I think that that the potential to go -- again. Like it did last year editorial walked out at home court is a big get them a lot I think a lot that period last year because that put the final game. In Miami QQ 111 now up for the birds and adding that game seven to be major damage and you'd think -- That Miami. I'd give them a slight -- epic in Miami because Dwyane Wade. He's a lot healthier this year but he won it last year I actually played three bad games. And it got one good one out of this year that -- look like a totally different situation look. Great out there on the floor you can have a big series to get -- in that. What struck by the -- that matchup for him in this series so I like I like Miami but I honestly. I have no competent at Sapient at the right call I think this series. Could go either way we talk about two weeks from now will be talking about you know a key one because it because of an injury -- -- somebody stepped up there we're not talking about right now. Thirty seconds Chris is Rondo aligning himself a -- publicly is much easiest help secure himself term Boston maybe push for new contract. I think Rhonda wants a new contract is no question about that I'm not sure they do yet. Because Kevin -- I know Rhonda want to win and not the most important part of he wants that you want to win out there so it's not. I think it's not it's not so much about Kevin Love it's about -- -- that it went on and maybe -- to -- long term because you -- -- -- went. Chris thanks so much your best to Lily Aldridge. I get -- -- mismanaged from SI dot com.

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