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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Jonah Hill with a gay slur 6-4-14

Jun 4, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Jonah Hill apologized for using a gay slur.

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Random observation. Sam Munson and got a little play yesterday. Bumper sticker -- number two with Stephen -- Our Bogart line blame them. Yet he can't. Change their entire dynamic. Bumper to lost number two Stephen Drew text -- brilliant text or I swear. This Stephen A Smith interview sound recorded. Poppies best Bogart's is -- the outfield is horse bleep. We read that Brady is slipping. Kevin Love and -- that the Celtics as a done deal yes one other gripe I have I. -- -- Jobs that our -- -- yeah. I forgot my lunch at all other than that it's a great Wednesday -- might luncheon sorry your. Personable -- or -- HD UST basement because he sat there this morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is taken a good idea literally healthy yeah there music and not particularly no no. It. Shirt by the way thank you say assured that it looks god it's fetching and yes I do -- young. -- -- And young DJ call -- I don't go here's what we need you do to use your here for a reason you sir Rupert some IC yeah. So -- your web site. Tackles rob Brad follow Bradford and and -- -- in Cleveland and have the map Eric Clinton of course that took the company -- stats are you know -- the dot -- it is -- off the ground just text or call directly right to the four seasons in this -- actually where rubs them. One of the one of those two. And see if they can knock on Jonny Gomes to war we didn't. Is this is the day we always wondered when would spread the Dick -- who would gripe. Jonny Gomes. Was hold back from the on deck circle Sanofi made via -- he was told -- the bat back in the -- but the gentleman. We got a former thirty home run -- all star a three time all right mister Cleveland. Mr. Cleveland he's ready to hit Johnny take a seat hurts how do you think Johnny felt. I mean I assume he's a good team guy. I assume he lose he lived with it but ninth inning. It's looks down their last that that and they pulled Johnny -- not -- Johnny go and you hate him. He's not a native -- not a great hitter stinks but Grady high screen size more. Could be the worst hitter in the major leagues. Up until the cult Alex had a sense that they cannot neglect how difficult Alex hasn't just McGrady nuts feel so bad. But he pinch hit against the guy -- overmatched in the night before that's the strangest part of it but John -- and I don't blame them he has that much to work with all -- -- lose in his mind that's that that that -- -- that is -- first did you watch it back. Two nights ago I it was -- uncompetitive and I'd be handed out -- Jonny -- cannot be happy now you can't -- Sizemore again that spot makes no sense he be if that -- if this is an interleague game and Jon Lester was due up. I would question them. If you put Sizemore hit the journalist and questioned that move. Who else was on the bench by the way. David Ross guests Stephen Drew Stevens Stephen Drew was on the bench this we have to get to discuss these bizarre torrent of oh it's it's it's like the Bober ball story a keep. The more I read the more I learn more bizarre it is. This team as we we get into this start Purdue chief medical national to get the story written local -- this morning Tom Byrd got that chase and catch up and I catch that I don't catch up and opera and number dude she has the story haven't read it yet it's on aside dot com. I tweeted. He remains the case that the Red Sox have the worst outfield there worst outfield in fifty years. More than 5053 years. Day in and it's statistical it's in Caracol it's undeniable they had the worst. Offensive outfield in fifty years not just not defending World Series champs and not just Red Sox here that if you go by batting average tried degrees and antiquated that it could be the worst in. Baseball right the worst worst in baseball and that includes the Astros in two years ago weren't even trying and that includes expansion teams Marlins and bad bad baseball team's solid dwells annual Cleveland Indians but from a Red Sox prospect of the Red Sox perspective. They're open yes approval PS of 614 this year since 1961. The worst 1666. So this the worst -- Why it's -- -- worse come on guys Red Sox are ranked 24. In the majors in left field production so that could be true. They are thirtieth in center field production that can't be worse and what -- gate in right field production so. It could get the worst OP yes in Red Sox outfield. History. Second worst 1992 Billy Hatcher pops up -- -- finance law and I mean there are some. Awful outfield in the batting average elected 2010. The second worst by thirty points this is the worst batting average three four years ago in on the Albert Darnell McDonald J. D. Drew well. What is the most and I'm watching this last night. And how much process. Starting lineup and I'm sure he's a terrific guy. He went the BC he grew up in Milton. Buck is in the chronicle his upbringing any minute now on Telus agree it is because he went to at least rose beepers and and I'm all -- that I loved I'm gonna be rooting for the local guys tonight and -- the Stanley Cup. I -- hit 217. -- 56 in his last ten games of the pocket he had one home run in 150. That's. And he was terrible terrible terrible hitter -- market it's called to the big league club. To save the struggling offense I -- price prince's court. There's no one else -- bookie bet you dollars went on the fast track yeah. That's the best you he's a few weeks away Alex -- a lesson it's impossible backs -- it is what they got. Let's not would have been let out of gitmo this is pass and pass it pass and pass costs on whatever I'm sure again wonderful kid probably guy get most public about it blog and -- and it probably get better to -- chair there -- -- gitmo is at a better chance. Barrel. Four at bats last night for case three sliders and on the I don't think he was close to any of them he looks awful I stance -- wave in the back. Like someone pulled aside and work with -- mean he's terrible and he's their answer but here's what they did is they did they realize that the worst outfield. In franchise history. Just in the bottom of the order is dreadful awful automatic out after on America. So you know what they did you know they they address the prop yes they consider other no no pro active this is not one of those who would sell them to go home and do nothing nothing to do and that the deals. They took action. They brought in. A shortstop who can hit his way up through shortstop for ten million that is not less unbelievable but -- a left handed shortstop who sits out. Against lefties in this was not -- Johnson is not you know nice picture little guy you know pitched OK yesterday we all like well if lefties can't hit -- -- has brought -- -- in the lineup that's -- -- Ortiz and lineup yet this is not an ideal AJ Pierzynski started over Dave Ross. Against left which means that lefties suitable by lefties. Stephen Drew sits out that's what -- -- -- the ten million bucks -- and a half a million a month doesn't get used to and I don't know I guess not if you want to know what else does opted cup final does and as chip and it lists. And now there is no Gian -- -- on that list I will even that. -- they hit every single Wacom Tibet in than Alex. Austin has son while yet a guy you can hold some guys and hope for at least for a month it is amazing that and cherry and saw this outfield. Gomes Bradley well and right -- you know I got to do some. I'm -- -- Stephen Drew and it's bizarre Emmy and drew. Well this lineup last that was the worst one yet actually Ortiz -- right now it's -- those -- pieces plan Bogart's and Ross is not. Is not the worst of fielded but it's that it's is an did you sit there are rarer -- a couple of hits at least. Europe pitcher and what do you look at that is Gomes or Sizemore. Pierzynski pass and Bradley perera that your last four or five guys and -- That does not pitcher heart racing as you take the money is that group but that you know the GM's look at that this is I don't want him to do. It's Stephen Drew back. Help me out here on the do you think it when you when you say I don't know ten million bucks I've a million bucks. My offense sucks so I'm gonna go get a guy to -- -- there who's gone nine for his last seven -- they're putting the power. Yeah of faith in chain victory know which is going to be mistake is he's going to be hurt all year to sell fuel we're gonna be doing this week in two weeks through -- chart this now. -- just give us something to chart all season. You know again I don't look at first but that's over the never catch up but you can look at this now are they going to be the worst outfield. At the last half century think about this they are lusting after Cody Ross. Do you love to how absolute Cody Ross yes yes yes and that but that creates a problem occurs Gomes. -- Unnecessary superfluous if you bring in Cody Ross a lot of these guys on the list right -- left fielder's. And then what happened Gomes that was TJ house's third Major League start blow. Thermage -- Obama -- with my now on how shall -- oh that's right the houses up a ball yet Arab Hank -- and we're not talking about lefty grove I don't think. And not only does -- not play he doesn't -- it right -- -- says it size ports. You know what he can't get. -- -- -- -- Go and should hit a file that I -- -- is terrible right now about the Gomes oversized I think that I think for Bradley -- says more right now. Sizemore is terrible -- the only debate at the plate over there and they have to let him uneasy -- -- is wonderful guy I'm sure rob and Sizemore yeah. It got right a couple guys seemed like organized kids yeah -- autograph -- adds it's over. It's over and I'll bet that those guys suggestions sooner than others and maybe some models come up -- the -- after -- Grady. You know we tried and you should do go back and look at all -- The celebration in the -- from the -- us your favorites the guys on the pressure -- -- -- segment us and we -- played good but don't we get our info from your guys influence the penalty on the -- has a guest president I think we to think independently scares awful. Worthless apparently were we had a great spring but would be overreacting. And Alex hasn't -- a pretty good from us yeah 700. Terry Francona is trying not to laugh. And his friend John thrown since -- -- more -- when he -- little line. With. -- Guerrero and and Disco. Did they look at the numbers. Lefties they'll hold. Ortiz proceeds -- these lefties and said cool or okay. But through we got to protect the and ten million bucks you walked on Astroturf a couple of bits of -- I was ever get them office feature I was look it was that it was one game in a row. I was look at his legs -- that -- Greenville fueled -- I guess is definitely -- as Arafat's travel yet travels. A bit I was wonder and that outlook for that receive federal suit and think about tired today officer yeah I don't know if you did all John -- -- does recap the game and much of what we played sound -- -- anyone -- this does it. Then in the third inning with two guys on the pop up a me -- he knows what to -- he fills time. -- -- this recap of the game to complain never get to a tough question -- and get myself in trouble we do we have we filed a question of why would you ever -- Grady Sizemore two pitches for anyone. Against the pitcher who overmatched and completely out tonight before that since -- it's it's dumb move it doesn't make any sense that you watch and a pack two nights ago you know size can not catch up to this pocket. The strike and worship Sizemore knows he can't get -- sending -- -- up. Who's got no confidence. And in with the game on the line in the game you know your last gasp. There's no way the government doesn't give you better shot in that situation Gomes -- won the the -- it's right eighties. Does -- Grady Sizemore is not. He's not gonna get his bat on the ball that situation socket change now is not gonna change. How did he seem so viable in spring training companies seem so Bible I think in the first week and a half for two weeks of the season where you said you hammered on opening day yeah he did he -- and and people were saying. We're just taking it. One day at a time here use injury prone he can be helpful. And then he has lost his mind did he get injured it's something we don't know he's in DC that's the upset that he's not a not injured right. We thought would be in the line companies and help the humans Victorino. But don't you think it victory and it can be backed the peace. He could struggle to -- -- viewers a little -- he and he's not a great leadoff hitter. Which they once you know once hold it bumped and that's -- -- right yeah that's an and believe Napoli can happened back old so we can you really gonna put Bogart's lead off your best hitter. By far your best -- -- -- whole poll will be in a lab somewhere keeps it's ED have to have to be somewhere to help vehemently. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You got to the got to do something -- it won't sit well with -- Wendy's it's less and less time off. Tough tough tough tough piece of equipment and answer honestly. -- you're really why Michael Holmes well it's easy and John -- likes and wants a third on the team going to be. 231. That's pretty good that's good Pawlenty now that's pretty -- -- now feels like to -- He's not. Weigh him down -- mean it's too bad to me to have her compared to what sized markets -- that's is that we're gonna do I thought at all. If you're terribly year now knows. So BP I -- I don't obviously I think he's probably Republican news tattoos I understand it -- But it but it is hitting to 31 is -- percentages three okay sit him down put knob and -- exactly. Yes I would add your -- -- for two XYZ's. -- well because you don't barrel five days ago said this is my left fielder for the rest of your -- said there'll never says anything to get himself in trouble. Did he not he said. Gold is my guy. That's at that time that usually in the in Oakland now he's lost he's awful he can't play -- mean he could play first. He's not play the first. Brock all who's never played first play Pinehurst rock COLT is not a great hitter not a -- anything little guy. All I was there is a guy up is sitting I don't know -- to watch this guy running on the -- -- third among outfielders in OBP last year I had two -- -- -- I think right now that's what are weak that they know that they know now twice as -- -- Apparently them well they do about that out now but I don't you think federal meadows now but it is a lost soul. Unfortunately. Yeah I guess I'm -- I should be playing I mean do you think he wanted to play hold the first two. -- First -- he was that bad at first either. He says there whatever tunes on policies watching rock hole played the position they're. Watching Alex Hanson. Obviously again absent assassin. The system didn't amount assigned is back in cutter in the novel was fifth in the American League in oh BP last he was here and second among a -- this is what it was. A look at your -- and an amazing year big part of the World Series season south which is sitting in the dark yeah watching. Alex has some playoff and struck out four times and -- which you know last I checked so he can play against lefties like through. And watching brought -- A light hitting left handed hitter. Like first against the lefty you don't think they are down. It's not about the given up on in the night I choose to maybe question mismanagement right no no we don't do that a lot in this city but I have a question management -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now mean success was just a better feel there he just grasping at some. It's a good point how bad must not look like about it prior bad -- but talk last -- down in -- -- he must -- to this must think he's he's on he's -- had to -- it is to Ortiz does nothing he's been terrible for the last couple weeks to take him he's bad to when -- -- about its worst in Tripoli are there. I've had enough. You pictures and you motors what's the upside what's the bright side a -- we see in the last two nights trying to -- I know I got it -- own. I'm not practical -- -- exactly what's -- guy who picked them to be the MVP of the doors for what I did you brick will not let it. We I picked Dustin Pedroia. I'm he talked about a guy who is outrageous that for Pedroia but -- -- I play I think any minute you're going to be ahead of the curve on -- but with a double cute she's gonna pick up on. On that at some point and then all. Change Obama's I -- that that happened meter do achievement but they're not. LP is okay because that's specific. -- individual players the that the media. You know decadence. But it can we admit that we overreacted about Bogart's losing his mind by moving over -- third I didn't that's it'd be okay. I know you do to get. And integrate the decision that I said. Taped. As a Bogart's will be fine Malone he's in the short kid its -- affect him he shouldn't be. Because last -- rarest I haven't seen him tested in the field either you know -- -- allows you throw last. The one that that saved them. -- was here's Bogart's non. -- mean on defense defense officer's office so. Several of digital the ground is troll through which rose over there get around him are going out there -- on -- A strong minded young man. Caddie here for the Red Sox with -- he's blows you know -- but I -- I really. Yeah. Well Iowa -- here it is it's going to be the kind of year where you. Of the game on TV and you stop and you watch Zander Bogart's. And then when he's done -- go do some chores and -- garbage if they taped coverage -- ago you know back to the grill and and cook you dinner or maybe it. Change the channel two in the Stanley Cup final game -- it back over and there's has more you know with fitting in and is homes go back to the dugout and -- -- sound. But is that at this Mika Brzezinski popping out her son's Little League coach it was it's it's it's still it's. Well placed. As we go to break between pat ourselves on the back. And wait maybe we should wait yes. Who set the agenda for yesterday's sports conversation and by the way. Got very little credit for it on Comcast. Or -- and or across the street. With mr. Sam Munson. Pounds a -- that in Dublin Britain Ireland. That be lobster -- one mr. jobs once I heard it is at a later date talk show hosts say. Months and we -- on record today saying wins aren't that important. So here that. What is it. I'm pretty sure he listens. Did you want it to be one Eminem FBI's I don't know -- and yours. Everybody either I was lessen the use well I mean I meant the limit be at the end soccer HDH rocket science and luck and a -- like do it again today. Would you like to -- -- today set the agenda -- -- agenda. So as though can you say you think we'll have months on again I don't gonna go the other be the third time -- -- -- we might edit my thirty we get it yet you wouldn't call it again. -- -- -- -- -- -- I was time is that Ireland putts actually get caught -- like yeah the restaurant and we connected -- like Wrigley wrote it in the afternoon. Let's do it again today we will do it with real GM. Dot com. We find these people is there any real GM out their dot com. Explain when you when we can back this will make you or Red Sox malaise. All the bad things that are happening your life. Make you feel pretty good when we come back -- -- -- And jobs. Are -- heck yeah.

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