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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - NFL QB Top 4 Edition - 6-3-14

Jun 3, 2014|

If Tom Brady isn't in the top 4, we find out who is!

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And coming. I'd like this kind of view. I was -- a voice equipment. Fourth -- brought to you by AT&T AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans building you a better network. Lot of talk about best quarterbacks in the National Football League. An article today a pro football focus that's at the Tom Brady is not the top five quarterbacks in the National Football League anymore. And because for four we have to kind of keep -- our friend. What -- originally when you play -- play it would probably be 1213 years old are you -- the twelve year old. I'd go to war but. I don't and I don't know what it's not like Michael. They're just there they just didn't work out electric team has matured well I don't know I don't know I'm older net now and it's still had -- -- -- darn high. Were. Welcome shot. And rules before we -- -- want to. We shall. Let's figure out who we think other four best quarterbacks -- So before the show jail Greg Michael all submitted their secret ballots at their top ballots -- -- exit we now and in all seriousness it. Really truly was. I wrote them down folded up candidate then Michael and Greg didn't get to see it. I don't I called out of the studio studio in the middle of the show because of one of my choices let's hear the future of the fight to you. Six of two women -- our current schedule right now. By the way I don't get paid before too long. That by scientists say -- -- -- report. They're it's over number one we're gonna start with your picks. For the fourth best quarterback we're gonna go in alphabetical order here daily job elect did it. Matt Ryan. Greg Drew Brees. Michael. Russell Wilson Wilson applauds the flaw is just terrible oil -- fires out there. Yeah -- blue -- Wouldn't freak quiet boom -- dark -- -- wouldn't pour your heart and doing well and. I think this guy is a young Tom Brady. I think Russell Wilson is a much more at -- is Tom bush is just in terms of the way I think he's gonna have the same. Arc of his career at the beginning. Game manager -- pretty well and also for the game game managers overview. But our tech guy doesn't get enough credit for his quarterbacking -- People thing all the product of the system and then. Here five years six. Start to figure out -- wait a minute. This has nothing to do with any system. This guy's damn good so we go from and it's a Russell Wilson's first two years and only 46 touchdown -- for the first effort just 46 in 1026 died. There'll be a point Russell Wilson be -- or 3537. Know get more credit. As a pastor. But I think. The way -- handled themselves simply lead that team the way you play the way comes through in the clutch. I -- lot of talk radio Russell Wilson. That's funny I thought your guy with a little higher than I thought he'd be figured I was a little lower than I thought he'd be with Drew Brees at number four I just look at Drew Brees and I think. As much as people talk about him as being great quarterback I still think he gets overlooked because obviously. -- -- -- Manning and minutes Aaron Rodgers now recently the new guys now all of a sudden. It's how for -- or its wheels and then come back you're last your from Cam Newton and the guys. Sometimes just kinda gets left out of the shuffle its Drew -- you talk about a competitor Michael. You talk about a guy whose clutch about a guy who was such a great. Leader to me. I think Drew Brees and he does it all about -- foot and basic supplies in the playoffs. I think I'll Monica what are we had we had this argument before though record before it's not always it's not all but one -- in the clutch. When we face you know he's so good in the clutch that numbers. Don't always don't always -- that -- -- he's had. 21 and done. And it's postseason career of one in 1111. And one than obviously three you know when anyone's approval. -- It's it's four not five. I really may not be able to sleep at night because Drew Brees is out of my top four for. And Belichick got a and I'm not got to be honest with you -- of the occupier -- -- and I -- to make sure that we plan under the same rules. Aren't talking about career right. We were talking about last year last year Matt -- Couple. Last year Matt Ryan was third in the National Football League in completion. In completions. He was fourth and completion percentage fourth in passing yards over the same record he was. Arnold receivers like they were or -- -- while laughter. -- -- I like Matt Ryan a lot. Hole. Help for non. Wilson. -- pre prepared. Last year did. It. This car that particular very. I'd remembered for the third best quarterback in the NFL right now -- elected Philip Rivers -- Greg if Tom Brady Michael you'll also Tom rate for working out of -- got home run ball -- horse. What's our. She's really. Please -- it's. 33 yards. Heard much better. Good night and. Item just -- now I'm gonna defend my Philip Rivers here and again. The -- I thought we played the game was what they did last year I thought that was what we what -- felt was I was mystified how I haven't -- rulers. Who are The Who were the guys. For the guys Google award for best quarterbacks in the league right now. Based on how it played last format that that's what I felt and in this case. Philip Rivers was fifth and completions in the league. He was first -- completion percentage he was fifth in passing yards fifth in yards per attempt fourth in touchdowns fourth and quarterback rating. -- -- third I don't I don't want to watch him down the stretch if you're talking about purely 2013. At least third buddies -- my top body was really does not last year and that he what I thought the -- -- Yesterday we had a good year but I still go back -- this aren't you guys. He got a playoff game to win. Gonna give you know give the calls this guy's going to be your quarterback in this playoff game who -- it. I mean that's that's what -- what you know I wanna go with this guy. When I have something on the line. I got something big here a gymnast beware playoff games what he once he won a bunch of games comes gallery and -- debut -- -- and he had a really good here and they were running that. Pittsburgh offense in the Whisenhunt. But it's offensive coordinator that was that that was the Pittsburgh offensive line completion percentage. Went way up my -- river that is in the top ten quarterback there's no question about it. So for your picks for the second best quarterback in the NFL deluge of Drew Brees Greg you've Aaron Rodgers Michael you also have -- right. Yeah. That guy's got the best ardently I don't care what they've managed to go to Denver. I tell you think Michael give -- Very -- what -- I wonder what would you go to medical gonna progress after saying about it I don't think about it for a wild. You know it's crazy. To -- Aaron Rodgers. His last three years. A 101 touchdown passes twenty interception. What don't want it to what it. His team's record. I think it can record in those three years I played nine games last year hurt. 31 and nine. A -- what touchdown pass it opened at twenty interceptions. Back to back years 45 and six and 39 -- you what's that you would expect obviously -- to be a falloff. With the team once they lose their franchise quarterback an amateur records fell off. Fell off of the outcome. Late last year are still up they -- good enough team -- that it could hit they could contend that and they can manage around him being gone. One of the worst teams of football when he was up and he still play one of their best playoff games. That I've ever seen a quarterback play with Aaron Rodgers. Against the falcons. In the divisional round -- year they won a Super Bowl. All of us. And if they couldn't stop Aaron Rodgers. Dissecting. This old. They're taking advantage man to man coverage. -- so if if if they figured out what was going there. It's his brand. He had everything going that it was on if he was unstoppable. I gave -- the -- over Rogers in this on this one. Simply because he played the whole season Rodgers got art not -- -- I and I understand your thought process based on what you thought Brea was able to play at all year and and Rogers wasn't a lot of word of god. Nine games last year seventeen touchdowns expects. And I -- it. And now for the agency ranking of the day. The top quarterback in the NFL deluge of Peyton Manning Greg you have Peyton Manning Michael. We're just remaining am assuming you mean Eli correct. I was close. I really really labored over this tournament I give -- slight -- -- -- Anyway I think -- times in his career he's not a game winning drive of the fourth quarter banning arrogant for Thomas left side -- -- instantly they got they got it touched down. To the various Thomas and. So on the one guy who didn't have Tom Brady in the top four. Always got to be one of the -- I didn't have him in the top four last year. Again I thought the roles were playing I was they've played last year. I didn't think he was one of the four baskets and little change of raw on the same page option I'd have Tom Brady in the top or Boca. But -- -- the based on what you said I'm surprised. That you can make the argument that. He only had he only had 25 touchdown passes last year up. But based on what he had to work with. Based on the decimation of the you lose big events you lose Tommy Kelly you lose. Jerod Mayo on offense -- -- Gradkowski Wes Welker is going to ever got these kids. Kimbrel Tompkins who this guy pay my -- that jags 20/20 Dick grass. 41 in the league in completion percentage 22 in the league in yards per attempt. Eleventh in the league in touchdowns seventeenth in the league in quarterback rating. I can't put it in the top four or where they're gonna -- -- what -- let's say I don't care about and I understand that due to the argument earlier. They switched places. Do they know that -- Arnold sentence Everett but closer than ever for. I don't feel like at out of breath at that dale actually -- -- -- right. If you switched places Brady Brady America. That have similar results but they don't. But they didn't but he was able to drag this team yes kicking and screaming. Replaces what had no one in my opinion was one of the four best what I had no business. Being that what you. And everybody said that I felt it FC championship game aren't paid manager in the bronco. What completely to god you're here. For its on the sideline. We're Jerod -- On the sideline. -- gras party would Johnny mad now just I just wanna make sure that everybody out there understands what's. Sam -- Dale Arnold. Both K Tom perhaps a very pretty -- yeah aloft his game now and he's not the top spot not only Sam Watson. But Dale Arnold was what I might put him fifth literally -- -- -- -- I always wanted as anybody several other summit and went when he talked to DC this morning. Don't doesn't mean anything is just something. Did I hear you say this morning that. You thought you thought months and with the young Ernest Hemingway. I'm. That that's exactly what I said all right it is time now now that we completed that. That exercise. Which yeah which actually -- got me the first one of my text that says dale I use your stupid and blind. So you know we just go from there out will take the break here because on the other side we we think we've cleaned it enough. We -- week all we've cleaned up enough only three if I did miss if you didn't miss any if you miss one will have somebody else and that's spot -- -- Actress called real monster and the. And yeah. Whether we come back David Ortiz goes off in the clubhouse about his pitcher getting suspended for six games the opposing pitcher not getting suspended for any. You'll hear as much of that is the FCC will allow us to like coming up next.

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