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Stevie Lyons with Dale and Holley: Price Plunking Papi Poses Problems 6-2-14

Jun 2, 2014|

We talk about the beef between David Ortiz and David Price, the Sox vs the Rays and all other angles from the suddenly streaking Sox.

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This is again. This is again you know we have we have troops. Men and women that are. Fighting for our freedom and making sure that we stay safe. I guess to be prepared for a real war and that's that's not acceptable it's. This is not a war by no means -- -- that we play and sometimes you know it definitely gets even in that battle blood compared to a war. In you might just didn't. Have the right choice of words Clinton. David Price a full. A flat out fool and I've always loved David Price -- Of his game larger -- because the because he's in the process admonished him for using authority's -- -- -- sitting Ortiz should be talking about a war he's talking about being in a battle. He's a bull. Plus it's it's just way too easy and just such a cop out to me and maybe you'll get tax or maybe you'll completely disagree with we who we know the difference. Between the men and women in this country that fights for our our freedoms -- -- falling out a sporting event a war we know the difference we know. It's not the same there's no comparison even trying to be made. But in any sport that's what's drilled into your head and it's a war -- medical battle you got to fight for your team -- to come. You know take even make the comparison and a negative connotation tomorrow. Walters when you're fighting somebody or you are being with somebody. He can't be agree Mary this I got out of an ultimatum you dangle artists are all right there while insult to stop it stop. I don't care -- word choice right now we're going back and -- the benefit. Tell me this the this is what I don't understand. Now I don't like David Price you know saying oh -- he should be ashamed be he knows this is not a war aren't that I'd like. Sort of like. David Ortiz saying. Well next time he hits me he better bring the gloves. Okay he should have hit you. That's baseball true that's part of baseball sometimes guys -- let's start a fight every time. You're not gonna punch you wanna get into a boxing match because -- hit you. I think I didn't melt at the time they take it too far but this was different Michael well -- art tornado that they had talked it out sure they had man to man or at least on the phone. At talked it out Ortiz said OK it worked good everything's fine. And the very first time he faces some this year. Eaten because they didn't he didn't face last weekend he drills. And all of sudden David Ortiz simply them don't we talked about I don't we talked about it but. It's kind of you you think about it this way -- -- I don't know if you ever had these. Steve an intelligent -- any conversations like this in the clubhouse. You're buddies with somebody. You play on the same team let's say it's Roger Clemens and Steve line. And it just admit they're talking to sit around in in April of 86. And you see him strike out twenty Seattle Mariner's. And you sell out as America's man you really you you really -- Roger. And -- guys have a few Beers and he says you know Franco if you play for different -- In my aboard everything but play for different -- different from a site. -- -- -- Just to let you know that I mean business to the. Dave price in David Ortiz can be bodies we have acted out on their body have an -- test it out they have stood out. Doesn't mean that all we talked about mr. rock and hit me a lot of old school pictures like yeah we talked about a trillion. What you did last year welding you know we -- -- be better be prepared to fight next time why I don't play I hate it or it's all got to -- yeah. Now Mike Clark didn't want to the mound David Ortiz in fact it Ortiz when he got it handled about as professionally he could really didn't say anything. I -- out there or what he what an amateur knows Liza is next them wise at this time it hit me right now it's. What's next that baseball on wants that the F throughout the got -- killed -- -- -- For the race is about four feet tall policy made like three year or to make him make any years ago because he didn't originally got its army. The he messed up out there and yet he's the guy with the in the fight who's standing four deep Sherpa like a bird I mean it's not about the biggest. It came I say it on the radio. I mean I would doesn't hurt or wanted to thank you yes. We're -- prosecute they go I mean come on the you know it. That's all baseball fights though nobody really wants to get agitated or animated in -- of three guys standing between you and the guy you argue with. He was just right there even I don't -- that I was I was happy with what Jonny Gomes did down in Tampa he was the first guy to kind of stop what was going on. With Escobar. But even get a chance that the Wacom pop of the -- activity did he can just put some -- you know there's no there's oral fights in baseball fights it's just. Jaw line with each other which is also OK I guess but. All of them it's geez small. You know thing and when talking about what's gonna happen next that. Ghetto then let us now not next. No I think guys I think David Ortiz has had the the charmed. Sluggers life. -- that. He's had a lot of production in big games. He is one of the more popular guys in baseball not just with the fans but with other baseball players. That he has not used to. Being challenged. Which they he didn't get hit and you look at his hit by pitches compared to. A lot of other guys who have the production and he has but -- lower. I doesn't get him very lenient stance rounds out the plate but -- -- -- -- that's where I think it isn't this like he's surprised. That somebody would actually do. And think about it if you get a drill someone on the Red Sox we laughter. Here's here's -- up to their best player does he come home runs positively. Absolutely. The one that that evidently pissed off David Price. He did exactly what he should have done -- hit -- forty feet over the foul pole. The only question was whether it's fair or foul so we stood there and watched it they called -- ferry ran. I mean David Price acted like a pond. If you don't I don't know I don't know I think just the type of full disclosure around come from here I'm so pro pitcher. In these scenarios. And I long for a time -- no longer exist where picture -- control of it. And they would hit Q just speak 'cause sometimes. Drysdale. Gibson. They would just got Nolan Ryan are you and you go to Roger Clemens. Even look too comfortable on a box Roger Clemens went -- when after Trot Nixon he swung too hard I mean it's irrational. They are these get those old school guys those pictures who don't like it. When you're doing a little too much. Little too much dancing little too much drama in the box I actually -- a part of baseball. Teddy gives that joke an emblem back to -- Steve just said. If you're if you're David Price in your pissed off -- David Ortiz. Gonna wait until next year to him you're you know wait till next. Ellen it was it was a play a seed and have another and have an opportunity to get -- to -- it was game two. It was a second home run right of game you. -- we never got around. Two for another opportunity placed. You know what you want Michael if there's a -- you know OK he hits the home run I think you've style. You guys get on the phone David Ortiz explains things. -- supposedly David Price understood where he was -- -- front let me finished up so okay our and I understand -- good work fine. And then the very first time you face him -- drill him it's like screw you know I mean he heat that's upon wolf to me that's the way our work cut I am I worked fine. And then the birdie first time I see you I'm gonna hit. Why is -- a pop over it if if he says I understand where you come from but it still can also work but. This was David Ortiz worked he said were good. And any drills. I think it's I think it's all part of the game and it's not necessarily personal. It's not personal -- so it could have been putting was very good about wedeman I've got always not necessarily personal when a guy gets -- But in this case it may have gone back to game one game two of the playoffs and here's the other thing we talked about this on Friday. There was going to be an incidents this weekend. It was going to happen after what they did it can't -- it was. I wanna put money on it absolutely. It was gonna happen whether it was David Price of someone else as the gates of that staff struggling team last place. You don't like the Red Sox the Red Sox don't like you. You wanna send a message David Price could clearly went to the best out what that -- being an upset somebody. Not necessarily upset with Dave price even -- he's -- too much of agree Marian. And wanted to go on and on about what we're really is. Upset with the in higher umpiring crew Friday writes. What were they getting. First of all you don't have to give warnings before you throw somebody out. Okay fine you know one pro David Price out in the first inning. Even know. I know you know and everybody else in the ball -- -- -- -- him on -- was don't give a warning okay fine or you're warning that many allow the warning and that's what brought bear a lot of the -- -- wait a minute. He heads up drill my god we don't we don't get to come -- by now we can't do anything about it ready gets it and get any hits carpet and still well with. But didn't think that was on purpose. You go through three managers. You get three guys yet. Not a single Tampa -- guy gets hit not a single tip is a guy that was thrown out to me that was the the biggest. The biggest thing on Friday just made me look and say well. What what day what game are you guys -- That it it's up to the discretion of the umpire after they give warnings as to whether or not they think intent is there if another -- hit. It if you give a warning just because someone else gets hit it's not an automatic ejection. But but the minute -- -- second guy. You had trauma yes you did that's what should of happened because done that it all ended ended so that point yeah is that that would have been almost the retaliation for the Red Sox all right finally it through this guy out of the game because he gets some models. Because I don't even think -- I don't think Clark wasn't intentional I picked up balls up in it -- but you. Given the history the two teams. Is is why -- role model -- What happened though they had three rookie umpires. Including the guy behind the plate. Probably didn't handle at the right way I heard John -- talking about this they -- team Bennett and for the Sunday game. A veteran umpire Bennett is the one who called Ferrell and Madden. Into the of umpires room before the game. And hashed it all out Ferrell said they didn't give warnings before the game which was I thought was shocked gonna happen yeah. But he but they brought a veteran umpiring and brought the managers and it's an all right let's -- talk this out now. Let's calm down and and yesterday's game you know that everything was fine still not over. Cut now we know -- just don't -- -- and Escobar. Escobar's started all this stuff down -- He went out on skated summit and drew him says there I was surprising get drilled in yesterday's vote -- I wonder if if after that game. When they're in the clubhouse after the game. Did an apparently by the way the Red Sox off footage of price in the dugout at the end the inning after he hit -- Ortiz high fighting his teammates. And -- set them off. So another words the intent was was clear there's no question of course and it was intent on one message I wonder after the game in the clubhouse. Or or maybe when they're out having a drink after the game. If Evan Longoria says you know on the one who's gonna pay the price right now you know that that because you when David Ortiz have this little thing go on. I'm gonna be the guy who gets drilled not yield. Well I think that's part of it that's part of the yeah which you sign up for in the American League and product -- everybody knows our. You know you're the guys that got Ortiz knows he's a gas I -- that is why he gets hit. You don't mess around and hit you know Sean Rodriguez who cares you get a DU -- if you wanna send a message that. We're upset with you don't like you too much. We're not gonna hit your year your utility player that happened heavenly plain and that they don't -- Steve alliance. You hit David Ortiz you guys wanna do you wanna mess around -- this you wanna do this either who are we going after your best player every time. That's why I think that the manager has has pulled the wool over all the writers guys he's a fraud in this sense is he ever get everybody thinks. That -- he's this guy peaceful conversation peaceful discourse all it's a great idea. This is the marketplace of ideas let's sit down and have some wine and talk about this. He has these sneaky intellectual he's passive aggressive or difficult this is coming from start to -- him. He is ordering this this is what he wants Joseph Maddon. And he's the first guy to whine when one his guys gets it the first guy to complain about it. And yet his picture precipitated this weekend and it's in you know what he's like he's the Montreal Canadians. Why I'll ask lie that's it it it's that we everywhere based on it's now it's strange I almost wish that. You couldn't get fines or was it wrong. -- tell the truth like you saw workmen had the statement you know started to rain devote a little slippery don't go away from me the ball went behind the -- -- screwed that up so bad bell and a look can come. And you should have. Don't throw up there right way and you just can't that's the problem with this is how it gets dangerous in baseball because. It's a pretty darn it I mean let's face it when price it. Or -- it only walked nine guys all season. He throws the -- it wants to keep rule it slightly behind and that's the best place to -- it because. The hitters during actually just got back in -- -- -- -- back yourself right into it's like you know -- saying basement got the ball you beat it it's an ugly -- me it's -- has its own and writing an onion. That's the trouble is that when your pitcher -- used to trying to throw the ball over the plate the ball -- binding guys ribs. Not as easy to do that's Warrick can't get up and away from -- that ball was up around Longoria -- shoulders. Close to being in his head that's a problem. 6177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T -- line 37937. Coming up four at four we we've got a whole different sort of take on this. Because we think that there was big time recruiting going on in this city this weekend and we applauded Marc spears is gonna join -- support thirty. The talk about now some of the big time recruiting the Elena holly and Steve Lyons -- your calls coming up next. And price fires and hit him. I'm in the back. And David puts his right hand on him and I ignore the warnings like gambling you know. Home plate umpire pointing at bull dug out this morning the Red Sox and warning Tampa Bay. David Price flunks David Ortiz. Can be actually a little bit out there I mean you don't know where another time when you -- it up as an experience for the last time. You know -- You are reacting the little bits you know thank you given up. Bonds by -- got him we teammates and upwardly. That's gonna cost you. As gaining handled did a great job I don't play these a lot of baseball acumen and understanding what was going on Jeff college at the same thing -- brief conversation with chips so. I thought it was so great those -- we've we've played through some rain. We've played through some emotional moments. It was a great baseball game we lost that one. -- ready -- play in the morning. -- he thought they handled it -- dropped its course he did study out while Red Sox manager in two coaches got thrown outstanding player got thrown out not a single guy and his team got thrown out elect a very personal very intimate Danny. -- you get a good job back tired and needed. His baseball -- Americans -- got -- -- and I bet if it had been reversed and -- -- and two of his coaches and -- his pitchers have been thrown -- he would've thought they handled it just -- this is why have a problem with bad and I have a problem with everybody involved. On Friday. Mail problems somebody you know -- the umpires didn't handle -- the right way. David Price and is it scolding. -- David Ortiz in the use of language. David Ortiz with his outraged that it would be hit with a pitch he said there can't be act like a little bit returned given up I don't know as that would happen. And this is this would happen when David Ortiz or anybody else whether rich Red Sox rays -- whether it's yankees -- cubs cardinals. Don't give up a home run pitcher gives up a home run. And a better stands there. It looks at it. And then takes a long time to run the bases. Think about what -- pitcher doesn't that situation what is the pitcher doing what you love that part of -- -- I'm not a difference if it's you have to understand that's why I was saying it's not personal. You have to understand what this -- David Price did not have a problem with David Ortiz. David Price or any other starting pitcher. Is gonna have a problem. When someone stands in the box to watch his home run in in styles around about Michael he said David Ortiz thinks he's bigger than the game. Yeah the problem with David -- is David Ortiz thinks he's bigger and in the game because he can't be hit after doing some stuff like that. I don't I think it's very personal for David Price and now it's very personal why did it become personal you think it was he just. Inherently there's an inherent problem -- David Ortiz or slugger at the plate run the -- bases. But around the -- if if there is me. Batter who's standing there. And an act can speak to this -- hope he -- soon -- -- batter standing there he strikes out. And do little celebration. Where he's director guy out Pedro -- scare -- public about it they're pissed off. It goes both ways that's just baseball's been going on for years and years. The differences if if the pitcher does have nothing better continue. Mr. Fraser there giving it to battered does what a pitcher can do some which makes them even angrier. The batter is enough -- could do about it except take it all comes down at all when someone thinks you've crossed the line when you've taken a little bit too far. And I think -- many times as we said before the we decide to drill whatever messaging and dissent doesn't necessarily have to do with the personal situation but there are. Many many times as personals like on to get that guy because I hate Dak I think he's a jerk and some is gonna drill but as they said the -- generally got a lot to the other team's best player. Because that's easiest mess it's this let's get the calls cannon Hartford Europe first on dale and Holley. First of all -- Thought quickly Mike Carp wasn't intentionally. Corners all along. Okay and most importantly. You don't tactical. Or old time baseball. I'll get into it. I'm happy that I'm gonna panic -- that. -- little time baseball -- a point out and Mike Carp wasn't attracted. Steep prices -- well. I would corners are up and -- -- before -- right hand corner. I abide by don't believe Mike Carp wasn't as writing Mike color tablet but I was very close to his base to do that ball is up and in and -- -- -- a bad spot. Every time a guy gets hit it's intentional. -- All. Corners. -- -- a lot. Apple. Cart -- -- I do know that's a that's a different story. No no we can we both agreed. That he should have been tossed we also both agreed we didn't think that one was intentional the umpire still should abused his discretion. And problem immediately because that really would have ended it. Just OK you got ago. I don't think you did this on purpose but a party issued warnings I've already thrown three of their guys out by this. Gonna make you don't call could have been a -- call for him to do decisions had to know he screwed up by not. A buyout by warning both have to begin with is here -- sent -- -- there. Well yes and in and one of the testers rudin and he's absolutely right that ball was up and it got a ball you know he got his wrists on the way to -- those whose it is. Dangerous of course it. -- me full out. Robertson's cellphone you're next on -- -- They would Galarraga and Robert. All of -- you know. What holder really I mean David Ortiz. You know cheap. Let them charge amount you know that it takes that get the point across. I mean I don't wanna see that I think it takes away. From these gamblers setting for reprimands in the kids but. You know would -- take that to prove a point. Stop running your job to do. You know it's it's that it gets to that point -- It well and but then the point is. In the Red Sox have have been struggling. You're gonna get suspended your your DH in your your best offensive guy although he's been a bit of a slump lately is gonna get suspended for awhile. I can see where you'd be a little has -- impurities that to take that tact and just remember when this or when this whole thing sort of -- winning streak after ten game. Losing streak when did the winning streak. Happen. After Escobar down in Tampa Bay win big win Gomes came in and and the benches -- down there it was guys and maybe this is exactly what this team. I hope it wasn't I hope that wasn't the the spark coincidence or not because. They really they were upset when somebody was taking was with stealing a base in Iowa and our run game -- the seventh inning. When the Red Sox the 2013. Red Sox five run -- deficit was nothing to them. Don't take offense because that -- team. Like Boston expects to be a good team can take advantage can overcome a five run deficit until you learn a good team then you have been OK but you. The -- you're you're mad you're mad at Tampa for doing what you have done. You've done it. Last year. I think the same thing last year did it in a worse situation in -- what the hell aren't out mailers a ball. So I mean it was not a eight to two lead in the a six run -- -- six runs in the eighth -- too late. Five in the seventh. It's it's it's kind of one of those you know it's a whole unwritten rules of baseball -- five in the seventh. It's borderline. But that it's that I think that's what made the team but it he stole the base and a few guys just said you know what you're a jerk. For doing that right now we're we've just lost nine games in a row we could barely put two runs on the board no chance we make up five. And your run and an answer but so when he turned around and started trip and into the into the dugout. Some people that -- so if you're gonna do that. Then you just stand there take it. -- how many 85 win team -- could be ninety when teams if they ignored the unwritten rules of baseball. Kelly just trying to -- them all out takes me forever. Out of bureau those unwritten rules are 6177. And I write them down I -- then they wouldn't be unwritten anymore 6177797937. AT&T text like 37937. We'll talk about the best pitching performance. Nobody's even mentioned yet today coming up next Sports Radio WEEI. Our number two dale and -- Sports Radio WEEI. We've been talking about the Boston Red Sox and their weekend series with the Tampa Bay Rays but we've been on the air her. -- approximately 67 minutes -- so. And not one time. In those 67 minutes as the name ruby Della Rosa past anyone's lips. Haven't really seen -- my -- a couple of times on the text machine. That's Saturday performance by Della Rosa in the aftermath of what happened Friday night and the drama and all that stuff. Was remarkable. And and I know. We'll -- turn him into the next -- young award winner in this town because that's what we do specially if you're in sports talk radio man he knows. Unbelievable as a. Whatever is one of us here who knows. Ruby Della Rosa better than most people in the Boston market that's Steve Lyons. Worked in LA for what a decade. So he saw. Della Rosa you saw the hype a bottom with the Dodgers. You know how he was part of the deal and that the doctors were okay we're giving -- up -- They that that hurt a little bit giving up a guy like that given up Webster. But what what did you see from Della Rosa. Over the weekend that maybe you didn't see your saw glimpses of the Maastricht summit with a with a different. He was the diamond in that deal really as far as I'm concerned and he was the guy. Who is supposed to come up I mean the guy just had just a lightning bolt of an arm that he was drawn up per ninety's. He was a younger kid at the time he would you know his work and on a secondary pitches get a decent changeup. And they got her and and had the surgery and I know they don't wanna give up Bonham but I think they've the thought was that. Maybe would never get back to where he was. He's headed that direction you know he's had some really good starts down AAA and then some kind of social starts that. Yeah remember that it takes a while to come back to really get your arm strength to really get your velocity and really then get the feel fear secondary pitches again. Great breaking ball great change -- great changeup and he was back into the mid ninety's the other night so. This is a guy who if he can start to refine the way he pitches and -- so -- the stuff that's stuff he's got to be able to make sure that he can hit the -- he lives on the black. Now with the kind of stuff that he has he has the opportunity not to be decision OK a starter I mean he he can beat top end of a rotation guy if if you are -- But he has more potential than say Felix you brought. Definitely like semi Felix has been. I don't think anybody would say he's been a great starting pitcher for the Red Sox but last jury was good. It was it was pretty good in the post season -- naughty naughty starter but he was able to be plugged in. In some as they say hi leverage situation. Got a critical out for the Red Sox do you think this is. If you had to reject the higher ceiling would you say it's Felix's or -- screen name -- Spelled RU BBY ruby. Leading me to believe it should be -- but it did not -- reason I would abruptly the rough rides and a -- Della Rosa would be awesome Robby -- But let any time what are your guys. At Fenway Park is lighten up that that gun at a hundred they see that hundred show up and they get all sorts of excited. But it was it was not just that he could top 200 as he did. -- at a changeup is ten miles an hour below that and even though the changeup is you know ninety miles an hour which is really hot for a changeup. That the difference between the two was such that I mean he had Major League hitters looking like they had no close up there. You know and that tan it reminds you of like. Josh Beckett 03. You know with Miami when he was through on an idea monarch fast on his change it was 91 it was completely dominating games. This guy has the type stuff where he can dominate an entire game. You know it's it's it's him putting it together on a consistent basis which is always the problem for any player not just pitchers led everyday players -- that. Yet from what I seen of Felix the -- this year and what I know and what I saw the other day. From Robbie. Did you ever do that it would. I'd like to give men like to -- I don't know there's potential better it's a more elaborate both entertaining names he's only 25 you would like Rodrigo in yet they would. -- pitched last year he pitched in eleven games here for the Red Sox didn't start. I -- -- -- the whole time and and only through eleven in the third innings or some like data in eleven appearances. Is CRA was like five point 56. I mean you saw some of the stuff but I don't think he had any idea. -- match for the Red Sox at any idea he started the season at the minor league level really strong this year control was good. Lost his control for a while it was kind of floundering about a little bit try to find his control supposedly. Last couple weeks locked it back in again it was pretty -- locked in what we saw on Saturday. And -- kinda goes back to what we talked about the adult theme of -- show who who's facing right now. You know is is is not the on. Against one of the best teams in the game and we know that Tim base Coughlin in their offense is always struggled if you guys in Atlanta to really have to worry about other Nat. You know it's always been about their pitching. But but. You know it was like when they talked about to knock or is -- for now 2000 Japan. Every toy for not tributes are running as a Little League team needed never lose the you must be pretty good. Would you come in and you dominate a Major League roster like he did and I came. You're pretty good and you have to actually pitch against the team that. You're pitching against Ted Danson Alec. Is it doesn't have to face the Tony seven yankees because they weren't there that day he did a great job in the game he was supposed to -- and put another win on the board for the right. Well when dale had that done that very professional fees. Which took it to an employee of the month the regular leading candidate in June for the employee of the month because they're great he I thought you were talking about. Jon -- and so now we come back it was pretty darn good outcome activist Jon Lester contract machine that rob Bradford told me was gonna get that thing gone WEEI dot com everything yet. -- -- -- Bradley Jon Lester contract -- that starts the number goes down. Now Seoul after a start where a lot of our callers calling him baby. Seen -- having an adult tantrum is how he was pouting. Whiny. I think that number at that point was probably 9798. And then and then after his last start I think the number now. Is probably a hundred and and 27 million for the Red Sox before before free -- amazing. Now they go to free agency. Won 27 is the lowest. The right now that Jon Lester contract machine boys and girls. The deal is five years 127. Million dollars after his most recent start. I know that Larry Lucchino one. The Dennis and Callahan Show late last week said that that he expects that there will be continued contract talks between the two sides I expect there will be as well. The fact of the matter is when a player gets to free agency they never come back. It's just the way it works out they get to free agency and they get up there and they start you know being wined and dined they go somewhere else. If they want if they want to leave. David Ortiz wanted to saying they don't know there are a lot of guys Ortiz made it well he's made it to -- about a couple. And came back in Jason Varitek. You know went to free agency came back those guys want to be here I think Jon Lester well I don't even know that Varitek did even take a visit do you want to -- I'll get -- free agency. Technically and Jon Lester giving Jon Lester is thinking about. New York do you think he's thinking about LA. Chicago -- you want to be here. I think he's also. A little taken aback. By the contract offer from the Red Sox just negotiating. Are are -- -- is its hardline position. They start off with seventy and -- there are no seven yeah we're negotiating and that's that's a lower offer but our our total offered an 85. Are they gonna go in that direction. They go in that direction you're. Gonna see you later. But I don't think he really wants to leave Boston they give might be any reasonable offer. You don't want obviously I think I'm almost a blow Leo a lot of -- you don't wanna get to that point. Where it is a bidding war you are in free agency. And someone decides that. We need -- Frontline starter might make the difference we're gonna sign you know two other mid tier free -- second help profits and we're gonna go get Jon Lester. And we you know this is total cement to traders all hypothetical but. Then they called Jon Lester over there and is it that this is what were prepared to do for you. If you come here aware already decent team we gonna go get that guy and that guy he's they're pretty much stake -- it -- -- who comes here well when we're or onboard. And we're gonna build this team around use and we think we have an excellent chance of winning oh by the way Toyota truck load of money yet. I get to the position where someone can do that the guy you want back. Well that's the case I agree with you but if that's the case. This deal and have to be done before free agency -- because somebody well. And they don't even say. While we have a chance to win they may not necessarily have a chance to win the discover what it is spent so much money is a Major League Baseball right now. I increased TV contracts mean that even the that the drag teens. I mean this sorry teams that we don't even talk about a pay attention to they all have money some of them choose not to spend that they've got money. And -- though there about the bright lights like he's going to be gone to New York or wants to play in Hollywood that's not him. The Washington kids you know the heat he finally got somewhere like Boston who -- loves baseball and he's seen. How possibly compete to win here. And he's like. While misses this then nothing wrong with this why relief why why would I wanna go somewhere else very comfortable changing teams is is up. Big fat hassle it's no fun for anybody even if they are -- time it's a different he's got a routine here that he knows likes and doesn't -- change it. Texas says I -- news for the Red Sox will not guarantee a fifth year for Lester in his car. If that well at the well it's right. Detectives tonight he's done then you would have to say -- -- just reconfigure the Dexter where we're here and reconfigured Jon Lester contract machine. They want Jon Lester back you don't wanna get in the fifth year so four year deal while we're gonna give him about 27. 27 and a half million dollars. Over four years with the fifth year team option. Had. 120 million. -- problems solved. Its problems that -- what are the numbers that I just it's just it's great when wears it's well we were spending but he certainly. I'm still a billionaire from from Friday we're billionaires who lives for about fifteen minutes or twenty weeks in Seattle John certainly. And ouster of Donald -- and certainly don't we had. We had our best team bomber's money I'll even more from Microsoft's lead so you're buying and -- are -- dale dale spent the weekend as the owner of the Red Sox. And the -- And I spent the weekend very enjoyable week and I brought Kevin Love in the town. I was -- -- owner of the Celtics and owner of the patriots. So until -- get. By the way we integrate other patriot place patriot place is is going to be changed now. I'm gonna raise most of it in him and bring -- -- -- -- pandering to the crowd World Cup and it I would -- at a soccer only stadium. But what 2000 seats. Alongside elected to Julie -- Ruby Tuesday they're please that's called Ruby Tuesday I. I -- I'm just curiously and finally they don't even have wrote -- Tuesday -- patriot and a little over at the front of outlet mall but -- -- on the soccer ball OK got to era like Red Robin however why can't courts as Wi-Fi for everybody. You know clearly his -- to go off on Monday morning. A deficit it is still is still a courtesy I don't know man it's a great place to be -- 6177797937. Is telephone number let's get spectacle that the guys. Mike in New Hampshire next on Sports Radio -- All right what's up. -- you know -- I think I'm. It's. Honestly to. -- at stake here. Now -- the Red Sox went into a bad admit I'm -- and you can bet you're trying to contribute to the team. And -- and. And I wouldn't let blood that could. I think that's a good position as I mean to match. All over the weekend when did the post adds that he made but and indeed it did an excellent well we moved the base. And it just. I'm just look at that Major League. And believe that it's better and it can adapt. And and we didn't -- I didn't. You can't I would and then -- -- I knew what the heck in the -- did not -- -- now in these. And then and I think that would lead -- -- should and could see -- that into the mood. I'm -- at best and and I don't believe that. And I didn't do and started. Again and it's like a group that got some associates. And I didn't step. Gonzales violated human error basically right. I don't know I think that's a big mistake -- even go on deck and you -- -- good Cuba and then maybe he had a good security cabinet. But he hasn't proven that -- outlet. And we did 200. Yen at -- committed a crime and I a lot of the Mets and Sox need. Natural sodas are -- dale. Mike in New Hampshire basically saying he likes protocol which -- -- -- and you you got that both you guys like Rocco Gil Alexander Bogart's. But it don't want Stephen Drew to come in and run cars. It's a done deal that's a done deal they -- the money to bring enemy and he's starting tonight at her and you know the whole thing about the brought colts play at third acted nice job done there but -- -- is least comfortable positions he's -- third base he's the second baseman. Probably more than he's got to go to mirrored knowing they have the drill and obviously I met a couple nice plays down their but he's not. Oh I don't think I don't think -- gold glove third baseman you don't test yet. Either this is what they have the luxury the Boston Red Sox have the luxury of being rich. -- just a rich rich people can do things that the rest of us can do so they're rich. And they have the luxury of having Stephen draw entertain at ten million dollars. Brock called on the team at a fraction of that I've added 9000 and have brought COLT. Continues. To perform at an otherworldly level the rich folk. Have an opportunity and the at a luxury. Of sitting down even drove the country that now be shocking. I think it would send a message to the rest of the team that and it wouldn't wanna win one -- the best people out there. We know it's been a lot of money on Stephen Drew we thought we had a problem at the time it was dire situation. The situation of not dire anymore because we were surprised by the performance of Brock called it becomes today. They can't. I don't know -- that would be an unbelievable story. But certain teams. Have a very restrictive. An unofficial salary cap they -- very restrictive. Financial situations and it just can't do things like that the Red Sox can't. I know I -- promised I was gonna do this earlier and we got off on -- tangent type from people who we come back. -- for a couple of things. And look I forget things all the time -- maybe you don't forget things I forget things all the time I'll try to to tell you what I think we have forgotten. When we come back from a six months after 779 R&R Jeffrey seller is a compliment yeah -- showing off not try to keep your money. Dale and -- and Steve -- Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah you know it's -- you know till now playing first base last night after the game so I actually on a little bit -- No I got here -- to to ground balls. You know it's fun it's it's been challenged in you know how to get time out there and refinement. Rock COLT who was the first baseman yesterday and is the first baseman tonight lineup is and for the Boston Red Sox against right handed Justin Masterson. Hole leads off placed first base followed by third baseman -- Bogart's second baseman Dustin Pedroia DH David Ortiz. Catcher AJ Pierzynski by the way the whole AJ Pierzynski is hated by everybody in the clubhouse talk is sort of died down your lately has meant. -- Jonny Gomes it left. Grady Sizemore and right. Stephen Drew is you're starting shortstop batting eight Jackie Bradley junior is batting ninth and playing center field and of course John Lackey is the pitcher Stephen Drew -- In the house are not in the starting line. Starting lineup -- isn't ready Steve lines things here now. Not not not instantly -- defensively no big deal -- hunting ground balls cents last year ended. Eyes to working out and physically he's fine. But yet when trying to that's not enough for anybody in it I think is going to be a little harder to tell them because the size he's facing right handed pitching he's he's generally a little bit better hitter. But let's face so you'd you'd sign a middle of the order hitter he sort assigned was throws the other way and a middle of the order defender. He's he's supposed to be an outstanding defensive shortstop that's -- here if he gets to fifty. You know it's gonna probably littered with Joseph for welcome home runs -- awesome. I get back to that point about the things that I think we forgotten this over the course of time with forgotten a couple things one thing that we forgot. Is that Stephen Drew against right handed pitching last year for your Boston Red Sox -- too -- for. Solid against right handed Erica out yet and John Ferrell has already said. He's really here to hit against right handers which is most of the time but. He hit 284 bit this whole idea and the previous caller mr. -- mr. holt who called earlier you know who was saying that he you know he gets 200. Again nickel back to what you saw on the playoffs and that becomes his entire career he had 24 against right handers I think we've forgotten. Back to Steve's point about how good this guy was defensively not good. He was great derisively Brodeur was outstanding in a plus you went through a little bit of -- -- last season. Word in tolerance -- thrown out and though he was really really good defensively. And -- -- we forgot. Forgot how good -- Bogart was defensively at third base. Remember when he made that shift over last year Michael and you know this a new position for him and and you know it. -- -- he was happy to do it -- it made sure he was on the Major League roster. He was really good there. We've forgotten how good that left side of the Red Sox infield was defensively with Bogart's at third drew was it that short and we forgotten how good Stephen Drew was against right handed hitters but. You might not be this week you know may take him a little while wouldn't be surprised if it does we've forgotten how good they were in those spots a year ago. But it you know I felt like to me it sounds like you're not really buying the the -- cold story. Yeah that's -- really blind the legitimacy of -- -- said remember Pedro Syria aka -- Remember government remember how how crazy Boston went over -- -- Jaco. We got to find a way to keep Pedro Syria apple in the lineup and I'm not saying that brought coldest Pedro Syria optical. I'm saying we have a tendency to to take these small. Sample sizes and turn them into something bigger. I think he's gonna play a lot more than people expect. He already has semi he was he was obvious stop gap became appear he's been playing every day and he's gonna continue to do that at least. For the next week Intel as as we talked about before the Mike Napoli comes back Mike -- is going to be in the lineup and he's gonna have to bounce around if he's getting in the lineup. -- call will play as long as he plays well. My -- gonna say to deal about it texture. Every overnight sensation is not treated equally. You -- out earlier and very -- to -- so you pointed out earlier that Brock called no matter where he's been in that managed hit. Not a minor league level -- -- that up Pedro Syria Arco no matter where he was. In his hand minor league seasons. To seventy. So -- the sensation for awhile but -- -- In a -- I got into -- -- gonna get eventual so I think I think this a little different. Plus you know why is it and I agree with you we do we blow things out of -- that's kind of part of the gig here that you'd you'd have a guy comes up because a good month. -- on my status the best thing since sliced bread. I'm kind of on -- brought cold bandwagon I'd love what I see I don't ride it till it doesn't write me exactly and so. Why is it important for us to worry what's gonna happen ten days from now. When right now -- on a seven game winning streak and he's been a big part of it so all the wins that they've had he's been right in the middle of that he's hoping that team win right now. And they get -- they're gonna let him keep running out there until he shows them a reason why they can't win with the in the lineup. Dexter says the worst scenario is beyond dale scope is that Bogart's struggles that third with a glove and it impacts his offense. -- wants to play short he said that he did say that. Simply third -- last year it was great. He was great defensively down there. And and truthfully if if the move from shortstop to third affected him in that way Steve back to your point. Maybe not got thinking about it that the cap -- -- -- -- this -- from Texas this has been underscore I don't know that's -- that's why aren't you are -- -- -- -- both of talking right now you'd score over the because big Dodgers can not quite -- like we're all handled this. Or you let me enlighten you you know visiting -- -- -- -- it's a lot of -- -- of insanity while we change it now Dwight would even need -- for well. Everything's gone really well the last ten days or so but what about when -- -- another to their day. Korea's won -- and a couple of play rhetoric Robertson rains or Latvian gates and -- are really back to square one again and isn't he elect with. You know -- a listen to everybody get dumb down his throat every time he cranks one. Back to the calls bills and Westfield hey bill I don't. I think that the senate bill. My brother was the one that won the tickets were certainly game I appreciate -- you got your basic you. Yes yes of course he took me. The broader. How many people said no before he got here unless. Really clearly doesn't he clearly doesn't know girl. I don't know well correlated that it was no -- Actually I got. -- what -- about and seen him on CJ was really cool to grow the products on the tour brought all around well. Seeing these young kids firsthand. There are -- the game -- also which actually hold common out on fire. I'm excited for this kid I don't know. I might be unveiled later what everybody else but I understand your and -- been this excited in a long time for plot. I think this you're gonna be some parents really do. It's fun that we talked about this habit last week now. We really take it on on faith when we read about how good these prospects are. And we've been -- this happened for years you know rose and Pavano and angle right on through the list guys who were just going to be stars when they got here somewhere some more. You've had a chance to cease some of these guys here and Dave O'Brien -- on the broadcast the other day was it the kids are all right. And the kids are all right I mean not that not that we were getting our first look at ruby Della Rosa we summit eleven games last year -- -- for the first time as a starter. And it was pretty ghastly. We've seen -- Bogart's now we've seen enough to know this guy's going to be a star in the Majorly. I'm not sure that I'm ready to say that about Brock -- yet but people are excited Jackie Bradley junior despite the ball off the nose the other night is a great defensive Satterfield. What should be works -- about -- cold -- like your. You're giving him let me give -- short you're shortchanging them to get my reason was the reason -- speed and so doubts about his -- he can steal a base -- burner. But he could steal the base of the Levy's what he has for now also -- he's not he's -- for Korea has not been -- Very Smart enough when ago we still learning moves and stuff -- when they face a left the -- tougher connectors. You don't -- him to be gassing and get picked up because you know the move. So he's a Smart base -- fast -- and everybody knows the steamy needs as much speed as they can get -- line. Alex is it will bring him Alex I don't. They didn't know that Alex. At the top on it for a little on the you know I don't know I just to national budget number briefly. Com I'm very curious undertaker in the past weekend. And mr. Kevin Love from Minnesota and -- possible chances. Well and -- in the box does -- glue -- -- and -- I figured out the guy that's learning Google. Our man the that you really does get your opinion summer really I may have been excited nationality. It's an englishman to it I'd be excited about that. You should be -- at Alex is a good question -- compliment to us part of Google deal there's. If one guy says it's beyond your Scalia -- did nothing is beyond your scope. -- -- -- something through your mind of Dale Arnold you have about four million entries within. 2.2 seconds. But aren't you correct I was -- RL it's all out there some one -- is correct. This is. This is a bizarre story I mean it's so we we get into law -- yes it's exciting that -- Kevin Love was in town. Trying to hard to believe that. It's just decided on a whim. To vacation in Boston just -- my attitude and what town did a great town but. I'm just happens to go on vacation with his agent. You know he's an idea that -- -- to -- manage all the things that are going on. But a couple of weeks ago it comes out and says he's not going. Is that sources -- he's not gonna renewed -- up with the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Celtics are mentioned as a destination. Suddenly he's in Boston going to the greatest bar. Hanging out talking about Celtics history when other kids were watching big bird was watching Larry Bird national plan outward -- -- them. This he's at least thinking about it the wheels are turning and we're gonna talk with Marc spears and about an hour. And he's gonna tell us exactly how those wheels are turning how how feasible this is the -- we have them. The capital they pay for Kevin Love is not how they pay -- And and I I do think that. Maybe this is a well crafted plan on the part of his agent that kind of get the timberwolves off the pot here. And let's -- trip to the Boston are very public and maybe next week and you know let's take a trip to a new York and whatever it is -- wherever he's gonna god I doubt this is the only stop on the tour. And I doubt that this was him attempting to worm his way into hearts and minds of Celtics fans because only had to do was show up and -- was gonna happen. This wasn't tampering. Unless he had some secret meeting with Danny -- that I didn't know about -- -- can come up with. Love is in the years that it was -- and for all they were playing a ball at Ben might get a trial got yet they've. And and you know that the money shot was the picture of Rajon Rondo shaken hands -- Outside of you know that the club they're CNET has -- eating outside the -- and and I think Rondo said this morning. He says I think I I spent about 39 seconds with them run those words. It was well it was a well thought out. Plan on the part of either lover his agent of -- here but it at least gives you an idea that there is some interest and out immediately the timberwolves GM suspect. It's under contract us now. Year here's another good thing for you if if you're Celtics fan and you Kevin Love here not only is love's agent Jeff Schwartz. Pierce's agent Jeff Schwartz represents Paul Pierce you -- you want some insight on what it's like the -- Boston. And the the style or what to expect from the organization. Paul Pierce can tell you that. Paul Pierce can go on and on about. What it's like playing Boston end. You really want announcements if you really wanna take it to another level may be the return of a Paul Pierce along with Kevin -- but maybe that's going to look too far. Although Paul Pierce after the last game for the nets had his Red Sox out on immediately getting Celtics as saying -- he wants to come home and he probably does by the way. I think they're. Initially I might have thought -- shore yet Kevin love's gonna come to Boston. He's thinking I'm out I'm inching in that direction he's thinking about right now he's thinking about his weekend in Boston. -- -- fair weather is number in his in his iPhone now a lot of stuff that have to would have to go on Hillary gave him not really. Not really is not the it's not money is just money added that this gonna take our I don't what you can let Jessica -- -- what do you need to put together to get him here and what's the incentive. For him to come here. If his whole thing is I gotta go somewhere right can win. It's not a team that just a few shows up we're gonna win when when he gave way to win a playoff game would already got Florida he doesn't wanna win one playoff game as you wanna get to the playoffs that would be nice. That's -- start. That's one place you can start and as the Boston Celtics did not want to make the playoffs this year while -- they had wanted to help out the elderly diablo I -- or about lion Norman outline. If they wanted to make the playoffs this year. They could have made the playoffs in the Eastern Conference that they wanted to they day they certainly were judicious with it giving guys nights off or thank. They're not saying they were tanking but I'm saying that they were if they hadn't experimented with. Hey Jared sellinger let's see if you can yes take more three pointers. Hey hey you know whether it's. Gerald Wallace or Keith Bogans and guys that they they fell in fell in love and -- -- love -- back report that no pun intended with Kevin -- implement those guys. There are a lot of things -- Rajon Rondo on back to backs -- Rondo come returning from a victory. If they've made a push in the very weak Eastern Conference to make the playoffs. Without Kevin Love they would have been a borderline playoff team so let's just start I've never been to the playoffs before his career. Come here at the very least not promising -- -- championship per year what a year to put you will be able to play after the end of the regular season let's start there. If you start with the premise that you have Kevin -- John Rondo and and Gerald and Jeff Green for the sake of our argument I think his apartment and it doesn't take and just a playoff team and Easter cup that's a playoff game. Within and obviously Danny's gonna half and it's something I don't -- -- sure. Your bureau there. I I don't think this was an accident I don't think this was just a week on a Boston this weekend. I think there was a little more thought put into it than that. And if I was the Celtics fan I would be excited about Austin this weekend it's it's going to be June and finally what yours over. What -- finally over anybody came on a good weather weekend not a lot of as it 6177797937. AT&T -- -- 37937. It's dale and Holley and Steve -- Sports Radio WEEI. Good -- patriots fans you're next quarterback is now in the house. Patriots have announced a contract agreement with second round draft pick Jimmy drop below four year contract. According to Ben -- the Boston Globe worth about 3.3 million dollars most curious about this the signing bonus that -- receipt from the team. 853744. Dollars. -- What an everyday and I know things are all slotted down a lap. But he can't -- things of that -- make him out even 850. 1597000. Senator 44 dollars for the signing -- forty forces they -- number may -- yes always number and I saw. It was at that rookie thing. And they had pictures of everybody in their uniforms seat ticket any that I yen number ten Jersey so -- before his supermodel girlfriend. Because -- I don't want right now I might but he -- that means there's only one draft pick unsigned. Dominique Easley the first round pick and again these things are all slotted so it's the be signed any. And you richest supermodel girlfriend well. The quarterback the starting quarterback has the supermodel wife. -- friends I'm -- in the industry now she sisters. All Wal-Mart Mary. If your Jimmy grip you're young Jimmy grapple you elect Tom Brady would do everything you'd. I -- -- everything from human learn the playbook inside and out and wanna know what's your lights right. Aren't the field off stop right there have to -- took a brother. About how about. IA is skewed is that other place to ask now intimacy is a complete rocketed. TDs and -- he doesn't need to help. Which of the girls -- my house where he told me. Soon as they sought draft day they would wall yeah this kid that I entered a look no I'm not sure what you're talking the next the next level and yeah -- need help getting to date of course -- he doesn't need help begin at eight. Top of the top that global top shelf. Anytime he wants that the senators let's get some money now to -- around out. Six when good things happen 6177797937. Mics on the cellphone Mike you're next on dale and -- Well I'm Mike was up -- it a welcome back -- Welcome back. You're big -- -- are about the same -- -- we get an attic is there anybody who grew up in New England who's not a Bobby or finance a good question. -- I -- an escape beat air. Here what are you are at -- -- and I just as an aside Mike in the and deal with the did you think. If if sports talk radio and NC it was a big east right now. All day every day. If Bobby Orr played in this era even the great Bobby and I think our let's say they lose. It looser to move the Montreal Canadians in 1971 when he had a great team. Think people would have called -- sports talk radio and said. -- your. And -- -- -- us down he just doesn't come up big in the -- if you think he would be criticized even he will be criticized today I think the. And that's ever. NIC I'll pay -- -- exactly romantic of course we -- Elizabeth knows who like that all the -- and you appreciate. Yeah I think about ornamental riskier let me ask. Like nobody ever. He could take eke it out of pot to a player on the go like nothing ever seen and nothing ever seeing. We account might -- people citizen -- from 66%. And they -- every game I was lucky you know maybe 20/20 five young kid I'd never seen anything like in the ability. And the -- sent somebody. I am guessing deleted called talk about a art that's great I often -- manager Mike and I bet. Welcome back -- practice area Michael you hit the nail on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You've got to be in rural areas -- and you hit it before it went four for -- yesterday you technologies and act. No person you know what it is coming out of nowhere. He's playing unbelievable. Now it's incorrect. Yeah I'm happy about incidents leadoff hitter tonight playing first -- Our first day -- great I keep their inning and go until something crazy happens and it's -- -- now wonder when that when it comes at a Brazil. When directs our slots. And in a row yup they had to make some changes and they bring him back. It being an actor that's fine and he's a great short being in shape and everything else well the year ago. But I'll say might unit in the it likely that you think you hit the nail on the -- stacked in is unbelievable and he's going crazy. Is gone crazy. Looking to play. Or he's gonna play every day at least through Sunday. Because Napoli still out parks now out. I guess they can play Daniel Nava at first base but I gotta feeling back to this you know -- while -- -- the thing and I think you guys seem at first base. All week not all right end or Karr would have him playing first base without holds around both of them. Not just came back up there what happens. OK so you -- at least until Sunday. If he's hot ninety got a real. That you got only got a warning and in all over the past my real problem against lefties he'll play shorter third. Not feel they've already talked about he's in and John Ferrell said the party got about working in the outfield but he said center and laughed. Which surprised me a little bit maybe try to take advantage of the speed you're talking about I heard him on the pregame show with with Jokester glee on. And John Ferrell said they've got about working before the game in center and -- It in you know you gotta be careful on I think maybe some of the diehard fans also owns it -- -- but he's learning some new positions and like I said I was with them. Hours before the game he's playing every day. And most the time your your pregame workouts when you know that -- gonna be in the starting line up. Are really all that strenuous you take a little bit extra batting practice he military take you ground balls do you work and he is literally learning new positions. Hours before the game. At what point -- that kind of start to take a little bit out of -- this guy is he's playing every day and always young. But it now he's traveling diskette Cleveland. Trying to figure out how to play an -- still trying to figure out how to play first base learning about a new positions on the fly while their -- cinnamon hit them a million ground balls and he had been allowed to fly balls now. Back to catch up with the. While -- are gonna say. This the fact that he's learning new positions hours before the game. Is gonna have an effect on the Red Sox defense. Where you put it you put a gun positions he's not used to being -- now he he was finding they're based new position. Area yesterday it laid out play Esther and I know we think about first base we think almost anybody can do it but still -- to your point. I haven't played first before or -- haven't played if you want to playing Saturn hasn't played those positions. You you are you getting the most out of them when he's got a hot bat but is a liability in the field. And first is. The worst position for people think it. I do -- catch some volatility. Lot more goes into it and that footwork and you know you know he made a nice little -- throats of the pitcher on a ground ball. You know and making sure that you get to the base sometimes at a Boston -- -- or not here's -- -- to the south. Sometimes that a balls hit. As a first baseman you run to the bag. As -- -- he can't -- you know let's not hit TU. But then you're not secure some -- to the third base that are the shortstop get debt. You can take a glance -- take -- he run over their sometimes you might at the look at both -- he worries don't Wear a helmet -- yeah. 61777979237. As telephone number. We've talked a little bit about Kevin Love in the way the entire city of Boston. I was was involved in the recruitment of Kevin Love this weekend we'll talk about recruiting other players and four -- -- coming up next Sports Radio WE yeah.

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