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Three For All: The most hated people in the U.S. 6-2-14

Jun 2, 2014|

Ann B. Davis, better known as "Alice from the Brady Bunch," passed away. Who is the most hated person in the United States? The Rangers-Nationals games featured the rare DOUBLE challenge.

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First -- referral today. And B Davis a moment of silence please for Alice. The Brady Bunch. She died over the weekend that the age the -- And he's just me or she or -- -- people when you heard that she died. -- the housekeeper and ready to announce the first thing you thought was she wasn't I thought I heard from wild. What she ever done besides -- Alex and I know you're gonna ask that almost 88. She gets something. -- I'm on hamsters -- them there for -- ever seen a document on the whole Brady Bunch how it came together. I wanna say she was like a theater actors. She was a theater -- Israel and your love for the current -- practically know that there's never a man have a monster but I wasn't back in the theater yes okay. But she -- a brick -- the John Forsythe show which was kind of a variety show I think. And she was on that couple times so Vatican sees medium but -- -- -- know I -- play America. Great comedic -- on the -- -- that collapsed that morning and comic relief but everything is the question was telling jokes that. Is amazed that you said that because they brought along with a Brady Bunch Wallace and she was -- have all made in knowing -- like -- area are in 2014 and I'm suppression -- mediate -- the first thing I thought as I can't believe she's not it was a Sam the butcher dead. Hasn't simply look at the liberal lines -- little site he died at 84. That was a while ago though so I guess she just kind of looked orders yet that hardscrabble looked to right now it sounds dramatic day bill made. Mom do you live -- Does she do she really do much. Racist is it 68 race excuse of David citadel that helps you get in Dallas did don't -- -- like a month job was to be made. The -- -- it's really just the kind of thing I know that's what you're saying knowledge you just. How is that the kind of hang out mr. Brady's loaded okay they had it made she called -- -- -- -- -- -- his -- -- -- got an apartment up and then an addict. May Israel's ally waves of spam like. How -- that show still resonate with. Younger audiences because I tell you my kids still watch full house although it's -- off the air for ages. They still are addicted to full house every morning nick at nite Nickelodeon so -- -- it comes on and it biggest repeated. I mean you go through like a two month three haven't seen one you see him on and it's you know historically ball over again. If you what it is that at TV that we do is to -- -- Brady Bunch happy days Laverne Shirley. Although all of us that it's never survive tonight -- China never survive in today's world. But those just that's just classic years for us for your kids you know it's the generational gap is now like. The Cosby Show and facts of life those of the ones don't want. In our adolescence another look at this and this made it this this is funny thing about it show the progress of the Brady Bunch was also -- -- -- -- Feel -- bad turf in their backyard right value go around people are putting it field turf. And their backyards because the maintenance the solo. Especially Arizona and Arizona and California -- that dirt or field grass it was a cactus what it's like I would love to get some of that the only tiger crap on the field turf. That's what Carol did she -- clean up that I -- -- -- it's an easy pick out what I yours -- I loaded big deal so you think is the most hated man in the united state like salt. Michael he had stayed in the United States that Boston David Price. David Price again local guy it's not really local got to be Obama's Donaldson it's always the president Donald Donald their the president always wins this poll. Now he doesn't matter what party on the -- on this this -- this survey done by a company called. I I don't Justin Bieber Justin Bieber is on the list Diego but it's who's not on the list that surprised me anyone notice. Donald Sterling was the most hated man yeah so analysts sterling was -- Bernie Madoff OJ Simpson. Can tell you Conrad -- you know that is not a Murray the doctor that was associated with the Michael Jack got convicted of yeah okay Justin Bieber Phil Spector. Boy aren't aren't good buddy Aaron Hernandez is on there. Eliot Spitzer. And dog Gosselin. -- on the jungle some from. John McCain play this poll conducted just came out the other day he it's odd to me it is a weird certain areas as well here's the thing. So this is so they they also. Ages of people participants were thirteen to forty now. What's the like a really broad. Database of age when older people aren't allotted -- now -- a thirteen all it's like okay. -- sold to the thirteen -- what thirteen year old would put. Eliot Spitzer on there Jon Gosselin or -- burglary and it is Dade -- demographic. Like thirteen year old and so the person why -- I could not believe was on this list. -- you think you think of anybody who is missing office was the president the president usually always wins this was regardless -- whether Republican or Democrat. Because there's 50% of the population that automatically hates you. Because you on the right side OK I I I think there's an obvious Alice the first name looked for -- -- the closure. Odors on their -- a mystery tiger will. -- -- I would not on their people like him now they like to you and it's -- -- -- -- -- before Jerry sandusky. Is not a I would he not -- I mean we just. Forgot about you know I -- surprise to me about this list is that's a perfect example as you tell me that Donald Sterling is the most hated man in America. To me that indicates that we register reactionary society is generating so much in the moment we haven't given any thought -- I just hey good morning America's I heard of him with the last ten days -- -- -- bad guy but the original John gospel and I've thought about Sean Gosling in three years Conrad Murray. Eliot Spitzer was bought and used your recent deaths Tina on the Jersey and I -- -- -- a guy that survives analysts like this yeah. Gosling I saw Jon Gosselin on like. Like couples rehab on VH one is joke aren't there. Yeah no he's not on there again -- very odd list -- out east course on. -- was aside this is as firewire now this came out today so. Listen there's a lot of guys that we can make our own list of the next three seconds of guys who should be on the fullest but it just got to vehemently pour Jon Gosselin may do you ever do. Lot of kids and his wife was late there was light on the two -- off the god put on it before lose lose for you wanna pay you back and Christians after Bob Wickman who -- on -- most hated list wow. Most hated Jimmy hates the strong war we should use that because like I like I hate Bob Wickman disliked. I dislike Joseph Kerrigan as a manager and really appreciate that is not that much hatred out there. Regarding same dusty you know I mean that that's definitely want Joseph cars and -- You know sterling again those guys belong an analyst. -- for you I thought it will weaken due for. A leaping point from Christians let -- you would bring this up would be idea. Replay -- to replace Major League Baseball Selig for instituting -- player regulatory. Joseph Torre they're -- Particular but for somebody who get it on every play -- much as you do did you see the double challenge. Yesterday -- nationals Rangers what about the double challenge. Is that outstanding moment I heard about that I thought have you and your disdain. For instant replay. You had first and third black you out Rios tries to steal against the nationals. He slides in safe all the slides the bag it and keep the glove on him and he called mop with a guy and third took off for home. So there was a challenge. At the ruling was -- out at second but. The runs scored is it felt like you were slid by the bag. And then he had time enough to attack him in this in that time the runs scored so they reviewed and reviewed two things number one was reels out. And they say yes he was out OK now we get a review so so Texas reviews that was -- actually out. They ruled him that he was out to non nationals come back to hold on now we -- was open for the run actually scored -- back innate they'd look at that one. And they all right he was tagged out before the runs scored for the ruling ended up being instead of reels out runs scored Rios is still out. Run doesn't score it was the old. Double challenge. -- a bush sort of feel like -- we see that but the first. Through three weeks month when I was actually losing my head with this instant replay that it's sort of almost got away. The good the last night was an example of not but. The first through -- it felt like just challenges like. As -- -- Julian -- again just like thinkers and brought up in the moment it was new. And now it's become a little bit more Pradesh and others many challenges that were the first -- the first month that -- I let you -- -- right it April and it's like it's sort of gone away I do think you're right that. On occasion. Managers have stayed away from challenging because there was that trend there were nothing was being overturned. Nothing was being challenged and won. Because there was not enough evidence there was definitive evidence that the people curtailed the in my -- there were challenging because of that. Yeah I still -- its founding. But some at this historic -- any longer have to -- -- -- The -- we're gonna get to that next. -- -- from Sports Illustrated was on dancing talent and it mainly talking about the Red Sox. But he had a great article on Sports Illustrated I'd be used to speed the game up and one idea that. I thought nothing to do was -- in the game up but it's something that people hates. Christian she -- on defense. They become a part of baseball but now they can become illegal. Talk about that no 1 o'clock Al Maloney Fauria and bands here on WEEI WEI Sports Radio network.

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