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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Bowe is rescued 6-2-14

Jun 2, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. The Bergdahl's welcome home their son.

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By headlines brought to -- precision fitness equipment shop where the pros do precision fitness equipment five years a captain in the Afghanistan war sergeant. Both -- dollars back in US hands free for five terrorism detainees. Exchanges. Blown up part in the bad -- of -- Washington's huge debate. Over whether the US should negotiate with the Taliban moreover prisoners. And it broke further complicating this is that this guy certainly seems like easy deserter if you believe. Guys you -- with I mean I'm reading session sergeant Matt for camp says I was pissed off then and even more so now they're going. Bober -- deserted during the time -- this fellow American and fellow Americans lost their lives search from Spartanburg off platoon. When bird doll went missing on June 3 2009 according to firsthand accounts from soldiers in Napa -- burned all while on guard duty. Shed his weapons and walked off the observation post that nothing would encompass a knife water digital camera. -- diary at least six soldiers killed. It subsequent searches for bird -- and many soldiers were put teams and attacks seem to increase against the US in the days and weeks following his disappearance. -- -- -- At least six American soldiers die trying to find this spreads -- just said yeah at least six were killed at least six right -- and we have their name them we know their names in the in the families are aware this -- to sit and watch. As we handed over. Five stone cold killers. In exchange for. Well among the five Taliban deputy intelligence minister former Taliban Interior Minister with ties to bin Laden. And they figure linked by humans rights monitors to mass killings. In Afghanistan in 2002 Iowa writes why is 521. That was always the deal right that they want these five yeah I think it was a Magic Johnson all there yet it was a good deal. But witnesses I mean I know the Obama administration's had a few scandals. Of this. They didn't think our troops do just leave those they were -- did you not know that -- -- Dell's own words. Our opener for the wall to see this -- cities ashamed to be an American. Because we just walk up five. Mean as a deserter who's ashamed to be an American. And is disgusted. By what we're doing in that country. And -- speak is father speaks to him in in this by the way his father looks like he should be six. -- is one up form. He's got the beard going and he speaks in cash to. It was someone speaks in at the Moscow he's learned that. In -- sources here. Takes of course for me it's if this which has won. Some crazy accusation maybe it was. Played for the team -- it's just soldiers who ordered not to talk about and they do it anyway yes we have to. Set the record straight here and this guy is no -- and -- it's not talking when Chuck Hagel Defense Secretary announced the rate swap. Wild stuff from the troops would not a word right and I mean to right -- their budget troops that are saying they have served with him. About this in the question comes back to. The administration was -- cutesy can be critical of them that's fine but there's no way that they didn't think there was some back and whoever they don't. Will -- did they know this is gonna happen still right Michael we lost six soldiers. And look for this. Inco. Americans if they were murdered by those guys who let him just now in the Qatar four seasons. You know with some. Mostly girls in a year guitar. Oh stuff and an era and and they would break the rule the hole and could be a bit narrow and the gonna kill again I mean how long before we find though that. All five of these guys are aimed -- killing aliens. On top of that and every American overseas soldiers -- we now look nobody price could be in Qatar on business card. Danger absolutely you can do is grab an American call Obama -- we are. And run away -- father. This freaking bearded. Lunatic Bob -- Said his goal -- -- -- every inmate on Guantanamo that's is go well he wants all like to say to -- right now who's having trouble speaking English. These new lover monitor him and they probably -- I'm your father go. -- -- went for five years to import country. Forget English you know wreck but he be brain -- that extent can happen and I think that brings -- -- -- last an -- five years ago speak English -- here's here's his email to lose parents. It's been verified. But he says quote machine to be an American in the title of US soldier is just lie of rules. I'm sorry for everything the horror that is America is discussed that. It's -- writes that quote Obey your conscience. So that's he drops his weapon walks off the wilderness with a compass. And we. Act as if he's a hero right. -- it's yeah -- mean once the new circulates. And I realized in -- month many Obama supporters pay attention. Where is this kind of divided along party lines Liberal Democrats -- stand up and -- now I think it's a. -- is they learn more it's gonna get worse other operations are put on hold while the search for bird doll was maybe top priority after you. Took off according to officials who have served in Afghanistan at the time manpower and assets. Re directed to the hunt a lack of assets is one reason the closure be dangerous combat outpost. Post a COP Keating was delayed its soldiers were killed before ultimately closed. That's eight others you could say. One were killed one White House official quoted in the New York Post quote frankly we don't Cuban asks why he left he's an American soldier we wanna bring them home. So he deserted. President Obama and loose a bunch of other guys said the deal was struck because the US quote does not ever leave our women. And men in uniform behind -- declined to comment on earlier reports that the sergeant had walked away from his unit. Dissolution with the war such matters quote will be dealt with later. Well you brought by charges discussed. The question -- seems to be the only evidence and the guys. You know in the field they're disgusted by him mean. That they lost friends they lost colleagues. It's part of it is -- skidded. -- some information. There right -- had happened simplify -- said the attacks increased yes from from from their side after so. This is sold rewards -- homeland whole season homeland when you think about it. On 1401 bigger one more thing on top of that. Now hate I hate to economy. But he imagine if you had to go before the media and -- a little strange. And he's since the last two puts on a random Friday afternoon I'm not too and -- not play along with this the wrong. And we -- attract the five. Terrorists come that all should they meet with their parole officer -- -- each and every Monday. Yeah -- fight -- you did you question these guys are being planned to Qatar yesterday. And probably coach and open first class of these five. It -- private jets well organized and so that your brother was South Africa losing that first class Albert lesson that you go to Qatar and that the deal is -- prisoners and become the -- to spend. A year in this place which is is -- problem with is the highest per capita. The wealthiest nation in the world -- yet yeah. One when they have -- the slaves to builders and all the golf tournament wealthiest nation in the world and Europe to spend a year as their guest. Has toughness tough stretch. After you blew up and killed a bunch of innocent people let's -- Punishment be up. -- 2000 feet off a runway -- on Saturday night clipped the ground antenna plowed through chain link fence and shot across the banks of the shock she river. As it exploded the fireball killing seven. Including Philadelphia newspaper -- tax investigators said yesterday. They don't know what happened they don't know -- it never got off the ground it never got up into round which. Assets scary stories -- planes -- I would never go small plates. -- was that small it was a it was a war it was -- I have an airliner -- you never go scare you want to go down. Well and often mean really your book a day -- I guess there's a chance if you aren't going in Florida next year's spring training and some -- and wanna come my gulfstream has it you know that's true yeah soccer get used to it. Real fast I probably -- yeah. Really stretches they were -- current government. That's that's -- -- and so last meal with. With that Richard and Doris -- so that's a strange story that's Louis Katz wants on the NBA's New Jersey Nets in the doubles last week became corner. Of the Philadelphia inquiry into the fund -- Saturday source cargo was house for nonprofit educational program. To seven are dead and that's that's strange story happened late Saturday Saturday night yeah. That's headlines brought to you by precision fitness -- 6777. -- 7937. A slight somber Gucci joins us in the 9 o'clock hour you can join us next.

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