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The Clippers have been sold 5-30-14

May 30, 2014|

The guys opened the show discussing the Clippers sale to Steve Ballmer.

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Still makes me -- for hours later. -- on the list five things is on the line right now as a way to solve Dahlia good luck I'm pretty sure he didn't get the last word in. Our shot human and no chance one more round out -- and advanced chip. -- -- five things do in Iraq recount until I'm done and that you could tell me what if but what's the black -- at at what these five things have been common. Doctor Charles cannot make a mistake. Donald sterling and the NBA wrestling match is going to take years and years. Boston is a tough media town Stephen Drew is the key to this season's salvation. And Kenny main is a remarkably clever guy. Excellent job elect that that was very thing I'm on the Nancy what do you met fan. Why don't dealing likes to tell you notice I don't I don't mean I -- it up I don't if -- dirtier. Me sausage. We've got to keep telling -- it yet but at a time. In the house. Now that. Our number two OKO two NC -- that things we thought we knew yes we went wrong about. Things we were dead ass wrong about it lest anyone say that we don't admit -- they. Admit -- wrong. That was good list with a solid. That -- -- started a particular place com you know doctor Charles Donald Sterling Boston tough media Townes -- drew the key and Kenny -- if remarkably well I do think if Teddy made out of the way it just not sure out of there are the people that. Everybody you know if you let your likes or dislikes your preferences the things you just don't really care. I've never seen at least -- boring -- That -- OP. But I have got a complete 180 from somebody I really like really thought was funny really was interesting and amusing to watch. The somebody I can't Africans Stan he became it it's like he gets under your skin god almighty to -- everything out of your mouth. Doesn't have to be remarkably. Clever he became a cartoon character when they let him go off autism do these all people who are. And they suck now expect to -- senate. And -- right just a few minutes ago as a pop up in the game and he screams. Because boy that guy can't he focuses he can't be distracted. Mike you were trying to distract the guy that's in the -- about four as a sports and host. That didn't work candy that tested and he. The stuff he says is funny but it's the constant. Rise show everything out of his mouth. Has to be premeditated and somehow you know written by the people who did the Don Rickles Dean Martin -- try too hard way to try to articulate. -- rivers went Kornheiser was in the -- and a football -- And -- trying to beef on winkle him and it was sold almost -- -- and it was like that was your fell almost felt bad until he read the book oblivious in the news that. Deployment on -- pain gas and then to fly in private jets the former private jets. Games. So we can sit up there with who was with Jaworski in you -- through. And make peace -- mean like one liners and in the bad essays your ratios -- -- people said why does take more than a week. The realize how bad that is and why did he get what it was two years mom -- it was like watching a spelling bee oh. Kids you know and at we had a economic its commitments who's coming -- -- -- -- and parents commitment that how many tiger moms have locked. -- little girls and hot boxes built -- it's much fun for those kids about -- is it's awful it's awful awful idea of these poor me these kits of fragile to begin like the kid. This is and he's never gonna live that down on the cute but he knew the answer -- celebrated that he knew the answer and that. For letter wrong -- and a word in the whole country's. Aging. Well. Think you'll be okay all sure he'll be fine yeah it was a it was a little iffy before office and now this poor kids can live his life is this loser. Who thought he knew the answer -- I hope he stays on as Mets -- he's definitely ready and needs to stay on Albright's kids that are just a little off the you can't beat like a normal -- keep in mind these kids aren't successful Little League pony league or anything athletic -- these are people who. This is this what they have this is all they have. And if you blow it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There aren't going yeah. Supplier -- yeah. Yeah. -- Okay. -- article idea. CA. BCA. Art AD. NY. AR at glance. The I. I'm paranoid as spelled KAEA. Half hour. I I. If my -- -- let's make the car I drive out to the middle the desert. The only golfer and a half after I leave them a -- authority of -- since it sounds -- that -- not like let's get right. That sounds like DJ Qualls in the road trip or some milk and and yet. It's a real kid who today is not okay I will give him credit he does know that all the more sweeter rock is correct grammar six -- seven. A the first ball does anyone you meet. You guys meet these -- -- and forget chances anybody know what the hell parable once dolls and nobody the Eddie -- and the origin. Yes if you give the oranges and yet yet use the sensor OK we -- and you saw him citrus belt right yet. You saw a couple of deceit as soon if you watched any TV last it was on this morning. No sausage from some 638. Mommy tuck the -- missed that part yet its export. What. -- ballot I get the first letter car boy yeah. Can you give me definition now I don't know what me and citizens you saw the word -- words car abort there. I don't it's one analyst out I don't I don't our eyes CY GB ER TLA. -- -- -- at them. Can you -- Let's go to look at you need me eight RA BO YA to put themselves idiots got an adult. Obama doesn't like that are exactly they sound idea I tricked into it to a people can't be that. Like czar idea vehicles bella that Teixeira -- right now felt horrible about it should have -- -- Lucky plotting new bright how to begin with a C should have stopped them -- since the article. -- It carries about the military rulers it it's one of the kids in the third. Simpson's. Makes some segment on and play again. Article. That your -- so I concur. Oh yes Ian spelling -- This time partners will rock which makes it all the more leader. A aborted did you get that those. -- definition. A large water monitor of southeastern age of the -- -- QL ago in the Philippines that sometimes reached a -- of seven a lot of drizzle. I don't know what do monitors a monitor is a loser. I -- where it like that opener. Yesterday they witnessed what nerd practice learned a bottom. -- insult Komondor Opel music he had a tough nights of poor poor I think it. I felt -- program right at. Texas department -- all -- I I'd say this every year I feel bad for these birds and wanted to it's the and I don't want it to the kids that tied double -- Indian -- Indian. Ethnic resume in the second Jerry to get yourself in trouble -- -- their parents are good you know loving caring parents who just want to do is to be happy well most of the time until they paint them to make Saddam at a funeral in the front half an hour to do if these dispel -- do with that. Hidden. In slum dog millionaire drop -- the military into the suit. You out of it I hate the scenes seem disturbed when the guy burns -- That that's one of the more disturbing you toss in a move I at that it's that. Rattled me. Let night could had a real guy that really happen again -- it says so that would be better beggars. Assumed accents. I would and -- you think they will better earners act yet. That what I -- that hit Annie looked fine and he was like this Arnold spank it we just on the -- and his and his eyes were bright I'd open. Give a buck would give the eyes were burned through program book by Bob. -- -- -- Dave and I come come home from work -- go by that the -- station aired a wife and there's that was a guy with on the signs on the spots in the he's limping you know whoever he is it disguised in nice new shoes he's a nice pants on that score. No Michigan and ask Scott. Pacquiao jacket idea what you don't give my a look at go to McDonald's can cheeseburger. Or go to Starbucks I want to play caller is legitimately you noted do it's it's ticket jeepers. It it -- this surprise you because it's not in apparently my personality I always Q at that point. Get a bump stop by if I'm driving by brutal light's green. Just keep it -- the guy looks like. They never I never want it looks like he was it would have Christian -- six Lauren and muscular dreamy. I'm the opposite I met my phone number. No matter lateral and when the company of the rev -- I just kind of go slow as I can make -- -- -- you look at more macho guys I -- -- telegram busiest -- never -- If I'm honest now you know I don't give money almost people like I. Charity charity but I look at giving a person to get a drink that's about it and entering via. Laurels. And assets what -- what -- I've the and how we -- often and spelling -- But arts or you or your list a list doctor Charlie got to make a mistake Donald sterling and the NBA wrestling match will take years to unfold. Boston is a tough media town Stephen Drew is the key to -- with this season salvation. And Kenny -- you -- W -- Monday where do you wanna -- -- you're -- say first of all Friday -- hands can take a look at the Red Sox second let me just give myself a -- the tip of the -- I said I think I predicted the clippers thing would take. Five years -- the endless lawsuits and to be about 800 -- sale I -- I -- I said it would -- twenties would cost thousands of lives and the problem I'm probably need like a whole -- Marshall plan to rebuild -- LA when it was over I tried to think of the box and say it will only last as long as Donald Sterling is alive he's going to die from prostate cancer is probably you know he's never gonna and Derek usually on the other -- -- your article. It's going to be like the little. Asian lady in the Japan Japanese villagers 120 and drinks and smokes and he's going to be that. Will be talked. When will ego you'll be Franco you'll never go for him nice took it changes twelve million -- she sold 12 -- and a half in 1981. -- on the team for 33 years they had five winning seasons it's they would the embodiment -- the epitome of dysfunction he was the worst owner. In the NBA for his entire -- they did nothing right except for drafting all candy returns. The worst owner in sports the worst team by winning percentage in professional sports and the flips them for two billion. It's obscene this country this just wrong I mean should they just say no -- people have that one of the billions one of the bill given cherry. That one of the billion and they'll light -- but you -- -- I would give it. Super tough dude might be so I don't get to two billion just get some crazy you know billionaire why didn't know Microsoft paid that well yeah -- -- two weeks. Just wants to -- a team trying to on the on the meetings they would let him and he's gonna pull this we are remember speculating that would be a billion and someone told me that advocate that 70750. It's two billion. -- a team without -- stadium with a team without a championship team. It has been a joke for three decades and -- just hope and Geffen are are -- our our penny -- Grant Hill is out rent bills out. This guy just wants a toy it's got nothing to do with market but if we -- and experts say this is insane but. You know he's he's got the money it's like that a Bynum blow them Bynum going space with the Richard Branson he wants to own and he wants to sit in the front. Yeah yeah say that given -- come as an example Robert Kraft is worth. No I mean we know the corpses. But two billion little little -- two billion -- one points on point 62 point three billion. There's there's a guy named come in. Cooperman who is one of the great stock -- of all time right he's worth five and a half billion in the -- has for thirty years picked every stock right. Cooperman is his last name would be good embassy Steve Ballmer. 28 billion. Dollars. As the former. CEL a -- twenty billion dollar. So it's two billion. America big money for so. Is that operates -- that wants to do -- Britain wants to do he would like to sit in the front row would be -- boss now. Org or be. Mickey Aaronson wants to be high profile and BAA -- -- was luxury box at the club. Is the same club -- -- -- different things that after games in Catania and yes people -- people would say you know why does do some penultimate two billion dollars what does he do this -- that this catcher is sorry Donald right like what is gonna get a private jet. He has. What is and have a mansion and like belly and it probably does what of the by his wife and carrot diamond grew up and robbery RES. Exactly -- I mean if you wanted to submarine has boldly Paul Allen yeah it got it abuses. Paul -- like submarines I like basketball. I would do my two billion but -- Else I mean we can't own a team like this it's hard to do but. It would you rather -- -- team yes. Except you know look at this in the front row. You know eighty nights a year forty units a year -- -- the front row. Specially in LA you get to schmooze with famous people right and you get to invite them to your private club. That you get to go on the team plane who -- on the only area and you go to some road games and if you do right she gets its chance to win champ which it sterling didn't do right. The couple connect conquering hero could be if you if you brought on the clippers right investment. I have the right people spend the money if you winning champ if you -- more than lakers. He's probably get this idyllic vision. Taken over right position walks and a great situation -- -- and talks like a quick anymore right Brian I know thanks now. To me while he buys the team in the -- somewhat hidden like man best though that -- could he wrote about you know. White superior court what its supremacy in. -- -- It's in the Klan museum and man of some -- happen you -- -- -- it works -- adults to know impossible impossible. What are the NBA pulled this off -- just because this guy is willing to overpay -- doesn't seem like sterling was -- dig in his heels deficit to build. One and who. Wait don't -- Late to the his instincts as a businessman and ways a lot of capital gains tax and don't let that be amazing yeah 350. I think it's at 6660. -- they pay. -- two billion. I think their rebel group that the second 66. Chiefs feel anymore. In capital gains than most teams and told four that's what problems -- more than eight. The previous record 600 million is that right -- -- -- but -- 600 no -- never gets the -- ever get so thing was never happens. Well what -- this would at wick and witnessed -- index. Wow I can get there also and yes I'm telling 6000000360. Wick this guy could show up at the meeting with the with the white world on an an and they were still approve them and me this pick of the value of all thirteen exit just. That the bar has been raised the bar has been raised to the -- it's it's. Astounding barrels a bit of quick word on its say a believes he -- Without a without any real estate. All of this to myself right now -- -- but Tony franchises in the end you know what people are -- are out with Chris I think it could be he thinks he could be -- -- build what he wanted to buys the kings and moved to Seattle right. Which is at home. Obviously -- Microsoft and maybe that's what he's still there is no way in hell he's moving does that would devalue -- relocation would you value of the investments on Tuesday and there courtside at staples. I was curled. Via yes I'm lost for what they really what's next to you as the lakers have Jack. And I can still hot as hell yeah like I executed like over disasters like to declares an eagle crystal. -- Penny Marshall. She's a -- -- acknowledge clippers she clippers and a Bill Simmons and his daughter. It's true that they have Bo Woody Allen and spike you want it if you're Ballmer you what's next Matthew McConaughey let cool. Police say Brady's hot stuff -- Brady forget -- person yeah. Jimmy Kimmel. Yet Jimmy Kimmel is friendly issues via smiles only Gretzky is out there -- -- networks. She's on tour though. That's true as a player week. Is CC is a big. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- About animal only one want that whole new look and feel -- their god bless him he's got docket at the perfect. Point man. It's true that yet sure docs -- -- -- Baylor. And but Bynum back you can come back to a game what did you ultimately I think Magic Johnson will be sitting next all that you have settled battle yet. It's true magic but it looks like that's divided loyalties. Lakers as evidence that you don't really all you more snow and he's not us is -- and -- -- -- yourself. Armament of the girlfriend is Dayton yesterday yes they -- -- it -- eight. Is -- others hamburger out what Steve and married since 1990s. -- the clippers. Steve Ballmer once. Longs for lasts after needs to make him feel better tomorrow morning when he wakes up on Saturday. It would W I think Adam good health lots. -- It with a book was Michael Crichton on Michael crichton's books -- billionaire. Has cancer yet this does not and can do about it right. And gamble and he does billions of time like some clinic in China were thought they might. Possibly have some kind of -- peach pits you might somehow made him all the normal protocols and now he was searching the world about this York big golf swing repeats. Repeats well in camp by by that implies that up by mr. and things you can't but probably once a good head hair. That can buy them. Could take and I wanted her -- man and a but it is is that a new picture where he's bald baseball these deputies at the ball and maybe you reach that point we -- so -- -- camp to ask. Chicks still dig -- -- pathetic I don't want to -- I don't Ayatollah now. Well we resume mattered since ninety. So it's not a childhood suite holders. He's 58. -- matter who's 34. So this -- already rich right is this his first or second. First oblique problem like a spelling he nerves she hit the pin and I think it it. Maybe he's happily married -- Snyder. She's bright she's in football trainer. What does she look like mr. Hu -- two billion dollar twenty billion dollar moment. -- with him. Now I mean I'm sure she's in nice -- I'd much like personalities she's the chiefs Q it's good tissue -- she's going to definitely met aired just Richard Devlin -- up. But he was 34 he was Microsoft then right -- stocks so he was loaded -- She's married way. But the machine looks like Harvey thinks he's personally. Julius -- -- yemen's August he looked like his first wife of a very wealthy man -- to think he was 34 and probably noticed is that this is accused daughter. Yet she's great and. Like Everybody Loves Raymond bother beautiful -- Actually Peter beatable if it execs EB. Via. Your -- artist I thought that. And I had hair argue I was seven sevenths I 793 quick let's do one more one more what I want to be on -- the list. Things we were wrong about doctor Charles cannot make a mistake. Donald Sterling in the NBA it will take or. Ever worked. Boston is a tough immediate now that you -- -- -- well idea about Stephen Drew is the key to the Red Sox season salvation. Forget that he me I'm done with he's dead to me your phone calls next article.

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