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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - 2004 Champion Sox Edition - 5-28-14

May 28, 2014|

We jog down memory lane and honor the 10 year anniversary of the 2004 champion Red Sox.

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Hollywood. -- it's. Sometimes. I don't. Both of these birds don't have to figure out what this was thought out out. Red Sox honoring the 2004 world champions -- here. So you know all we're going to be talking about 44 brought to you by AT&T. AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans building you a better network. What are the approval rate so shorter people who don't like the summit -- -- people like a lot of good. I have no but -- approval ratings on the song have to be after many years. Have to be overlooked 7580%. In this town -- gotta be because you don't hear unless there's a win. Every time you hear it I mean it played at the garden when the Bruins win that played here when the Red Sox win who started first here. What you're really here starting opponent I've I think can afford -- -- I don't know how important Alitalia vital link. Ninety's probably. Allison it was around out there and then doctor Charles almost botched it by. Putting it down after the first first to bring up. Testing which I loved -- -- but c'mon don't mess with because he had acted quite work out well it is the honoring of 2004. World champions here tonight at Fenway Park so that of course leads us in the fourth for them. Well during the run to the World Series in 2004. There are many players who cemented themselves as legends in New England. But for this question how much to answer which player was deemed most influential. For the Red Sox in their curse breaking season. Dale I'll start with the guy who made a TV commercial about it. Curt Schilling in that truck commercials that I've I've conduct and an 86 year curse and he did that the sock. God he was the he was the -- of this of this staff that year and that that that hurts to say because of Pedro Martinez out. Saw a lot of great baseball out of Pedro if you look at in the regular season. The best picture. That's starting pitcher in 2004 or killing. What do it in the count. Lined up. It is. So well of this dig out of my changeup. Really gets theory anyway got -- loss -- the last time same thing here. He -- to pitch well that's at a high fastball plot goes down swinging. Wagoner Betsy Stark about honest what are Schilling. Gets his fourth strikeout. Well here -- cure for their through outside this the bloody sock game at Yankee Stadium might be the most dramatic sports moment. Of of my time being in Boston sports -- c'mon it's up there wouldn't know who it is that you bring him back the black Sox. I don't. We're out there is no worse for -- feed -- baseball. Figured everything in the baseball but you know I think the most influential guy in the 2004 run. Clearly David Ortiz and David Ortiz -- good 2003 season. After Grady Little decided to put him in the lineup. Right around. Late may or June 2003. Hit a very good season. But 2000 -- the regular season it's season in the playoffs it just seemed like every night when you heated something. As greater Schilling was as great as Pedro Martinez was and keep fault when you needed something. David Ortiz was always there you know I think and -- Go ahead at. Blame my hands. We're gonna do it did do it what the and that's bobcats. Joseph -- Exactly they. -- -- -- -- -- If you're playing in the background could -- I heard the -- dirty water and -- background. You know I think that what happens when they talk about baseball -- -- -- -- -- -- stadium. Well baseball pitching and defense wins championships but always remember the office that you remember those dramatic moments and generally. They happened offensively. And he's dug about Schilling until you're blue in the face of the place and all that and you needed -- and you always need a guy like him allies to do it -- one when is it that it would Arizona do brilliant. From his big -- do because those kind of moments when there when -- walk us in a game Enders and there you know that's where you get the chills. From watching the sport and it always comes with. Of that so it. All right and it. You just get one guy who they kind of relied on they weren't expecting to rely on the playoffs and actually won every clear inference there it is at all. The Red -- five outstanding -- Innings of baseball tonight he has gotten them to the. Let's go to the sixth and one -- -- Derek Lowe. Have he's definitely on the list most influential I wouldn't go there. He won't win every clinching game but a very important guy and you think about even outside it -- 2014. How was put together. So how how Derek -- and Jason Varitek got here where he -- slocum. David Ortiz is released. Kevin Millar was on his way to Japan. Bill Miller. You know low risk starting there. You know if you're -- it so I cannot hear everything about somebody. They have their stars you know got he's got Manny Ramirez. Big money contract Pedro Martinez and Curt Schilling. But some of the guys from there iconic guys on this team were picked up and argued that. -- right now Andy. Yes we are Michael the 2004 Sox were dubbed the idiots idiots idiots no explanation necessary. Are you going to daisy Buchanan's and you're going out drinking. And you can only bring one idiot with you who's it going to be play along with a sites I know the outside of your. Not just catch pretend that would have to do you know where did you ever get hurt this place they never been there as 'cause kind of bar on Newberry street cool place. Yeah you kind of have to you know go downstairs and those veterans there I you can go go to -- with -- for a you know Arnold -- and I are more than I -- there are okay now let's go back -- Now you can go have a beer with winds -- from that -- Michael we've. Yeah zero. Old Martinez of -- are fun like this is walking through the Dornan and all the stories first of all did you bring the midget or not. Other -- is no longer with this provide. And a full. That -- marquis had a lot of guys I was working out we're gonna globe. Pedro Martinez to have haven't -- got to write a column. At Fenway Park on the Red Sox beyond anything. Pedro is pitching I get an appointment say are picked -- picked me up and read about something else just lied about it. Inevitably inning to inning three innings before it got hit. I've never seen anything like this before best pitcher of migrants and not just pitcher I've seen him. So -- it it was it was cool to be. To be watching him in your parents that are here if somebody else talk about what they saw Bob Gibson -- would not let somebody else about this -- OPEC do. You've got to see your own it in your own Colfax. Right here at Fenway Park. Steve -- which they'll have a -- with you know -- from that day when we're talking in terms of love -- eagle for a drink -- I don't think of what. Pedro meant to this team and and what he did on the mound I have gone for who's gonna it's over the best diamond. I think there's a lot of guys on that team that you get Dick let's face it they're nickname would be idiots it was about to do to have some fun. And you know it may be obvious to us via a guy like a lark but you kind of know what to -- with him. But the yeah like before him Pedro and entertaining. -- -- -- -- out I'm not be little in your choice here on just making it definitely I would go it's Johnny -- I feel a little. Because Johnny Damon is like he would be a closet good time Emmys. But when he's at the idiots yelling you're almost -- you take that to heart with him like you don't you don't know what -- -- a -- with a guy like that. And it could be crazy good so I wanted to take a shot the -- with him and just hope for an epic night. And I put a a ground rule on this yes -- the ground rule is it's going to be an English. Our Pacific today bush Manning might be some fun if you could get him talking and tell some stories that might be fun. He speaks is that want to know I know that's might say in the ground rule -- it's got to be in English. Because at least talking in Spanish it's not gonna help me any -- say Manning in English and uncle have a. They're happy and English. Understood and -- and -- are -- -- -- that things you'll see. The people who will flock to Manny and by extension you -- that we call it trickle down the people who for our own -- that's right. Will be fascinating. All right Andy three. Red Sox were fortunate to get some help from the opposition along the way who was the biggest goat. For the angels yankees or cardinals in 2004. All. It hurts me just say this. -- -- A little -- Senator and it's. -- I mean they about it go all the way back. Go all the way back to game four. Enters the ninth inning. Don't let us -- got a lead. You can fit -- -- where people don't look at wind but reps aren't the greatest closer. I thought about that the best starting pitcher I've ever seen. Is Pedro Martinez that's reliever have ever seen as Mariano Rivera blows right let's -- -- -- ought to be postal you work with his colleague in NASA. Did exactly that pretty good hope it was really dead there are -- -- -- there -- wrote the book is closed but. You've got that guy with the ball with the opportunity to get your team to the World Series. And a couple of times did not do jobs -- they would have. It was your go well. You know we take that a step for the army he got a notice how good Rivera was when you notice that both times that he -- -- clank done now on out on a big time game back you know 01 against -- on an -- Both of them were just ducks or balls they were like. You know just the leaders that barely got over someone said -- for a big hit. You know I couldn't -- -- I cannot pick one even with all the different teams there and I just say is the Yankees as a whole as the greatest choke effort ever. One more usage. When you're grabbing all the second bags are theories that they thought the first thought that what they have now. Bob now that we have a mom the Boston Red Sox. We'll have all the latest victory in heat history. But what about that for years for the Boston Red Sox this is the most important that all with the Red Sox. Have -- but then it. York yankees they're -- -- -- seven. While over there at the Red Sox are America's great champions. Pokey Reese is here by the way doesn't mean it upload U re scared and actually -- so I I got I got a weird when -- -- -- you would have it and you look at I got a weird when forecast range. The weird. -- was it weird little weird I. -- -- -- -- Walker hard ground ball into the game is so it always comes and stuff and another. And is it back well guess that's another good. Sometimes. Sometimes ran until now. -- -- It was late getting back the third David Ortiz but lately the third. And that snagged by Miller is so -- didn't go back sliding try to work his way around the backside of the bad about territory again. -- tagged him out in the cardinals make another base running mistake in the Red Sox get a double play and the cardinals don't score the game should be tied. Remember that one I do remember that I remember Jose Kendall throwing us in front of the bus to -- You know around Ito told to go to it was a good. -- -- And time -- -- the AT&T question of the day -- doesn't for the Red Sox Ron was made up of moments that will never be forgotten. -- late inning heroics Roberts stealing game -- Schilling's bloody sock and much much more. If you had to pick one moment and to represent the 2004 Boston Red Sox what moment would it be. I'll leave -- -- for you go ahead later it's simple too simple word yet not enough because I don't thus steal -- to this set. Eight dollars the extent. That -- lock -- Overtime on the second. Posted second. All right if there is no -- obviously there's no replay in baseball 2004. If they had him Derek Jeter. Has fooled. The umpire. And he had that he bought the swipe -- what it would it have been -- I've seem to not play I watched again this morning probably four times he was set. Our governor was -- I mean it at a replay would have clearly shown he would never think there's no -- no but yeah I mean if if they called him out it would have been hard to argue it. We all would have seen the video and we all what is it like it was I robbed right but -- up call right -- -- you know what he had he seen the video. And everyone. Around Boston. Because games off. The series is over if if he's out right so. Everyone would've been upset about that. But there was no one in their right mind that -- figured well the entire series what it turned around because that's what they were looking for it happened right happy to have that. In order for it to happen but knowing what is -- you know they would come back on the whole thing because of that day. It went into the game for that purpose. Pitch that's that year. Before coming up off the well off the charts if I'm not a thing right when it's stolen bases. -- been thrown out what -- want to twice. Joining us government to -- security came here essentially to be. An extra outfielder especially. You can say he came to Boston before you -- all. Let's that was why I would take the exact same moment that's mine that's what I think everyone remembers above all else. And Dave Roberts could walk into is that their pay for anything for the rest of his life and is down because of that. The reason why it was so special for me is because for years and years and years really for the entire existence of this organization. The stolen base has meant absolutely nothing. To this franchise for most of its existence needing care hang around for the three -- why would we steal bases when you have the green monster and he hit the ball over. And he came in specifically for that purpose and name and let us know you they admitted they acquired him just for that yet and I mean they didn't know what's gonna be that I'm just saying. They acquired in just a way out there that heated seats to get off the bench where you might -- -- stolen base that right means something or. Not even necessarily the stolen base but the ability especially at Fenway Park. The score on a single to left field from second base which is very difficult to do and many that do not -- send a guy but. For a franchise that that you know I don't know maybe you could view the map I haven't checked this out and I'd say probably the Red Sox have few stolen bases of any franchise history. Nobody runs less than the Red Sox overdrive and everybody in the ballpark knew we was going yeah absolutely that's the mark of -- great base stealers and you know that it's probably been overused the bottom line is. You know like idiot. -- the guys again absolutely fly. Hamilton in Cincinnati elder -- -- that everyone knows he's going on in the market a great base stealer is a guy that can steal bases. When everyone -- you've gone. -- couple a couple of examples. Minor but significant. In the 1988. Game. Game three -- about this and the come back if even more probable. When you think about what happened in game three you're not only are you down three zip yeah lost by eleven around. All male. They're about to go out like some shops and get swept in -- going to be ugly and it's going to be nasty -- in that game. Tim Wakefield allowed there. To have to to preserve their rotations. So -- Malarkey say -- don't start yet -- if -- don't let us win tonight because this is what we got we got Pedro we got chilling. And we have Derek Lowe in game seven would turn -- -- my example is gonna come from game seven. Let it be ashamed. To go to win game four. To win game five to win game six. And then to wet the bed in game seven but we know very early that what's gonna happen again -- that that's why did -- live what happened. Like I did it really. Quick and get elected. Want to thank -- that now has given -- I thought well. -- -- -- -- -- That hit the first pitch not yeah Vasquez. Sales and not ready for prime time from that moment. You knew that we're gonna win a threat there was absolutely not a doubt in your mind the minute Johnny Damon's home run went into the right field stands at Yankee Stadium you knew was -- You know all the memories although -- wait a minute the most pessimistic. Fans in the world up to that point. For baseball 86 out of here last I think I had eight and -- after the 86 World Series how could anybody think our -- male dogs they thought it was over until the last dollars -- -- -- -- he brought in -- winner in the Cayman -- OJ did get a little shared. It did -- this is too -- hats and we're to believe they had. -- -- On their side at that point 617779793. Sevenths telephone number the AT&T -- minus 37937. Hobby all fourteen is in the house in fact even. Out talking with somebody a season ticket holders and group of fans. Opt out behind the Red Sox dugout Pedro Martinez will make his way down to our studios will talk to him as well. If dale and Holley and Steve lines portrait and he swears he's WEE news. Tomorrow. MS it's based events don't miss and that he had 10 AM recap the Sox hold Ford championship. Union and we'll bring you game two vs Atlanta at Fenway and. Its tickets it. It's great you're not three point seven W.

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