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Ryan Dempster of the MLB Network joins MFB, 5-28-14

May 28, 2014|

Former Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster, talks to the guys about this current Red Sox team struggling. He objects to the idea of getting a big named Free Agent and thinks some guys on the roster just need to produce.

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And who would love to finish it off with a strike down. The bearded righty by it and -- Cannot -- Red Sox win. World Series they still one of the cardinals they have three more wins this new world champs. Ryan Dempster strikes out the last Manning faces. And Red Sox just dominated the cardinals tonight seeing -- playing very sloppy branded baseball. 130 and it being Maloney Fauria and -- or 937 WE EE I. I closed out their game game one of the World Series last year Ryan Dempster our guest right now as promised on NFB. And don't forget that Ryan Dempster who point out before will be part of MLB tonight. He's gonna make his debut as an MLB network analyst in studio acts six. I can find him on the MLB network dot com a final the channel listings there that -- from under TV the MLB network tonight Ryan for guy closed out. A game of the World Series I can probably assume you're not nervous for this but are you anticipating a little edgy little on edge for a. I'm a little nervous. But -- -- it or radios that can be erecting. I'm -- a large trying to make you feel comfortable boss right Casey all the boys over there. Silly -- and you know that's I think that's the nice party pursuant it'll be network you know like guys. Played -- there's fire that's going to be harder Marlins were in there. You know it's a great environment appear on our and all those guys really well both the host O'Brien and you have a version. You know all those guys are so you know India it's going to be a challenge for sure on the good fortune to build and battle that followed. That's the best -- -- to call games with incense burning and used the -- as a walkway we used to a minor league games and Syracuse he was talented beyond here's. Years back then and always a little sum the bit early like man I'm a big fan is there any way to bring tennis Turkey's preference. I just the that's the first thing I think of every time -- -- that name comes up is him burning incense appealed Syracuse database. It's a -- and ask you because they don't spring training kind of surprised a lot of people you know by just but by walking away NC just you weren't -- he walked away from a lot of money got asked a few months later. Any regrets at all. No no I mean. You know war all the Steelers are -- That -- you know but Tom you know given everything in all circumstances and articulating. Into account -- what I was doing what I was doing it. You know on super apiece it's my decision. You know. Have been have been -- in my my son's Little -- in court that he and I tell you an idea about six -- in -- -- resource articulate current course. So you can't you can't go right it's Scalia Michael Steele. He did he go a long long way to. Our -- depth review if you out seemed to watch because you talk in baseball on TV. So -- -- clay buckles lately and what would be your advice to fixing his problems. You know what I mean. You know I'm just watching from the outside I don't I don't know what. Sees when he watched sadly it is something that you do that -- technical curtain. -- is aiming to battle at all actually it was a responsibility. Electoral. You know -- competency issue I've been nervous and he's ordered poster I mean I remember. 2000. I mean there's 2000 and those -- 2011. I start April off 00 win forward like -- and nine and a -- you are like. FedEx that target -- that'll make you almost dark and I was going to succeed given up six strongly with it would drop. He is gonna find -- -- -- battle got to try and remember all them all the good things you've done and all the positive things aren't we of course all the other here at the you know -- it's a mental game out there it's it's a cup team they'll. I just think that. You don't use your religious got to battle through it did finally get straight to get some good things -- you know -- -- when our people out there. You know he needed to one outing but you know he didn't look sharp but maybe you know he he go to those -- -- -- to grind characters -- producer. You know it's obviously can't accompanist thing but the what they're kind of -- -- business changeup -- change you know all year long -- talked boy can't find it. And I know guys that arm angles change and breaking balls change they can't find the breaking ball the split but. The straight change -- is that something as a pitcher that just kind of comes and goes I forget that the subject to pitch that -- always have with you foresee. You know what think you know that's it's it's that you know. For blockbuster decision effective pitching. Effective pitch for anybody in baseball are the only good -- out there there's not a pitching machine for the machines are so cobalt and spiders and others and you name it. But there's not pitching machine to search -- and so it's it's it's really the equalizer for some important especially don't have that 95 are eager to happen. You'll change speeds that it has he -- -- have a than ever command to better control but he wants to. Maybe not -- you are that he wants. You know what he's got -- continues. To work through it you know at an -- as -- -- -- You're -- -- worked continued toward Britain mr. Obama arm rest a little bit so I'm sure nor -- -- -- -- -- -- and wanted -- pitching coach. -- -- get them straightened out and and back on the right track. Ryan Dempster -- this former Boston Red Sox pitcher be part of the MLB network tonight at 6 o'clock local listings and will be network dot com. -- -- Dustin -- -- the program yesterday and asked this question Alaska have you as well do you think this Red Sox team is good enough to get back into the race in the AL east as currently constructed or they need a big time shot from the outside the trade of some sort. I -- -- you don't that you become trapped inside that have to be. Going -- some world you know you look at some you know if the guys are now that some guys are struggle a little bit. You don't need when you lose. -- Jacoby -- up the lineup who not only just keep on base a lot but he's you know that's certainly don't base not just. People or don't see that fact that when a dark urine basis that's one thing -- insult to -- The pitches that he gets the hitters when they're up to bat all these companies that's. That's a huge thing because now the pitcher's focus on the base are trying to get the ball quick and our home plate also on the ball a couple of you get better which -- -- You don't and you're trying to find that Mexican a group of who who perhaps in the leadoff spot is the guy who. Steps in there and you try and find the spot defined that role and you know eventually get settled in but you know Napoli her victory no -- middle Brooks as soon -- You know been hurt off and on and also hasn't performed -- see -- -- performed so. You know that he's somebody in the lineup just to step up you know and you know just I'm really proud of the guys the way they handled the -- and it was against the Euro which is. You know without roster and -- players that experience is really argue with that ever kept -- you know and then put it on the part of grinding through it it's you know they -- going to -- Good -- Atlanta and when those two games so that's that's usually he's gonna build off that and just continue to you know you put yourself little bit of -- you know we'll look at dark art or your ego battle art. Yeah I guess with that you know you spring trip was cut short and a big theme was you know. It turned a page that sort of thing -- there has been some major beaten before Vick can nap go down of this team got off to a tough start it just wasn't clicking. Is that surprising to you given the kind of the group that you saw last year that this team could have a start like that. Well no I mean I mean it's a surprising if I know -- -- in the same time. Just like going into the 2013. Season. It was a whole different roster in the 2012. Season you know and and all that there's. There's a different. Roster this year there's a different group of guys and why you how much the same guys YouTube personality you pitchers -- to catch up if on key position players you know he's got -- -- -- -- -- there are some guys are and so. I could take just take so little salvage elements fortunately. You know you look at it and it ago. Two weeks ago per game over 500 and everybody -- in my first base at first but it certainly talking about Al you know the racing industry he. Now now you got to brought to the rest the year and find a way to stop every three game losing streak. He can't have that she's gonna go -- -- answer a series and you know that's the one part about it that that roster and those guys they're not -- -- those coaches. You don't adversity is is like they're middle name there they're ready for -- Europe that challenge now afford to see them you know go out there and and and compete for division and sources. -- jobless against the contract offer four year seventy million. Big slap in the face a joke what do you think about that. Arnold seventy million doors ever slept in the I I'd gladly anybody wants to slap you around in the base for seven million or -- Considering that sort of sit in the arena were and who were who were compared with disease is that undervalued I know you're seeing and you know and I think. You know that's. A rerun -- Q and you. -- sit there and portable you know -- -- -- -- as he knows who wants in the meantime the Arctic grip starts. They as a front office and the organization have a plan and you see a lot of long term view of it. That don't work out and I think it's scary thing to -- which is that a lot of money but you know in my mind Jon Lester is an ace on any team. I'll -- in the American League east exit all are there any of the lot innings on pitches and it when the bigger the game it seems like that the better that you. So to me that guidance that's worth going that extra mile orbit the same time you know it's something sensible in juncture. John roberts' -- or do whatever they it was great for them and hopefully from some Serb agreement. He is in the Red Sox uniform he's a tremendous teammate tremendous competitor. And a guy that's within and he gets. Ryan last thing as a former National League pitcher you're never -- getting to first base -- like -- timeout I buckled before he came on. No no god no okay I've because -- is we heard that from claim we're a bit surprised and we thought well he's been on base twice now it's gotten two hits in his career. He's been injured both times. -- -- -- It's funny like when you're never used to yet so I don't think by and actually work. Pretty it's pretty training -- on base running drills and no we're hitting every day or in the -- your morning and we're hitting before batting practice search for the -- report this turtle -- Starting pitchers that are out there hitting you know in and that's a big difference you know -- You notice the difference American League teams come and they are starting -- blog until they -- lost out circuit it's. It's new territory to them in that regard to meet with the last anybody heard it should double. To walk off win you know that's what he's gonna -- him that your team has a real good intentions -- I we stole it no matter what people when it. Grounded back the pitcher which -- so frequently bitterly so like I could run hard on first. In a couple times a game without when it -- so that. -- we know there was there was a loss in that locker room on Ryan Dempster left this team in 98 game losing streak nine game losing streak ten game losing streak. What would you do in that locker room as it is it van down by the river is it is it catcher's mask on naked. Scream and yell in that locker room how would you kind of late in the -- The -- I think that's you know there comes a point where I think it's just a fuel that you just look around a lot of you know. I've been locker rooms and been playing long enough where he starts since -- -- maybe. Maybe guys are trying to filter carrying too much pressure Obama so we try to do it all himself. Where you know maybe immediate immediate did not come -- it's it's hard to sit there and you know and outfitted with security after game. You know you just kind of judging city north that they were observed we bought seven in the broader term we lost nine general. I'm haven't -- it it expects into the ballpark today like -- you every data -- you are. I'm coming out our most important thing we can -- work circuit -- all of we're relaxed were playing well that's the OC you're seeing. And there they're waiting game by Enron wanted to do in the dugout was either laugh -- joke in our vibrant and or water and all I decreased up when you're losing and you've got to report looks at says all of -- governor seeking answers. You know -- -- what we do we think it's a bit more -- -- on so there's definitely would have been something I mean whether Matt Foley was coming out in -- I'm under I'm an announcer Ross. Like here it's very it's just something just that absent automate certain guys relax and realize what. You know what the big picture than us because -- -- -- Ryan thanks a bunch -- corrected from earlier it's tomorrow your debut not tonight correct. Democrats Loria decided an alarming there's -- which it is part of -- unprecedented look at the am I so would it be Brian thanks a bunch -- Donate -- item that is Ryan Dempster formally of the Boston Red Sox.

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