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Butch and Buck discuss the return of Manny Ramirez … as a player/coach for the Cubs Triple-A Affiliate in Iowa 5-25-14

May 25, 2014|

Butch and Buck give their reactions to Manny making his triumphant return, this time for the Chicago Cubs organization as a player/coach in Iowa. This brings the boys back to the legacy of Manny and his relationship with Theo. Of course, they also continue with the Sox downward spiral.

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Saying well. Mike Napoli on the fifteen day DL -- Shane Victorino. And as we've been focusing on this morning -- that. Compared to last year at least statistically the offense has been a problem. While we can talk about the defense and shortstop a particular and Stephen Rose heading back into the fold. Their offense has been the huge problem and now they are both Napoli and Victor Reno on the fifteen day DO. So while Red Sox fans sit here and watch them try to stop and wheels bus blowing off right 617779. At at at. I guess my immediate question is what's the stop gap. Measure for the offense -- is now backup. As a chance to redeem -- are to get most of the playing time at first base weakness. Well they don't go to Atlanta right after the two entities will get one of those games. At first base. -- get the other men and couple get majority Islamic at some time at first some but he's going to be used -- feel Victor -- True. True what effect does this have on if any when Jackie Bradley junior. He's he's a body who's helping you through these guys play because they did they don't have a lot of options. Which means that the question isn't so this Tuesday. Just so people won't think that we're doing the chicken -- guys flaunting here is because atlas -- in a row. Not only are they less than in a row but that that they're falling like flies. Napoli is on the DL would -- struggling Pedroia is struggling it's like. -- there is no rocket Gibraltar rock there right now they're there and some trouble here right now. Go to Mike in Boston on Bakken board chair on -- I'd like it. All independence. Or don't we didn't -- so. With the way everything is going. And it dropped slightly used that particular way to -- is to stock traders these guys away. Really while. -- -- -- you you gave all that. Truck the crowd being so now that he would do a lot about -- an active. They're little -- that you get in Iraq could. Like a good prospect. That's your first -- guys so that your first movement you gonna trade last year. And -- -- -- whole let that play your game it blow it up we're getting Fuller stern from what somebody gonna give. -- Public sector confusing us. But attributed to try to let that America prospect that okay. They're gonna they're gonna build for the future anyway so why not stop now that you've -- a -- like this trick or less stuff. You already have that suicide. Can do anything about that. What that this is last year ago that that is going to be productive but you're gonna have not make it the more than what of them moved to make but. But the true or what. No I wanna play your game for second if I'm gonna blow it up and I am gonna trade Lester I would make the argument that you would want to trade him earlier. Then later because you might get Marcus somebody. Paying for when he starts of Jon Lester is opposed to and might give you more and if you did generally the problem -- -- an early. And -- I don't remember it. Happening. In May I mean it's July when a free agent pitcher gets treated. To a contending team it doesn't happen no right now I'd rarely rarely let a guy -- use a -- -- a valid point. It everything. I know. I know but you don't want it -- you may exactly. But you what I declared. But like you sit you don't want to let he says that no I don't want it to Lester. Aren't so by keeping him. What do you do with what you don't because that's duplicate that in the -- -- regain. The trust. You know so now it's huge for them the last thing you're gonna hear -- phone calls. Wideout who's straight or last that you're not gonna get that they have free practice yet to do and I think they wanted to. I can you really can you really called -- washroom Memorial Day and well. What are -- -- You -- Europe can create a nine game and. And -- eight teams out. Hurricane and from the wildcard you're probably four games on our -- And I mean you know like that it's at. Remember that -- all cellular out of our look at this remember don't go OK but so you're saying they're done on Memorial Day. -- done a memorial that will continue at -- They're not done. -- They're not done I saw the 1996 Red Sox start six in nineteen and then post about best record in baseball after that. And come back and Kevin Kennedy that never got there and Roger once he was. And. Second best wreckage that team it's not in first place as the angels at 27 when he. Then you go to the Yankees. At 25 and when he read in five games out of a while -- qualify wave. And yeah so it's so there about five games by being so wild card. On the when the -- It's it's hard from somewhere there's no way they can make up by gains in four months ago I would trade Lester now it's it's hard. It's hard to write them off on Labor Day. If some years it's not it's it's hard to rip them off on Labor Day except that there are they having nine game losing streak they've just placed Napoli in the DO. It to -- on the DL. The jury is not hitting Ortiz is slumping. Middle Brooks is on the DL middle Brooks is the DL so. I'm more concerned with. There help the prospect right now in size was not hitting. -- not hitting buckles it's we're waiting for the save your shortstop to finish up his -- single way. It's it's not that good right now now. In my going so far as to say they are out of it nobody -- big trouble. Go to -- in Woburn high Doug. Hey guys and it went a step back and -- knocking all there we all legal here we go done up you know. -- -- -- People -- guys and equality about getting treatments they think about what you have to give up. Get uncle stand -- -- deal the deal right don't -- -- -- just not a why isn't gonna happen -- are you would you not be willing to make the offer. I didn't. I've caught a column I want you to want you know what if I want. He opened reference back to -- great called Allah be a roll back in the number he looked at the -- is right trade with the -- and nothing happened. In what you have to give up to get a playback -- And in the long when it really is really not worth it. Not content I want wanna take it take to meet with middle -- into part. Well keep in mind -- that the Marlins two games out of first place right now so they're not the position trade anybody. If the -- nitrate stand is going to be in there -- force created via trade deadline. This is no reason. Also at 25000. Yesterday for game at home against Milwaukee Brewers. Which means that the developing through -- interest so it it'd it would be suicidal for the Marlins trade him right now. I guess the bigger question Doug is if it's not Giancarlo Stanton is there another guy out there that you be willing. To take some of Europe prosecutor try to posits -- greet the year from the died from a prospect -- organization right now according to all the experts in baseball. Would you be willing to give up not Henry Owens and not Zander Bogart's. Which -- would you be -- to give up. A package of prospects to get an established. Player that you have a better idea will be a contributor for several years here in Boston. It didn't know and I think of others and state. I merely said it is nobody loves it. Did they got it and I thought I I don't make the quality I'd love speed I would love an understatement but but but. Not that it did that nobody and I mean that I just wouldn't I wouldn't trade my best pitching prospect again I did what do. Why I gave you I give -- laundry the and you know you're not excited about that. I'm not that in India some guy column I can't what little I want Mac ample you know -- huge money in any injury prone Nolan. It here at 279343. On base percent and 7230 PS. Don't think I'd be happy go lucky guy that's all we don't need to thought you know but -- of. Thanks for call Doug recent in my -- signed through 2017. The a's got three more years after The Who has an underdog is here. Let me ask your question and I'll get to wire -- question your you know your knowledge. What was and is -- relationship with Theo Epstein. Mean the premiere of I don't know I mean I realized it was good it was not know reasonably there was bad. -- ended badly okay. I'm asking I mean what did you say you got to sake I don't know what his relationship Chicago Cubs today sign Manny Ramirez to a minor league contract or go to be a player coach and AAA I'll. President of baseball operations Theo Epstein was with Ramirez for seven years in Boston made the announcement we are excited to welcome Manny -- the cubs organization. And I look forward to him working with our young hitters Epstein said. Meaning is not only one of the best hitters of all time he's also a dedicated student of hitting. It has proven to be gifted teacher with younger teammates who worked with him in the batting -- Behind the scenes he's always been a tireless worker who was very serious about the craft of hitting -- like it is written. Meaning is made real mistakes in the past. But he is owned up to them removed his life in a positive direction the last couple of years. He -- really great place right now and wants to share the lessons he's learned along the way we the cubs think he deserves another chance and our young hitters. Will benefit. 41 years old now. Manny Ramirez has been named as a player coach and Tripoli island slots. Things about that number one. I I think he's going to be at Fenway this week is any. And they have like a tenth anniversary. Thing at Fenway this week and David Ortiz has said on a couple of occasions if you read the beat writers though. That that -- these changes ways he's more mature it was settled in now and so forth that's not me talking -- -- parting words by -- -- I I do go back to something I've often said. I wondered what. Mean Ramirez is gonna do the rest of his life because I'd never -- as being any kind of a coach or instructor. Because they always buddies that I rotten example for younger players because you know -- -- -- got to be at the traveling secretary with tickets and also the guys couldn't figure out which knee hurt and one one room moss and you and if if you know obviously Theo and those of a whole lot better that I do. The obviously has investigated. His ability to be a coach instructive but he also investigated Carl Crawford's ability to play in Boston itself. And it. So what are we -- -- -- it is many has been named a whole later coach. -- Iowa here's a comment in this statement released by the cubs miss work in this match. Manny Ramirez quote I'm at a stage of my life in Korea Iran really wanna give something back. To the game that I love the game that has meant so much to me and done so much for me and my family. I know I am nearing the end of my playing days but I have a lot of knowledge to pass on to the next generation. Both what to do and what not to do. The cubs have some very talented young hitters and I would love nothing more than to make a positive impact on their careers. I am passionate about baseball and about hitting I have a lot to offer while I would love to return to the major leagues. I leave -- God's hands. My focus will be working with the younger hitters making sure they don't make the same mistakes I made in helping the team anyway I can. -- report to the cubs' spring training facility in Mesa, Arizona four at bats in extended spring training before joining. -- Kind of nervous and a -- league. I'm just -- you know I was -- before what I was gonna go in front of us. -- 41 year old Manny Ramirez being signed by the cubs as a triple a player. Coach I was curious over the managers and higher. -- is Marty PV. He played briefly in the big leagues with the Montreal Expos in 1989. -- a minor league playing career thirteen seasons. As a catcher first baseman outfielder he's 51 years all he's a native of Savannah Georgia with high school in Savannah Georgia with the Georgia Southern University. And the reason if you're wondering why am bringing all this up because this is the guy. -- home Manny Ramirez. And by the way the hitting coach and I was Brian harper. Who played a few years the big leagues obviously the race go to salmon Newton how are you Sam. -- -- -- -- Some would they get -- in -- -- a blow up team and all that I gotta tell you the one good thing about baseball business hour. Appear to Boston Red Sox. He -- -- -- there is a luxury tax however that is there's a luxury. But they have one players signed after independence if he has better. Their -- of you know flexibility with the cap state that there's not a good position at. Arm hang on Seattle I just have to corrected that. You're right in your premise but they -- more than one players signed for fifteen million Buchholz. They have. The -- via our victory you know it's it's more than. -- -- It might be beyond two sentences and by. You know you're about -- point the main point here is that kind of -- Arm is they -- in America and I've noticed is. To be successful in Major League Baseball. I can be need good mix Wii is prospects and established players were hoping on the prospects turn in the players. You know you can go to get free agency. We do have a lot of prospects why don't -- which cell ball I think reciting a guy like Jon Lester very import Uygur people they -- law embryo and that that. I think we've seen it here you can't rely on young prospects completely the Kerry team. And I mean I don't know why you wouldn't even come close sang Jon Lester -- you never read in wired so upset when he offered at eight dollars. Earlier this year whether that's starting order not. The reason you wouldn't I would think is that. You've got yourself. By signing 567 year deals. You've got yourself. In trouble by doing that you were fortunate enough have a team that. Bailed you out the Dodgers without so now you've made a commitment within your organization I'm just guessing this. Sam Ayers -- anything that you're not gonna you gonna be very very careful. When you commit. To -- longer years and bigger money that it's gonna be team friendly. So I understand correct. But at this same time that he gave those deals where they did not come through your organization hadn't played you. -- that's part of doing business. That's an article in business you're gonna spend more money to acquire a guy who's nodding your organization -- established. Both more money and trades and prospects IE Adrian Gonzales and years and money and commitment it's just means that -- answer to Jon Lester. If you don't wanna commit the writer Jon Lester to -- point you gotta committed to match Jersey digging insurers are the last. Exactly that all the more reason why you get a guy you know decide to do that Gloria. -- why don't think you know -- had a very -- friendly deal. Well but they -- they also brought up freeagent yours comments on perjury as one of the back this many things I I think it's going to be a big story in the coming days. The pitching coach rather the hitting coach is Brian harper said he played for the Braves -- with the twins. Play good every years in the big leagues and the media -- has been working as a player coach with Marty peavy who's your manager Brian harper. Who's the hitting coach -- Bruce Walton -- the pitching coach. And I'm looking at the roster and who would be on the roster right now but on the DL but Lars Anderson so. -- -- some of the names here. And this this'll be this will be interesting of the fall. -- -- quick break we're back with more big news Manny Ramirez signing with the Chicago Cubs as a player coach. At AAA -- says the Bakken -- sounds like you both of the major bias against meaning it sounds pretty Eddie. Will be back to comment on that after this. I'm not sure there's effects. Such as the one you're alluding to a trade for instance. Wore a big hitter. Number one there -- -- figured out there in this PD tree here -- -- and I -- intriguing quote. And to. To expand what you have to extend to get that player. I'm not sure the -- -- wanna do that because right now they are a situation. Where there are protective of what they have now they have that. In your account all over the place we know that left side of the infield catching. Pitching differently for the ball. The idea to keep it going and how much are you keeping go in late trading for a big money hitter. At Ken Rosenthal fox sports on Friday. We have Jon -- a row and -- It's got clobber. And saying it helped the origin caller standing according to -- there's a big trade market out there right now has materialized. And then his advice is the -- -- probably not be trying to take on big. Expense about six or seven cents at 97 under through seven to join us on fire a couple of segments here Bakken which us under the big news Manny Ramirez signing a huge news. Big news. It Tripoli contradiction well it back to baseball and -- a pat on the back but what you just so negative are here -- Arts or can I make my comment first -- -- -- an address after address said. Sounds like you -- butch both having major -- mostly. Against -- It sounds very -- so I'll speak for myself. Not steep. I have no regrets. That Manny Ramirez wore Red Sox in fact I would argue in the case -- -- -- of the 200 million dollar contract players many is on the top of the list number one it's lived up -- the money that he did it. You can't argue that the average 3508. RBIs and a Red Sox uniform for seven and two thirds -- -- hall of fame numbers he lived up the money he was a World Series MVP. He won the 99 I believe he'll be asked when he -- -- home run and deciding game and on and on and not and for people in the media self serving. Many many memorable moments when Manny Ramirez hot web. This is not a major body as to -- point or petty. If you wanna talk about Manny Ramirez in Boston you have to paint the whole picture the handful of times. And numerous times that never got out where Manny did things behind the scenes. To retton. Everything that the team was all about. Things like -- -- skip I got a knee problem which need you picked. Jack McCormick to traveling secretary and pushing you can't. Paint the -- any picture without being brutally honest about it I -- anybody in their right mind can argue that meeting was worth the money. To a Red Sox five. See Theo Epstein is a lot more plug in meaning as we speak. He has been in touch with him I assume I presume. And whatever changes mean he has made his life. Has inspired the -- to hire him as a coach in in the minor leagues. And considering that that. PO reputation is on the line he spent several years out Chicago they're going to have another losing season this year. Presumably they wanna grow players in the farm system and who is he sending to the farm system as a player coach many Americans so I'm I'm. My good -- tells me compels me to point out that Theo is a lot more on topic with this than -- -- I haven't physically seen. Many in several years. Having said that it ended badly in Boston it ended badly in Oakland where he played a minor leagues didn't come back. He's insist. And political. Feels comment you -- many has made real mistakes in the past but he's owned up to them. And moved his life in a positive direction the last couple of years he is any really great place right now -- wants to share the lessons he's learned along the way. We think he deserves another chance and that our young hitters will benefit from your point -- He'll put his bottom line up or bring in mania and that's situation. Do you agree with me how you feel the same way that if you add it to do over again you would what are would not want Manny Ramirez. To have been in a Red Sox. That when you -- -- today they they won two World Series championships. And he played a major role in both of those. And considering they had 1186 years signed me up for the arm that many played Boston got. Go to. TJ in -- hello TJ. Up blockades are. You're the until I want to -- one place -- mini or a wicket I think he's gonna rushed out. Just because -- hear me out. He holds some of the greatest memory I have number you've been in regard -- -- not only that but. The one thing I was consistent throughout all of his career what is sitting on. And now he's gonna get all the young kid from the Dominican in the Spanish kid and he can he can crop that order with them and he has to -- his hand eye coordination either. I I assume he's gonna work and all the players not just the Dominican no -- This thing that wanted to benefit. Like he -- gonna crush what do you mean by that. I think that it's a high risk -- award from the you know he'd be talked about as a player as a coach. And approach so that you don't hold that ball. -- So always gonna crash at the coach not a -- usually means it all ethnic Russian side are you being cool and hip I understand. That he -- -- ordination mini cab though new entity can if you can come out and play that younger kids coming in -- It just it just it could be -- could not. Right just to be rational here I assume that it is not with the in this player part of the player coach thing. I have to assume it's not with the meet the intent by him playing any big league baseball at this point given his age units the National League team they have seldom. Use the DH. When he gets American League teams in the road so and I certainly don't -- playing the outfield at this point -- careers so. I don't think he's going to be. I I I think the player coach thing is more coach the player with the wealth. BO does not make a comment about Manny as a player however many says I know I am -- me and of my playing days. While I would love to return to the major leagues -- -- -- in God's hands my focus will be working on the young hitters however. The actor he's been named player -- He's gonna he's gonna teach these part of his teaching of these young hitters in the cubs' organization at the AAA level. He's gonna get up to bat and show them how to. -- awfully because they don't -- -- Brian harper -- hitting -- that they it's possible they like him as a coach he's working -- players. And in order to facilitate the move maybe have a spot their rosters the players this calling him a player coach. Again I'm out there texture says she can't really teach. Hand eye coordination the first thing came to mind but I was a lot younger then but when Ted Williams coached the Washington senators. I mean remember Johnny Pesky me telling me a story. That. When he was junger Johnny came back from. The war. And he was having trouble but then he started hit really well and I just couldn't understand. Why eight. You know Johnny. Could just jump on it right away so my point is. The big the -- is right because your great hand eye coordination doesn't mean you're gonna be a great coach could you sort of not all the players -- coaching you're gonna have that hand eye coordination. So sometimes the greatest players aren't the greatest coaches. The -- fun story -- fall of the over the ensuing weeks if funds summertime story let's all go up to Iowa. Let's go to Iowa they -- go to -- in Connecticut how's that again. I know at Iowa. But something. At this point because -- that department this -- -- -- -- -- -- acceptable here could be. There's been beaten up about -- last visit in certain maturity as a last effort the Internet for you when -- market. All the reports. You know last year what -- they weren't -- in -- but ultimately you know Darren is used as a great team but. One different electorate that that the neatly in your book undeclared each. The World Series there that it certainly better than America 2000 forward. We've been in a -- about -- or don't want currently. So you think calling last year fluke as an insult because the Red Sox deserve to be there over the course -- a hundred significantly. More than anything they don't -- your. Not on I would agree to promise me they won they and the cardinals tied for the best record in baseball last year the two best teams -- -- Yeah social media -- by taking it literally the word fluke it's an insult. To them that because they debated back into the playoffs. They didn't. Backing by the way he Tikrit was over Gary keeps it was a seven game emails yes text remind me to be tigers and sixteens. Not setting -- go to a seventh game they won game six remember. On. Oh victory a Grand Slam be huge it's -- but they only had nine runs in six games. To beat to beat the tigers. So. I think you're right I think we're quibbling over words -- fluke unexpected. Whatever nobody expected them to even compete last year coming off the Bobby Valentine. And they are. I like that in the beginning what for music they're playing meaning meaningful in September are looked at so. At the gate because my expectations but are you on whether people that are very that Lucas does it sparingly in your signal work. So it says here you wanna talk about Lester to what you. Yeah I do what I -- I wouldn't say an amateur let her know from watching and I think in late -- Georgia. And it over he'd take for example if you do brought -- -- this -- that we get those who got together gonna end up making a lot money. It -- into brought their pitching the way they were accurate and Beverly Kirk turned on Appleton mayor let your uncle on all artwork -- You have been linked to a -- you saw Hillary you're saying you know -- here we are happy to -- their stalwart they're gonna people there. You know be you know cut part of the rotation for years to come and that are -- -- direct but also I elector where where's he -- be in the next in the next report aren't yours. Well I look I think we all want him to have Jon Lester back as -- and I were talking earlier on their real problem this year. Even with the way buckles and do -- as you bring -- a good point there -- Our pitching compared to lash of the real problem is run production. But this going to gain a running game less. After 48 games than they did last year Arianna -- deficit but look Atlanta today. It's just that awful way to Tripoli lineup right now they're they're in trouble getting a break we're back -- more final segment about from -- right after this.

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