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Butch and Buck continue their discussion on the struggles of the Red Sox on Sports Sunday

May 25, 2014|

The boys continue talking about the rock bottom Sox and how they can get out of their funk. Callers are showing their frustration bringing up desperate trade scenarios for Matt Kemp and talking about trading Jon Lester. Perhaps this is just a bridge year?

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Our number three -- butch on a Sunday morning. Calls are lit up let's go right through -- -- what he says go to -- in Rhode Island. -- -- -- Bigger polio. At Ball State Utah and well look on this story before and out because of a triple on sports. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It won't try to talk show around APEC and 7080 and ninety. And you could actually actually have regularly get them it will dominate that should call up and talk a little -- -- right in the minor league game between -- and doing that. -- just something so Oregon actually quote totally GM but the deputy directory you know -- such a minute tape. So and so doing -- -- wouldn't we envision him playing. Just television and you don't you can imagine in the decade ago. But there you go on real public at. Always a very easy approachable proactive -- -- the thing about that I also think that that's a bad that the job a big -- general managers becomes so much more complicated now. That sitting -- gap being with with with people is is a lot more difficult -- -- that you pretty approachable guy. He's not a very forthcoming guy and he's not as rosy an upbeat and we're curious as will would this mean we're always says. -- with honour to speak at banquets it was amazing. And so what I'm just saying you know I hate any any cheating going on here in radio and opened the colts fans which is kind of -- I'll put our concept but just. It was company could do any good at -- -- -- he could be a microscopic shopping occupied it's -- so. So I put it there like it was just to. -- -- -- thanks for the call you know anything you know when I was kid speakers up and shot it was after the start market Porter Square. Well a little kid my dad would do this is one of those -- stories though so pull the car over pay attention. Take notes. But though. Story coming. We do this stop the start market imported square. And every Saturday morning my dad was a truck drivers felt. He would do the shopping and take my brother Kevin appall me and we do this thought -- shopping at shopping its start market. Every Saturday to the same big being being heavyset guy with shock of white here. Would say hi back I would say I. They gap repayment -- that I would turn in the Carter on the corner into shopping. Like I was pro with Tip O'Neill would become speaker of the house real you'd fly at every week -- take -- out shopping at the start market. It was it was you like minority whip I think back in the house. It was powerful man in the United States government in my dad with a truck driver quote tracking it -- in Italy are from the -- Hughes talking about the Red Sox. Every cent of those -- stories yet. But don't expect. Until but story we can move on just wanted to -- -- that I like all time baseball game August 25 they go. He -- shopping speaking of stories. -- -- get the nickname. Yes. -- that the -- name my real name corneal it's on the set or nearly so quick touch -- -- -- Not I think that things it would jaws but John did a great movie class. I mean eat -- His name was -- so he did you know. As -- -- in your life. Now of course again I get that frequently. When I called. That -- couple -- it back a guy inquired about a guy like Mac can't. Really no team has. Didn't create any high profile that it particularly at this time a year everywhere and killing contention for the most part there -- -- -- I mean that my -- they're gonna build around. In Fernandez. -- -- -- I agree with you that I think that the Marlins are not gonna tree stand he's not even arbitration eligible yet so that they're it's not like they have to. I think he's the best young player in baseball. That's just my opinion. I I. -- -- -- earlier yeah like people saying oh let's get like in the Catholic introduction into its heroes it's like penetrate and at that building -- Well all. Giancarlo Stanton in two years from now might be a whole different animal. For the Marlins. If they can't sign him to a deal. Then two years from now they're going to be faced with losing him and getting enough. And maybe just a draft picks -- that that's a whole different animal your point about. So so quick let's go back -- you point about whether it teams are gonna make a traitor not because during contention. I think from a Red Sox perspective it's really a matter of what are they gonna do. In other words are they gonna stay the course but they can ride out Jackie Bradley and see what he can do when Fisher -- -- -- him as will -- Brooke's gonna get another shot here. Com. -- What about Jon Lester if they don't -- Jon Lester in the season continues to go south they gonna trade him. I don't know that it -- -- very -- so much. That they don't know it's. Mean Jackie Bradley can't continue that's great political good defense got a strong army had another strong armed center fielder and I can remember. When. I mean I got that hit the ball. Yeah you're an automatic -- at this point communion that nice little stretch we're -- -- runners in scoring position. We don't really have any alternatives down. In the minor league than in Portland got -- keep that. Playing in center field now but that's work in progress I mean we don't really have any outfield that. Well started Pollard minor -- -- then. Seemed like third base catching pitching. Well you started -- quick you started thanks for the call you start you start the call but talking about. You know trades and and heading in that direction. I mean. Exactly. I mean. I don't see I don't -- Red Sox making a fundamentally big move at the trading deadline this year and indeed they have a long term plan. I don't think by eight the trading deadline by July 31. I mean like he said and I don't see him being completely out of I don't see this losing streak continuing them being sixteen games out. That's a whole different discussion if they offer which -- Sunday. What if that's true of -- But no I I don't think that we out of it simply because the advent of the added wild card makes it easier for teams that sneak into the post season. Right and if you look at the American League this year. You went up a whole bunch of teams. -- in there fighting for that last play out spot then. It would ball -- the Red Sox not to be sellers. Or buyer more than a but no -- I don't see there it's like falling out of this one right away but again what's who have next Sunday Dexter says. -- butch tell John Farrell that this losing streak is killing -- Ninety Nine restaurants kids eat free. Not -- says we need more -- stories I love -- stories LO -- by the way about tip was coming back to collect. There's I don't know what that means to me looking like all of a six -- 77797937. Its buck and butch on a Sunday morning. Talking Red Sox and a nine game losing streak they gonna lose nine arrow and get right back out of a race stock. That's what's happened in they will send Brandon -- to the mound again it's on WEEI today. Our game time is 140. Kind of a weird start timing Saint Petersburg heats in Bedford hello Keith. -- -- Boy I don't know last night's game was just about as ugly as I remember a -- being. This year. And we went from bad to worse who you know we were worried about runners in scoring position last we didn't get in -- hardly got any runners takes over. What fifteen innings. I think we need a -- I think you know talk about to load the third base. I think drew is absolutely necessary but not sufficient solutions. But I think we need a bad and -- -- charity. Lou. Actually Lucent one out some guys are making big money in the end small -- games. But it seems to me it started pushing the panic button it's. It's getting really really ugly. So. What what type of bad do you want you want an outfielder yet you're treat you want an outfielder. Yeah I've been thinking about what we paid a different idea appealed verses the outfield and everything. The only real -- we have this is. Victor Reno. I'm Bradley inside where practically free I think we need some -- serious investment. In the outfield. End in -- I do think these these now that we had to. Left infield is gonna straighten itself out. And I have no idea where we're gonna present scheme but it. I think we need. Real name and 140 million dollar. Our power here and we thought it might be you know much that we thought we might get the pop metal broke it ain't gonna happen. So I'm just trying to figure out who that player is and where you gonna get him the first name that comes to mind is Matt -- but. Are you guaranteed. We have enough of the body of evidence that Matt Kemp. Is gonna be worth that money for the majority of his contract. Much I think at this point in I I don't know I am using a glass half full guy but we saw a little bit of almost everything bad last. I can't think of a single maybe Bradley's catch it was says that the only highlight. -- I'm not debating your point that it's bad. I'm not debating it oh yeah I'm saying cool we're targeting. We gonna go get I -- your list of the best outfielders in baseball right now. Here's the top ten by average. -- -- -- Seth Smith Charlie black and Melky Cabrera Carlos Gomez. Angel gone Alex Rios Andrew McCutcheon Shin-Soo Choo and -- Carlos Stan. That's that's your best -- by average are all waiting over 300 Michael Brantley is the only other outfielder hitting over 300. Here's your best outfielders -- power. Nelson Cruz -- fifteen home runs Giancarlo Stanton with fourteen. Posey -- would twelve Justin Upton went twelve gonna see him in the next two days Michael Morse Carlos Gomez might Trout and -- -- league all with ten. There were only nine and make it eight outfielders were ten or more home runs to power is hard to fine. Well we I don't know. Who were back at it I guess my last question is has anything gone from worst to first to worst again. Hillary did that early on and that was a Florida Marlins in 97. Well I don't know. I keep thanks for the call but again any -- that is up by feel compelled to point out. That the Marlins broke up the team after winning the World Series. Though it it's it's right it said that comparison is not it's an accurate comparison. In terms of results or its results yet but not accurate terms of the expectations to -- team. Go to Bob on the Kate hello Bob. I don't Wear -- indicate. Who hopefully the weather today. I. Really little -- but now Hillary is the reason I ask him on the Friday. That together with what guys talk. Forty guys hang trader -- and it's on Friday on was forty guys who was beauty director boy really a class of 78. That's from. The world I am my mom's got a Dennis I get down that direction. -- What's on your mind. Well idea. I'm. Actually -- yankees and what I've taken a lot of interest in the Red Sox was -- -- appear. And and watch it. -- Buchholz. And he looks like -- whatever the problem. He's got mental problems. He just. -- -- -- that cute anymore so why don't -- their change of scenario our strength in. They can package them and little Brooks I get an outfielder and bring a picture -- -- our. You know from -- our market. I thanks for the call again is radios to distract them bark. Out the -- -- question is an interest in one -- First of William -- -- -- -- you gonna get great value for him right now with the -- in the snow -- you know what people. Tune in these programs that would let -- likes what's -- answers. Because we're experts right because when you know we we are better constructing a Major League team that any general manager but I think you'd agree with that point. Can anybody honestly tell you what the problem is quite buckled. You were on -- -- -- the other day yes I heard the -- driving in this morning -- and what he says. Is that the thing that's made -- successful whose career is just not here. This year he says that's the only difference in the thing that makes him successful. He's not justice fastball guy he's no I was mix of pitches is always kept hitters off balance or right now they're not up ballots had ordered coliseum known. Couldn't have been more balanced against a week. When he stepped into the box soul. You asked the question can anybody say what's wrong with him according to bench Harrington it's that is mix of pitches is not. Carriers are just too comfortable against him yeah bad bad bad watching him pitch. So we're enemies -- mean. I don't know I. He's to be a complete enigma I have seen him beat the best pitcher in baseball. Sporadically and I've seen him every once I -- stepping up against the though. It it it's it can't be -- help thing they did say you'll get a baby him in spring training. And be very careful how they used him they set up the rotation to give him to stay out here in day out there and obviously that's not working. It is this too much talent there. -- says as retirement outfielder Jayson Werth. I'm not sure I'm taken on his contract I could look it up on a break. What he's guaranteed he signed a big deal -- 126 million would Washington two or three years ago so he's got war years laughed at twenty million dollars a year. For five years he is Jayson -- a hundred million dollar player -- right. 2735. Homers twenty RBIs this year all right -- twenty million dollar player. He's been all right I mean it's the I don't get caught up in the money. Because don't nobody is worth that kind of money if you run media stupid cliche and talk about. You know the state police and our teachers and in all that it would get tired of that because. That are entertainers -- these guys are entertainers and entertain isn't gonna make big money which is why movie stars get big money so rookie caught up in the money. In the grand scheme as god looks down from the heavens nobody's worth that kind of money I understand. So. I don't pick up salami or should different question for team. Recently last 45 years. That is shown that they're very frugal when it comes to committing multiple years and big dollars IE Jon Lester this year being the latest. Would you be willing to take on. Jayson -- -- 35 years old. -- multiple. Years left. At twenty million dollars a year my answers no absolutely not no probably not. Aptly phrased it. It. Roger in Medford German great the way you phrased the question was due group near you an idiot. -- -- more you guys are up personally comeback is one of those -- stories so. -- -- -- -- -- Right back to the phones on -- -- we go to Jim in Medford hello Jim how are you this Sunday morning. Okay are you guys good. I was that Thursday's game but. I couldn't tell. Look there is armed body language because I was distracted by Bob Ryan and -- -- two rows behind us. Keeping score and bringing signal from ballgame in the senate and that was. I was actually I was actually sitting with a a couple of innings. Are you or I didn't see you doubted there early in the game I I know we're -- sets and we frequently go to games together and I I was not sitting I didn't attend the game with him but -- storm in the press box before the game getting his response notes. And I was the middle of something so just after the first pitch I headed down I sat with a a couple of innings. Well what I noticed he does score he does keep scores. -- he's saying to have a lot of that. At that and I'm elected notices that I have to let to give up their second home -- successive pitches. Kaczynski didn't look the mountain -- making chances that. I -- we did that exact moment that you're talking about what I do know is that it there are rumblings that. Lest they would rather pitch to David Ross. I asked -- about that after the game he said publicly he doesn't care he just wanted when the game. Or -- however said that he admitted that there's a comfort level with. Ross but that he started Pierzynski because presents these splits against. Mark -- pretty good. Yeah now the flip side of wall that is that when presents he was asked about this he said I'm sick of it through a market basket -- more McCain answered more. I had nothing to do with that. In other words he's claiming -- nothing to do with the fact that west analyzing game. Which to -- you need this I think the answer that might have been more appropriate would have been more all in this together he didn't do that you did take an opportunity to do that. Yeah I I don't know. I mean look to as a veteran pitcher -- that the catcher doesn't have to go up and say. -- -- -- that two lines on the big deal you know I just thought it was strange to sit there behind the plate and. What do you do what do you do with Lester if your bench Harrington Jim. -- option. It's Sunday morning how to prepare and I -- but well I mean you're down Memorial Day. Yeah you'd use and back out forty's I understand. The bigger picture of the contract until union contracts. Seattle I don't know what I really thought about the -- amulets. See it's still. Once we're gonna -- you on the show you need to have all these answers. No sorry I let you prepared. I had something their love and all the 8000 contract that thought about that but I wouldn't I mean look at -- severe -- -- Thanks for called him mean we've talked about this I would resigning Lester because he he he has had success here. And not everybody does now if you if it comes down to. Lester mixtures -- well I mean Macs he's a better pitcher had better numbers. Recently. You can unequivocally I am physically I'm sure by thinking about that as a replacement and how does that fly in the consistent comment you continue to make. But some guys are made for Boston and Lester is one of them give any doubts the scherzer. Could perform here I have doubts when anybody comes the Boston. Yes the -- so willing to commit similar more money. Max Scherzer. Are John West is he is is watts. He's six and 12 point 590 this year by -- cute when he won in 32 point 90 U before that sixteen and seven. -- what that fifteen and nine -- put at twelve and eleven with a 3.5 oh ERA. A wife -- area three point 61. In 1085. Innings his only allowed 939 hits. I mean these these are just phenomenal numbers and this is a guy that the tigers targeted and got from Arizona. When he was when Arizona in the National League was known as a guy who gave up a lot of home run and. And has exceeded expectations. Shouldn't say that fans -- -- exceeded expectations. With the tigers to report we become an annual Cy Young candidate. So but again. In Boston there's that big question mark. And committing big money a multiple years by a team it's not gonna do it. And off. I wouldn't disagree -- you pointed. That Max Scherzer is a better pitcher than -- -- wouldn't disagree with that point. What does he I'm -- I don't see how you can't do anything but that's a good but agree with it. Is limited to stop the shortly be Lester couldn't Muster beat them twice yes he did and them and end -- suggests that idea I'm just saying that right now I think Max for the better pitcher. I don't know the last thing we we talk about it every Sunday comes up at least once every Sunday. And you've consistently made the point that the longer this scores on the less chance that he's gonna come back. -- we want it to point out that in five it's such a small sample size but in five games. At Fenway Park. Opposing hitters throwing it to 61 against -- Mac shares are yeah yeah. Though it so you know the next -- you gotta look up rock with the east. As -- as the Yankees alignment -- right now while you're looking -- up -- says re signed western now some guys can play for a contract some guys can't. I think Lester is pressing to over perform for the money right now. Interest in point is two and one with a five point 17 he -- in three starts against the Yankees and he's the only three Zanardi. Nobody. If you wanna hang out that restarts and it match -- turned on 150 million -- says I don't think you have to worry about pressure with a guy like that I think that he's clearly confident. Tarpaulin Westfield high ball. Hey good afternoon guys -- people you don't -- -- Kind of a kitten. Barca have a bone to pick with you after -- bring clarity to the Red Sox yankees at some you never get this report. Got that letter. I want you to interrupt me if I'm wrong. You know I wouldn't use when the World Series departments sales were they sometime they sell. The result of a group effort in an individual number superstars can't compete in match that we have a budget salary cap troop balls. I'm not really sure what you just said yeah me neither see it another way. -- when this team the Yankees game when it won the World Series. Recently you re all a slowdown slowdown Paul. Recently at the George Weiss years fifty years when he talked about. Recently they had it how to make all the bargaining shelling that -- of this is the simple point when it cheating unit as a -- win the World Series look at the value that each individual players can get drug individually exorbitant and excessive -- apart how they want as a team. Yeah well yes like I concede that point okay. OK so we understand and fresh and have to be careful criticize and they are innocent. We let these players go because we couldn't possibly match some of those salaries within our budget art galleries -- the agreement that. Okay. So I. Don't -- being lured into a corner if he gets slapped around this is democratic method of logic is eject you ask a series of questions at the prospect asked answered yes to and you asked the desired result. So gonna have a checkbook. Absolutely you're cycles thematic analysis Gaza -- the ball. Not that we're bringing clarity that we couldn't afford Q so the players it's not seeing a team we have a hundred games left when we're healthy. Well Lester was shoot fifteen strikeouts and we're hit Grand Slam to go home and and the next game with PD we were a lot particularly slowdown we have a hundred games let you we have they want to bring up the -- and do we have -- we -- Yeah the night you going off the track and we talked about to begin with and it is as far as them they couldn't afford to Colby Ellsbury. I don't think the couldn't afford Jacoby Ellsbury so much as they'd decided that the dollar value they placed on him. Was insufficient to what he could get someplace else so they made a baseball decision to let him go was like they couldn't afford him. Decided not to afford him. Corrected anyway and I would definitely be Paul was waiting years but but -- -- wasted but what what what what would you gotta have to me about. That's exactly right but you just secretly to -- that that go -- and spun. I sit -- And 85 year old man in sterling you -- -- (%expletive) I wish I could comment that -- eighty not 85. Actor in that -- make the point but what you don't quite a bit like -- went. And and a republic democracy in a person's personal comment that I comment it was jealousy. And a personal Telecom and describes your home is now grounds of what your business has got to change. I agree I agree I don't agree it is dangerous -- represent my point about the NBA thing was of the two boys club. It's not you know -- they have their own club they can do what they want. So I can't think we got all our text just point out to us and we're gonna do me a couple on the spot Lester was not head to head. I was that was -- right he pitched against twice he pitched he gets Anibal Sanchez. Games one in game five. In the ALCS and he lost one nothing game in game one at any out dueled Sanchez in game five. So he did not pitch against lectures. Just to be accurate six on 77797937. To join us which embark on Sunday. Texas has Lester should get something like five years. 105 million or so. Take the C. J. Wilson or Sanchez deal and add inflation. Not worth Cole Hamels money. -- are there some logic to all of that -- Jon Lester might taking five years a 105 million. On the Red Sox -- giving him five years in a 105 million. I would think if on the Red Sox are gonna want an option year in there somewhere that's gonna trigger. And it only question about Lester replaces the Yankees excuse to live in Jersey you're in mid term that's that's the ultimate question -- yankees like little the bridge get away from the nightlife in the traffic in the noise with you sounded like a fan get a little place over the bridge look -- you sound like -- figured -- about -- saying. You're inferring that the Red Sox don't wanna sign him that the Yankees will glad it happened to being a fan that's important but how long have we done that with every potential Reynolds -- -- created -- simply projecting. Lester as the future New York Yankees and asking some yankees -- live over the bridge at the get away to make a little places up the Saddle River little Long Island. I don't think it is such an insult some article like to -- -- midst odds on an -- -- got a little balcony illegal under the for years -- we'll know all the look at the river you know what everyone loves red products on night you know you know. I always stay in a hotel on the a priest that I always but it had Al Leiter. At the Starbucks on like second avenue around 92 street. That's where you know give wanna get tiger ever throw ladder hangs out with Starbucks I'm sure John -- I like are without light or about where. Can live through it okay but every Red Sox star who's heading to free agents we've always said the same thing and -- yankees uniform are you willing to do that. Be willing to do well Red Sox twice asked him what Johnny Damon walked and -- Blatche could be Ellsbury walk so. If they do let Jon Lester walked -- -- the Yankees probably going to be one of the top teams to bid for a I would think go to will on the cape Orwell Mario. They -- you don't want to well. God let -- have a quick question instead of like all the talk about -- -- contract for Jon Lester. You into actually trade on that throughout the trade deadline and it still. What do you think they could get -- wasn't bad -- the -- thanks guys. I'd be shot and went into what do I mean this is a scenario about which they can do that is that they they fall. Out of the race. They have no chance -- winning. Lester is going to be a free agent in this season and may have determined that he is not someone wanna sign long term. And as a team that's got a chance to make a splash in and get to the post season. Win their first World Series a win another World Series and they are willing to pay through the nose. Give up a bevy of young prospects. In order to bring in Jon Lester is a -- to play and put them over the top. It's precisely what the Red Sox did back in the day when they traded the young kid named chip that -- -- get Larry Anderson helped them get over the top. They did it when they traded. -- a couple of army is named Brady Anderson and Curt Schilling to get my moniker the put them over the top. So that's the scenario by which that would happen. Don't think it'll happen. I wonder what. You're really gonna get for half a year or less to an on going back to sabathia half a year would be it would be. Two months it would be that July 31 trading -- back to the CC sabathia trade when he traded from the Indians to the to the Milwaukee Brewers -- Was treated -- -- player to be named later. When July 7 2008 turned out to be rob Bryson. Qualls was in that played -- Jackson Matt Laporte remember Matt -- it was a big cross patent deal so they got. Two prospects. And a player to be named later. Mean I could get him as a package for Jon Lester he'd be very coveted. Yeah I wouldn't get by we spent a whole lot of time talking about that they don't think it's gonna happen. And I think you'd be setting up -- team. That we can't back cut that is -- -- it's gonna happen but a a better -- be looking at Indian trading Bartolo Cologne to. Was it Cliff Lee and. There's another. Brandon Phillips may be. Right I think all three of them were in their appeal -- Bartolo Cologne. This page load via tape recorded got more and second but the Bartolo to that but that's what you risk. If if if he gets the point where Jon Lester is not going to be here. You might as well treatment get something forum or just take the draft pick nowadays. The trade you're talking about. 2002 traded by the Cleveland Indians Bartolo along with Tim drew. The Montreal Expos war Cliff Lee Brandon Phillips Grady Sizemore and -- Stephens. I don't that would deny. They know. Steve Buckley Butch Stearns on a Sunday morning stick around. Almost. Between a quarter and a third of the way through the season fifty games basically. -- 48 to fifty games. Who your opinion is the best team in baseball. The best records or Detroit between seventeen Oakland at thirty in nineteen separatist scored 31 and 18 -- walking between. Those -- the best four teams in the two weeks the best team in baseball this year so far and why is -- the tigers. I like the tigers because they they became more athletic and they have good starting pitching. And baked chicken -- truck got a couple of guys out there that will be used so I would have to say the tigers. Even though they've been. Really bad in the post season you know defense and flopping in the base paths is that the recent years and remember all the defense of everything -- From -- pitcher position when they were in the World Series and a few years back. But I'd have to take the tigers right now with with the disclaimer. That as a look at the standings they're there is no team that that truly scares me. Which is why I think but the Red Sox have done bending company. It is Steve you agree that the reflects -- city near baseball -- a look at the field the field in general standings. And they say you don't want. There's no real powerful teams that were -- If we get drool at -- in this that we can get back in this granted they made the drew decision a week ago. Just as they were. Re following in this abyss that they're in right now. But I I think that they see what I'm assuming I think this is Oregon that there is no team that only god know we beat them issues that we headed part. -- And I agree with you I don't think there is a team I don't think Detroit's a super team I think they're built and constructed. And coming off of an ALCS game seven loss. In a series were when they look back at it how the hell did we lose that series by a couple of big hits. -- like the Bruins they're coming back with a big strong sees in the president's -- so that said though I don't think they're unbeatable. By any means where is really going his Oakland. Because I agree with your point -- You know the fact that they and so -- and playoffs yet so proficient. At putting anybody in those uniforms to come out and make thirty starts would be an ERA around three. Get a guy to hit 25 home runs and have a 385 on base percentage on and on and on yet when they get to post you know get into Oakland right now. It's thirty in nineteen given 92. Run differential they scored thirty plus more runs. Anybody else that close to them. They've given up 21 last runs that anybody is close from date the statistically they're having a phenomenal. Season right now but they have that. Big cloud hanging over their head that when they get to the post season it's going to be the Oakland a's again unless Sonny gray. Turns it on and turns into a Cy Young candidate and everybody thinks he can. You know what sometimes teams that win the World Series and not necessarily great teams the grand scheme. I don't think last -- Red Sox were a great team they will not be remembered the annals of baseball as being a great team. That White Sox team that wanted to know five not a great team. The Dodgers. In 88 -- at phenomenal starting pitching in her size it was pitching for different planet. But if you look at that team was -- great team. The whole for Red Sox that was up phenomenal team you know back on it when they had -- Ramirez and David Ortiz Johnny Damon Johnny Damon big dictators -- -- catcher they're catching at a pre 97 on base percentage. I think they're five start is made up like 155. Out of 162 starts it's a great team but you don't always see that every of the 87 twins team. I think image this a few weeks ago I believe up to that point was the only team in baseball history. The during the regular season -- given up more residents scored not a great team but they had bio they have Blyleven and they put it all together. So. As so as -- look at the standings. We may be in the midst of a dollar of one of those seasons with the team that wins the World Series. Won't be remembered as a great team but as eighteen the persevered. And rose above the rest of the -- John in Florida John Iran -- -- torture or -- Okay. What's on your mind let's talk our talk about fundamental baseball that to -- -- play. Thank god let's brings the fundamental baseball -- equations or go ahead. OK so they get the man at second base and I don't care other teams can have a third or fourth batter up until sacrifices and the third base. That the Red Sox they come up with a man on second base did look at strike one right down the middle then they file lawful pitch. Then a waste pitch comes in the dirt in the swing in the strike out. They -- leading the league in walks. And walk do not win ball games one game this year they had ten walks they lost the ball game. And the pictures all my god they can't field their position at all look what happened to Miller yesterday it was terrible. Terrible and then last year I'll never forget where and less there was pitching left handed pitcher facing first -- Adam Dunn. Six foot 7275. Pound. Steal second base unless there. First time we stole a base since 2006. Is that really look at. At first base. Terrible -- fundamentals of it hold it and we have just had I get them down here in Florida where I have extra innings. I receive all the games and they are pitiful we're -- floor. -- north port. -- -- I agree with you I think the fundamentals have been horrible you mentioned walks and it's about yesterday. -- five walks and struck out sixteen. Times. -- yesterday sixteen times. -- And you know a lot of those strikeouts they'd look at that first pitch down the middle I can remember that series with the tigers and Toronto. They swung at first pitches there were four -- For strikes that were thrown no balls or strikes in four home was -- the back home was with the flag is back to back -- -- -- with Toronto. Without getting that -- -- look and out of the strike one down the middle of the best pitch to hit. You know. In estate agent baseball you can't have it both ways you can't be -- and at first pitches and plus make the starting pitcher work. You can't be doing it all the time -- on bass pro team that's gonna get the team's bullpen it's my swing and at the first spiritual time. However I would agree review that you know the premise -- you can you can always be taken first to achieve. OK so they want to build up the pitch -- for the starting pitcher what happens when a relief pitcher comes in they wanna build up his pitch count to. -- but you do wanna get into the bullpen as soon as possible. Yeah but they get into the bullpen they still look at strike one down the middle. When a man on third base and nobody out. Well -- -- -- obviously frustrated John I don't think he's the only one Bachmann comes to fundamental baseball cedar go to Brooklyn talked to Louis. CR he feels hello Louis. Big guy is -- A real. Pretty good. That is what a jump in real quick is detector had admits its opinion -- -- to seekers through Mike Napoli is on the disabled list and Alfred mentioned that no. So. He is you know I sprained fingers left hand he is on the disabled list so go ahead. You know I'm on the into the war fluke and not now living in New York on appearance or probably -- -- you guys are. -- you know obviously a lot of things that happen for a very keen to win a championship. And if you wanna say lock I mean that's fine but you know all that the bounce somewhere yeah. People don't make a catch in -- went separate. Obviously a lot of guys. Last year played way above their expect it in actual role players like not violate. Go home plate you know -- -- -- year it. You know where transit more emotional but these guys you know we're management and and ownership. I don't understand at the -- and they're not sit down after the dust settle. After who we you know we wanted Anderson. Okay obviously. The planet were aligned here guys played in about. Like -- so the expectations and and if it seem like they're gambling I'm talking about the outfield primarily because. You know I'd like malveaux and I -- not -- it would pat Bradley ever really gotten you know you get them you have gambled that season and -- -- up and -- Victorino. Right handed the rest of the year to great but. -- -- Constantly so I just don't understand why they go after somebody late. He had mentioned -- got it in Baltimore. -- Nelson -- or or how about you I mean you went out there Q. I had never heard anything about them pursuing an established veteran now. Because they they were willing to they had Grady Sizemore but they want to make a commitment to an Arab or let that story and fall and they had Jackie Bradley junior. So they made those commitments they are now part of the risk of making your commitment to young guy is. That as a prospect. Right now look at middle Brooks in Jackie Bradley junior they were worth a lot more before we knew what they were up to this point in the major leaks. But don't you think that the -- I understand making a commitment to young player that got a great future place. You know in addition to the fact that you're left field production. Was based on you guys that are are. You got one that came out of an independently and you got want that kind of role player his whole career. And like -- said you got somebody that is injury plagued so. Well weren't great that you kind of mixing up the sees as though they they were committed to victory you know for the season on the basis of having sided with three annualized net. I understand that but what Bob what I'm saying -- adding a mini you're equation make a point. He's not demean the discussion because he was already signed for the season that's all they're not just -- out all right so. That's -- you don't understand it who would you agree that. Obviously I didn't think they should go out and sign elder to seven years I mean I -- great even production of the -- insurance this year. I don't know that had to be a mid level guy out there. It maybe take a look at to bring in just mean Grady Sizemore I'm -- guys and played for years now. -- you make a good point on -- that that that might have been a direction they could go on and but that's fair I would disagree that I'd love Nelson Cruz and his team right now. Leads outfielders in home runs. Are the major -- who signed a one year eight million dollar deal. With the Orioles anything to 91 with fifteen home runs at 43 RBIs. And did what it can't looks like a genius from one year one year and he he he leads the American League in home runs with fifteen and RBIs of 43. -- 8291 batting average in. 58 on base the strategies played 46 game. Now wasn't he also on that -- this list last I don't use you if you -- -- a -- 119 -- I mention it because. That's a question. Like you don't know how he's gonna perform look at how many guys were on that list. That what they're doing this year guys like -- Cabrera in San Diego GO Gonzales in Washington. So there was no guarantee that. He was gonna put up the numbers that he did and yeah I mean I'm not going to be hypocrite put I wasn't swinging from the rooftops and they did not -- -- out and cruise though. Aids it it's it's easy to see here now and say why did they sign although although there were people. There was there were people on the different shows who were they Nelson -- is out there. That guy he is trying to reinvent himself after the suspension last year when to bring him and he would he can do. Short money as he re establishes himself with what Bobby Abreu give me thunder when you deal with the angels a few years back. Bring -- when you so. Gained Beckett did the right -- did not so here we. The break we're back with a final hour -- -- on a Sunday on WEEI after this.

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