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Red Sox lose 6 in a row at home, 5-23-2014

May 23, 2014|

The Sox get swept 2 series in a row at home and everyone is struggling. Danny Picard and Mike Giardi are trying to remedy the problem. Should Pierzynski be behind the dish with Lester on the hill? Is Bogaerts really the long-term solution at shortstop?

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I apologize it's not sunny now. No it feels like it because I was so happy to be yeah I would like Roddy from Comcast sports net. On -- but not like all the more children like a year enemy and well. Well it's it's good to have you here. I guess I just wish maybe we could get into a seven game win streak. From the Boston Red Sox will open with that -- also get -- some hockey he had some hockey get there was a game last night I still watch and I think the Bruins should be planned. As well as -- Patriots I just mentioned bill Belichick's. Comments. On the he said even more we have the whole NFL lawsuit we will get into it's it's get it's spotted him like -- -- How much -- game yesterday afternoon. Eight minute rain delay I gonna play. John lasted. He was on the mound but the first two veterans and even admitted after he was done. And stubbornly and you talked about when things don't go right pajamas that. Did this to be the same reason almost every time. Stuff happens and cloudy admitted after the seven runs allowed in this seven to two loss to Blue Jays. Which gave the Red Sox a seven game losing streak here -- gators I liked Colin. It's not in the first wearing pajamas with stubby was stuck with a fastball fastball and fastball and this is my biggest beef would John -- Are not concerned about him I think he's going to be just fine if I drop my list of major concern to the reds aren't being Jon Lester and up in the top. My concern with Witten with less yesterday wants the same thing I always have a concern with went when he struggles. His fastball and his stop and -- of his fastball I wanna see Jon Lester again took Scott early on in games mixing it up on the outside part of like. And it's almost like even a minute but I don't know why he doesn't do because it's successful and later on and again. And that's my issue -- yes. How you get away for that. Alleyway for stopping in stubborn. This is who reais. He's not changing who -- yes but the times he's been successful this season even during the struggles last year. When you innings OK but what I've clearly obvious that that he should be thrown a ball the way you say and not me just in love with a fastball in and -- and yet. There we are. You have this really nice year and come out and you. This is your plan and it's clear your plans not working from the get go so what do you do you stay with the plan for the first two innings. And when your team desperately needs you is the ace the stop the skid. You don't you just put gasoline on the fire where you my. It's in the plan. And that brings us to before pitch was even thrown. The plan for John Farrell was to go with AJ Pierzynski behind the plate the reasoning for this Pierzynski had good numbers against mark early mock -- the lefty the crafty lefty veteran on the mound yesterday don't -- a fastball at 83. I'd like to got a couple hacks off that but I it would strike outs still he throws that type of fastball -- -- conscious and how can you not get this guy. Well he mixes it up pretty well and he also paints itself not rested in do we yes. But outside of him being stubborn in the first two into this fastball that just kept wanted to throw it. You know mix it up with a changeup outside okay it would -- curve when you start throw and that's not even if you wanna throw a -- -- blown away. Don't go right back to inside of -- let up a bomb into the pocket money don't do that so. Is that and then -- the original plan from John RAJ Pierzynski. I don't think that it should be a factor and they can say that wasn't all they want after this game. You know laws are. I huge -- it just look at the numbers huge difference between. Pierzynski and Leicester and Ross and last term in the -- the numbers would rot on the played under two ERA. Well over four Pierzynski. Look I'm gonna go back to -- back in the offseason. I hated the -- you sign in -- I didn't hate I hate it I still I. I mean I don't hate Pierzynski. I'm much to tell you that I hate Pierzynski I hate the idea from the manager but you need to mix this up based on numbers offensively I get it at -- struggle offensively. I just -- idea you need to make sure you -- -- feels comfortable LaMont clearly in the first two and didn't feel comfortable present. Okay that's fine but then again de thomas' revolve around your race to suck it up -- you essentially -- the game anyway. He's been in the league long enough to anywhere Jon Lester is -- would Jon Lester want to call. He's not AJ -- He's not he's -- to -- you're always well as I do like that these pitchers in baseball not just pitchers every player in baseball and sports. Are creatures of habit. If your starting pitcher that this season has been dominate in the I don't reckon might not show it but if you watched unless the -- I. You know I feel awfully comfortable when he's on the moment the ball and -- responded very good he has he's been obviously I think he's been awesome and and if you you'll in his skid. Practiced Lucic -- you going to yesterday's game in your own building teams obviously on arts yet the -- your -- and opened their in the last couple series are all this season. Like John -- to be in his comfort zone. Why not given the catcher behind the plate and look I'm not saying that. It was Pierzynski got called the bad game. Or it presents each ball that Jon Lester was starting with those fastballs inside in the first couple -- I'm I'm a much and a project he's fault. It's idea. I'll be starting pitcher wanted to tops on pitchers feel as comfortable as he could possibly be on the mom and I and and when you take that conflict. That conflict but on the plate away from him that no sense to me. Does -- make a lot of sense except when you look at the way Ross's. Carried himself. Behind the plate and obviously at the dish. -- yeah -- have a hard time score runs -- it's he's got the numbers against early and again. This is this is the guy who's in last there's been in the league for a long time. He's got to look at as a Jewish state I know Ross is kind of my big key back there but he hit a buck 75. Okay they get out of his own way. We need a bat a lot 'cause we're not score many runs and and who knows that better then Jon Lester could he's got no run support this year. I I think that that's suck it up that brings me it's the issue here with this team that a lot of people that OK offensively is a matter of courses. We all acknowledged that. And the rotation the last time around. That was at bat that was as bad of penalties it's his latest -- around the rotation. I expect Lackey tonight the -- to be somebody that's gonna give you seven innings. And and beat a guy who's gonna stop this kid -- but what. If this team. Can pitch the way they're capable of pitching. I just feel as if. They don't need to panic and the offense is gonna come around you're gonna eventually get these big hits I know it. It's tough to accept that right now because it looks terrible even -- not even with a veteran guys. I thought they don't -- his game. This was. Almost a perfect opportunity. And I know burly back crappy -- that this was the perfect opportunity. He doesn't have overwhelming stuff you sort of know what to get yourself into it on when we got and are always -- on the mound. I thought to be a perfect game for them to break -- -- looked awful offensively. 162 games CC's -- how many times do you see slumps like -- you -- them. It just so happens that it's all sort of happen that. Once forever right into it and you did you -- in him last year either. You start from certain guys it's all didn't happen at rice and but I notice the timing of it's the calls all didn't happen for seven and a half weeks. Because. As Scott lover who has just been here prior on the DNC show. The Boston Herald get that great quote from bench Arrington says. If you look at our guys we brought back from last year other than David right now is an Ortiz is I don't know for seventeen slump. Who's performing at the level that they did last year. None -- -- -- well at times of the veterans not a all right so now -- as they don't run and about a month who -- would Pedroia. Napoli out with the flu too by the way I think it may be playing -- -- Matt thought he would be a guy right handed hitter against early that would be able to put a couple of balls in the monster seats but he didn't. Now I had to do is just a massive underperformance from. Everybody get nothing from right field yeah and knock them from left field. -- center fielder a lot of attention to put on Hampton. Which -- with a veterans plan the way they are capable of you can live with him in center field and 200 and finding his way. But now no -- hitting so there's more spotlight on his struggles offensively. Like -- -- Pedroia hasn't been Pedroia. You get nothing not a 3 April Brock COLT has been here it has been your best bat and they still don't feel comfortable in and out right. I'll let pat -- -- -- and I don't journals and basically only guy who's hit in the last two weeks has been Bogut. Yeah but. We we talk -- bulldogs now be one of the only guys that just went back. And here's a theory I wanna put two stroke okay before we continue. As anybody written it's a couple days if we have to Kolb or -- it makes you reached and it is noted that -- read it and I like make fun. FBI this idea. Dad's and a ball -- is now -- -- tea offensively. Because there's some sort of motivation. -- extra motivation they have which Stephen Drew coming back to town. Is ridiculous. Because if you tell me that that that. Betty and the boys on yawkey way Mota and they only did -- to motivate and a ball got and it worked and Bogut is only because he's extra motivated at Stephen Drew -- -- -- I guess you don't understand the timeline first of all Stephen Drew common and because -- got started swinging the bat well and look comfortable plate. Before the Stephen Drew signed it and the other thing is if you also trying to give Stephen Drew and vent Jaret and there motivational credit. -- -- -- -- Offensive there right now then I also think. You are not givens and a blow that's enough credit for how good of a ballplayer. Obviously him this is a guy that. You'd think I think I think they think over there that he is a cornerstone piece for them for a decade or more a guy with a chance not just the very good but it stands -- be great chance to be a perennial all star you know -- making area franchise on the back arm. Obviously was struggling quite a bit. What did at shortstop. Defensively that he was still a little bit better work when -- the last couple weeks you expect him to comment when gold glove though I'll help. Expect a realistic expectations going on with -- and -- it absolutely not. However then you have the instability at third base yeah -- that whole left side of the infield has been a disaster defense. So bad and a veteran pitching staff. Who. Were politicking for Stephen Drew to return before last evenhanded. And then you -- spring training and I always get what you want voice can't always get what you want go to spring training does -- I want a lot of things that I. I want a lot of things like I -- about it I want everything I am. But there are a million dollar or else they did so but it shouldn't affect -- diets Lotta time I don't know what they want but -- affect you I affect how you pitch limit issue often get a ball between short and third that. You knew the guy who was their last there's gonna stupid right up. How I wanted and both these guys I -- but needs to be an understanding of what the long term process Aaron belong to a Protestant is left side of the infield. Bill Brooks and -- and both got to show I know Mel -- is -- -- get that is on the DL by that very natured. These guys are selfish Jon Lester spitz and for a contract John Lackey. Is on a great -- 500000 dollar deal next year which is ludicrous -- a contract okay that's going to be got a pitch that. So my ERA in my performance. I know people down great wins and losses but these all things are going to be affected because. If I get a ball hit to the left side of the infield which last year was sucked up like a vacuum cleaner by Stephen -- right now he's just like -- that's item. -- -- -- about it very well look. I I don't wanna give up on Mel roach and I know you don't. And maybe that's the ultimate problem. With the Steve majors on in my mind. Is that now I can like they tell us about what matchups against left handed and matchup against right handed -- don't. Oldest thought -- throw it short most of the time and -- got to got a beast on the most of the time or network LP. -- -- you dig. Went at least Obi wing and each LP. He has got to be on the bench and I think that's wrong because they pick as an organization. You've obviously gone with Jackie Bradley junior it's an appeal which is a great move. You've -- -- got an everyday lineup he -- movement from short Barrett and he's unhappy about by the way I completely understand each happy. We should be happy with. Yeah you what you want right now. What you did I I like kids like I committed. The championship I commit to what they had a hit and at a Kansas City Royals note I'm Miami Marlins don't have a -- rotational -- They still return the championship rotation. They don't have a starting rotation but they're treading in the direction of the or not I was on the Owens isn't a boxes because. Jon Lester is getting closer and closer to walk guys or exceeded John -- make it 500000 dollars -- -- if you think he's gonna pitch for your absolutely out of your mind -- you know -- -- -- -- -- that now. You know it's not aren't what you gonna do not show up there's got to take his glove and his cleats he's got to go home. Motorists to aunts and actually aren't that. Not -- it and make you crazy if you think that happened the what's -- do not pitch. Why would not pitch he needs a new contract and I -- it's his way out of town orbit his way to a contract. When it's every fifth night it's not gonna pitch. John Lackey got a knock it up there and and trying to strike guys out when he went to come out right now he has next eight. If this continues the trend the way it's trending and they are what stranded now has and make it to do struggle like this than me. You know as well as I do that he could get ugly if you get ugly facts. Because there are a lot of people balls on ourself as long as nobody's -- ownership to get rid of the manager at and I think we should be all right. It should go to those depths. It no but the real lot of got knocked on the managers -- want to help -- -- plan. Why the hell are they taking -- -- if if they didn't. Activists Stephen Drew then again from if they did not bring Stephen Drew back right and they went with Paul -- that third temple got it shall. And eventually met Roberts gets back the tournament. Do you think that. Do you think that that that -- shoddy infield number 23 bowed out to short for the rest of the season let's say middle Burks comes back after a fifteen day DL. And he's helping the entire season. Do you think that's not good enough to get to the playoffs that left side of the infield. Only if you have the will middle Brooks that that you saw the first two months that he was called up. Defensively that's below laughter okay and may be and maybe. Bogart's trans by the end of the year to be an average defensive shortstop. But let's say that doesn't happen and met and and let's say middle -- gets moved. Because you know people wanna throw his name into the mix now because everybody wants to make -- make -- ability to penetrate and I had -- about a 121 month. True but. If -- burst that when he is healthy for a large seeing. It's not his friend he's attuned to what you want to do the 220 well I would get his. From last season in the season before we get to see him for a full season. My thing is if you got to commit to kids give them a shot for an idea and I get it he's. And now that comes back he's not going to be able to play again regularly but I'm never gonna know what he has meant what. I think they are very I think that tell you what -- But they feel and I just feel differently about it about the opportunity. And -- that you feel differently about the -- on the opportunity this is me. I'm done I'm done but who wants to -- -- -- wanna want him. If you make a move -- if you're not teammates they all. You gotta give me -- brought up actually give me somebody that we never got to actually see what type of player is an activity when. They're better -- their -- almost two months when he first came up that team the -- from his bat on the two months. When he came and I bet on what it's in the last one and one months. Which you live with in the Red Sox organization with a clue about what they've seen in spring training. And the regular season and one is stripped down of talking last year wonders pouting. You're you're back in that you can find it to me. To what he was the first two months without a ball flies off his bat he's got this he does have. Exceptional raw power. Ball jumps off his back and and I love me when I love and that way and we get the bat on the ball I just we haven't seen it we haven't given it right now he's Russell Branyan. Except Russell Branyan was better. We haven't seen -- the entire season I need to scenic type season and I know what is and again Yankee -- I'd -- I don't you need it to sides even I don't think you need to make I don't think you need that happened this team to be successful because -- -- not as long term shortstop. Do you think about -- -- -- -- them as each day at that -- Stephen Drew reached that. That is still on their -- I -- -- -- -- -- -- they -- I think they wanna put their OK that's a different sort. And that's a completely different story if they don't she Bogart's as a long term shortstop which state Richard I don't right now and and they got difference. They got a guy and Devin Guerrero. In the minors right now -- again as a guy who may not be a great hitter what is considered are ready. Above average defensively. For the Major League level. I think they look at him as a shortstop of the future Botox as a third baseman Pedroia at second and rookie Betts is going to be playing in the outfield. That's -- -- -- -- Two years and did a Red Sox need to make a major move. Seven game losing skid here we are Jon Lester struggled yesterday but again I I stay. I stay confident that the Jon -- struggles yesterday do not -- long term I'm fine with less that he's still one of his team's aces to go along with Lackey. Those are not on the top on the west there's not on the top my list of concerns for his Red Sox team. Do they need to make a major move. To turn things around. Want depends on when you're talking about -- five games out of the division right well that and I think that's one of the reasons why Steve Rogers this year. Now because you have no -- no -- this is they believe that that can help stabilize the infield. And that this team is still very much. It's like to -- and sell out don't -- yachts well and I. I don't necessarily think the Stephen Drew -- panic again I think I think it now I think it's -- -- -- I visited my eyes shake their -- I think it's an indictment on Wilma -- that's where you what I disagree I think they've seen enough. An opposite now so why wouldn't they make the Stephen Drew signed before this. That game and opportunity. But if you are bad charities that we can look at upgrade the left side of the infield for a couple months. So basically what he said was we went into the season the regular season. Are -- in our eyes open that this probably wasn't gonna work as currently constitute on the left side. -- -- -- his I think that the -- the mental break I think that the team needs the make sure that this daughter rotation. Some hall can be fixed. In the bottom of it which Felix who brought stop pumping his shoulder at the -- -- -- -- great -- called one of the minority government like buckled should be put on the DLJ's to fix the mechanics again a couple of minor league Stotts. And then you -- put him out there again but I'm not I'm not given up on hawk -- I don't you give I'm not give up on thought cult seeing the velocity was up last not to easy errors -- Lot of nice letter after I agree I'm -- 93 on I need to Reynard got a got to Fenway Park you don't damn well has used I'd. I don't know. I don't know that -- I'm not gonna knowledge that it's not yet the velocity. The last -- and and and so what I do from the Red Sox. Is I just make -- much tighter rotation gets fixed and Arabic means much fiction pic it is basically. The guys that -- capable of pitching like aces need to get back to that like -- and I'm uncomfortable he will like Lackey I'm comfortable that he will. I'd like peavy but pretty good up before that last stop. The last on the net and I'm comfortable that he will as well and I think then. The offense with -- -- Stephen Drew will will come into play I don't think they need to make image -- open if they do that out. You make it to get pitcher not make it to get off. And I still think that -- -- reason we'd be talking about a playoff run and a championship again it would be because -- and that's I think. I've -- -- again you're totally -- -- you've gotten nothing out of right field. Nothing out of left field I think you will not that I just and it will that's why I think it'll come under 62 game season may want that I think it's gonna talk. -- at the time it's -- -- it's the it's bad slumps for everybody at the same time ran out that time and I did it does that slot what is what is the slump. Not a slump and just the trend of what's happening. It's been seven weeks. Yeah I picked up I'd I'd see the offense seven way they still have guys at the -- -- -- figure out what's going on with the leadoff spot this is Spain's bit. That they can do it. And I think that you state is gonna stick with the guys they have. And it'll I honestly believe upon me when we do this we panic when the offense goes bad when he offense goes good it you know -- -- on. At a -- no dog they're good. Not me he couldn't really do is we exaggerate everything and I think it's too early to panic right now I am not panic not just on your. Seven weeks is not slump. Seven weeks is as they let Georgia certain games during that time perhaps you've got some bad attention. That yeah I I think. There wouldn't be such such and we wouldn't be five games be two games out that's the beauty of it to only five games is that on May 23 is that. Too much to overcome -- -- I don't it's a 6177797983761777. On 79. 37 phone lines are open where you were talking Red Sox -- my GIE com Danny Picard. 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