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Ken Rosenthal on the Sox struggles 5-23-14

May 23, 2014|

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports joined the show to give his thoughts on the Red Sox issues.

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It's hard not to laugh at that really means classic class as -- classic. News anchor vapid. Stare into the -- ever read what's on the teleprompter part I mean. Remember when it happened it was like is this something out of anchorman -- is -- real and could this really how that was created by courtesy -- Could've done any better than that got lover. He's got -- for the Boston Herald -- job to corral it for -- vacationing. Dennis and Callahan and the flu plague. Berkman and here until then we're gonna have the full lines director friend from. Fox sports gear up for the Rangers in the tigers tomorrow he's Ken Rosenthal good morning Ken Howard. Hey good morning or they can can't argue his. As you can imagine phone lines lighting up all around Boston -- is puzzled by the Red Sox Malays as the rest of us are. Well. I'm cart split on the one hand yes some possible I thought they would be really period. Because of the talent but they have it coming back even with some of the guys at all on the other hand when you look at what they've tried to accomplish. -- and street 4500 guys in the lineup but they -- call that a lot of the same time for the most part. It's not surprising it's not surprising at all so that a year after having. One good thing after another happen. There they export taking over and things are and so smooth and easy. So I would say I'm surprised the one hand because I believe that account that they have a very good. And perhaps. The best you know -- on the other hand. These things do happen. Yet -- rematch in the young players and and I'm someone who. In covering the team kind of lays the blame more at the feet of some underperforming veteran players right now whether it's Dustin Pedroia. Mike Napoli who hasn't homered in a month. That lack of production left to right field. You know as far as you're concerned where you sit. How much of it goes back to that and the fact that these players haven't performed their track record and and I get the sense the Red Sox are. Our our our believing that are putting that's their faith in the fact that those guys will eventually do that. -- -- A really good point and if I'm not mistaken incorrectly called wrong Michael Silberman wrote about that yesterday and Harold. The idea that. Hey if the veteran players has performed. As they would not have. Urgency goes -- he's injured. I don't -- and there is. There have been successful -- -- -- or even numbered years to -- this idea that you can. In terms the numbers will be there at the end and everything will be no way. And sometimes it's not all right and sometimes guys that have off years for whatever reason. Napoli Pedroia. Those guys on the team the better players. It looked -- say that they -- going to sit there have conference that they or player of the track record -- the second time. What quarter of the feet and then now a little bit more actually and it is time for all of this the start kicking in and of course -- the well -- recent homestand at market -- at all. Are there any quick fixes Stephen Drew quick fix I guess stabilizing your infield defense will give you a little stick but outside of that where they got to find offensive production. Great question and also that pretty much locked in what they do are getting his second base and in the first place. Catching is what is for now they've got all these great prospect -- that they're not ready yet so. Unfortunately the six -- to the one you're alluding to a trade for instance. For a big -- Number one there aren't that many pictures out there in this PD -- year -- I think he didn't -- it quote. And still. To expand religion after extend to get that player. Sure there are more to do that because right now they are a situation. Where there are protective of what they have they have yet. In your -- all over the place we know that left side of the field catching. Hitting the ball. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- An experiment prospect to do with war years look the guy's contract. Ten new era you -- and Stephen Drew and you're obviously first the other day with that in. In chasing that down in people I talked to -- in the organization. I couldn't really you know why I asked a number of people do you make that move if will -- Brooks hadn't gotten hurt. The -- right gotten most cases was I don't know. May have. -- what was your sense of that I mean I I kind of feel like it was more knee jerk reaction to to -- Brooks than them out. -- like Stephen Drew was any sort of savior here. It's really your quest and got and it will depend upon when asked. There's a -- and I got a clue about shore there. They wanted Stephen Drew back the players yet agree that there are all those. Uniformed personnel you're called there was resistance. A little portable for office because of their desired not to disrupt boulevard. In -- keep him going and just establishment and the short of -- -- probably want to do that there are. This whole question was -- Story in the offseason through spring training in conceded. And while little book might have been the trigger there. So that you that was going to be addressed one way or the other if Bogart had come around and -- let's start or around the central in court offense was pretty good all year so. That's a great question I'm not sure what triggered it if you want major but. Yeah completely coordinator when there have been contemplated. For quite some time just the thought that was reluctant to do. -- There percent also doesn't help the rents -- -- canned. That played buckles is the second worst starting pitcher in the American League based on ERA. At six point 32 and there's surgeon on his front trying to rectify and this is a guy. We thought might be an all star pitcher again and here is the second worst originally. Right and then you've got -- on certain issues now on the rotation side as well buckled from everything. I hear it and seeing Reid. Is a mystery. He did not appear to be hurt but it does not have what he wanted an invasion repertoire that mean so. Affecting them -- a lot for that matter. So that's the look -- -- after it corrected. But I locally that if that like this season perhaps -- want to raise. -- a bad way it's sort of thing come together there should be based on the track record walloped -- with -- while. And I would expect -- at some point it takes a little bit in the did you start playing better. Keep in mind or would you look good and -- had a good securities regulators played much better. A lot of us thought there would sort of this season. There is no lower weight gain is finished and colonel wasn't for the Red Sox and the curse it's a blessing in. Complacent away that we wanna call history. -- trying to keep thinking yeah everything's going to be okay what is it September weather. But the curses. And the western and that you're in the race. Unless you're -- and I just believe that this bill directing and -- You know can we touched on the pitching -- and you know look offense has been sort of a focal point for us here for for a while now -- Red Sox are hitting -- one through nine and it's been a real concern for them but. You know the starting pitching is starting to show some cracks here they're no longer they were the last team in the AL to use only five starters that's gonna -- over the weekend. With you brought leaving the rotation in -- bringing either Webster Workman here. Buchholz hasn't been has been has been awful. You know as -- were still two months out of the trade deadline here but. I have a feeling I get from people as they're still focused more on offense. You know how you see it playing out this is pitching gonna be something that the Red Sox feel the need to address it. Good question and public through everything that got bored and you do -- they always -- everything. So. We don't want aware they are. Pitching could become in the -- -- in some ways but more readily available. An -- will be just because in the future where the game is right now but. They have -- They have Webster. Particularly those that all these guys keep talking about there I would imagine. There are at least he would give an opportunity just play as well we're gonna do that now with the Broncos. So. I guess the question is all right what do they want to get -- could or could they get it wouldn't want to get. Secured short term and what -- -- do well I think you have to -- to guys what you need. And you just never know. I'm not sure and I think it depends on where they aren't as good jargon they're really well. If you go this route. We look at things go on the information we have every day. It felt simple but that is the reality is almost is -- -- Art project -- the July 15. Because when the election of a doubt in. Things will change will change of adequate -- Ken Rosenthal fox sports is our guest Kevin what was the feeling in the Red Sox brain trust about Nelson Cruz were they worried about his bio Genesis background -- why didn't they make you better. Concerted effort to. -- Nelson Cruz who looked like a perfect fit today. We get to that question I bill now saying. I get to some degree this. Certainly some people who was morbid DH. And -- Fred Goldman out of left field. But at the same time. The player that a lot of people underestimated. That it was someone that was deathly fear could -- happens but by character. Try not to the liking of a lot of teens early -- And he is not that opposite he sent the mixture that we're seeing in so. There are -- ask yourselves. Should be gone after Nelson Cruz pregnant lecture -- the box one of them but. -- -- -- Clearly shall there whatever it. Certainly nothing is going on now. It is back to the clear that we thought he should be. Did you -- looks like -- it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- Specially because they waited it out and got right if they want it eight billion dollars now what's interesting here at the postage group. Remember -- and started at the end of march before opening day. So he will be eligible for -- also want certain that the Orioles -- -- Like it you'll pick it probably not but but the worst the oil gets up and out of that he would address. And the name that Red Sox fans love to dream about is -- Carlos Stanton. And of course that's not a name that ever goes away around here most people think that. Eventually people end up with a Red Sox one way or the other. One thing I've wondered ever since the Jose Fernandez news is whether the Marlins his view of Stanton and potentially moving him. Changes at all now you're not gonna have Jose Fernandez for an extended period of time after the surgery. State will be that much closer to free agency at that point. Is your sense that they will be more or less eager now or moral less likely to move him. Given that their circumstances seem to have changed. I don't know that that matters and we appreciate it -- -- played better. They're really playing well all. Starting to go low density is it becoming a real franchise. And frankly a -- pattern -- or here. I don't know doable while -- but they would have an interest in all the -- -- now that don't like it well at all. Without those -- you gave. -- -- that authorities say people are certainly good area I think he's coming there because people felt like out here. And -- -- sequences that there -- other. That little -- -- convinced that he's going to be there as well. Eventually. I don't see the audience. I do expect that they will have to it's intriguing and I just don't know what is in. The ball so quirky the -- -- -- so -- it would not shock. Errol if there -- -- -- decide. You know what are trading at. We're keeping him to become a free agent -- get everything -- Out of it including. What really blocked off eulogy there you go from there let's say it happened that way. I just don't expect the deadline to be. It blew it didn't agitated not seeded they're a better place now. Overall despite this and that there was. Does that now on the Boston and our. Arrogant they look back -- did not play well enough to justify. What you say. That you will be the guy that. Turned out horrible at that field is. Not really hitting just yet so. He got the world -- him well. Shoulder and ankle. In. A great day it is or were. MVP. Number two -- I would date -- it. And you got the Rangers and Detroit tomorrow on fox and has anyone ever fallen faster than Prince Fielder. Next surgery is done for the year and somebody's just -- his former self. Well yes but I do wonder. Oh what the neck as part of that and what -- -- this is resolved and the political year. How effective a player he will be again would that Justin is where I'm sure optical scheduled the game. Yeah idealist clout -- from Detroit with a realistic feet. Forecast for a outlook that the anymore since the Rangers are four guys as well those they are. And it -- -- that we are expected to be while the short for the most -- has been that they hit a little scared now so. It's orderly exit to the Rangers do whether they victory. Or whether they try to stay the course regroup for next year. Yes is gonna ask you that -- texas' team I kinda have my eye on because you look at the injuries they've had in a snake -- they've been it's obviously team that's built to win. But you know at some point maybe you look at it and say it's just not our year and become sort of a seller. A closer to the deadline. I know we're still two months two months out but you know that's got to be a team that that you've that you've looked at pretty closely as well it's at which where they gonna go. The question didn't double world wrote about it on fox -- a Communist today yeah actually suggests it. That -- -- -- collection on Beltre. And the interest scoot through their premier guys. And I can you -- -- that the term middle incomes coming. I all the time seeing portrayed the culprit and the because you guys notice he has. A big part of what they do kind of that sold the scene in addition to being really good player but. Alex -- option on him there definitely was at it felt like your -- -- dealing guys like that. Much more so that I can see that breaking out there goes the creative but access and they made it something the right. Yet it's always a pleasure chock full information -- are not happy with the it's -- Actually we're. I have more chances because the -- There's that magic bullet was seeking an actor don't know if there's one other than the played better to have -- right now. Not -- make -- in law enjoyed Detroit can't -- whatever set that enjoyed Detroit. That's impossible to do but you can try this -- watch tomorrow that you can banks -- here. And Rosenthal fox sports fox sports -- count. You can look at TrailBlazer. As pre positioned very effectively detail I sure -- -- the boat. Amaro which ones which -- what's the style charities yeah -- tomorrow is great which yet it does derby. Every week in the charities benefit from the but he -- I. Know -- that I. Would. Beat up now on the knack for sure built can help me out sure. That you want to thank you -- much that's my one and now our need to do want you gotta give me once but a lot of times and hey I don't blame it. Long time -- for pulls. Plugs -- distinctive clothing whenever he gets a chance city now he needs. -- -- -- -- Up rappers were a -- that he always look like in an unmade bed when he -- in while Bradford Dickerson. I want to look especially when the cameras and yet looks somewhat the got to look presentable presentable yes. -- -- for hotels off their game -- Bradford pulls off the lack of ironing and you know -- sort of he he pulls that off well he's done what -- doesn't you know. Dress and which they do quite off course to two point goals vs bill considered personal and it but. Stuck in a sports right you're delayed hours I I delegate news nugget that you read your column today you researched used and a good job and Bogut that would be me organs -- that's coming up about the whole. Bought that would be you say that because I do is you. 8 o'clock. BC broadcast partner -- we are gonna talk NFL lawsuit. Most recent apple lawsuit you've -- on board as a victory column yesterday in the -- about it. And this is going to be ugly with a cap will you again for the end of though because there's a lot on the replete did you notice. All the pills that pop in and line in the seventies and eighties probably still far yet and it will give them a little bit deeper and that the former Redskins CO RP crowded. Meter and a lover for Dennis and Callahan are number 61777979376177797937. On Sports Radio W yeah.

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