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The Sox woes continue 5-23-14

May 23, 2014|

Meter and Scott opened the show by discussing the Red Sox issues.

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And here you know. Not answer my question mark doesn't matter. You guys. He just keep bringing that up but I mean. John and first opening -- we did well the other. You know in today's just one of those days things didn't work out and having to do it. We -- -- -- to tell you -- but nothing new. -- AJ Pierzynski I think you have to answer that question it needs to be answered. Jon Lester is 014. With a AJ Pierzynski with a five point 76. ER. On believable staggering. Numbers as good morning everybody agrees there are back at. -- back you know Scott Glover Boston Herald it's not -- routers -- us and Scott I literally did not locked into this building for about a year now. Since I've left the fateful day in October of 2012. In the -- of Bobby Valentine -- and here I -- back. You and I just alone on an island and the conversation hasn't changed great Red Sox -- then Red -- think now paradise we have come full circle area there was that little World Series thing I've. That I had -- was that a dream was that like -- we all just imagine that a -- feels like it yet it feels like it's sitting at fairway yesterday you were there covering I was there as a man. And I just ought to do his -- what is what the league is wrong with the state. What the heck are we watching out there why does Jon Lester looked like the second coming of John Dobson the left and John -- Aren't the two -- worst pitches by my calculations. Of his career the Melky Cabrera and the Jose Batista people. It was awful start which came right after he was upset it looked like with Cabrera had a posing a little bit on the run very next pitch boom. Another right. So it was just right down the middle and -- the Lester settled down retired twelve straight pitch stoke anti. Wasn't all him. You step in the opposites morning moments ago he said you know what people are talking about the pitching now they should because the stakes right now. But it's all about the office and it has been about the office since day one. The inability of the Red Sox it -- runners in scoring position in the ability outfield again and get out of its own way. -- 225 collectively our base percentage -- way -- like percentages weed out Dustin Pedroia looking shell of his former self -- -- that are. Yet and the dirty little secret is they're not hitting at all it's with man on its with the bases empty. They're not hitting at all the numbers. Lately at least bear that out. They're just not hitting. And so for me it starts with the veteran guys you mention Pedroia I would throw Mike Napoli in the area hasn't homered since April 22. They're getting nothing out of either of the corner outfield spots forget about Jackie Bradley junior. He's not supposed to be ten carries this offense it's those veteran guys with a track record. Who really aren't playing up to their track record and that's the problem. It is the problem they were outscored in the seventh game ladies 37 to sixty. They've led for one inning on the homestand is at all. One inning and that he was gone -- half inning later it was last Sunday night in the Detroit game with peavy on the mound. They led for one at a 56 innings on this -- On about as bad as it gets it -- the last time I guess 1994 was the last time it lost seven straight right welts. Six in a row the last and they lost seven straight was twelve was twelfth what's it to -- Owen hall sticks in a row in the same -- right yes so all winless homestand. 94 and I think it's only happened twice in their history this would be the third top. My goodness. It did the great days of -- Albertson an -- 94. It is it is was his data homestand as homestand get. Wallace who was in -- one positive development. There really wasn't what I -- what our -- -- ya ya if you're really really looking for a silver lining there are there so I would talk about human relief yet. And and and and the starting pitching and only talked about buckles Lott yesterday Gerry and mark and -- all over his career. Somebody like a back a decade the guy replacement is not there right now gone through a letter it needs you bidders coming at it. It could be a bit -- help. You -- the alleged. Though Erica and I are good friends but. Frosty so that could be. That would place today. They'll place him that don't force Micah -- camera from that but. You know buckle we hear about that all the time -- articles as these terrible. Eyeball test these terrible second worst pitcher in the league in the majors statistically thank goodness for Kevin Corey thank goodness. It's not a universal never never we actually voiced bill Tucker if you're here I didn't answer. Have been ever get up go to Korea are. Cute and -- that I. The other end. It's amazing he's got -- I was probably. Nine years ago. All of that fateful what's -- and they still have not -- to take up the that's accurate what they say it's up what do you say. It's sacred it's sacred yet you can't you can't argue that generates that I was such notes notes. The thirty point. -- about the big not. That. That personal accused preschool numbers yes or something like that. Right just like couldn't move like -- -- -- We're going to. Write and pass. Them right sprawl but I like the -- probably do. They -- -- to apple last night I'm sure yeah that's flight and it could be kind of day. Would think that you hope you would hope. I hope they were partying on that plane. -- billion breakout appeared chicken maybe they do it justice just wash it all away and Ortiz 0%. Oprah's last seventeen and and anyone who also played on the first one. Yeah and then. Awesome way he after the game -- channels unintentionally of course that seemed from the natural losing is a disease. Was asked about the offense -- it's a disease. We can't seem to do anything right now and I just had that guy's voice in my head the whole entire time after the game -- I'm working losing is a disease you know it's curable. I mean it unbelievable and he's not immune to it I can settle for seventeen feels like he hasn't had a hit since Minnesota. He has but not many and you know again if you're not if you're if you're. -- when he gets the Red Sox right now. David Ortiz is like the last guy you're gonna pitch to tackle him beat you he's the only guy in the lineup capable of any kind of damage right now anything he's missing pitches that. He ought to hit so -- missing fastballs outside. -- give Portland Napoli having -- good -- I mean Mike Napoli that you besides the home runs -- could start right -- lately and again. You know he that's behind David Ortiz and Ortiz doesn't see any pitches to hit when he does. He's gonna flail away at it you know and you know your eyes get big you're like oh my -- this -- -- -- -- yet. You know and it hasn't it hasn't worked he's been he's been brutal and presents he's hitting spent against Mark Burly Lamar. Mark wrote justice on the watch because he makes the game go bite quickly every sports writer's favorite mark prozac everything -- yes. -- is -- eight wanton. Yeah you're leader in the clubhouse rails I don't know it's early but. Under three hours. Under three hours right and -- -- almost guarantee that with mark yesterday was a long mark early to -- was two of the date yet. That's pretty long -- the first couple innings -- you know Jon -- kind of help out wouldn't with a time of game in terms of -- yes you know it really give you a whole a whole lot -- second inning that was a long long -- is -- starting to the weight of the contract situations that you think that bearing down on him at all or no I don't think so I mean look to. For me. He's the least of their concerns I think he just had had a stinker yesterday and it came at a bad time. Right I mean you're looking for Jon Lester of all people the snap that losing streak yesterday you want him to go out there and dial it up at home in the in the finale of a homestand. And get you off on the road feeling good and he just throw up sticker. He's gonna do that every now and then I don't I don't think there's a larger concern there with Jon Lester not yet I mean he's got to do. That he's got to have that first two innings. Couple more times out before I really worry about Jon Lester I don't I don't think about that big concern. He has he has in the big concern is the operative were all about solutions that we used to via this account and I -- -- If you -- on Wednesday that's that's now alliance that. About it as well because I'm trying to think about how this team -- -- this -- I don't think it's -- talking right now are really on no guarantee he's not -- really and I agree productive hitter anyway at this stage in his power lies paralyzed right which is what they need right. Now bill Brooks was playing up to capabilities and wasn't getting hurt Libya Tuesday. And they'd they'd they'd have typical -- to shortstop but it looks at third Stephen Drew probably wouldn't be in the equate. I correct I agree I think I think and I'm sure we'll get into Stephen Drew planning today because right now he's the solution right. -- and they brought him in. Eventually. I would I would imagine at some point next week he'll be up to speed and ready to go after going through that little conditioning stint that he's gonna go through. Right now he's that solution right he's the external solution that they've brought in and I don't think he's gonna make that big of an impact especially offensively defensively he will. But right now he's the big -- and you know that pushes Bogart's over to third middle Brooks is sort of the elephant in the room right now what what happens to him when he comes back. But the bottom line is I think if middle Brooks hadn't gotten hurt your right Stephen Drew would still be in Miami working out as a free -- I think that was the whole motivation behind this. He can't keep trotting brought COLT out there to start every game he's a nice utility guy nice. Feeling guy not a starter so this is gonna be weeks with middle Brooks had to do something went out and got through. And a half ago so doesn't middle Brooks look like -- prime trade -- he does the problem is and what to -- get form. Not much at this stage -- now the Marlins still. Autumn will -- no matter Brooks are no. You know I've -- -- -- lately but it's you know look they've they've been interested in him in the past he would be sort of a guy who you would think would interest that team because they're not gonna win right now he's a guy with a lot of upside who they can plug in at third base and sort of dream on a little bit for the next few years and hope that. He regains what he didn't in 2012 the second half the -- twelve so. Yeah I mean that's the sort of a team that I think would be interest -- and we'll middle brooks' team that's got a little bit of patience and I don't know whether their. Plans change now with for an Jose Fernandez being out maybe they look at it and say hey look we're even further down the road that we thought we work so let's not make a move like that right now. Depends on what the asking price is depends on. When the teams can get together stands just departure that the state yeah I think he's still. In the arranged an -- -- but they're still there yet exactly and and there again you wonder. With Fernandez you know Tommy John surgeries going to be out for awhile by the time he gets back state has that much closer to free agency. Whether again whether now they've become a little bit more motivated to trade him I don't know see as we get closer to the deadline and I think moral less. -- you Carlos -- going to be more of it an issue in the offseason I think I don't think he's moving anytime before that -- sort of see what happens but. You know again I think that that there's going to be -- on the Marlins and you're watching Carlos Stanton the first name on giving you Zander -- -- you're not trading him. Despite distributes his struggles at shortstop and it continues to be mad at you yesterday Encarnacion it's a little. Yet happened issue it's not that every shortstop with his rain makes that play in the Major League right -- your -- -- Economic turn nasty or -- -- Iraq is getting down the line but it got to make that point yet. And you know it's interesting I wanted to talk to attack talk to you today about Bogart's could -- some last year more often a Pataki then then I did. I some very limited look in the big leagues last year shortstop when he got up some more at third base but I wanted. Is curious about your perspective on him defensively and and what you thought of my intensively last year he made the routine bullet and that's what they wanted to get right and he was smooth the times that makes spectacular plays couple nice -- no I don't remember any wow please remember and he. When you -- your -- -- donors to colors -- I don't remember that type respect that that was Jose Iglesias right exactly exact so so they don't need him to make the spectacular play they don't need him to make the play that's gonna that's gonna well you. The flash factor they don't need that comes in to vote that's what they want. Is the routine play what Stephen Drew does so well make that routine play consistently. 99% of the time. And then just hit the ball the way Zander bowler is capable of hitting the ball and you've got. A perfectly fine shortstop there problem is yes indeed the routine play enough he's looked overwhelmed. And is that mental than you wrote about it today and arrow is it met the -- are they doing a disservice. By acquiring Stephen Drew and amassing them anymore putting in the park -- my my opinion an era this today is you have to decide. Before next season starts. Whether he's a shortstop for a third baseman and you've got to commit to that does he really badly wants to be shortstop. And the longer you tell them hey we CU is our shortstop long term. And then keep. Moving in the third. You know if he starts next -- that the as a shortstop began in the mid way through. May be -- Guerrero comes up to play short you move in the thirty get that that becomes Lucy pulling the football -- Charlie Brown every time and Bogart's. What's the potential to be a cornerstone player for you for years to come is not a guy you wanna mess around. Pick a position stick waited. -- you know this year it's fine if you think his versatility is gonna help you and it will. You can move in between short and third a little bit this year I'm OK with that but going forward next year. Pick a position instantly that this I'm not a got a mess around and is not getting help on these on the opposite end. Continue to look at Pedroia wondered what -- heck is wrong with him like any of the ball hard anymore -- all -- and it was -- scraper. Almost went out they'll -- and a classic Philly park home run but really apple mobile far right. Not mean is it is it the fact that he's hitting -- is that something mentally that's gotten that is it. Could be could be you know last year we had a physical. Reason for you know that that the injury that he had. Which he had surgery on in the offseason. Kind of took away some of -- power. Earlier this year when we heard about the the wrist. You can think OK well maybe that was bothering him. Supposedly he's 100% now on the wrist is not an issues so where is it I mean that that ball that he used to that he used to hit off the wall. -- hit yesterday that we see it all the time from immune but almost never see it and that's the puzzle. We went over the other things like present his last three or four years down down down -- Does the -- not be a 750 UPS yet B 800 points. I -- and that's where he's been the last two years you know and and look it as long as he hits lead off fine. You don't get on base that's what you want from your leadoff guy and so may be. You know I was sort of thinking when they were in Texas couple weeks ago when it's sort of seemed to start clicking for them. Top of the order was getting on base starting pitching was doing pretty well I thought maybe you were turning a corner. Ends and Pedroia got -- lead that he was the guy getting on base making things happen suddenly you're like well they don't miss Jacoby -- area up top quite as much. It looks a little less glaring when he doesn't get on base he offers you very little because he's not hitting for any kind of power so. You know the -- The -- played lately you know again doesn't stories are giving you what you need from him it's amazing how everything gets mad about you don't lose seven straight games the manager. Should be. Question and years and -- that rightfully should be because he's not a bad year yeah. He's not had a John at least what we thought last year you -- question John probably maybe on one hand maybe. If that I don't remember really any situations last -- it. Meant people who act this year there's been a few. -- you could say jobs -- -- this is your fault consistency right is what you wanna see from your manager and he's been inconsistent on a few things this year relief from from spring training on I mean you know spring training talk a lot about. He talked a lot about who's gonna hit lead often and that was questioning got asked a lot. Well you know the top candidates were not -- Victor Reno who was hurt Gomes a little bit and the ends up with Pedroia and that leadoff spot you know Sizemore is not gonna hit lead off. And then early in the season he hit lead off. I think it's it's chuck Ferrell wanting to just try a lot of things thrown -- against the wall to see what sticks. And that's led to some inconsistency there and that's probably not what you what you want from your manager of cherry doesn't. It doesn't sit out to its to be that way but you know when you're searching for answers it leads to some inconsistent -- in the -- situation you know -- right. David Rossiter. Junior. In front of them got no chance that the ball and yet -- that's not gonna happen right and it's also. But the team it's going missed badly when you back -- catcher. News what is almost. Management. Your profits right now of people questioned what that -- to back up catcher. Is points strikeouts and four -- rent three for his last point five Davies has zero offence to their office but he should be afterthought anyway yeah like he was last year -- read -- all rob Watson awhile. But every office you get from him as a bonus when your. Hoping that David Ross comes up with a big -- you've got issues yeah well no question and look we'll get control get into the presents -- issue today about. Should -- been catching Jon Lester yesterday is there a Pierzynski Lester. Disconnect. Is they're no chemistry there and again like this is why the Red Sox don't like personal -- he shouldn't have to -- David Ross yesterday. Everything points to presents -- starting that game yesterday from the fact that. He was a -- for seven years with mark early caught my 164 times in his career including a no hitter and then oh by the way when he faced him he was nine for 42. Pierzynski should've started that game yesterday and it shouldn't matter. Who's on the mound for you -- you want David Ross out there now because he Lester have this rapport. That Lester doesn't seem to have with Pierzynski but David Ross is a zero offensively and when you're not scoring any runs. You know John Farrell's look at the lineup yesterday so I want Pierzynski in there because he's got a chance. To get hit for me a chance to get a big hit against the guy he knows so well. And Mike Napoli out with flu like symptoms may have like symptoms. From my -- it yeah. This is the city severe illness or is this -- it's -- plagued him for a day or two some yesterday after the game he was getting -- get on the plane -- everybody else so it's not like he's been quarantined or or you know -- like people in the stay away like they did with victory no when he got sick earlier in the year. It's yeah I think it's just a temporary thing he was not get around very well last two days with that. -- him like symptoms. Certain that that's per share that went out and you're right he needs the run home run. Approaching a hundred at bats with a home run from. April 22 laundry list of problems where you're Boston Red Sox. He's flop -- meter. Dennis and Callahan without the NC the vacationing do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 61 yet has he been updating -- an update -- for a Q and rip it resorts and Turks and caicos repairing. He ripped beaches good way to come and invite yourself back certificate. They revoked the passport. On the way out the question he ripped the resorts and everybody please -- weakness. Oh. That we deal when he gets shots up and he's please don't wanna mortgages you don't want him on your bets that public now the photo we know that yes yes that's true you go back toward the -- that -- But yeah he's finished you will not go. He did that. Yeah it'll all conversation. And yet it's that was the conversation with a desk clerk in her to take that -- -- -- -- at. You play in the game or play in the game nicely done things but -- situation spring training a couple of years ago orders up so now eggs were cold. 5:30 in the morning the buffet was to his liking -- before he left. And he ripped them guys really know -- which -- finish. The toys -- at this exactly you have to have commuter QB one -- story -- year because look at twelve years. But probably so right leader. We'll years with with sweetie. Updated the thing is what you the story. When -- went and asked that question before and what -- leave its. I don't know what it is it's like short term memory loss. To cut it blocked everything out that really just happened those that type of moments with the -- gonna coast right Latino is autobiography when he -- -- when it is when the story with a definitive story is written by you know Mike Freeman who wrote the book. The WB yeah -- book yet. Probably but who knows maybe Jerry Kelly right sure one out and optical. Yet. Well I mean I'm sure I'm sure you've got the stories to fill that I have a this is that -- new. Ten years to get the ports but a lot of people -- these doors. Twelve years. And all the other bill that was like a radio oriented. Yes and I saw the Twitter at Twitter photos from that oh my goodness yeah yes built his grand opening in just you know -- about not just a great read the story apartment. I'm still plugging away nothing novel idea of stop like him -- -- yeah no I saw the photos from that looked like a it's just like of like a regular guy convention was it was an unbelievable that you felt like you would. -- -- -- -- and it was -- there apartment. All sorts of person that should register Mike's right we can let Lenny Clarke and rage out. I've seen -- -- was -- on. Google. Will do sport absolutely well dressed. We are. I say that I as a as well dressed as radio guys -- look it's I'm cast on television stations right I mean you don't you don't need to address out the digital later on I know that drugs why is that Ryder -- not only W media but NASA of course. Capsule and you usually be intent I would yet but after that homestand you need to have a weekend off. Is that it is deserved it. You watch that much bad baseball you deserve a couple of days detonator which of Mark Murphy begging the herald's sports editors begging. Let me to keep me away from this team for a couple days please so it's Tomas and so that's right right the ship via dynamic duo. They stayed hot the hotel Saint Petersburg. They might I have stayed there I have not had any experiences with ghosts you've not had any I got turns -- like -- I did not know and I've heard all the stories I haven't experienced any of it myself. My biggest actually. Story that hotel and it means nothing to people here. Years ago when I was covering the Phillies Ryan Howard has arbitration hearing there and so we kind of kept out outside the place waiting for him and his agent come out and I was a Big Ten million dollar arbitration award but that that's my only memory really of otherwise -- had not being. Interest thing happen to meet the right I could not sleep knowing it's go approached it goes incidents related to that it was 2000 more. All right this is Dennis and -- an obvious he's. Lob her a lot going on today Ken Rosenthal from spot on fox sports or your friend will join us at 705 we'll get into the Red Sox issues Major League Baseball. Always written Ken Rosenthal -- also at 805. My different. NFL lawsuit and and no one. But nose out of the locker rooms like -- -- and after especially in the seventies and eighties spent. Almost ten years in the NFL and he's got some unbelievable. -- from from -- -- a locker -- details that need to be told he will tell them to us here on DNC. Back with more after this.

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