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Stephen Drew returns to Boston 5-21-14

May 22, 2014|

The guys discussed the Stephen Drew signing.

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Excellent job very well you I don't Austin Africa how good -- -- that. Pretty approach I don't usually listen turns on why I still out. I -- -- reason missed my commercials and missed my spots I didn't know if you can handle the temperature -- never did temperature not -- twelve and a half years in government in the temperature. Now you wanted to do once you knock the upon their people sitting around house's waiting. For us with temperatures right no goddamn ideal temperature unless we tell that this will have their little unsure on the time and had a history that the 95 degrees -- A 62 things thank you meet Perot updated and he's not the temperature -- But you should have been atheist as -- In this woman's. Deep dark secrets that used the make love told -- I enter ID or tweet that I did what I did what he does when he does that reminds me you because you were. Oddly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's you do that when that yet we don't I never about a twelve years and there were some in the -- it's true never -- eat or or -- -- the -- these two important. Human bodily functions and he never did either -- better product or no part of it if it did you ever make love to oatmeal no I've never. -- never had a fruit and ever so there I mean that's. I'm not quite vocalists dog wasn't for me at that age that you would do. For a generator now that'll get. You seats Eagles have a may be a little space weren't Nazis now I just. -- sweaters socks. John and I applaud every did -- really partial. -- And I don't. Assurance. That's good well. About executed at the target Fort Myers about a -- -- Two sucks the a 127 dawns. Anyway here's the question. Now here's the question I'm defeated him I admit I'm now I'm I've been defeated I don't. I don't love Stephen Drew I'm not I don't think. The company man I'm not gonna defend the organization under any circumstance I think we just spent -- kick in there'll about the and face. With the dumbest decision -- -- -- you're right when you sit -- and pick one moment last year question there was never a moment we have -- at ten procedures remember a couple of bad decisions that investors -- -- government and this one is indefensible this you know wanting to set up. RBI opportunities for the two worst hitters. In on the team and two guys sorts lumps and two guys who lost salary talk about we want Brock hole today that we do what it will look great to do. Here's -- here's the thing we thought Bogart's is going to be. Shortstop and -- whatever that's we thought we -- for six years six years that's all we talked about spring training. We are now one quarter of his rookie season in any of Marty spent ten million dollars to bring in at best. An average baseball player to move Bogart's at third base why I don't get to me it's acoustic it's a desperate. Move but don't you think it's panic time I don't. I think if there's always someone else the solution if Alex Gonzales had failed in Detroit at one he would like Ross did he wants that seven. And so they dumped them in the won't picked him up so I assume he's done as Hitler. The Sunnis still a great fielder. If he had failed in its currency wanna bring it bring -- themselves and that's a great defensive player who's a good one very good one. You looked alaskans -- like -- major bill and I and I always English is obviously a great defender he's on he's heard he's in Detroit. There's no one else out that the only solution you have to your shortstop problem is -- you notice of -- and Steve daily room now -- Detroit didn't delegates to admit in the Mets didn't -- -- didn't. It said here's what else -- meter. They weren't gonna get him in two weeks is he would have been created -- little -- so what we're porous and -- on the phone with a Mets or whoever the tigers. They're 32 teams last I checked by thirty. In baseball. We keep it. I which can -- -- -- that's their original 630. -- there with a thumb homestead -- 32 in football football thirty partners me in basketball. -- the wealth. It's -- it's all the teams less than. There's a lot of teams out there that could probably use some help the shortstop. Boris -- that. If you waited two weeks he's a freak freeagent go -- to -- in the -- -- -- don't say anything bad about -- -- not -- the -- -- so there's no interest. From anybody as far as sports could tell. And the Red Sox still given ten million African dollars. It's desperation. That's in the -- could love drew I don't I don't I don't love your -- loves to I don't think he's a fourteen million dollar -- and I are probably drew is its best equipment could stick. In particular one issue which is what it in the house -- two years ago he was terrible. The year before that use terms of three point one organized yet he's an -- -- -- that means it is a three point one over the course of this year from yardage -- when you may be game. Maybe ten million dollars to move -- a third in school up Bogart -- you could tell this'll what did you hear all day EST this is what they had to do it why why they had to do. But I don't they need to what -- saw what they should do I tell you what they have to do not feel that can hit right yeah exactly like Andre you fear or. I don't you know what Matt Kemp and I don't really either but I think he's better than what they have what is Stephen Drew fix what is he solved where they'd better with Stephen Drew. The better defensively -- a little bit and I guess. You're better. In offensively third. I guess are fine. Or so that's a great short. You better -- offensively defensively -- but -- that's all that's enough for -- don't forget against right handers so Prius is eight last year last year Lester that's true we don't want to what the -- going to hit you 28 hurt that people see her get hurt again he's not a good offensive player he's a good defensive player and they needed defense it's short. Don't know what they're just they needed something you know they would circle in the great it felt even though there -- only two brigades out. Felt like there was circle immigrant they needed something and all the guys in the club Muslim drew all the guys the press box called nurture the -- dirt and they are happy to have him back. So Bogut window and he cooperated last. Made a couple of errors -- -- good the last couple weeks before last night I thought that but he's better he's been okay he's not buy it seems like they've. There on the road maybe to I don't ruin. Would vote arts but he's definitely met the Mets. Just leave -- alone. We shortstop for pitchers -- for a year. I was two years ago Stephen Drew hit 223 with a 309 will be doll she would he drove in all the eight runs. In a 350 plate appearances. If that guy returns. Guess what in about a month we're gonna say we have to do something about offense that short particularly -- tolerance right disease is the back. Easily happen easily it is just too many holes in the line there was just too many breaks for opposing pitchers and they had to do something. And they knew this guy they like this guy and the -- money -- they got money throughout -- PS as well 600. This does it's just assault is Matt Kemp seat -- tips on available right now. What you think maze of weird time that is total retirement I get it you're right again that it's probably more like a July deal. I can't believe Jerry that they are struggling this much like price -- isn't hitting right rhino. It so they don't have that guy that is -- than down the next in the major recession is already years ago they do not have good power -- -- -- -- is still dark when he was the power -- Well I'm a maturities you're thirty home runs he's not Jean Carlos -- empowered a warm. Our guys were middle Brooks rents. But those guys are always it's always but you don't have to run out Kirk and you're all on board in this one have to -- Gomes every day. Like Gomes every day Sizemore stinks off at the -- pat that I like a -- seemed like a nice guy tries hard runs hard. You saw some pop from Gomes last week and though he's not commit them as much against writings but coaching at the sense that this team is -- an -- team right now to -- out there. -- have a chance of a long ball you have no little bit. Of intensity. When he plays right and and a little power to -- seems like keys. No feeling good at the plate right now it does let employees and is free agent for an idea. He's always is off he's like yeah that's that's that's that's not a solution while it is articles every days -- -- about it well size Morgan and chip. Us -- play golf like fines and what can -- Because he's a better hitter that's fine right now and that's but at the solution like -- -- but I don't want to salute our there's. As he doesn't have solutions I'll -- -- why ultimately -- Ferrell that's -- a news socked. Is charts. Sort of moves at about outsource its key. Terrible blow to -- -- terrible bringing -- -- or multiple. -- of -- Saltalamacchia. And what is the number grew and Pierzynski combined economy eight point 2518 point two. Curtis -- of this movement Saltalamacchia hold deal Miami's when he won. An animated one retired the progress of sweetheart. Or the other catcher's -- Vasquez and know that there. Scheduled you there OK it was slowed the progress -- Bogle. So what's the difference that the differences you could do would do over technical -- you could do lead to rule people out -- resources can be hall of fame player. Would force. A shortstop you can't leave this guy alone for the year Steve Rogers can make I sort of got a pest. You can look at the number two game difference at best over the course here like this economic plan when -- do it but it would they do would have the third baseman were hitting. Whether it's middle Brooks or whoever it may have ten million dollars but it -- a third baseman didn't hit a suspect he's he's got a future it's over now. Details coming back the letter come back she come back if you want to guess. Thursday player. Are you gonna -- record your go ahead your blessing. -- a mistress risky guy. Susan's keep him was also awful that was monastery was olasky who is not odds are that with this I -- -- -- to -- is more. Senator Edwards answered -- assertiveness and they serve at it's that's the I just -- our feelings Saturday he was sedatives -- Alex yeah. As the -- record background should get them an eclectic background and she a couple of WW. You know about it thanks. And what about -- -- you know I didn't want to isolate by spoke to respiratory issues great barrier to bury this all of the acts let's go to the calls Kirk has in and we get. That the headline -- as relates to 2 o'clock away in the longest LB John. What's up. -- -- The Boston red rock -- -- had a short stop in and the year long term because they are -- In having in -- and shortstop. Nomar Garciaparra. Is not the steroid era debt position. Does not have to be in offensive position. They have squandered. Eaten at shortstop. -- work ten years because they want that position to hit. Can anyone explain to meet last year we rewind the clock we had equally I know he's -- are you know. What was wrong. -- getting rid of middle Brooks. And moving Bogart at third base in just happen that shortstop when he deep that I mean thirteen or -- If it got rid. In the last ten years. Then -- eat that had these but if that is them playing style games that they don't want. First of all it inched it needs to be an offensive position all because your team elephants can't hit -- world has changed -- -- marble -- short although -- and it's not just good they've had spectacular defensive -- that's true. In Gonzales and Iglesias and they weren't going Cabrera was pretty YouTube and Cabrera was damn good they none of whom had good -- -- -- -- not count spectacular that's shorts announced very I didn't cougar marriage that Bob has -- public spectacularly steady. Had about a middle Brooks hit or. Even if you didn't if if that tattooed guy came in and it Robert by the ways that are under tremendous start -- started up and other written by -- Tattooed man -- -- they wouldn't have to do it was a -- yesterday bill Brooks hit. That would NAFTA business it would have been your elephant brought holder did this a month ago they might not and on this paid. Stephen Drew two million bucks a month that some guy named some guy can have a three footnote the biggest -- shards and offices was not going up to -- smokers true. And is that just 'cause he's steroid guy as Bradford told us I think this is a fear that goes around here yeah. The whispers in the clubhouse that guys wanna know why they didn't go after crews. We will be playing. Left field of play left left everything Gomes would be pissed is a right handed to film of John Holmes -- -- -- Gomes to be grumble. We know what -- I put him in right here's what you think cruiser or Gomes crews. Have a chemistry there. -- the screen chemistry just elected once second. Where's her chemistry Jerry heard about all last year chemistry chemistry words. It's I saw there slot whereas Haditha where 120 games over five hundreds of what is -- it would have been on what we've been here -- now don't have that you haven't said what you would do. You don't want to -- -- Applicable the third applicable to comes back to third on what you hate my patients -- -- be patient is ridiculous Stephen Drew two dollars a month. Lots from out to -- -- -- -- -- my -- at -- he's great because he handles all the chances owners fantastic in his war is gonna be. Zero point eight. Freaking test. The guys -- average Major League Baseball player but it paid him 500000. Dollars a week. Because we'll -- the Brooks came home runs that's why. That's the solution charges -- disgrace. Right I got barrels amassed a five game five games under 500 where it's great chemistry where to go where's Jerry. -- -- -- underneath the surface is -- he's -- -- public whereas if they let Lindsey play -- he's hot electoral faster way accurate right. She's a winner nightly news February goes in because if it used to be forty games over five. What's -- that. -- -- Pembroke. Up two cents on David Owens or if you wait. -- -- I -- a question of irritated solve the problem with it but no hidden GeMS debit. I 100 different about David drops. And replace it or predict brush their kicking back getting great. Right now we if you had to -- yeah. Bogart and put took up from 13 -- owed a third but he didn't retire Darko. It's this this is one of the -- Packers which worked records that. Elephant boy oh boy in the public would get quite a bit. I just would -- -- -- last night. Cant -- right now he's lost. And he should -- were denied the greatest because. He doesn't appear to be in a slump when he is great his -- he appears to be done and it does and I don't like think that because I like him in his good defensive catcher. But at the plate and now he's Bob Montgomery fish you know like a lose much of you bring Christian Velasquez up. And Adam. -- numbers you're your -- to -- at Texas last comic touches like to do we accelerate the process for Vasquez is a place to play every take is for just stinks to. True it does Augusta he's -- if they're catching the arsenic a -- -- situations approach almost ball did that pretty much that every team has crushed investors experts don't know Tony Sanchez my -- obesity. As -- everyday sit well. And yet but the problem is developmental prospect at the senate fielded the third baseman shortstop have not. Agree across question to come a month ago meter Wallace who just started I looked up and said receives nothing better is -- -- it was a start hitting the month but don't -- Gonzalez character so Doug Gomes of the last rock -- Except he's an and by the market is really -- really need two weeks. -- -- -- But Tucker I mean he can I thought he was a natural at that in the field and always not a great hitter natural in the field he's a group granola. Guys fall out of -- the -- she should be rented tonight. Right but that was a little bizarre that's -- good -- the guys the it was like what's up with the Pelham area -- ago that was it's called Mario little was in the crowd are you start a solid up to those like in the press box last nights when they signed forget drew. Greg just that massive main imports about this route Abraham Auburn Bradford spear. -- it was like Benjamin Ortiz site. They all involve -- -- -- all the probe will let what I missing a portrait was collapsed after Jack yeah it's a nice -- nice delicate problem yet if you today hole with the care. David Ross is the nicest guy in the world and Jackie Bradley he's in the top Jackie's got five all time. They bull look lost at the plate right now and and John Farrell setting the game up in the game in their hands. Is bizarre to me to pull the trigger on a big deal and I know what do. Used to logic behind the -- seconds to hold on Tony from average runner on the logic behind the drew deal is they had to do something right. Yes they'll have to do some about the catchers -- apps a little I have is subtle touches that are out -- -- -- And I and the outfield in general here's the thing they have money invested Pierzynski so they gonna stick with. There. -- -- There are you guys got me you know I wrote I'm good zone it's been a long years and your quick. Well that I mean it it bit it's a tremendous embarrassment that he organization. In Paris but the Red -- stand. -- that are -- belly full. That little skirt probably -- -- it all the way out of our goal all -- at the exit that the right they wouldn't it. And that pretty epic I it would club where seven months he has played OKG explosive comment and beat beat it -- it. -- Gonna pick up or left off his group that won eleven in the post season. In fact that would have been what was it curves away 80092. If that was one pop up that went in on the mound I remember. They get that's all that I hit it that's it Soviet below a hundred in the global Travis what's going on. Are you at north. The trouble the red -- -- no luck he'll spend big contracts and felt like. On Dodson. You know -- or proper wasn't good but army installed it. Put a basically. They don't know what he gave that it was a building to talk to so I think I mean I know that they have a lot of couldn't deal. Our prospects or pitching prospects. They got there and yet I mean the Marlins lost their starting that and so they're going to be down for the year. So we -- Dixie guitar called stand. Or -- union -- Touch her. There's argument that you can assure or -- word. That 310 prospects are good to are gonna make the Major League roster install it all. All ten to. Why why this is why does Miami want the -- stand -- Because. The part -- later this year you're right I agree review but I mean. Picking up all the prospects that they they are or all their big contract so the brought our civil play at top part farm system and an -- field. Will be proved it that he won't world number a certificate program -- that's out there. He even may be sweet applaud Ariel as a man I don't wanna get around them but I mean at which doesn't deputy. I -- -- Kravis. Do you think they'd trade Stanton. And obviously onto mated to July but do they trade. I think they're gonna have around Jerry without Fernandez is that it that there that's tolerance acts between three it's about as -- stop and offered I I don't that they're gonna trade him this year. That -- Nazis and -- you know the -- expert and anyone who's -- solution down the street market. I would -- H -- but I am simply defense this year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- wasn't Jackie Bradley anyway it's not like you're. Placing -- -- brook Robin I think the solution is -- catching I would be. I'm the past. Fine ask is full time yes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Obviously outs to that would decide drew out my solution he hit third. -- a short and that's what is. So a bit liberal product where that's June Bradley and senator -- one -- -- when he yet they probably needs -- much about it are eligible time. Direct what's which solution there. I don't think -- -- about the quote and now I mean it might be now over in my iPod vets like bats and my. You know someone from outside the organization but that's not now that's July if you missed analysts' I have missed -- missed -- I haven't done that lives for years -- -- Some headlines of --

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