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Tony Marinaro reacts to the Canadiens going down 2-0 to Rangers, 5-20-2014

May 20, 2014|

With Carey Price out, Michel Therrien turned to unproven backup Dustin Tokarski and Montreal lost again. Down 2-0 and heading to New York, Mut and Lou check in with their old friend, Tony Marinaro, of TSN690, to see how bad it looks.

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While. At that point all right Carey Price is done for the series. There goes that text from the words of Michelle -- this is devastating. This is Debbie stating. As Tony -- include ID 37 WEEI. I actually said that -- yesterday. And I'm sure sounds even worse today Montreal in early goal for Max patch ready in an okay maybe this is that this is the game. They tied up in this young HL goaltender goes in this great Ron may not help the Rangers get to a cup final well that last because the Rangers. Pretty freaking good. And whether it is just -- the timing is right you wanna bully Pierre McGuire and everybody else around this team that the death of Martins saint -- mother. Has been a galvanizing force for the New York Rangers whatever it is they rolled 31 your final last night they have a commanding two nothing lead. Over Montreal now in this series. We'll get some thoughts on this series coming up I got to hear from Tony today that was Tony yesterday devastating. My guesses today. Tony's pretty down about his team. Joey how does not over down nothing and -- work. Today. Draw inspiration from rocky man and. Go right or. That's his focus today is not a lot of punch in the face and he went down he got hacked up. Always. He didn't win them all. But he kept on getting up. Any worked harder. And there were times -- didn't believe in himself. But people around him made him believe. Right now we've lost that belief some of us. This saw the Boston we talked to them about our class. We're gonna go up there and we're gonna use an eye for an -- mentality. And intentionally hurt their goalie because if we do off will be -- and will make it to the Stanley Cup final. We're Montreal where better than that they can do that in Boston. In busting -- one of theirs they what are what are yours they can do that there here we don't do that stuff. We win with grace. And we win acting like general. When the Canadians look the Boston Bruins in the dice. And he shook their hands even though Milan Lucic was looking the other way what is the best paid back. Victory. Often -- we better team. But if they got even good equipment goaltending from Iraq and -- is it even out in Kreider and run under wraps would be granted right. The Brooklyn -- -- used crush them. We have been close. My trial court matchup for -- investing. It would crush Rangers in this series and we -- at a competitive final like you know just to. -- I probably would have -- aren't going. If they can solve the goal imminent he took -- 930. And -- it not an -- 20 and that it nine NATO got every chance to win and then they would have better hockey team in game two -- just out of character and Tony they're not -- -- I will say this O'Brien got to get what they got to get dirty air they gotta get down in front of Lundqvist got a fish creating a more they've got to start whacking away and they got to start making more. Well -- but you're saying that's not -- Montreal Canadians know I'm not saying to run them all run saint street among -- to take a shot and lack of the some nights and heard -- -- Or is it to Sony talking out of both sides is very large mouth you think people that I am -- show I mean there's no doubt right the people Montreal filmmakers credited intentionally. Yes I think that Montreal or whatever reason since the beginning of time they wanna be the victims they wanna call mama one they wanna be the good guy. They play the role of victim and marinara I love him he's a good guy. But keep the same thing he wants to be the victim they log being though little helpless. Montreal Canadians and. It could go back to the typical. But I can tell Kreider got tripped into the goal Penner was nowhere near as many watts. Hit an all purpose he did it all purpose because they like playing that role that very comfortable in Montreal. Playing the role the victim. CSE and he and his listeners in Montreal to the Montreal for -- TS and 69 in Canada. They all believe that when they lose the series doubling Kreider while preparing and hoping the other players. It will be -- try to rein in two Carey Price just carried after the game to win a hockey game first of all you need breaks it and you need some calls followed that the right time. Are you kidding it here we go it's all about and -- the referees. Your goal lead is down your goalies note you lord done okayed the car ski knack litigated done for you Lundqvist is too good to. It was a 4040. So receive the have last night for politics. Win hockey -- forty. First of all you need some -- And and you need some calls. And the right time off and quick while. I'm sure does directories. And a chance to review would call you would probably think probably will take. Differing. Version of what you did. There was talk about it. He's he's talking about the of the criminally coach Julie went out and talked about. Officiating. And get uncle Julian. Lugar for yap about officiating and elect crap. Is Terry put it. It what are we doing there officially go look at the report. We look at eight teams a -- now you know goaltender. And part of me and owes a lot of people wanna see my judges crash number right. Just gets smoked four straight into hell out -- -- with your but I like she did that with Carey Price and net I don't know. Call me crazy. But I like to see the Rangers beat in the price does not wanna hear. The all we early in the soup -- -- -- to Stanley Cup it was a lock the it was destined take out Carey Price I don't wanna hear the excuses. That's that's -- that's all year. I would've rather seen them Carey Price be health it and just lose that yeah. -- -- It is it -- and edit there is no passion there are not a that is that is so fake right now he gets a commercial break he does that thing. Just like what's the arts is arts that is fabulous caller that called and yes you -- on line one I didn't canyon. If we get -- your theory. Is your priest is blessing. You still got to play. And the players rebound. I don't know. I need you to be more enthusiastic. Kept me going. I'm gonna try it's legal to laid. Out an application by making news looks different back. Mean just the same -- -- the brutal with -- it it didn't hurt me watching that game I was. A little bit of -- was. A pest. Is Watson the Canadians and -- play and it's still bothers me at the Bruins -- in the game it should. They choke choke city may have deserved to be -- in the city but still bother me that they're playing in this game the only way showing. Henrik Lundqvist in. While my blueberries Dillon forty nobody wants 4641 attempt Jameer rangers' goal call Joey gimme my Rangers goal call at three of these last night. The bell center -- I go back home to New York. Retreated out through last night because. -- -- -- When it was Fran. Quality -- RW. Very narrow. Don't cry on the air quality marinara. Tony -- I would feel. -- of Canadian fans. Dance and they'll drive there and -- day. The group this next. -- for exactly that the -- -- with a chronic Texas that the show. The Bruins would have crushed the Rangers. If you're at the Bruins -- across the Rangers watch him. -- -- -- the first two games of the series think it would be of I do with -- availability -- -- -- that would not crushed and respectful but I do believe Volvo match -- Montreal -- gets -- -- the Bruins. You know we we've seen this before. Right if if if 2011 ended in overtime against Montreal. The next thing you know if they Phillies reflect these three Pittsburgh it's it's all about the matchup that the they would. They would've been the Stanley Cup with Montreal defeated the service that they are dead right there. -- the. They -- beat the Rangers but what it's taken a couple things. One it would take in the first want to wake up let's start there who scored that last goal last night for the Rangers Saint Louis -- this morning how sick was tackle all my god what -- skill. The Bruins didn't show that the series nobody a nobody finish -- -- Erickson hit a million cross bars Brad marsh and could at the side of barn. So I'm not gonna go nuts said it would crushed in the would -- at first I would had to step up Rask had a play better but could they won the series what they want to get a little one. There would've crushed them. The way -- Texas saying I'm -- blunt was just too good your first line with two -- now if you're it was a beautiful goal. And you look at a team like Montreal and say why you know the difference for -- in the -- they could finish. And long course has been. Just unbelievable. For this team and the Bruins when they finished that have been an issue the one that I really like last and it's beautiful let's. The goal was from Saint Louis was the goal by Nash. Rick Nash. Remember him. When Tony was in the last status that's right. -- -- yup Saint Louis you can pray -- you want they got to save and their team is -- look at over this team. He's gonna finish usual so they guessed it Rick Nash and Tony on the Rick Nash. Rick Nash. What is the last time Rick Nash had scored when he made it to one less that I texted that the -- his response was ought to Eamon Steve Nash. The way a lot of follow them last night. Between missed Boston you know -- there was gonna give a lot of -- from crack. The Bruins fans. I'm I'm enjoying this so really really is a game winning goal Baghdad Chad -- death. I'm enjoying this I am enjoying this but I would enjoy it more they lost with priced -- a wanna hear the freaking excuses or you're going to now. What you cannot do. Is tell Carey Price you found the flaw. Boston. Now you're screwed. This is our moment. We're gonna take it. And the people get excited about second round winds. Losing Eastern Conference. -- teams think that during the Stanley Cup. Is what it's all about winning a Stanley Cup is what it's Obama others who beat the Bruins. It's at that was a year they have that and they got -- -- -- single plan for the Montreal well without -- -- the year Oki ready for the off three more months of think about how we can tweak the lines. Three more allowance months thinking about pairings. Just three more months. To think about nothing. There's nothing. There's no sports is nothing to talk about a there. These go back to their lives that it. On the new two games away from it going to be a -- 61777979837. The phone number eighteen. 37. 93 several get your COLT not only on another series but. Texas -- of course gonna suggest -- -- can -- -- Portuguese -- Good luck Portuguese rooster for tonight's NBA draft lottery it's a pact is bringing to the draft the New York with -- I remind you want anyone to Fall River. The government relays you know every small river New Bedford I don't wanna go down -- -- A lot of while one around Boston or have someone in one of the station and maybe that can happen will get your phone calls and export radio WE yeah.

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