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Dale and Holley with Steve Lyons: How do you fix a problem like the Red Sox?

May 19, 2014|

Steve Psycho Lyons joins us as our third man in and we focus in on the up and down Red Sox, fresh off the heels of being swept by the Tigers at Fenway.

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Technology is a wonderful thing. Occasionally. Most of the time it's actually wonderful thing once in awhile and worked so well and and you just sort of punt which is what we're doing here. Welcome to the beginning of the week everybody it is Monday dale and Holley Sports Radio WEEI. British airlines to deceive to Michael's Psycho easing cycle alliance in the house as well guys have great weakens. Everything's wonderful or stomach had a a complete weekend off in. Along long. Winter months and months and months -- is that -- told all over the place it's not your favorite -- didn't do that at all. Susan was welcomed by the -- woman. Yeah out of work could net a break out of it that a world. In my newspaper and another beer I don't care it's 9 o'clock and then at another gear she thought now. He got. Out here -- to -- concussion protocols would begin like it's out of picture bubble okay. Look at output at this way I had a lot better weekend in the Red Sox ol' boy. At its it was all kinds ugly. One of the topics I think run -- of the back here as we get things rolling in it's a simple one. He is. Think it's maybe kinda reconfigure a little bit here because I think it is. A quarter of the way through the season WR. Yeah I mean it might be -- -- Rican but how do you reconfigure. You probably you know the Red Sox and and you're the Yankees -- mean reconfiguring. Means. One of two things it means adding more. More sharp neat stories these teams these high payrolls. Or go the other way all together. You go young. Aides say that you you mentioned punting. Talk about technology. That you -- and say aren't -- god Alexander Bogart and Marty got. -- Jackie Bradley junior. Hell will go even younger. T we're in our milky breathe or move. Should I should I not read anything into the fact that he made his first professional start in his life in center field yesterday you should. Should read some absolute right. You don't change positions. Coming up through the minor leagues on this -- wanna take a look at unit at a different position. It's been an distillers alive which means they love -- Jackie Bradley junior plays center field urgently they don't love how he swings the -- so much out you know JBJ mid. Maybe made a you you'd like his kids in this who elect him as. As a guy out at Fenway have talked to bomb a bunch of times out there really -- did. But probably -- a bit his lip when he the sad to say that he was lost on lost out there and it's coming we have an -- level act -- that. Who we've felt that way you feel that way a lot in the game of baseball baseball's built on defeats anyway you know I mean it's like -- you're good three at a ten times and you considered a really really good player. You know most of the time lost. But that's not anything you want anybody know about one and it knows if you don't always have time as it. The guys over the ballpark every day say on the best player. And it they've tried to protect him other try to put him in the position where can be successful so everybody and I think they go. I think he's either really good. Her children defensively and and cycle you were sort of filters and you know him he's he's good. I think they probably have gone. Above and beyond talking about on -- talk about my keys. You know Andruw Jones in his -- in center field that probably the boost his confidence. They Berrian. In the lineup probably the boost his confidence so when it comes out and says stuff like that. Oh boy you know. Yeah I mr. Alec to protect him anymore is it ninth so I mean you're right that they do everything they're supposed to do the next -- -- tenth. Here's where I think that the Red Sox and I understand why they're doing what they're doing if they'd just continue on the path they're on -- as far as I'm concerned there and Celtics. Then their just you know what it could be a bad year but we got you know we -- growing pains -- we will let these guys. Figured out and I don't wanna see that out but that's really bad I don't think you think they're that bad habits saying yes gap -- -- -- the stat that ESPN put up last night of how this team hits. And positions five through nine. Possible my -- But here's the thing. Couple things on this weekend. Should take get a good look at the Detroit Tigers -- any championship that's gonna happen this year goes straight through that team. And they've got at all and excellent pitching they hit the ball they hit the ball out of the park they can run they played defense they do at all. And let's face it if not for a crazy Grand Slam in game two of the ALC us last year by big poppy. The Detroit Tigers probably would have him playing in the World Series instead of the Red Sox -- that team they have some crazy mistakes in that series that. Kept them out and put the Red Sox in. But the Detroit Tigers right now are the best team in baseball and everyone should be aware that. In so the Red -- gonna get their noses rubbed in it this weekend by a by the best team out there right. I could I could live with that if I hadn't seen what the referenced it Lester you were to say. They were getting shut down. Game one. Of that series. They -- or connect with anything and then. Halfway Morton now with her game two they had nothing going as an armed man and a go to Detroit down to two and Justin Verlander threw game three starter. Of this cute and very quickly understand that it -- ended badly for the Red Sox but the fact is it didn't so these teams met in the ALCS last year. One team looks like it's charging back toward the ALCS. And the other team I'm not I'm not willing to go as far as dale -- to say. They can be as bad -- in baseball at the Celtics were basketball now. Like an eighty something -- -- and I didn't barely I didn't I didn't express it well enough then my point is if they don't do when he thing. If they just keep trotting out the same lineup. And what they're saying is hey we gotta we can't take Harlem's -- -- if if they don't. And I'm not even sure by the way bring McCann up from -- to play center field for the Red Sox is such a good move out there and I don't think -- that they don't they still have -- in 818282. Wins have been special. That's to happen. Either I mean you know applicant had that move keep coming up Libyan the center fielder. In Fenway in the next two weeks. I think their move them all there to see what he can do out there because he is. -- he's had a great year and by all accounts is it is as as moving through the ranks the way supposed to. But let's face it you what do you bring a -- to keen -- bring up you're young guys right now and guesses they're gonna become know what to young guys on the TL. When Daschle problem they have right now cosigned Stephen. Taking -- nice -- out of short and move him over to third you've got the perfect opportunity now -- middle Brooks on the sidelines. I don't want to Brock hole there what -- Stephen Drew play among every day a month from now well I I don't know I hasn't played since last October. I get a couple of weeks at least word for spring for his at an abbreviated. Spring training. What do you know what do Stephen Drew comes back here click here you know I don't know lingering yeah. Does he give you well well I'll tell you one thing consistently good defense feels the ballplayer I tell a lot better than the skewed because you don't I don't mean I not I'm not down Bogart's for his defense. Of as far as that things that he can handle you hit the ball catches that he throws you out he's got a range I'll give everybody that they're the keeps in his defense is terrible. I believe the wrong because defense is fine his range is terrible you know -- much and am not be the smartest crisis you know so much more about the game and I do. But as a fan. I think his defense is terrible. I try to I think that -- simple place to site I understand -- right about the range and I -- happens though I mean if you if you play shortstop on big -- team you're gonna kick a few balls the ball it's at TU. You know five to eight times a game you're you're gonna kick whatever it wants the law. I don't see him off I see him as a third base on myself I see that as a shortstop but he's also only 21 years old his -- isn't gonna get better. And and that's what concerns me the most is that he's not -- get to balls that. The enemy easily shortstop should get that saves you outs they keep you back into the dugout to scalable profit although a of -- talk about that -- and I hit neither so demise will keep up their -- defense does. Now like any counseling in the past three runs in the series. Against Detroit. But I IC Baltimore's third baseman. And and then you have a decision to make as far as -- source of concern. Stephen Drew did you know he hit it right handed pitching pretty well and that's what the Red Sox have not been to one make it -- a righty. -- right hander Adam which is what 6570%. Time. It's just -- against I guarantee that -- -- and that Stevenson to bring any offence but hey he hits against writings. Probably better router it got better than anybody on ten and be all night. But I am not anybody on the team but better than what's -- -- -- they gonna bring a guy like that. Does he make you better -- public service all along teammate you're better if you are you a better team Stephen Drew there of course sure you have an option he talked about the right -- hitting. We have an option there. -- have -- a very reliable option defensively as shortstop you move. -- -- that their base and now have a hole which has been a black hole if you don't have a hole at third base in where Alexander -- can be found her somebody I think it was -- -- the earlier in the would you trade. Zander Bogart and Harry Henry -- for us. No no -- Talk about gold -- and even it even would the so called struggles right now present at Bogart's. Still think -- can be good can be terrific I don't think he's going to be at shortstop I really don't but I don't either he'll be he'll be a good. Be a very good Major League player and talking about it I haven't lost faith in gender -- is talent. But what would it help to bring Stephen Drew short but that's some few. Down a Stephen Drew road debt means you you better think about sign a long term. Is he going to be your long term aren't sure well we can decide for one year wanna wait for who. What what I have to what do I have to -- and long term. What I have to what do you do next year. -- -- come -- like four years five years three years three now at least they got -- Marrero in the system and other shortstop. In the system by the way is supposedly -- is a defense not not ignoring any real light of your real crunch stop them no. Yeah once again you still looking at a young it he had no leverage you know. I was the AAA player of the year. In in 1984. Well deserved in my that it outlaws like -- the ball I was a good player you know what it was in the big leagues is nothing. As utility guy there's a ton of guys that are in the minor leagues that can impress you that look really do that that's is a lot of talk about. And I'm not sand admiral wells guys maybe maybe he's going to be. But you know what they're gonna do they gonna come out to the -- to -- face for a little while his that's what happens -- very few guys that walked into the big leagues and say here I am a nominee across the bawdy comic etc. -- night. With out any growing pains have you seen at these -- our announcement again -- he -- the next everybody away that felt 1984 that the runner -- got -- up like this have been tripled and I earlier I don't know I don't mood outlook runner up whoever. Guy's last name -- Bradley was the catcher he was Ivy League guys played for the manner. I don't Bradley I got a -- I also play who also did bottling everything they are guy he's probably. He also mediocre authorities aren't I I don't -- -- the -- leader ordered pre thought out out of here. Taking jobs away from -- but here's the problem -- site they head coach at Princeton now what you had going here was three guys three young guy it's yell out part of your line -- is who you were trying to integrate in with Jackie Bradley junior in Zander. And I know will his -- here before but still a young guy starting over you can't have ward three at a time and and I just. I understand what you're saying what you wanna do in a perfect world is bring in a guy this year. And integrate him and and you bring in another guy next year OK but what a lot of you guys sand is like hey all right Bradley. Not cut that we like is the -- he's not let's let's bring little Kia plays center. Yes what we gonna bring out will put put Zander over to third base still a lot of still young kids still struggle at. I mean senator couple hits in back to back it's that still about 250. Ease you know. Put the world on fire over their offensively. Either and and you bring up Marrero plays short here we are not on our kids and. Are going or not I'm not saying bring up the -- as a matter fact this is not even we brought up Stephen Drew that's fun at that that's the small picture the big picture is more concerning to me. Because you keep saying that the Detroit Tigers are eighteen to be reckoned with and I agree with our team to be reckoned with. I can't help going back to what I saw last year in the American League Championship Series. Tigers vs Red Sox the Red Sox figured it out. And in 2013. They won the World Series no series went to its limit. They led the lives they led the league in runs in ever lost one of three games RO how did that team. That I -- that I -- win the World Series how that team get to this position and I understand what's hardest thing to do in team sports -- hard humidity consistent our ability to win again there are a bit that's number one has built a championship team. Second hardest thing to do is to depend on -- That is it's a difficult thing but. Wasn't a fluke. That we see -- there we didn't see a fluke. What the hell is happening and maybe it goes back to. I don't exactly like Toledo spot yeah well that's a good place to start. But he's in baseball everyone talks about if you're going to be a good team yet to be strong up the middle. This team lose from last year up the middle center fielder a shortstop and want your catchers. I'll -- you're starting catcher sounds like the yeah. Sounds like the up the middle to me. And I and I'm not saying that's irreplaceable but that's a huge home we've already brought up deals very situation we know what he's capable of all we know what he does. I mean I don't know anybody who thinks that that the Red Sox should have given that even I don't I don't -- have either so it we. Everybody knew that he wasn't coming back. But you can't step back from that and say that that was a huge loss -- was huge loss right. -- you know you're the economics of the deal made it so there's like hey you know what were a pain is due -- fifty million dollars. Come back and amp and play for the -- does not happen it's someone else can do it. But you do have to recognize that that was a big issue and a big problem not only it at the top of your order but defensively as well to. You know out of the guy went and got a law and I know JBJ's doing that defensively but you know we're everyone's already talk anybody's got to go get it get got to make a change there. And they are. Don't I don't think the conversations that stopped there and -- you -- is that it. You don't know a lot of people thought that the Red Sox have spent tons and tons of money on Jacoby Ellsbury got fifty cent. Maybe you don't want it's been 157. But other Red Sox you can't just you can't stop there hey we don't believe. That this player is so is that 157 million dollar play we just don't. OK so now you want a championship last year you gonna let your starting center fielder walked your lead off guy walk. What is your plan. It didn't have a back -- plan the backup plan it looks like. Not failed. Because it already backed a plan that it. Number and number one back a plan was -- give it to Jackie Bradley junior and see what you have. -- Grady Sizemore. When play based on very long time in years to handle may not be able to play every day. Have been very early in the season couple weeks into the season is about oh now he's not released -- -- filter anymore. In the corner outfielder. So that takes away that option. He can't be a lead -- guy force them really off guard force he's not going to be center fielder force. I have Jackie Bradley junior who can be a defensive center fielder force but he certainly not ready to be lead -- guy and I can be ready to be in the lineup. If you take his word addict that he take his word sport so they had a very. Shaky. Back up plan for Jacoby Ellsbury which brings me back to the money if you don't really have a a viable backup plan. And -- the Boston Red Sox. What should you offer. Is now 157 but what is the number. Would it matter if it wasn't maybe seven my economic maybe maybe the number doesn't matter if it is if you select to Kobe. This what we wanna pay. Wanna pay 815 million dollars. 15115. Million dollar -- before before the whole thing but for the whole thing breaks open before. The Yankees get involved this is what we wanted you wanna talk to you during the season. Analyst Scott Boras and you think that every parent all of awaits the freeagent some times against different ground there are a lot of us Scott Boras. There are some holes in the Scott wars game and Stephen Drew and -- and nobody talks about Stephen Drew was one album wasn't -- in the and Adrian Beltre got to. If you're about there was one year while you know I had -- is -- -- -- a very tech coming back here holes sky sports guys never return. He came back committed there are some. There are some situations are some examples where of the almighty Boris doesn't always get what he wants. Understand if you think you have a good backup plan may be part of your initial plan should be. Investigating what it would take. Before free agency what does it take to bring practical prevails there. Well I'll I'll say this and and if I say that you're right. I don't know that didn't happen. I don't know that there wasn't a conversation between bench Harrington and Scott -- at some point during the season last year Scott what would it. Tell us how we could get this thing go on. And and at that point Boris -- -- -- -- want free agency at the end of the I don't know I don't know what what conversations took place or not what I do with this. Boris usually has a decent idea of what he's gonna get. It's always more money I think he's going yet but I always pretty good at this stuff. He had a pretty good idea he was gonna get a 150 million for his guy it's amazing he got 157. He says what he wants and he gets it gets more -- I just don't sit and negotiate out there was an option. -- Steve injured and have a -- yeah. Well and he's just got -- yet Stephen Drew turned out fourteen million dollars and he's not gonna make -- that money out a care anyway they can make it spin it anyway one not getting their money. So there are some examples. I just hope that the Boston Red Sox are not keeping out. Mean you look at two examples here we get that back up plan for a Jacoby Ellsbury was a cheap plan and so far unsuccessful one. And then you also had. Know -- to negotiation. But the first clue but the first hand we have from the Jon Lester negotiations. Was a low ball offer if you compare to the market. Compare seventy million dollars too young to. The 144. Million dollars the shirt or turn down -- -- and Jon Lester you get 144. And probably should get seventy somewhere in the middle. It's probably more accurate and then the Red Sox were far from that. Is this a trend that the that the Red Sox think that the system. Their system is bigger than actual star players there's. Systems don't win championships star players do you -- star players. 6177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T -- line -- 37937. Are you starting to worry a little bit as I am. But they've already decided. And a lot this is our team and we're gonna have to live through some growing pains that's where I made the comparison the Celtics unit -- season long which we're gonna get you know was going to be awful. You knew that there was nothing you can do about it and many of you by the way surprised me by how well he took it. -- I certainly didn't expect out of the defending World Series champions but if they don't make any changes if they just keep plodding along with the current group. I'm left to believe that they're going to be got a downton and see how much suffering their wrist will see what you guys think your calls coming up next state cycle lines in the house Sports Radio WEEI. And here comes the pitcher Nathan throwing in the ground ball right side toward the ship Kinsler from shallow right hands of most of person this one is over. That run they got way back in the first inning holds up from the tigers went at one another thing. It was a night filled with a lot of frustration because the Red Sox. Particularly in the fourth inning and again in the sixth in the seventh head golden chances to put -- board -- never did it. In effect twice -- killer double plays. Texture on the AT&T -- line at 37937. Says why is the guy called Psycho the only one making any sense. C'mon people their four plus months left in their three games behind come down off the ledge. Look I said I like to see what a team looks like European the first month but I think given decent idea right I'm past that now I'm at the quarter pole. And I don't like how this team looks at all. And and you don't maybe maybe miracles happen maybe Jackie Bradley junior will figure it out and start him maybe. Maybe Santa Bogart's will start it may be at Bogart's will start fielding may be. May be Brock COLT will be the ultimate villain at third base while will middle Brooks is on the sidelines may be confident about that. I don't. Yeah I don't I don't like the it's early if -- if it's early -- -- this can't be the the only explanation so. You're comfortable if you're comfortable at the number one spot. The leadoff spot is now Dustin Pedroia he's not your natural leadoff hitter he's done the job he likes it either by detonating them a job there but. That's not that that's not the best look for the Red Sox ultimately based on what we saw last year but you're comfortable with that. Then who's your. Who's your number five hitter he come to what the number five spot the Mike Napoli will certain you know suddenly. Snap out of it. Are are you comfortable with where Shane Victorino who's in and out of the lineup. With injuries. About the picture and talk about the picture and go you know what a pitching I think I can live with knowing what I've seen so long -- out of you wanna go somewhere you can't. I think the pitching is not horrible art like at the line up our I'd throw out our. Some of the guys that are current and in the rotation of the five guys. We're trustworthy guys you know he's gonna get something that it's something similar from them out of out of 38 at times thirty to 35 starts -- tool or you're twelve okay to ratify. And I I -- I'm I'm I'm agreeing -- yeah right I feel that way about Lester and Lackey. I mean do brought a stricker -- -- Clay Buchholz. Should be a whole lot better than what I've seen on a consistent basis injecting any previous as far as I'm concerned you're number five starter and you know number five starter -- number five starts. And you know I think the thing -- to worry about you know is the number of innings with a guy like peavy and how long. Into the summer that he can continue to go out there you know he's a troubled walks and not in his last start except for he still lost -- -- BP needs him pretty competitive on the mound pretty much every time is gone out there. Had a couple bad breaks had a couple bad starts. Two -- like last night yeah yeah. You never know what you're gonna get Lackey and and and and Leicester two guys are gonna run out there you know they get a get a competitive outing out those guys. And you got a bill score some runs form and -- you know. When you get a decent pitching outing you've got to put some runs on the board they scored three runs over the weekend doesn't matter who's pitching the as a matter of -- who rent out their you know winning any of those games. Got a scored a win and a pitching and defense they say winds champion system man if you don't throw some crooked numbers on the board you have no chance night in and night out so. The offense definitely has to pick up the thing that I'm. More frustrated and I think everybody looks at this the other way they're like hey there only three games back you're forty games into the season only three games back. Job but that means that. With the way the rest of this division is playing someone should have taken at eight game lead by now some teams -- jumped out there and snatched this thing right now. And co hosted. The rest of the summer no one can do it because every team has problems the Red Sox this happen to be one of Tampa Bay can't get out of their own way right now of the orioles' pitching is not gonna hold up. And they're not gonna continue to play. At at the top of the division the Yankees are old as I said before and their bank up. The Red Sox for the most part well with a with a you know the little dings that they've got with a little injury that Victorino had his back in the lineup now middle Brooks with a broken finger. I really thought Mel Brooks who would have a break out year this year and really do something. Good for this ballclub the fact is he wasn't even before he got hurt and I got to worry about -- now for at least a month they have some problems that they need to fix. But this -- are right in this division because nobody in this division wants to win let's get to the call 6177797937. Will kick off with -- Your reader in Switzerland or your neutral on this subject I can't tell which hey Joseph how aria. Albeit. My opinion here is that the Red Sox Italy and so. Like that of itself there. -- -- if you are in the standings and make a move. Are but what -- retiring now and then they lose another 89 games on the division lead. He has leveled playing horrible -- -- -- division I don't think that's gonna happen now that does happen but I think the Red Sox will. Stick with the growing pains. And it stated divisions billed as -- by -- they also break. I think that don't make a move and they'll try to get rid of real middle Brooks and -- and see you tomorrow probably -- that. And if they can get. Prospects in the deal and get back up top they think their farm system the best in the league and the right. Yeah although I gotta be honest them. Prospects that you're counting on night in night out right now argument for farm system doesn't in any gains the Major League level it's nice to have those guys in your system and and there's a future and I think that you know note to the to the point that Michael was making earlier what did you do what was your game plan other game plan was clearly -- To deal with the youth movement there and in a few -- up places and and they decided that these guys are ready to make the jump can be productive players at the Major League level and right now it's not happening that's not to say that it that it can't. My worry is three games back right now. -- no big deal -- never look at the standings until we get in August who cares how many games are out right now. To stay close tell me that your you within in in fighting range here. The problem is. If you think the division is all for competitive either for whatever reasons either all the teams really aren't that good and they all have problems and their all kind of in the middle of the pack anyway or they're all really good and they're gonna beat up on each other so -- is going to be able to get ahead. If you drop 4568. Games back in the division. And that also means that you're not the type of team that compared to put on -- run didn't make up goals a game analyst. Games now but as to your point -- They give back 910 games back in the middle summer can't you come back. My worry is that they have. They've been so scarred. By. He he bad what they view as a bad situation. And in 2011. That they'll never take the leap again that there's like felt like the money in a bad relationship. I am sorry that that your last boyfriend was an -- hole that's not me so don't. So like you should make it nicer the auto biographical portrayal of NATO -- -- -- it's -- you're talking to mail you talk and it cannot pay importance and like. Keep talking at this you know we're not gonna make a long term commitment and we we did that before with Carl Crawford Carl Crawford with the wrong guy move on. And and you know that team that won eleven team had so much promise and with potential and then. I'm Adrian Gonzales called a team meeting and he is trying to get that the manager fired on and on. You had. The wrong people for your situation. That contracts are not bad you have the right players you have star players. -- -- long term contracts. Have ducked in -- in Pretoria as long term contract. He's one of the right guys. Jon Lester. If you get over this whole scarring situation Jon Lester he's the right guys should be signed to long term contract but it seems like. They like this idea like this idea of -- have everybody for 34 year contract but we're not gonna go. John Henry quote for John Henry on the station. On opening day would not gonna do things with certain other clubs would do. Well. -- probably meet you. Problem well if if what he means is spending a quarter billion dollars in in free agency in the offseason like the Yankees did what. Maybe not you may -- that free agency but for your own players who have established ourselves as art and establish that they can play in this market perform at a high level yet -- got the current term contract and. Ask the tough thing it it's tough to hang on to those guys because once they get to their -- year they do like dig a lot there's sniff around see losses incident them. And the other thing is. Those guys that are on other teams. You know a demo of a tip from another team -- -- -- -- it's a unique situation when you have the opportunity to get a character guy and get a star player. From another ballclub. You know it's with that team seemingly having no interest in the guy anymore -- tough to make a deal Kwame some Warwick, Rhode Island pay Kwame. You guys don't. Listen up I'm -- and Michael stole from my son I was just talking about the young players accused him. Jackie Bradley was not in the opinion that the beginning of the year because they have taken down. Is just didn't work out with some relief that they thought after two years could come back into cup where you left off. Yeah it's gonna be drawn in shortly and I agree he looked lost a complete what you actually talk because you can feel for. It is in the shortstop position and they made a mistake when they get rid of late fees but they didn't independently and they get -- to Kumble. You have to -- it seems like Red Sox. Will do upon their talent and proven players. Let him -- hoping that they gonna pick somebody I have to put it past the player. And still be a winner you know it happens once or twice you keep going down -- -- You can fail and that's where they are now they find themselves in their and that position because they add a third baseman Beltre and let -- go. Because they didn't think that he would perform. And he had done a direct talks the year that he went into free agency anybody's gonna get the money and then obviously I am jobs. Well I don't think they've mid gears their talent what they have on they're on the team in. And and -- players that they can come in and fill that role in the long term situation but I do hope they get straight out and I. And I think drew for two years will probably be the actually give this young shortstop -- time to see them. And triple A and and then Greg Lamotte I don't particularly like drove -- you'd better than what they had to master and how -- political guy who ordered them to get -- -- -- political action -- going to be. Around for a long time but. And thank that -- out of the Red Sox aren't the only teams sit around considering Stephen Drew. I mean someone -- to sign him tomorrow. And Paltrow. And then have a wall right because that of having to get up for compensation yeah but they'll wait till the draft and then they'll sign of a sign that -- credit our house -- -- best going to be a bidding war than for Stephen Drew -- -- to have an advantage over everybody else they can do it now they can do it now and not lose -- compensation where. No other team is waiting for that moment okay we're not gonna give it up now and record Europe now and then. Once the the draft happens and you jump in there so -- so now with the draft being what two weeks away. What Steven Andrews incentives at the Red Sox now when he's basically. These -- -- freeagent because it becomes a free agent with a little Jews for once the trading deadline goes away so what -- sit around right now -- -- come back to the Red Sox and they'll be adjusted in two weeks and other interested right now but I don't have to make a decision. For another two weeks that we can't do we think there's a whole bunch of teams out there -- to -- Stephen MI. Well black I think I Alex cycles point oh like Stephen Drew CIA as the game changing not a huge gain changing impact player. But if there's one viewer restriction. Purse Stephen Drew let's say you have -- things are concerned about one night on -- three because you're not concerned about losing compensation. And and Stephen Drew was out there. He's a lot more desirable and a couple weeks that he is right now for every other team in baseball except the Red Sox got SharePoint world. The question becomes for me and and by the -- I think my own answer is no. Is a team willing to give him three years three weeks from now. Because then if -- the Red Sox thank you very much we have step away from the vehicle. So I get myself I needed but my gut feeling is no matter who it is is still going to be looking at the same 12 year type of commitment but I think the Red Sox with. But you know I had I don't like talking about what the -- Red Sox Mick and Mikey parent his point this could really drives me crazy. I don't like. Talking about the money for the Red Sox and why would they spend all that money. Every other team in this town is in a salary cap league. Except for the Red Sox. And they are one of them being more profitable teams in baseball. They are readily. High payroll team in Major League Baseball. Gives a damn and they are right now to go so local gives a damn about. In what weather is Jacoby l.'s very or Adrian Beltre when he was here Victor Martinez when he was here. No we don't wanna spend all that money seventy million vs 8980 million vs guiding them ninety million you're not don't ever to happen. You've read. Saudis do have a cap no I don't and I'm saying the luxury tax. Penalty is is real and are -- -- and or deep water not close to it. -- 151. Almost 152 right there about the fourth or fifth highest payroll in baseball. The Dodgers are so far out front -- body -- it's it's laughable but that but the luxury tax is not even. In in their thoughts right now. There and it's like they got a million dollars or two of wiggle room -- 6177797937. AT&T text line is 37937. Steve cycle alliances in the house with dale and Holley Sports Radio W yeah. Chamberlain delivers. Swing and a high fly ball well hit in the left center racing back Jackson on a warning track he's under he makes that catch in this one is over. And a tigers had just swept the Boston Red Sox six to the final on this Sunday night. And for the first time since the very end of the dreadful 2012. Season. When the Red Sox lost all league games down the stretch their last days. The Red Sox have lost four consecutive games. As they yet techsters says have you guys forgotten we -- three World Series championships in ten years. More importantly of the callers forgotten anonymous -- forgotten. But that let it if what you're saying as they gave me a World Series title last year I didn't expect. Didn't think was even in the cards so I don't really care about district that's fine I don't I'm not even try to talk you out of that. But I think for the most part Red Sox fans don't give you a free pass because they want I was gonna say regular lives. And and also I get a good point Psycho no one's going crazy. Do you think this is crazy. Are you got to think about what you know what it used to be. When it team was not meeting expectations. The three championships. Texture is why. The conversation in the tone of the conversation at the way it is it could be manic Camilo. Over the top -- -- everybody fired the general manager fire the manager John Henry doesn't care about you John Henry hate America -- on. It's not happening. Just look at a team that won a world championship last year and you try and understand why that team. Is not being successful -- And there are a lot of reasons and probably starts with liquid practiced beginning of the -- conversation doesn't start Stephen -- -- starts obstacle real bear. -- stunning Connecticut Korea next on dale and -- with Steve lines that can hear now are adamant they glory. I think. -- Bogart is very very marginal arranged. I think projects that that third patent. Com. Even through on the big nominee John -- camp and they even -- different needs black street it's automatic air at any you know. And it direction he knew he gonna go out. Oh yeah what to 55 to sixty and you know take definite shortstop position and -- and I give them running dormant in many years or money. For two years. Now Britney get her to -- in Portland. -- know I would do it now we know we're not. Came instrument. Potential count pitching their and then interfere that -- if you have a kitchen mean -- that the small vehicles cited Bradley junior. I think it's more on. Or by the fact that nobody in Tokyo Israeli predicting victory you know then and it out of a lineup with injuries inside -- coming up through here. Now injury binge. Whatever you wanna say it's -- And news and you know -- get some production from now -- I think we get into the old patient all right. I -- Drew -- aren't making them. I yeah I it. The biggest reason that I want to go it's Stephen Drew. Once will middle Brooks went down. I I mean no disrespect to Brock cold here and I say this but you're left side of the infield wasn't hitting to begin. And defensively the less ID or infield wasn't very good to begin. I think you're better off defensively if you stick Zander Bogart's at third base where I think -- okay. And Stephen Drew who is so much better defensively than he ever got credit for in this town. Yeah he was sold reliable in that regard people kept wondering why John Ferrell kept trot him out there and try and -- out there when he wasn't written. Because the pitchers knew if the ball that hit on the ground over near him somewhere the play was going to be me. Now the ball is hit somewhere in the vicinity of Sander Bogart's in your pitcher wondering if the play's going to be and. Well I think an end in terms of what the caller said about patience. Where it would Jackie Bradley junior understand what he's trying to say mean Jackie Bradley junior trying to say that. He still has faith in himself at least when you say that I'm lost. It's a big difference for you you think about what everybody's example of a rookie struggling and then. Patience paying what does that but right temperature. But even Dustin Pedroia was feeling was at 182. In April. Well into may. Even when he was struggling you know he was doing the act literally it was was taking names on the list. I had a list. In his stall in the Red Sox clubhouse of all all the people who doubted him. And he he would see him come by media members. You remind them all yet you thought you -- I couldn't turn it around you thought I can turn around the entire time. It was hit 182 is that not taking advice from anybody else. -- can do what I do I'll be fine. Sounds a lot different then. -- lost doctor. And maybe Dustin Pedroia had some of the same doubts. That Jackie Bradley juniors have right now but he never told anybody who was just the opposite. He is not with that was that the whole laser show where everything came from when. When Pedroia was scuffling in his rookie year what's the bottom up I have to admit he'd eat eat and play well or didn't hit well for a month and a half. And then. And if I'm. Mistaken please tell me -- -- -- that worries that an eleven after that. Late -- you know that's -- so he got the nick nicknamed -- helmets out after half cup which is you know sometimes it takes you all the figured out. I actually to tell the truth when I watch Bradley at the plate -- number one I really like Bogart's is the his. Approach that the -- like his balance of the plate. Think you will hit for power some in a laser out of there and the other night. You I'd like to see down a little bit more often and I think he'll come around -- in the battle of the better right now because I think he has got to proceeds doesn't get fooled. He knows what he's doing at the plate I think he can hit. But I'm not completely dissatisfied -- what with what I've seen at a JBJ I think that. He's doubting himself which is the worst thing that can happen the added wake up every morning thinking that you're the best player on the field and you're gonna do some special today. Once you start thinking don't hit the ball to me warm on my goodness who -- to face an academic and at this guy. You're in deep deep troubles a mental game. Maybe more so than it is physical. But I have lights. The way he's approached his at bats and I think when he's hit the ball the other way is when he's the most effective player and has seen flashes of him being able to do. 6177797937. AT&T text like 37937. Steve cycle alliance in the house -- dale and -- Sports Radio WEEI couple years ago I had sixty vessels that one's seven and everyone's -- kill -- to happen. Everything laser show there. Our number two dale and -- Sports Radio WEEI. Dale Arnold Michael -- joined by Steve cycle alliance in the house Red -- off today so -- go to network tonight. When he back data on the on -- side I will be out there Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday. What is what is the cycle alliance do on and off. Night. Told the truth I so it's many up that's because I also do that in ST show best in sports today that. That that comes on after. Post game -- we have mentor of the city yeah. All right I I can find a way to tip city -- -- that if you know -- but I do have to show up work and you know sometimes say if if I'm not duel in the pre and post game show which you know quite frankly I'm not working not much. Which was something that -- and told me that says hey we dollars table of guys like to have you around. That we you know we can't guarantee you work every day and and attitude they've they've got me in there when he -- but the honesty is sort of a separate deal on this and -- and you wanna come as an Albion every night. Yeah a lot more mature than I expected you know Steve cycle laughing you know this army is that you know analysis I think I'll -- in my could that could go up in the city -- I'd rather what I prefer to do. The study and I've lowered the seaport area it's now okay now here's -- here Arenas. Areas that's my boy fairy tale and as it was as I bet that was about it I don't know I don't you're still mourning the the no I edit it closing I don't -- that the -- the days daisies. Up there. They must have a whole wall dedicated to use their -- -- two walls go bono's death and maybe a Florida ceiling -- -- 6177797937. We're talking Red Sox to kick things off. Little bit later on we will talk. Some NBA basketball league draft lottery is tomorrow night. And look it matters of your Celtics fan for a lot of reasons but one of which he has. Does it mean that you might actually get enough trade capital in the draft lottery tomorrow night to consider. Maybe trading him to Minnesota for Kevin Love battle -- later in the show. Yeah I mean they they certainly have draft capital right now even before we know where they're going to be taken. In -- we'll get to that to -- right now let's go to Mike on the cell phone Mike you're next on sports -- dale and -- I gonna it and I'm in my. All the talk about the Red Sox recently yeah what I need something obviously. A few questions around that from my perspective I think you can argue that. Perhaps direct dark and and there are a little bit arrogant and other debt clock here like that. It's -- performing this year like we're supposed to perform last year. Because -- are aligned. Everybody at -- ear in the chemistry at that one. Thought that they. -- -- -- -- -- And you to track Jacoby Ellsbury and we have great -- not as strong this year last year. They have a weaker team and trying to well what I want -- like I'm area last year you are. Yeah I agree I agree with a lot of that -- it it except for. I I'm gonna bolster your point even more easily relatively the same talent. I think that's the way it was perceived and in -- made that mistake to lose that much. But when you say. Well pick oyster and are confined you can find shortstop on -- party have -- -- coming up so you know economist Stephen Drew that much -- And Saltalamacchia -- losses job in the World Series after our mistakes and back to back games. So. I -- we had a career high for him you know and had a great off that the season by his standards but you can survive that. And then Jacoby l.'s very nobody was really knocking -- bearing. They were talking about the money the two or three. Fairly significant pieces to a championship game championship team that you let walk. I just wanted to know if Red Sox fans are willing to let it play out and I'll -- you -- -- -- if Red Sox fans are perfectly happy to let it play out. You know don't get better just keep trot out there. You know they'll they'll figure it out the same way Dustin Pedroia added his rookie season lasers or whether Red Sox fans are instead saying. Can do something here I know there are only three games back I understand that. But you know next thing you can be six back -- you could be eight back or you could be nine back and I think Psycho -- analysis sorry. About this whole thing was was on our house now. All of a -- -- there are -- is that's that's an hour in like twelve minutes before slid my goals analysis this analysis was right that this team probably isn't built. Overcome a big deficit a year -- you know there's not a lot of teams in the east that war you know the guesses we guess -- -- answer deals question. My guess is that people are OK with. It's just like to play Alex it's -- month last year was found money. And you know how excited to work fine I don't find things in this matter but if you're happy with a for a little. Well if you think about that ten dollars twenty dollars in the grand scheme of things that a lot of money now. But you find ten dollars just walking down the street and we are excited wild but I didn't expect and it all last year was found money for the Boston Red Sox. It -- just be likable that ticket is being competitive. If they just played the game the right way that will be OK but it did more than net. When the American League east they win the World Series found money in so I think people are looking at it. It was that unexpected championship. Those teams always get past. As opposed to teams that are expected to do great things the 2013 fourteen Boston Bruins. Those teams expected to do great things in the fall short those -- get hammered. Welcome Juan. You're supposed to be good I expect Kennedy got invested time and money. In new advocates you -- you don't even make it past the second round. Those teams never get the benefit of the doubt like. She liked the 2013 Red Sox teams like that I don't think people are gonna be pissed off. And don't YouTube and the rest of the country not in this town this town mean. I I almost shy away from -- but everybody knows here. We're really happy and that's permissible Delray I'll spell it changed now a long strange the last ten years and did you pass for the offseason when the season starts again you better go under would win again but he the last. In in the last ten years we have -- -- we are not fellowship of the miserable mean hasn't it been a sea change united I'm telling you cycle it's different now and and. You know -- the way it's been the last ten years if your team didn't win a championship this year. Well hold on a year to because one other note I counted -- to win one. Having -- operate somewhere -- -- doing something and yeah guess what it's a long hot summer though team isn't winning a and -- going on one of my Twitter followers said I'm not near a phone please ask Psycho. If he thinks the Red Sox should make a move for a starting pitcher. Always talked about for the most part is offense and defense here we really -- we sort of glossed over pitching in on a brief. Little discussion do you think the Red Sox need one acquire a starting pitcher. Not right now and I think deals right now are very hard to come by and there's a lot of teams out there that would. Like to make some kind of moves and elegantly yankees and their pitching problems. -- is that like to make moves but every other teams still are now holding pattern right now sort of like the Red Sox are right now -- CR plays out that -- needs are. Why they have the trading deadline in the way it's set up there today and once you get to that point at the end of June. When someone says hey. Can we make a run at this now or are are we an also ran team are we a good team that needs a little bit of help. I really think in the area of what the Red Sox will do if they feel like they need help. Is that date they are confident that they hope they have is in the organization right now. And they'll bring him up from from Tripoli -- double. You know will maybe he'll be -- grocer or or or. Any other number of guys on as -- that are performing well I think that's with a starting pitching. Will come from if they feel like they need did help the left side of their infield that's where they're looking and there are a little antsy right now about potentially making them. I do think that. -- and how much fun to watch right now entertainment value was not there it's not what we're used to and part of this probably balls on the shoulders of John Ferrell. He's run them into a lot of outs so far this year so much so that he has said in -- what may we have to back off but we can't run as much. Their stolen base percentages abysmal. ID EU does because yet -- very it was safe most of the time made everyone you know made the percentages a lot of its cycle oh OK he was great. But the rest your team right now is like 50% deaths and acted after all it's not it's not not good it's awful you mean it it is horrible. It is among the worst in baseball. The entertainment value right now is you're not hitting. A lot of times you're not fielding. When you do get on base are not running especially while you're pitching is okay it's it's. Not great but it's all right. When you get on base -- -- drive meant. That's right and you think about this. Is it's is just one of those quirks I don't think this will continue the rest of the season. But as we sit here right now looking up the numbers of of David Ortiz. Says this is pretty amazing. Last -- on base percentage with 395. -- history. Last year slugging percentage was 564 -- -- 65. OPS last you're not 59 today not 590 PS plus last year -- 59 they want 62. A year younger -- you to look at the conservancy and you got a guy. -- 38 years old. And was. -- -- During the that's what the team and each warhead during a World Series and everyone else was horrid I mean unbelievable. And you think how long can this last. Conflict from the Brady window conversation. But it's a major major part of your team leader most important hitter you think about. You know where you're trying to go where the Boston Red Sox went last year where they like -- end up again wonder again. You are. You're wasting it. You're wasting. Maybe it did Ortiz has got to be year to a year from now in the minds of the fans it's got a -- -- a year to year proposition. Owner -- play how much longer can continue. This type of production. That's even more disappointing to see what the team is doing now and and kind of wasting these are incredible numbers from 38 year old designated. Let me ask you then I always wonder about the psychological boys because I think if they do -- -- short term anyway. But what if the Red Sox made an announcement here and next week the they've signed Jon Lester to a a contract extension. Is that the sort of thing first ball I think it would play very well on the clubhouse and he will badly off recount that tale but is that the sort of thing that can help. Boost the team a little bit. For a day or two maybe that's people talk about it a little bit he'll be happier obviously and you know go about his work you know a little bit different mode known that he's going to be around that he settled. But. You know. Jon Lester is new contract doesn't help. Rock called. You -- uncle doesn't. Care that much that lesser got a new long term deal is actually Bradley yeah those guys are still scuffle around trying to. Do what they can't -- you know you -- you look at when you look at those averages and some of the numbers that you were just talking about. Everyone Nancy was in over 300 -- halted as -- he's got you know. Thirty -- And that's Ortiz again is you won 300 hitter on the team. But having said that they do have guys again on base they get on base when they -- third in the American League on base percentage but they don't get a meant. That's a big problem offensively. In the news recent joke about that when I was in LA when they went through a stretch like that that was. Just utterly terrible everybody's on basic never came home the joke was -- stopped calling -- runners in scoring position if they never -- Pharmerica a bad power players something you say it's up about the psychological studies. -- at another and instead of everybody using cycle analysis about Psycho logic. There first ball got there and it's a -- person I'm dealing with I don't know like a as time goes logic logical as far as I can so. I've known you wait too long now at at at and way too long for that one drones on the cellphone Adrian next on -- Hollywood cycle logic. -- MC may have an -- cycle logic. -- -- -- Yeah I don't. I cigarettes are having two major problem when it comes to the actually the way they're running their franchise right now. The first problem that I say it I think that the so called reports of their arrogant. But I think they're also very afraid of their past. And it's forcing is it causing them to make decisions that are or to become art that. First of all I think that they they got so burned on Daisuke that they refused to look at that marketing war I a kid like -- Abreu. They should have been all over the kids that it was a monster and everybody knows -- And they were held for space power these are two things they needed. And they'd they'd just. Didn't really get involved and aka I mean regardless of what people think you don't go twenty for an open and not cut out. And he is looking like you can be a very good pitcher for a long time I think they're afraid of their -- when it comes to player like that. I also think they're afraid of 2011 the long term contract. They don't want getting -- said they won't involve. I personally don't think and I know the -- are you to talking about it I personally don't think China watchers in the on the team next year. I think they're gonna mess around with him long enough they he's gonna go to free agency and amid a drop 150 million dollars in his -- And he's going to be gone and they're gonna just say we try it. And the -- they have to get away from being afraid of what happened with Daisuke being afraid of what happened in 2011. Alter Roger your. You speak in my language -- -- yeah I am I I'm just waiting for the moment where I disagree with you but it hasn't happened I don't know you well not quite brilliant but. Maybe the smartest phone call we've had today does he agrees with you -- -- that just because he agreed with the input. I can throw that in there you want -- There at that point I happen I know you don't agree calculus here loser. The other thing I -- very subtle and very subjective it's just the way I feel. About things I also think debt. Did the Red Sox need to I don't know how they do that that they need to get away from having young players co -- That have now look young player. But they need to get away from having young players coming up at board at that rate. -- is one and it is it really. Is drew your first name -- your last. Well I don't know I don't know fight disagree with that and as much as it is is not a disagreement point -- today. It's just not realistic. If you you can't cut off if you cut off all the players in baseball. Personally immigrant father in the players on the team already I like. You're already a member of the -- -- security have Scott -- surgery -- got to go you know -- stick with you -- but. From this moment forward starting with the upcoming draft we will not deal with any Scott -- draftees will not deal with any Scott Boras a free agent. It's just not reality. Ironically the Red Sox get along with Scott Boras better than most. -- actually done a lot of business with -- -- anybody. And and they've kind of survived it okay. You you you cannot only have to do -- look at the list of Scott Boras clients and realize how unrealistic it is to. I say a word I had to deal with -- guys got everybody if you're -- -- -- that happened. -- -- -- -- if you're if you're an A list player you know is a good chance that he's presenting it that the reason why I disagree with what drew had to say a little bit is that. Every team it doesn't matter what city and what team you follow. They have to set up some sort of fiscal boundaries. And -- can't go after every guy legacy he mentioned a brave there at the White Sox and out -- -- thank cronies he's. Going to be out for a while a massive power guys exploded onto the scene. The White Sox universally and according to every other team overpaid to get him they fell mob of them. And they jumped out in front pack and paid way more than anyone else was gonna do. If you decide you're gonna do that with one player that's great he can't do three. You can't so so every team. Is in a position where they said well we lost down again we thought we we did like them. We thought we made an offer that would be reasonable within our terms but then those other guys you know offered. Fifteen million dollars more for the guy we we couldn't hang in that they. I'm having gotten a fair point cycle of its overall I hadn't thought of international free -- he brought up Daisuke. They were scared off by that that. That the results. Of that that posting fee and that was involved and it's -- not to DOD but even let him just flat out got nothing out of it. Disaster mean you know first two years of his career. Pretty good here -- you won a World Series in his first year second here give you 1718 wins. And started ALCS worry and got a win so. It wasn't like it never became what he was supposed to be -- spoke to -- to become. It's still not a reason to go away from Japan altogether but I think he's absolutely right when he talks about. This aversion to spear of long term contracts. Domestic long term contracts if you will I think they freaked out by. 6177797937. Is telephone number you can Texas if you like -- 37937. It's dale and -- And Steve cycle lions are on Sports Radio WE yeah. And I don't know that we ever going looking for you know those streaks of losses. We we follow our our preparation and our competitiveness and that's the way things turned out for quite a long time so. We got to regroup we've got to be better off places as strong comes in here and it's a team is playing well so. We've we've got it collectively we have to be federally around. Red Sox manager John Ferrell. Look and end. I don't wanna go crazy here this is the first four game losing streak John Carroll's tenure as manager of the Red Sox they never lost more than three in a row last year. It was a remarkable record considering what they had been doing this season before that under he who shall not be named. And and and I don't wanna go nuts here but we've been watching this team all through spring training. All through them the grapefruit league season and all through the early stages of the regular season. I just haven't seen anything there and it fills me with a whole lot of a -- open and you know although I can see that's gonna get better as vigorous I have won more than four or -- here either and that's probably true. I don't you just get the sense that what you got as what you got here and that it's not good enough. There except except you think. I do think that one of the kids. In it all jokes -- so I was standard how. You'll be the greatest things since. It DiMaggio whatever but it. I think there's a lot more. -- -- -- -- At the plate especially and the fielded and psychosis. Probably probably what you see is what you get at shortstop. But I think he's got a lot more at the plate so. A couple extra how he says they're -- -- depth that we really haven't mentioned now much when you talk about guys that were really successful and parts of the puzzle that was a championship team last year when you look at guys like even Daniel Nava who it is. Did nothing while it was up here this year and as is now back in -- that's. You know when you talk about extending lineups and being able to plug pieces. Of a puzzle together when one guy does needed the occupant -- back out there -- a decent platoon situation. L one B in one position. Or even if it's not a platoon. When you have a utility gather it's getting his opportunity to play it means something because you're talking about a team that's gonna win a lot of games. They haven't had that situation so we talked about losing all the guys up the middle that makes -- an extremely weaker team. Without question. It's some of you know some of the big players from last season that really. Made an impact. That have not done that this year so for 6177797937. Doug's done a Florida Doug you're next on -- on Hollywood state. -- don't pay the one I'm I'm playing -- I've been no respect and going back. Remember the -- The one thing that I think Red Sox fans right now I'm not gonna like this what can draw most of -- for the Yankees election. What what you think he's gonna pick for the Yankees. It will pay the money. I -- I really think that this is I mean just recently they have to resign him. To me you're looking at a potential hall of fame pitcher. Who's a chorus of -- And we're playing games -- Yeah I think you have taken a big part of the core Doug. I see your point I don't think he's a hall of fame pitcher. But yeah but big gas I don't know I don't think so but I think I think he's vital. Two if they they if they are. There are thinking that -- gonna remain in contention they don't want to drop back to make a 75. Or seventy win team in. Retool for a couple of years and do it again if they don't wanna do something like that -- yet to make thousands -- the world now he's your best pitchers he's the best pitcher you've got the most consistent guy you've got. He's thirty years old got to resign. Japanese. Yeah like I say I look at him as a potential. All payment because suspect over the next ten years. He can't averaged 1415. Wins that you. Have put himself into the 24250. Category. I think that's reasonable and. I I will say this city and and it's the one thing that probably frustrates me the most about about Jon Lester situation. I know how and I agree with you Michael but I think the long term deals of several years ago have have scared them off. This is guy who you'd make an exception for this is a guy who as shown that he can pitch here. Pitched very well when it matters the most is World Series ERA. Is less than half a running game. Think about that for a minute eating and he's helped to win two World Series championships when he pitched in the World Series is World Series ERA is less than half a running game. He he takes the ball almost all the time once he got through the cancer situation he's been extremely durable. He had the one awful year. And everybody else was awful as well and for some reason that one awful year for many Red Sox fans became John masters career as opposed to the rest of his. I don't know why I they'd probably you know. Knock on wood every time they they talk about this with it was Jon Lester or anybody else. I've heard John Farrell say this when it comes few injuries. Specifically Tommy John surgery it's not a matter of if it's a matter of when. And so you look at Jon Lester -- this year -- you look at Jon Lester up. He hasn't had a major injury. And a major baseball injury in his career baseball. Non hodgkin's lymphoma. In and no control over I 2006. But the when he got -- -- a baseball. Not always perfect but. He. He hasn't -- no problems. Putting on the innings on 20205. To -- an opinion go to 25 to thirty. There's no doubt in my mind that that he could do it if they would let them do so maybe they look at. Jon Lester 31 next year. Not net and never having a major injury it's it's it's crazy how that can work against it. I love that you never had a major injury. It unable to do so BP got rights of people that the guy that you never ventured to be well lit it never have won 31 of common. I think he's the guy really that they that they need to concentrate on signing now. And I noted the whole thing through spring training. They said hey it didn't get done you know we a lot of weight. If you let him get to 63 stories of creation. Then. Bigger offers will come and that's gonna be awfully difficult for him to turn that down when you're the only game in town right now seems like he should. Make the offer that'll make him happy and keep them here because he is what you know. You don't know what you're getting with somebody like we talked about -- into the Asian markets you go to the foreign markets. He you know -- even Tanaka. Pretty darn good guys that one cause at 24 straight wins out they're repeats and get a Little League team and you won 24 straight in your pretty darn good so -- I think everyone pretty. Much knew that he was gonna -- -- the Vatican two dollar million. Somewhere -- that crazy -- Lester you know which again and you know what you had the pay him to keep them here and that's should be priority one before he gets the free agency. Text your -- noble to -- Lester -- very specific in terms of length and dollars. I've been very specific -- being more specific dale -- -- -- there's a 110 Mel -- up the city. Five years 115. With a six year option can take it to 13 I'm not let you know dale I know you'll sunny. -- -- He will not sign an option year. And he wants a fifth year after five year guarantee I think you'll spot for 115 that's still less than 2.5 year. I think you have to up the -- we get out the dollars if you want the numbers of years the state. Shorter I think the Red Sox wanna stay at four years I think that's their hesitation if he was 27. At the UB a five or six year deal because -- -- -- -- this event yet and had that aren't in they stay at four years he's gone. What can we talk about the not give them enough money for the four years. We -- the law on this negotiation for the negotiations even over on cam to hometown discount that was a -- never ever say that. Don't say that can think it. Tell your tell your agent that don't tell the media don't tell the team. Because that's where this whole disagreement started. I think these people are. These people are in the business of making money. -- Yes they have spent on their team and they've spent on upgrading a park and on and on but you think they wanna make money -- wanna make a profit. So you -- hometown discount. And a business person's gonna say -- mean what what that means. Let's find out. Let's start negotiations but the and the Red Sox embarrassed themselves. They really it. It was embarrassing. It was embarrassing themselves I'm sure their fans looked at and went right back which you were saying Whitman the Red Sox. And you're trying to low ball this guy like that even if you wanted to -- I -- surprised at how quickly that kind of blew over myself. I thought that would be a little bit more of an uproar and other things we're going on how hockey was thirty yup and it at that time an amendment. I thought that would have been a bigger story. That really was talked about effort less than a week probably that was going to be ugly and you talk about you your Frontline your ace of your staff. Who wants to stay. And has shown that he is an outstanding pitchers -- some of the playoffs roll around. That's a -- that you should want to have around -- you've got a few got to -- now if his demands are. Are out of -- Where he wants. A seven year deals six year deal -- some different guys 31 then. That gets a little tougher to deal with in the economically you have to look at your own guidelines for your organization and stick -- But if if you want the best opportunity to sign him and haven't accurate such uniform. He -- for anyone else to talk to your event you give him four years and 100 million a 110. Four years -- a hundred and that's that's more than 2.5 million dollars a year you know to me he's probably looking for a six year deal. Five at the very least and 55. That are hundred Swanee. This is probably. You know some than -- that someone will definitely play. So you're gonna have to overpay for the number of years if you don't want him around here for the two years you don't think that he might be productive and. What what do you think the differences between what what are ever expand the use a hometown discount as and what is it what a player thinks it is. Knows so if it's it's a vague statements address this statement zealot and is it 75 cents on the dollar now is it ninety cents an hour. Now. Well what is. It's probably like 976. It -- it you know all I stand let us out. You don't like you'd think you know -- -- by saying I'll I'll I'll take a hometown discount four dollars offered to serve four dollars off he's basically saying I don't want to stay here I've been here I would like to sign a contract with you. The discount in mine mine is. I will test the free agent market if we can come together on a deal. Not that I'm gonna take less money but I'm gonna give you the opportunities sign me before I hit the market and someone else will claim. And you know that and there -- edited out and help maybe more than you will yup that's obvious I don't doubt your savings yet is the discounters that you're not going to be paying what someone else passed him. Well and he -- the guy who just left town. Who turned out there five years and 140. Now no six -- or not I don't know about no fractures six ushers office for 144. Okay with a 141 arm or broken more so. So when he says hometown discount. He's thinking all right I'll take less than that. Which is where I said you know five years guaranteed that sixth year vesting option gets -- at 132 were some them. He's taken less than in the scherzer deal he's taking me. Quote on quote hometown discount. But he's not he's not gonna you know what seventy million over four years as an aside fifteen million years seventy million a year Ukraine. Hasn't it I didn't gave you gave me it gave me a chance if he -- art. Your season is on the line. In the Red Sox can -- with the situation in nine games six -- scherzer was a starter in -- -- was IA LCS. But if I had to pick someone that are you can pick one of these two guys going to be faced with the season on the line. Max Scherzer were Justin Verlander after the Red Sox -- Verlander. Scherzer at. Some of this stuff against the Red Sox is just feel pretty. It's it's nasty out seeing them not solve Verlander had a great start game three dogs. Long home run from my nap. I would Andrea -- -- them get -- land interface it's Urlacher before -- pacers are right now there and it seems like scherzer lately. And he just -- with the reds Ace Young guy others are 99 -- right now. You know he's he's getting into that area to -- technically in the prime of his career right now. But he's getting into that area if he's if he's looking for more years and you know longer dollars out longer years. -- teams are gonna look at him at all lately you know spring chicken either not selling your -- Kershaw. Sign a ridiculous to basically ball in America according -- result. I think they both at the market I don't think they welcomed the Red Sox will come to their senses and and Jon Lester deal will be done but -- if shirts or Lester hit the market. Those numbers are going to be insane going to be higher for both laughable -- 944 million dollars -- why. Lately I would say. Nationally. Thought of as a better pitcher. And I think that I don't care about nationally what they think but it GM who who's who's gonna Telus owner I want someone at least two. I want to drop the big money on Mac's shares heard Jon Lester and ages to gigantic difference between the two which guy you're -- -- gonna sell that did the owner. You know it clearly comes down to what the need is in -- in regards it as what I'm thinking you're quite right or left handed you know lefties. -- lot harder to find dominating left handed pitchers are really hard to find. 6177797937. -- telephone over the AT&T -- minus 37937. You'll know which direction -- go on and which pitcher I'm gonna sign.

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