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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - NBA Headline Edition - 5-19-14

May 19, 2014|

We tackle four topics all revolving around the hotness in NBA and NBA draft news.

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-- -- -- Exactly yeah so they -- -- LG helping to this congress they wanted to that would work. Because love is in the -- 44 brought to you by AT&T. AT&T coverage more than 99% of all Americans building UA that are network. Somehow I have a feeling Michael Lewis Kevin Love. My our whole life. Or at war. All bottle. It could be all about. I'm glad we get from this -- are right that. Girl wise little sports Buddha mr. dale these wise when I was. As you give -- your love is in the air Kevin Love has told several executives that who opt out at the end of his deal and would like to test free agency. The rumor mill is in full force today in a number teams are in on the love sweepstakes. I I. Love to hear the rebound the powers -- confident he's just now possibly help me -- Every one of the -- If you -- Denny change what would you deal. For Kevin -- NB a lot. We're talking about a guy who's 25 years old -- I'm just looking he's just oh god. I'm just looking at -- per game average is -- averages. A lot of point a lot -- there's no point point tube in his career. Nineteen point two points twelve point two rebounds for now he's just I mean doesn't all this of the guys. Who literally. I grew up around the area where where he grew up that watched his father played university of -- And everyone knew this -- it was going to be good player high school but I don't think anyone thought that he was gonna translate to this kind of growth. And only you know he -- It's games here is efficiency rating losses. There's just below me you know leading the league in efficiency. I got what advanced that's all you want but the of their stats and the regular staff. Say that the most efficient player of the desperately this year was Kevin Durant no surprise second best was LeBron James. Right in that conversation. A notch below this is this Kevin Love and so you have to wonder. Our you guys been in the year I personally for six years and it's well documented that this can never made the playoffs. This year it won forty games. As the most games they've ever won in Minnesota. And Kevin Love six years as a matter of -- the average. 25 wins they've averaged 25 wins this season since catalog has been there so we have an impact player. You have to ask yourself. How much of an impact player is the it what you give up something to get Kevin. What's going to be the net result for you. You're like yeah I wouldn't it if they if they finish in the top three. Tomorrow the lottery. -- -- I would not trade talk for number one number two number three overall pick for Kevin Love I would not do don't you -- one of those top three. Becomes Kevin like I don't expect them to be better better than twenty and twelve you expected those top three. You expect those top three players to be more impact people. In this draft wouldn't talk about this draft for. -- three or four years here's what Chris -- ever bigger chance for a miss Chris Forsberg writing on ESPN boston.com. Eight -- guest of one it would cost. To get to get Kevin -- He said you'd have to part with Jered sellinger -- plays the part about represented in -- -- that's good news about the same same position Keith Bogans altered. Not guarantee ideally I just feel restless expiring. Salary filler and a couple of first round draft picks. Meaning probably this year's lottery selection and next year's -- and that's the men are left. If if this year's lottery pick if they wind up with a -- Selection and the draft shall trade that just outside the top three outrage within the top three won't trade for Kevin Love that would be my deal breaker. -- Mean this is a tough conversation because it goes back to. Like this whole. -- of Kevin Love and the practicality of Kevin Love. Are there are lots of reasons. Why the team has never made the playoffs. And have yet because they're not any good -- but for six years he's been there he's right -- regular promising him that they were gonna build a team around him and never. And I I don't think anybody in the league enable. Is good enough. Where you just put him out there and that's a championship level to Robert from -- championship winning a championship I'm ready to talk about contending for a championship. But you've been -- you would give up all of that yes for a guy yet who has never been in the playoffs yes. I have no sir. Yes we are Michael you're very close to a fine on that one. Yesterday the Indian Indiana Pacers went wire to wire in the game one victory over the Miami heat's last. It's included -- This. Will the pacers stop the heat on their quest to a three -- But here's the development of -- I know I know Miami has a hard time winning in Indianapolis I understand that. But you know might as -- South -- home court advantage and all that stuff it's hard for me picture. In people in this office that. A major factors. A did you give up for dead a week ago. -- they have -- talk about that a 545. Second thought. But the factors of Indiana I don't. As this may be mean nitpicking I'm in the paper. They've made such a big deal about having home court advantage. At the beginning of the season. Benefactor felt like there were stories. Out of Indianapolis during the season I felt like. If we're gonna beat Miami we need to win the home court and they got it and they proceeded to go three and four in the first seven. All playoff games to -- just another form for their home court so let out a one handed it would be needed to do on the other hand. I want I want some confidence that. Look we prefer to have home court advantages like anybody else but we need to win a game Miami. We can do it would tell me something about the toughness of the team the mental toughness of the team and I still can't shake -- I need to get over I still can't shake. The deer in the headlights look last year from Paul George and game seven. It looks scared fail it was scare skirt any place here three. The knicks missed out on top coaching targets Steve Kerr now the name on the top of the knicks coach and coaching wish list is Derek Fisher. Scorers table. It's -- live look here I thought it did so well there's. Pollack directed as a commentator there. Doc Rivers. Do you like the new trend of recently retired players going straight to becoming head coaches in the NBA hell -- of the know what -- Because I just don't think they have any background at all the prepares them for I think the idea that just because you -- player in the NBA means you suddenly know how to coach. I think Jason -- stumbled and fumbled then and and couldn't figure out is asked from his elbow for much the early part of the season. Derek Fisher is a great clutch player and a championship teams what gives anybody any idea that he knows how to coach team. Well I would think. That's probably applies it in a lot of other sports and basketball don't have a problem with that you mean look at these implements of Doc Rivers. Doc Rivers comes out of the broadcast group. Become the coach Pat Riley did the same thing. Jason Kidd did a pretty good job this year for a guy who who had coached before. Is if this the right guy to get the right player. Shortly. Larry Bird come on never do anything that's why doesn't matter on basketball teams in the old ball out there sure -- it's -- Michael wars there's no coaching involved in basketball a couple of you know -- -- -- you go to profits is of which they don't follow it like a time -- who comes out of the office. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's -- I didn't notice that the the delicate hairy when -- -- -- -- and -- does the magazine just you want to feel right. Abstinence is the right guy if it's terrific makes -- the right well in the case of Jason Kidd. What is it about point guards coach on the floor the right point or point guard -- the coach on the floor Derek Fisher. -- guy's been a part of many championship teams have learned under under. Play with Kobe Bryant for many years it now. Sure not sure helps notice doesn't help them become Kobe Bryant know that my dad helped him understand how to get yelled out and how it helps you understand the mentality. Superstar player absolutely right. If not everybody. And bird he kind of got glossed over mentioned Larry Byrd hadn't had no coaching your experience that became coach of the year that happened. There are. A lot of numbers involved in this whole -- -- when Steve -- just made more money in his coaching contract and he made his career as a player. As they had never coached before that is never know but he's been an executive before -- and not good at least he's been an executive at Libya -- I wouldn't bet at least he's been in a position to -- have to think about salary cap issues. And you know. I can't trade that that way because I can't do this I can't do that I. My guess is Derek Fisher has had virtually zero. Contact with any of those issues in the course of his career Mark Jackson is another example and I don't -- -- I think the biggest issue. -- got a guy got personal Mark Jackson. I think we're going to be talking about very soon. Got fired. They went 51 games he had zero coaching experience. Leave them two consecutive. Playoff appearances for the first time in twenty years I mean there there are a lot of examples of guys who. Who came up through the bushes and enough and made it. Made it to the big time and they have all -- all sorts of so called minor league coaching experience but there are many guys were never post reported -- pretty good India. Time now for the AT&T question of the day Mark Jackson. Has returned to his broadcasting home at ESPN alongside Mike Green engine and Jackson was the first hours coach to take them to two consecutive playoff appearances since 9192. So is Jackson better as a coach do you do. Or do you like the fact that he is back. To broadcast it. -- -- Now the outstanding job. -- -- -- Derrick Rose against the bad. Mom look there -- goals that man. I just want to hear that and now a country of great regret my mother children and out of what has pared down man down. I think he is looking East -- to broadcaster of the great go back into the into the well we'll go to the arrival at courtside. You go to. Not to the stock. Dammit if you gave me choice he said I was a TV executive and I can hire one of the two guys on my telecast and I think -- hearty. I would say Mark Jackson because of the team. Mark Jackson with brave and Ben -- yeah. That is a -- that was a great trio. The report between. Van Gundy and Jackson who was good for five years -- before it will be good again and his party back. He's he's he started inside a long term deal with -- him but he's back. Right now it myself problem as Michael. You can't possibly go back to a successful broadcast it and during network another -- very -- c'mon now that doesn't work then there -- -- you can go home until we elect Mark Jackson as a broadcaster. I do to actually just. As much as -- 6177797937. As telephone number when we come back I'm gonna tell Michael Weiss crazy. Cannot -- top three pick for Kevin Love. Heartbeat -- tomorrow I'd do if it was the first overall pick that's how how quickly I'd do it we'll talk to Michael about that when we come back right after this.

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