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Red Sox lose 4 in a row for the first time under John Farrell

May 19, 2014|

Mut and Lou start the show talking about the Red Sox getting swept at home by the Detroit Tigers. Stephen Drew's name has crept back into the conversation. The guys discuss the improvements a guy like him could make to this team, and what it would cost the team.

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And for the first time since the very end of the dreadful 2012. Season. When a Red Sox lost all league games down the stretch their last day. The Red Sox have lost more consecutive games. Now wait a second larger. You lose -- in a row gets weapons or three runs over the weekend it's a two alarm type of Monday month -- 937. WEEI I'm. Final Monday of this show final week of Marshall take you through Thursday or reduce every -- I don't know I don't know I'm not doing it every day not all got our clinic Thursday want answers we shouldn't why last Monday. Last -- last Friday decorate. This -- Leo Vieira last hump day nobody cares let's hope appeared here that people people are counting the days until mid eighties and FB which debuts. Tuesday correct -- this and make my debut in the Red Sox radio broadcast he yells oh and it ought not to not to -- Tuesday Joseph and Steve -- on Tuesday. The wrap up their. Schedule next week. To Atlanta and Atlanta then to an Atlantic in Boston what was that the -- starting this with -- it through I -- needles not here this week he's -- and -- tweet wrestling which I like denial while there was no tweet at all. From the honeymoon so weakness in the plane. The road trip straight I don't know I will be includes audio -- studio weeks ago for the road is crap. Not travel with the team Joseph not so -- four seasons. At -- Brad and on the plane. The forces type of guy. -- -- four seasons winter spring summer fall and overstated of if most popular lock in the red -- and -- -- -- -- right now and actually listen I want to travel with this team won like I want hotel rooms I don't audit and I hate this job I don't wanna beat -- -- You know what I do you take -- personally that. Ago. Let's go with the final week. At the muscle around I'll be. Right in the not. And that will start next week we ought to Red Sox just the guys today -- I am so. Or you don't you know it certainly amateur which gave her put down to staring at Steve Buckley -- a FaceBook page. Solo. He's not justice would be it's a pitcher we. OK what should what should we why should we go with this one private messages -- Open but I know you haven't and messages (%expletive) where would you like me to go with this one. I tell you what I would call block right now NC how much he's gonna pay Lou to close this and not allow us to look at the private where popular got Steve -- plus there'll. -- -- old time baseball game or nowhere to tell you -- play in -- that underwear in the order and it really how many innings -- one play because -- I'm gonna do right now is closed this account and open my Twitter. You welcome. That is the nicest that you're due to. There's no doubt about it plural to just back up after recent morning show guys between public and then it's really good sports men and overly cares about a show anymore -- at tenth and it's great for business really -- it knows the business I think it's awesome help continues. You know the new show we just. Refused ever get their face and just help them you know. Got to get off the air like everybody else does it 56 because they're -- something to do with it. But not the not a -- and I think it's great force at eleven. Before I bought it shrank at like four is -- -- -- -- -- -- is gonna set the -- next week and it's that he's gonna get right deals. The guts of it's it. And the -- a shake up obviously we'll be shaken up the Red Sox the question and based on the your reaction last night. On the baseball show -- -- Restaurants somewhere in doubt -- of these background -- big striped shirt on. On national defense the mood -- -- -- -- -- -- Baltimore and in the slop oh well today it was -- at that prix at the favorite to win you know newbies this all. -- -- So based on the reaction base and a half hours so watch the baseball show. -- I know where you're going to nail knickers are Red Sox fans feel the same way you do to joked about it trending now but I. I know based on the based. We'll show you think there is a very simple. Move they can make right now and make this a better team. In the next well the next five weeks or so eating it's very simple on the simplest even yes as it is now getting Stephen Drew is not simple. Would admit that because Scott Boris is now saying they're saying in two weeks. After just getting destroyed all went along with a strap pick -- -- over my head. I can actually open it up -- -- actually go to free agency. In two weeks. So to me he waits for you know but you know. -- character here and as a really engaged in any talks with them while I think you need to start engaging. In any historic figure out what it's going to be -- -- dealing with Scott Boris and I understand that maybe you can't do anything for a couple of weeks but you should be in on Stephen Drew. You absolutely 100% should be. Because. Look at the headliner got buster -- Wrote this morning Red Sox must fix from within the last fifteen minutes yeah I don't agree with that OK I don't think they can. I don't think there's an answer I think to be signed drew -- go after him if it takes three weeks ago in the field. And he's talking about end of June I think did a -- still it in the left side of the infield guy. You get a Needham whether it's now month from now two months from now you -- going to need that guy. Aids or seven weeks into it the minute woman -- books when an ideology that you know what enough already here we go. It's two weeks maybe three weeks who knows how long it's gonna take a -- -- You know at third base who are really like as utility guy but not rely everyday at third. Enough. You signed through. You've got to get some stability there in the infield just too many question marks everywhere this team the I don't see and it's from within now the distinct good enough right now. Well I grew you up to a point. And I draw a line in the sand when it comes to Stephen Drew and I'll take a lot of phone calls on this and he your thoughts on where this team is right now three games back in the at least getting swept. Over the weekend a lot to talk about no better place to talk Red Sox the right here 61777979837. The phone number 617. 77979378. TT -- line. It's 379837. We'll get to the calls up early and often here today. If you're telling me get Stephen Drew for the rest of this year and not to commit to next year I'm with you. I'm not wanna commit to Stephen Drew for a year this year then next year. And some sort of team option a year three which I think is what Scott -- is gonna want if if Stephen Drew sat out this long. -- and take a one year deal. I don't want Stephen Drew on this roster after this year I really dope there are too many other options you could look at that what for example in a -- is still a shortstop to me I know what you're. People think year why what is Jeff -- Doesn't have to be but it eat right now he is a shortstop and offensively without the shortstop in baseball. In the American League east is I've got another good year this year no base of people spotted at dinner Bogart's. If there is hope yet to the other shortstop the American League -- second. Yeah second -- Alexi Ramirez OP yes out of every other shortstop. And the American League -- and that's why should state short all c'mon what else and you. Example right go to spring training yet you guys competing for jobs. To utility infield is competing for jobs. You don't say well the bad news summit to fifteen the good news that compete with that 195 from winning that battle. Compared to everybody else and winning that battle not to bolt failing that's what happens at a camp eagle get somebody else and you want to get the job. Zander Bogart's. Prevailing when tennis that's in this. As saying that we're happy with this production. Because he's the second offensively. Producing the second best the ball short stops. So when we put in a ball bats that show what we thought to sixty with two win seven. At the end of may. We're fine with that is that second note but that tells me is that the rest of shortstop -- I listen. He doesn't have to be a shortstop you don't have Voinovich tugboat Deborah in 216 double leg maybe 23 years from now -- you shortstop. I have absolutely no problem. With given Stephen Drew a two year deal with an option at third year. -- -- should have done this back in December. In the should've just said you don't want he's your shortstop. Gender Bogart's post is going to be a great player in this game and I believe that. And I believe it's -- turn this year around I still believes gonna hit more home runs into last year is still a higher average maybe -- the RBIs is whether act. But does it have to be a short. Why does it have to be rich or why can he be an all star third baseman. What what's the big deal because there's an advantage to have. He very good offensive shortstop -- that the problem is that right now is not -- a Bogart is a -- and as someone who drank every last drop. Other will liberal school it is spring training this has been a rough couple months. Not only easy not producing he's shown barely a couple flashes of being the power god I think he can beat -- the -- back on the DL the fractured finger. Said at some point it goes from -- struggling at the plate is struggle in the field to. Yet he's also injury prone this now the thirty year -- three Major League seasons where there's going to be I guess it could be -- it it's not significant yet. But it's gonna is gonna lose at least a month. Based on the -- the earlier fifteen day DL -- and whatever it's gonna be right now it's gonna add up to you're gonna miss at least. You know almost 20% year year somewhere around that month of your -- of six month -- when everyone call. Unanimous on murder so that so at some point that now becomes an issue. If you have a good offensive shortstop. I think -- -- -- of other teams in the American League the question is. What do you have a third base and right now that's a bigger question -- can Zander play shortstop Lou yeah what I would ease up like an order at -- Stephen Drew. I don't commit don't want Bogart's get a shot at short again next year with -- hearing won't. You -- tell me wanna get somebody out Gonzales. Have a commit a play shortstop for the time being he's available right now Campbell not gonna take five weeks to get ready to -- -- he's very good defensive shortly. If there was a very still very good for the -- that -- to be in Detroit. Okay and it comes at what we just can't play anymore he's not the answer that Texas says double that seven a better first you must have -- rookie that work up. Offensively. Why does he have to play short that's my question mini which shot it was a better defensive -- substance into Bogart's. He's playing third people of Baltimore since it while we're really missing the boat. We are really missing the -- as we have a great defensive shortstop and with the office we supported -- short gain advantage of everybody else. What are we J. J. Hardy. -- because your team is better it's. You gotta -- defensive shortstop hardy and it bombs so he had the luxury of put him over there. What does it have to be at shortstop that's my only question. You know I mean if if if this was a guy that was like you know projected to be center fielder so offensively doing the job but he offensively. We can have an upgrade maybe he's not figured out right now. What's the big deal move on the left field. Go get a center fielder. Let's -- take him out of the lineup of course you gonna put him in that line up like still hitting second right now. But I put him over their basic -- defensive shortstop -- bring some stability. Get the defense of issues he has in his mind right now which showed off his mind put him at third base where everything's a reaction Stepan a -- I think you'll get a better player. Not to you don't give up one cubic. Why are we still convinced it's almost like square peg -- around all the forcing this thing to -- but it shortstop as we get advantage at a perfect road -- -- The guy can come up beat on everybody's not my cup rookie year you play defense and yet. Just what the kid to perform offensively. Have to beat short. But and I think the advantage the Red Sox have him at shortstop offensively. Is a big one the American League which is why for this year I get your struggling right now at I think at this point you have to go. We don't know we have a woman Brooke we just don't bowl entry and performance. To get us a little bottle upside. I just wouldn't do it 32 or three year commitment to Stephen Drew is Stephen Drew. Kirk Kirk asked the question today and actually I didn't have the answer for -- of Georgia shortstop opening day this year Bogart's is playing thirty middle -- interpret dock at Appleton. I'm much better would you be than 20/20 three -- a better. He would I don't qualify games yet I I can't imagine them being 45 games better because of -- -- shall I keep I gets a couple of games. At the most you're gonna get better defense it's -- better defense at -- More production at third. Quite frankly very similar if not better production -- so far. Well I'd look at those one run games do you win a bunch one or gays because of what Stephen Drew did. I mean I don't people like talk aborted against righty slash journal bug that was Bradford came on and hammered it but overall. Italy ended that year the way he looked offensively the plate. I pencil and. Their data that during their -- in nineteen gets ready to face more -- need to leftist replicate two thirds they're ten in nineteen against right handed -- -- -- Aren't there at the bottom of the barrel and everything. Worst record baseball -- against against Friday's. Point average runs its its bottom of the barrel. And you could say what you want with Stephen Drew but two thirds your games yet and 876 -- OP yes. 876. Against right -- Yeah he sucked against lefties I give it wouldn't to -- your games in which you are now ten in nineteen. As as opposed of 65 and 43 last year which is outstanding at ten in nineteen -- varieties. And it's not just to rule I mean Ellsbury. 863. Heats up and down is a bunch of guys novel last year he's missing there's a reason why you struggle against writing. And one is Bogart's 67830. PS were ready. Again drew 876. On a shaky and it begins right he's last year -- -- -- -- -- very well if I -- the. Into like you want to an amendment saying -- -- get -- for a year -- probably do it if it's multiple years I don't want to commit to that. What about the fact he's not gonna be ready until must say. And did you not ended Judy -- sort of five weeks you do a Bogart's -- -- do you think or is signing Al Gonzales and have a -- guy that led us he has good defensively now as he was les last year. But he still probably a better situation and broccoli is still evoke are we -- announcements algebra you -- -- -- Well that was what your issue I don't standard joy I -- for for per year I understand you have to do that and it put him back to join next year I mean if you -- you're saying you're not if you -- drew multiple years you're saying you know our third baseman got. What you say I don't want to do that yet. You'll want guys like Steve Buckley said he probably short I I've not seen enough to say. This guy's not a shortstop Juan -- it's not there is an awesome offensive potential once that stupid ones are here. Would Bogart's -- Brooks on that side of course they're more likely to find offensive -- third baseman went for the offense -- shortstop to have that left side of the infield. That nature go offensively. We gonna find them look at their base. Look at their base. Where you gonna find them. You look at it in your own system you're still a year away with your boy can genie is its key economic earnings judgment hurdle would herbal. Yeah listen if I put Bogart's at that third and aperture which shortstop. Everyone at eight. He would packages -- up with a pitcher to a gate Stanton and possessing L fields were gonna do at some point. That's what I'm gonna deal. And by the way it's not bad it's not a bad thing to have either because. Ticking he comes up there and he continues to rate down and AAA key to -- -- continues to -- AAA I got drew when I got Bogart's. Injuries happen. You know what that's called total -- so they don't have. The only don't have opening -- setter so they don't have a short so they don't have a third base. So there's nothing wrong with depth -- ignite and Stephen Drew neither it's just bring it guy apple you can trade it was an asset. You know it's too bad. That no one saw this -- for the year a lot in the baseball show last night and I love my boy knew -- he's the best. They did this is that people are not hawkins' middle Brooks. Bogart's. Bradley these three guys all struggling. -- and now we are just started talk about -- -- could see the steam -- -- Guys on one of watching at home they had the actual steam come out your years. And saw your nostrils start to flare when I've you give me that look before here in studio aren't overly tired we'll be talking about this reform. I'm tired of you talking about it for a lot of play different game -- -- sit across and tell me -- -- out of that left side too much you. Your talent you know Brooks -- Bradley let the kids play. Let the kids get an opportunity. And so far of the three kids at a played you'd say Zander Bogart's. You give the check mark will let Brooks no Jackie Bradley junior is. -- Glor bottom defensively. At the plate. His managers Entrust them to bunt with two men on and nobody out in a low scoring game -- -- Max Scherzer got about what happened Friday night which will give him through. Pissed me off to no extent which John -- did Friday night if -- -- strongly Sunday. They get pissed off some of the Red Sox to. Let the other part of double drew in the young players here this T. What posture and and some of the -- -- Individually and as a group. They're not happy bunch right now from report they are not taking losing very well which you can say is a good thing you don't want a team to beat three games that are really feeling good about themselves. But there there is an X there is an anger there is some frustration. Brewing in that Red Sox clubhouse which I don't necessarily think is a bad thing if players are. You're using the positive folksy what's on the field -- and loose but. I I don't open that the only thing going on over there in terms of the frustration -- individual players are frustrated in their role so far this year -- -- some players that. -- throw other guys on that team and -- throw -- night with and we'll get to buster -- about moving guys over. We pretty obvious what I buster was talking about there. We start with that is as simple as saudis the manager -- would do for two years in an option that your deal absolutely I I I it's not a for the rest of this year again in my would not extend a long term and yes I'm still -- into the -- that's why. I still see. -- I averaged -- get this right. Bogart middle Brooks as having crazy potential left side. And it will want to clog that up I'll be honest I want clogged it up with Stephen Drew here. More than just the year. 61777979837. As the phone number 617. 77979378. TT tech slide is 379837. We start Red Sox really world you start. Defending World Series champ gets swept over the weekend by their ALCS combatants. You cited Stephen Drew what LT concern about what this team. We get right to your phone calls and exports radio WE yeah. Delivers to the late breaking ball hit to left field this -- to -- gone. Over everything we have Torii Hunter with a Fenway blast that it's 62 tigers. They want that goes on the mask like last night. Torre daughter's home run ball holy crap. Wish our baseball lot load ID 37 WEEI 61777979837. The AT&T -- want. It's 379 -- 37 rob Bradford WEEI -- -- ports the Red Sox are looking at. Waste upgrade the left side of the infield is as simple as signing Stephen Drew. Lou would do it do for multiple years I -- one your stop gap that's what I'm looking for -- and things broke he leads -- -- 937 WEEI. Adam how are you able it so we don't looks. A that we can I was listening got -- whenever I can will sit there. But I they let. A couple things that before I get to the even through. I keep saying that. I think important is they market -- on this one run games. Soccer I consider either and they hear him. -- -- quote gains that you saw last year wrote on. That aggregates news wonder again. But out as far as Trudeau's. Yeah -- Great player he can get pretty -- Let's not forget that policy team around you and history to adequately you know cut its air act. Let it either -- hundred -- strike out all -- ultimately taken per year but I can solve our problems so. If you keep people say yeah I'll get a -- that go get somebody -- -- really out there are at stake are the people by. I didn't feel like if you look at like media and people are so speculate. They're gonna argue then how can you on that and let Katrina get -- -- -- -- children outlet. But still not there down -- -- so. We get someone but for right now to come -- and I just figured you know in my opinion. That's a Basra today out that your call I I don't think they have the answer from within I just don't. You know and hit the reason Y -- when you look at this team -- -- they win right now. You know is there a free agent third -- out there in the market. Is there an obvious solution. To keep standards short and it will bring in a big league their basement if that was the case. I would say OK bring this guy in his or somebody that can hit right he's just a struggle and ten in nineteen against renewed pitch and your left and it didn't their basement it's gonna bring you above average defense at third that I would say fine. The recent box there are some reports that -- shortstop. We don't the trade away anybody don't have to give up anything you're doing good doing it -- money. But -- got to do. You give up money and -- deal thirteen million Dempster off the books that -- and there you go do what you gotta do. You know and I don't. Here's the thing to really pisses me off and I think you know. -- there but we jumped on at the whole honeymoon no more so the last night -- we say nobody's thought well that did but. This attitude that everybody headed beginning of the year with just play the kids you won the World Series. Just play the kids a buck -- bridge bridge year just play them. The Boston Red Sox -- told you rebuild you recall you win championships the division is right there in front of your way tickets for walks. Know what you're trying to win at the kids -- getting it done you find answers every single year. You only play the kids. If Lester blows out a Lackey blows out and David blows -- you say it's not our gear. Then you bring up the kids has given some time to see what they can do you don't do it now to divisions up for grabs. You go for. You've got some young players sprinkle meant five but you've also got some cash and he got prospects. Help this team win now like he can. Toms and a card stock and Stephen Drew -- -- ID 30 WEEI Thomas. Eight thanks to -- -- I think I'm with -- all the way on this one drew for a couple of you're my only question at. And is he ready in spring training what you do. You play where football you -- ignored Yemen not -- your morale is one -- ball down at Scott -- has prep in Florida threat to. How long's it gonna take him to be ready to play a big game and I say a lot of blue you tell me I think it's a month at best and a -- you need -- shortstop or their basement. I hate to and we you're probably Luke thanks a lot. -- got a I think you need somebody both easily last another month here the schedule that coming up with Brock -- And in a Bogart's even if you do do that I would still go signs in Alexander. And I have a son Alex Gonzales today. Or utility shortstop acts I would I -- brought call for the next month. I wouldn't do and if you're gonna start the transition -- Bogart's a third I would sort of sort of a later if Bogart's the last thing I want is that -- Stephen Drew when knowing that okay. Play shortstop promote -- -- to third. I would want -- get get to it now you know -- done this this waiting period -- moved to third of keep it short. One of the two you want them at the plate you won that second -- why or at least put his mind duties if you're gonna go out -- Stephen Drew. The waiting period month for Bogart's I would be mildly concerned about that it is -- -- -- knowing it would this guy gets here I got to change positions again. We do you think Detroit Tigers are idiots. Not know I think -- manager Brad also looks about thirteen years old you know he doesn't censor it's -- -- -- -- he looks like -- -- little big that he -- saying they may lose their showed up and they sent Alex Gonzales nobody needed defense they don't need need bats they got enough bats. Public they got -- now -- -- he's not getting -- to wander. You know he can't swing the bat but he can play defense. -- -- Gonzales played big league defense at shortstop right now and what you think you still be there. All they needed. Was -- -- either. It's not and he they really don't they let him go in April. Which is definitely and they saw him and it's not a lot. We love you Alex let me tell you must play first base coach -- -- shortstop he was great to one point the Pope -- range for Oklahoma put Omar Vizquel but they're sure. If that's the case he's not there for a reason. All they need it was defense not do any just that it -- obvious that -- -- position let's talk to Karl in New Hampshire -- -- the Red Sox offseason moves they -- Yeah that they brought the team because a lot of guys just like you were talking about bringing on -- brand leaders second coming of Christ. And to be honest with you Bradley it's my ailment or use a good note in all he has a -- And if not -- Iraq. And you guys all the shot or else they're morally we can't put brokerage overreached here because. Why not. Drug please don't say all of a sudden. You've been listening to show -- and stick it down your throat now for the pal I don't want. I I think I I usually disagree with you but I agree with you. You you didn't say that you know what a lot of sports Jack couldn't way to bring -- last year beginning to hear all -- -- -- better than anything like. You moron. I thought Bradley -- to be honest was that was never going to be an advocate out of jail the bottom up from the minor leagues but I think. Gonna bring up bogeyed that fluid of people I forget that they not only -- go out there implicate that. And -- their eyes they're already this my ranking on file at Bogart's what guys ready. That guys ready to play right now. Middle -- between injury lack of performance has been a major disappointment and again I -- trumpeted him I championed him like no one's business what anybody else probably in this town. And he is let me down. -- brother -- defensively. A -- -- on I love the way the kid was -- center field to play for Dave but I assumed this offense would be. I thought he was he was two dominos I need a middle -- -- offensively to offset Jackie Bradley junior batting ninth and playing. A very good center field and then and so -- the rest of the offense Mike Napoli scored two really tough stretch right now he struggled. Pedroia has been good leadoff spot but the power expect from -- Droid that I thought would be their -- to the wrist injury that's not -- their Victor Reno has been up and Dallack nobody's business. In that -- only Ortiz. In the top -- order from from opening date. Game 46. Has been your consistent nobody else has been that is that a -- -- stronger magnifying glass a bigger magnifying glass. On Jackie struggles offensively no doubt about -- 61777979837. Is the number the AT&T -- -- 37937. Some bulls texting your guys. Texas suggests that there's a hot rumor going around that drew was right now. In Kevin a large garage. Getting hitting tips were good. Although they were open -- that it really did he still not doing steroids. Awful phones is expect us to talk about -- Red Sox baseball to start the show today we talk about with the -- 37 WEEI.

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