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Andre Johnson to the Pats?

May 18, 2014|

Danny and Jerry talk all things Pats.

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Welcome back. Yet till 5 o'clock on data -- stereo. With Jerry -- taking your phone call 617. 779798376177797937. -- We talked about what the patriots didn't get the draft. And now -- name all the Jerry. That could be had if you want them because it sounds like he wants out of Houston the name is Andre Johnson. All right -- and. God god has got a lot out of -- -- I'm not Andre Johnson wants out of the Houston Texans organization I am not surprised by this at all. I told this story and Comcast sports net the other night is that. Couple years ago when the patriots beat the Texans. In that playoff game where the Texans where -- -- jackets right. And and they were big team that that nobody was going to be coming into Gillette and data and when that game I was in the -- assignment. Was the -- attacked Israel afterwards get a vibe. And you don't vibe that I got out of that room -- what was that I don't drive that was that the elephant in the room was that the quarterback -- -- Nobody said those words but the vibe in the room was that it quarterback could win and began OK I was. -- piece art but I had a little case in the back of my phone promote my podcast on geoscience. And it's like try to get it in the cameras so I had in Audrey is actually an accurate and Andre Johnson's face that as just pocket it was all over the networks. So that was that was big for me it was funny moment and my podcast Korea. -- I ever got some of the backing him looked at me exact picture by -- only came out really well exactly Andre Johnson he was one of the plays that basically implied it we didn't do enough things to win this game we make enough big plays. And he was it's miss and I didn't make that catches as a Andre Johnson had five drops -- and you know -- -- It's not quarterback it would as the big dent. It's saying those words -- the team implied it. Gerri I've never felt the elephant in the room more that I felt the elephant in the room that night. Which was the Texans don't have a quarterback and you know what Andre Johnson did when he was watching the draft. Well when he changed over from Canadian Bruins and watched the draft -- because he said basically you know I could one day be in New England -- and have to watch this type of game. To be involved in the fan base when he changed the TV from Canadian -- saw the draftees -- the Texans did. And he saw them take two -- -- -- saw them pass on Johnny and Shelly Sullivan pass on Blake portals you saw them pass on a QB. And he said. -- -- -- Poor -- guys. -- I'll Monahan he set up a -- -- Houston I wanna go play at a place that as a quarterback that when the big game and this is all coming from. Come from a draft this is coming from a coach dollar bill O'Brien quarterback high rate quarterback Michael Ramsey case keen as it's not quarterback. And that's why he wants out a valid point Andre Johnson watch -- because of that reason bright -- That can be the only thing that that makes sense and by the way since that time that they showed up we -- in the Letterman jacket yeah. Arm which which is actually late in the season that was the of regular season game they -- those patriots. Like -- the field with them. Then they came back for the playoffs same thing and then they proceed -- the blues public eleven out of their next twelve games it like. A team away too talented to a finished last in the NFL -- is just too much. Physical talent there but clearly. That's you know it's it's convenient to throw on the quarterback but I think that the team with serious and be used -- it's true but I I don't they act like. Wit with the amount of talent they help I Nicole got fax -- below average quarterback. Should have still been able to oh win more than the two games three games to win evident that one -- They have no excuse to be the worst quarterback the worst team in the league which they were last year which tells me yeah there is war. There in new wonders is Andre Johnson part of the solution -- part of the problem there. You know to me that's something we -- to poked a ball receivers. Which SI point IC is the most valued position in all of sports is wide receiver in the NFL but. What is it about them that. It's -- what the deeper rate on these guys is off the charts. I'm not Tim Johnson is the worst defense in the league days is a million guys. And now it's a finance position correct it's them isn't the most has positioned in the National Football League -- Yes yes yes it absolutely is the bike camping because if you're dining -- -- rented on the sideline it's probably the position in which. You'll avoid contact more than any other position. Right and again I mean it's at quarterback but quarterbacks -- -- -- knocked around more than eight let's say. Houston's defense carries them to the -- global. Is Audrey Johnson still upset that they don't have a good quarterback has his catches in his in his yards and I -- -- in he's that would map but. Receivers do that more than any other position and all sports like. Like. Guards. Don't complain that they don't want to their whole enough there they don't count there. They -- assignments they don't count there they are. You know it's every -- why does not -- called and wide receive sharp -- but you don't work -- got that -- go to town but right now I'd. I'd prefer in general I receive messages in -- shut their -- hole and get open and at the ball comes do you find if it doesn't but the play is still successful to skip back and so -- haven't said that. The the patriots have. Had a you know a history of taking guys who shot their way out of town for their for their previous teams. Corey -- the prime example certainly Randy Moss is. Is agreed example have also had guys who malcontents that there -- other team who came here -- did not think. -- -- -- -- Will always be the patron saint of of that as far as I'm concerned you know I'd -- by the way. -- on -- soccer I've gone in an arrangement that. -- borderline on and I stood there I was in that media scrum outside. Training camp outside has gotten a sunburn of my head everything jump out of my face. And breast pocket I'm Bryant and -- I was I wasn't a patriot way. I was away on vacation with my wiping rain washed it took time out of our vacation the blog about how excited I was about he's written -- -- because the upside on him. Was you know would have just -- the needle. What the downside was not if he -- -- get rid of them gets like he's not need to make in everything -- read on -- They have Audrey Johnson on the team. It's not a huge priority for me if he wants that take -- Pay cuts say it becomes -- not too high a -- sure what it'll keep in mind everyone loves a receiver. Just re boarded a whole receiver -- Algeria told me -- jobs and oh yes. But boy are you what what price would you -- and and it's funny to me how. The same time he came out with this. The reports throughout the year that they were talking about Ryan mallet -- Houston so people connected those dots. You know -- to -- I don't think connecting to get a good North Pole you what other galaxy this day. Well you know you get Andre you get Ryan mallet is you know below Branko tomatoes we like them zoo is gonna. If if Belichick pulled up -- combination of Ryan mallet for Andre Johnson. Like I don't need -- maybe he kind of forgot he should be called before congress like if they should be investigations it. That would be like a bigger rip off than anything Bernie Madoff ever did what I would put -- solicit. Darrelle Revis was not on the market. And the patriots got him. Without giving anything up by the way Revis I don't below market contract to its economy itself. He's done before at some kind of weird jet -- -- tricky can pull one of the GM's. I'd like to see it I'm just not. I am totally lowered my expectations on this is that seems like. Too good to be true. Honestly if you want to Andre Johnson said you wanna play the patriots he would say yes sign me up right now what time my flight -- said. And and the -- you bring up the question how much would -- take to get -- but also all you know. Andre Johnson's contract is pretty big and and you wonder well. Blow when you get into that you know -- -- -- move some numbers around can you do some things. Which we don't word restructuring in the NFL is just take on -- like Mattel and we see you would not let all these big name players. Used or restructure and obviously that's something. That would be talked about what. You were detonated the concerts are how much -- Andre Johnson want to go to. If you talk about that you know we find out at that point whenever that would happen if it came time to restructure any sort of deal or shot in any sort of extension. Which ultimately restructures to deal -- Eel grass we find out then how much she would wanna go to win. I'm Randy Moss clearly was motivated by that now it's hard to believe Israel is never a bigger. Malkin -- aura or like a a Mormon nut job in the NFL -- him. Writing him coming to New England. And he hated his time in Oakland. He was clearly mail in it in for a long stretches -- time there like he took a pay cut to come here -- do. Worked his ass off and by every account he was that like the hardest working guy and the team. He's got a high football IQ we spent time in the film room all those things arm. They'd have to know with Andre Johnson he's the one. Is that -- realistic. I mean ravenous conversation. And this is obviously limited on Fantasy Island for the mall -- we see Andre Johnson talk about one out of Houston and I give my theory on why he wants out which I think is. I think it's a fact he wants to play the quarterback nick went in the big -- And so with that said we are obviously connect the dots it's -- the patriots have a quarterback -- when it began and it. I know you you talked about all they need it's got it stretched the field and you sort of mocked it in away what. -- mean you boldly that it would hurt to bring in a big name like that that stretched the field so is it realistic they'll its British island that we're living on right yet. I think we pulled wanna see it happened -- is it realistic that they actually make a trade for a guy like Andre Johnson right now. You don't you got to begin with what are they gonna give up again at a date to a draft pick or I'd jump on it you know maybe Houston feels like. You know they've reached the point of no return with this guy that that he serious that he is just flat out not cannot wait for them and you're gonna get whatever you possibly can. -- But Arnold how much more than that I would give up farm. I mean and and they have some cap space but do they have enough to pay Andre Johnson what he's making in in used to right now. I don't know that that answers so I would say I will take him at at a right price American. Break the bank form I'm not gonna give up. You know first rounder if if that's the asking price. I'm now I mean I couldn't ask for help a first round and another million embassy for trumpet -- 33 has only just yet -- not -- and which it. -- he's a big tall athletic guy I think it has got to be in six foot breach of parity. And they and they haven't a need for like I mean unless you're you know totally am -- on board with rain fell. Which I don't -- -- I don't think he's a nice. Component part whereas Johnson yeah I could be that that. You know to use the term debt that noble one receiver that -- that they have lacked com. And I'd love to see it again it's just. You know what's realistic. What are they willing to -- have a quality up their remaining cap space. The scientist accused of -- gone into it into a season up against the cap and we don't like is injuries happen and they always have the leverage step. To pick up another guy that -- a key to Lieber who would have a mid season. -- But now yet it does sell it and not not that what they've done so far I mean Darrelle Revis. Brown a. You know that that -- a goal and four moves you know you going for you bring in the best corner. You bring a guy you can. Play safety or corner Brandon Browner a physical beast even I -- missed the first four games right. -- with the suspension but still when he does play we know the type musicality that brings. The light that he brings and we all the blooper acknowledge success in the NFL is -- those positions. Which is a Cali. Right boast of signings they make sort of goal for tighten rules. Andre Johnson. Is the all if they want to -- to -- Johnson that would be the ultimate width gold for that's the ultimate goal for -- yeah I bet if they would end up to -- like. -- a you know if fight. Could get the Andre Johnson of defensive backs which I concede that they did -- say let's say is starting safety yeah. I would take that over Andre Johnson again for it for two reasons one I mentioned earlier they scored. You know there with third highest scoring offense in the NFL as banged up as they weren't missing chronicle would ever come into. If Seattle proved anything this year they've confirmed anything it's that the NFL hasn't succeeded. In outlying defense yet they're trying but they they haven't succeeded and -- team I will never get -- watching Peyton Manning put together 27. And a half minute drives that resulted in touchdowns. And -- leaned up to the draft they heard a lot of the usual Brady needs more weapons talk well. Do you think Brady would've of appreciated get back on the field so like it's is it frustrating for -- to not have anybody open shore but it's got to be frustrating more to be standing there. You know with his helmet is hand because the defense has given up -- yard itself I still think. This team has the makings of a potential top five if not top the re. Defense. I I I still don't know who's gonna start opposite -- McCord he I'd love to have a stud reliable wrist arm safety right there. Doesn't mean I wouldn't take Andre Johnson it just might focus is is elsewhere that the defense is the reason they haven't won a Super Bowl. In the last ten years -- more than it is the the other side and Josh is in Connecticut what's up Josh. And let me know what you thought about the possibility of maybe a trade from Alice and there was all that going on. And like maybe like a second round pick in the third round pick or something like that illegal bundle. Well I mean if -- again Jerry said if the patriots can trade Ryan mallet and get Andre Johnson's return I think they should be parade on boils. Yeah it yet again almost Belichick gets indicted for for fraud -- for actually -- and off -- bill Bryant because. That would be just -- that would be larceny. Yeah I mean I think that on average again this is us sort of taken this and run with it would take in comments from Andre Johnson last week and saying we think he'd be obviously be if it with the patriots but how much -- you get up again. -- I mean I'd be wrong I'd be able to give up a lot attack epic has already it's see this team golfer at. And even though you -- -- -- for most I -- think Audrey Johnson is would be the ultimate you know icing in The Hague golfer -- I don't what. Detection once that once made a back up my claim that wide receivers are are overrated and -- My theory is that quarterbacks make receivers. I know you not not the other way around and I know yet what my favorite examples of this we all agree that Larry FitzGerald is a phenomenal receiver. Is not an -- of diva enemies are hard work in the right guy. I'm a couple years ago 2012 draft in the middle of the first round the cardinals aren't picked up Michael Floyd. Out of Notre Dame to be that other side to take the pressure off of Larry FitzGerald so they they expend a first round pick on a team that has needs a lot of the areas. They finished thirtieth in the league in passing offense and won like three games. The point being that you can't take a mediocre quarterback and give him super star receivers and say. Now our problems as so often whereas look at Brady's history Troy Brown. And I love Troy Brown no one does it was a nondescript. Garden variety NFL receiver Brady takes over a partly through 2001. It turns him a 200 catch the guy. He did the same thing with Welker he just did the same thing we Julian Edelman a seventh round draft pick who was a quarterback in college. And turned him into 100 catch thousand yard guy. -- Brady can use weapons but if you don't spend a lot of like capital and receivers he can still take them and and give you a great offense. Houston Texans. Coach bill O'Brien. Talks about. Am talking under jockey says the conversations that Andre and I have had. I've been very positive about what we do when -- team I think Whitney Houston protections -- themselves -- past comments honestly don't think they should take mental. Mandela portals. We detect I Melbourne Scott you're blowing just more traditional not a straight a traditional pocket passer but but more -- I just. Mental and I'm fascinated to see what he becomes and I love watching employee. But it was more like. It was. A fabulous disaster to watch what template he can roll. Boy Lotta times he was -- it up it was it is often seem to be predicated on on. -- You know broken down place I still don't think he didn't plan -- split. And deliver up all a ball a couple of you know NFL linemen the way I prefer my guys that -- Bridgewater on -- -- -- I did not -- -- I don't -- money -- money -- out guy young enough I thought coming out haven't said that I love that he took. Well a boring NFL team and instantly made them fascinating like he'll wait to watch the the browns coverage this year and I am hoping gets on the field LeBron wants the web rounds jerseys now. I don't he had -- -- -- and get I love collectibles browns fans do that the money gesture while I'm well aware of their jerseys and crap and they passed on him twice and still I think that's the best celebration -- bulletin what was the first game that Mandela came back in college. He threw touchdown pass he signs a fake autograph in the -- with -- -- very close and gave the money and I said to myself decade. It's going to be always ask -- tear it up that night clubs that they get drafted those pictures with it -- that he's going to be. Non stop entertaining and easy I tell a what I will say this I think he's the -- Most likely to get a future like outside the lines segment -- -- what happened to John itself. You know it he's actually going to be the most fascinating football life of anyone who's probably cut after three -- -- far.

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