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Butch and Buck Talk about Possible Changes for the Red Sox and the Bruins Going Forward 5-18-14

May 18, 2014|

Butch and Buck continue their discussion of the mediocre Red Sox and some changes they can make to spark the offense. Is there a prospect that can help or do the Sox make a move for another bat? Any time you discuss Sox trades, the Marlins' Giancarlo Stanton names comes up. The boys then move on to the Bruins and some changes they'll need to make in the offseason.

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Give or take this song. Doesn't make my night. Whether he plays -- harder I do like that song to hang out to be -- friends with. I'd much rather growing up. Much rather have something. Darkness. Precinct at a Mohegan Sun would come but. I'd want to come. Your work on that -- know why haven't seen a concert. Paul McCartney yeah me neither I wish I would definitely heard I don't know what Paul McCartney ice storm the Super -- Cap on taxes as Bruce points by a blank itself better idea about that it's okay. No I know Bruce. -- it. -- NN yeah -- I think Kirk was it last night and always in Albany Tuesday night I heard carte thing in the rear -- and honestly you. There are -- period with one of the Bruce because that -- or maybe Jerry said that. This is the case where they -- it. I don't think I've talked. It -- because it might ruin that. If you're always like you're down there with him like a medically. You know that I met and it -- He did yes which -- In the press box that fuel which stadiums which would require it was going to -- -- well that is Saudi once you apply this to you don't run cool and he brought it for the Saint Louis. And I walked in the press what you think sitting in my -- like five minutes yet. The summit to BC and you know. What's his name. It's what's written -- -- time digital front Eminem drawing a blank but he's a huge music and the sky and -- up to -- and I said. And I know he's a huge Springsteen fan this guy and not Tillman niceties and such a great east is a Sony taco approves its incredible. That's a Dallas have such a nice talk with him until I told them I -- this album the stranger than you seem to get upset with me a -- good. It was a bruise that was Billy you all well and into Canada. And I was just kidding of course I know but he and jewel Haiti did you reflect in -- mall in Columbia record crowd. Codes given PB on Massport Sunday morning how are you Jim. They've which embargo Tim -- So what sort sort such what spoke -- that's relevant just. I light's green miles for the eighteenth time. They put her toggle -- of the Red Sox on. There's some historic situation a little perplexed I -- she's just an America. Triggered to put him Michael -- some of the starts -- pulled that. To -- such talent and and try to think in street -- butch and park. And I'm enrollment some. Decision to go without any combat brigade -- they deliberately will go about making games and need to not and Patricia I was given all those years. Grown up and -- immunity system. The last time the last time I checked Michael Jordan meant a little bit more to the NBA and -- -- -- -- -- -- You know why -- -- to wait and the only Jim the only thing I go to who. -- would leveled you wanna talk about this from an NBA level -- are as analogous to anything in life. -- don't need welfare it's now it's anything in life and the NBA is a club and it's a club it's not you know so. It's not like anybody can start an NBA teams so they have their own rules he's got to live by the rules and the thing I. Continue to go by whether it's right or wrong is how many people have you heard defend Donald Sterling through all of this how many. And not one person has come out and defended him as a person as a businessman. As anything is going to really put me over the graduates when we had one of his first half court. Trying to give people the clippers games and nobody went dead one of those half court contest. Where you want like you know 777000. Dollars and 777. Cents. The guy -- want it any didn't -- -- you may I take the court to get aid. And those stories -- the norm. Sterling so this is a bad guy is the bad guy. -- The NBA can't wait to get him out. Sure or at night insanely boring had several of the people did but aren't. Well I think the question. I think the question before it's so -- the question about getting another hitter before the end of the season it sort of a future question isn't it in other words are you willing. So are you willing to wait for Bogart's. Bradley middle Brooks to Keeney. Have you bought enough time to be able to do that so the urgency or pressure in Boston is not dare to go out and get the next middle of the order hitter. That you need because we all know what's it's gonna end eventually with a Ortiz is an a on the all so so the. Don't know he's got to the tenure at. Fenway earlier little whining about a new deal problem. You gotta -- play a player I mean I am certainly at my. Breaking point -- middle Brooks at this point. Mean just hasn't just hasn't put up numbers now he's part. Ekene again repeating myself critiquing apparently needs time acted to hold his defensive skills. Bradley is this just so great the senator feel -- wanna I wanna see more of him. With middle Brooks it's Wiki as a great glove make no -- positive allotments. So you -- -- got to go play by play so I think the Red Sox accounting and people like you it's saying it's it's. With what the word you use for it. It's they're playing -- house money it when the championship last year and everything's gonna be great. I think they're cunning line on that velocity it through to get them to stem the tide here with the product we need more pissed off fans. OK and I agree with your point you brought up off the top of the show. The right now because of the Bruins hangover. Other things that are going wrong people -- turned. Their venom like they might have to Memorial Day towards the Red Sox like they have in all of our years watching the Red -- always happens. Right after that they'll turn to it and see what happens. It's sort of -- People people generally don't to cut up the bronze until after new years. Right as a role because you get the you know the end of the baseball season Sox have our apartment in the post season patriot season is starting up this Thanksgiving this Christmas. These New Year's. Right up the New Year's people seem to really get caught up in the -- and that that's been my expert you'd you can disagree but that's always been my writer and I think a factor that adds -- -- that is Tellme a regular season game it's meaningful. But the -- yet. Afford before New -- Tell -- a regular season are meaning it episodic way it would be like any game against the Canadians or -- like like a big name Pittsburgh Bobby's a big draw a me first the ball they get in the 1776. Vibe is that what is. Did -- -- up the building every game so obviously there's interest now is the is there interest to the degree that it would be. Afternoon drive for hours of nonstop -- not -- that you've got like Matt -- coming back and we all motion on the -- gonna beat him up kind of stuff. Which happen to be very late this season as I recall when that happened but but again by and large people. At a much saying that I interested in the Bruins pride to New Year's days just that -- are there other things on the plate that we can agree with. And I agree with your point about the Red Sox -- Memorial Day does flip -- switch one way or another depending on what goes on let me go back to -- -- for -- -- -- -- -- -- position -- position player -- player. An -- center field there's part of the problem for the Red Sox this year buck in my opinion. They've replaced Jacoby -- there. But they've replaced him with two guys. They -- -- and they've got a lead off hitter is not Jacoby Ellsbury but is proficient but -- take their number three hitter to do that they've got his good defensive center fielder. And they've got to replace -- there's a domino effect. To replacing him. And doing natural position by position player by player I couldn't agree with -- -- -- go to Harley -- -- mentally on Sunday morning I Harley. They're both Shia outgoing first time on I'm glad you called in I wanna -- talk about Donald Sterling. And Magic Johnson. Do you think that he had any role in not do you recording being recorded in the first place. I don't I haven't read anything about it but I understand where you're going with that I do. Like he's. You'd -- cops like -- such a great guy and you know every aspect of their parents. You know what you're written all over it that you want to by the C. Let me ask -- let me ask. -- let me ask -- -- different -- your question is -- I think Magic Johnson was behind the -- I'm Donald Sterling I don't know it's sort of irresponsible for me to say yes however. Two I believe that the NBA. Wanted Donald Sterling out. Yes two I believe. That they would love Magic Johnson. One of their stars and hall of famers in marquee guys in their league to only team yes. Two I believe that people in LA would love Magic Johnson owned the clippers. Talk about story lines yes so I agree on all of those things I have no idea if peace duped or went to the point of being behind. This recording and all this. I don't think it was assumed. I wouldn't be surprised to hear it from magic can be a you know little relationship on the side with their you know easy or whatever the name wants. And you know I really you know as a business -- Donald Sterling on I just don't bring to light and Magic Johnson. Well good part of the whole way man he's going to be the first corner winds up by the feet. Well the argument against. What you're saying is that. -- mean victim is way too strong -- -- McCain can't use that magic is the one. -- magic is not the perpetrators here he went to a clippers game sat courtside. And Donald Sterling is the one who brought him up and made him put him in the middle office. -- so that's the argument against your point that magic is somehow orchestrating this now if we find out after the fact the magic. And -- their magic knew that Donald Sterling react like this and had something to do with taping and I find that out teams he finds everything -- -- -- But the that's order. I understood how we look I don't think it thanks for the call but I don't think he's far off I think there's a lot of people that believe. That there's a lot of people that want Magic Johnson or that wanted two things they would want Donald Sterling now would want a guy like Magic Johnson to become. Spearheaded new ownership group of the team. And by the way since it's in LA they hardy know what magic on for the Dodgers got a bad. From a sports perspective from a local perspective rarity now I don't think that's far fetched to think that there's powers that be behind the scenes. It wanted sterling out of what someone like magic or group spearheaded by magic don't know I agree though that I just don't know that it with orchestrating that that's a little too. Meet the TV movies for me right Ike will secretly record sterling intimate talk about magic and the more release the tape. I just one how about something unless I instilling panic caved in his own merits about something less than that magic has whatever type of relationship with the there. Historians of the color movie the other one at that tape right it would collar job again it was a it was a. Curator. It would have had to get some early says -- -- external go ballistic like game watch courts aren't you. She says yes he says invite me. That's up it's up -- go to Luke McConnell a little. -- I don't what's on your mind. Well I didn't really hadn't thought you knew how it. On what a leap forward words I just. Fine yes I'll define power hitter would what exactly do you mean slugger. Thirty home run guy I think -- -- extra base -- And and beat all doubled he won't run well that's that's not a part that's not a power guy. That's a number three -- That's Miguel Cabrera into an outstanding Carlos -- that's potentially Bryce Harper at. That's a tough -- Google of course they know every team needs one of those guys. And all know that he's -- that felt good at all and -- -- -- final are now. -- -- I love that one -- Red Sox need a five tool player who can hit to the gaps and by the way -- 2530 home runs. And you find -- guy where. I just -- cut -- year -- there's still on the battle on the same lines of just get rid of them. I put a blissful people wanna trade. When they don't like a guy just get credible bullets not that easy just to get rid of what there's only three ways to get that guy right you draft and develop him. You trade for him. Or -- signing him as a free agent those -- the only three ways I don't mind missing something. If you wanna get a middle of the order prolific hitter you draft and develop him maybe maybe. -- Bogart's becomes that guy who knows -- but may be. Or you trade for him maybe it's Giancarlo Stanton or maybe who else is up everybody keeps -- Stanton is there another guy. Who's about to become arbitration a liberal contract people artists I'm Longoria is not there because the rays took the unprecedented step of signing him and -- into his Major League career while it's not at a press conference. I mean. Unprecedented -- that early but teams do -- data going back the Cleveland Indians. Back in the in the mid to late ninety's they would do the same thing with. Could they do with Kenny Lofton yep. With the fact remember that Alitalia by air Dallas they Alomar the icicle but those guys and extend them as they wanna build the court team around them. It didn't work in that that -- win a World Series but they meant to keep the team together for awhile. You know the other the other trade that intrigued me was the will Myers trade them but that's Alexander Bogart's are fewer at Fenway this -- -- cast on house. By the way hasn't done much yet what is regarded. As one of the top projects in baseball so that the race plays good is and you know what my -- obviously had that incident. Last year but I think we can all agree he's going to be -- ball player yeah and they got him before the ascension of the stock by trading. One of their top pitchers to Kansas City let's go to Mike in Brockton -- next Mike. They're more expose the real good. They don't you put Schmidt wouldn't doubt even earlier that -- sure you'll want to trade -- to Bogart's. He had coached there in -- -- disparate units that are ridiculous they really get your golf game and in the book arch. You'd be put into accurately that your acting. You do it and -- what I would achieve. All right so. I had. I don't agree with your point that you have to. -- degree that it's debatable if you're asking me if I would trade in of Bogart's for your collar steer straight up or who wouldn't because you're you -- you only hope. The Zander bowl match turns into what Giancarlo Stanton is who by the way might be the next Mike Trout or Miguel Cabrera. And Jim Acosta and is Akron player that it hasn't been watching him. This guy hit line drives over the second baseman -- -- two home runs. So you put them I do -- to you don't try to do it achieved. And actually you're -- spend import in his career. So I'm you're you're going. You're arguing about -- collar Stan I'm not -- not debate that's not debatable at all where I want Giancarlo Stanton in a Red Sox uniform absolutely yes. My debate is at what price and your question was -- I'd be willing to put. -- Bogart's in the trade. I think in my opinion. You need to decide when your prospect of when you have all these guys what those prospects are what they're going to be -- then comes the value part of it. To me Bogart's is not untouchable. However if I were going to throw a guy like Bogut and trade for Stanton a guy. Who was already on any half this is a little bit of a stretch but -- and a half. Showing signings. That he might be scant light. Then I'm I'm really thinking hard about doing it back up what second what do you say but extending Ortiz -- career for years. Won't say that if you put your right Ortiz. Or keep it a few amazed the other way around you let your minutes -- as -- What explaining it's just what I mean we're we're getting killed and probably I don't need to sit there and what is -- agreed to to. Right. That's that's OK I I was trying to figure what you're saying that's the one. I guess my issue is computer -- thirty years old I don't think expanding his career. Is and -- and maybe I misunderstood the caller was saying. I don't know of expending David Ortiz is career is is why the Red Sox would meet meaning goes. Eight. Time with David teases coming to when and how lucky you sentinel last spring last segment and is -- played for ten more years. It's now you know enough we'll talk more about this and we can backward break back for more sports Sunday would -- -- What you you're still looking at a young man that bet that really don't know who yet there's a player right we see some. Power we see some deep sense of reason good side is -- will want the -- and that's a good body you know -- -- -- America. You meet some results to try to do it all and and then in an -- -- go on from there. When -- young player you still have been up and out quite seen a game probably upper -- now and it's like. It's hard to put a lot of pressure on yourself right but will help or hurt they bring immediate for the rest require you to go -- established itself. Act that big league level and knows that he's gonna have an accurate but he got a result here so we're acting like -- still look at all consistent results. And that's while -- Uga player. As Kevin Millar on -- Maloney earlier this week talking about will middle Brooks. And is -- to our young player he can -- on sports Sunday as always by calling 6177797937. I'm what -- you can text us. The 37937. Steam Buckley along side is always to Matt Loper. Taking your calls mylar is good -- a lot of things as we know here in Boston. When he talks about young players he's very good I heard that interview I've heard talk about a before. He speaks from knowledge I and I he he always cameras this one point which I agree with a young while the organization doesn't know what young player -- -- The young player doesn't know what he is that the Major League level yet he's. Which is an important point so will little Brooks is still trying to figure out what he is at the Major League level. While I think all young players are and more make some good points the only -- difference I have is that the comparison to a middle Brooks and -- -- Brooks was. Considered all the way along. Highly regarded prospect and all I was drafted. Where is not a disorder came out of nowhere -- -- the surprise package that the undrafted kid out of the Indy leagues. Who fights and crawls and scratches his way to the big leagues and doesn't have the pools. That that though will little Brooke says well why does pedigree. Or not to -- as an aside -- I'm not saying in fact I applied. The Red Sox for bringing up and disclose all the way back to gained -- -- And they would bring up the guy playing well as opposed change all right. Yet -- -- being a good example former catcher but I remember back in the eighties if you were not regarded as the prospect. And I know -- and covering mightily based popular regarded as a prospect you wouldn't he called them. If you were regarded as apprised of the that they were that dedicated the Indians had a kid in the W union a bowler. Who is having an okay season but he called them up to the big leagues over the third and Tripoli second baseman was having a great season disease replica of forty -- -- just -- thinking I love the -- -- -- -- not. But I think that not hard to -- he'll understand what -- ceiling is. We don't know what it can be with tools. To excuse me tool guy like middle Brooks. Following yeah absolutely so in other words if this were the old days of baseball Brock all would not be at Fenway tonight playing third base and began to Cheney because he's the prospect. Here point out Garrick Cheney will be called up because the Prospect -- back -- your -- nickel back to the caller. Who brought up the Zander Bogart's in the trade policy are you feel about this and we give a specific example. I looked back yet the Adrian Gonzales trade there's a lot of history since then we on the Gonzales. And his salary with a one nugget or did not Sally but as production that was given up in that treatment they dump all that salary. There when you go back to looking Casey Kelly Rey Fuentes Anthony Rizzo and Eric Patterson Patterson was a guy named later. Casey Kelly is still trying to establish himself he's on the Padres roster. He is started six games this year is -- six point 21 ERA. And he's struggling young pitcher. In the major leagues for the senior who has made six starts this year while a strikeout to walk ratio is pretty good 26 -- just a young guy. Rate went days as a pinch hitter. At 22 years old don't want to -- On the Major League teams so they're both on Major League rosters right now -- patty Rizzo is the one guy looking back on that you gave something up right now for whatever that is. He's a guy was only 24 years old. He's already had a season of 23 homers and eighty RBIs will middle Brooks liked. At 233 this year already he's showing signs of progression. He's got seven homers 21 RBIs and he's hitting 284 got on base percentage of one under my point comparing it to putting Bogart's in the trade if I wouldn't trade. Four and be realistic and trade to the Florida Marlins right now here's here's a potential deal you brought will keep bets before. It to be Renato one of a group of pitchers of Matt Barnes Alan Webster -- do you Rosa who they like more keydets -- one other guy. Now substitute Zander Bogart's. Instead of -- debts are you giving up Anthony -- -- Bogart's. Another top pitching prospect and maybe a -- throwing player compatible with a Gonzales thing for. For GO color Stanton. And five or six years from now aren't we regretting the fact that you put Bogart's an ad deal. Well I would football it's in the deal so I mean when I when I said that one of the untouchables was Henry Owens. I would. I'm talking about prospects. To me -- is a Major League player I don't consider him a prospect anymore right. So we can play here -- callers Duca several of the -- on that fosters an end to beat the vacant. Anybody can decide who would prospect is of what is -- if you still consider -- at the prospect I respect that. I'm just saying that by in my in my reckoning. -- is the -- such a what's the therefore is not a prospect understanding he hasn't played a full season in the big leagues yet near four and so forth and so. I'm saying that that the upside to Borger it's based on my untrained guy in my professional scout as someone who watches baseball Mike while I wanna kind of keep him around. And I said this is million times I keep going back to his post season performance last year Italy dug in against Maxi you know the tigers. And that that that that played appearance rather against Jake McGee when he waited out the walk and didn't show the rookie nervousness and I'm Mike Watt. Out in my impressed one of seeing this you'll of course not I like to -- you help a lot more. I couldn't agree with you -- I think and other factors besides all the you just mentioned the post season shortstop. All the -- and be one of the top prospects in baseball unlike Jackie Bradley junior middle Brooks this year. 262. Even though it only got two homers and six RBIs but to 62 with a 366 on base percentage. It's not a black hole in the middle of your lineup for rookie trying to make his way. Compared to Jackie Bradley agreed that. 262 and 366 a respectable numbers for guy trying to make his way. And playing such a key position. It was a respectable -- -- especially when you compare to Jackie Bradley right near one -- right let's go to Doug in Florida hello Doug drama -- march. I didn't when I got. I -- one time Red Sox fan okay down here in Florida. And harnessing a little bit -- the Tampa Bay Rays China Red Sox turned into. We'll let not guys go. We're not signing up people we need to sign. Don't do -- agreement to play and Jacoby -- very go and we they overpaid for. Now we're talking about west. Are you -- and a guy who is that -- so we can centers around. And we often or -- seven million dollars. I would -- and based. I agree or disagree. I I don't think it becoming the Tampa Bay -- I think you're ratcheting down their big spending that's what you're saying. It the end of the day though they've only let. I think you would agree so far let's put Lester site one moment they've only let one guy go who is a quote unquote star players is that would be Ellsbury you agree with that. Yeah I. But I think they looked a little bit of hot that human electoral amount -- Is. I don't think being a K want to bring into little Saltalamacchia go. Simply not one of young catches. I don't think any of the young -- ready yet. I ANC appoint I don't think I don't think they like Saltalamacchia held a guy a nice guy good team guy good locker room guy. Good with fans of with the media I understand all that. I don't think pitchers based on what I heard like throwing him. They felt the need to move on baseball decision and -- point I don't think the Red Sox like him committed for three more years than it was not involved right so. Weird weird dog goes is bring up one of the young catchers I think that's precisely what they wanna do except that the young ex -- art and so forth. I'm not ready now so -- in -- was when you -- dug a bridge guy. And in this as far as Lester goes I think that your big point Doug. I don't want to see west ago I I think Lester is an important part of this team. He can pitch at Fenway is a great post season performer. He likes Boston he said on numerous occasions he wants to be here weaken weaken Dicker over what exactly hometown discount is. But I hope they keep -- I think he's good here. Well -- the ultimate the ultimate Lester question. Our somebody like Q&A and I'm not criticizing you believe me because I think there's a lot of people -- in York. Court what are they gonna do it -- do you sign and I sign the ultimate question is. Gets that done and if you were in charge in your opinion what is is it overpaying for short years like the angels didn't. When Josh Hamilton and other which you say to Lester here's 75 million dollars for three years. Or is it a five year 110. Or twenty million dollar deal. I think I think -- -- I think you've got to be willing to go to cancel all watched. You can -- problem we don't have any real issues with Tom why are you willing to go lack. I'm we'll build up I would be willing to go to five -- at a 10020. Million I would tell you why not. Don't expect of a plain and simple lesson. That's the question. And it's a good. 6177797937. -- text -- points out I I misspoke. Casey Kelly is not have six starts this year -- six Major League starts he's injured this year as far as that trade goes but the point is. I would argue that Casey Kelly was. Probably more highly regarded and Anthony Rizzo when that trade was made he was a principal in that trade from Padres perspective wasn't. They didn't palladium. Maybe so it all the more reason -- for. What you make a decision. On what you think your prospects are going to be you might be wrong Jeff Bagwell. What you might be right caught on and Tony Armas junior were wrong about it Bagwell. Of course they are progress slow but they don't which isn't there a point when your prospects and the you've got to make a decision and you think your prospects ceilings are. Which is the hardest thing in the world to do especially in baseball to your point puck too keen to Cheney -- -- -- -- you pronounce it. Might come up he might as a pretty good seasons will be catching -- -- in my. He might hit cachet you connect your word cachet -- two entirely Evans tennis today but he lectured -- thirty homer guys the major leagues who knows it's been done before. Which could make a decision on what you think that guy is -- an internal value on him. And trade him. My to further the point. Henry Owens anti Renato Matt Barnes Alan Webster ruby de -- rose at end prospect if -- after that Trey ball. They're all not going to be in the Red Sox starting lineup and be twenty game winners it's not gonna happen. And if you trade one of the very becomes that you get Giancarlo Stanton return more power to. Is -- a. First official day we talked reflexive approach I don't know I'm trying. I'm sure it is my hunch is that we look back on this -- back -- world -- chestnut number no they're not. And they still have the Bruins and overly -- that you elected that ranges gains yesterday I saw the highlights. That -- do that like four minute thing Manitoba dominance on and that's what I did it. So all the goals as soon as I saw Martin Saint Louis scored I said Canadians got to be careful cause they Mike it's. When he scored the first we take a break -- -- a Sunday morning Matt Loper taking your calls Bruce Mohegan Sun tonight. Favorite day. As one of them. Moses back. You guys ask me before. It's great defense yup just came out to the border runs to work. Toward darkness. That's it but it's been -- kind of -- wondered what start ups and -- times you see. I don't wanna change. -- -- -- It's over two months I've actually added -- Over to bet is insane well and hope that people question me when I see that. You know at every level but I did it one time a year or so ago. These last couple tours I've seen him. 81012. Or thirteen times and then in 198586. I -- on sixteen times. On that on the one of the US -- they'll they'll let me cultural but -- that went. I've known it was maybe then. My Iowa did better in Ireland and I have Kansas. And I know you could be one of the nicest people of that you probably you honor the memory of your late father golf tournament. I've never heard them beat the glowingly of -- -- heavily. You'll loyalty you'll play in green tree I meet all of this field. The US not to get a white viewers on the that thought the -- Maryland like these stories every step. Okay that's having gotten all that -- the wake of the big but. What Bruce. A little that's a good statement a little bit too much -- no okay. As a matter of fact. Going last night -- and tonight wouldn't be a little bit too much except you watch. I'm already regretting it would go left and I hope you would because last night here is I'm looking at the song set list from last night. It is new -- -- a song called Frankie fell -- -- which it up and I played last coach and he won't play tonight right he also got a way of both nights he also played his first on court I'll work for your love in all the times I've seen I've never heard that song. Live in concert. He also played what but -- offensive I. It like speeding up yelling little artist who writes Bruce -- -- -- August 4 at the question I'd say it's where the way I -- as Clinton. No -- that -- you go to New Hartford tonight please come up its sale of the before you get -- next topic -- getting text apparently will keep debts and yeah guarding it. Senator field today for the dogs and on my arm up I am on the Portland sea dogs. Web sites. And am looking for that. China swimmers who don't bet stays hot leads sea dogs in blowout. Just a story. -- he nearly hit for the cycle. Is -- -- so -- you look at that up well let me pose the question who would the Red Sox they did this wanted. Hello my name. There are already thinking how long is it before he's brought up and he's in center field bodies out but wait a second base there that they tried out in center field with that didn't work out but. If this guy's got. Eight again for those -- you don't know he's a young kid he's a double eighties at a lot of the ball. But he placed second base. And there will be no opening at second base barring injury. For quite some time and if you got underperforming position players in the big leagues indicated w.s -- -- the cover up the ball. Might you consider trying him in a position where there are people struggling and apparently the brits are doing that. This -- well I'm reading from a story. Are on the sixteenth. That was. Friday this after Thursday night's game. He went three for five with a homer three RBIs three runs scored a walking a stolen base as the beat New Britain thirteen to five. If you include. Last -- Carolina league playoffs. He has a seventy consecutive game on base streak so repeat. 65 regular season seventy including playoffs on base streak here -- his comments. I would say I'm in a groove right now there are days I feel bad I feel terrible some days I actually feel terrible most days. What Portland hitting coach. -- -- -- Always tells me those are the days you need to scratch something out and get even more focused. So -- days I don't feel good maybe I can scratch that out when they hit about making good defensive play. That's how I tried to look at. -- -- -- Seventy. Consecutive games on base. Otherworldly yeah. So to your point. They got me thinking about stock -- -- play second base. It probably not a shortstop you -- to Jackie Robinson ping -- hasn't of the wing to do so let's -- out of the -- for shortstop certainly not currently third. The -- -- story is one nick continues. Continues to grow at a grassroots. Perspective are you listening to sports sunny and WEEI it is approaching 11 o'clock from his glorious. Sunday its graduation weekend we are still dealing with the Bruins hang over the Red Sox are about to try to avoid sweep against the tigers tonight as we approach the top the -- -- Let's let's go back in touch on the Bruins in the break I was reading an article. Hear about are we witnessing the demise. Of the Boston Bruins and it's by Ryan Lambert. On the puck daddy blog on Yahoo.com and it's a very well written article you wanna be Bruins and a disagree I encourage you to go look at it I agree with it. I want to ask you about me -- Lucic. So obviously. I think you'd agree at this point one of the reasons they're still not playing is the lack of production from their first line wouldn't you agree. One of the reasons the Bruins are not in the playoffs anymore the lack of production from their top. I wanna -- -- obviously got there out there are many reasons and what does that mean what does that mean -- One of the top reasons why they're not like I mean I can't prioritize with the with the reasons are accept that you put them all together and they're sitting at home right now and watching the Rangers and the Canadians but the last. Top guys didn't score. And I don't wanna talk about the the -- visitation. Of their inability to make each rate for defenseman at the treating them what do by the interesting about this is that. They didn't make a move the trading to correct big Moe poking under his arms the government sorrow and -- with all due respect and they didn't make that big move. And there was some squawking at the time. And in the -- and continued. And they continued to play great they ended up they caught the season culminated with him having the best record in the regular season they won the booby trapped president's trophy. And the goal of the playoffs and everybody I talked to said that going to be the Canadians. There are very few. Therefore they must have agreed that the Bruins were the better team. Now that the birth of -- of the Canadians were going back in time in beating up to rally about not making a move. To get a defense right if people are now criticizing. Heroic for not having made that move and not defending rally here. I'm just being strictly law where -- you back why didn't you going into the Canadians -- series say. They didn't get a defense and therefore the -- is seriously gone. So that. Never came up during the postseason if they did I missed it. All these different stations all these different media outlets all these different blogs web site -- globe. TV talk shows Comcast -- and all these different people blogs Twitter FaceBook bilateral discussions. I didn't hear a lot of they can't win this series because -- get a defense. So they didn't win the series now we go back in time the trading deadline. And beat the daylights out of surely not making a move that epic that two weeks ago was that big deal. And I'm doing that strictly on watch. That if you didn't feel they were sub par going into the series if you agreed that the Bruins with a better team and -- would win the series. It's disingenuous now to say all surely -- agree that's all -- I think part of where that's coming from -- you wanna. Take the blame pie and put it out so you'd it's fair you gotta look at the coach he got to look at the front office look at the -- in Pittsburgh. He got to look at the coaching a look at the front office the moves that were made not me but I agree with your point park if you wanna -- it's almost like starting pitcher when you take them out. Criticized the move when it's happening. You should have been left dinner should have been taken up as we can all and hindsight say that bird -- -- gave up the two run home run their forty shuttle left John Lackey in game. However they left John Lackey -- game you can be the same person that says he should've taken him out for fresh shock because he gave up the game when he hits I couldn't agree with -- more. So when we divide the blame pie back. My premise about the top line in the top guys not scoring I heard several different. Ex hockey players Tony Monte among them was the focus -- David critique why didn't produce and that's one subject but look at the first line has to meet. Why is this first line etched in stone. Why for example. Should they assume next year that the first line is drawn McGinley if they Khamese item. David Krejci. And Milan coach I would argue here's one argument why not think about moving Lucic down to the Bergeron. Why not think about trading Brad -- why not thinking about putting different type of player than Lucic with David -- -- And this is -- me saying this I've heard several hockey guys in -- among them that he'd like to see a different type player with rage. First on second one maybe it doesn't matter but they do seem to create user first ones that are. So I think -- a logical discussion would be. Well what -- revamp -- she around him. Is to get -- coming back and if not we put a different guy. And it -- teach a guy who by the way. Lives off from his emotion can be can't really like when he channel that emotion in the right way. Who's to say he can't be just as effective with Patrice Bergeron as opposed to David -- I just. My premise when I look at changes and the Bruins everybody wants -- who you bring in we bring it would shuffle. The -- a little bit. Internally what about shuffled its actions have been those discussions -- -- surely are right now children are. So what's your thought about it carries but we just backtrack a second aspirants like guys getting fired and so what I do find it interesting. Pittsburgh cleans house -- 31 series lead against the Rangers. So I presume if they take your business and when that series and a plane the Canadians right now and everybody's safe. But because they've they've -- those games they clean house so it it does add credence to. What we weren't last year it was all this talk that if they didn't beat Toronto in the first round thank quote might have been -- I don't know that's just. A lot of talk -- there was some. Them strong whispers from top management became merely your surely say something to one of the writers that that backed against backbone of that discussion. Or if it was just something that people assumed I just find it interesting that you dropped me hanging by a thread. If they don't score those three goals late in the third period and wonder -- neck in an overtime -- gets fired. But instead to go to game six of the cup final in quotes like rock solid top three coaches in the NHL. It's just interesting how that all plays out so. There's two reasons to me why we're not hearing more of fire quote fire quote -- quote in clean house like Pittsburgh right now the two reasons are very simple Sidney Crosby and time. The Bruins don't have -- Sidney Crosby. They don't. Have a guy who's in the debate about the best player in the league and if it is that's Chara and Bergeron and storms -- the second thing is the Bruins won a cup three years ago. Four seasons ago and it's been five years ago six seasons ago that since the -- penguins have -- cup. So there's more time I think that's why not hearing more of the quote stuff or the Peter sure rally stopped to clean house now. But at the -- big -- -- is tricky getting on base and -- thing I did not know that yeah. It was a much that was all that was a -- miles buddy bill green from channel six in Portland Maine with the BC's eight. Said that it and it last night although we did get too RBIs. Dexter says as we go to break another great point by about Cambridge guys from senate -- -- -- Other hour ago we -- sports Sunday it would bark and butch Matt law protecting your calls Jonas.

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